Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 4, Episode 24 - Perfect - full transcript

After exchanging shots with armed-robbery suspects fleeing down a dark alley, the police discover a dead fourteen year old black female with a bullet in her skull. Autopsy reveals that she ...

In the criminal justice system

sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad

known as
the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

(tires squealing)

He robbed me.

Guy came in and robbed me.

Take it easy,
take it easy.

Did you see
where he went?

Cops chased him
into the alley.


Get back inside! Get down!

Police! Drop it
or you're dead, now!

Bailey! Taylor!

Where are you guys?

Over here!

We got him.

2-2 Henry, slow
everyone down.

We got one under.

Anyone hit?

Just this mutt.

Winged him in the arm.

Bus is on the way.

Here's his piece.

Hey, guys,

you better
check this out.


Oh, man!

She's dead.


Coming through.
Thank you.


Kind of strange,
Cragen calling us in

on an officer-involved shooting.

Maybe not.

Look who's
over there.


Stabler, Benson,
thanks for coming.

Yeah, it's the
middle of the night.

I hope you're not
jerking us around.

I'm not.

Got a black female teenager
sleeping on the streets.

We think she's a runaway...

and somebody worked her over.

Burn marks-- both arms.

Braids, ribbon in her hair,

covered by a pretty
decent blanket.


and a big hole
in her head.

Not your average
homeless kid.

Maybe not,
but she's an abuse victim.

We think the perp shot her.

(clears throat):
No, you think

the cops accidentally
shot her,

and you're trying to
pull us into your mess

by calling it an SVU case.

This girl was tortured,
and we have no idea who she is.

You want her parents

to see her face
on the morning news?

That's your
problem, not ours.

Come on.

SVU knows how to protect victims
and deal with families.

You mean you want us
to keep this under wraps.

We want this to look clean
from the beginning,

so I'm asking

for a favor.

All the times that you people
at IAB jammed us up,

and now you want to play nice?

You got a set of balls on you,

asking us
for anything.

If we find out

that a cop
shot that girl,

you expect us
to keep it quiet?

I expect you to do your job.

However this turns out,
it turns out.

You don't want
to do it for me...

fine-- do it for her.

Found seven slugs.

All of them too badly damaged
for any microscopic work.

Shell casings?

Had better luck there.

Matched them to each weapon.

Well, they were
all carrying nines,

so the casings would have gone
about ten feet to the right

and a little to the rear.

So we know

where each person
fired from.

Number one is Officer Bailey,
two is the perp,

and Officer Taylor
is number three.

The bullet passed
through this steel drum

before hitting the victim,

making a trajectory
through two fixed points.

Ballistic alignment laser will
tell us for sure who shot her.

They all fired on the run,
so it could've been

any one of them,

and there's our bullet path.

Hal, go be Taylor.

Benson, you take Bailey.

Stabler, you're the perp.

We'll see where
the laser lands.

El, it's on you.

Perp fired the shot
that killed the girl.

Only problem is,
your Jane Doe was already dead

when the perp shot her.

That son of a bitch lucked out.

The cops at the scene
said she was still warm.

So did my assistants,

but by the time
they got her back here,

her lower extremities
were already stiff.

She was going into rigor.

Well, she had to be dead
four or five hours

before the shooting, then.

That's about right.

Do you know
what killed her?

Hopefully we'll find out
when I open her up,

but she was filthy,
like she hadn't bathed in weeks.

I have her personal effects
to put into evidence.

Anything good?

Just some cheap clothes

from one of your better
discount stores,

and this necklace.

That's an infinity
symbol on a chain.

What's up with these burns?

That's what they look like,

but they're actually
cockroach bites.

Well, if she
was homeless,

she could've
gotten them

from living on the street
or after she died.

Except the bites wouldn't swell

if she was dead...

and the roaches
wouldn't bite

unless she
was immobile.

You're thinking
she was restrained?

Or so sick she
couldn't move.

Sounds like this girl
was held captive

in a very
unpleasant place.

And then dumped at the scene.

Lab checked the ground
where the girl was found.

No evidence
of any bodily fluids.

So if she was
already dead,

the new blanket is a
care-giving gesture.

It's the same reason
as the hair ribbons.

Whoever left her
there loved her.

We got an ID...

and you're not
going to believe it.

Who is she?

Samantha Tassler.

The girl who disappeared
from Philly?

Montgomery County,
Pennsylvania, to be exact...

less than eight months ago.

Didn't we spend, like,

two weeks last year
searching for her?

Maybe three.

Are they sure it's her?

Cops there say our
photo matches theirs.

The parents are
coming in tonight.

Her friend's older brother

was supposed to drive her home.

We called when it got late

and Samantha hadn't
come back yet.

That's when we found out
she never got there.

We have some
of Samantha's personal effects

when she was found.

It would help us if you could
take a look at them.

Are you up for that?

(clears throat)

I-I've never seen this.

I don't recognize
this necklace, either.

Sharon, did you buy this
for Samantha?

Are you sure
that she didn't have this one

when she was home?


You found her on the street?

I'm surprised she still had
this necklace.

It's solid platinum.

It's probably worth
close to a grand.

Girl's wearing
dime store clothes

and living
on the street.

Doesn't make sense
she wouldn't have sold
this for food money.

You got any idea
where this came from?

Well, you're not going
to find it

in the case at Tiffany's or any
other mainstream retailer.

Here, have a look.

I don't notice
anything unusual about it.

But the X-ray
fluorescence test did.

It's coated in rhodium
to make it shine

instead of the regular polishing
and finishing.

It hasn't been popular
in this country in decades.

So, it's definitely handmade,

and there are three tiny
initials engraved in the back.

I just put it
in our database.

What are you checking?

Every jeweler
in the tri-state

who makes his own jewelry
with the three initials R-S-C.

Any hits?

Yeah, here we go.

Ross St. Clair.

Got a little shop
down in the village.

No. I don't remember her.

Uh... I don't get a lot
of teenagers in my store.

My jewelry's too expensive.

What about this?

How much would something
like this run you?

Uh... 800 bucks.

It's custom-made.

Something happen to her?

Actually, she's dead.


And she was wearing my infinity?

That's why we're here.

Who'd you make it for?

Garrett Lang.
(alarm code beeping)

Who's he?

Regular customer.

He sent his assistant over
with a drawing.

Come on.

You know, I usually

make my own stuff,
but, uh...

this guy, he orders
a hundred of them.

Gave me 80 grand up front.

Where can we
find this Lang?

He left me a stack
of business cards

to hand out
to my better-paying customers.

It's the symbol
of eternal life.

I give the necklace
to all my patients.

$800 apiece--
that's an expensive gift.

What exactly
do you treat them for?

You're what,
early forties,

right, Detective?

Late thirties. Why?

Do you ever feel

that your stamina's

that you don't have
the energy you used to,

or that you've lost your edge?

No, but let's
say that I was.

Well, then I'd put you
on a course

of Human Growth Hormone
and testosterone therapy.

I guarantee you'd be a new man
in the squad room,

not to mention the bedroom.

But you didn't come here
to hear me pontificate.

How can I help you?

You ever seen her?

I don't think so.

Well, are you sure

that she's not one
of your patients?

Human Growth
Hormone is used
to treat children

of short stature,

but that's not
what I do here,

and I don't
treat children.

Well, what about Dr. Foy?

There is no Dr. Foy.

It stands for
"fountain of youth."

Why would you think

that I would
know your victim?

Well, because
when she was found,

your infinity symbol

was hanging around her neck.

My God.

What happened?

That's what we're trying
to find out.

My patients
who wear the necklace tell me

that people often ask them
where they can get one.

Any chance

we can get a list
of those patients?

Detectives, you know
that it would be

unethical as well as illegal

for me to give you
that information.

Lang's Summa Cum Laude

from Stanford,

MD and Ph.D. from Yale.

Residency in OB/GYN
with a fellowship

in infertility
and reproductive

That's big credentials

to be running
some feel-good clinic.

He was one of the top
researchers in his field

until he left academia
to open up shop.

Guy's had lots of magazine
articles written about him.

Claims hormones can reverse
the aging process.

Man is a chick magnet

for the society set.

Sounds like the lunatic fringe
of medicine.

It makes you feel good,
what's wrong with that?

Now, that's the same excuse
people use to get high.

The doc's nothing more
than a dealer with a license.

What he's doing
is perfectly legal.

Don't tell me you're thinking
about taking this stuff.

I've considered it.

And why shouldn't I add
some lean muscle

to what you so lovingly call
"my bony ass"?

You can hit a gym

when we close this case.

everybody focus.

I mean, what's
Lang looking for

in a 14-year-old girl?

Well, if he's a pedophile,

maybe his own fountain of youth.

Well, there's nothing other
than that infinity necklace

to tie him to Samantha.

And there's no way to prove
that she didn't get it

from one of his patients,

and we can't find out
who they are.

What about the autopsy?

It's backlogged.
Internal exam's
not done yet.

Well, then, wait at
the M.E.'s office until it is.

I found traces

of facial tissue
and dried saliva

on her right cheek,
which we're testing for DNA.

So it sounds like

somebody was with
her before she died.

Can we rule this
a homicide yet?

I need more information,
but I can tell you

that Samantha died of
a blood clot to her left lung.

Caused by?

Severe dehydration.

I'd say
she was deprived of fluids

for between five and ten days.

Turned her blood to sludge.

Well, supports the theory
that somebody locked her away.

It's probably where
she got those
cockroach bites.

That makes sense.

What I found

when I examined
her reproductive
organs doesn't.

How so?

When a woman goes through
her menstrual cycle,

one, maybe two eggs
are released,

leaving the follicles
where the eggs came from empty.

And something was wrong
with Samantha's ovaries?

She had 12 visibly
involuted follicles.

That means 12 eggs all released
at the same time.

I've never seen that
in a 14-year-old.

But I thought
women were
most fertile

in their
teenage years.


only happens

when the ovaries are
hyperstimulated by hormones,

like for
in vitro fertilization.

So, assuming
that she even wanted to,

why does a 14-year-old girl
need help getting pregnant?

I don't know,

but whatever the
reason, it worked.

Samantha was carrying
an eight-week-old fetus.

You can't prove Samantha Tassler
even knew Garrett Lang.

She was wearing
his necklace.

A trinket she could've gotten
anywhere does not help me.

The guy's an

He's a big wheel in
hormone research.

Now, can you think
of a better candidate

to help Samantha
get pregnant?

I wouldn't want
to argue that in court.

Alex, we know that
it's circumstantial,

but this guy had to have
something to do

with Samantha's death.

I cannot get an arrest warrant
based on supposition.

You have to find
me a direct link.

So give us something
that we can work with:

subpoenas for his financials,
phone records,

and a patient list.

No judge is going
to give us a look at
a doctor's patient list,

but the rest is doable.

I can also get you a look
at his IRS records.

This guy doesn't have one phone
listed in his own name.

All under the corporation,
Infinity Partners.

This is going to take a week
to trace

who made all these calls
to and from his clinic.

That voodoo medicine he
practices pays big bucks.

Between his personal
and corporate accounts,

he's got almost
five mil, cash.

His real estate holdings are
worth at least five times that.

He owns his building and
three brownstones, and get this:

he's applying for a tax-exempt
status on one of them.

Let me see that.

What's he claiming?

Charitable organization.

Ah. "Foundation
for Knowledge Expansion."

Application says
it's a nonprofit,

enrichment program

for young women at risk.



I wonder if
he's "enriching" these girls

like he did Samantha.

There's three more girls.

They don't look like your
typical street kids at risk.

That makes four
going in, so far.

And there's another one.

Just like all
the others.

I've seen that girl before.

Her face look
familiar to you?

Yeah, that girl
from the posters,

on the Upper East Side.

You shorten her hair,
and you change it back

to dark brown,
that's Jessica Morse.

Disappeared about
the same time as Samantha,

presumed kidnapped.

What the hell
did we step into?

Can I help you?

Police Department.

I-I didn't call the police.

Where's Jessica Morse?

I don't know
who you're talking about.

She just
walked in here.
Step aside.

Excuse me, please!

You can't do this!
You have no right to do this!

We have every right.

This is the girl that's been
missing since last year.


What is this?
This is my school.

I am a licensed teacher.
These are my students.

How did they get here?

I find them on the streets.

We run a foundation.

For knowledge expansion?

We know all about that.

Who are you?

I'm Paula Haggerty.

We give them
a safe place to live.

We give them food.
We give them education.

And these kids are going
back to their parents.

Mrs. Haggerty,
you're under arrest.

Is this really necessary?

Oh, that's a nice tattoo you
have here on your left wrist:

an infinity symbol.

For infinite potential.

I would like
to call a lawyer.

You can do that
at our precinct.


Can I talk to you a minute?



Because you look a lot like a
girl who disappeared last year.

I'm not who you think I am.

Jessica, your family
wants you back.

My name is Marjorie...
andthisis my family.

My client should be lauded
for what she's done,

not arrested.

Your client kept
five 14-year-olds

whose parents reported them
as kidnapped or runaways.

I was just trying
to help them.

They left home

because their parents
mistreated them.

And you know this how?

Mrs. Haggerty has a Masters
in Child Psychology.

Well, then she understands

that just because a teenager
disagrees with her parents,

it doesn't mean
the parents did something wrong.

Who pays your salary,

Mrs. Haggerty?

The foundation's
board of directors.

The funds come
from charitable contributions.

Well, Dr.
Garrett Lang

owns the building,
so he on the board, too?

No. He started the foundation

and provided
the initial endowment,

but he has no other dealings
with the foundation

or the employees or clients.

Was she one of your clients,
Mrs. Haggerty?

I never saw this girl before.

I'd like to know what charges,
if any,

are forthcoming.

Let's start with kidnapping.

Can I get you something
to eat or drink?

I'm not hungry.

When can I go?

Well, your parents are
coming here to get you.

Jessica, they've
missed you very much.

They can't wait to see you.

I told you,
my name is not Jessica.

It's Marjorie Maddox.


we both know this
is a picture of you.

When I talked
to your mom,

she said you'd
missed your birthday.

Your family can't wait
for you to come home.

They want to celebrate
it with you.

You cannot believe
how sad they were.

They thought you were
never going to come home.

Okay, all right, Jessica.


Look, it's going to be okay.

No, it's not.

Mrs. Haggerty's going to
be so worried about me.

I have to go back to her.

You're 14 years old.

You belong with your parents.

I belong

with Mrs. Haggerty.

Can't you see that?

I know everybody thinks
that I was kidnapped,

but I ran away.

You did? Why?


my parents....
oh, they didn't understand me.

And Mrs.
Haggerty does?


She saved my life.

She did? How'd
she do that?

She took me in off the street.

She feeds us,

teaches us...

What does she teach you?

Stuff we should learn
in school,

and that...
and that all the girls

should respect themselves
and each other.

This is
Samantha Tassler.

Is she one of the girls?

The other four girls

are from Denver, Chicago,
Omaha, and Detroit.

All high-profile cases
because they all come

from wealthy
or upper-middle-class families.

How do they react
to being found?

Oh, the same as Jessica.

They all denied
their real names.

They said they'd run away

and that they
weren't kidnapped,

and they all want to know

when they can go back
to Mrs. Haggerty.

Is this
Stockholm Syndrome?

More than that.

These girls haven't
just formed a bond

with this Mrs. Haggerty.

Their total
devotion to her

feels like they've
been brainwashed.

So this is
some kind of cult.

Explains why they were all
wearing the infinity symbol.

Right, and why they're all
sticking to the same story.

Well, unless one of
them starts talking,

the best we can get Haggerty
on is Custodial Interference

for not returning the
kids to their parents.

That's just a misdemeanor.

We can't even hold her.
What about Lang?

Right now,
he's untouchable.

If this is a cult, then maybe
Samantha was being punished

for misbehaving
or wanting to leave.

Cults often reeducate
their members

by locking them up
without food or water.

Which is how the M.E. said
that she died.

That's depraved indifference

Including Samantha,
we've only found five girls.

Or maybe they're holding
more somewhere else.

Like at the foundation's

What the hell?

This place
was completely furnished

when we found the girls.

I'll check upstairs.

They took every damn thing.

Okay, we need every piece
of dirt off the floor

in every room.

Any reasonable surface
gets dusted for prints.

Second floor is empty.

This place
has been sanitized.

Like no one was ever here.

Neighbors say
three trucks pulled up,

emptied the place out
in two hours.

Somebody had to tip them off.

The call couldn't have come
from any of the girls.

We made sure none of them
got near a phone.

Or it had to be
Haggerty or
her lawyer.

That's obstruction of justice.

You think she'd risk
her law license?

Well, we'll ask her
as soon as we're done
processing the girls.

Already done. ACS picked up
the four from out of town,

took them to the shelter.

We're waiting
for their parents to arrive.

What about Jessica?

Folks just got here.

She looks real happy
to see them.

This is a cult
we're dealing with.

If we're going to see
Haggerty's lawyer,

I want Huang along
for the ride.

You can't come barging in--
I'm with clients.

I'll handle this, Joan.

Benson and Stabler.

And you are?

FBI. George Huang.

Can we help you?

Who cleaned out
your foundation's brownstone?

How would we know?
Oh, come on.

Somebody gave the order,
and that was either you
or your attorney.

Are you accusing me of a crime?

Well, I'd like you
to explain why Dr. Lang

and Mrs. Haggerty both
have the same lawyer.

I called Ms. Quentin
after you arrested Paula.

You've made
a terrible mistake.

Do you know how much
she's helped runaways?

You mean, after
she kidnaps them?

You're wrong, Detective.

And what about
Samantha Tassler

undergoing in vitro

which you happen
to perform?

Are we wrong
about that, too?

Any OB/GYN who's a fertility
specialist could've done that.

Yeah, but she and
the other girls

weren't wearing

any other fertility specialist's
infinity necklace.

And you got Mrs. Haggerty here

who's got that symbol
tattooed on her wrist.

Any questions from the FBI,
Agent Huang?

You enjoy this,
don't you, Dr. Lang?

I enjoy helping those girls

thrive and realize
their full potential.

Because of you people,

we may have to close down
the foundation.

Unless you're going

to arrest me
or either of my clients,

we're through, or my next call

is to the Internal Affairs
Bureau for harassment.

He's a narcissistic bastard,

and he's calling all the shots.

You saw the way
his lawyer deferred to him.

Look, I can understand

a 14-year-old
being taken in by Lang

but not a smart,
educated woman like Quentin.

Jim Jones got hundreds
of his disciples

to drink poison Kool-aid

because he had
a charismatic personality.

Lang uses his to get people
like Quentin and Haggerty

to love and obey him.

Well, these teenage
girls couldn't be
more vulnerable.

They're not
that attractive,

probably got bad
grades in school,

and they're
social outcasts.

And so this cult is a place
for them to fit in.

And inundate them with
approval and affection.

It's called
"love bombing."

You're perfect
the way you are.

All right,
which is what

every teenage girl
wants to hear,

and Haggerty as
a substitute mother

is the perfect person
to tell them that.

There's no way these girls
got to her by accident.

No. They were targeted.
We got to find out how.

First you said
Samantha was homeless.

Now you think
she was murdered?

We're not sure, exactly,

Mr. Tassler.

That's what
we're investigating.

It's possible that Samantha
was starved to death...

and left in the alley.

Oh, my God!

And we can still take her home
for the funeral, can't we?

Yes, you can.

But we need to know, uh,

at the time of
Samantha's disappearance,

were there any changes
in her routine?

Uh, different people she
was hanging out with?


She only had
a few friends.

Two or three girls.


They were
a bad influence.

How so?

They drank and smoked

and got Samantha to do it, too.


Her grades started to drop,
but we couldn't get her to care.

We even enrolled her in one of
those remedial tutoring centers,

you know?

The kind
with private instruction.

"Help kids realize
their full potential."

What did you just say?

Help kids realize
their full potential.

It was in the brochure.

What's the name of that center?

You know this girl?

Mm, nope.
Never saw her before.

Now why are you here?

She attended this center

right before she disappeared
last year.

Just like this girl

vanished right
outside of Philly.

I don't like
your insinuation, Detective.

I don't like liars,
Ms. Kinderski.

Oh, well, now,
if you're going to be rude,

this conversation is ended.

Oh, what are you doing?

Nice tattoo.

An infinity symbol.

Yes. We believe
in the infinite potential

of our students to succeed.

Is that a crime?

It is if
Garrett Lang
paid for it.

Garrett Lang?

Yeah. I bet if we pull

your certificate
of incorporation,

his name's on it.

Dr. Lang is a forward-thinking,
generous man

who wants to help young people
further their knowledge.

He's just an investor.

Sure he is.

And you're just
a teacher, right?

Kinderski lawyered up.

Quentin's not
letting her talk.

Yeah, but we found
the connection.

All six girls,
Samantha and Jessica included,

attended a Knowledge Builders'
center in their city.

Lang's at the top
of the pyramid.

Quentin keeps him
out of trouble,

Haggerty keeps the girls
in line,

and Kinderski recruits them
from the learning centers.

I wouldn't be surprised
if the initial test they give

includes personality questions

to identify
the most susceptible girls.

We checked Kinderski's
credit card statements.

She was in Philadelphia,

Detroit, Omaha,
Chicago, and Denver

three days before each
of the girls disappeared.

Which leaves us
with another coincidence

but no smoking gun.

Well, the other girls
have all gone home.

It means we're going to have
to get Jessica to talk.

Pretty tough coming home,
isn't it?

I guess.

Mrs. Haggerty...

she was good to you,
wasn't she, at the foundation?


Oh, I really miss her.

I bet you do.

Do you want
to talk about it?

Well... you think
she did something bad.

Hey, maybe I'm wrong.

If that's the case,
I'd like to know about it.

Mrs. Haggerty is

the most wonderful
person I ever met.

She and the other girls
accepted me for who I am

and not who they
thought I should be.

That's nice.

And how about Dr. Lang?
Am I wrong about him?

He's a great man.

He's going to save
the world.

Yeah, how's
he going to do that?

Well, the ozone layer
is disappearing...


...and the ultraviolet rays
will make everybody sterile,

so the only way our
species will survive

is by cloning living cells.

Jessica, are you pregnant?



He chose me... to be one
of the mothers of the future.

So he told you
that you were carrying...

a cloned baby?

To help a couple
whose baby died.

I'm going to bring their child
back to life.

Did Dr. Lang have sex with you?

No... (stammers)

He'd never do
such a horrible thing.

He took the baby's cells
and put them in my eggs,

and then put the eggs
back in me.

Where'd he do this?

(doors clattering)

It's Lang's
little shop of horrors.

I'm no expert,
but this equipment

looks like it cost millions.

Check this out.

Dr. Frankenstein's
doing his experiments.

Get a bus.

Elliot, put this on.


My patient gets an infection
because you've contaminated

my sterile field,
she could die.

Okay, is she cut open?

No, of course not.

Then wake her up,

You don't understand, do you?

I'm going to make
medical history.

Not by using teenage girls
as guinea pigs, you're not.

Wake her up.
You're under arrest.

So how many more girls
do you have stashed away?

Dr. Lang has assured me...
There are no more.

You endangered
my patient's life

when you entered
my operating room.

We stopped you
from experimenting on her.

All of those
girls consented.

You have no idea how
you've harmed our cause.

Oh, we've been through
your records, Doctor.

Your cause is preying
on the grief of parents

who have lost a child

by promising them a cloned baby
in return for a donation.

We've got one here for...
half a million dollars.

Now, I call
that fraud.

I call it hope.

You can't prove Dr. Lang
intended to defraud anyone.

I believe that
it is possible

to clone a human being.

Well, that's now illegal
in this country.

Well, it won't be
once we start dying off.

So we as a species

are on our way out,

and cloning is our only chance
of survival, is that it?

Not just survival,

I'm talking about immortality.

Oh, and you use this
idiotic crap to coerce girls

into being
human incubators.

Stabler-- that's
Irish-Catholic, right?

Hey, pal, this ain't about me.
It's about you.

You believe a virgin gave birth.

You think that was

a very popular
theory in Jesus'...

What I believe has gotten
nothing to do with your case!

Doesn't it? Heretics were burned
at the stake

for saying that
the world was round.

Darwin was vilified
for even suggesting

that humans evolved
from the primordial ooze.

Yet science and reason
proved him right.

So you're saying
that you're the new Darwin?

Or maybe even the Messiah?

I wouldn't take it that far.

What exactly is my client
charged with?

Fraud and aggravated
sexual abuse.

You don't really think
that either of those

will stand up
in court, do you?

He's right.
We can't charge him.

Alex, he deceived
those desperate parents

and inseminated minors.

It's not fraud
because there's no intent.

It's not rape
because there's no penetration.

And if we arrest him
for aggravated sex abuse,

he'll argue that the contact
was for a valid medical reason.

My ass.

What Lang is doing
in the name of science

is no different from
what Mengele did
for the Nazis.

Except these girls
consented to the procedures.

They're not old
enough to consent.

They are when it comes
to reproductive rights.

They don't need permission
to get pregnant,

no matter how they do it.

So that's it?
We can't touch him?

Not unless we can prove
he is in some way

to Samantha Tassler's death.

I'm ruling this a homicide.

The DNA results are back.

The saliva
on Samantha's cheek

belongs to Paula Haggerty.

Salvia and
facial tissue--

it's like a mother
wiping her child's face,

the brushing of the hair,

the wrapping
in the blanket.

Now, what about
Samantha's fetus?

I mean, you're
not going to tell us
that that's the clone

of some family's dead child,
are you?

Until someone
proves otherwise,

that's science fiction.

The cloned fetus would only have
DNA from that child.

Samantha's had DNA
from herself and a father.

So this whole cloning
thing is a scam.

Samantha's eggs were fertilized
by someone's sperm.

And I wonder whose
that could be?

We'll need DNA from Lang
to prove it's his child.

Well, Cabot got us
a blood order
for Haggerty.

It shouldn't be a problem
getting one for Lang.

So if Samantha's baby
was Lang's

and she found out,

that'd sure Lang
a motive to kill her.

And if Lang fathered
Samantha's baby,

who do you think
fathered Jessica's?

My parents want me to give
the baby up for adoption.

They took you to test
your baby's DNA.

Do you know why?

To make sure that it's okay.


And to find out
who the father is.

Um... Dr. Lang says my baby
doesn't have a father.

Has he ever lied to you?

Why are you asking me this?

Because the DNA
from your baby... tells us

that it does have a father.

That's impossible.

Dr. Lang told me that
it was a cloned child.

We tested Dr. Lang.

He's the father of your baby.

Yeah. That's the truth,
and I'm sorry about it.

I believe in him.

I love him.

He fertilized your egg
with his own sperm.

He did the same thing
to Samantha.

No, I-I was
helping a couple

whose baby died.
He lied to them, too.

Jessica, they gave him
a lot of money...

No, please don't.

He betrayed them.

He betrayed you.

He betrayed Samantha,
and then he killed her.



It's my fault she's dead.

What do you mean,
it's your fault?

Samantha said...
that Dr. Lang was a fake,

and that she was going
to report him to the police.

And I told Mrs. Haggerty.

What did Mrs. Haggerty say
to you when you told her that?

That Samantha
had to be

reasoned with.

And then one day,
right in front all of us...

she took Samantha away.

Jessica, could you please
describe the room

where Mrs. Haggerty
took Samantha Tassler?

It w-was empty.

Um, no chair, no bed, no toilet.

Just four walls,
a floor, and a bucket.

When was the next time
you saw Samantha?


I didn't even know she was dead
until-until a week ago

when the police took us away.

Thank you, Jessica.

Nothing further.

Was there a lock
on the door to the room?

I don't know.

So for all we know,
Samantha could have been

free to leave
at any time.



Did you believe

that Dr. Lang
could clone a baby?


Did you believe that
the human race

would become extinct
unless he cloned children?


And you believed that Samantha
should be punished, didn't you?

Yes, but not like that.

So you're just as responsible
for her death

as anyone?


Jessica, did you ever,
at any time,

see Dr. Lang around Samantha
or at the Foundation home?

No, we always
went to see him alone.

Did Dr. Lang

ever ask you to do anything
that you didn't want to do?

No, but...

You loved him
very much,

didn't you, Jessica?


Nothing further.


I was on one of the first teams
to successfully clone a cat.

I'm close to cloning
a human being.

Dolly the sheep
only lived for six years,

and experts say
that cloned human babies

could be sick or deformed.

So, isn't it irresponsible

to even try?

Medical visionaries throughout
history have been ridiculed.

Not only do you not know how
this is going to turn out,

you don't even know
how to do it, do you?

So why

did you promise
cloned babies

to parents who had lost
their children?

Oh, I have every intention
of delivering on that promise.

But you testified,

on direct examination,
that you used your sperm

to fertilize the eggs
you had taken

from Samantha Tassler
and the other girls.

So you were going to give

to those parents.

Until I'm able to clone
their babies, yes.

But you were going to continue
taking their money.

The money

was crucial for me to continue.

I have no other way
to fund my research.

Research that is now

against the law.

What were you
going to tell

those mothers
and those fathers?

I would have told
those parents

to be patient.

And they would have had
other children to love.

Children who
belonged to girls

like Samantha,
whose eggs you took.

Those girls,

Samantha included,
consented to the procedures.


Uh, did Samantha also consent
to being locked in a room

without food
or water?


Dr. Lang,

isn't it true you were afraid
the money would dry up,

when the parents who paid you
to clone their children

found out that
you had lied to them?

Y-You, you're treating me
like a criminal,

when I'm trying to give life,
not destroy it.

You destroyed
Samantha Tassler's.

You knew if she exposed what you
were really doing, your research

would be
all washed up.



No further questions.

Redirect, your Honor.

Dr. Lang, did you ever set foot

in the Foundation
for Knowledge Expansion?

Only in
the beginning,

when we were setting it up

and never
when the girls were there.

Who took care
of the girls?

Paula Haggerty.

Did you ever tell
Mrs. Haggerty

how to handle
the girls?

She was more
than qualified

to take care of
them on her own.

When did you last see
Samantha Tassler?

When I confirmed her pregnancy.

A week before she died.

So... Mrs. Haggerty
is the only one

who could have known
what happened to her.

Mrs. Haggerty
sets her own rules

with the Foundation House.

I can't speak
to what took place there.

Thank you, Doctor.

No further questions.

The defense rests,
Your Honor.

I don't need
another lawyer.

Miss Quentin
is on her way.

I have asked Mr. Langan
to represent you

until she gets here.

I'd rather wait.


So your attorney
can tell you

to keep your mouth shut?

Don't you understand?
They are sacrificing you.

I don't have to
answer that, do I?

No, but I'd advise you
to consider what Miss Cabot

is saying.

Huh! What's
the difference?

I'm guilty.

You'd spend the rest
of your life in prison,

so Garrett Lang is free
to continue his work?

Yes, if that's
what it takes.

Why would you martyr yourself
for him?

He gave me back

something I had lost.

You mean your daughter.

Who told you about Carrie?

We found
the missing persons' report

from 1975,

when she ran away.

You never

saw her again,
did you?

That's why I wanted to work
with teenage girls.

I wanted to help them
find a place

that they could always
call home.

And Dr. Lang gave that to you.


He told me that I could love
and help teenage girls

and that they would
bring back to life

these dead children,
of these poor parents.

But those girls
have parents, too.

Those parents
should have

treated them better.

Better than you treated
your own daughter?

Carrie was very little
when my husband left us,

and I didn't handle it...


We fought constantly.

And then, one day I woke up
and she was gone.

In her note, she said that
she had to leave...

b-because she had...

she had to find a moth...
a mother.


We brought you a visitor.

It's Jessica.


You're not mad at me?

They told me
all about your little girl.

I love my parents,
but I still love you, too.


All Lang has done

is manipulated your pain.

He's used you to help him

experiment on girls
who love you.

They trust you.

You're the only one
who can stop him.

Marcie Kinderski

at Knowledge Builders
identified each girl

at her individual

learning center.

That's where
the indoctrination began.

Who brought the girls to you?

They were told
to leave

and come to New York
on their own.

Dr. Lang said it was

to avoid
kidnapping charges.

But Marcie

gave them money
for the trip

and false IDs
if they were
coming by plane.

Once the girls arrived,
what was your role?

I was... I...

I was their mother,

and, uh, teacher...

and nurse.

I gave them...

hormone injections, um,
to prepare them

for the

When Samantha Tassler
wanted to leave,

what did you do?

Reasoned with her.

I put her in a room
in the basement,

as is the doctrine.

Did you give her
any food or water?

I was ordered
not to.

By whom?

By Dr. Lang.

He said
she had to be reprogrammed.

Who did
the reprogramming?

He did.

He came over

at night,
after they had gone to sleep.

What happened on the sixth night
of Samantha's reprogramming?

I went to check

on her.


she could...
she could barely move.

And just as I was about
to give her some water,

Dr. Lang w...

...walked in
and took it away from me.

S-Samantha died in my arms.

What happened next?

She was so dirty.

I tried to

wipe her face with tissue,
I fixed her hair,

and I put a blanket around her.

And then,
we carried her out to my car.

Dr. Lang said that
I should leave her...

as if...
as if she were homeless,

but I tried to make her
as comfortable as possible.

Paula, why are you doing this?

Why would you betray me
like this?

Dr. Lang,
you are out of order.

This entire trial
is out of order.

Don't you understand?
I'm trying to save you.

I'm trying to save
the human race.

Sit down,
Dr. Lang,

or I will have you removed.

The cat's out of the bag, folks.

Remove the defendant!

Science and the future
wait for no one.

If not from me, someone
will clone a human being.

You wait and see!