Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 17, Episode 6 - Maternal Instincts - full transcript

male narrator: In the criminal justice system,
sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous.
In New York City, the dedicated detectives
who investigate these vicious felonies
are members of an elite squad
known as the Special Victims Unit.
These are their stories.
[rousing classical music]

[cheers and applause]
- Ladies and gentlemen,
Belle Donne.
- Hey, Rollins, sorry I'm late. - Hey.
- And who's this charming young man?
- Sonny Carisi, ma'am.
- Oh, thank you for coming. Champagne?
- Yeah, sure. - Here you go.
- You can put that over there. - Okay.
- Oh, Mom, it's still early.
- But it's a special occasion,
and I do so love champagne, all those little bubbles.
Don't worry, I'm gonna have a diet cola after every glass.
- 'Cause that works.
- I think it is so great that you've come here
to help Amanda with the baby.
- Well, I know that she wouldn't want to miss very much work,
not when there's a possibility of that sergeant's job.
- Mama. - Well, you told me
that Ms. Benson was promoted to lieutenant,
and that you were gonna-- - Amanda would be great,
but the new sergeant is coming,
well, tomorrow, actually.
- Tomorrow? - Yeah.
Oh. Well, maybe that's for the best.
You can focus on being a mother.
- Yeah.
[electronic music]

- Mr. Smith?
- Well, hello.
You must be Savannah. - Hello.
Call me Anton.
- Okay.
- What a surprise.
For once, a girl who's prettier than her picture.
- [chuckles]
What are you drinking?
- Oh, don't you have a minibar in your room?
- New York.
Everyone's in such a rush.
- I just like to get...comfortable.
[tense music]

[dramatic music]

- Hey, Amanda,
your mom seemed really nice. - Doesn't she?
- Yeah. Having her here must be a relief.
- Mm-hmm. - Hey, did you like
the heated diaper wipes caddy thing I got you?
'Cause my sister, she swears by that.
- That was you? Ah.
That must be our new sergeant.
- Dodds' oldest son, huh?
- Wonder how he got this job.
- Privilege to meet you, Lieutenant.
My father speaks very highly of you.
- You too. We're lucky to have you.
- He's got plenty of experience, Anti-Crime, Crown Heights.
- Okay, Dad. - Before that, Special Forces.
He signed up out of college, right after 9/11.
Can't tell you how proud I am of this kid.
- Yeah, thanks, but I am new to special vics.
I know I have a lot to learn.
- It is--it's a whole different world here.
- Hey, Deputy Chief, sorry to interrupt.
- Detective Rollins, meet Sergeant Dodds.
- How are you? - Hi there.
- What's going on? - Just got a call.
Alessandra Bay, she's the lead violinist
for this group, Belle Donne,
was assaulted in her room last night at the Park Milano.
It's all right if I meet Fin and Carisi down there?
- Aren't you on desk duty, Detective?
- Yes, sir, but it's a four-star hotel.
- Rollins, how about you and Sergeant Dodds stay here,
hold down the fort.
- Better idea, take Mike with you.
- Yeah, no time like the present.
- Okay then.
- Son, sink or swim.
- The vic's name is Alessandra Bay.
The maid found her on the floor.
Hotel security called 911. EMTs are with her right now.
- Are we pulling security footage?
- And the key card logs. - You know what,
head of security here is an old friend of my dad's.
You can tell him Mike Dodds needs that footage ASAP.
- It's taken care of.
- If the vic's conscious,
I can take a statement before she goes to the ER.
- It's called a disclosure.
How about we talk to her together, huh?
- It was late.
I heard banging and yelling outside,
and when I opened the door,
he just charged in.
He was just out of his mind,
grabbing at me.
- What happened next?
- I started screaming at him to stop.
And he, uh, he covered my mouth,
and he just pushed me to the ground.
God, I-I couldn't breathe.
- Let me get you some water. - No, no, no, don't.
There could be DNA.
- Oh, okay.
- Okay.
You okay, Ms. Bay?
- [crying softly] - Okay.
Can you tell me what happened next?
- He... [sniffs]
He threw me to the floor...
Then he raped me,
and then I passed out.
- This man, can you describe him?
- Yes.
Yes, I know him.
It was Anton.
His name is Anton Krasnikov.
He's--he's touring with us.
[somber music]

- Anton Krasnikov?
- Yes? - NYPD.
- You got here fast.
I just called 911.
My flute is missing. - Your flute?
- $50,000 Miyazawa.
Someone ransacked my room while I slept.
My flute is gone.
- Your flute, right, right.
- Tell you what, why don't you come down to the station.
We'll file a report.
[door opens]
- Okay, Mr. Krasnikov,
we put out an APB on your lost flute to all pawn shops.
- Not lost. Stolen.
- Uh-huh. All right, let's retrace last night.
Now, you performed with a violin group, right?
- Yes, Belle Donne, at Denali.
Great audience, thunderous ovation.
- And you brought your flute with you back to the hotel?
- Of course I did, straight to my room.
- What happened after that?
- Went to the bar for a nightcap.
- With the ladies you performed with.
They stay in the same hotel?
- Yes,
but they stick to themselves.
I met a--a fan.
- Fan. Fan got a name?
- Uh, Savannah, maybe.
- Did Savannah come up to your room?
- Listen, I'm a happily married man.
Please, don't write this part down.
She came up for one more drink.
- Okay, we get it.
- Okay, what happened next?
- We had our drink from the minibar.
With the jet lag, I must have fallen asleep.
I woke up. She was gone.
So was my flute.
- And you stayed in your room all night?
You didn't see any women from the quartet?
- No, and I'm not sure what bearing this has on the matter.
- Not even Alessandra Bay?
- Not even her. Why, did someone take her violin?
- She was assaulted. - Oh, my God. What happened?
- We think you know what happened.
- What do you mean?
- Well, she told us that you were the one who attacked her.
- That's ridiculous. She's on a different floor.
- Oh, you know what floor she was on?
- Well, we checked in together.
- You didn't come back together?
You didn't go into her room and rape her?
- Rape her? That's impossible.
Why would someone like me need to rape anyone?
Do you know who I am?
I have 200 performances booked around the world
in the next year. I would never jeopardize that.
- I see. He's a celebrity.
How could he possibly rape anyone?
- The guy is
an internationally-renowned flautist.
I mean, he was honored by the King of Sweden.
He's an ambassador for UN charities.
He's got no record, impeccable reputation.
- Rollins, do you remember your first case here?
It was the Italian diplomat.
- He just-- I think if he were guilty, he'd be more guarded.
Just his whole affect doesn't exactly match the profile.
- He may not fit the profile,
but that is his naked, Russian ass
pounding on Alessandra's door at 2:30 in the morning.
He stays 15 minutes,
then he wanders back out again, out of breath,
still naked as a jaybird.
You wanna watch?
- No, I'll take your word for it.
- He is completely out of it.
I mean, he is walking the halls completely naked.
I know she's a victim, but he may be too.
- Okay, so we have to send him to the hospital to get swabbed,
so we'll have them do blood and urine as well.
- I'll secure the room too.
CSU can check it for drug residue.
- Okay. - And prints, maybe off a glass
that she gave him 'cause we need to figure out who this fan
was that he hooked up with. - Yeah. And, Dodds...
- Yeah. - Have your friend in security
pull the footage from Anton's floor.
- On it, Lieutenant.
- Anton wasn't lying about the flute.
It just showed up in a Harlem pawn shop.
- Good. Pawn shops have cameras.
Did they send any footage? - Yeah.
I'm opening the file now.
- What do you got?
- It's still--it's buffering.
I'll try it on my laptop.
[suspenseful music]

Oh, don't do this to me, Kim.
- Liv said you got a hit from that pawn shop surveillance.
- No, I couldn't open the file.
- You couldn't open up the file? You send it to TARU?
- Why? Anton's good for the assault.
- No doubt.
Dude couldn't remember a thing.
That girl drugged him, played his flute,
and stole his flute.
- Fin, he's-- he's not a victim.
- You sure there's nothing on that video?
- No, nothing. I told you.
- You okay?
- I'm just a little hungry.
Walk me to the break room?
- Sure.
Your sister?
Did you know she was in New York?
- Of course not. I-- [scoffs]
Son of a bitch, that's why my mom kept talking about her,
wanting us all to be together.
- You gotta stay away.
You know last time she set you up.
If you try to help her now,
she's gonna take you down for good,
and you got to tell Liv.
- I can't.
Especially not with mini-Dodds hovering around.
He'd go straight to his daddy or IAB.
- They're gonna wanna see the footage.
You know I don't get in trouble.
- Stall them.
My mother must know where she is.
Those two have always been thick as thieves,
and I will bring Kim in myself.
[tense music]
- All right.

- My buddy at the hotel said he recognized Anton's date.
Working girl. - Okay,
so see if he has footage from the bar.
- Rollins is doing facial recognition
on the video from the pawn shop.
- Everything okay with her? She seemed a little off.
- She hadn't had lunch.
I sent her to get a bite.
- What about the footage?
Maybe Anton can I.D. this girl.
- Well, there's some kind of tech glitch.
It shouldn't be long.
- All right, in the meantime, we know she's a hooker.
If he comes clean on that,
maybe it'll loosen him up.
How long will the DNA take? - Depends.
You know what?
Tell him we already have it.
- Mom, do not lie to me.
Where is Kim?
- Well, honey, how would I know?
- I know you've been in touch with her.
- You sound stressed, and that can't be good for the baby.
- Kim is in the city. There's an APB out on her.
She robbed a john last night.
- APB? John?
I mean, what does that even mean?
- It means you tell her that she either meets me now,
or the cops are gonna take her down,
and, Mama, I know you don't want any headlines
in the paper about your daughter being a prostitute.
Get her to show, okay?
- Well, I'll see what I can do to get a message to her,
all right?
Kim? - Mm.
- Are you in some kind of trouble?
- Oh, please, Mama. You know Amanda.
She's always putting me down, so she can build herself up.
- Well, she sounds pretty upset.
I think you're gonna have to talk to her.
- What?
This is not possible.
- That's not you, Mr. Krasnikov?
- I don't remember this.
- Okay, when you took your fan back to the room,
you had a drink from the minibar.
Now, you remember who poured that?
- Now that you mention it, she did.
I must have been drugged.
- Okay.
But that is you in the picture.
- It is.
But--but rape?
I would never.
[tense music]
Do I need to call a lawyer or someone from my embassy?
- Yeah, you can do that, but listen,
if you're telling the truth, that you got drugged,
then the best thing is to let us take you to the ER,
so we can run some tests.
Also, you're gonna have to tell us
how you got in touch with this escort.
- I don't want my wife to find out.
- We have enough to arrest you right now.
She's definitely gonna find out about that.
If you work with us, we'll try and work with you.
It's your call, Mr. Krasnikov.
- He found her through Craigslist,
paid cash, and used a fake name.
Good luck.
- Luck is the residue of design.
I called the number, booked an afternoon date with Savannah.
I hope I didn't overstep.
- It's just--I'm more interested in closing out the rape case
than I am tracking down some escort.
- If we don't find her, though,
he could claim that NYPD ignored exculpatory evidence.
- Okay. General note, I prefer being kept in the loop.
- My dad says I'm here to take pressure off of you,
but if you're not comfortable delegating,
I can respect that.
- It's day one, so for the time being,
let's--let's check in with each other.
- Kim.
- Wow, Amanda.
You are so big.
- What the hell is going on?
How long have you been in New York?
- You having twins or what?
- Sit down.
Sit down and you're gonna shut up,
and you're gonna listen for the first time in your life.
You are in serious trouble.
- For that warrant, still? - Yeah, that too.
But also that Russian guy that you rolled last night.
- What are you talking about?
- The one whose flute you pawned.
After you drugged him, he came to,
and he raped a woman in his hotel.
- I didn't drug him, and he gave me that flute.
- Stop. Just stop it. - He did.
- It's over, Kim, and I want you to come in with me.
I want you to turn yourself in.
I will get you a good lawyer, but you've got to--
- Well, isn't this a sight for sore eyes.
- Mama, you can't be here right now.
- We are discussing serious police and legal business.
- Well, it's my business too. - I--
- And...both of you girls need your mother right now.
[dramatic music]

- Savannah. - Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I know who you want, but you're making a big mistake, pal.
I mean...
Melora here is a much better girl.
You told him you'll do anything, right?
- Yeah, and then he says to call you.
- Yeah, I'm not settling.
I want Savannah--no offense. My ex is a redhead.
- Savannah's taking a personal day,
and you're gonna pay for Melora's time one way
or another.
We understand each other?
- Yeah, yeah, we do, we do.
NYPD. Drop the blade and put your hands up.
- Unless you wanna get shot right now.
- Melora didn't do anything, and you didn't pay anything,
so what the hell is this, some kind of shakedown?
How much?
- That's attempted bribery right there.
- We wanna talk to talk to Savannah.
You get her here, this goes away.
- What did she do? - She rolled a john last night,
stole his $50,000 flute.
- She did what?
- I told you not to trust her. - Shut up.
- Text her, Slice.
- All right, all right.
- I'm in trouble?
You're the one that's knocked up,
and I bet you don't even know who the father is.
- Now, Kim, that's not nice.
All I ask is that my daughters get along.
- Mama, she shot my boyfriend.
- You set me up. - You pulled the trigger,
and I've been on the run because of it.
- You ran out on a warrant, Kim.
You cleaned out my entire apartment.
[cell phone chimes] - All right, that's enough.
Now, I'm going to go find us some cocktails.
When I get back, I expect you all to be better behaved.
- Okay, Mama.
What did you think was gonna happen, Kim?
You're wanted for manslaughter in New York,
and you're here turning tricks.
I mean, really? Do you know NYPD has ID'd you?
I've seen you, so you gotta come with me voluntarily,
or I gotta arrest you.
- You wouldn't do that. You'll break Mama's heart.
[cell phone chimes] And if you'll excuse me,
my agent's texted me, like, four times.
- Your agent. You mean your pimp?
- Oh, you know what, New York has made you so hard.
- Yeah. - I'm outta here.
- No, you're not going anywhere.
- I am too.
I've always been faster than you.
Now you're carrying all that extra weight.
- Stop right there. - Or what?
You gonna shoot me here in cold blood?
- You know what, they're gonna find you.
- Like last time?
I'm pretty good at disappearing.
Tell Mama I say good-bye.
- Where's Savannah? - I don't know.
She's not calling me back. Look, I'm basically Uber.
These girls are independent contractors,
and this one, she's got a mind of her own.
- Why is Sergeant Mike wasting time talking to mini-pimp?
- Because mini-pimp claims
that he can deliver the girl who rolled Anton.
- So what? The DNA reports just came in.
Anton raped Alessandra, so he's done, and we're done.
- Okay, it's Dodds' first week.
I can't shut down every idea that he has.
- I'll do it.
- Fin, I asked you to take the sergeant's exam.
You told me you that you wanted no part it, okay,
so here's where we are.
- You need to give us her number.
- Help yourself. It's a burner cell.
There's no GPS.
She don't answer my calls,
I doubt she's gonna answer yours,
so can I get the hell out of here now?
- Call her from yours again.
You're stuck here until she shows.
- You know what, before I call her,
maybe I call my lawyer?
[knocks on glass] - You said the magic words.
Wait here.
- You wanna lawyer up, Slice? You go ahead.
You're free to do that, but you're on my list now,
and I'm free to follow you, tap your phone, question your girls.
- Come on, man.
I ain't a bad guy. She stole from me too.
- Then find her.
If you don't, I don't care what bus you get on,
what hole you crawl into.
I will track you down
and pull your testicles out through your throat.
[knocks on glass]
He's this close to giving me the girl.
- Let Slice go. We don't care about the escort.
- Look, the DNA came back.
We're charging Anton with rape.
- Wait, even if he was drugged?
- If his defense wants to argue that, they are welcome to.
We have made best efforts to find the girl.
Nobody can say that we didn't. - All right.
Well, we should at least get a still from the pawn shop,
make a wanted poster, send it to DCPI.
Rollins must have got a hit from TARU by now.
- They're backed up. She went down there herself.
- She did?
Okay. Until then,
how about you two tell Anton that he needs a lawyer.
Hold up, Fin. What's going on with Rollins?
Is there something I need to know?
- How's that?
- I appreciate you having your partner's back.
Get her in here now.
- I'm telling you, she slipped me something.
Haven't you found that girl?
- We're working with her pimp.
- Pimp?
Oh, so these are bad people.
- Well, everybody's gotta make a living, Anton,
but we did find your flute at a pawn shop.
- Great.
I'm not interested in pressing charges.
I just need it back.
I have a concert tomorrow in Montreal.
- Oh, yeah? You're not making that.
- What are you talking about?
with the rape of Alessandra Bay.
- What?
[dramatic music]

I couldn't have done that.
- DNA says you did. So does she.
- Did you tell her I was drugged?
I want to talk to her.
- Not happening, but you do get one phone call.
I'd try a lawyer.

- You recognized your sister in the surveillance video
from the pawn shop, and you decided to keep it to yourself.
- Because I thought the best thing would be
to set up a meeting,
so that I could walk her in without a struggle.
- But she never showed, right?
- No. Yeah, Fin, she did. It's okay.
She did show up, but she just wouldn't listen to me.
- So you just let her go?
- Well, I couldn't run after her,
and it's not like I'm gonna pull a gun in the park
and shoot my sister while my mom's on her way
- You do realize that you could be charged as an accomplice,
Amanda. You could be fired.
And where is your sister now?
- She said she was going to disappear.
- Good luck. Little Dodds is like a dog
- Can you call that guy off? 'Cause the last thing I need
is him ratting me out to Dodds Senior.
- No, I can't. - What--
- Carisi and Dodds picked up her pimp.
He dimed on Kim when he found out she stole Anton's flute.
- And who would tell him that?
- Rollins, from now on, all communication with your family
is to be recorded. - Yes, ma'am.
- And you better figure out a way to get Kim in here.
- I tried. I tried to do that. She will not listen to me.
- Will she listen to your mom? - I don't know.
- Sorry to interrupt, Lieutenant.
I need to have a word with you, privately.
- Can it wait? - No, not really.
I ran the hotel surveillance photo of that girl
through facial recognition, and I got a hit.
[tense music]

- Close the door, please.

I just found out myself.
But Rollins and Fin are gonna figure out a way to solve this.

Mrs. Rollins, thank you for coming in.
Have a seat.
Just so you know, the camera is on,
and this is Sergeant Mike Dodds.
- Oh, the new sergeant.
And you're filming me.
This must be important. How can I help?
- It's about Kim, Mom.
- Well, she already told us
she has nothing to do with whatever this is about.
- Ma'am, is this your daughter?
- It could be.
Although I don't know why a girl with such beautiful blonde hair
would wear a wig like that.
- Mom.
- It's her.
- There's an outstanding warrant on her,
and she's a suspect in another crime.
If you don't tell us where she is,
you'd be harboring a fugitive.
- I'd love to help, but honestly,
I don't know where that child went.
- Mrs. Rollins,
a man that she was working for is very upset.
He thinks she stole his money.
- And if he finds her before we do, he will hurt Kim.
Do you-- do you understand that?
- I didn't know.
I've tried calling her since Amanda and I saw her.
- May I see your phone?
What number do you have for her?
- Give him the phone, Mother.
- It's a different number than her burner cell.
Straight to voicemail.
- Hi, honey, it's your mama.
Can you call me back?
- I'll put a trace on her phone.
[cell phone vibrates]
- It's Kim.
Honey, where are you?
Oh, okay.
Why, it's in my cosmetics bag.
Now listen, Kim, you need to stay right where you are, okay?
Promise me.
She hung up. - What did she say?
Where is she?
- You're not gonna hurt her, are you?
- Mrs. Rollins,
you need to tell us where she is,
right now.
[tense music]
- Okay.
She's at your apartment.
I was kind of putting a little bit of money aside for her.

[dramatic music]

- There she is.
- Hey. Slow down, Kim. - What?
- Hey, slow down. - Wh--
Kim Rollins, you're under arrest.
- For what?
- Kim.
- You set me up, Amanda. - Kim, what happened?
Are you okay? - I am.
I'm not so sure he is.
- He who? - Slice. He came after me.
He wanted my money, but it was all self-defense.
- I'm going upstairs. - No, not a chance.
You shouldn't even be here.
As of right now, you have to recuse yourself from the case.
Give me the keys.
Fin, Carisi, go. - On it.
- You always have to be the good girl, don't you?
Why don't you let me live my life?
- Kim, I'd advise you to stop talking.
- Help me, help me. [grunting and groaning]
- Slice, what happened?
- She stabbed me.
That crazy bitch stabbed me in my nuts.
- Did she?
- You're under arrest.
- You gotta be kidding me.
- Can you please take these cuffs off now?
- No. I'll take her to interrogation.
- Actually, have somebody else do it.
Get a uni, please. - Kimmy!
- Thank God you're okay. You've got blood on you.
What did you do to her?
- They didn't do anything to her, Mama.
She decided to attack her agent.
- He had it coming. - Carisi called.
Slice is in the ER.
He lost a lot of blood, but he'll make it.
- Okay, have him wait there and get his statement. Fin.
Fin, please drive Mrs. Rollins and Amanda home.
I will talk to Kim.
- If you're gonna do that, I'm staying here.
- No, you're not.
- It's fine, Amanda. I can talk.
- Listen, you're gonna keep your mouth shut
until your sister gets you a lawyer.
Okay? Please take her to holding.
Fin, take them home now.
- What about Kimmie?
- She's staying, Mama. She's under arrest.
- Oh, God.
- Ms. Rollins has nothing to hide.
We'll answer any questions about last night's incident.
It's a clear case of self-defense.
- Okay, okay.
So, Kim...
tell me how we got here.
- Well, Slice kept texting me,
and he was real, real angry.
You should not have told him about the flute.
So, I had to get out of town,
and so I gave my money to my mom,
and she took it to Amanda's apartment.
- Well, how did he find you?
- Why don't you ask him that?
I mean, he stalked my client.
- Yeah, I mean, he was banging on that door.
He was so mad, and I tried to keep him in the hallway,
but he just barged through and just started beating on me,
so I lied and said that,
you know, the money was under the couch,
and when he went to look, I grabbed his knife.
He turned and lunged.
Next thing I know, he's on the floor, and I was running.
- Was this the money you got from stealing that flute?
- The flute Mr. Krasnikov gave you.
- Yeah, it was a gift. - A gift?
- Mm-hmm. - Okay.
Well, Let's talk about your session with Mr. Krasnikov.
- Everything was legal, okay.
They met online. They went on a date.
- So, Kim, you're saying that
Mr. Krasnikov, after one date,
was so smitten with you
that he gave you a $50,000 flute?
- Yeah. [chuckles]
He said it was insured, you know.
He just wanted to help me get my life back together,
get me enough to go back to school,
and, maybe if there was a little left over,
give it to Amanda and the baby.
- I know, I know.
- Was Mr. Krasnikov sober when he gave you this flute?
- He'd had a few drinks, you know, had a couple pills.
- Pills.
Kim, were those your pills? - No.
He offered, but I don't do drugs.
I mean, they just make people do crazy things.
- Okay, Kim.
Why don't we stop here?
- I will defer to Mr. Desappio. [chuckles]
How he assaulted that poor woman, I mean,
if he hadn't've done that,
none of us would be in this situation.
[tense music]
- Anton Krasnikov,
you are charged with rape in the first degree.
How do you plead?
- My client pleads not guilty, Your Honor.
Mr. Krasnikov was under the influence
of an anesthetic narcotic given to him
without his knowledge or consent by a known criminal.
- An escort he hired.
She denies administering anything to him,
and there were no drugs found in his system.
He was on a sex and drinking binge that turned violent.
- This is a nightmare. I don't remember any of this.
- You'll get your chance to tell that to a jury, sir.
People on bail. - We request remand.
Mr. Krasnikov is an international celebrity
here on a travel visa.
He has ample opportunity and means to flee.
- Mr. Krasnikov is a universally-respected flautist.
He has to travel to play concerts and needs his passport.
- We're not chasing him halfway across the world.
Mr. Krasnikov, you are remanded without bail.
Next case.
- What does that mean?
[somber music]

Wait! Lieutenant,
are people actually gonna buy Anton's drug story?
- I don't know. - But they just said
that there were no drugs found in his system.
- That's true, but-- - He knew exactly
what he was doing.
- One thing you don't understand about my sister is that
she doesn't hear anything she doesn't want to hear,
especially coming from me. - I understand.
- So you've made her understand that if she doesn't take a plea,
she's looking at a really long stretch?
- Don't worry, Detective. I've spoken to the ADA.
We're on the same page. - Okay.
- Has Dodds said anything to you all about me and Kim?
- Don't worry about what he says to us.
It's what he says to his dad that matters.
- Welcome back to New York, Ms. Rollins.
I see there's an outstanding warrant on you,
manslaughter in the second degree
in the death of Jeff Parker.
- Oh, no, I can explain that. - Ah, no, shh.
- We are additionally charging Ms. Rollins with grand larceny
in the second degree and assault in the first degree.
However, in exchange for a guilty plea on man two,
the people are prepared to drop the other charges.
- Understood. Ms. Rollins, how do you plead?
[no audible dialogue]
Ms. Rollins?
- Come on. - Is there a problem, Counselor?
We're waiting for your plea.
- Not guilty on all charges, Your Honor.
- This was not my understanding, Your Honor,
but if this is where we are, we will proceed on all charges.
- Very well.
As for bail,
Ms. Rollins has been a fugitive for the last 2 1/2 years.
She is remanded to Rikers while awaiting trial.
- [whispers] Thank you so much.
- She skips out on her warrant,
and now she wants to go to trial?
- My sister, the gift that keeps on giving.
- Can you imagine the headlines? - Carisi.
- Mom.
Mom. Hey.
You got to talk to Kim.
She's making a mistake.
- She is? You're the one who had her arrested,
and you used me to set up my own daughter.
If you hadn't, she'd be safe and sound and out of town.
- If we hadn't found Kim, her pimp could have killed her.
- What are you talking about?
She handled that man just fine.
- No, she did-- - Kim can take care of herself.
This was about you. - What are you talking about?
- You chose your work over your family...
- Oh, my God. - Just like you always have.
- Can we not do this now?
- No, let's not do this at all.
- Why, what do you mean? Huh?
- I'm sorry, darling.
I came up here to help you,
but it's quite clear you know what you're doing.
I'd just be in the way.
- Okay, so what, you're gonna leave?
- I'll be back for your sister's trial,
and maybe by then, you will have finally learned
the value of family.
[tense music]

- She's leaving? Now? - Yeah.
Yeah. She'll be back. I mean, she's a drama queen.
Where do you think Kim gets it from?
- Amanda, you okay?
- Yeah. - You sure?
- Yeah.
- No, you're not. - Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
We're taking you to a hospital.
- Yeah. - I--
Let's go, guys. - [groans]
- What's taking so long?
She going into labor?
- Somebody would've told us.
- So Rollins' family, huh?
- All families got stuff.
- Yeah, but hers has, like, a lot.
- There she is. - Hey.
- You guys are still here?
- Oh, well, Fin was worried about you.
- Mm. It's nothing to worry about.
My doctor said that my blood pressure spiked, that's all.
[clears throat] Asked if I had been
under any extra stress lately.
- What do you say we drive you home?
- Keep me posted.
Okay, great. Thanks.
- How's Detective Rollins doing?
- She's okay, you know.
Carisi and Fin are with her now.
- You know, she's getting pretty close.
Maybe she should take some time off before she has the baby.
- I can ask.
- And, Mike, everything going well with him?
- He is stepping up.
- Any issues, let me know.
- Okay.
- My dad's checking up on me?
Sorry about that. - Yeah, it's all good.
You mind closing the door?
Have a seat.
So, just so we're clear,
when I told you not to check up on Anton's escort,
I had no idea that that was Rollins' sister.
- No worries. That's not my business.
- I really did find out the same time you did,
and as for Rollins and Fin,
I've spoken to them,
and I will be continuing to speak to them.
- Go easy.
Family's complicated.
Look, I know everybody's worried that I'm the boss' son,
and they're saying they have to watch themselves around me.
- Nobody's saying that.
- Right.
I just want you to know,
what happens at SVU
stays at SVU.
You have my word.
- Okay.
[lock buzzes] [gate opens]
- Amanda, you came.
Oh. - I'm due at work, Kim.
What do you want? - For you to know
that everything is gonna be all right.
- Why? 'cause you--
you batted your eyelashes at that lawyer?
He's gonna be your savior now?
- Well, Lorenzo wants to go to trial,
but I called him off. - Lorenzo?
- Yeah, Lorenzo Desappio.
Isn't that perfect?
You were right about him.
He is just the loveliest man.
- Okay, your point, Kim?
- Well, I told him that I couldn't
put you through all that stress. - [chuckles]
- Now you can't put me through stress?
- I don't want you to have to testify.
Don't be mad, but, uh...
Lorenzo said a lot of stuff when he met with the DA.
- What kind of stuff?
- Like how you didn't tell your boss that you'd ID'd me,
or that I was even in town...
also, our personal history, you know,
our cycle of abuse
and how you were raped on the job
and your gambling addiction.
All that stuff would've come up during the trial.
- Right.
I don't know, Kim, you do what you have to.
You always have. - It's fine.
Lorenzo is sure that we can work out some kind of a--
oh, what did he call it?
A one-size-fits-all plea, on Slice and on that old warrant
and especially if I cooperate and testify against Anton.
I mean, what he did to that poor woman is...
And if everything goes as planned,
Lorenzo thinks I might be out in under a year.
- That's not gonna happen, Kim.
- Well, either way, he says he'll wait for me.
- Come again?
- I think Lorenzo's gonna ask me to marry him.
Wouldn't that be something?
Like Mama says,
everything works out in the end.
[tense music]