Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 6, Episode 16 - Ghost - full transcript

When a wealthy couple is found dead in their home, Benson and Stabler soon realize that their deaths are connected to a drug smuggling ring. Eventually the road leads back to the same drug dealers who forced a former assistant district attorney into hiding, and Alex Cabot comes home to face her enemies.

In the criminal justice system,

sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate these vicious felonies...
... are members of an elite squad

known as the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

Did you see that episode last night?

Oh, my God, the part where she's
having sex with the gardener,

and the husband comes in?

Oh, yeah, and then lover boy jumps out
the window. How great is that?

We're out of water.
Jerry, could you put a new bottle on?


Same thing happened to my cousin.
He wound up on the balcony naked,

and it was snowing.

- That must have hurt.
- Not as much as explaining it to his wife.

What the hell?

It's Elena.

He really did a number on her.

Elena Brevet, 27.

Owns Brevet Investments
with her husband.

Raped and beaten,
then her throat was cut.

Slashed her up pretty good.

17 deep incisions to her torso
and breasts, pre-mortem.

Looks like a sexual sadist.
Time of death?

She's in full rigor.
Heat was turned down over the weekend.

So I'd say no less than 48 hours.

That fits the witness statements.
Victim was last seen Friday night.

- By who?
- By her secretary, Patty Kerner.

They got any surveillance here?

Cameras are downstairs in the lobby.
None on this floor.

Munch is looking at the tapes right now.

Detectives Benson and
Stabler are gonna talk to you.

Hi. / Hi.

- Can you take us to Elena's office?
- It's right down the hall.

What kind of investments
did your boss manage?

A private hedge fund.

- 700 million in assets.
- How's business?

- Last year, they posted 20% returns.

That's 140 million profit.
Pretty impressive.

- Is this the husband?
- Jason.

- Real Style section couple.
- Tell us about Friday night.

Elena was supposed to go
to Miami for a client's party,

but she had to finish
the quarterly reports.

So Jason flew without her on the 6:00.

- What time did you leave?
- Around 8:00.

She was still working,
so I offered to stay.

But she told me to go home.

Her husband still in Miami?

Let me check.

He was booked to come back last night.

Oh, God.

Jason doesn't know.

We'll take care of that.

There's no Missing Person
reporta on Elena Brevet.

Strange that the husband
wouldn't file one.

Maybe the marriage isn't so perfect.

Jason could have pulled an O.J.,
then flown to Miami to set up his alibi.

It's hard to believe the husband
would torture her like that.

Rage makes people do crazy things.

Weekend paper's still here.
Maybe he stayed in Miami.

Door's open.

Mr. Brevet, police.

- Luggage is here.
- Hello? Anybody home?


Mr. Brevet.

Tortured like his wife.


Type test at the blood around chair.

Same type as the victim.

Our perp leave anything behind?

No prints, here or at the office.
Killer knows forensics.

Whole place was wiped clean with bleach.

He was just as careful with the body.
I haven't found any trace evidence.

Who was killed first, Jason or Elena?

Elena. Jason's been dead
only about 12 hours.

His plane got in from Miami at 10:00 last night.
Same cause of death?

Yes, his throat was cut.

There's also trauma to
the back of his head.

So Jason comes home,
the perp blitzes him.

Drags him to the chair, tapes him up.

Monogrammed keychain,
E.B. Elena Brevet.

Bastard took her keys to let himself in.

The guy waited all weekend
for Jason to come home?

He tortured the both of them.
He had to be looking for something.

I think he found it upstairs.

- Built-in safe.
- Not just any safe.

The Yates 6000. Totally pick-proof.

He tortured Jason for the
combination and cleaned him out.

I'm hoping the gas chromatograph
might tell us what was in there.

How do you test for what's gone?

New technology.

Let's us analyze trace odors,
fragrances, chemical vapors.

Every chemical or organic compound
has a unique olfactory profile.

That's the signature. / Drugs?

No, the smell of money.

Well, specifically,
the dye in the ink.

From the concentration of the sample,
had to be a few cubic feet of cash.

Even in small bills, that's gotta be
at least a million bucks.

The Brevets are financial managers.

Now, why not invest the cash?
Money in a safe doesn't earn interest.

Maybe they were hiding it from the IRS.

Or their creditors.
I got the Brevets' financials.

Both houses mortgaged to the hilt.
Credit card debt in the six figures.

Maybe living large,
they got in over their heads.

Why not pay off their bills
with all that cash?

'Cause they'd have to
explain where they got it.

I had the forensic accountants
go over their books.

Brevet Investments is nothing
but a high-end pyramid scheme.

So all those huge profits were phony?

Yeah, they take the money from one client,

pay another's dividends,
take the rest for themselves.

And one of their investors
got pissed off bad enough to kill 'em.

Yeah, the kind you don't wanna
piss off... in Cali and Bogota.

They're laundering drug money?

Yeah, and skimming it, too, .....

for one client in particular,

a shell company out of Colombia
called Casa Vega Enterprises.

Drug lord finds out somebody's
been ripping him off,

he'd have to hit 'em quick
to set an example.

Check with narcotics.
See if Casa Vega rings any bells.

I got a guy over there we can trust.


I ran the name Casa Vega through
our intel files and came up empty.

How'd the money get into the account?

Small deposits...
500 here, 1,000 bucks there.

Classic black market peso exchange.

What's that?

Say you're a Colombian drug dealer,

moving product...

... through the streets of New York.

Now, you're in Bogota,

but your profits are piling up
in cash in the United States.

And you can't move all that cash back
to Colombia without attracting attention.

You gotta launder it to make it legit.

So you hire a black market money broker.

Now, this broker finds Colombian nationals
with checking accounts in the United States.

Their broker gets these solid
citizens to write clean checks

in exchange for the dealer's dirty cash.

The dealers can deposit
their checks any way they want.

Like into the Casa Vega account
at Brevet Investments.

Any idea on who's making the deposits?

Well, the forensic accountant

gave us this list.

From cocaine to dirty
cash to clean checks,

you launder it through Wall Street,
wire it back to Bogota.

Capitalism at its best.

Now, this is a name I know.

Elvira Castilla, Jackson Heights.

I collared her son for selling
weed out of the family bodega.

So? I invested some money.
That's not a crime.

Money laundering is.

All I did was write a check.

So did Brevet Investments
pay you any dividends?

No, but that's the way the stock market is.
You win some, you lose some.

Now would you please leave?
I gotta close up.

Your son Pedro...

he's up in Green Haven.

Yeah. You put him there.

It's a seven-hour bus ride.

Can't visit him too often.

Sing Sing... that's a much shorter trip.

So you could get him moved?

You help us out, he gets transferred.

There's this man.

He's well-respected in his community.

Nice wife and kid.

He came to me, said he had a cousin.
Wanted to invest some money.

But he was illegal.

So he asked you to write a check
to Brevet Investments?

For $450. He gave me back 500 cash.

So a 50-buck profit for you.

How many times did you do
this favor for the cousin?

I wrote 15, maybe 20 checks.

That's all I know.

Give us a name.

Guess no one's home.

Senor Montoya!

Policia. / Mr. Montoya, police!

Dead. / But not for long.
The bodies are still warm.

In here.

Bastard kills a kid, doesn't even
have the balls to look at him.

Oh, my God! Call for a bus!

Faster if we take him in.

Esta bien, mi hijo. Esta Bien.

Three years in narcotics,
I've seen a lot of bad stuff.

But never a dealer so cold
that he'd shoot a child in the head.

I want in on this.


I'm calling Elliot. He should be
finishing up the crime scene.


He gonna make it, Doc?

The kid was lucky.
The bullet deflected off the frontal bone.

- Just grazed the scalp.
- Is he awake?

You can see him.

Hey, there.

I'm Olivia.
What's your name?

Maybe he doesn't speak English.


Como te llamas?

San Antonio.

Es este tu santo?

His name's Antonio, after the saint.

Antonio, me llamo Miguel.
Soy policia.

Mi mama y papa?

Bueno, Antonio...

tu mama y papa...

Papa Dios se los llevo al cielo.

He says God took them to heaven.

- Ask him why.
- Porque Papa Dios hizo eso?

Para salvarles el dolor.
Porque le hizo dano a mi mama y papa.

To save them their pain.
He was hurting them.

Quien, Antonio?

El Fantasma.

He's saying a ghost... shot him.

I think he's still out of it. / Okay.

Stabler needs us at the ballistics lab.

Adios, Antonio.

Ballistics results
from the Montoya homicides.

Take a look.

On the left, the bullet
taken from Mrs. Montoya.

Three twists and a left groove.

On the right, the slug taken from Mr. Montoya.

The same gun.
It makes sense that they're identical.

Now look at this.

It's a perfect match.
Same triple twist.

Is that the bullet from Antonio's bed?

No. From an unsolved homicide.

What case?

Murder of Alexandra Cabot.

Who's that?

Our old A.D.A.

Alex Cabot was prosecuting a rapist who
worked for Cesar Velez, the narco baron.

Velez ordered the hit on Cabot
and blew up D.E.A. agent Tim Donovan,

who was working the case with us.

The ballistics match to the weapon used in
the Cabot homicide is our link between Velez...

... and the Brevet-Montoya murders.

And we believe that Elena and Jason Brevet

embezzled a couple million
dollars from Cesar Velez.

Sergio Montoya was working
as their middleman.

When Velez found out that he was
getting ripped off, he ordered the hit.

And the hit man was good.

He left zero forensic evidence
at the Brevet and Montoya homicides.

Our best lead is the security footage
from Brevet Investments.

We've excluded over 200 employees,

messengers, and janitorial staff.
We got about 75 subjects left to identify.

We got a lot of names.

All the employees at Brevet, everybody
involved in the money laundering scheme.

Somebody has gotta
connect back to the cartel.

D.E.A. can help us out with that.

Their HIDTA computers are programmed
to find links between cases.

Good. Get over to HIDTA.
Run every name we got.

Yes, sir.

Christine Torres, First Street, Brooklyn,
New York, sold checks to Montoya.

Uh, owns a Laundromat.
Two kids, Calvin and Jose.

Born in Puerto Rico.

No Colombian connections.
No links to any of your other names.


That's all we got.

- This guy really is a ghost.
- What'd you say?

Our kid witness said a
ghost killed his parents.

Say it in Spanish... El Fantasma?

Why, does that mean something to you?

El Fantasma, The Ghost.
Contract killer.

His name's come up in dozens
of assassinations in Colombia.

What do you know about him?

Real name's Liam Connors.
Born in Belfast.

I.R.A. hit man.
Did some time in the Maze.

Disappeared from Northern Ireland
about five years ago. Resurfaced in Bogota.

Well, what's an Irish guy doing in Colombia?

Since the ceasefire in Northern Ireland,

a lot of out-of-work I.R.A. guys are
down there training narco terrorist groups,

helping them combat U.S. anti-drug activity.

So why is Connors called The Ghost?

Because he walks through
walls to get his targets.

No one sees him coming,
no one's left alive to see him leave.

Except our kid.

I'm gonna go back to the squad,
get everyone on this Connors.

We gotta ask Antonio
if he can describe his ghost.

Thank you.

Hola, Tonio.

Como estas?

Muy bien, Senor Miguel.

What's your name?


I remember you.


Because we need your help, Antonio.

To find the person who shot you.


How did you know that it was a
ghost in your house last night?

Mommy said so.
She was screaming.

That's why I woke up.

Tell us what Mommy said.

- El Fantasma. Asesino.
- "Murderer".

And then I heard the gun.

What happened next?

The Ghost came into my room and shot me.

When The Ghost came into your room,

were your eyes open or were they closed?

Closed. I was scared.
So I pretended like I was asleep.

I know that it was scary, Antonio.

But I think maybe
you took a little peek?

Just for a second.

Would you recognize The Ghost
if you saw him again?

- I don't want to. He'll kill me.
- It's okay, Antonio.

We're not gonna let that happen.

The Ghost can't hurt you.

I know what he looks like.

Elliot. / How's Antonio?

He's better. A.C.S. is placing him
with a cousin in Staten Island.

He's being discharged this afternoon.

Did he get a good enough look at
The Ghost to pick him out of a lineup?

I think so.
If we can find Connors.

He's probably halfway
back to Bogota by now.

Well, he's not getting on any commercial
flights. I checked with Interpol,

everyone's looking for
this guy: F.B.I., C.I.A.

He'll have an escape route ready.
Private plane, boat,

maybe even a border crossing by foot.

Munch has got something.

Rent-a-car parked in a loading zone
outside Brevet Investments

got a parking ticket late Friday night.

Liam Connors rented the car?

No, it's a Bronx guy
by the name of Doyle Shanahan.

Fundraises for the I.R.A.
in bars around New York.

- Where can we find him?
- He works in a warehouse downtown.


You can't arrest me for rentin' a car.

Okay, how about conspiracy
to commit murder?

What are you talkin' about?

Liam Connors.

You rented a car for him.
He used it in a homicide.

I don't know anything about a homicide,

- and I don't know Liam Connors.
- Sure you do.

He's I.R.A.
You raise money to buy them guns.

I raise money for Sinn Fein,

a legitimate political party
fightin' for peace in Ireland.

And how does shooting an eight-year-old
in the head bring peace?

Along with five others.

Connors killed them all.

Liam Connors doesn't work
for your people anymore.

He's a contract killer for the cartels.

I didn't know. I swear.

He just asked for a favor for the cause.

Favor was the rental car?

Said he was having some secret meetings.

Needed a car that couldn't be traced to him.

I never saw Liam.
Just dropped it off,

picked it up yesterday. / Where?

At a fuel depot.
Over in Gowanus, on the canal.


Hit it. / Huh!

Go, go, go, go!



Seal off the outside!

Get the car!

We're in pursuit of homicide
suspect Liam Connors...

...headed south along the canal.
Headed south!

- You okay?
- Fine... go, go, go!

I see him. He's headed for
the Carroll Street bridge.

Let's see the hands, Connors!

Let me see your hands! Now!

Drink a mouthful of that,
you'll die in a week.

I'm unarmed.

Six men will be standing in a row.

And you're gonna tell me if
you've seen any of them before.

He'll be mad. The Ghost will
come back and haunt me.

Antonio, I'm not gonna let that happen.

And, remember, the men can't see you.

You ready? / Yes.

Okay. Come on.

Why don't you just jump up there?

Good. you see anybody
that you recognize?

Do you recognize anyone?

I see The Ghost.
Number three.

And where did you see number three?

He came into my room and shot me.

So, why'd you kill him?

Don't know what you're talkin' about.

We got a witness who I.D.'d you.

What witness would that be?

You'll find out in court.

I didn't kill anyone.

You raped and tortured a
woman for her house keys.

I think if the price were right,
you'd murder your own mother.

I'm glad my mother's not alive to
hear you slander her only son like that.

Now, Liam, look, you've done time.
You know how the system works.

You give us the guy who hired you,
your life expectancy goes way up.

Threatenin' me with the death penalty?
Now, that's original.

But I suppose I'd be afraid
if I'd actually committed a crime.

A crime?

No, no, no, no, no.
Five homicides.

And then there's the big one:
the murder of an assistant district attorney.

This dead lawyer was a friend of yours.

You want revenge.

- I'll settle for justice.
- Somebody killed my friend,

I'd wanna hurt them... badly.

Well, I'm a patient man.
I'll wait for your execution.

Don't count on that happening.

It's a beautiful system you Americans have.

The defendant has so many rights.

Sure, I'll sit in a jail for a year or two.

And then a courtroom,
where you put on a show.

But in the end,
two little words will set me free:

- reasonable doubt.
- I got one big word for you that's gonna kill you:


You're guilty. / Am I?

I can see that vein pulsin' in your temple.

Your jaw clenchin'.
Look at that. You made a fist.

You'd like nothin' better than to hit me.

How did your friend die?
Was it quick... or was it slow?

You tell me. You know,
you were there. / Really?

Did anyone see me?

Good night, detective.

Sleep well.

Smug bastard.

Except he's right.
nobody saw him shoot Alex.

We've still got Antonio.

We've got four murders
resting on the shoulders

of an eight-year-old
who said he saw a ghost.

Does the Grand Jury take long?

Hour, tops.
Then we'll take you home.

- Can I put the siren on?
- On the way home, if you do a good job.

Gun! / Get down!

Go, go, go!


Come on, honey.
Mike has to get to the hospital.


I'll be okay, Tonio.

All right? I just need to get a few stitches.
I'll be back soon.

Don't leave me.

How long is Mike gonna take?

If there's no bullet fragments in the wound,

he should be good to
go in a couple of hours.

All right if the kid rides with you?


I need you to ride with them.

See you guys at the hospital.


Antonio, you can't go
back to your cousins.

But who's gonna take care of me?

We're gonna figure that out.

But why don't we let
Mike get dressed, okay?

Come on.

He has no other family in this country?

We'll have to set him up in foster care.

Captain, an attempt's already
been made on his life.

And we didn't tell anyone
Antonio was our witness.

You know, Captain,
Antonio could come home with me.

- My place is small, but at least...
- Sorry, Mike.

The department would have a fit.
Plus, the defense attorney will raise hell.

A Marine Corps buddy of
mine is stationed at Floyd Bennett.

Maybe he can stay in the barracks.

No place safer than the middle
of a platoon of jarheads.

Set it up.

Captain, you think somebody
should stay with Antonio?

I'll clear it with your C.O.

Thanks. I'll tell him.

Grand jury deadline is at 3:00.
Gotta get Antonio down to court.

If you're late, Judge Preston
will cut Connors loose.


You're late, Ms. Novak. It's 3:15.

Sorry, your honor.
I was in the Grand Jury.

They just indicted the defendant on all counts.

15 minutes too late.

There was an attempt on
the eyewitness' life.

I think witness tampering is
grounds for an extension.

My client's been on Rikers.
He didn't shoot anyone.

And I'm betting you don't
have any proof of his involvement.

So it's just a coincidence
that Antonio Montoya was shot...

... at on his way to testify
against the defendant?

You can call it whatever you like.
You still can't connect Mr. Connors

to the shooting of your witness.

I'm sorry, Ms. Novak.

I can't grant an extension without proof
of the defendant's complicity in the shooting.

The People have failed to meet the deadline.

I'm ordering the defendant released until the trial.

Your honor, Connors is a flight risk.

If you let him go, we will never get him back.

I give you my word my client will
make all of his court appearances.

I would like something stronger than his word.

I'm sorry. You're free to go, Mr. Connors.

Arrest him.

Your honor, my detectives are
here to re-arrest the defendant.

On what charges?

The murder of Assistant District
Attorney Alexandra Cabot.

Your honor, this is a blatant attempt
to unlawfully detain my client.

Save it, counselor.
Alex Cabot was a friend of mine.

I'll see you both at arraignments.

You can't prove I killed her.

And the dead can't talk.

William Connors, you're
under arrest for murder.

You have the right to remain silent.
If you give up that right, anything you say...

What the hell are you people doing?

Agent Hammond.
Most people knock first.

You should have called me
before your detectives

arrested Liam Connors for
the murder of Alex Cabot.

Connors blew up one of your agents.

I didn't expect flowers,
but I thought you'd be pleased.

If Connors goes to trial,
I'm called to testify.

- What am I supposed to do?
- Do your job.

That's exactly what I'm gonna do.

I just came to tell you that you're on your own.

I'm not gonna ruin my career
by committing perjury.

Do we understand each other, Captain?

She's alive.

You son of a bitch.
You stashed Alex in Witness Protection.

You didn't know.

How the hell did you think you
were gonna get away with this? / Captain...

Forget your not mentioning
that Alex Cabot's alive.

Captain, we couldn't.

You signed an affidavit charging
Liam Connors with her murder.

Staying dead is her only protection.

You perjured yourselves!
It's a Class E felony!

We didn't know Novak was
gonna force us to arrest him.

Now, the only way to refuse would be
to tell her in open court Cabot's alive.

I know why you did it.

But you can't send somebody away
for a crime they didn't commit.

Connors kills for a living.

We're in a position to stop him.
Now, that's justice.

So the ends justify the means.

You gonna shed tears over him?

We did what we had to do.

What you did was put your
jobs and pensions on the line.

You jeopardized every pending case you have
and every conviction you've ever gotten.

That's what you did.

Now, do you think Alex Cabot
would want you to do that in her name?

So what are you gonna do?

I wish the hell I knew.

What happened?

So this is what he looks like.

Every time a stranger glanced at me,
I thought : "Has he found me?

"Is he going to kill me?"

And now I know.

I would like nothing more than to see
Liam Connors pay for what he did to me.

But it goes against every principal I had as
a lawyer to try a man for a crime he didn't commit.

You understand I didn't have a choice?

I know you can't commit perjury.

You're going to have to tell
the court that I'm still alive.

I'm only sorry the bastard won't have
to answer for what he did to you.

Oh, he will.

I want him charged with my attempted murder.

No, you'd have to go back to testify.
That's stepping right into the crosshairs.

For years, I convinced
victims to face their attackers.

Now it's time for me to step up.

Your testimony won't help the case.
You can't I.D. Connors as your shooter.

If I don't go back, the defense
will issue a missing witness charge.

And then you will lose your case.

We've still got Connors on
four counts of murder.

Because an eight-year-old
boy has the guts to testify.

After being shot twice. / Alex...

If you go back, they will try and kill you again.

I have lost my home...

my job...

my friends...

My mother died,
and I couldn't go to the funeral.

Liam Connors is not going
to take my conscience too.

We work together.
You should have trusted me.

- We made a promise.
- You hung me out to dry in court.

- We gonna need lawyers?
- I hope not.


You didn't have to come back.

I know, but who else is
gonna get you out of trouble?

Before everyone gets reacquainted,

they're waiting for us in court.

Have the People secured a new
indictment of the defendant?

We have, your honor.
Under the indictment 72404,

the defendant is hereby charged
with attempted murder one.

Another indictment?
This is ludicrous, your honor.

My client was arrested for Murder One.

What happened to that charge?

- The People withdrew it.
- Obviously for lack of evidence.

Ms. Novak, you can't keep throwing
bogus charges at my client,

just to keep him in jail.

Who is your complainant in
the attempted murder case?

A.D.A. Alexandra Cabot.

Your honor, I want Detectives
Stabler and Benson arrested.

On what charge? / Perjury.

They filed a false instrument,
charging my client with Ms. Cabot's murder.

The detectives had no choice.

Revealing the truth would have
endangered Ms. Cabot's life.

My client was unlawfully detained.
I also want them charged with false arrest.

Your honor, if we had arrested
Mr. Connors for attempted murder,

he would have been incarcerated
for the same amount of time.

So there was no loss of liberty.

I agree.

I find no underlying violation
of your client's rights.

Detectives Benson and
Stabler will not be charged.

But see that they play by
the book from here on out.

The defendant shall remain on remand.

Ten minute recess.

Something happen to Antonio?

No, he's okay, but we've got a problem.

I'm really scared.

I don't wanna see The Ghost.

He gives me bad dreams.
He says he's going to kill me.

He had a nightmare last night.

The Ghost had a gun in the courtroom.

Well, that sounds like a really scary dream.

But, you know what, Antonio?
The Ghost doesn't have a gun anymore.

'Cause the police took it away from him.

I know. Mike told me.

But I still don't want to go to court.

I got shot, just like you.

By The Ghost? / Yes.

And I have to go to court too.

Are you scared? / A little.

I get scared that he might
try and hurt me again.

But then I remember that
I have friends to protect me,

just like you do.

And it makes me feel safe.

I wish my mom was here.

I'll keep working with him.

Come on, Tonio.


We should keep preparing my testimony.

You know, we've gone over all my questions.
I think you're ready.

Are you?

Casey, I'm sorry.
That was... out of line.

It's gotta be hard to be
on that side of the desk.

If Antonio doesn't testify, we're screwed.

I know.

Oh! Who's your daddy?

Wanna double it up?

Uh, you win.
Next game, your ass is mine.

You're gonna do great tomorrow.

When I was a prosecutor,
I never went to court without a plan.

You've never been the victim.

I should be trying the bastard
who shot that little boy.

You're gonna be back.

Hey, it's Liv. Open up.

Time to go home.

You get your beauty sleep.

I'll be back 8:00 sharp tomorrow
morning to bring you to court.

Good night.

- He beat you again?
- Oh, like a rug.

You want to keep playing? / Nah.

I wish these windows opened.
I want to smell the city.

You mean the, uh, rotting garbage
and the diesel exhaust.

Wisconsin is so quiet at night.

Sometimes, when I get homesick,
I hum the Mister Softee song.

You making any friends?

There's a claims adjuster
at the insurance agency where I work.

And we've been seeing each other.

He's a good man.

He thinks I'm from Tulsa.

And when we're in bed together at night,
he whispers my name.


It's hard to be someone that you're not.

I can't stop thinking like a prosecutor.

Connors is going to sit in that
courtroom tomorrow,

looking like a choir boy.

He is going to charm the jury
with his Irish brogue, and...

and I have to make them
see who he really is. But...

I don't even know what makes him tick.


You didn't see this file.


Finally, Ms. Cabot,

would you describe for the jury
what happened after you were shot?

I woke up in the hospital.

The marshals were there.

They told me that I was dead, officially,

and that the only way they could
keep me alive was in Witness Protection.

Thank you.
Your witness.

That sounds like quite an ordeal.

I think we're all very moved
by your experience.

- Do you have a question?
- Only one.

Did you see my client shoot you?

I saw his gun aimed at my heart.

Please, Ms. Cabot. Just answer the question.

On the night that you were shot,

did you see Liam Connors
anywhere in the vicinity?

No, but he's a coward.
He likes to run away.

Did you leave a family
behind in Ireland, Mr. Connors?

Your honor... / Ms. Cabot, please.

You have absolutely no idea
who shot you, do you?

Oh, I have an idea.

It's the kind of man that likes to
rape a woman to make her talk.

Let me rephrase the question.

Did you see Liam Connors shoot you?

- No. But I know it was him.
- Objection, your honor.

It takes a lot of balls to shoot an
unarmed woman and a sleeping child!

- Objection!
- Too bad your aim wasn't a little better!

You think you're safe?
They know where you are!

- You should have stayed dead!
- Enough!

We're in recess until Mr. Kressler
can control his client.

You may step down, Ms. Cabot.

Hi, Alex.

Antonio, I am so glad that you
could come to the court.

I'm proud of him too.

But you still have a decision to make.


what do you want to do?

I don't know.

I wanna tell the judge what
he did to my parents.

But I'm still kinda scared.

I understand.

I just had my turn in court.

Did you see The Ghost?


Were you scared?


But now that it's over, I feel much better.

Antonio Montoya.

I wanna do it.


On the first count of the indictment,

the attempted second-degree murder
of Antonio Montoya, what is your verdict?


On count two, the attempted murder
in the first degree of Alexandra Cabot,

what is your verdict?

Guilty. / On count three,

murder in the second
degree of Elena Brevet,

what is your verdict? / Guilty.

Count four, murder in the second
degree of Jason Brevet,

what is your verdict? / Guilty.

Guilty on all counts.

I never doubted it would be anything else.

Let's get this party started.

Ooh, that's what I'm talkin' about.

Alex knew just how to
push Connors' buttons.

She's a great prosecutor.

- And you gave her the ammunition.
- Don't let me drink too much.

Penalty phase starts
first thing in the morning.

Slam dunk. Live a little tonight.

Is that her? Is that her?

Where's Alex?

Marshals are moving her
and Antonio to new identities.

She asked me to say good-bye.