Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 15, Episode 7 - Dissonant Voices - full transcript

A voice coach for a popular contestant on a television singing competition contestant is accused of sexual assault by two young boys at the school where he teaches.

In the criminal justice system,
sexually based offenses

are considered
especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad

known as
the special victims unit.

These are their stories.

Grace, you got this.

Now go out there and
let them have it!

Breathe, boo-boo.

Glasses, please.

Thank you very much.

Hi, honey.
What's your name?

Grace belsey.

I'm from
west orange, New Jersey.

She got this on her own.

We're just so proud of her.

No matter what happens.
Right, honey?

She's going all the way.

Those judges, they don't
know what they're in for.


My mom was
actually diagnosed with

non-hodgkins lymphoma last

- Another sick mom.
- Didn't see that coming.

My audition on American diva?

It is all thanks to my
mom and dad...


God, and my coach,
Jackie Walker.

I discovered grace
at an open call.

She's got all the tools
to win this thing.

It's up to her now.

I'll take her as
far as she can go.

Okay, Gracie.
You seem a little nervous.

You okay?
It's okay.

I remember my first time.

What are you singing
tonight, honey?

- Um, "for once in my life".
- And you're how old?


You ready?


I can't hear her right now.

Give her a chance.


You know what I was thinking?

We should throw
a housewarming party.

Brian, don't say that.
You love parties.

daddy, how do I
get on American diva?

Well, same way you get
to carnegie hall:


You're weird, daddy.

Don't sit so close
to the TV, Cooper.

where's Jonah?
He's missing the best part.

Jonah, come watch the show.

Yes! Yes!

That was fantastic.

Your voice?

Liquid velvet.

Gracie, after tonight,

your life will never
be the same.

Where does that
voice even come from?

My voice coach.


It's your music
teacher, Mr. Jackie.

Isn't that exciting?


Jonah, your music
teacher is on TV.

- I don't like Mr. Jackie.
- Of course you do.

He makes me play doctor.
I don't like him.

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15x07- dissonant voices

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Mr. Jackie is a bad man.

Why is he a bad man, sweetie?

He follows me
into the bathroom.

- When does he do that?
- When I have to go.

Just the two of you?

- Does he close the door?
- Uhhuh.

That's Jonah Allen.

Four years old?

And change.
His mother called SVU.

Sometimes he wants
to play doctor.

I don't like that.

Jonah, do you like to draw?

You do?

'Cause look what
I have right here.

So Jonah saw his music
teacher, Jackie Walker,

on TV and flipped out.

What's his music
teacher doing on TV?

He's a vocal coach
on American diva.

Yeah, anyway,
he kept his day job:

Pre-k music teacher
at the Margaret Fuller school.

The 50,000 dollar a year
prep school off park Avenue.

- That's it.
- Terrific.

So who brought him here?

His mother and his sister,
and his parents may be

wealthy, but they also
separated just three months ago.

And the four-year-old
suddenly comes forward.

Could be he wants attention,
could be a divorce maneuver.

Get the father down here, too.

I'm sorry.

It's just...
I'm kind of in shock.

Well, you notice any changes
in Jonah's behavior recently?

Yes, actually.

He spends Wednesday
nights at his father's,

and he said he
wet the bed there.

He hasn't done
that in two years.

I don't know what my
wife is telling you,

but it's a lie!
Shut up, Steven!

Don't you talk to me like that!

- Whoa, whoa, take it easy!
- Mr. Allen, step back.

Listen, we're going
through a divorce.

I don't know what she's accusing
me of, but it's a lie.

She's not accusing
you of anything.

Baby, this is just
about the money.

- Then stop!
- That is all he thinks about!

Calm down.
This is all about your son.

My wife is lying.

She's already reported me to
the IRS, made a false report...

I said calm down.
Let's go.

I swear, if Steven tries
to blame me for this...

Why would he do that?

He wanted public school.
I wanted Margaret Fuller.

This is all my fault.

No, honey.
Honey, why would you say that?

When Jonah told me,
I should have told our mom.

When Jonah told you what?

He said that Mr. Jackie
followed him into the

and... touched him.

Oh, okay.

When did Jonah tell you that?

A couple of weeks ago.
But, I mean, Jonah, he's four.

He makes things up.

What other things
he has made up?

Sometimes he says he
has another family in

California, or that he can
see through doors, you know.

So you thought
he made this up, too.

It's just Jackie.

I mean, I've known
him since I was four.

I didn't want to believe
that he would...

Oh, God, I think I'm
going to be sick.

That's really good.

So what is this?

That's a magic egg.

Mr. Jackie tickles
me with it.

Can you tell me
where he tickles you?

I say stop, but he doesn't.

Okay, and, Jonah, can you
tell me again where you play

this doctor game?

In the special bathroom.

What makes it special?

There's bluebirds and flowers.

Consistent, specific details.

Seems credible.
So we believe Jonah?

Jonah was adamant that
Jackie did something,

you know, "wrong."

Did you guys get anything
from the parents?

Parents hate each other,
but I don't see either one

of them coaching
the kid to lie.

The sister, Brooke, she's 15.

She told me Jonah disclosed
to her two weeks ago,

and she also said that
he does make things up.

- Any history with this guy?
- No.

Jackie's clean.

He's not in the registry,
no record,

not even any legal issues.

What did the doctor say?

She said there were
no signs of STDs,

and sexual abuse
is inconclusive.

Jonah said that Jackie used
a magic egg to tickle him.

He didn't say anything
about penetration.

What do you mean magic egg?

He drew that purple oval.

He said that Walker keeps it
with the rhythm instruments.

It's enough for probable cause.

I'll get a warrant.
Call CSU...


Come on, do we have
to make a show out of this?

Amanda, you worrying
about that school?

No, Jackie Walker.

He's an openly gay male
teacher, he's a celebrity.

He gets accused of pedophilia?

I mean, the charges may go
away, but the stain won't.

I'm touched by your concern.
We'll keep it in mind.

You're SVU detectives?

I need to know what
this is all about.

We have a warrant.
Just let us do our job.

This is the other
bathroom on Jonah's floor.

Bluebirds and flowers.

- And that's your music room?
- Mm-hm.

Your son has a great
voice, but for now,

what we do in class
should be fun.

I saw a video on YouTube.

The girl was three,
singing opera.

Jackie Walker?

Excuse me, I'm with a parent.

Allison, could you
give us a minute?

Well, that's rude.
What is this about?

Where do you keep
your rhythm instruments?

- In the bin on that shelf.
- You mean this one here?

Yeah, that's my
clap-and-play box.

What's that?

I don't know.

Part of your
clap-and-play lesson?

I don't know what that is.

Does anybody
else teach in here?

There are students and faculty
in and out of here all day.

After school
"music together" classes.

Did my producer
put you up to this?

Am I being punk'd?
This is no joke.

We have some questions
we need to ask you.

About that?
That's not mine.

You don't want to do this here.

He's 4 years old. This is horrible!
I would never harm a child.

So you're saying he lied to us?

I don't know what to think.
He does tell stories.

You should hear the songs
he makes up in class.

But the story he told us
about the purple eggs

turned out to be true.

Those egg-shakers
are not mine.

Well, first of all,
they're not egg-shakers.

They're sex toys, and he
said that you used them

to tickle him.

I did not.
I've never even seen them.

Did you ever do anything
with Jonah that he might

have misinterpreted?

Like what?

Adjust his zipper?
Touch him somewhere?

I am not a child molester.

It's okay.

Have you ever been
alone with Jonah,

maybe in a private
bathroom at school?



You think I'd put myself
alone with a boy

in a private bathroom?

Maybe he got sick.
Maybe he fell.

You know, you go
into the bathroom,

you play doctor...


All I do is teach kids music.

We clap, they sing,
we have a great time together.


So let me ask you a question.
You're on this TV show,

you have this big, thriving
career coaching singers.

Why are you still
teaching preschoolers?

Because I actually
care about the job I do.

Kids need music in their lives.

The early years are important.

Oh, yeah.
Yeah, they are.

Do you have children
of your own?


Someday, if I meet
the right man.

Yeah, but you know kids.

I mean, at this age, they
jump all over you, right?

They touch you in
the strangest places,

they like to wrestle,
get tickled...

Okay, that's enough.
You know what?

You two aren't paying
attention to me,

so I'm going to need my lawyer.

Jackie said
the magic word... lawyer.

No surprise.

Maybe he's innocent.

I mean, you guys were
going at him pretty hard.

You're the one who found the
eggs where Jonah said they were.

Look, he was being
defensive, making excuses.

He's lying about something.

Okay, where are
we on forensics?

I will put in another call.

So he's been a music teacher

at Margaret Fuller how long?

12 years.

I mean, the guy's worked
on Broadway, and off...

Mostly off...
A vocal coach.

The usual freelance mix.

And no other accusations?
Sudden departures?

Exactly the opposite.

The guy was popular even before
he got this American diva gig.

That's going to change.
Everyone loved elmo, too.

All off the word
of one four-year-old.

And the sex toys.
Look, he's grooming Jonah.

He may well be,
but rollins is right.

Hard to bring a case like
this on the testimony

of a boy that young.

He was consistent,
and not by rote.

He's also got
an active imagination.

At that age, the line between
reality and fantasy does blur.

And that's the problem.

I believe Jonah, but no judge
will find him swearable.

What do you want
from us, counselor?


He was grooming Jonah
with these sex toys.

There have to be other kids.

I'll call the principal,
put some fear into him.

Your principal told us
that you didn't want to go

to music class
last week, Cooper.


I told the nurse my tummy hurt.

Did your tummy hurt?


Then why didn't you
want to go to music class?

You can tell me.

Because Mr. Jackie
does bad things.

What does Mr. Jackie do?

He came into the bathroom
at school when I was all alone.

And what did that
bathroom look like?

There's a window above the tub.

The glass has birds
and pink flowers.

The tub?

- There's a bathtub?
- I mean the sink.


That's where he plays the game.

Tell me about the game.

I can't.

He said it was our secret,
so nobody could know.

Your secret?

Can you tell me?

He has extra-special
purple magic eggs.

He tickles me with them.


Can you show me where?

No, Gail, I don't know yet.
The principal called.

Something happened
to Cooper at school.

No. No, hang on.

Yeah... hello?
No, no, I'm on with Gail.

Okay, Mrs. burns, can you
hang up the phone, please?

Call Jennifer.

Wyatt is in
Mr. Jackie's class, too.

Please, please.


What happened to my little boy?

We're trying to
figure that out.

Last week, he skipped class.

He said he was feeling sick.

I thought maybe it
was something he ate.

Is there anything else
that you can think of that

happened at school that may
seem out of the ordinary?

Oh, my God.

A month ago, Cooper came
home without his underwear.

He told me he had an accident.

The second complainant,
Cooper burns,

was also four years old.

The two boys'
stories are similar?

Well, both of them
described the purple magic eggs,

both of them said it happened
in the bathroom at school.

But their descriptions
of the bathroom were different.

Cooper described
a window and a bathtub.

I mean, there's no tub
in the school bathroom.

Right, but I would be more
concerned if the language

was exactly the same.


Thanks, Fin.

Uh, I didn't want to
see this coming.

Jonah's saliva was
recovered on the sex toys,

along with fecal bacteria.

So he wasn't just
tickling these boys.

And there's
a second unknown sample.

So it could be Cooper,
so let's have them run that.

How about Jackie?
Prints? DNA?

No, and a lot of people
have access to that room.

Those kids told us
that he used eggs,

they told us where
he kept them,

and now you have the DNA.

But you wanted more, counselor.
What are we waiting for?

We have Jonah
and Cooper's DNA

on the sex toys that we
found in your classroom.

What? DNA?

What the hell are
you talking about?

- Jackie, please.
- Please what?

You're here to help me and
you're sitting on your ass!

I'm doing my job.
They've made their allegations.

- We take it from here.
- Jackie, one more chance.

Now you told us you were
never in a bathroom

- with any of the boys.
- That's right.

The problem is we're
hearing otherwise.

- What?
- Two other moms came forward.

Their kids saw you go into
the bathroom with Cooper.

Now do you want to
tell us what happened?

All right, um...

Cooper burns is
one of my students.


He fell into the toilet.

- Oh, my God.
- I'm telling the truth.

Why'd you lie before?

What was I going to do?

Admit to being alone in a
bathroom with a little boy

when you were accusing me
of being a child molester?

Would have been better
than lying, Jackie.

Why'd you tell
Cooper it was a secret.

I mean, if nothing happened...

He was embarrassed.
He was crying.

I didn't hurt that boy.

I was helping him.

I was saving him
from the shame.

Whose shame, Jackie?
His or yours?

He went home
without any underwear.

They were soaking wet!

And you never thought to tell
his mother what happened, huh?

- Send an email?
- Okay, okay.

I should have, but she didn't
do the pickup that day,

and I had to go.

We were taping the show.

So that's three excuses.

Which one do you think
we should go with?

I didn't do anything to
either one of those boys.

You have to believe me!

No, we don't.

Tell your client
what's coming down,

what happens to guys who let
this go to a public trial.

No, no, no, no!

You had your chance, pal.

I feel terrible for those boys,

and I thought I knew him,
but I guess I didn't.

- What's going on?
- A feeding frenzy started.

All of us at American diva
are deeply troubled by these

allegations, and are
taking them very seriously.

While the investigation
is ongoing,

Jackie Walker has agreed to
take a leave of absence

so he can focus on his defense.

Thank you.
No questions at this time.

Isn't that the guy who got
his wife's sister pregnant?

He didn't molest kids.

Are we sure Jackie did?

Why, just because
he's charming?

Look, we've seen this
before, all right?

We have the DNA, Liv and I
were in the box with him.

Yeah, all I'm saying...

We all know that Liv is
working through some things,

and her judgment...

I just think that she's
pushing this one too hard.

I'm going to side
with my partner here.

Of course you are.

Jackie Walker, you are
charged with two counts of

aggravated sexual abuse of
a minor in the first degree.

Not guilty, your honor.

This rush to judgment against
my client has been appalling.

To be covered in
trial, counselor.

Your honor, Mr. Walker
has access to resources,

both monetary and logistical.

He has ties to
the community, no record,

and a reputation
he wants to defend.

We may be past
that, your honor.


Given the nature of these
charges and the defendant's

resources, bail is
set at one million.


Did you hear any of that?

I don't have that.

Is there someone you can call?

A friend?

My own brother won't
return my phone calls.

I don't have anybody.

He can't make bail, seriously?

He was only on
that show for a year.

Before that, he was
a music teacher.

This is a classic
predator move.

He wants everyone to
feel sorry for him.

Nothing's his fault.

Hi. Thank you so much
for taking me early.

No problem.

Things have been
so crazy at work.

- Just happy you're here.
- Thank you.

So how are you?

I wish people
would stop asking me that.

Sorry, I'm just...

You say things
have been crazy at work.

This case
that I've been working on...

With those young boys?


I saw your name in the paper.

You know, sometimes I...

I feel like I'm playing
whac-a-mole, you know?

You just knock one down,
and then three pop up,

and it's just over and over
and over and, you know,

but then I think...

Even if I save one...

Is that how you
think of yourself,

as a savior?

Someone has to protect them.

Yes, but does it
always have to be you?

- It's my job.
- You ever wondered why?

Just say what you're thinking.

You've spent
so much of your life

taking care of others,

yet this last week,
I found myself thinking,

all these sessions, you've
never mentioned your parents.


I couldn't help but wonder...

When you were a little girl,

did someone take care of you?

So whose idea was it?

It was his idea.

Okay, and when you
played this game,

how did it make you feel?

It felt uncomfortable.



Mr. Jackie is a bad man.

Mr. Jackie
played the game with me.

Can you tell me about the game?

It was inappropriate.

Why is he a bad man, Emma?

'Cause he is.
Even my mom says he is.

She does?

Yeah, so I think
he's a bad man too.

Another one.

How many allegations is that?

Nine, and counting.

Two more moms just called.

Boys and girls?

It's not unheard of.

In England, Jimmy Savile...

I know.
I know, I know.

Hundreds of boys and girls
with a wide range of ages...

Tell me that's not
what we're looking at.

So far, no.

All of the victims
are preschoolers

at Margaret Fuller.

They all claim
that Jackie Walker tickled them.

All current?


So all too young to testify?

There are a couple
of older siblings.

- How old?
- Six, seven.

Still not swearable
to most judges.

So we've got no testimony.

His prints
aren't on this egg thing.

We still don't have a case.

Have any of the older students
come forward?

- No, not one.
- But that's not unusual.

I mean, the Savile assaults
went unreported for decades.

I mean, these parents
have seen the headlines.

They don't want their kids
caught up in it.

The first boy, Jonah,
has an older sister, Brooke.

She's 15.

She studied with Jackie Walker
when she was four.

Did anyone talk to this girl?

I did, yeah.

She was beating herself up
for not protecting Jonah.

She said she felt
like it was her fault.

Maybe she was feeling guilty.

Jackie was my teacher
in pre-k.

I took private lessons
with him for ten years.


When did you stop?

A couple months ago.

Any reason?

Just lost interest.

Music is like a job.

I wanted to be a normal kid.

Doesn't look like you
lost interest.

You know, Brooke, if, uh...

If Jackie did anything,

you know, that made you
feel uncomfortable...

Well, you know music teachers.

Like, everything
is like sex to them.

Jackie and I
would work on a piece,

and Jackie would say to imagine
I was kissing a boy.

Did he ever touch you?

No, no.

Jackie touches little kids.

Guy's a total creep.

Yeah, but, Brooke,
when you studied with Jackie,

you were a little kid.


Hey, did Jackie ever touch you?

It's okay.

No, it's not.

If I would have
told my parents,

none of this
would have happened to Jonah.

I just...

Jackie, I promised him
it was our little secret.

Brooke, you know
what Jackie did was wrong,

and you don't have
to hide it anymore.

It's okay.

He started out tickling me.

He made it all seem so normal,

like this is what students
and teachers did.

I didn't know it was wrong.

Hehe touched you.

Anything else?


He had these eggs.

Toys... they vibrated.

I thought
they were instruments.

He had me, uh,
put them inside me,

and he'd watch
and touch himself.

How old were you when...
When it started?

Four, just like Jonah.

Did you tell your mom or dad?

No, okay, and you can't
tell them, please.

They'll be so mad.

Well, honey, they're
going to have to find out.

Not now, okay?

You cannot do this,
please, please!

Okay, so you didn't tell
your mom and dad.

Did you tell anyone?

Rachel, open the door.

Sorry, mom.
I couldn't hear you.

The water was running.

Honey, do you have a second?

Olivia and Amanda
would like to talk to us.

Um, not really.

I haven't checked
Cooper's teeth yet,

and then I need to read him
his story.

How about I go ahead
and take care of that?

That way the three of you
can talk, okay?

Is that all right
with you, Cooper?

Can we go in another room?

Um, why?
I don't...

Rachel, it's important.

- Just take a second.
- Help you brush?

That's it, nice work.

Getting all the way
in the back... that's good.


What a pretty window.

Those pink flowers,
you like those?

- Uh-huh.
- Oh, me too.

Cooper, has Mr. Jackie
ever been to your house,

maybe given you a bath here?


He's only at school.

Can you tell me
who does give you your baths?

Basically, they were vibrators.


I'm sorry, mom.

I've seen them in some
of the other mom's bedrooms.

He used them on me.

He said we were playing doctor.

I'm sorry to interrupt.

Rollins, what are you doing?

Can I talk to you?

Yeah, now's not a good time.

I understand that.

Could you excuse us
for just a moment?

I just need to chat
with my partner.

I'm sorry, Rachel.

Sweetie, it's okay.

Wow, Amanda, you were right.

That window is pretty,

with the pink flowers
and the blue birds.

Blue's my favorite color.

Cooper also told me that he
sometimes takes his baths

here with Jonah.

By yourself?

Wow, you two are big boys.

No, with mommy and Rachel.


Or sometimes Brooke.

Jonah's sister?


And Mr. Jackie
was never here.


He came into the bathroom
at school

when I was all alone,

only he said it was our secret

so nobody could know.

Your secret?

About the eggs?

He has extra special
purple magic eggs.

He tickles me with them.

Cooper, you know the difference

between the truth and a lie?


A lie is when something
is not real.

That's exactly right.

So can you tell us more
about where you played doctor?

The school bathroom.

There's flowers and birds.

You also said
that there was a bathtub

and a window.


Hey, Cooper, you've got
a really good memory.

Thank you.

Is it hard to remember
this story

and the way it was told to you?

Very hard.

Sometimes I forget things.
Then I remember.

You remember.

So someone told you
to tell this story.



Can you tell us
who that was, Cooper?

It was Brooke.

She said I was a big boy
and she knew I could remember.

Cooper was coached to lie by Brooke?

And it's most likely
that Jonah was, too.

Cooper mixed up the details.

He conflated his home bathroom
with that of the school's.

What about the other
eight complainants?

Brooke and Rac
coached them, too?

No, we're not saying that,
but you know these mothers.

They text with each other 24/7.

I mean, a kid gets lice,
everybody knows who it is

within half an hour.

But we're not talking
about lice here.

I know that, but people
get themselves all worked up

and it ends up taking
on a life of its own.

Extraordinary popular delusions
and the madness of crowds?

Yeah, it could be.

Okay, say the mothers just
whipped up the hysteria.

Brooke and Rachel are
the ones who framed Jackie.


Brooke and Rachel
disclosed to me last night

that they were both molested
by Jackie when they were four.

So instead of coming forward,

they coached their
younger brothers?

Do you believe them?

Right now...

I don't know what to believe.

Jackie's still at Rikers?

- Yeah.
- Go ask him.

What, they're accusing me now?
I never touched them.

But you did coach them up
until a couple months ago.

Why did they leave you?

They didn't leave me.
I dropped them.

The season was starting and
I had to choose who I was

going to coach
for American diva.

I went with grace.

To make it, you have
to be really special,

and those girls
just really aren't.

Did you tell them that?

Yeah, did them a big favor.

Saved them from ten years
of waiting for a break

that would never come.

And I'm betting they
didn't take that really well.

Oh, my God.

Brooke and Rachel set him up.

They coached their
brothers to lie.

I mean, that's hardball,
even for teenagers.

Yeah, but Brooke's seen
her mother play hardball

in the divorce.

I mean, kids, you think
they're not paying attention.

They don't miss anything.

Cooper said that he was
molested in a bathroom with

a stained glass
window above the tub,

just like the bathroom
in his bedroom.


Maybe Mr. Jackie gave
him a lesson there.

No, Jackie was never there.

What are you suggesting?

That I molested my
friend's brother?

We're not sure
what all you've done.

He had, like, a power over us.

We'd do anything he said.

Yeah, but then you suddenly
stopped studying with him?

Yeah, we quit.

Or he dropped you
before the audition.


No, I didn't want to
study with him anymore.

He's a pervert.

He touches me and
Brooke all the time.

He touches you?

Because pedophiles
don't usually touch,

they're not interested
in, teenage girls.

We do know that Cooper
said it was very hard to

remember the story
that you told him.


He's four years old.
You can't believe him.

You wanted us to
believe him about Jackie.

Don't let them
talk to me like this.

Rachel, what are they saying?

I didn't do any of this.

So what's going to happen
when we look at your cell phone,

your computer, all your texts,

your search history?

I was just doing research.

You find those
magic eggs online?

You use your
family credit card?

No, no, this wasn't my idea!

Rachel, it's over.
You need to stop lying now.

I'm not lying!
It wasn't my idea!

It's not your idea, Rachel?

Well, then whose idea was it?

Rachel, tell them.


After Jackie dumped
us, she was really mad.

She made the whole thing up,
told me and Cooper what to say.

After all my family
has been through?

We will sue the city!

With false charges?

Just like you
threatened your husband?

Oh, how dare you?

Why would my daughter do this?

Because Jackie dropped
her as a student.

He told you you weren't good
enough for American diva.

He dropped me.
So what?

Okay, I know how good I am,
I know I'm going to be a star,

and my whole life, everybody's
been telling me that.

Okay, it's just
a matter of time.

They've been telling
you that your whole life?

So it must have really sucked
when you found out

everybody was lying to you.

That's not true!

Okay, and I didn't
do this to Jackie,

Jackie did this to me.

Mom, don't let them
get away with this!

I won't, I won't.
Let's go.

- Ms. Allen?
- Yes, what?

You must be really proud
of your daughter.

Upon further investigation,
we have found the charges

against Mr. Walker
to be baseless.

We are asking for all
charges to be dismissed,

and for him to be
released immediately.

We would also like to extend
our sincere apologies

to Mr. Walker and his family.

I know you don't want to
hear any more apologies.

I'm sorry.

You're sorry?

Is that supposed
to make it right?

- I can't imagine...
- No, you can't.

Mr. Walker, if you want us
to talk with the school...

Haven't you done enough?
You all dragged me into this.

I told you from the
beginning that I had nothing

to do with it,
that I was innocent...

And you didn't believe me.

You wouldn't even
listen to my side!

We will work hard
to clear your name.

Clear my name?
My name is ruined.

It was front page news
when you charged me!

You see any cameras
out there today?

I'll never teach again.
My life is over.

Mr. Walker...

And those two girls,

when do they get charged?

The D.A. Has agreed
to let them take a plea.

For misdemeanor obstruction,
they'll do one year's probation.

- Probation?
- Are you kidding me?

We can't take this to trial.

The girls won't testify
against each other.

The only way to make a case
is to put two four-year-old

boys on the stand to testify
against their sisters.

Those boys are damaged
enough as it is.

They're damaged?

Heh. I see.

- Mr. Walker, there...
- No!

Get away from me.

Just get away.

I keep going
over it in my head.

Those kids did
not sound coached.

We had the DNA.
We were just doing our job.

People lie, people make
mistakes, people get hurt.

This comes with the territory.

No, you guys can keep telling
yourselves whatever you want.

This didn't have to happen.

- Sync and corrections by Zac -
- www.Addic7ed.Com -