Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 15, Episode 8 - Military Justice - full transcript

When SVU and A.D.A. Barba investigate a gang rape involving the Coast Guard, they must deal with military stonewalling, red tape, and odd legal issues.

In the criminal justice system,
sexually based offenses

are considered
especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad

known as
the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

- Ma'am, ma'am.
- Don't touch me.

Please get back
inside the car.

Do you want me to walk
in a straight line?

'Cause I can walk
in a straight line

just get back in the car
now for me, please.

My grandfather was
at the bataan death march,

so hell yeah,
I can walk in a straight line.

Okay, I am
a third-generation member

of the United States military.

Ma'am, I'm gonna need
to put your arms...

My grandfather died
in world war ii.

My two brothers
were in the marines.

My father served
in three wars!

I am an officer in
the United States coast guard!

I am a U.S. citizen!

You cannot arrest me!

I need to get back
to my sector!

You cannot arrest me!

Amelia Albers,

driving the wrong way
up a one-way street,

I stopped her.

She got belligerent.

I mean,
something happened to her,

but she won't say.

Ensign Albers,
we're svu detectives.

I just have to get back
to sector sheepshead bay.


Amelia, Amelia,
can you look at me?

I'm an ensign
in the U.S. coast guard.

Listen to me.

You may have been assaulted.

You're bleeding. We need
to get you to a hospital.

I'm U.A.

I can't go to a hospital.

Unauthorized absence.

Okay, Amelia,
you're gonna be okay,

but can you tell us
what happened?

It was my fault.

Please don't let anybody
in my sector find out.

Amelia, were you raped?

Law & Order: SVU
15x08 - Military Justice

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Severe vaginal
and rectal trauma

torn perineal tissues
swollen larinx,

possibly from a chokehold,

abrasions on her back
and buttocks.

- Brutal assault.
- More than one person?

I think so.

Circumferential bruising and
ligament tears on her wrists?

Is she able to talk to us?

She's sobering up.
We had to pump her stomach.

We couldn't even give her
painkillers at first

because her blood-alcohol
was too high.

how you doing?

Better, I guess.

We need to talk
about what happened.


No, 'cause I have to get back
to sector.

That can't happen
right away.

Technically you're still

awaiting arraignment
for your D.U.I.

Well, there's no point,

I don't know who they are.

Oh, so you were assaulted
by strangers?

I guess so.

Yeah, I drank a lot.

I was in officer
candidate school for a year,

on duty
for the past six months.

I guess I must have just lost
my tolerance for alcohol.

So can you tell us what...

What you were doing downtown?

Me and a few
of the other guys were doing

a recruiting show-and-tell
at federal Plaza.

And after that?

We went to a bar
to blow off some steam.


Me and a few of the guys
from sector.

We'll need their names.

but they all went back.

I don't think
it'll be any help.

Amelia, do you remember
leaving the bar?

Do you remember
if you were with anyone?

Mm, I don't know.

I was dancing, you know,

with, uh...

Some guys
from the kitchen.

Can you describe them?

They were Mexican, maybe.

Look, I need to go.
I'm in trouble.

I missed my curfew.

Is there anybody in the area
that you can call,

any family or friends?

My mom,
she lives in Annapolis.

Can you tell her not to tell
my father, please?

He'll be so disappointed.

you didn't do anything wrong.

I'm an ensign.

I am supposed to be able
to take care of myself.

My two brothers
are marines!

My three... my father
served in three wars!

This girl's
a military brat.

Military royalty.

Her father's an admiral
in the coast guard,

works with A.I.T.S...
Advanced interdiction teams.

Right now,
he's on a U.S. Navy destroyer

in the Gulf of Mexico.

An admiral's daughter

comes into our city
and gets gang-raped.

1pp wants answers fast.

Well, they're not gonna
get it from her.

And what about the guys
she came in with?

Oh, they're back
on their base.

Well, military and rape...

They won't be happy to see us.

Well, that's too bad.

We're investigating
an assault

on one of their own.

They'll cooperate.

Detective tutuola, svu.

This is captain Cragen
and detective rollins.

Detective Benson and amaro
are behind me.

I'm getting PTSD
just sitting here.

How long did you serve?

Army ranger, two tours.

You think NYPD's got
a lot of paperwork.

This is awful.

I tried to make Albers
give me her car keys.

She slapped me.

So where were you drinking?

- Sea Horse Bar & Grill.
- What time did you get there?

Uh, I don't know.
At 9:00, maybe?

Is she usually
a big drinker?

I don't know,
but she was last night.

She was doing shots,
hitting it hard

after the dog-and-pony show.

Anyone at the bar
hitting on her?

It was
the other way around.

She was letting loose,
dancing on the tables.

And you guys didn't get her
out of there?

I tried.

She told me to go eff myself.

When we left the bar,
she was twerking it

with two Mexican cooks.

What ever happened
to never leaving a man behind?

She's not a man, detective.

Woman tells you to go away,
you go away.

It was 1:00 A.M.
by the time we got back.

It's in the log book.

You were with Amelia
the whole time?

Well, not really.

How do you mean,
"not really"?

Amelia's in enough trouble

She's been brutalized.

Amelia's in the hospital.

I don't see what kind of trouble
she could possibly be in.

She's in it pretty deep
with the commander

for missing curfew.

I was sickened
when I heard about this,

but she was a train wreck.

How so?

Albers is
under a lot of pressure.

Even now it is not easy
being a woman on a ship,

and I've already been cutting
her breaks

as a courtesy to her father.

The admiral.

So it's common knowledge
that she's his daughter?

Oh, I'd say so.

He's a legend
and a good man.

I served under him.

I have been trying
to reach him,

but it's not going to be
an easy conversation.

It never is.

And it's not just
the attack.

He will understand
what this means

for her standing here.

It's a shame.

With all due respect,

what does her gang rape
have to do with her standing?

She was
publicly intoxicated.

She was arrested for D.U.I.

She's supposed to be with
a buddy at all times off base.

All this shows
very poor judgment on her part.

She was gang-raped, and he calls
it "poor judgment on her part."

Easy, Olivia,
it's not our turf.

They don't want women here
in the first place.

She gets raped, they're gonna
use it to end her career.

Her buddies threw Amelia
under the bus.

They claim that they tried
to stop her from driving,

but they're blaming her
for being drunk and belligerent.

Did anybody give us
anything useful?

Well, Wooten said
when they left the bar,

she was dirty-dancing
with the cooks.

There may be some truth
to that.

Well, if there is, it went
downhill from there fast.

Let's find out
what happened.

Down here at night,
it's like a ghost town.

Amelia could have been
attacked anywhere.

Yeah, but, I mean, she had

broken-up glass and gravel
in her back.

They had her on the ground.

Oh, it's D.C. calling.

Sorry, excuse me.

Maria, everything okay?

Hey, quick favor,
can you take zara this weekend?

Oh, for Friday?
Yeah, okay.

But I can't go down to get her.
Why, what's up?

I just need to switch
some stuff around.

I can bring her to you.

- Sure, but listen...
- Okay, thanks.

You know what,
I'm getting another call.

I got to go.
Talk to you later.

Everything all right?

A word of advice...
Don't get divorced.

Think I'm good.

Hey, you remember her?

I remember cutting her off.

She was hammered.

Did you see her with anyone?

More like everyone.

She was downing shots as fast
as guys ordered them.

Well, we'll need the bar
receipts from the other night

and any surveillance footage.

Cash only.

And we don't have
a security camera.

What can you tell us about
your kitchen staff, the cooks?

Jesus and ozzie?

Well, ozzie's new,

but they're both great.

Jesus! Ozzie!

Police have questions.

Got a runner!
Got the front.

Stay right here with me.

- Stay down!
- Stay down!

Give me your hand.

You were dancing,
one thing led to another...

No, we didn't rape her.

She came back in here
putting her chi-chis

up in my face.

I figured she was trying
to make her buddies hot.

"Her buddies"?
They were watching?

Some Navy dudes
or something.

Buzz cuts, buying shots,
dancing it up.

Okay, did you see
who she left with?

No, the kitchen
closes early.

She was still at the bar
when we left.

All right,
that's your story.

We didn't do this.

Could any of these men

be the ones that you danced with
in the kitchen?

Maybe him.

- Him.
- And him.

Okay, good.

Could they have
attacked you?

Look, I'm not sure
it was them.

It was dark.

The way they pinned me down,

I couldn't really see
their faces.

Look, maybe
we should just let this go.

I don't remember.
There's nont.

But you do remember
that they pinned you down.

I-I don't want
to wrongly accuse somebody.

I understand.

Because the cook said
that you were still

in that bar when they left.


Okay, so what?

So were the guys
from the base with you?

They didn't log back in
until 1:00 A.M.

Okay, well, maybe
they went someplace else.

Or maybe they got you drunk

and figured they could do
whatever they wanted to do.

No, I let myself get drunk,

We were dancing and...

Okay, so maybe we made out
a little bit.

"Made out"?
What does that mean?

We were just
dancing closely.


Lipitt started kissing me,

and Wooten put his hand up
my skirt.

And then what happened,

I can't say!

Did they rape you?

I'm going to get
dishonorably discharged.

I'm going to let
my family down, my father.

I know how hard this is,

but you got to try to find
a way to deal with it, okay?

I should have just taken it.

I should have let them do
what they did to me,

and I should have
just shut up about it.

So Amelia says she was raped by
Lipitt, Wooten and Graver.

- How'd it happen?
- They got her drunk,

brought her under the FDR,
jumped her, and took turns.

And left her lying there.

Well, she initially mentioned
the two cooks.

Do we believe her now?

The coast guard has
a pattern of giving rape victims

personality disorder discharges.

She was afraid to disclose.

Under the FDR, so there's
no surveillance footage.

What about the DNA?
There's no hits in codis,

but these guys wouldn't be
in codis.

What, swab 'em
and bring 'em in?

Hold off.

Let's take another run before
they know they're suspects.

Detectives, I'm sorry
for your wasted trip,

but Lipitt, Wooten, and Graver
are off base.

Where are they?

I thought
you had suspects in custody.

Well, we were hoping
they could help with the I.D.

Can you get them back?

No, no, I'm sorry.

They just left
for a six-week training mission

on a cutter
off the coast of Somalia.

I called your office,
asked you to hold these men.

Well, I wish I'd gotten
that message earlier,

but I didn't.

Now, if you'll excuse me.

Where's Amelia now?

She's in the hospital

still bleeding,
kidney infection.

Any evidence
other than the victim's word?

Well, the bartender remembers
these guys buying Amelia shots,

so the cooks say
she was dancing with them

when the guys left,

but no one saw them
leave the bar together.

- DNA?
- Well, we have samples.

But the coast guard's not
providing the suspects' DNA.

They're claiming
national security.

We'll hit them
with a blood order

when you bring them in
for an interrogation.

That's not going to be easy

since they were just shipped off
to Somalia.

Well, that I can fix.

Grand jury subpoena brings
them back for questioning.

I've done this before.

They'll comply,
but only under court order.

Every step's going
to be a fight.

Well, Amelia's already
gone through hers.

Let's have her back.

I know it was a long trip.

Thanks for coming in
to talk with us.

wasn't my first choice.

Is that why
you went to Somalia?

I went to get
my ncvp certification.

Came back
as soon as you asked.

vessel pursuit."

Okay, you know last time
we talked,

you told me you left Amelia
by herself in the bar.

Now, that was a lie,
wasn't it, Matthew?

She gets drunk
and disorderly,

misses curfew,
now she's putting it on us?

Look, man, I understand
our jobs are similar.

You know, lots of stress.

Maybe that night in the bar
you just let loose.

No disrespect,
but she's the one who let loose.

I hear you.

Look, you know
what I did wrong?

I cheated on my wife.

So you did have sex.

Yeah, that's what it was.

- Wear a condom?
- Yeah, I told you I'm married.

That's one down.

All right, you know what?

I'm done talking.

No problem.

Oh, I almost forgot.

What's this?

It's a court order
for your DNA.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, look.

I'm not saying nothing
happened that night,

but it wasn't rape.

- Well, so it was sex.
- Yeah.

What's the matter, detective?
You never get nasty?

She threw herself at us.

She... she wouldn't take
no for an answer.

Right, you just gave her
what she wanted.

That's two down.

I think I want a lawyer.


But if you had nothing
to do with this,

you call a lawyer,

I'm never going to get to hear
your side of the story.

I didn't rape her.

I didn't even have sex
with her.

You watched?

Are we gonna find your DNA
under her fingernails?


I held
her hands behind her

while she did them.

She wanted that.

He held her hands.
He's still guilty.

Or he's lying.
Look, there were two DNA hits.

If Lipitt wore a condom
and Wooten didn't,

the second sample
has to be Graver's.

So what?

They're not turning
each other in.

I mean, it's still
"she said, they said."

You want
to just let them go?

I don't trust this
with a jury, do you?

It's not our problem.
For now, arrest them.

I'll call Barba, let him know
what we have him walking into.

Amelia, how you feeling?


This is my mother, Cynthia.

Mrs. Albers.

I understand you arrested
the men who did this.

I was hoping we might be able
to keep this out of the papers.

This is all going to be
very hard on her father.

She's shielded for now,
but once the trial starts...

Does the admiral
know what happened?

Not the details.
He's on his way here.

Mrs. Albers,

we need to ask Amelia
a few more questions.

You know, maybe
we can get some coffee.

- Okay.
- Thank you.


What happens now?

We prep you for trial.

Okay, we're going
to go over that night

and make sure
that your account is consistent.

What are they saying?

Well, what all rapists say,
which is it was consensual.

They think
that I wanted that?

Their attorneys are gonna
hit you hard on being drunk,

on not telling the truth
right away...

You have no idea what it's
like for the women on the base.

The hazing...

You can't show
that you're weak.

- Ensign Albers.
- Sorry, Mr. Barba.

These officers...
Can wait outside.

You can speak to her
when we're done. Get out.

- Actually, you're done now.
- Excuse me?

Ensign Albers,
you're under arrest.

On what charges?

Fraternization, disorderly
conduct, and adultery.

- Adultery? She's not married.
- Can they do that?

Tell her.

They can.
Don't answer any questions.

You're entitled
to an attorney.

Not one word until then,

How can they charge a
single woman with adultery?

Well, one of her attackers,
Lipitt, is married.

Are they charging him?

because he's her junior.

It's also strategic.

Coast guard
prosecutes Amelia,

it undercuts our prosecution
of her rapists.

So what's gonna happen
with Amelia?

An article 32 hearing.

It's the military's version
of a grand jury

except there are
no boundaries.

They can ask her anything
they want.

It could lead
to a court marshal.

Wait, so this is coming
from her commanding officer?

We're not sure.
I mean, we talked to him.

Taverts served under
Amelia's father, the admiral.

He respects him.

It might not be Taverts.

By chain of command,
he could be getting squeezed.

Ask him.

Article 32 hearing,
it's protocol.

And yes, I feel horrible
about this.

Lipitt, Graver, and Wooten,

are they also being

Didn't break regulations,
they made curfew...

After they raped Amelia,

but I guess
that's not of interest

to the coast guard?

They said
it was consensual.

That investigation
is on you.

What we know is
that she was publicly drunk.

She was flirtatious
with other men in the bar...

So this is her fault.
She wanted it.

- I would never say that.
- No, no, no.

You're just following orders.

Is that correct?
Liv, Liv.


Commander, these men
committed serious crimes.

Charging Amelia will hamper
our ability to prosecute them.

I know you want to do
the right thing here.

Look, there are
a lot of levels to this.

Now, I can call D.C. again

and see if they've had
a change of heart.

That was Liv.

Taverts gave lip service
about helping,

but don't hold your breath.

He let on
this was coming from high up.

Maria still works
for the Pentagon?

She's public affairs
for the d.O.D.

The coast guard is
homeland security.

It's two separate organizations.

Still, D.C. is
such a small town.

Everybody knows everybody.

You know what, just listen.

Has Maria given you a reason why
she's dropping off zara tonight?

- No.
- Good.

'Cause if she's hiding

it will give her more reason
to do you a favor.

Is that really
how women think?

Not just women.
Ask her.

Just met with Warner.
DNA's back.

We got two hits on the semen.
One matches with Wooten.

He claims it's consensual,
no surprise.

The other hit?

Well, here's where
it gets interesting.

It doesn't match Lipitt.

Well, he did say
he wore a condom.


When he told me he was
just holding her arms back,

he was lying.
It's his.

Nope, it wasn't Graver.

Turns out there was
a fourth man there.

So far,
according to Warner,

he's random-man-not-excluded.

Amelia didn't mention
a fourth rapist.

I'll see if Liv and Cragen
can turn around

and go back to the base.

If someone joined in later,

she might not have remembered.

She wasn't
the only one there.

I'm going to ask you again.

Was there a fourth man there
with you?


Maybe she had sex
with someone else that day.

See, this is why everyone at
sector is calling her a whore.

When we left her,
she wanted more.

She probably went out and banged
one of those Mexicans after.

So that's it?

That's all you got?

You know, I want you to think
about what you just said

a year from now
while you're getting turned out

by your cell mates
in attica.

We did find your DNA
under her fingernails,

but no semen.

Like you said,
you didn't rape her.

That puts you in the best
position to make a deal.

I'm not a rat.

But no one has to know
it came from you.

Tell me
who the fourth guy was.

I wouldn't tell you
even if I knew.

So we went 0 for 3.

Graver didn't deny
the fourth guy.

- They're protecting someone.
- Yeah.

- Daddy, daddy!
- Hey, zara.

Good to see you.



you have grown up so much.

You know what?
You want to come with us?

Maybe we can get your photo
taken in the holding cell?

Can I, daddy?

- Sure, go, yeah.
- Come on.

Are you sure
that's a good idea?

They're just trying
to give us a minute.

- Well, I got to go.
- It's not about us.

The coast guard rape.

Yeah, I figured
that was your case.

They really did
a number on this girl.

And now,
they're charging her.

You want me
to find out why?

Look, I know
it's not under your roof,

and I don't want you
to get in any trouble.

No, no, it's not right,

so I'll make some calls.

- Thanks.
- Yeah.

How was the hearing today?

They asked me
in front of 20 officers

how wide I opened my mouth
during oral sex.

I am so sorry.

Meanwhile, these guys are

gonna get away with it,
aren't they?

They might.

And the fourth rapist
might too.


the lab found
another DNA sample.



Dad, I'm sorry.

Are you all right?

Dad, what they're saying
about me,

it's not true.


Captain Cragen says
they need you to I.D.

This fourth suspect.

- Dad, I can't.
- You can tell me.

No, I really can't do that.

I can't.

Whoever he is... he's already
disgraced the uniform.

And he's hurt you.

Amelia, you need
to tell us who it is.

Who is it?

It's my C.O.

It's commander Taverts.


I've known him
his whole career.

Why would he do something
like this?

Oh, God, he's been trying
to sleep with me

since I got here.

He said that I needed his help
if I wanted to get ahead.

And you said no.

He did not like that.

He said that no one says no

to a commanding officer.

Especially a woman.

I am so sorry, dad.

No, no, no.

You have nothing
to be sorry for.

Yeah, I drink to much.
I dance with them.

Flirted with them,

but I did not want it
to go any further.

I know
that I'm pushing you,

but I want you to be prepared
for tomorrow.

Well, it won't be any worse
than the coast guard hearing.

It might be.

They put together
a really strong defense team.

These guys are fighting
for their lives,

but I'm going to be
right here, okay?

In your corner.

Keep going?

Ensign Albers,
the night you were raped,

did you resist
your attackers?

I tried to,
but they held me down.

But did you ever say no?

No, I didn't.

Can you please explain that
to the court?

I remembered my training
not to resist or say no

in the event of a rape.

Exhibit 23,
a pamphlet issued

by your sector's department

of sexual assault prevention
and response.

You were issued this
when you first enlisted?

- Mm-hmm.
- Yes?

Can you please read
the highlighted section?

"During sexual assault,
it may be advisable

to submit rather than resist."
Thank you.

"It may be advisable
to submit rather than resist."

So the reason that you
did not say no

or fight during a violent,
vicious assault,

was because you were following

what you believed to be
military protocol.

That's correct.

Thank you, ensign Albers.

You just said
that you didn't say no

because it's
military protocol,

but the night in question,

you admitted
that you were drunk,

that you were driving drunk,

that you were arrested.

Is that military protocol?


You also admitted
that you were dancing

with the defendants?


And you also made out
with the defendants?


All four of them?


But I did not want
to get raped.

And after making out
with these men,

you left the bar willingly
with them.

They said they would walk me
to my car.

Is that a yes?


Ensign Albers, you were aware
that one defendant,

petty officer Zeke Lipitt,
was married?


So you broke
military protocol

by fraternizing
with Zeke Lipitt,

by getting arrested
for D.U.I.,

by missing your curfew,

but during
this alleged violent gang rape,

is it possible
that you didn't say no

because you were
enjoying yourself,

you didn't say no because you
didn't want it to stop?

- Objection.
- Overruled.

I did want it to stop.

Then why didn't you
tell the police

that these men had raped you?

I was afraid
that they would go after me.

Not because you, yourself,
were in trouble

being drunk,
missing your curfew.


Isn't that exactly why you
accused these junior officers,

to escape punishment
for yourself?


They raped me.

That's your story now,
ensign Albers?



Nothing further.

That went about as badly
as it could have gone.

They heard the extent
of her injuries,

- the results of the rape kit.
- Uh-huh.

All it takes is one juror
to believe

that she likes rough sex.
"Rough sex"?

They practically
tore her apart.

You're gonna get these guys
on the stand.

- You're gonna break...
- Not a chance.

After today,
the defense won't bother

to put the guys up there.

She was drunk,
her story changed,

her details
are inconsistent,

cue the reasonable doubt

I might have something
that can help.

Taverts' testimony
at a military hearing...

No, stop talking.

Okay, you all right,

You almost tripped
over the garrity rule.

Everything in this file
is dirty.

An officer can't invoke
at a military hearing,

so the courts consider
this testimony

to be compelled,
to be coerced.

So these statements
cannot be used

in a criminal prosecution.

If I even so much as look
at this file,

I have to recuse myself
from the case.

Mistrial. Game over.

Where did you get this file?

It's... it was my idea.

His ex works
at the Pentagon.

I thought if he nosed around
about Taverts...

Maria said the flood gates
opened up on this guy.

Yeah, I bet they did.
They're setting you up.

Someone's trying
to poison the well.

You know, hypothetically,
if I had read it,

could I talk
to another defendant

about his relationship with...

Would you stop talking?

You read this file?

You can't talk to anyone
about any of this,

and you're off the case.

Me entiendes?

This is...
This is my fault.

I'm very, very sorry.
Rollins, you didn't know.

It's okay.

At this point,
we're already at trial.

The only thing
I maybe wanted to do

was look at Graver
one more time.

A few more questions

for my client
in the middle of a trial?

Forensically we know
that he didn't rape her, okay?

The other three did,

but you never know
what a jury will do.

Your client
could be convicted

of a crime
that he did not commit.

There was no crime.

You know that's not true.

I mean, don't you, Scott?

She shouldn't have said

"She shouldn't have
said anything"?

What happened
to Amelia, Scott,

will be with her
for the rest of her life.

The nightmares,

the flashbacks.

If we don't get these guys,

I can't imagine
what will happen to her.

But maybe you can,

and put yourself
in her place.

Imagine something like that
happening to you.

Wouldn't you want somebody
to step up and speak out?

You want me to talk about what
happened to me in open court?

No way.

Scott, what you survived,

I can tell it's been
on your mind the whole time.

Your hands have been shaking
since I met you.

When is the last time
you slept through the night?

A year ago.

So tell us what happened.

I was at a bar...

In sheepshead bay.

I'm gay, okay?

Usually people can't tell.

I got a little drunk.

There were three guys
from my base.

They started
calling me names...

Homo, fag.

I walked out.

They followed me,

pushed me in an alley.

I woke up in a hospital bed
with internal injuries.

Did you report it?

After consulting
with my C.O.,

I realized that if I wanted
to stay in the coast guard,

I needed to man up.

Your C.O.

Lieutenant commander
William Taverts.

After we left the bar,
Lipitt, Wooten and I

walked Albers to her car
under the FDR.

She was so drunk,
she could barely stand.

Wooten was
half-carrying her.

Lieutenant commander Taverts
was already outside

waiting for us.

And he just happened
to be there?

No, this was set up by him
from the beginning.

What was set up?

We were gonna teach
ensign Albers

a lesson about respect
for her C.O.

What happened next?

Lipitt and Wooten threw her
on the ground.

They ripped her blouse open.
They pulled her skirt off.

They held her down
while Taverts raped her.

After he was done, he said,
"who wants sloppy seconds?"

Then Lipitt forced himself
in her mouth,

and Wooten took her
from behind.

She was crying.

They called her
whore and slut.

Then they turned her over
and took turns raping her again.

And what did you do
during all of this?

I pinned her arms
behind her.

Why did you participate?

I'm gay.

And lieutenant commander Taverts
knew that.

If I didn't go along,
he'd tell everyone.

Officially, that's okay.

But I felt...

That I couldn't survive
being outed.

I'm so sorry, Albers.

He was credible up there.

Is there any way that
the others will take a plea?

They have no respect for Graver.

They don't think
the jury will either.

They're going to go after him
like they did my daughter.

That's their job.

Drinking history.
Sexual history.

Anything they can do
to shred his credibility.

Admiral, how are you, sir?

- You're talking to me?
- Yes, sir.

I wanted you to know that
that boy was lying in there,

- every word.
- Excuse me?

How about we step away?
Come on.

All due respect, sir,

if Amelia hadn't have been
your daughter,

she never would have made it
through training.

Didn't have what it took.
That's enough.

Hear me out.

Whenever she got in trouble,

she'd let everyone know
who her father was.

Hey, admiral.

In the matter of the people
versus Zeke Lipitt

on the charge of rape
in the first degree,

how do you find?

We find
the defendant guilty.

The people
versus Matthew Wooten

on the charge of rape
in the first degree,

how do you find?

We find
the defendant guilty.

In the matter of the people
versus William Taverts

on the charge of rape
in the first degree,

how do you find?

We find
the defendant guilty.

Ladies and gentlemen
of the jury, you are dismissed.

The state of New York
thanks you for your service.

Thank you, counselor.

Jury gave
the right verdict.

Amelia, I'm so sorry
that you went through this,

but I promise you,
it'll get better.

My understanding is
that the coast guard dropped

all charges against you.

In exchange for my agreeing

to a general discharge
under honorable conditions.

It's okay.

I could never go back there.

Amelia, I'm proud of you.

Coming forward,

you had more guts
than any of them.

I'll miss you, sweet pea.

Could we Skype tonight?

Tomorrow morning, okay?

Te quiero, mi Amor.

Watch your fingers.

Well, we've had a busy week.

She'll be out
before you get over the bridge.

Thanks for switching with me.
I owe you.


Well, it's a long drive,
so I'm gonna get going.

- No, wait, Maria.
I-I got to ask.

Oh, about this trip of mine?
It was a mistake.

No, I don't need
to hear about that.

It's about the file
you got me.

I-I couldn't believe that.

All those rapes,
and Taverts trying to pressure

the victims into dropping
the charges,

I mean, it's a disgrace.

- So you didn't know.
- Know what?

We couldn't use any of it.

It would have forced
a mistrial.

They were setting you
and us up.

Nick, listen to me.

I had no idea, okay?

I promise.

I know.

Look, whoever gave you
that file,

I wouldn't trust 'em.

You're a single woman
in the military, okay?

So just please,
please be careful.


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