Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 4, Episode 25 - Soulless - full transcript

A young woman is taken to hospital unconscious, and apparently the victim of rape. However, by the time that Benson gets to speak to her, she says that she wasn't raped. Shortly after, the ...

In the criminal justice system

sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad

known as
the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

Did she come in
with anyone?

Just the paramedic
who dropped her off.

How bad?
Passed out drunk.

We hooked her up
to the banana bag,

left her to sleep it off,

and she starts to choke
on her own vomit.

Is she okay?

Now, but she
started to freak

when we cut her clothes
with the trauma shears.

Thought she was
still being raped.

How long she been waiting?

Came in at midnight;

we finished the kit
around 1:30.

I'm sorry.
It's been a crazed night.

Hmm, well, she's in here.

You dumped a rape victim
in Isolation?

We're having a
crazy night, too.

Hi. Chloe, right?

Is it okay
if I call you Chloe?

I'm Olivia
from Special Victims Unit.

I'm so sorry I
kept you waiting.

Stupid nurse made me sit here
for these.

Nice look, huh?

Chloe, I know how
difficult this is,

but I need you to tell me
everything you remember

about your attack, okay?

Uh, yeah.

You know, about that,
I don't know...

I don't know what I was smoking.

It didn't happen.

I understand
that you were drinking.

That doesn't give anybody
the right to violate you.

Just drop it, okay.

I really just want to go home.

Well, uh...

How about I give you
my business card

in case you change your mind,
all right?

There's nothing to change.

And there's no harm
in taking it, either.

So it happened

at a club?

I wasn't at a club.

Well, there's a stamp

on the back of
your hand-- look.

UV light makes
it show up.

What part of "drop it"
don't you understand?

Poor girl.

I was starting a new IV on her
when she reported it.

So you believe her?

Yeah, she was hysterical.

She was drunk.

Had a nasty head contusion
consistent with an attack.

Or passing out.

No, it was on the top
of her head,

like he hit her with something,

or rammed her into a wall

Detective, we've
got a situation

with your rape victim.

She got detained
at Discharge;

didn't have any ID.

Well, you didn't
tell me that.

Well, she was trying
to work things out

with Nancy in Billing

when a guy comes in,
starts to harass her.

By the way she reacted,

I think it could
be her rapist.

Oh, my God. Nancy.

Someone call Security!

Are you okay?

What happened?

A guy started to drag
her out without paying.

I tried to stop him
and he coldcocked me.

Where's Chloe?

Oh. He pulled her
out the exit

kicking and screaming.

Witness saw a girl being dragged
into a silver car.

Could've been blue.

Make, model, license?
Too dark.

What do we know
about the girl?
Even less.

Name, number, address she gave
the hospital-- all phony.

How's your
partner doing?

She's killing herself.

She was already OT
when she took the call.

She still hasn't slept.

You got to send her home.

Just give me a minute.

All right.

You know what's bothering me,

How'd the rapist track her down?
(toilet flushing)

Maybe he followed
the ambulance.

Maybe she called him.

I'll dump the hospital LUDs.

You're thinking
acquaintance rape?

That explains the 180.

Date rapes are more likely
to drop charges.

So she calls him,

says the cops are on the way...

He sweet-talks her,

convinces her to let him
pick her up.

Makes sense.

Uh, so does a little privacy.

get some sleep.

Not until I find this girl.

Security photos
from the hospital camera.

In all the pictures,

he's got his hat
pulled down,

dark glasses, and he
knows to be camera-shy.

She doesn't.

Staring right at the camera,

We know where the ambulance
picked her up?

The hospital faxed me over
the ambulance run sheet.

Driver left half of it blank,
including the point of origin.

Ah, yes, another underpaid,
overworked civil servant.

It wasn't a city ambulance--
private company.

That's the new scam
clubs are running.

They're hiring private buses
to cart off the ODs.

Bypass police involvement.

This girl had a club stamp
on her hand-- an elephant.

Let's run it down.

I don't know what else
to tell you.

She was passed out
in the street.

What street?

Canal in Tribeca.

That's a
big street.

Between Church and Varick.

Who called it in?

Anonymous Good Samaritan.

Good Samaritans
call 9-1-1.

They don't call private
ambulance services.

We know you picked her up
at a club.

Her hand was stamped.

She was soused.

Probably stumbled out of one,
just can't tell you which.

You can't
or you won't?

You better search
your memory.

This girl was raped
and abducted.

If anything
happens to her,

I promise we're
taking you down.

So, one more time...

where'd you
pick her up?

Air Bar.

I comply with all codes.

Even this new pain-in-the-ass
no-smoking ban. See?

I think the Liquor Board
might be more interested

with how many patrons
are rolled out of here

with acute
alcohol poisoning.

I don't know anything
about that.

Lady, you've got
your own ambulance

waiting for
them outside.

Wonder how many girls leave here
with GHB in them?

You know, date rape drug
isn't taken voluntarily.

I know clubs
have had people die

in the time it takes
to call 9-1-1.

That's why I go
that extra mile.

To protect my clients.

You did a piss-poor job
of protecting this one.

Before you poured that girl
into the ambulance last night,

she was raped
by one of your guests.

A hot spot like this
has to have a VIP list.

You'll need a court order.

Well, the girl
that you allowed

to be raped is missing,

so I don't think we're going
to have any trouble

getting that,
do you?

Roger, get that ID they found
last night.

You knew who she was

the whole time
we were talking?

That's obstruction, lady.

I just put it together.

You just put it
together, huh?

"Jenna Sterling, 21."

Strong resemblance.

It's not her.

It's the ID she used to get in.

What makes you so sure?

Cleaning crew found it

in the same men's room stall
where she passed out.

Men's room?

I haven't been to a men's room

since Daddy dragged us
to Hong Kong

and my Cantonese
was still choppy.

When was the last time

that you were
at the Air Bar, Jenna?

Never. But I hear
it's fabulous.

Uh, do you mind?

What is that?

Just a light.

No stamp.

They do wash off.

Where were you last night?

At a gallery
opening in Chelsea.

Can anyone vouch
for that?
My parents.

I'm graduating
from Wellesley,

so we went shopping.

That's a nice graduation gift.

My gift was a co-op,

but we had to have
something for the walls.

You daddy is Marvin Sterling,
that real estate guy.

Is he home?

No, he flew to
Frankfurt this morning.

Is she a friend
of yours?

No, I've never
seen her before.


'Cause she got into the Air Bar
last night

using your driver's license.

You found it?

She lost it.


Like a week ago,
maybe two.

Jenna's alibi checks out.

Gallery puts here there
until midnight.

Well, that was the DMV.

Jenna did apply
for a new license a week ago.

Which is about as
long as it's been

since you've slept.

Grab a few upstairs.

Hey, guys.

Got an interesting hit
off Air Bar's VIP list.

It seems that one
of their patrons has a prior

sex assault charge
two years ago.


Morris Brandenburg,
aka "Bone Kracker."

It's a pretty
tough street name.

That's a stage name.

He's a rapper.

Our guy was disguised,
but he was definitely white.

They don't get any whiter
than the Kracker.

(rap music plays softly)(humming)

Chill, y'all.
I gotta lay it down

while I'm channeling,
you know what I'm saying?

Not a single word.

What went down
at Air Bar last night?

Player's ball, baby,

off the hizzies.

I was just partying
and kicking it, you know?

Like in the old days

when you had sex
in the clubs?

There's no law against that.

Actually, there is.

I'm talking about the time

you lured
that groupie back here,

and you and your manager
double-teamed her.

She didn't sign on for him.

Manager gets 10% of everything.

I thought she knew that.

Skank was a sack chaser

looking to hit Powerball,
all right?

Which she did.

Ho settled,
dropped all the charges.

What did she want?


Cuz, you skitzing, man.

I don't do J.B.

What made you think
she was jailbait?

Shorty she was
hanging with.


Little honey I met
at this charity ball.

Her family's rolling in bank,


Jenna Sterling,

back on the radar.

This girl was in the Air Bar
last night?

Nah, not that tight-ass be-otch.

Baby sister... Vienna.

We need to talk to your sister.

Vienna's not home
from school yet.

That'd be high school?

Yeah, she's a senior.

That explains why she
swiped your license.

That doesn't make sense.

She's Vienna.
Clubs just let her in.


Wait till you
see what I got.

You bitch.
You stole my license?

Do you know what a hassle
that was?

What are you
talking about?

Who's she?

I don't know.

You were at Air Bar
with her last night.

No, I wasn't.


What are you doing?

Well, elephant
says you were.

And they never forget.

Okay, my friend
was having a bad day.

I wanted to show her
a good time.

Well, your friend
was raped.

Now, what's
her real name?

Chloe Dutton.

Who were you with last night?

No one.

I wanted to dance. She didn't.

When I got off the floor,
she was gone.

I thought she went home.

Where's that?

Central Park West.

She wasn't in school today,
was she?

I don't know.

We don't go to the same school.

She's only in ninth grade.

How old is she?


But she's really mature
for her age.

Our girl's still MIA?

She didn't show up
for school yesterday,

but apparently,
that's par for the course.

They didn't bother to call
the parents?

Mother's out of town
staying at some fat farm,

and the housekeeper said
that Chloe's staying

at her father's this week.

Her father, Philip Dutton,

is cross town
in merger negotiations.

His assistant's trying
to get word to him,

but she swears it was
the mother's week.

Let me guess--
an acrimonious divorce.

Is there any other kind?

neither one of them

give a crap
about their daughter.

She conned them for
a free night out.

Trust me, when they're
working an angle,

teenagers are
very slippery.

Oh, so now she deserved
what she got?

That's not what I'm saying.

All I'm saying is this girl
was raped and kidnapped,

and nobody in her family
even noticed.

Look, Olivia, you been
at this for three days.

(phone rings)

If anything breaks,
we'll call. Go home.

SVU, Benson.

We'll be right there.

Who found her?


I'd say just after she
washed up on the bank.

Is this your girl?


What'd he do to her?

No obvious wounds
or ligatures.

Going by exclusion,
I'd saying drowning.

Contusion to the head
might've knocked her out

before throwing her in.

No, she had that
bump yesterday.

It was from the rape.

How about the cut
on her lip?

That's new.

I was right there.

I should've had him.

No broken teeth,

no petechial

of the gums.

Wait, there's something
down here.

Some kind of...

business card?

Please tell me
this guy was stupid enough

to leave his name.


After submersion,
she hyperventilated,

aspirating water into the lungs,

leading to pulmonary edema
and hypoxia.

She drowned.

Yes, but the question is where.

Not in the Hudson?

Water from there is brackish,

so I should've found
salt water in her lungs.

I didn't.

Well, currents could've
carried her a ways.

It's fresher upstream.

Not this fresh.

I ran a diatom test,
which should've found

traces of algae,
plankton, krill-- nothing.

You said that she
swallowed water.

Yes, containing chlorine,
fluoride and orthophosphates.

Tap water.

With traces of
a chemical composition

consistent with Sparkly Bowl.

Bastard shoved her face
in the toilet.

Finger impressions on the back
of her neck support it.

Parents are here to ID the body.

Stall them.

I'll try to clean her up.

Mr. and Mrs. Dutton?

I'm very sorry
for your loss.

We're the primary detectives

on your
daughter's case.

How the hell did this happen?

You were watching her,
you tell them.

It was your week.

I understand that this
is a very stressful time,

but we need to focus on Chloe.

Do you have any idea
who could've done this?

No one I know.

Oh, of course not.
You were never home.

I was closer to her
than you were.

The viewing is done on
closed-circuit monitor here.

You ready?

Why can't we see her in person?

You should wait to see her
at the funeral home.

It'll be easier.

Oh, God!

Oh, God!

You son of a bitch!

How could you let this happen?!


We'll need
to talk to her friends.

Chloe was a loner.

You have any idea why?

Her parents divorced, best
friend moved away, puberty.

Cut the lock.

She was miserable here.

Petitioned for early graduation,
but she didn't have the grades.

Books, gym clothes...

There's no date book
or photos-- anything.

There's something here.
A little note.

Secret admirer?

"Chloe, I've done everything
I can to help you,

but you've screwed me
for the last time.

You're dead to me."

Signed, "B.T."

(bell rings)

I'll check the roster.

"You're dead to me."

I meant it figuratively.

And yet she's dead.

Chloe and I were partners
for the science project.

It's due in two days,
and I've done all the work--

the charts, graphs, report,
water sample collections...

What was the project?

The effects of acid rain
in the urban setting.

I compared rainwater

from various points
throughout the city.

Including the Hudson?

You don't want
to know its pH level.

What about Manhattan
toilet water?

That water's been treated, so
it's not relevant to my study.

It's relevant
to this investigation.

When's the last time
you saw her?

Two days ago.

She promised we'd work after
school on the oral presentation.

I waited outside
and she rides right by

in some stud's sports car.

Describe him,

High school, of course.
Maybe college.

Remember anything

about the car--
the make, the model?

Cars aren't
really my thing.

What about

You remember any part
of the license plate?



I live for 42Ds.

We know it's a rental.

What can you tell us
about the renter?

Uh, Mr. and Mrs. Stark
from Oklahoma.

Checked in Monday.

He's in oil.

Very particular.

When's the last time

he called down
for his car?

Not since Tuesday.

Are you sure he hasn't
used the car since then?

we wouldn't know.

Um, Mr. Stark has chosen
not to use Valet Service.

Your basic pain in the ass.

Yeah, I mean, we try
to keep the guests happy,

so we informed Mr. Stark that he
was welcome to get his own car.

He took his key back.

First few days,
I drove myself everywhere.

Most tourists take taxis.

You ever seen those guys?

It's like they're on
a suicide mission.

Zane says there's plenty to see
within walking distance.

You make any exceptions
the last few days?

Hell, no.

They've been keeping me busy
at the convention, anyway.

Shame you're missing
the night life.

He hasn't taken you out
at all, huh?

No, not when there's clients
to wine and dine.

Where'd you take
these clients two nights ago?

Some supposed

hot spot where the drinks were
warm and the waitresses cold.

Place got a name?

I'm sure it does, but...

damned if I can tell you what.

Well, how'd
you get there?

We had a few before we went,
so I can't quite recollect.

Why do they need
to look through our car?

It's probably
just a mix-up, ma'am.

Can I get that for you,
Mr. Stark?

I got it, I got it.

Probably find
a spare tire in there.

May I?

What's that?

Hell if I know.

These are

just like the pair
they gave Chloe.

Who in the hell is Chloe?

Sir, you're going
to have to come with us.

For what?

You cheating
son of a bitch!

What have you done now?

Hold on.

We just had the nicest
conversation with your wife.

Boy, once you get
that woman started...

What'd that cow say?

That you got a problem
keeping it in your pants.

And you like
them young.

This young.

Get that out of my face.

Is this how you like it,
you little freak?

What the hell
is going on here?

I've never seen that girl.
I'm being railroaded.

Who'd want to set up

a nice guy like you?

You don't know how cut-throat
the oil business is.

Or maybe the ball and chain
finally went off her nut.

Well, Dora says

that you didn't come back
to the hotel Tuesday night.

All right, I cheat on my wife,

but where I come from,
that's not a police matter.

So who'd you cheat with?

I don't know her name.

The boys and me went to one

of them titty bars
that never closes.

We went straight from there
to the convention.

Ask the boys.

Oh, we will.

Names and numbers.

And if you're feeling

DNA sample.

Hey, I donate all the time.

AB negative.
Rarest type there is.

They call me the Tulsa gusher.


Witnesses put Stark at
Peek-a-Boobs all night.

What about 3:30
the day before

when that science geek
saw Chloe in his Jag?

Couldn't have been Stark.

He was too busy putting a
roomful of conventioneers

to sleep with
a long-ass speech.


Chloe's rape kit came back.

Stark isn't a match?

To any of them.

There's more
than one doer?

Try four.

She was gang-raped.

Okay, we know
one of our perps

got hold of Stark's Jag,
the question is how.

It was parked

at a week-long excuse
for a bender.

Couple of drunken fellow oil men
could've easily lifted the keys.

Do you know
how many people

are crammed
into that hotel

for the convention?

Maybe this will help
narrow it down.

I plowed through the LUDs
from the hospital,

an outgoing call

to a cell phone registered to...

Vienna Sterling.

Who swore she never talked
to Chloe again after the club.

Odd, it was a seven-minute call.

What are the other names?

At 3:40 a.m.,

Chloe calls Vienna
from the hospital.

That's less
than an hour

before I got there.

At 3:47,

Vienna calls Andrew Kenworthy,

who then calls Davis Harrington
at home, then his cell,

then five more times at home

till he
finally picks up.

Well, that sounds
pretty desperate.


Davis then calls Vienna,
who calls Seth Wolfford III.

And then they ping-pong back
and forth throughout the day.

Sounds like
we got

three of our four guys.

Andrew, Davis and Seth.

Pick them up.

Andrew Kenworthy.

Damn it!

Little advice?

Keep your eye on the ball.

Who the hell are you?

Detective Tutuola.

You need to come with me.

For what?

The rape and murder
of Chloe Dutton.


Come here.

Can you believe
the attitude on her?

I mean, the girl's
a sales clerk.

A little help, please.

These weigh a ton.


Well, there went
our last chance.

They've all lawyered up.

Well, we still have
one unaccounted for.

I don't suppose
anybody gave him up?

What, and incriminate

Not one of them talked.

Or gave up
their DNA.

Well, they're not
going to now,

not with their
$1,000-an-hour attorneys.

Well, screw
their money.

Ask for a remand.

Remand? I might have
Vienna here on obstruction,

but I don't even have enough
for an indictment on the boys.

What are you
talking about?

We got two of them
on the club's VIP list.

Well, doesn't put them
in the men's room.

Three words, Alex--
Max Factor heir.

These kids have the means
to flee the country.

Not without
a passport,

which my client
will gladly surrender.

Well, that's awfully
big of you, Trevor.

On the condition
that he be allowed

to leave the state, today.

For what?

Congressman Sayres.

Maybe you've
heard of him.

He's expecting me in D.C.
to start my internship.

Ah, yes, the calling to serve
is strong in this lad.

You'll do well there.

Here's where Seth'll be staying.


You can go.

What was that about?

What are you doing,
rolling over for Langdon?

He has a client
headed to Virginia.

Thanks to you.

Virginia recently became
the first state

to allow DNA collection
upon arrest.

Conviction not required.

Blatantly violating
constitutional rights.

It'll be overturned.

As well it should be,
but hopefully not today.

What are the odds Seth
commits a felony in Virginia?

Let me make
a phone call.

He's in here.

Your car is ready, Mr. Wolfford.

Traffic's light, and it's
a fine day for an extradition.

You... set me up.

I assure you,
a local bank

was indeed robbed,
and a guard was shot.

It wasn't me and you know it.

One of the perps was
a six-foot-tall white man.

Makes you
a viable suspect.

That's bull.

No, that's racial profiling.

Sucks, don't it?

This is insane. I'm innocent.

Well, maybe
of the bank job,

but in accordance
with the law,

Arlington PD
ran your DNA

through the national
data bank.

You're a dead match
for one of Chloe's rapists.

They had no right
to take my DNA.

Yeah, well,
write to your Congressman.

This is preposterous.

Friend Seth
gave him up.

A court order
for his DNA is on the way,

which you know
is going to match.

The sex
was consensual.

Davis, shut up.

There is no such thing
as consensual sex

with a 15-year-old.

I didn't know.

The girl
was in a bar

being served alcohol.

My client had no reason
to doubt

she was 21.

You can't use
a dispositive defense.

doesn't require intent.

I had nothing
to do with the murder.

And you have
no evidence

proving he did.

I have a motive.

A rape conviction
might have tarnished

the silver spoon
he was born with.

I don't know who killed her,

but I swear to God,
it wasn't me.

Convince me.

Start from the beginning.

I was out with Andrew
and Seth that night.

It all started
when we ran into Max.

Who's Max?

He's a friend
of Andrew's.

He said he had just done
this girl in the bathroom

and she was open for more.

You mean she passed out?

I was too drunk

to appreciate her condition.

All I know is she was passed out

by the time
we left.

Tell me more about this Max.

He's a cool guy, filthy rich.

I think his father invented
crazy glue or Post-Its

or something huge like that.

Where can we
find him?

Like I said,
he was a friend of Andrew's.

Ask him.

Max Van Horn.

I only met him
a few weeks ago.

Okay, so what
do you know about him?

Not much.

He let it drop once that
his father works for the CIA.

I thought his father
was an inventor.

I don't know
about that.

What kind of car
does Max drive?

A black Porsche
and a silver Jag.

So, Max must've picked up Chloe
from school that day.

He met her a few
days before

at Vienna's.

That'd be
your girlfriend Vienna.


So then this Max

snatched her
up from the hospital

so you guys could kill her
to save your own asses.

I had nothing
to do with the murder.

It must've been Max.

Well, we got
a problem here,

because Vienna
didn't call Max

at 4:00 in the morning,
she called you.

To warn you that Chloe
was going to turn you guys in.

No, to scream at me
for cheating on her.


Cheating, really?

She didn't have a problem

with the bigger picture,
like the rape?

You don't know Vienna.

It's all about her.

Oh, what is it with you people?

What is wrong with you?

Do you have a conscience?

You raped
and killed a little girl.

I didn't kill her.

We got panicked phone calls

between you, Vienna,
Davis and Seth,

but not one to good old Max.

You see, he's not
in the picture, son.

Why is that?
Explain that to me.

Because I didn't
have to call Max.

He was crashed on my couch.

And when I told him
what Vee said, he booked.

Where can we
find him?

He's got to come
home sometime.

Not if one of his friends
tipped him off.

Uh, these are not
the kind of guys

who would go out on a limb
for each other.

You got a point.

What do you think
it is, the money?

Not all rich kids
are like this.

Yeah, but these are
trust fund babies--

handed to them.

No character,
no conscience.

You're either born
with a conscience or you're not.

Oh, no, no, no.

It's all about
how you're raised.

Got someone approaching.

Max Van Horn.

Hey, Max.

It's the valet guy
from the hotel.

Son of a bitch.

Now, do you prefer
Max Van Horn...

or your legal name,
Mitch Wilkens?

Just, just Mitch.

Where'd you get Max?

I... I-I thought
it sounded rich.

You know, like those guests
whose bags I schlep every day.

I just wanted to be one of them.

So, you stole
their cars.

Hey, I only borrowed them.

The first time
was a couple of weeks ago.

I-I took out a Porsche,
just for a spin,

but there was this line
outside this club.

I mean, you should have seen
the looks I was getting.

It was my in.

That was the night
I met Andrew and Vienna.

So, what happened?

We, uh, we clicked.

Even exchanged numbers.

Problem is,
I had to keep up the image.

And the best way to do that
is by raping a 15-year-old.

They set me up.

Your new best
friends? Why?

I don't know.

Maybe they're...
they're rich and bored,

and that's
how they get their kicks.

They probably sensed
I wasn't one of them.

How'd they
set you up?

Andrew asked if I would pick up
one of Vienna's friends,

and we'd all go out.

So, you picked Chloe up
at school.

I picked her up

across the street.

I mean, you saw her.

Would you think she was 15?

Maybe not, but I wouldn't have
gang raped her in a bathroom.

Andrew pulled me in.

I said no way.

They gave me a hard time.

They called me a wuss.

They pressured me into it.

Really? Because we heard
that you started the party.

It's a lie!

But, you know, of course

they're going
to get away with it...

'cause they're rich.

So, help us out here, Mitch.

Who was with you
when you killed her?

I didn't kill her.

All I know is
Andrew got a phone call

at, like, 4:00 in the morning,

and he said
things had turned south.

He needed the Jag
to take care of it.

So, how do we know
that you didn't go with him?

I panicked,

and I took the first bus
to my mom's in Jersey.

That's a bad story,
'cause we got a picture of you

dragging Chloe
out of the hospital.

That's not me.

We got witnesses, Mitch.

I-I know this coat.

That, that guy, that guy Seth.

Seth, uh... Seth Wolfford.

Seth was the first one to roll.

That's why
he got a deal.

You think we gave
it to the wrong boy?

Does this Mitch
have a record?

No, clean
as a whistle.

If he's telling
the truth,

you got to yank
Seth's deal.

That's why
I don't like to make deals

until everyone's
done their job.

We'll check
out his story.

Mitch showed up
at 5:00 that morning.

Oh, he was so upset.

About what?

He said he made
some new friends,

and that they
had gotten him into trouble.

Did he tell you
what the trouble was?

about a car.

He had taken one
for a joyride

thinking that he could
get it back in time,

but those boys took
advantage of him,

and, uh, disappeared
with it.

Mrs. Wilkens,
did your son

tell you
he was involved in a rape?


That can't be true.

no question.

We have his DNA.

I knew there
was more.

You have to understand.

He tries so hard
to impress people.

He, he's

so easily

The girl he raped
was found murdered the next day.

Well, I know
he had nothing to do with that.

He was here.

We saw him
later that day

at the hotel with the Jag.

How did he get it back?

That boy drove it here.

He took Mitch in to work.

What boy?

I think his name was Seth.

You know, if
you'd tell me

what you were
looking for,

I'd save my maid
a lot of work.

Damn it, this
is harassment.

Give me that,
you lowlife piece...

Think long and hard
about your next word, Seth.

a police officer

is a sure way

to get that bail revoked.

Looky what I found.

Just like
the hospital security photos.

Oh, my God.

You're framing me again.

Nice shades.

Those aren't mine.


I got traces of blood.

Why, Seth,

what pretty blue
water you have.

That was hell.

Seth's attorney
give you a tough
time on cross?

Langan was a cakewalk.

That media circus
was another story.

Rich, pretty-boy

Sells a hell
of a lot of papers.

This kid's an idiot.

He should have taken a plea
like his buddies.

What he got to lose?

He was the only one
facing murder.

Arrogance; he thinks
he can beat the rap.

And he still swears
he was on his daily 10k

during the time
of that murder.

That's them
over there.

Can I help you?

Yeah. I know
who killed Chloe Dutton.

Excuse me?

You arrested
the wrong boy.

That's the one
who did it.

That's Mitch Wilkens.

Yeah. That's probably
what he calls himself now,

but his real name
was Eric Wayne Proctor.

How do you
know this?

Because he murdered
my son.

Okay, maybe we
should have a seat.


No. It says in there
you cut him a deal.

That means he could get
two years this time.

What do you mean
"this time"?

12 years ago, he lived
down the street from us,

he and his mother.

Eric led my little boy Tommy
into the woods.

Eric was ten.

My little guy
was only three.

Take your time.

W-Why don't we
have a seat here?

Come on.

Eric tortured my son.

He molested him.

He poured gasoline
on him.

And they said that...

when he set my guy on fire,
he was still alive.

Was this Eric ever convicted?


But not as an adult.

He went to a juvenile facility
for kids,

and that's all the information
I got on him.

So, you haven't had
any contact with him

since the trial
over a decade ago?

No, sir.

How can you be sure
that this is the same person?

Because you'd never forget
the face of a monster

who killed your son.

They couldn't publish
the killer's name

because of his age,
but I'm telling you,

it was
the most gruesome murder

in Benford, New Hampshire's

We talked to the local police.

They said
that he was always a psycho.

He's been collared five times
for breaking and entering.

Juvenile records
were sealed

and then expunged
when he was released.

When did he get out?

Three years ago,
when he was 19.

He was supposed
to be in there till he was 21,

but he got out early
for good behavior.

Of course he
did, because he's
a sociopath.

He gets a clean
slate, a new name,
then he moves here.

Where he kills again.

You're going
on a hunch.

All you have
is his prior bad act,

which I can assure you
is not admissible in court.

You got the wrong kid
up for this murder.

Then fix it, preferably
before the end of Seth's trial.

I'm sorry,
which did you prefer?

Was it Max or Mitch?

Or was it Eric Wayne Proctor?

I think I had the
most fun as Max.

So, Eric, tell me, you had
three jerks to choose from.

Why frame Seth?

I didn't
frame anybody.

But if I had,
Seth did have the most money,

the best looks,
the brightest future.

Who could resist?

Well, Seth denies
that the hat, the coat

and the sunglasses are his.

You planted them.

Now, how could I
get into his house?

The same way you got
into Stark's Jag.

You stole the key,
and you made a copy.

A boy gets quite an education
in Juvie.

You're right.

But I didn't do this.

Ah, you're good.

You got your own mother
to alibi for you,

and to tell you the truth,

we believed her.

She's a bigger sociopath
than you.


Everyone assumes
she did something awful to me,

but she didn't.

You're a liar.

She never
abused me once.

You're a liar.

Not physically
or psychologically.

You're a liar!

That woman did something
terrible to you, boy.

I wish.

Poor old thing,
she got hate mail,

death threats.

People spit on her
in the street.

She stuck
it out there,
just to see me.

(clicks tongue)

Now that's love.

No. That's denial.

You think that your mother
can't be broken?

You think you're
in total control of her?

You just watch me.

Bring it on, bitch!

(Mitch laughing)


As I said,
there's nothing to break.

But do go easy on the old girl.

I've put her
through so much already.

He ruined your life.

Your lost your job,
your friends, your husband.

You stood by him.

He's murdered again.

Only this time
he dragged you into it.

You perjured yourself.

You obstructed justice,
and you could go to jail.

I didn't lie.

He didn't kill
that girl!

Her name was Chloe.

She was only 15.

Course that's five times older
than his first victim.

Eric was only a baby then.

He didn't know
what he was doing!

He thought it was a game!

A game?

This is not a game!

Your son is sick!

They cured him!

Nine years he spent
in that prison!

It was a juvenile facility.

It was his

entire childhood.

He had counseling
that whole time.

He did so well
that they let him out early.

He played them!

He showed them
exactly what they wanted to see,

just like he does with you.


Oh, y-you don't know him.

He's a good boy.

He's got a job.

He lives
in a beautiful brownstone.

And he led Tommy Leggatt
into the woods to his death,

just like he led this girl
into the men's room

to be gang-raped.

But he didn't kill her.

Mrs. Wilkens,
a mother knows her son.

Now you know
that that's him,

dragging her from the hospital
to her death.

Before he dumped her body
into the river,

he shoved her face
into the toilet,

and he held it there
until she was dead.

That's how much regard
he has for human life.

And when he gets out, he's going
to kill somebody else.

You're wrong.

He didn't do this.

Oh, my God.

Elliot, look at this.

The bracelet.

She was wearing it
when she was dragged

out of the hospital,
but not when she washed up.

He took it.

Mrs. Wilkens,

where'd you get
the bracelet?

Mrs. Wilkens,

you'll have to
speak up, please.

Where did you
get the bracelet?

My son gave
it to me.


It was a Friday.

It was the first week of May.

That was one day
after Chloe Dutton was killed.

Did you see your son
the day before?

The actual day
of the murder?

Why did you tell Detectives
Benson and Stabler that you did?

My son asked me to.

What exactly
did he ask you to do?

He said that, um,
some boys had found out

about his past, and they were
going to use it against him.

He said that they had done
something bad,

and they were going
to make everyone believe

thathehad done it.

Did you believe him?

(voice breaking):

Why not?

A... a mother knows her son.

That bracelet that
he gave... to me,

he took off
the dead body

of Chloe Dutton.

I'm so sorry!

Eric should never
have been let out

after he killed
Tommy Leggatt.


Your Honor...

That judge had no choice,
but you do.

He's sick.

If you ever let him out again,
he will kill again.

Mrs. Wilkens...

No, listen to me.

There's no fixing him.

He was born bad,
and he's...

going to die bad.

There's just...
there's nothing anyone can do.

Has the jury reached a verdict?

We have, Your Honor.

On the count kidnapping,
how do you find?

We find the defendant,
Mitchell Wilkens,


On the count of Murder
in the First Degree,

how do you find?


(crowd murmuring)

Sentencing will be imposed
June 4.

The jury is excused.

(pounds gavel)


This is a capital
offense, Mitch.

Looks like you're
going away forever.

Don't worry, I'll write.

Well, we did

a little digging.

You don't own that brownstone
where you were living.

You never paid rent,
you had no lease.

It's owned by an elderly
woman called Emily Owens.

No family, most of
her friends have died,

and we can't find her.



including your own mother,

you're beyond redemption.

That's not true.

This woman deserves
a proper burial.

You know that's the right thing.

Where is she?

Gee, I don't know.

(clicks tongue)

I guess I'm going away
for a while,

so I should probably
give notice.

Let's go.

Do let me know if you find her.