Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 17, Episode 8 - Melancholy Pursuit - full transcript

Noah gives Olivia a scare. The team catches a tough case and has to backtrack DNA from a prolific philanderer. Dodds is having difficulty with the job.

In the criminal justice system,
sexually based offenses

are considered
especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad

known as
the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

- Yay.
- Oh, sweet boy.

- Good job.
- How old is he?

He is almost two.

Oh, nice.
On your stomach.

- Is he your only?
- Um, for now.

Well, let me
tell you something.

Enjoy it, because I thought
it was tough with one,

and then I had my second child.

- I have a 14-year-old son.
- Wow.

Yeah. I mean,
little kids, little problems,

but, honey, big kids...

- Big problems.
- Ha! You know it.

All right,
you want to go again?

Lily's 15. She walks home
from school by herself.

But she's never late,
so I called her principal,

who said she was out today.

And her cell goes
right to voice mail.

Something's happened to her.
I know it.

Okay, Mr. and Mrs. Evans,

let's just back it up,
all right?

When was the last time
you saw Lily?

This morning.
She left at 6:15.

Why so early?

Swim team practice
at Asphalt Green.

We called them.
She was there.

Left around 7:30.

And what about friends,

Anyplace she might've gone?

No, we called everyone.

Nobody's seen her.
She just... vanished.

And you know teenage boys.

The attitude, the hormones,
the smell of the room.

I mean, they don't
mind it so much.

They'd rather die than be
seen with you,

but still, the whole thing...

Whoa. I should
actually get Noah home.

Oh, absolutely.

Listen, let me get your number
for a playdate.

It would be great
to get the kids together.




Did you see where he went?

Well, there's Hudson.


Stay right there, sweetie.


So you say you
called her boyfriend?

He's more like a friend.

They've known each other
since pre-K.

He hadn't seen
or heard from Lily all day.

Is this her iPad?
What's the password?

She doesn't have a password.

Yeah, she does.

What's her cat's name?
Her... her birthday?



You want me to call the police?


Oh, honey. Oh, honey.

Hi, baby.

Hi, sweetie.
Hi, baby.

Oh, Noah,
you gave Mommy a scare.

You gave Mommy a scare.

SVU gets called
for missing teens now?

The lady's a clerk
at the DA's office.

She didn't want lights
and sirens outside.

All right.
Well, it's not even 6:00.

She's probably out getting high
with friends.

All right, look,
we made a courtesy call,

but unless there's contact
with an older male...

If it's a junk case,

we'll kick it back
to the precinct.

Hey, Sarge.
Glad you're here.

What is it?
What did you find?

Hey, you said that
your daughter's friend's name

was Peter?

Yes, but he doesn't know
where she is.

Lily ever talk about
a guy named Diego?

She doesn't know any Diego.

Yeah, she does.

She was texting him some photos
this morning.

This is Diego.

Do you recognize him?

That is...
no one that Lily knows.

I'm sure.

How about
we track him down and ask?

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- Hey.
- Lieutenant, that email

was just an update.
You didn't have to come in.

I'm here so you can
get some downtime.

Okay. Actually,
you should've called me earlier.

How long has this child
been missing?

Maybe 12 hours.
But she's not a child.

She's 15 years old
and probably a runaway.

She's been sexting
a secret older boyfriend.

- How much older?
- We don't know yet.

Guy has a pay-as-you-go
Cricket cell.

Okay. And no trace
of her cell phone?

She must have shut it off.

Fin's retracing her steps
since her morning swim.

Carisi's talking to the parents,
but you know how that goes.

Their daughter
"would never run away."

All right, okay, so you're
pulling in Lily's friends,

going through cell phone
records, social media?

Check, check, and check.

I had her description...
red gym bag, denim jacket...

sent out to roll calls.

Also flagged her debit card.

Okay, so no history?
No trouble at school?

Well, she has been acting out.

We found cigarettes and condoms
in her bedroom,

- and you don't want to see...
- Sergeant.

Lily's friend,
Peter Best, is here.

Thanks for coming in.

Peter is close with Lily.
This is Lieutenant Benson.

Thank you for
all your help, Peter.

So you're...
you're Lily's boyfriend?

More like in the friend zone,

but I really like her, and
I'm really worried about her.

You said you might know
who she's with?

Did Lily ever
mention the name Diego?

No. But... she's been
weird lately.

Yeah? What do you mean?

She's been cutting class

and leaving at lunch
and not coming back.

Is there anything else?

She smelled like cigarettes
a few times,

or maybe pot.

Acting out?
That's not like our daughter.

Have you figured out who
that man from the picture is?

We've been trying
to track him down now.

Okay. Tell us
about her behavior, all right?

Any changes?
Any new friends?

Teens get moody, but not Lily.

She's always smiling.
She's always singing.

She likes cats and swimming.

Why haven't you send out
an AMBER Alert?

Because we just
need to be certain

that it is indeed an abduction.

Well, of course it is.

She said she couldn't talk
to her parents,

that they don't understand her.

When she'd cut class,

would she tell you
where she went?

No. But she's been hanging out
in this new squad.

A whole new group of friends.

Yeah, I know how that goes.

She said that she wanted
to go from a pool girl

to a cool girl this year.

Okay, and where do
the cool girls hang out?

They've been crashing frat
parties over at Tompkins Square.


- Diego, my man.
- Ready to party?

Yo, what's up?
It's quiet in here.

Put your hands up.

Put 'em up!

You knew about this?
You set me up?

Don't talk to him.
Talk to us.

No weapons.
Found some weed, though.

Where is she?


Yo, anything
she says about me is a lie.

Yeah. When was the last time
you talked to her?

When I found out she was 15.

15'll get you 20.
You got that right.

15 also makes those photos
on your cell phone

child pornography.
Let's go.

How many times
do I have to tell you?

I don't know
what happened to her.

I was at work this morning.
I was there all day.

He keeps saying he was at work.

Anybody check his alibi
for this morning?

to the Ripped City website,

he was teaching X-treme Combat
class all morning.

And he has no connection
to where Lily swims?

That's Upper East.

He's in Brooklyn.
Unis checked his apartment.

No sign of the girl.

He swears he's been
in Brooklyn since last night.

Only came into the city
when Kyle asked him for weed.

Also, Lily's not the only girl
sexting him.

I don't think
he's good for this.

we have enough to hold him.

Fin, see if there's anyone
that he can think of

that Lily
might be hanging with.

16 hours.

She could be anywhere.

Yeah, along with
all the other teenage girls

who slipped out tonight.

Look, my dad has a saying.

"Little kids you find,
elderly you find.

Teenagers you solve."

She's hooked up
with someone she knows.

We've just got to find out
who that is.

No offense to your father,

But the longer this goes on,

the less likely
that scenario is.

Hey, I got something.

Homeless guy just tried to
use her debit card.

Said he found it when he was
looking for cans and bottles.

Unis are with him.


Like I told
those other officers,

I didn't take that card.

- I found it.
- Okay, Stan.

Why don't you tell us
where you found it?

Right there.
In that bag.

- That's her bag.
- Okay.

They...they found it
under the West Side Highway?

Did this homeless man hurt her?

Well, we... we don't know yet.

We're just, uh,
we're bringing him in now.

Where is she?
We're... we're going up there.

Okay. It's probably best
if you stay here.

We're grid searching
the area now.

- No. No.
- Why don't you have a seat?

Come on.
Let them do their job.

Just have a seat
right here, Mrs. Evans.

All right, there you go.


Hey! Hey.

We're gonna open it,
okay, Sarge?

I'll call Liv
and the M.E.

You okay?


Are you sure?

Couldn't this be a mistake?

Someone else?


We are so very sorry
for your loss.

If you're ready, it would...
it would really help us

if you'd be able
to make a preliminary ID.

Is that something you think
you might be able to do?

That's her.

That's Lily.

Who did this?
That homeless man?

We're talking to him,
but he's a bottles and cans guy.

He... he has no, um,
history of violence.

He had her ATM card.

- It must've been him.
- It doesn't matter.

She's gone, Patrick.
Lily is gone.

I have to see her.

As soon as the M.E. is... is...
is ready.

Cause of death was epidural
hematoma from blunt force trauma

to the back of the skull.

She died from a slow bleed
to the brain

several hours
after the initial blow.

Sexual assault?

No evidence of penetration.

No trauma
to the mouth or throat,

but her clothing was torn,

and I did find DNA
under her fingernails

and semen on her thigh.

Enough for a match?

I asked the lab
to send over anything they find.

Dr. Warner?

Melinda, this is Dodds.

The new sergeant.
This your case?

I'm still working the autopsy.

Is there anything
I can tell the parents?


Um, what about time of death?

Can you tell me that?

Between 4:00 and 8:00 p.m.,

So when we were with the
parents yesterday around 6:00,

she was still alive?

At that moment?
I can't say with certainty.

All right,
why don't you tell me

where you were
yesterday morning?

In St. Luke's ER.

My diabetes was acting up,

and by the time they let me out,
someone had stolen all my cans.

So I was happy as hell
to find that card.

St. Luke's, huh?

You better not be lying to me.

- What's going on?
- Well, hospital security

just showed that Stan
was in the waiting room

from 3:00 a.m. until noon,

and the ER just confirmed that
he was discharged at 4:00 p.m.

Our guy's still out there.

Then we go back to the pool.
Reinterview everyone.

Someone saw her.

Melinda, you got something?

I'm not sure.

We usually don't do this
in New York,

but I was so frustrated,
I asked the lab

to do a less stringent
familial search.

- We'll take whatever you got.
- No match.

The perp's DNA wasn't in CODIS,

but there was one partial match
in the database.

- A 15% overlap.
- 15%?

- That's closer than a stranger.
- A sibling?

That would be
more of an overlap.

Both samples also
have an allelic dropout

on the Y chromosome
at the same loci.

So the DNA in CODIS
shares that dropout

with the DNA
from Lily's killer?

Right. Now, maybe
it's just a coincidence,

but that and the overlap

If I had to guess,
the DNA profile in CODIS

is a close male relative
to the killer,

maybe a half-brother.

What's his name?

Brendan Cahill?

We need to talk to you.

Uh... yeah, let's...
let's go in here.

I had nothing to do with this.

Yeah, maybe not,
but you know who did.

We got a familial hit
on your DNA.

What does that mean?

Your DNA's in the system,

I was trying to catch a train
and my card wouldn't swipe,

so I jumped a turnstile.

I knew I shouldn't have
pled guilty.

That gives you the right
to threaten me?

You feel threatened?

A little girl was murdered.

We need a list
of all your male relatives.

- I can't help you.
- Yes, you can, and you will.

You didn't do it,
but somebody in your family did.

We know you have a half-brother
on your father's side.

Then you know more
about me than I do.

I'm adopted.

I have no idea
who my birth father is.

What about your birth mother?


I got a... I got a name
and an address

from the registry
in Albany when I turned 18,

but... I never contacted her.

I... I'm sorry that
a girl is dead,

and if I could help you,
I would.

Okay, just give us
your mother's name.


I gave him up for adoption
over 30 years ago.

I told the registry
that he could contact me,

but he never did.

What... what is this about?

I know this must come
as quite a shock.

Did something happen to him?

We're investigating a murder
of a young girl.

We have a DNA lead.

We just need to know
who his birth father was.

I'd rather not. I was 16.

The guy was married.

His wife
won't ever have to know.

We just need to talk to him.

Well, that's gonna be tough.

He passed away five years ago.

Ray Marino was his name.

Did he have any other children?

I believe he had two sons.

They would be
in their 30s by now.

George and Robby Marino.

Two kids?

Would you by any chance have
contact information for them?

Look, his widow still lives in
their house here on City Island.

The boys are here too.

They used to come
into the restaurant sometimes.

I think I might still
have his home number,

but please don't tell Camille
about me and Ray.

No need.

Hey, could I ask you something?

My son...

What is his life like?

He's successful.

He, uh, he seems
to have found his way.

We're almost done,
Mr. Marino.

I'm sorry,
I'm not sure that I follow.

My name and my brother's name

came up in
a criminal investigation?

Where were you yesterday,
Mr. Marino?

I was at my office in Midtown.

I'm a lawyer.
We're talking early morning.

- 7:00, 7:30.
- I was in my car driving in.

And your GPS and E-ZPass
will confirm that?

Yeah, I'm sure they will.

What is it that you guys
think I've done exactly?

Do you recognize this girl?

No, not at all.

She was murdered yesterday.

Not by me.

What about your brother, Robby?

You know where he was

Look, I gave my DNA.

You think I'd be talking
if I did anything to this girl?

Well, we appreciate
your cooperation.

Now, tell me
where you were yesterday.

- I'm trying to remember.
- You need to tell me, Robby.

The truth.

I crashed
at my brother's office.

He lets me sleep on a couch
there when I work nights.

You work as a roadie, right?

That's right.


You use blankets
and ratchet straps like these

when you're moving equipment?

Yeah, so?

So this girl's body was found
wrapped in a moving blanket.

The same brand of moving blanket

that we found
in the back of your van.

Everybody uses
that kind of blanket.

That may be, Robby,
but not everybody

was arrested two years ago
for aggravated sexual assault.

I was acquitted on all charges.

Your brother defend you
on that?

The complainant
was some groupie.

- She didn't even testify.
- After you paid her off?

The jury believed Robby.

Did you believe him?

Probably not, right?

I get it.
He's your little brother.

You cover for him.



If there's a smart way
or a stupid way,

Robby does things
the stupid way.

Which means you've had to make
excuses for him your whole life.

How old were you...

nine or ten when your old man
pulls you aside and tells you,

"Whatever you do, you look out
for your little brother"?

You're a decent man,
and you have a conscience.

Robby's saying he was with you
all day yesterday,

but that's not true, is it?


He's been brought in
by the police before.

He gets high.

He, uh... forgets
where he's been.

So I told him if he's ever taken
in to say that he was with me.

Let me ask you something.

Is Robby capable of doing
something like this?

Killing this girl?

I hope to God he isn't.

I was with my brother.
I was with George.

No, you weren't.
We've been over this, Robby.

Your brother gave you up.

He told us he has no idea
where you were that day.


Let's start from
the beginning, okay?

When you first saw Lily alive
in her denim jacket

- with the red gym bag...
- I can't.

I can't look at that anymore.

- You can, Robby.
- I can't look.

Please don't make me.

No, you don't get
to close your eyes.

- Not yet.
- Liv.

Hold on.

They may be getting somewhere.

They should be.
It's been six hours.

Do you have anything
that can help them out?

Video, forensics?

CSU is still checking on
his van and the moving blankets.

Okay. So no blood,
no hair... nothing.

Call Melinda.

Put some pressure on her.

You know what I think?

I think she saw you first.

She started
flirting with you, right?

She gave you that little smile.

I don't know.

She's flipping her hair around.

I mean, she looked right at you,
didn't she?

And she came over to the van.
Wanted a ride.

Is that what happened?


Then once she's in the van,
you figure,

"Hey, she wants it."

I mean, she wants you.

She takes off her jacket,
her little t-shirt...

- I just want to sleep.
- Well, you can sleep

once you've told us the truth
about what you did to Lily.

Once you tell us
she got into your van.

Yeah, okay.
She got in the van.

All right.
She was nice to you at first.

Maybe gave you a kiss.

But then...
then she changes her mind.

She starts crying, right?

Don't you hate
when they do that?

She put it out there,
then she takes it away?

No. That's not right, Robby.

- That's not right.
- No.

- She was taunting you.
- Bad.

That made you mad.

I don't like that.

Yeah. No one does, Robby.

Look, we all know
what happened here,

but we need to hear it from you.

You tell us this,
it's all over.

You'll feel better, believe me.

I'm gonna get a pen and paper.

We're gonna put this to rest.

He is right on the edge.

Pull him out.
We're done with him.

Did you hear
what he was saying?

He's not our guy, Sergeant.

The DNA on Lily's body

doesn't match
either of these brothers.

- Are you sure?
- Positive.

Then... then who?

Are we back to
the half-brother Brendan?

No, none of them.

I do think these three
are related to the killer,

another half-brother.

And Ray Marino
fathered them all?

I can't be sure.
I need Ray Marino's DNA.

he's been dead five years.

Well, maybe his widow kept
a hairbrush, a razor... something.

No, she doesn't even want
to talk to us.

Well, there is another option.

Was he buried or cremated?


Pics for your Facebook page?

These're for Rollins.

She's gonna be pissed
she missed this.

How's she doing?

Bed rest.

Bored out of her mind.

So Ray Marino.
Do we got a match?

Yes. Ray Marino fathered
Brendan Cahill, who was adopted,

the two City Island brothers,

George and Robby Marino,
who are cleared.

So somewhere at some point,

he had at least one other son
with a third woman.

Okay. So Ray was a player.

Anything else that we can go on?
Height, eye color?

Nothing definitive.

Male Caucasian.
European descent.

Mother isn't Asian or black.

What about the timeline?

Like, can't you tell age
with that epigenetic stuff?

The science isn't really there
on specifying age from DNA,

but I did take another look
at the semen on the body.

You can tell age from semen?

Not precisely,
but if I had to guess,

I think your killer
is the last born of the four.

- He's closer to 20 than 40.
- Okay.

Given the age spread,

it's likely a second
or third marriage.

It's not.
Ray Marino was married

to the same woman
till the day he died.

Yeah, but he was a dog.

I mean, he fathered Brendan
out of wedlock.

Now we know he fathered
somebody else.

So we're looking
for the illegitimate son

of a dead man.


Mrs. Marino,
we are so sorry

for what we did to you
and your boys.

The good news is is that
they had nothing to do with...

Yeah, well, of course
they didn't.

I told him that
when he came to the door.

Yes, you did, but even so,
there is a bad guy out there,

and he assaulted
and killed a young girl.

Oh. Well, we have nothing
to do with that.

but it may have something

to do with your husband.


Ray passed away
five years ago this month.

And we believe that he may
have taken a secret with him.

We weren't sure before
we checked the DNA, but...

but your husband
had another son, and...

were you aware of that?

No, that's...
that's not possible.

We... we started going out
in the eighth grade.

40 years we were in love.

40 years.
That is a long time.

Were the two of you
ever separated?

- Did his work ever take him away?
- His work?

He was a driver for
the New York Bus Service.

He never missed a shift.

He came home every night
for dinner.

And I told George
that we are gonna sue the NYPD

for what you did.

This is my family.
My home.

Don't you ever
talk to any of us again.

- Tell them we'll sue.
- Yeah.

- I will, Mom.
- Listen, I don't want you

getting stressed
with your blood pressure.

Just try to calm down,
and take a nitro.

Mr. Marino, we don't mean
to upset your mother,

but you're a smart man.

DNA doesn't lie.

So I really have
a half-brother

I never knew about, huh?

And he is good for this crime.

Let me walk you to your car.

My mother's always thought
my father was a saint,

and he loved her,

but he had an eye.

So what can you tell us?

Well, Ray
was a good-looking guy.

He had a full head
of dark hair,

and he was a charmer, you know?

He drove the express bus
into Manhattan.

There was always
some pretty woman or another

sitting right behind him,
talking to him the whole ride.

Anybody in particular
that you can remember?

How long ago?

20, 25 years.

Yeah, I was around 12.

I was going into seventh grade.
New school.

Anyway, my father

took Robby and me
to this big Labor Day carnival,

and Mom stayed home,

and we met up
with this friend of his.

I remember she had
a lot of lipstick on.

Her five-year-old twins
were with her... a boy and a girl.

You remember that?

Yeah, I do,
'cause I was jealous.

I mean, my father must've spent,
like, $50 at this one booth

trying to get the three balls
into the basket.

He finally won,
and as a prize he picks out

this foam football
that he knew I really wanted.

He gave it to
the boy twin instead.

He doted on those children.

In hindsight...

You think he wanted you
to meet your half-siblings?


On the drive home,
he bought us both ice creams,

and he kept making us promise
not to tell our mother

that we ran into... Stella.

That was her name.

Does she have a last name?

I don't remember that, but she
used to work in the museum.

But she probably still does.
Nobody ever leaves City Island.

Yes, my daughter Nina is 30.

- Why?
- She has a twin brother.

No, not anymore.

We lost Nicholas in a motorcycle
accident ten years ago.

Oh, I'm sorry.

You obviously didn't know.

Same way I don't know why two
police officers from Manhattan

are asking about my Nicholas.

He was the only one
in that accident.

Is somebody blaming him
for something now?

His father came up
in an investigation.

His father?

Is... also dead.
Five years ago.

So Ray Marino was the
biological father of the twins?

How do you...

No one knows that.

So I'll take that as a yes.

Look, it's a long story,

and telling it now would only
hurt a lot of innocent people.

I don't mean to pry, but...

Did you and Ray
have any other children?

No. I-I thought
we might someday,

but, uh, turns out
the whole time

he and I were running around
behind Camille's back,

he was cheating on me too.

Did you know the other woman?

That's the part
that stung the most.

She was my best friend
from high school, Helen.

Do you still keep in touch?

I didn't want
to publicly unfriend her.

She's always posting pictures of
her family on my Facebook feed.

So she has kids?

Oh, yeah, the Ryan boys.
Three of them.

The whole time
she and Ray were running around,

she was married too.

Maybe that's why they lasted.


Yes, that's my family.
Why do you have this?

One of your sons
may have information

relevant to an investigation.

When's the last time
you saw them?

I see them every weekend.

They still come home for Sunday
dinner with their mother.

What investigation?

It's a cold case.
We just got a new lead.

You know this guy?

Yes, that's Ray Marino.

He died about five years ago.

My husband and I
went to the funeral.

- So you were close.
- We were acquainted.

Mrs. Ryan?

I don't mean
any disrespect here,

but we've been told that
you and Ray were...

more than that.

What is going on with Ray
all of a sudden?

I heard they exhumed his body.

Look, everybody knows
everybody's business

on City Island.

Well, they're not gonna
get anything from us.

So whatever you can tell me

about your relationship
with Ray,

we're gonna
keep that confidential.

There was no relationship.
I barely knew him.

I do know, however,
that my husband

wouldn't want me
or any of our sons

talking to the police
without him.

Now, if you'll excuse me.

So what are we up to now?

Four women that Ray Marino
fathered a child with?

No wonder the guy
died from a heart attack.

And that mother, Helen Ryan?

She flat-out denied
having an affair.

Which is exactly what people
who're having affairs do.

Well, she's still married?
The last thing she wants

is her husband finding out
that one of his boys is not his.

Yeah, or more than one.
They all look alike.

All right. So what do we know
about the brothers?

No records.

No DNA in the system.

Can we put any of them
in the vicinity

- where Lily went missing?
- Yeah.

Two of them work in Manhattan.

The oldest, Dan Jr., works
security at the Metropolitan.

The middle kid, Gary,
is a beverage distributor.

And the youngest, Mark,
is a psych major.

He lives in East Harlem.

Ray could've fathered
one of these boys.

I mean, the guy was active.

We keep hearing no one

leaves City Island,
that it's a closed loop.

How about we get a warrant
for the DNA

of every male
between 20 and 30?

What... hello?
Civil liberties?

There's not a judge in the
county that'll sign off on that.

So we keep investigating,

Canvass Asphalt Green,
Lily's school.

See if anybody can make an ID
on the Ryan brothers,

and double-check security cams.

Let's just pick them up.
Find an excuse later.

Dodds, not till we know
what we're doing.

Hold up.
We don't have to go to them.

They go to their mother's house
every Sunday.


What, you're making me
do this again?

Look, I was at dinner
at my ma's, all right?

I had one beer
and one friggin' O'Doul's.

All right, look, Mr. Ryan.

I don't like working checkpoints
either, all right?

But you heard
about that accident last week?

That guy had a few... now
the local moms are up in arms,

so bear with me.

Keep going. All right.

Hey, you're right.
Sober as a judge.

- Told you.
- All right.

You have a nice night now.

All right, we're good
on all three brothers.

How come you had me run
Gary twice?

Just to be sure.

I saw ratchet ties
in the back of his van.

Can we go now, please?

I'm having
Staten Island flashbacks.

No, let's do a few more
in case anybody's watching.

Whose idea was it to get DNA
off of the Breathalyzers?

I figured that way...

You know, Fin, let's take
the victory lap later.

Melinda, what do we have?

The semen on Lily's thigh

and the DNA
under her fingernails

is a straight match...

for Gary Ryan.




He's on his route now.

He ever deliver
around Asphalt Green?

Yeah, he refills
the vending machines up there.

Okay, good.
We need to talk to him.

He may have witnessed
an accident.

Oh. Well,
let me give him a call.

Actually, don't.
We'll talk to him.

Where's his next stop?

Gary Ryan.

Police. Stop!

Look out!

I got you, you son of a bitch.

Don't move.

Don't move.

You're hurting me.

Don't give me an excuse.



All right, let's go.

- He lawyer up yet?
- Not yet.

But we don't need
his statement.

Yeah, we know it's him.
We got the DNA, Lily's blood,

fibers from the moving blankets,
ratchet straps in the van...

Yeah, but we don't know why.

There's never a good answer
to that question.

Okay, guys.

Really nice work.

I'll call Barba.

You know,
a confession can't hurt.

It can if it's coerced.

I'll do this by the book.

Look, Lily went missing,

I jumped
to the wrong conclusion,

and we lost a lot of time.

Dodds, you can't
put this on yourself.

We might have
found her alive.

Lily was gone the second
he pulled her into that van.

Let me hear that from him.


I'm Lieutenant Benson, Gary.

I understand that
you ran, so...

that means you must know
why you're here.


We found your DNA on the girl
and hers in your van.

How'd that happen?

She... she... she got
into the van.

Sat right up front next to me.

I gave her a soda.

So you two knew each other?

I'd seen her...
outside the pool.

And something went wrong?

I don't think
you wanted to hurt her.

No. Like,
I just wanted to talk to her.

I load soda machines
at the complex.

I see her every day.
She's cute.

She'd even smile at me.

You were hoping you two
could be friends.


I'd smile, ask her if she
could give me a smile back.

Okay. And last week?

I asked her
if she wanted a soda,

a Vitamin Water, something.

And she did?

Look, I didn't grab her
or scare her

or anything.

She got in all on her own.

So what happened?

I asked her
if I could drop her someplace.

Then I tried to kiss her.

I tried to kiss her,
and she said no.

She started yelling.

I thought someone would hear,
so I-I covered her mouth,

and I pulled her in the back.

And what did you do
in the back, Gary?

I shook her...

To get her quiet,

then her head banged
against the floor.

She went out cold.

Then I was scared,
so I started driving fast.

After a while,
I parked the van.

I... I got out.

I was gonna let her go...

But it was too late.

She could've still been alive.

I don't think so.

She wasn't breathing.

I couldn't feel no pulse.

What did you do then?

I waited a long time
till it got dark,

and then I...

Wrapped her in a blanket,

and I left her there
under a ramp.

Why didn't you call anyone?

It was only an accident.

I knew no one would believe me.

I've been sick about it
ever since.

Why Lily?

He'd seen her before.

My God.

He just... grabbed her,

attacked her, killed her?

For no reason?

I wish...
that we had a better answer.

I am so very sorry.

Glad that one's over.
That was a brutal case.

You okay, Sarge?

Yeah, I am.

But the Evans
and those other families?

How do they come back
from something like this?

We got the guy, Dodds.

That's as good as it ever gets.

You going to see Amanda?

Yeah, I thought I'd stop by.

You know what?
She's been living on takeout.

How about we all go up there?

I'll cook us a real meal.
I'm with that.

Me too.

Hey, Sergeant.

You... you want to join us?

Uh, rain check.

Meet you up there.

Paperwork can wait.


Lily's parents...

They're never gonna
get over this, are they?

Losing a child?


You have a kid.

That's got to make this job

Yeah, it does.

You know, Dodds, I'm gonna
tell you something

that I wish somebody had told me
after my first tough case.

Go home,
talk to somebody you love,

and don't make this
job your whole life.

- sync and corrections by ZacQ -
- -