Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 5, Episode 1 - Tragedy - full transcript

When a pregnant woman is kidnapped and carjacked, the squad thinks, at first, that she's the latest victim of a serial rapist, only to realize that she's the victim of an intricate ransom plot.

In the criminal justice system

sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad

known as
the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

Police Operator 5527.

What's your emergency?

Caller, can you hear me?

Caller, can you hear me?

What do you got?

Hello, caller, are you there?


( slaps, a woman screams )

Shut up!

She must have dropped her phone.

Just do what I say.

I won't have to hurt you.

What's the location?
I haven't got one.

It's a cell phone.

Only the number's coming up.

Shut up, shut up.

Start the car. Get going.

Okay, okay.

Come on, come on!

Where do you
want me to go?

Come on, honey,
tell us where you are.

Which way?

Take a right.
Take a right!

Let's go.

Please don't kill me.

I'm not going
to kill you.

I've got something
else in mind.

Sweet mother of God.

It's the carjack rapist.

Please don't kill me.

( woman cries )

That's it. There's dead air

for a while,
then the call cuts out.

We've been chasing this guy
for a month.

He blitzes his
first four victims

from behind, and then
he knocks them out

before he rapes them
and steals their cars.

Something must have
gone wrong this time.

Yeah, he didn't dump her.

Tape sounds like this victim
was right next to him.

Which means that she's the
only one who can ID him.

Now, is there any
way that you can
bring out his voice

more clearly?

No. Quality's too poor.

She either dropped the phone,

or it was in her purse
or pocket.

I'll run a voice enhancement,
but it'll take a few hours.

How about a fix
on her location?

Well, the phone's
first three digits
are an exchange

used by Cell Atlantic.

Tech guy over there
says the call

relayed off two different
cell towers.

The first one's on Avenue A
and Sixth Street.

And how many blocks
does that cell site cover?

Houston to Seventh
to Avenue B.

Then the call switched over
to the second tower here,

south of Houston.

Goes all the way
to the East River.

Which means this could
have happened anywhere

within 30 blocks.

You know, if the city had
enhanced 911 for cell phones,

we'd know exactly
where this happened.

Would you settle
for a lead on who she is?

We'll take whatever you got.

Cell Atlantic says
the phone is one of 18 leased

to the Studio Arts League.

Artists in residence

spend most of their time

teaching classes
in public schools.

We give them phones
to keep them in touch.

Whose cell phone number
is this?

Um, let me check.


Annika Bergeron.

She's a painter.

That's one of hers.

Wonderful sense of color
and line.

Why are you asking
about Annika's phone?

We need
to see her.

Do you know
where she lives?

Over by Tompkins Square Park.

Matches where
the call came from.

Yeah. Um, has Annika come in


She's home on bed rest
for the last week.


Annika's pregnant,
due in two weeks.

Doctor says high risk.

I don't know
where she could be.

Doctor told her
to stay in bed,

or she'd lose the baby.

She's been taking his order
real seriously.

Got an appointment card
for an OB/GYN, a Dr. Crespo.

Who's been helping her out
since she's been on bed rest?

This is a good building.

Folks look out
for each other.

Neighbors come by all day.

Annika knows if she needs
anything at night to call me.

When was the last
time you saw her?

Checked on her last night
at around 9:00.

Said she was going to sleep.

She own a car?

Big black SUV.

Tahoe, I think.

This doesn't add up.

Pregnant woman
on bed rest doesn't go out

for a drive
in the middle of the night

without a good reason.

Maybe she got a call.

She went out to her
car, she got jacked.

We'll pull the LUDs,

see who she was talking to
last night.

This Annika?

Yeah. Pretty girl, huh?

Baby's father around?

I haven't seen any
guy come around here

since Daniel moved
out last year.

Daniel have a last name?

Daniel Lester.

Nice guy, carpenter.

Always helped me fix stuff.

They have any problems?

Not that I saw.

Then one day,
poof, he's gone.

You know
where we can find him?

Granville Developers.

Big shot contractors
in midtown.

Annika's missing?

Is there anything
I can do to help?

The super says she drives
a black SUV,

but we haven't been able
to find anything

registered under her name.

No. We never had a car.

Annika must have bought it
after I moved out.

Still in touch with her?

Not much.

She, uh, E-mailed me
a couple of times.

Little things, like,

did I want something
out of the closet.

You know, that sort of thing.

In any of those

E-mails, did she mention a baby?

No. What baby?

Annika's pregnant.


When is she due?

Soon, and we are concerned
about her medical condition.

We need to speak with her
right way.


I promised Melinda

she could have your attention

for a full five minutes.

The florist needs
the final decision


Uh, oh, I'm sorry.

Uh, Jenny
didn't tell me

that you were
in a meeting.

This is Rose Granville,
my boss,

and her daughter, Melinda,
my fiancée.

Uh, Detectives Benson
and Stabler.

The police?

What's wrong?

My ex-girlfriend Annika
is missing.

How long?

Since last night. Uh,

she made a 911 call
that we couldn't trace.

Oh, that's terrible.

We'll let you
finish talking.

Well, we're
pretty much
done here.

We do need contact information
for a family member, though.

Annika's parents

are dead,

but her sister, Laura,

lives over in Jersey.

Uh, Passaic County.

A-Annika doesn't own a car.

The-the Tahoe's mine.

I lent it to her.

Did something happen
to my sister?

It's possible
she was

carjacked last night.

Is she all right?

We don't know.

She's missing.

Uh, oh, that doesn't really
make sense really,

because if the car was stolen,

where is she?

She wouldn't just disappear.

We're doing

that we can to
find your sister.

Now, did you speak
with her last night?

No. I-I spoke to her
a couple of days ago,

and everything was fine.

She left her

in the middle
of the night.

Is it possible she went
to go see the baby's father?

As far as Annika's concerned,

the baby doesn't have a father.

She had a one-night stand,
and she never saw the guy again.

Well, how does she feel
about being a single parent?

She's 31.

She always wanted a child.

She didn't want to wait around
for Mr. Right.

That baby is all
she talks about.

We canvassed Annika's block.

The guy at the bodega
next door said

he saw a black SUV
with Jersey plates

parked in front of his store
all week till this morning.

So, I got no car
and no witnesses.

Look, pregnant women
are fighters.

If Annika resisted, she
could be lying somewhere

injured or unconscious.

Or he freaked when he saw
she was pregnant,

killed her, dumped the body,

then took the car
to a chop shop.

Well, let's just keep working it
like she is still alive, huh?

Dr. Crespo's here,

Annika's OB/GYN.

I got a message from
a Detective Stabler.

That's me. Thanks
for coming down.

The doctor says that
we have a big problem.

Annika can't deliver
the baby vaginally.

She has a condition
called placenta previa.


The placenta's blocking

the entrance to the birth canal.

She's scheduled
for a C-section.

What happens if Annika goes

into labor before then?

The baby tears
through the placenta,

causing a massive hemorrhage.

Annika bleeds out,
and the baby could die

from lack of oxygen.

Okay, thanks
for the info.

That was Morales.
He got something

off the audio tape.

I didn't get anywhere

with the perp's voice,

but I isolated
the background noises.

Listen to this.

( bell-like dinging )

( engine turning over )

It's the ignition
turning over.


Now they're driving.

Based on the position
where the car was parked,

they're headed south
on Avenue A.

( rhythmic ticking )

You hear that?

Turn signal.

Yeah. They're eastbound
on Houston.

How do you know
they turned left?

I fast forward a few minutes.

One more turn signal,
and they're at the highway.

( horn honking )
You hear the traffic?

It's got to be FDR Drive.

That's the only highway nearby.

Any idea how far
they traveled?

Listen to the echoes.

( traffic noise )

They're going

under a bridge.

So it's got
to be the Williamsburg,

Manhattan or Brooklyn.


But which one?

And then

the engine stops.

I'd say they're parked next
to the FDR.

It's the only area
that matches these acoustics.

This place is secluded
enough for a rape.

So were the Williamsburg
and Manhattan bridges.

No sign of her there.

Over here.
Find her, Barnaby.

Find her, Barnaby. Find her.

Find her, Barnaby.

Find her.

Good dog. Good dog.
Good dog.

Your scent trail starts
at the curb, ends here.

Definitely belongs
to your victim.

So he dragged her over here?

Check out the skid marks.

There was another car here.

You thinking
she was transferred?

Could have had
a partner waiting.

Well, he takes the woman,
but leaves the car.

That's not
the carjack rapist's M.O.

Well, he's graduated
from rape to kidnap.

Maybe he wants more time
with his victim.

Well, he went through
a hell of a lot

of trouble
to arrange it.

Look, if he took
Annika in another car,

where's her SUV?

Maybe it got towed to impound.

No parking anytime.

Black Chevy Tahoe, towed

from South Street and Dover.

Slim Jim?

There you go.

I think we got
ourselves a
copycat here.

Using a high-profile M.O.

to send us down
the wrong track.

Somebody targeted Annika.

They called her.

They lured her out
of the apartment,

and they kidnapped her.

This was planned.

Got it.

Seat's soaked with blood.

The victim's prints

are all over the steering wheel.

She drove, perp controlled her
from the passenger seat.

His hand was here
on the back of her headrest.

You lift prints?

I wish.

This bastard's smarter
than your average mutt.

He was wearing
leather gloves.

How did you get that?

Well, animal hide has
a unique texture,

plus the stitching

along the seams
makes its own impression.

I can match it
if you find the gloves.

That's easy enough
once we find out who he is.

You got anything to help us
with that?

I'll have more in
a couple of hours.

This can't wait.

What have you got?

M.E. says the blood on the seat
is definitely Annika's,

with cervical cells present.

Good news is there's no trace
of amniotic fluid,

so she's not in labor yet.

So what's the bad news?

I talked to Annika's doctor.

Based on the amount of blood

she's already lost,
he says she's got 36 hours tops

before she
and the baby both die.

If it's not the carjack rapist,

what's the motive?
Don't know.

Annika was
squeaky clean.

No problems with
anyone we can find.

Pregnancy elevates
a woman's risk

of intimate partner violence,
including homicide.

What do we have
on the baby's father?

He was out of
the picture.

According to her sister,

Annika never told him
she was pregnant.

Well, pregnancy could
still be a factor.

There's a bunch of cases

where women are being snatched
for their babies.

In which case,
he stashed her somewhere

until she gives birth.

And we don't find them
in 30 hours,

she and the baby
are both dead.

Look, if the perp
was after her baby,

she didn't just find Annika
on the street

at 3:00 in the morning.

You're right.
The LUDS are back.

At 3:16, Annika got a phone call

from a pay phone a block away
from her apartment.

It lasted 50 seconds.

That's 15 minutes

before she called 911.

Then an outgoing
call to a car service.

Dispatcher remember her?

They say a woman
called asking

for an out-of-town fare.

They sent a car,
but Annika never showed up.

So she goes downstairs

to meet the car, but
whatever she's got to do

is so urgent, she
decides to drive herself.

That's when he jumps her.

Where the hell was she going?

Before she left, the
last call she made

was at 3:22 to her dial-up ISP.

She went online.

Yeah, I had Morales
look at her computer.

She went to a
MapItNow Web site,

downloading driving directions.

Passaic County Hospital.

Her sister lives in Passaic.

Your sister calls,

says she's hurt--
what would you do?

You think

I set up my own sister?

I didn't call her.

So it's just a coincidence
she was headed

for your town in the
middle of the night.

No, I can't explain it.

I haven't even spoken
to her in weeks.

Well, I thought you said

that you talked to her
a few days ago.

I lied.

I was embarrassed.

I had a fight with her,
and I-I hung up on the phone.

Let me guess--
you fought over money.

Oh, w-who told you?

Well, the canceled checks
in Annika's apartment.

She gave you
half her salary,

even with the
baby on the way.

Well, I-I-I was having
some cash flow problems.

That's the
of the year.

Credit cards are maxed out.

Bill collectors have you
on the hot list.

Bankruptcy looks
like a sure thing.

My ex-boyfriend
was a real con artist.

He ran up some major bills
and then skipped out.

I-I-I made some mistakes
trying to get out of debt.

Annika was helping me out.

Why would I want her
to disappear?

Well, maybe this boyfriend
of yours

thought she was a cash cow.

He wanted a little extra
for himself.
No, no, no.

Bob is locked up in Arizona.

He pulled the same scam
on the sheriff's baby sister.

Now that leaves you all alone
in the jackpot, doesn't it?

Listen, I am telling you,
I never called her.

Someone must have made up
a story

to just to get her
out of the house.

Like the father
of the baby?

I promised I would not tell
anyone about him.

Your sister and the
baby are going to die
if we can't find her.

Daniel Lester.

It's her ex-boyfriend.

That's the baby's father.

You think I hurt Annika?
Did you?

I can't believe this.

I was in Boston.

Here's my boarding pass.

I stayed at the Ritz Carlton.

Why would I

do anything to her?

Because she's carrying
your child,

and you're about to marry
another woman.

It's my baby?

Are you sure?
Annika was.

You two sleeping

No, but I love Melinda.

Annika and I are through.

Since when?

You broke up 14 months ago,

and she's eight months pregnant.

Got to be some reason why
she thinks that baby's yours.

It happened once.

It was after we broke up.

I went over
to Annika's apartment to...

pick up some old receipts
for my taxes...

and we had a glass of wine...

and then another,
and we ended up in bed.

It was stupid.

We laughed about
it afterwards.

Why'd you two break up?

We fought about money.

Rose Granville's got to be
paying you a pretty good salary.

That was the problem.

Annika said I was selling out.

But you didn't.

Look, my dad was a garbage man.

He had six mouths to feed.

Annika thought being
a starving artist was cool.

I knew it wasn't the life
I wanted.

Neither of us was
going to change our
minds, so we broke up.

And Melinda didn't have
anything to do

with that decision.

Annika and I broke up before
Melinda even knew who I was.

Does your fiancée know
that you slept with her?


..but I'm going
to have to tell her now.

You don't have to tell me.

So Daniel cut

Annika loose, and
now he's marrying
the boss's daughter.

This guy just hit
the Super Lotto.

Bet an illegitimate child
would mess up his plans
to marry into money.

Very least, it's going
to cost him a bundle
in child support,

so he makes sure
that his pregnant ex-girlfriend

disappears along
with their little secret.

Boston's a four-hour
drive from here.

Easy enough to fly up,

check into a
hotel, drive here,

kill Annika and
back to Boston.

Great way to establish
an alibi.

Playing it real well.

Guess who's got
a rap sheet.

Daniel Lester.

Couple of
assault charges,

mostly dismissed.

One plea
to disorderly conduct.

Your boy's got himself
a temper.

All right, set up the hot line
phones over here

and keep me informed.

What's going on?

Only 25 hours left.

One P.P.'s going public.

We're notifying
hospital ERs and
OB departments now.

Press conference
in half an hour.

Get Annika's face
on the morning news.
Why are we creating

a media frenzy
when Lester looks
like our perp?

Department isn't
prepared to call
him a suspect yet.

They got a better theory?

Annika was abducted
by somebody

desperate for a baby.
You got to be
kidding me.

We considered
that possibility.

When we thought
it was a stranger kidnap,

before we knew Lester
had a million-dollar motive
to get rid of his baby.

The minute you get
me proof he's guilty,

I'll take it to the brass.

Well, who's going to cry
for the cameras?

Annika's sister.

Annika was here yesterday
at 3:15 a.m.

getting into a black
Chevy Tahoe.

If you've seen her,
please contact police.

A tipline is open,
and all calls are confidential.

( people shouting questions )
Please help my
sister and her baby.

Bring Annika...
look who's here.

Good morning,

What can we do
for you?

I would like to speak
to the reporters.


Granville Developers
is offering a $100,000 reward

for information leading
to Annika's safe return home.

That's very
generous of you,

that Annika's
baby is the child

of your future

My daughter loves him.

That matters far more to me
than one indiscretion.

Melinda share
those feelings?

There are two
innocent lives

at stake.

We want to do whatever
we can to help.

Mrs. Granville,
why are you here?

Do you know the
missing girl?

Annika Bergeron

is a family friend.

She's a lovely,
talented young woman

with a promising
They ripped a page

from the O.J. playbook

getting Rose to
post a reward for
the real killer.

That guy's got
a set of brass
balls on him.

Good distraction, though.

We got over 500 calls
in less than three hours.

Every bottom-feeder
in the city's after that reward.

I got a psychic who claims
she could channel Annika

for the right price.

Let me guess--
she's in a cold, dark place

near a body of water.

I got one.

A guy just called said he'd swap
information for Annika

for the reward money.

According to him,
she's still alive.

Why do you think he's legit?

Well, I asked
him the baby's
father's name,

He came right back
with Daniel Lester.

That was our holdback.

Did you set a meet?
He did.

Two hours at
pedestrian island,

uh, Sixth and
Fourth Avenue.

Let's go.
Hold up. He's
got one condition.

He says Daniel's
got to bring the money.

Stay with the detectives
at all times

and follow their instructions

I understand.

Daniel, be careful.

Don't worry.

I'm not looking
to be a hero.

Daniel's going
to be fine.

Guy's got no
reason to harm him.

Then why
the bulletproof vest?

Just a precaution.

We got people
covering the
entire area.

That corner will be
the safest place

in the city today.

Once Daniel makes
the exchange,

he just walks away.

I have the money,

I'll take the

What about the FBI?

Don't they handle this?

They're already in place.
Trust me.

We got everything

You'll let us know
the minute this is over.

You have my word.

It's time to go.

It's five after.
He's not coming.

Be patient.

What if he doesn't show up?

Oh, he will.

He's got 100,000
good reasons

waiting for him.

Two o'clock--

black coat, ball cap.

Is that him?

We'll see.

Take your positions.

Here we go.

Where's Annika?

Give me the money.
Wait, you tell me
where she is.

You bastard!

( grunting )

Look out!

( horn honking )

( grunting )

( woman screaming )
I'm sorry.

I freaked out.

I just wanted to know
where he took her.

Where is she?

( groans )

Where's Annika?

Where the hell is she?

Come on, talk to me.

Where the hell is she?
Where's Annika?

Come on, come on.

He's gone.

He didn't say a word.

Our only lead
to Annika is roadkill.

We're screwed.
Tipline's still ringing

off the hook, but nothing solid.

Prints on the dead guy
came back.

Greg Jezic. Two-time
loser with a nasty past.

Bunch of assaults, one murder
got plead down to man two.

Parole officer said
he was muscle for hire.

He used to break legs
for some loan shark

till he did
his last bid upstate.

Guy's a wannabe mercenary.

Advertises in the back pages
of Soldier of Fortune magazine.

"Have gun, will travel."

Doesn't sound like
Jezic's the type

to come up with this
on his own.

Somebody paid him
to snatch Annika.

Jezic does the job,
hears about the reward,

and decides he wants
to get paid twice.

Well, if he left Annika

alone when he
came to the meet,

she could be locked up,
bleeding out somewhere.

Which leaves us with
about 19 hours left.

John, Fin, keep going

on Jezic's

Financials, LUDS,
known associates.

Elliot, Olivia,
get a warrant for the apartment.

Maybe something there
will tell us

who paid Jezic
for the abduction.

Police, open up!

We're clear.

What a dump.

No blood trail.
Doubt she was ever here.


Soldier of Fortune,

more porno, Guns and Ammo.

Well, Jezic's
a real Renaissance man.

There's got to be
something here

to lead us
to who hired Jezic.

Hey, check this out.


Telephoto lens.

There's got to be dozens
of pictures here.

Bastard's been
stalking her for a while.

For a guy who lives like a pig,
he keep meticulous records.

"2:17 PM, target returns
to apartment.

4:16 PM, target goes to the
grocery store."

When did you say the
surveillance started?

I didn't, it...

August 22nd.

August 20th, Jezic received
a $5,000 wire transfer

from Western Union.

Guy works cheap.

That's just
a down payment.

Got another five Gs the day
before he snatched her.

The Western Union funds

originated from an account
in the Cayman Islands.


No names. Banks down there

take privacy
very seriously.

Whoever paid Jezic,
they're not going to tell.

In the Caymans,
even asking

information about
an account holder

is a crime.

Guys, you've got
to give us something

we can work with here.

We may have a lead
on Jezic's LUDS.

Day before the down payment,
Jezic got a long collect call

from an inmate at Sing Sing.

That's where Jezic
did his last jolt.

Inmates can only make collect
or pre-paid calls.

Either way, they have
to key in their ID number

before using the telephone.

So who called
Greg Jezic?

Sam Marlett.

What's his story?

No disciplinary infractions,
uh, doing six to eight

for extortion.

You know what
the con was?

Yeah. He got
a stripper girlfriend

to bang a married man,

then he tried to blackmail him.

The mark had balls and he
reported the shakedown.

He have any visitors
since coming upstate?

That's easy enough to check.


Daniel Lester.


About a month ago.

I got nothing to say to you.

So just listen.

This is Annika Bergeron,

your buddy Daniel Lester's

the one he asked
you to help him

get rid of.

I don't know what
you're talking about.

Look, we know that
Daniel came to see you.

He tells you about his problem,

so you reach out to your
old cellmate, Greg Jezic,

who he hired to kidnap
a vulnerable pregnant woman

who never hurt a soul
in her life.

I haven't talked to Jezic
since he made parole.

How's he doing?
He's dead,


He got greedy, so Daniel
shoved him under a car.

Daniel's doing a very nice job
of keeping his hands clean,

which leaves you
holding the bag.

So you want me
to give Daniel up.

Smart guy.

Screw you.

Daniel's not worth adding 25
to life to your sentence.

He's the only
family I got.

Daniel never stopped
looking out for me.

He even got me a job in the mail
room at Granville Developers

before I screwed up again.

He never
gave up on me,

I'm not giving up
on him.

So you're going
to take the fall?

I'll die in here before
I say one word against him.

Kidnap murder conviction

will make that wish
come true.

Lethal injection.

Yo, C.O., I want
to go back to my cell.

Look, this is your
last chance

to save Annika's life
and your friend

from a capital charge.

Go to hell.
You're right.

Friends should
stick together.

You and Daniel can share
a cell on death row.

Warden's orders.

He's going straight
to the hole,

no phone privileges.

We wouldn't want you
warning your old pal

that we're coming for him.

Daniel would never hurt anyone.

"Stand by Your Man"
sounds much better

when Tammy Wynette sings it.

You're wrong.
That right?

How much do your know
about your fiancé?

I know he is a good,
kind, gentle, man.

Two arrests
for assault.

He was a kid,
he got in some bar fights.

A couple of nights in jail
does not make him a monster.

But he's got

friends who are.

Sam Marlett's got one
hell of a rap sheet.

Sam from
the mail room?

Daniel's trying to help him

straighten out his life.
Is that a crime?

Daniel's a real
saint, huh?

He tell you how Marlett
paid him back?

I don't know
what you're talking about.
Sam Marlett

arranged Annika's kidnapping.

That can't be true.

I guess you don't
know Daniel as
well as you think.

Look what we found.

"Invest in Paradise:
A Guide to Tax-Free

Confidential Cayman Islands

Brochure's from
the same bank

the payment
to Jezic came from.

We found it
in Daniel's desk.

Melinda, where's
Daniel now?

I don't know.

Two innocent people
are going to die.

Do you understand that?

He's at the new building site.

Make sure you check
the shipment carefully.

No problem, Rose.

any news about Annika?

You can drop
the act.

Put your hands
behind your back.

Hey! What are you doing?
This is a mistake!

No, it's not.
What's going on here?

Daniel Lester,
you're under arrest

for the kidnapping
of Annika Bergeron.

You have the right
to remain silent...
Don't say a word,

I'll call my lawyer...

I didn't kidnap Annika.

Cause you didn't want to get
your hands dirty.

So you paid Greg Jezic
to do the dirty work.


Greg Jezic, the guy
you pushed under a car?

That was an accident.

And it's an accident

that he's the ex-cellmate

to your best friend,
Sam Marlett?

Sam? What's Sam
got to do with this?

Don't play games
with me,

I'm about 30 seconds
from shoving your face

right though that wall.

I swear, I don't know
what you guys are talking about.

Come on,
sure you do.

You wanted Annika
out of the picture,

so she wouldn't get into the way
of your plans to marry

into more money than you could
have made in ten lifetimes.

You cry on Sam
Marlett's shoulder,

so he finds Jezic for you.

While you're conveniently
out of town,

Jezic lures Annika
out of the house

and fakes
a carjacking.

But you screwed up,

That reward you offered
was a little bit too tempting.

A hundred grand sounded
mighty good to Jezic,

who you only paid

ten grand for
the original job.

Jezic's no fool.

He asks you
to bring him the money

so if things go wrong,
he just gives you up.

But we know what
you did to Jezic, right?


This is insane.

I've never met that man before
in my life.


the payments to Jezic
came from the same bank

in the Cayman Islands
where you do your business.

We found the brochures
in your house.

Where's Annika?

I don't know.

Is she alive?

I don't know.


Annika' going to die.

That baby is going to die.

That baby is your baby.

Yeah, you're right.

I did it.

I'm so sorry.
Okay, Daniel,

it's not too late to fix this,

just tell us where Annika is,

and we can get to her in time.

I don't know where he took her.

Yes, you do.

Yeah, you do,
just tell us.

I wish I could.

( knocking on door )

If she dies because
you're holding out on us,

I will personally stick
that needle in your arm

myself, you little prick.

I thought he was going to go
for it at the end there.

Why'd you pull me
out of there?

You didn't think I was
going to hit him, did you?

I know your act, Elliot.

Rose Granville
is in my office.

You've arrested the wrong man.

Daniel couldn't have done this.

Well, with all
due respect, Mrs. Granville,

he just confessed.

That's impossible.

Did he say why he did it?

Marrying your daughter is...

quite a lucky break
for a boy

from the wrong side
of the tracks.

Overnight, he makes
the A list.

Daniel loves Melinda.

He would never marry her
for her money.

I made sure of that.

So you were concerned?

Of course.

I made a mistake marrying
Melinda's father.

I wasn't going to let
history repeat itself.

He left you?

With half my money
and my secretary.

Daniel isn't like that.

You had him
checked out.

A woman in my position
has to protect her family.

Did your private detective
find anything?

No, he's devoted
to my daughter.

He cheated on your daughter.

She forgave him.

So did I.

But he didn't know
you would.

Why would he risk that

when he could just make
the problem disappear?

Daniel is not capable
of violence.

He killed the man

who kidnapped Annika.

That was a freak accident.

You're railroading him

based on your fantasy
of who he is.

Yes, Daniel grew up poor,

but he would never kill
anyone to get rich.

Ma'am, you're entitled
to your opinion,

but we're running out of time.

Now, Daniel does know
where Annika is,

and if he doesn't tell us,
she dies.

I can see
that I can't convince you.

Perhaps my lawyer
can persuade

the district attorney
not to file charges.

He went to law school
with him.

Good-bye, gentlemen.

She's definitely
going to put

her money where her mouth is.

Without more evidence,
we don't have a chance

against the legal
team she'll buy him.

( knocking )
Lab just called.

They may have something
that'll help.

Warner sent over
Jezic's clothes

from the morgue.

Found this
in his pants pocket.

Looks like a receipt.

Took me an hour
to unfold without shredding it.

There's too much blood.
It's illegible.

To the naked eye.

That's why God invented lasers.

Different frequencies
reveal different inks.

Who knew?
Kill the lights.

We'll start

at 400 nanometers.


Trying 500.

Still nothing.

Let's see what 600 does.

I'll be damned.

I can read that clear as day.

Gas receipt.

Jezic tanked up an
hour before the meet.

Moe's Gas 'n' Go
in the Rockaways.

I know that place.
It's out by the beach.

I used to spend

my summers there.
Let's go.

Sure, I seen him.


Yesterday, maybe
the day before.

Drove a black Mustang.

Nice car, but beat to hell.

You know which
way he came from?

Not the bridge,
that's for sure.

Plenty of service stations
closer than mine.

That's why my business
is in the toilet.

Guy wanted privacy,
you know, no neighbors,

there a place around
here he might hole up?

There's a couple of old cottages
on the beach around the point.

Pretty deserted out there
after Labor Day.

This way, right?

Hey, you won't make it
in that car.

Take my truck.

( seagulls cawing )

No cars, no signs of life.

Could be any one of these.

I'll call for backup.


Did you hear that?




Please help.

Help me.

All set?

( woman gasping and whimpering )

( woman groaning softly )

( woman groaning )

Annika, the police.

Anyone in the house?

All right, you're going
to be fine.

We're going to get
you out of here.

SVU Detectives

to Central, Kay, 10-54

on the sand at
Beach, 139th Street.

We have a
woman in labor

with complications.

don't let my
baby die.

No one's going
to be dying around here, okay?

Just relax.

Bus is going to be
at least ten minutes.

All right.

How long have you been in labor?

All day.

( whispering ):
Placenta's almost out.

If she loses any more blood,
they're both going to be dead.

I think my baby's coming.

Don't push.
You can't do that.

The ambulance isn't here.

You got to wait for it.

I don't want my baby to die.

Annika, listen to me.

If you give birth
to that baby now,

you're going to bleed to death.


I want you to save my baby.

Please save
my baby. Please...

Go out to the truck.

See if they got
a first aid kit.

And a flashlight.

And get the newspaper
off the front seat.

All right, Annika,
it's just you and me, all right?

Have you done this before?

I got four kids of my own.

I helped deliver each
and every one of them.

How many girls?

Three. One boy.

I'm having a girl.

No flashlight
or first aid kit.

Get me a light,
get me a light.

Okay, you're doing great.

You're doing great.

I'm so tired.

You hold on, all right?

Stay with me.

You gotta do this,
Annika, okay?

Placenta's almost out.

Keep her talking,
keep her talking.

Annika, come on, baby,
stay with me.

Tell me about your baby.

Her name is Celia.

After my mother.

That's a pretty name.

Almost here.

You've got to tell Daniel.

Daniel already knows.

Melinda wasn't supposed
to say anything.


She came by to see me.

Oh, God.


Now push.



( tired breath )

Now push.


Give me the newspaper.

( Annika crying )

Oh, God.

One more push, Annika,
one more push.

( loud groan )

Oh, God!

( baby crying )

Is my baby okay?

She's perfect.

Hello, Celia.

I love you, baby girl.


Annika, the man
who brought you here--

did he say why he took you?

She paid him to.

Who paid him?


( sirens approaching )

I'm losing her pulse.

Annika, you got to hold on.

Help is almost here. Hold on.

( soft groan )
Annika, look at me.

Look at me.
Open your eyes.

( quietly ):
Here's your baby.

Here's your baby.

( sirens blaring )

Why was I brought here?

Because there's somebody
that you need to see.

Annika? You found her?

Can I see her?

Drop the act, Daniel.

I know that you didn't do this.

I told you.

I wanted Annika and the baby
out of the way

so I could marry Melinda.

Stop protecting her.



Annika told us everything.

Before she died.

She told us that
you didn't know
about the baby.

But Melinda did.

Melinda had nothing
to do with this.

It was me. I'm responsible.

( knocking on door )

Daniel, this is Celia,
your daughter.

And you're all she
has in the world.

You take the fall for Melinda,
and you go to jail.

And she's all alone.

Can I hold her?

There you go, honey.

( baby quietly fussing )

There you go, sweetie.

( baby fussing quietly )

You said it was urgent.

Is Daniel okay?

He's fine. We're
releasing him.

Thank God.

I-I knew
he couldn't have done this.

Um, I-I've got to go see him.

Well, we still have to clear up

a-a few things.

Why did you visit Annika?

I fell in love with Daniel
the first moment I saw him,

but I was afraid he still
had feelings for Annika.

So you talked to her
woman to woman.



About a month ago.

And I just

knew that it was Daniel's baby.

She tried to deny it,

but I just knew.

And Annika said that she...

wasn't going to tell him.

But you didn't

believe her. You panicked.

It was all falling apart.

And you thought
of Sam Marlett.

He'd do anything
to help Daniel.

No. It wasn't me.

Couple of calls, a
little bit of money.

All of your problems
just disappear.

You're wrong.
( door opening )


Don't touch me.

You have got to believe me.

I would never, ever hurt Annika.

Jezic told Annika

a woman hired him.
I swear,

it was not me.


nobody knew that Daniel
was the father except you.

Who else knows?

No one.

You're a liar.


you have to tell us.

I can't.

You told your mother.

She knew Marlett
from the mailroom.

She was the one who put that
bank brochure in your house.

You knew.

All along, you knew.

No, I didn't.

You let Annika die.

No. I did not find out
until this afternoon.

I went to our business manager
to get money for your bail.

I didn't have enough cash,
so I asked him

about your Cayman account,

and he said
that you didn't have one.

Only Mom does.
Why didn't you say anything?

Because it was too late
to help Annika.

And you were going to let
your mother get away with it.

She's my mother.

I love her.
I didn't know what to do.


My attorney said
you've been released.

What wonderful news.

How could you do this?

I don't understand.

I know I'm not the man

you would have chosen
to marry your daughter.

No education.

No money.

No future.

But I would have loved
your daughter.

I would have been good to her.

Where are you going, Daniel?

Mom, they know it was you.

( whispering ):
What did you say to them?

( whispering ):
Why did you do this?


I had no other choice.

You love Daniel.

You deserve a wonderful life

That baby would have
ruined everything.

I told you,
that didn't matter to me.


You've always been so trusting,
but I know men.

Daniel would have
taken your money,

and gone back to that
woman and her baby.

I did this

for you.

I wanted you to be happy.

That's all
I ever wanted...

Rose Granville,
you are under arrest

for kidnapping and the murder
of Annika Bergeron.

You have the right
to remain silent.

Anything you say can and will

be used against you
in a court of law...

Daniel, wait.


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