Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 17, Episode 7 - Patrimonial Burden - full transcript

A reality TV family secrets begin to spill when their young teenage daughter learns she's pregnant.

Male announcer:
In the criminal justice system,

sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad

known as
the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

- I make this solemn vow
to you and my creator...

both: I make this solemn vow
to you and my creator...

- To keep my thoughts

- To keep my thoughts

- And abstain
from all sexual activity...

- And to abstain
from all sexual activity...

- Until the day
you give me to my husband.

- Until the day
you give me to my husband.

- Frank.

- I promise to teach you,
to guide you,

and protect the purity
of your mind, body, and soul.

Lane: I'm so excited to take
this pledge of purity.

- The Virtue Ball celebrates

the sacred father-daughter

- Until the girls get married,

it's my duty
to protect their purity.

- We're off to New York City
for my Virtue Ball.

I'm so excited.

I get to wear the same dress
Tymber and Summer wore.

[upbeat music]

It sure is busier here
than Allanville.

- Hey, Lane, Summer,
I could use a hand.

- Oh, sorry, Graham.

- It isn't easy
with a big family,

but we always pull it together.

Lane: It's important for girls

- New York City.

- Hi!

- I do love you in a tux.
- The ring... I can't find it.

- Okay, you gave it to Graham
to hold, remember?

Relax, Frank.

This is gonna be
so magical for Lane.

She'll never forget this night
and her daddy.

- Let's put your hair up
like this.

- Yes.

Do you think Daddy will approve?

- Girls, look what I have.

Lane: Taking this pledge
of purity

is an important step in my life.

- Now, close your eyes.

Isn't it beautiful?

Lane: Today, I am promising
to save myself for marriage.


- May I have your attention,

At this time, we would like
to invite all fathers

to escort their daughters
onto the floor

for a special dance.

To feel love and acceptance.

If she's not getting that
from her father,

then she seeks it out
from other men.

- ♪ Beneath
the pale moonlight ♪

Lane: Whatever comes,
if we keep pure hearts

and pure minds,
we will overcome any obstacles.

Our family puts commitment
to godly values first.

- You look beautiful
tonight, Lane.

Lane: We keep each other safe
and free from sin in life.

Thank you, Daddy.

There are always temptations.

- ♪ Somewhere out there

- I took my oath
three years ago.

I remember it so well.

I wear my promise ring
every day.

- I'm very blessed.

The only man
I've ever kissed is my husband.

- But, boy, have we made up
for lost time.

- [laughs] Mm.

- Do you want to say anything,

- Yeah, when do we get
to eat the cake?

- ♪ Even though I know
how very far apart we are ♪

- Summer, honey,
are you watching your brother?

- Sorry, Mama.

- I'll get him.

- The little ones
are very spirited.

- ♪ And when the night wind
starts to sing ♪

♪ A lonesome lullaby

- So are the big ones.

- ♪ It helps to think
we're sleeping underneath ♪

- I mean it,
you're so beautiful.

Just like your mother.

- Daddy, stop.

Daddy, stop.
Daddy, no, Daddy.

Please, please stop.

- Whoa, whoa... oh, okay.

- Let me see her.

- No... Lane?


- She's out cold.

- Water, get her some water.

- I'll call 911.

- Lane, honey, Mommy is here.

- Hey, Lieutenant,
how was your weekend?

- Well, it was good till now.

The press find out yet?

- No,
but America's favorite family...

It's just a matter of time.

- Okay, which daughter is it?

- Lane Baker.
Number four of ten.

She passed out
at her Virtue Ball.

- Her Virtue Ball?
- Yeah,

it's a dance where daughters
promise their fathers

they'll stay virgins
until they get married.

- So much for that promise.

Doc says Lane
is three months pregnant.

[dramatic music]

- We appreciate you
being here, officers,

but we didn't call the police.

- Right, the doctor did.
She has to.

There's mandatory reporting
in these situations, so...

Your daughter Lane is 13,
and she's pregnant.

- We're aware of that now,

and this is complicated,
but it's a family matter.

- We need to talk to her.

- We're gonna have to say no.

We... we don't want her
talking to the police now.

She's not well.
She's upset.

This is... no...

- What my wife means is that
we need to talk to Lane first.

She doesn't even know
she's pregnant.

- But she knows
how she got pregnant.

Does Lane have a boyfriend?

- No.
Our children don't date.

- Not to sound rude,
but we don't need your help.

She's our daughter.
We'll take care of her.

- Mrs. Baker,
we have a job to do, right,

and your daughter's condition

could be the result
of a criminal act.

- If Lane had been
hurt in any way,

she would have told us.

- No signs of ongoing trauma.

Low blood pressure
caused the fainting,

but otherwise, she's healthy.

- Did Lane say anything to you
while you were examining her?

- Without violating

Her mother and father
were with her every second.

- We're good parents.
We watch over our children.

- With all due respect,

this wasn't an immaculate
conception, all right?

Now, to your knowledge,

has your daughter been
alone with any boys?

- No.
- How about at school?

- We homeschool.

We believe in
a faith-based education.

Pastor Eldon.

- Pam, Frank.

I came as soon as I could.

How is Lane?
- Pastor Eldon,

this is Detective Tutuola
and Lieutenant Benson.

They're with SVU.
- We're also very concerned

about Lane.
- O-okay.

- They want to talk to her,

- Oh, I think that Frank and Pam

and Lane
would be more comfortable

to the local authorities.

But rest assured,
as their pastor and lawyer,

I will contact
the Allanville PD.

- I've got to say
it is extremely frustrating.

I mean, they did promise to
take it up with their local PD,

but it seems like they don't
trust outsiders very much.

- Maybe they're just protective
of their kids.

- You mean their brand.

Look at what happened
with the Duggars.

Word gets out that

one of those virgin
Baker daughters is knocked up,

there goes the TV show,
the book deal,

the multimillion dollar
chastity empire.

- Rollins, these people,

they take their faith
very seriously,

and they're entitled
to their beliefs.

- All right, not to interrupt
a theological debate,

but given the fact that there's
no evidence of an assault...

No complaint
from the girl or her parents...

I mean, why are we pursuing?

- She's 13, Dodds.
It's statutory rape.

- Yeah, I know that,
but I've been here before.

The Hasidim in Crown Heights,
these religious communities...

They... close ranks.

- Which is exactly
why we don't let it go.

Lane lives
in an insular environment.

Whoever got her pregnant
is a predator with access.

- Yeah, access outside
of our jurisdiction.

You want me to put in a call
to Allanville PD, Lieutenant?

- Local celebrities
in a small town?

I don't think
they're gonna be much help.

- I may have found something.

Their entire life
is an open blog.

You guys said
that the doctors think

that Lane is 10 to 12
weeks pregnant, right?

Which means
it happened probably...

- September or August.
- In July, right?

When they were here, in Harlem,

doing some mission work.

Lane and some of her siblings.

- That's probable cause for
statutory rape in New York City.

- You want me and Carisi

to take another run
at them in the hospital?

- Amanda, you're on desk duty.

- I'm at the hospital
every week.

Come on.

I'm the only one here that's
actually seen this reality show.

- Nice try, Amanda.

So, Dodds,

you've had experience with
insular religious communities?

- Okay, let's go.

- Fin, you can go with.

- Is the Lieutenant
always this proactive?

- There a problem?

- It's just when this happened
with the Hasidim in Brooklyn,

the DA called us off.

It's like my father says...
Pick your battles.

- Liv's been doing this a while.

If she thinks
something's wrong, it is.

- Lane Baker.

She was discharged this morning.

- By Dr. Sloane?

- Uh... no.

I see there's a note here saying
we were supposed to call you.


- How long ago did she leave?

- Here, stop that, here.

- Parky,
give me the biggest ones first.

- We had a wonderful time
in New York,

but I am ready to trade in
the Big Apple

for some fresh-picked
farm apples.

- Mr. and Mrs. Baker,
glad we caught you.

- Sergeant Dodds, Manhattan SVU.

- All right, guys, let's, uh...

let's take a break
for five minutes here.

- How you holding up?
Rough night.

- It was,
but we all prayed together.

- We're on the road home now.

- Lane's well enough to travel.

I'm glad to hear that, but we
still need to talk to her.

- Well, like Pastor Eldon
told you,

we'll deal with
all of this in Allanville.

- She was in New York
in July, right?

- Yes, on a mission.
- Three months ago.

That means she could have
gotten pregnant here.

- If you have a predator
in your circle,

you definitely want our help
with that.

- Look, we're all on
the same side here,

and we're starting
to draw a crowd.

The last thing any of us wants
is for this to go public.

Why don't you all
come down to the station?

- It's okay.
- Here you go.

- We're not supposed to
drink soda.

- All right, suit yourself.

- My brother's cold.
Do you have a blanket?

- Yeah, one sec.

Sure I have something.

Here you go.
Here you go, Tate.

Nice and warm.

Okay, for the rest of you,

show of hands...
Who's allowed to eat pizza?

Huh, what about you?
- Me.

- All right,
that's what I'm talking about.

- Can we get pepperoni?
- You got it.

Two large pies coming up.

Hey, Graham, why don't you
come help me order?

- Wow, you keep prisoners
in there?

- Yeah, sometimes.

So, um...

you know what's going on
with your sister, right?

- Yeah, but I'm not supposed
to talk about it.

- That's okay. Just let me
ask you one question, though.

Were you with her in New York
this July?

- Yeah.
We were painting over graffiti.

- Did you see anybody,
like guys, kind of hovering?

Did you ever see Lane
alone with anybody?

But really, I'm not supposed
to talk about it.

I'm kind of hungry.

- I hear you.

Let's go order those pizzas.

- I'd feel more comfortable

if either Pam
or myself was with Lane.

- It's procedure, Mr. Baker.

- Till we get this figured out.

- Your husband doesn't mind you
working with all these men?

- It's not an issue.

- How far along are you,
8 1/2 months?

- Yep.

I guess you'd know.

- You're not wearing
your wedding ring.

That can happen
with the swelling.

- I know my being pregnant
is God's will.

I just didn't think God

would let it happen
until I was married.

- But you do know how you
got pregnant,

right, Lane?

- I had sexual activity.

- When you were on your mission
here in New York?

It's okay, Lane.

Whatever happened...
it's not your fault.

You didn't do anything wrong.

- That's what he told me...

That I was still a good person.

- You are.
There's no doubt about it.

I just need to know the name
of the person who told you that.

- I can't say.

- Because he made you
promise not to tell?

- Yes, I was here in July,
up in East Harlem.

- And who all went?

- Tymber, Lane, Parky, Graham,

and the crew.

- Not your wife?
- No, she stayed upstate.

Why do you ask?
- Just a question.

- Maybe I should try
calling Pastor Eldon again.

- Oh, well, you can, but...

you didn't do anything wrong
here, right?

- Of course not.

- Well, then you
don't need a lawyer.

- I'm gonna ask you
a few questions, all right?

But I'm not gonna
ask you to name any names,

so you don't have
to break your promise, okay?

Was it somebody that you knew?

- Yes.

- Was it someone...

in your family?

- What?

Don't say that.
- Okay.

Lane, was it somebody
that works with your family?

- He wouldn't hurt me.

He loves me.

- He loves you?

Okay, then in that case he's not
gonna get into any trouble.

- I did promise.

- You promised not to say.

So how about you write it down,

and that way you're not
breaking your promise.

- Whatever trouble she's in,

they'll just ship her off
to some mission out of state,

and we'll be up and running
in about a week or so.

- Pete Matthews.
- Yep.

What's this about?
- We need a DNA sample.

- Open your mouth.

- [scoffs]

Do you guys have a warrant?

- Yeah, here you go.

We also got one for
your cameras, your computers,

your editing bay, and everything
you shot this season.

- Well, I got a right
to know what this is all about.

- Like you don't know.

Lane Baker says you raped her.

- Pete Matthews
did this to Lane?

Our cameraman?

- What can you tell me
about him?

- He's one of
our long-term crew members.

Our kids grew up with him.

We trusted him.

- Unfortunately, that's not that
unusual in these situations.

Has Lane ever
said anything before?

- No, but if Lane is saying
that he did this,

then he did this.

We raise our children
to tell the truth.

- What did she say he did?

- We didn't press her
for details.

She's very reluctant.

- That son of a...
Is he here?

I want five minutes
alone with him.

- You need to let us handle
this... we'll talk to him.

- Talk? Who would admit
to something like this?

My daughter testifying...
That can't happen.

- If it were me, I'd want
to rip his head off too,

but there is something you
can do to help us nail this guy.

- It could prove
that Pete is guilty of rape.

Your daughter is very young.

You don't want
to put her through a trial.

- Of course I don't.

- So if we can prove
the paternity, right,

that's statutory rape
by definition.

He'll do time,
and then your daughter

is spared what can be
a very traumatic experience.

- You don't understand.

An amnio can threaten the life
of the unborn child.

- It's a very small risk.

I mean, there are other
simple blood tests

that can help determine...

- No, no.

Nothing invasive.

We don't believe in any of that.

- Well, Mrs. Baker,

we could wait six months
until the baby's born,

but we can't hold Pete.

So that gives him
plenty of time to disappear,

and he could get away with this.

- You have to find another way.

Why don't you get him
to confess?

- You have other daughters.

Have they said anything
to you about him?

If he did assault Lane,

this may not be the first time
he's done this.

- You mean...
Tymber or Summer?

- That song
was so beautiful today.

- Yeah.

- Yeah, okay.
I... realize this looks bad.

- Looks?
No, no, it is bad.

You're in possession
of child pornography.

- Child pornography?
What are you talking about?

They're teenagers, and they're
just getting dressed.

- More like undressed.
Summer's 15.

This is a federal charge.

- Look, I'm supposed to have
cameras on them all the time.

Everywhere. Okay?
I mean, you're right.

I-I... should have erased that.

So, okay,
lesson learned on my part.

- Just how you learned
how to turn the camera off

while you raped Lane?

- Listen, I already told you
I did not do that.

Come on, she's a child.

- You know what,
you can lie to us all you want,

but she's pregnant,

and when that baby's DNA
comes in, your life is over.

- Oh, okay.

So... she's really pregnant?

- You're happy about that?

- Yeah, I'm happy about that,

because I couldn't
get her pregnant.

I had a vasectomy
ten years ago, guys.

- Your doctor can confirm that?

- Absolutely.

I didn't do it.

- Why would Lane say
that you did?

- I've been going
over that in my head.

She's a good girl.

She does what she's told,

and this family
protects their own.

- What do you mean?

- I've got footage
in the Cloud going way back.

If I may, let me show it to you,

and, uh,
you'll see what's going on.

- So now this guy's trying
to pin this on someone else.

- Yeah, he is a creep,
but maybe he's the type

who looks but doesn't touch.

- Well, Lane wrote his name
down, and she's not backing off.

- But I was in there.

I was trying
to get more details.

She gave nothing else.
Not when. Not where.

- Okay, maybe the creep
is right,

and Lane is covering
for somebody, like her father.

I mean, they were
in New York together.

- It's not the father.
It's the brother.

- Yeah, based on the footage
Pete just showed us,

the older brother, Graham, well,

he's got some issues.

This is Summer
with the piano teacher.

[piano notes]

- Bet you a dollar I can
touch you under your shirt

without actually touching.
- Graham, quit it.

- It's not funny, Graham.
It's never funny.

You better stop,
or I'm going to tell Mom.

- You are?

You're going to tell Mom
that I did this?

- Stop it!
Get your hands off me!

- And so this was
three years ago?

That would explain
why the piano teacher

dropped out midway
through that season.

So did Graham.

- Yeah, that's what Pete
was telling us.

He said the parents
knew about this.

So did the town judge.
He sent Graham away.

- Sent him away where?

- Pete thinks it's called
Camp Righteous Path.

It's some sort of
evangelical reform camp

for bad boys up in Canada.

- Also not in any episodes.

- So did they tell Lane

to say it was the cameraman,

or did she come up
with that herself?

- There's no way they're gonna
blame their own son.

- Okay, Dodds and Rollins,

tell the Bakers to stay close
in case Pete confesses.

You two, take a drive
up to Allanville.

- Graham is a fine young boy.

That whole family
is the pride of Allanville.

- Yeah, we understand
that he got in some trouble

a few years back.

You sentenced him to a reform
camp, Camp Righteous Path?

- The camp tell you that?
Because they're mistaken.

I did suggest that Graham
spend some time there,

but that was in my capacity
as an elder of the church,

not as a judge.

- See, I told you.

That's why there's
no legal record of this,

right, Your Honor?

- You checked on that too?

- Either way,
why did you send him there?

- Because as a boy
with too many sisters,

he needed to be around
other young men.

Let some steam off.

- Did Graham have trouble
with his sisters?

- No, of course not.
Have you seen their show?

We all love that family.

Oh, you'll have to excuse me.
Here's my foursome now.

Pastor Eldon.

- We know a Pastor Gregory
Eldon... any relation there?

- Yeah, that would be his son.
Good man.

The acorn
didn't fall far from that tree.

- Okay, so the local judge plays
golf with Pastor Eldon Senior,

and Pastor Eldon Junior

just happens to be
the Bakers' lawyer?

- I don't like golf.
I don't like small towns.

And I really
don't like the Catskills.

- Hey, Lieutenant.
Well, we went to the judge.

We went to the local precinct.

There's no paperwork,
no police reports.

Nobody knows anything
about Graham,

but they all knew
that we were up here.

Okay, copy that.

- What'd she say?
- To watch our backs.

- Check this out.

Driving while NYPD.

- License and registration?

- How you doing, officer?

We're on the job.

- Good for you.

We take speeding very seriously.

- What do you say
we just get out of your town?

- Seeing as
you're brother officers,

I'm gonna let you off
with a warning.

While you're up here...
drive carefully.

- What's that?

- Well, at least one guy
up here is on to the Bakers.

Graham's Juvie records.

Three complaints
of forcible touching.

One attempted assault
on a minor.

A few speeding tickets.

Ordered sealed by
the Honorable Elias J. Barnes.

- Let's get the hell
out of here.

- And as Peter teaches us,
"Keep a good conscience

"so that in the thing
in which you are slandered,

"those who revile
your good behavior in Christ

will be put to shame."

- Pastor Eldon.
Uh, sorry to interrupt,

but we were wondering
if we could just get a moment

with you
and Mr. and Mrs. Baker.

- Of course.
Rick, could you lead the group?

- Certainly, Pastor.
- Thank you.

This way.

- Can we move on to Chapter 4,
a living for God?

"Therefore, since Christ
suffered in his body,

"arm yourselves also
with the same attitude

"because he who has suffered
in his body is done with sin.

As a result, he does not live
the rest of his earthly life."

- You're not charging
the cameraman?

- No, we are.
Unlawful surveillance,

possibly child pornography,
but not statutory rape.

- Lane named him, though.
She wouldn't lie about that.

- Well, she might,

especially if she were
trying to protect someone.

- What's going on here?

- Well, you tell us,
Mrs. Baker, all right?

We understand that your son,
Graham, has...

had some problems?

- He's a boy
going through puberty.

There were some curiosities,
some bad choices,

but nothing like this.

- In that case,
it shouldn't be a problem

if we talk to him just to,
you know, clear the air.

- Oh, I'm afraid
that won't be possible.

Graham's en route to Ecuador.

A mission down there's in need.

- Wow, that was fast.
- Excuse me?

- Did your father
or did Judge Barnes

call you and tell you
to get Graham out of town?

- You're making a lot
of assumption here.

- Am I?

- As the family's attorney,

I'm gonna ask you
to leave our church.

- Well, that's your right.

But I need you to know,
Mrs. Baker,

that these issues
don't just go away.

Your daughter needs help.

- Ecuador, huh?

That's a smart move.

I just read their
extradition treaty,

and Swiss cheese has less holes.

- And Barba said we have to have
Graham dead to rights

on the statutory charge
before we even try extradition.

- He also said he has
no interest

in compelling an amnio
or a blood test.

- Translation:
even Barba knows

it's political suicide for a DA.

- So we just wait six months

until the baby's
born and prove it then.

- Wait, we're gonna
stay on this for six months?

Lane won't testify,

and the family sent the doer
to Ecuador.

- Guys, I don't want
to hear this, all right?

This is not about
adolescent curiosity.

He is a predator, right?

If he did it once,
he's gonna do it again.

- And he could have done
it before.

Okay, I've been
binge watching the show.

Desk duty. And anyway,

they cover almost every moment
of each pregnancy,

from the first trimester
all the way into labor,

except for when Pam
is pregnant with Tate.

- Which one is Tate?

- He's the two-year-old.
The youngest.

- And every kid is spaced out
two years apart or more,

- They could be Irish twins.
- Maybe.

But Pam announced
four previous pregnancies

by the third month, right?

With Tate she waits
until she's seven months in.

And this, look...
this was posted to their website

just a few weeks
before that announcement.

- That far along,
and she looks like that?

Rollins, when you were
seven months you were like...

- Carisi.
- Hold on.

Graham got one
of his other sisters pregnant.

Which one?

- My guess is Summer.

Three years ago she's 12,
he's 14,

and in the season finale,

Pam and Summer go to Michigan
to visit a sick aunt.

And that's via Facetime.

- Okay, we still
have the same issues.

Graham is in Ecuador,
and the family won't help.

- Except for one thing.

We don't need an amnio
to get Tate's DNA or Graham's.

- Again, the family
won't cooperate.

We're going around in circles.
- Okay, Dodds.

You made your point.

- You know what,
cooperation isn't an issue here.

Remember when the kids were here
and I had to play Uncle Sonny?

Well, Tate got cold,
so I gave him my jacket.

He drooled all over it.

- You didn't take it
to the dry cleaner?

- No, I only wore it twice.

- Okay.
So we got Tate's DNA.

We still need Graham's.

- What about Graham's father?
- Frank?

He's in the ROTC.
We can get it.

- If this was, indeed, incest,

then Frank is the grandfather
on both sides.

Dodds, you're still here.

- Uh...[ahem]

Besides, my dad says
you should never leave your desk

until your boss leaves his.

Or... hers.

- Ha.

Well, I'm going home now.

Walk me out?

- I'm sorry
if I spoke out of turn.

- It's okay.

- No, if I have doubts
about the direction of the case,

I shouldn't say anything
in front of the whole squad.

- Look, Dodds,
there's two things

that you need to know about me.

First, I like an open
and free exchange of ideas.

- I picked up on that one.

- And second, I'm usually right.

- Copy that, Lieutenant.

- Hey, a word of advice?

- Please.

- You're off to a good start.

You don't have to knock it
out of the park

in your first few weeks,
you know?

[elevator bell dings]
- Yeah.


- Dr. Chung,
you got something for us?

- Detective Rollins,

Can I get you a chair?
- No, I'm fine.

You ran the DNA
from Carisi's coat?

- Yes. I found
three different sets.

Detective Carisi's, a female
relative of Detective Carisi...

- Yeah, it's my new niece.
She drools a lot too.

Kids drool, Rollins.
Get used to it.

- Okay, and the third?

- I found what I'm almost
certain is Frank Baker's DNA

on the maternal side.

- Okay, so one of his daughters
could be Tate's mother.

- Quite possibly.
- All right.

That takes care of maternal.
What about the paternal side?

- Sorry, there's no trace
of his DNA on the Y chromosome.

I know you thought
this was incest, but...

- But Tate's father
is not related to Frank Baker.

Did you get any hits
on the DNA that you did find?

- None.
For now, all I can say

is the father's Caucasian
of Northern European descent.


- Random man not excluded.

So we're back to
square one, huh?

Hey, Rollins.

Hey, you okay?
- Ah...

I...I don't know.

Something's not right.

- Okay, okay, I got you.

- Oh! Ah!

- Why are you still here?

- What do you think?

This is your second ER visit
in two weeks.

you got to slow it down.

- I'm fine.
It was some back pain.

Doctors say it could be
one of a hundred things.

- But the baby's okay, right?
- Yeah.

They're gonna run
some tests, though.

- So they want you to stay.

- Yeah.

They want me on bed rest

- Okay.
Better safe than sorry.

- What am I gonna tell Liv?

I mean, I told her that nothing
was gonna change and then...

- She knew that wasn't true.
Come on.

- What am I doing?


What was I thinking?
Having a baby on my own?

- Amanda, hey, listen to me.

I've been working with you
over a year now,

and there is nothing
that you can't handle.

- I screwed up.

I won't be able to do this.

- Hey, yeah, yeah, you will.

It'll be okay.

You know how I know that?

'Cause my mother's at church

lighting a candle
for you right now.

- Okay, Carisi.

Yeah, thanks.

But stay up there, okay?


- How's Rollins?

But they want to keep her
there for observation.

So where are we?

- Well, it turns out Graham
isn't Tate's father.

No Baker DNA
on the paternal side.

- So why'd they
send him to Ecuador?

- He may not be the father
of Summer's baby,

but we can't rule him out
on Lane.

- Okay, so we're thinking

there are two separate predators
in her circle?

it's a pretty closed community.

I mean, you've got the family,

you've got the crew,

you've got...
You've got that pastor.

- Damn it.
Pastor Eldon.

He was on that East Harlem
mission trip in July

with Lane, right?

- I think so.
- Is there any chance

we could put him with Summer
three years ago?

- Let me check.

- Remember I told you
about Crown Heights?

One of the cases
involved three pregnant girls

in the same synagogue.

Well, now, we always
thought it was the Rabbi,

but we couldn't make the case.

No one was willing to say
a bad word about him.

- Well, no one in this family's
gonna say a bad word

about that pastor.
- Whoa.

I got something on their blog.

Pastor Eldon and Summer, 2012.

Christmas giving out gifts.

- At the East Harlem Mission.

He gets them away from home.

That's his MO.

I'll call Barba.

- On the advice of counsel,

the Bakers won't be
speaking to you anymore.

They've gone back upstate.
- That's okay, Pastor.

We want you.
- Oh?

- In July, when Lane
was on her mission trip,

you were with her?

- I was.
- Did you spend time alone?

- [chuckles]

So that's
where you're going with this.

- Any reason why we shouldn't?

- Respect.

Basic human decency.
Now, that's not to say

I don't understand
where you're coming from.

People like the Bakers and me,
we, uh...

scare you with the values
that we espouse, our faith.

You live in Gomorrah.

When men of God come here and
preach love for the scripture,

it threatens you people
to the core.

- You think this is
religious persecution?

- Well, you said it, not me.

But I have seen it before.

Oh, yeah,
every time I leave New York,

I think, "Just keep going.
Don't look back."


there's too much work
to be done.

Too many souls to minister to.

- Like you ministered to Lane?

- Okay, I've had enough of this.

- Not quite.
- We're gonna need a DNA sample.

- Since you didn't do the deed,

you won't have any problem
giving us one.

- Well, I believe
you need a warrant for that.

- "Ask and ye shall receive."

- Open up.

- How's Detective Rollins doing?

- She's home, but they want
to keep her on bed rest for now,

and we are racing
against the clock.

- It's a computer program.
I can't make it go any faster.

- Whatever you can do.

- Okay, we got it.

We're looking
at a paternal match.

- You sure?
- I would testify, yes.

- We're looking
for Pastor Eldon.

- Oh, Pastor Eldon.

I'm sorry,
he left early this morning.

- Any idea where?

- Pastor Eldon,

I will love, honor,
and obey you,

till death do us part.

- Lane, I will love you
and be faithful...

- Hang on.

- What's going on?

- We have some questions
for the pastor.

- I'm sorry, Judge Barnes.
They said...

- We have criminal evidence
against Pastor Eldon.

- Well, it will have to wait.

Lane and I are getting married.

- Married?
She's 13.

- She turned 14 today.
It's perfectly legal.

I have the approval of Judge
Barnes and both of her parents.

- Pastor Eldon has stepped
forward to help us.

- He's willing to provide
for Lane and her baby.

He'll make
a wonderful son-in-law.

- You gave consent
for this marriage?

- Yes, of course she did.

- As did I.

- We're protecting our daughter.

Lane is just a girl.

It'll be in name only.

He'll be like a father to her.

- Is that what the Pastor
told you?

- Okay, I'm gonna
have to ask you to leave.

This is a private ceremony.

- In a public place.

- Is someone going to
fill me in?

- You can continue
with the ceremony, Elias.

- We are handling this,

Graham will get the help
he needs,

and Pastor Eldon
will give Lane's baby a name.

- And that's fitting,
since he's the father.

Pretty good, Pastor, huh?

You figured you married Lane,
it would be pretty hard

for us to prosecute you
for statutory rape.

- Judge?
- Lane, come with me.

- It's legal.
She's legal.

You have no standing here.

- Wait,
what are you talking about?

- No doubt that your son
Graham has problems,

but he is not the father
of Lane's baby or Summer's baby.

- Mrs. Baker, please.

You're still maintaining
that you're Tate's mother?

We tested his DNA.

There is no Baker
paternal match.

So you either cheated
on your husband...

- Excuse me?
- Or...

- I would never.
- Okay, I would advise you both

to stop talking here.

If you did obtain Tate's DNA,

it was without consent
or a warrant.

It's inadmissible.

- Hey,
you know what's a bad sign?

You making a legal argument
right now.

- I don't understand
what's going on.

- Judge, have Officer Tramwell

remove these people
from the building.

They have no jurisdiction.
- Another legal argument.

All right, but before I go,
I think I have to tell you

that we did test
the Pastor's DNA legally.

- He is Tate's
biological father,

and we believe that he is

the biological father
of Lane's baby.

- No, no, that can't be.

- Pam, Frank, look,
they are lying to you.

- DNA doesn't lie, Pastor.

- Frank, you told me
Graham confessed.

- I did, just not to me.

- Did Pastor Eldon tell you
that Graham confessed?

You tried to pin this
on the boy?

You ought to be
ashamed of yourself.

- No, no, no, look, that is not
what's happening here.

Okay, look, you two know me
and you trust me.

- Summer and Lane?

Lane, sweetheart,
tell me the truth.

Whatever it is, it's okay.

- He loves me.

It's God's plan for us.

- What did you do
to my daughter?

- I'm marrying her, Pam.

I'm... I'm marrying...
We're gonna be husband and wife.

A Godly marriage.

The baby will be born
in wedlock...

- She is just a child!
And Summer...

- Frank, get ahold
of your wife here, please.

- Pam.
- No.

- You do not say no to him.

He is your husband.
Your patriarch.

- You lied to us.

You made us think
it was our son. Why?

- Because he knew that you would
do anything to protect Graham.

- I'll testify.

About Tate.
About everything.

- Gregory.
- No, no, no.

Look, look, they have no case.

They told the whole world
that Tate was their baby.

They don't want their fans
to find out that they lied.

And Lane, well, Lane, you...

- You need to stop
talking to her.

- Honey, sweetheart, Lane,
I'm so sorry.

I didn't know.

I should have protected you.

- I'm sorry, Mama.

He told me that's
what people in love do.

- She'll tell the truth.

And so will Summer.

And so will I.

I don't care about the damn show
and neither does Frank.

We want him put away.

- Now?
- Yep.

- Pastor Eldon,
you are under arrest

for the statutory rape
of Summer Baker.

- And for the statutory rape
of Lane Baker.

- You have the right
to remain silent.

Anything you say...
- I know my rights.

None of this will hold up
in court.

I love you, Lane.

- [stifled sobbing]

- You really are
a piece of crap.

- We're grateful for
the prayers and kindness

we received
during this difficult time.

As parents, we're devastated
by the actions of Pastor Eldon

and the pain he's inflicted
on our daughters.

He willfully used
the Lord's name

to manipulate our children.

He violated the tenets
of our beliefs.

It's a long journey
towards healing for all of us,

but our main concern
is our girls.

And as always, our faith
in God will sustain us,

and them,
through this difficult time.

- Well, Barba told me
that Pastor Eldon

will plead to multiple counts
of statutory rape,

so he's looking at hard time.

- Another son of a bitch
hiding behind the collar.

You know, the priest
at my church, growing up,

he saved my life.
He saved my life.

But you only ever hear
about the bad ones.

- So, Dodds, you still
think this was a waste of time?

- No, I get it.

I just thought SVU would be
taking rapists off the streets,

not out of the churches.

- Well, for what it's worth,

most rapists
don't hunt on the streets.

They hunt where they're trusted.