Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 15, Episode 6 - October Surprise - full transcript

SVU uncovers a sex scandal involving New York City's mayoral frontrunner, but is A.D.A.Barba too close to the case to prosecute objectively?

In the criminal justice system,
sexually based offenses

are considered
especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad

known as
the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

With only 12 days left until
New York's mayoral election,

the latest polls
show state senator

Alejandro Munoz
still holding on to his lead.

The time has come
to fix our broken schools.

The time has come
to provide affordable housing

for the hard-working people
of the city.

The time has come!

For far too long,
we've been a tale of two cities,

one rich and one poor.

- Amen, brother!
- Amen!

While the elite
have never flown higher,

the rest of us struggle
to climb out of the gutter.

That's right.

Alex Munoz
is the one candidate

who can bring us all together,

the one candidate
who can turn that all around.

He will, at long last,
be a voice for all people.

He will be the first
hispanic mayor

of New York City.

Thank you.
Thank you so much.

You got it.

My husband never forgot
where he came from.

He was born in the Bronx...

- Boss, I got to bounce.
- Do what you need to.

- And he fought
to re-open this center

because he believes
in our community.

El viene del barrio.

Where's Eddie going?

We got New York one
in an hour.

- Personal business.
- Now?

To understand the core values
that are so important to him,

I give you mi esposo,

the father of my children,
and the next mayor,

Alejandro Munoz.

Thank you, Yelina.

Now, won't she be
a great first lady

of the city of New York?

Don't touch me!
Get away from me!

I'll cut you!
I swear to God.

Put it down.
Put it down!

- No! No! No!
- Put it down!

- Get away from me!
- I said put it down!

Open up. Police.

Get off of me!

Oh! You're breaking my arm!

- Step back, sir.
- It's okay, I'm on the job.

I'm D.O.C!

I'm on the job!

All right.
Make it easy for everybody.

Step back.

Step back.


Drop 'em now.


Look at what he did to me!

He was trying to rape me.

What are you talking about?
No, no, no, no.

we need an ambulance.

Make that two.

Lindsay, the neighbors said

they heard screaming
and called 911.

Thank God the police
got there so fast.

I don't know how much longer
I could have held him off.

How did he get
into your apartment?

I let him in.

He said he just...
Wanted to talk.

So you know him?
You were in a relationship?

I was, um...
Trying to break it off.

But he said no one leaves him.

He said he has friends
from prison who could hurt me.

There he is!
Mi hermano from Jerome Avenue.

Still stylin'.

?Que pasa, Rafael?
Oh, yeah!

You look great, Mr. mayor.

Oh, no, not yet.
I'm going to need your vote.

- Uh-huh, you don't have
to visit me for that.

I was doing a presser
in front of city hall.

I figured we'd grab a coffee.

Well, I'm already
on my fourth cup,

but I'll get you something.

You have bustelo?

Let me guess, Starbucks.

- Can you get him a coffee?
- Sure.

I know you're busy, man.

Can I talk to you
about something?

Anything, Alex.

It's about Eddie.


Eddie Garcia
from the projects.

He got into a stupid fight
with a girl.

She says he tried to rape her.

Svu picked him up last night.

We got to take care of him.

Law & Order: SVU
15x06- October Surprise

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- -

I'm sorry that I hurt her arm,

but she was going
to cut mt balls off.

So could we just
knock this down to a discon?

I mean, I was going over there
to do the right thing, you know?

Which was what?

Try to talk some sense
into her.


No, she... she said
that I got her pregnant

and now I had to pay up, right?

And you weren't buying that.

First place,

I don't know
how it could be mine,

'cause I'm... I'm good
with the timing thing.

And since marriage
and, you know,

I only screwed up one time,
and we had my son.

Can I get out of here?

I mean, I got to talk
to his teacher this afternoon.

So you argued with her

because you told her
you weren't responsible?

No, no, no,
I was arguing with her

because she said she wanted
to have an abortion,

and I don't believe in that.

I'm catholic.

If you weren't going to pay,

why'd we find 2 grand
in your pocket?


I don't think
I should...

I don't think I should say
anything else.

I didn't see you come in.

I didn't want to make it
a state occasion.

This, uh, this case seems
a little below your radar, no?

I have... an interest.



So Alex Munoz,
the mayoral candidate,

called you on this?

He is an old friend.

We grew up together.

- Oh, with Eddie.
- Mm-hmm.

Los tres muscateros
de Jerome Avenue.

The three musketeers
of Jerome Avenue.

Alex had the heart.

I had the mouth, of course.

Eddie had the muscle
to protect us

when we got into trouble.

So you've stayed in touch
after all these years?

Mm, less and less.

They stayed in the Bronx.

Alex went to Fordham,

started working
as a community organizer.

You know, he almost

saved the neighborhood.

And meanwhile,
Eddie bounced around.

He got a job at rikers.

Well, I got to say,

I'm impressed that Alex Munoz

has the time to watch out
for a childhood friend.

Well Eddie's been volunteering
for him.

He's been driving him around
during the campaign.

So is Alex watching out
for Eddie,

or watching out for Alex?

Both, I guess.

Eddie's no genius,
but he's a good man.

Since his wife flaked off
three years ago,

he's been taking care
of his mother

and raising his boy on his own.

And it doesn't excuse
an attempted rape.

No one is saying
that it should, liv.

But, I mean,
what if that's not what it was?

And there's
benefit of the doubt.

I'd like to make sure
Eddie gets it.

Barba's asking us

to bend over backwards
for his friend

after we take down
a corrupt precinct?

- Look.
- That's great timing.

Eddie's a single dad.

I think Barba's just asking us
to turn it over

and take a good look
before we go full-on.

And you said okay?

I just saw you guys
ten hours ago.

Is something wrong?

No, Lindsay,
it's standard for us

to just follow up
and see how you're doing.

You know, I don't know

if the officers told you
last night,

but you don't need
to preserve the crime scene.

It, um, always kind of
looks like this.

Oh, well, I... I didn't mean
anything by it.

No worries.
You're sweet.

He is, right?

Yeah, until you get
to know him, sure.

Uh, would you mind putting out
your cigarette?

It's electronic.

It's just water vapor.


didn't I answer your questions
last night?

Well, we're just trying to get

a better picture
of the relationship.

How long have you known Eddie?

He came into my shoe store
about six weeks ago.

I'm a foot model
and a shoe designer.

I only do retail between gigs.

You know, these brands

seem a little high-end
for Eddie, no?

he came in with his wife.

And then he came back
the next day on his own.

His wife?

You sure it was his wife?

Of course I'm sure.

What do you think
the fight was about?

I didn't want to be the girl
on the side anymore.

Well, the thing is, Lindsay,

Eddie told us the fight
was about you being pregnant,

that you attacked him.

That's crazy.

I'm not pregnant.

Oh. Okay.

Any idea why
he would think that?

You know,
if my cigarette bothers you,

maybe I could just talk to him.


Is there something
you want to tell me?

I thought it over.

I'm not sure I want
to press charges now.

Lindsay, it's a little late
for that.

Eddie's a good guy.

We both just got
hot under the collar.

All right, so last night,
he was trying to rape you,

but today
it's a misunderstanding?

Has someone asked you
not to talk?

Why would you say that?

Lindsay told you Eddie came
into the store with his wife?

No chance.

He hasn't seen her
in three years.

She's partying in Miami...
Are you sure?

- 'Cause he still wears his ring.
- I'm sure.

Eddie's... eh,
he's just catolico, loyal.

So Lindsay saw the ring,
tried to make up a story.

Yeah, then she says that

she'd be more comfortable
just talking to Amaro.

Because she thinks
she has a better chance

of working the male partner?

So she's lied to you,
tried to manipulate you...

So did Eddie.

I know Eddie's story.

What's hers?

What did Lindsay do now?

You took out an order
of protection against her.

How'd you two meet?

She friended me on...
On Facebook

after I started the charity.

She said she was interested
in school issues.

And you believed that?

I guess I was naive.

So you had an affair
with Lindsay?

I thought she was
at the perfect intersection

of hot and crazy.

What went wrong?

I underestimated the crazy.

She started demanding money,

and when I wouldn't come
across with enough,

she said she'd boil my bunny.

Come again?

She stalked my kids
outside their school,

and then she sent e-mails
about the affair

to my wife and our board.

My marriage ended.

And I lost a big grant
from the gates foundation.

Did Lindsay know
about the grant?

We put on a press release.

And that's when she started
making demands.

I guess it was always
about the money

with Lindsay, wasn't it?

You got something on Lindsay?

So far, four men have
filed orders of protection

against her
for harassment and extortion.

Plus two more O.O.P.S.

One from her ex-mother-in-law,

and the ether's
from an ex-shrink

who kept getting texts demanding

that he come back
and "murder her vagina,"

whatever that means.

Means she's a freak.

Okay, so she lied to us.
She's changed her story.

She's gone back and forth
about pressing charges.

Maybe Barba's right...

Eddie deserves
the benefit of the doubt.

Unless we're asking
the wrong questions.

Here he goes.

Her other marks
were worth the risk.

The head of a foundation,

a wealthy shoe designer,

sports tv exec.

Eddie works at rikers.

So maybe she's hitting bottom.

Or maybe...

Maybe Eddie's not
who she was shaking down.

Good news,
bad news, counselor.

Eddie wasn't in a
relationship with Lindsay,

and he wasn't trying
to rape her.

Get to the bad part.

Well, we think she may have been
in a relationship with Alex Munoz.

And when she tried
to shake him down,

Alex sent Eddie over
to tune her up.

Interesting theory.


Is that all it is?

Well, Lindsay's M.O.

Is to get her hooks
into powerful, married men.

Look, she's
a heat-seeking missile,

and Eddie has no heat.

Your friend Alex does.

If you knew Yelina,
you'd know

he'd never step out
on her.

With all due respect,

you may not be
totally objective.

- Nick...
- Look, if Eddie was sent

to assault her
or scare her...

I understand what
you're saying,

and you're wrong.

But take the steps you would
with any other investigation.

No one's interfering.

She left last night.

She moved out?

More like ran out
with four suitcases

and a limo waiting outside.

Do you know where she went?

She was in a hurry.

I live underneath.

An hour back and forth
in high heels, packing.

Tap, tap, tap, tap,
tap, tap, tap.

These are all her shoes.
You need them?

Size six.
Help yourselves.

My first job
was in Louis market.

I lasted all of two days

because I was talking
to some girl.

You know how it is
when you're young.

But it's markets like these
that make this city great.

In fact, I met my wife
at one of them.

Crowd: Aw!

And that's the best reason,

is you get Yelina
as your first lady.

And she's not only prettier
than me,

she's smarter.

Thank you.

Thank you so much
for your support, really.

Aqui por todos!

Munoz! Munoz!

Munoz! Munoz!

Alex Munoz,

can we talk to you
for a minute?

It concerns Eduardo Garcia.

Munoz! Munoz! Munoz!

- Honey, is everything okay?
- Oh, absolutely.

I'm just gonna talk
to the fellas here

about the police foundation

I'll see you by the van,

Munoz! Munoz! Munoz!

Munoz! Munoz! Munoz!

Listen, guys,
I'm tight on time.

I got a meeting
over at the archdiocese.

We just have a few loose ends
we need to tie up.

Yeah, we've been looking at
Lindsay Anderson's background.

It doesn't quite add up,

the story of how she got
involved with Eddie.

Eddie's got a broken heart,

and he's... he's not the best
judge of character.

She probably saw an easy mark.

Well, that fits her pattern,

but all the other men
she went after were rich,

and Eddie, no offense,
es un muerto de hambre.

I don't know what
to tell you.

Mr. Munoz,
we haven't called the brass.

We want to handle this

Eddie's close to you,

so we have to ask.

Is he covering for you?


I'm a happily married man.

I never even met this woman.

You sure about that?

On the grave of mi abuelita.

I've never seen her.

I've never spoken to her.

What does she say?

Well, she left her apartment
abruptly last night.

We're tracking her down.

That's the kind of person
you're dealing with,

a person who makes accusations
and then disappears.

I guess that's good news
for Eddie.

If you'll excuse me.

Senor Munoz!
Senor Munoz!

My man's slick.

He must be pretty sure
we won't find her.

That's okay.
I just did.

Last night,
I friended her on Facebook.

Tell me she "poked" you.

Well, she liked my photo.

There, the latest post
from 40,000 feet.

"On my way to Israel
to start my awesome new job."

Political consultant
to the labor party in Tel Aviv.

How does an unemployed
shoe clerk

wind up working for your
client's political campaign

in the middle east?

It's a shoe model,
I believe.

And may I ask
how that's svu's concern?

'Cause this seems like an item
for page six, you know?

Not a matter
for an elite detective unit.

Her name's come up
in multiple investigations,

namely for causing problems
with powerful married men.

Is this something
I should call the D.A. About?

Because I'm handling
his campaign as well, you know?

Do you what you need to do.

It's not gonna look good,

a spin doctor
who can't control bad press

about his own office.

All right, look.

Can we handle this quietly,

It's a personal matter.

Lindsay was involved with you?

With my right-hand man.
It's a disaster.

He has a wife, you know,
two beautiful children.

We're going to need
to talk to him.

I'm afraid that's impossible.

I just reassigned him
to an overseas campaign.

Let me guess, in Tel Aviv.

He was having an affair
with Lindsay,

so you send them both off
to Israel?

It's what I call a win-win.

So the D.A. Heard
that you guys paid a visit

to Alex's media consultant?

You want to tell me
how that went?

Hank Abraham just sent
Lindsay off to Israel

with his right-hand man.

Wait, does Alex know
about this?

Well, he should; The aide
who flew off with Lindsay,

he was working on
Alex's campaign till yesterday.

I'm sorry.

He leaves the country
right before the election?

Either he thinks the race
is in the bag, or...

Look, he's helping Munoz out

by making sure that Lindsay
can't talk to us.

Just hold on.

Did you ask Alex if he was
involved with this woman?

We did, and he gave
a categorical denial.

What about Eddie?

He's been ducking us
ever since his release.

I can make a call.

Actually, I was going
to suggest going the other way.

Have you thought about formally
recusing yourself, counselor?

Believe me,
I would like nothing more.


The D.A. Has asked me
to stay on it.

Oh, so he's hanging you out
to dry.

He's asked me to stay on it.

Given the optics, he wants
to be kept in the loop.

Oh, so you can keep Munoz
in the loop?

You're out of line, detective.

- Am I?
- Guys, please.

We'd like to keep digging.

Go ahead.

But we're ten days away
from an election.

If you're gonna take aim
at the frontrunner,

make sure you don't miss.

Aw, hey, there, buddy.
Is your dad home?

Hey, go help abuela
with the remote, all right?

We tried calling.

We got a few more questions
we need to ask you, Eddie.

Yeah, D.A.'s dropping
the charges, right?

The assault charges,

But this is about
witness tampering.

What are you talking about?

We're talking about that 2 grand
we found in your pocket.

Man, I told you.

It's for Lindsay's abortion.

The one you don't believe in?

Because we think
that Alex gave you that money

to give to her
to shut her up.

Look, mad respect, okay?

My lawyer said I don't have
to talk to you anymore.

Your lawyer?
You mean Alex?

I'm going to make dinner
for my family.


I hope I'm not interrupting.



Oh, it's been too long.

You look so great.

You always tell me that.

I'm on my way to another
rubber chicken dinner.

Well, then,
they're very lucky.

All right.

Sientate, por favor.

What's up?

You tell me.

Detectives came by
an event today

to talk to Alex.

Did Alex send you
to find out more?

No, he gave me some excuse.

He doesn't even know I'm here.

Right, then...

Let's not have
this conversation.

you're Alex's oldest friend.

Is this something
that we need to worry about?

Yelina, he...

I really can't talk
to you about this.

My husband didn't marry
a fool.

I mean, Alex is on the verge

of doing something really great
for all of us.

Papi, don't ruin his chances.

Look, if he's got nothing
to hide,

he's got nothing to worry about.

So it's like that?


Just tell me one thing.

Is this in any way...
About us?

All right,
where's the fire?

There's something
that we need you to see.

Since Lindsay found her other
chumps through social media,

we figured she might have done
the same with Munoz.

So I went online,
and I set up

a "I heart Alex Munoz
for mayor" page.

He messaged me back
within half an hour.

"When you talked
about the pension system,

I got so excited"?

You set up a honey trap?
- Mm-hmm.

- Scroll down.
- Okay.

So I asked him, "are you sure
you can handle it?"

He responded,
"yes, but not here."

- He wanted to meet?
- Well, not exactly.

He asked her to switch
to a less public site.



A cheating site?

Alex has an account?
Well, no, not by name.

But his alter ego does.

"Enrique Trouble"?

I think that's his porno name.

Come on, you...
This can't be real.

- Well, it's a nice avi.
- Moving on.

Okay, he asked
for a picture first,

so I sent him this selfie.

Thank you.

Any response?

Not yet.

This could all be a hoax.

Yeah, but that's why
I went ahead

and asked him for a photo,

You've seen me.
Let me see you.

Don't hold your breath.

He's at a fundraiser

with his wife and daughters
right now

ten days away from the election.

He can't waste time.

No, guys like this,

they make the time.

We've got a reply.

Well, you said
he was at an event.

Doesn't that look like
a tuxedo shirt?

There's no face.
I mean, it could be anyone.

Okay, well, wait.
How about this?

Um, "is that all you got?"

Oh, good lord.

Oh! Okay!

That's the full Munoz
right there.

- Oh, no!
- And this guy wants to be

the next mayor of New York.

My God, this is terrible.

Someone's setting me up.

That's why I wanted
to give you a chance

to get out in front of this.

You can't believe
I sent these.

So someone else, uh, sent
the pictures of your penis?

I'm not even gonna...

I'm not even gonna dignify that
with an answer.

Alejandro, por favor.

I'm speaking to you as a friend,
not a prosecutor.

I... I've been hacked.

Well, if that's the case,
then we can get

our technical people
to look into it...

No, no, I'll put my team
on it.

how can you believe this?

It's obviously wall street

trying to keep me out
of city hall.

Alex, you need to be honest
with me

and honest with yourself.

You came to me to ask for help
on Eddie's behalf.

Because he's my friend...

And your friend.

You didn't ask our friend
to go to Lindsay

and hush her up about...


I don't have time for this.

It looks bad.

To who?

To you?


You get to judge me?
You my priest?

You gonna tell me how many
hail Marys I need to say?

Alex, I am going so way out
on a limb for you.

I could lose my job simply
for speaking to you.

Please tell me that there are
no other women out there.

Yelina is the only one.

I'm sorry if that still hurts,

Alex claims wall street
is setting him up.

What, you told him we were
looking at his account?

I gave him a chance
to get out in front of this.

So now not only is he

tampering with witnesses,
he has you covering it up

for him.
Guys, please.

Did you find any evidence
at all that Lindsay

is shaking him down or that
he's paying to hush her up?

There's nothing so far
on the public sites,

- but we'll keep checking.
- Do that.

You know, counselor,
hold up.


Look, her Facebook page
is scrubbed clean.

We can get a warrant,

have taru go through
all his accounts.

They might find something.

A warrant for suspicion
of sexting?

That's not going to happen.

Speaking of texts,
our D.A. Wants to be briefed.

This should be short,
but not sweet.

You know, what you did,
tipping off Munoz,

you could be charged
for obstruction yourself.

Go ahead, report me.
See where that gets you.

But it's not just about
the sexting.

We sit on all this
till after the election,

it'll look like we were carrying
the water for him too.

And if we take him out now
based on innuendo,

it'll look like a political hit.

Are we done?

You driving me to the d.A's
office, detective?

Thank you.

I am not cutting Munoz a break
just because he's my friend.

No, I get that.
It's not about friendship.

It's about you.

You're afraid to go after Munoz,

because while he stayed
in the hood, in el barrio,

and played man of the people,

you went off to Harvard
and pretended

you were one of the gringuitos.

- I know where I come from.
- Yeah, so does Munoz,

and he's playing you,
mi socio,

and making you feel
like a sellout.

Thank you so much for the...

Bodega psychoanalysis,


No te equivoque conmigo.

Hey, you two okay?

Guys like Barba,
too smart for their own good.

I'm sure he said
the same about you.

What, everyone thinks
we should just let this go?

Come on, Munoz sends out
some selfies.

That's not a sex crime.

All I know is I don't want
to see any more of them.

It's not just selfies,
all right?

This clown could be mayor.

He opened himself up
to blackmail, right?

Eddie had cash.

Where did he get it from, huh?

This could just be the tip
of the iceberg.

I think we saw more
than just the tip.

Even if you're right,

this is a political
corruption case.

We'd have to hand it over
to the feds anyway.

What are we going
to hand over?

The pics he sent to rollins?

It looks like
I'm not the only one.

Enrique Trouble's popping up
on other sites.

It goes back over a year.

Look, I found ten so far.

That makes him a dog,
not a criminal.

Except one of these women
that he was sexting with

just got an executive position

at the New York
gaming commission.

I wonder who could
have pulled those strings.

Anna pretard.

She have any governmental

- Doesn't seem like it.
- Hold up.

I've seen this girl
on a screen before,

and it wasn't on c-span.

I don't understand this.

I already have the position.

We have a few
background questions.

Yeah, like your resume says

you went to university
of Michigan,

but they don't have any record
of you attending.

- They don't?
- Mm-mm.

I should fix that.
I was more like auditing.

What subjects?

Dance and movement.

No acting?


I never studied any acting.

That's funny, Amber,
because my partner here

says you're a real natural in...
What is it, fin?

This is my favorite.

Million dollar a night baby.

Okay, this is unfair.

It was a long time ago.

I didn't do any adult films
after that.

Are you from vice?

I didn't do anything illegal.

No, we want to know
how you got your job here.

Did Enrique Trouble
put in a call for you?

So what if he did?
It's Albany.

Believe me,

there are people
a lot less qualified

than I am working here.

So, Alex, a.k.a.
Enrique Trouble,

used his position
to get a former porn star

a patronage job in Albany?

They started off just sending
each other junk shots.

Then six months later,

she started texting him
about her kid

and how she was having problems
making ends meet.

And he helped her out?

Well, not until she told him
she got a call

from a reporter wanting
to collaborate on a book.

Then Alex started paying
her off $500 a month,

until he got
into the mayor's race.

Then he came up
with the state job.

Anything to show
the money trail?

Checks, wire deposits?

Munoz is too smart for that.

He had a bag man deliver
the cash every time.

And I know the bag man,
don't I?

Hey, Raffi.

What's good, hermano?

How you find me here?

I stopped by your place,
saw your mom.

My mom looks good.


Yeah, she does, Eddie.

Bueno, we got to talk.

You know, they...
They fixed this park

since we were kids, right?

Yeah, they did.

I remember how you always
used to look out for me here.

When that gang from p.S. 109
would come after me

for my lunch money...

You'd put your arm around me.

You'd walk me to school.

You said anybody that hurt me
would have to deal with you.

You're my brother, Raffi.

I would never have
learned English

if it wasn't for you.

We're even, right?

I know that.

You're loyal...

To a fault.

We're not talking about
p.S. 109 now, are we?

How much trouble am I in,

Witness tampering...


Eddie, those are felonies.

I can't...

I can't roll on Alex.

You have got...

You have got to think
about yourself now.

Jail's gonna go hard
for an ex C.O.

Raffi, Alex has always
been good to me, okay?

He said when he becomes mayor,

he's going to get me a job
at one p.P.

Listen to me.

Eddie, Alex is looking out
for himself now.

You've got your son
and your mother to think about.

You're not gonna be any good
to them upstate.

I can't hurt Alex.

You tell me what I should do.

You were always the smart one.

Two stops a week to deliver
envelopes to Anna and Jenny.

And Lindsay?

Oh, that was
a one-time payment.

Alex said it was all legal

and that we had to do it
for the people of New York.

Good, Eddie.
Real good.

So both Anna and Jenny
wound up on the state payroll.

Gaming, and she was
state tourism.

Good luck getting them
to testify.

We done here?


Look, Eddie,

we gave you queen for a day.

But if you have anything else
to say,

now's the time.

Okay, look,
my client's cooperated fully.

Okay, but
like Mr. Barba told you,

if we find out
you held something back,

deal's off.

You can go to prison.

There was another lady.

I didn't...
I didn't handle her.

Why not?

I don't know.

Maybe because
she was from yonkers.

I... I overheard Alex

talking to his brother-in-law,

about making a run.

Do you know the woman's name?


Jodie something.

Um, French name.

I think she was
a schoolteacher.

Jodie Lanier.


We need a word.

If this is about the mall,

- I paid for these bracelets.
- It's about Alex Munoz.

- I don't know who that is.
- No?

Then why is he giving you money?


I know who he is,
but I've never met him.

Not in person?
How about on social media?

I mean,
you've exchanged messages.

I can't talk to you
about this.

'Cause that's why
he's paying you?

Look, Jodie, you're not
in any trouble here.

Then can I go?


But we need to take a look
at your cell phone.

No way.
I have rights!

Don't I?

We can get a warrant,

but we'll have to talk
to your mom.

Please don't call my mom.

Captain, how are you?

Good seeing you!

Michael, how's the little one?
Good seeing you.

We got the cover
of the New York magazine.

Oh, good job.
Good job.

Hey, Joe.
Hey, pleasure seeing you again.

Right this way.


I thought you were allergic
to these political shindigs.

We need to talk privately.

Now? Seriously?

There's a room full
of union leaders and CEOs

waiting to hear how
he's going to save the city.

And I've never been
more serious.

- Well, I'll come with.
- You can stay right there.

Rafael, ?todo bien?

Alex and I need to talk.


Well, let's get a nice shot.

Mrs. Slater,
will you join us?

Big smile for the camera,

Big smile.

I won't be long.

- Shall we?
- Yes.

Whatever you have to show me,

it won't alter anything,
except our friendship.

Do you recognize these women?


Porn star.

You helped them get
on the state payroll.

My office helps a lot
of people.

I guess it's trickier
when they're too young

to take the job,
like Jodie Lanier.

She's a high school sophomore.

Let me stop you before you say

that you've never met her.

We haven't.

She friended the campaign
on Facebook

and wanted to volunteer.

We've never even been
in the same room.

You exchanged direct messages.

Which I've done with hundreds
of other constituents.

She's not a constituent.
And she's 15, Alex!

I had no way of knowing that.

Really, not after the pictures
she sent you?

The pictures that you asked for,
by the way.

And these, these are the...

What? The pg ones.

Those other ones that she sent...

You solicited and exchanged
naked photos

with a 15-year-old girl.

This puts you in possession
of child pornography.

Where did you get those?


You used him as the bag man

for everyone else,
except for the 15-year-old,

because you knew
that would upset him.

You son of a bitch.

You're using Eddie
to swift-boat me?

You're taking advantage
of him like this?

I am?

I had no idea
what Eddie was up to.

Maybe he thought
he was looking out for me.

Right, okay, so...

Here we are, Alejandro.

I have to turn these over

to a special prosecutor

If you suspend the campaign,
it might go easier for you.

They got my oldest friend
to be the hatchet man.

How much are they paying you
to take me down?

There's no vendetta here...

Six days before the election?

The people will know better.

I risked everything
that I had

to give you fair warning, Alex,
and you know that.

Here's what I know, Rafael.

Ever since you got that
Ivy league scholarship,

you've been hooked
on their teat.

You think you're one of them

because you go
on their ski vacations

and their yachts?

The man snaps his finger,

and you jump up and bite
for him.

It's not about me,
and you damn well know it.

You know what Yelina thinks?

She thinks that you've
always been jealous of me,

because you can't stand to see
another cubano get ahead,

because you think there's room
for only one of us at the top.

And if I go down,
that leaves you.

Let me tell you something.

You take me down,

the people will hold it
against you.

You won't be able
to show your face in a barrio,

and your political future
will be over.

Are you threatening me,

I'm looking out for you,

Just like the old days.

- No comment!
- New yorkers are smart.

They know the powers that be

are terrified of me
becoming mayor.

Is it true that you were
sexting with a 15-year-old?

We're not taking any questions
at this time.

The wealthy on park Avenue
with their nannies and cooks,

the real-estate moguls,

the white collar criminals
on wall street,

the powers that be

that benefit
from the status quo,

they know that I'm gonna fight.

But I'm going to fight
for the working people.

Yelina, are you standing
by your man?

We've come too far...

Too far to allow them
to get away with this!

What about the explicit photos
you sent?

I have been set up by
powerful special interests

who have used a corrupt
N.Y.P.D. Detective,

who's been the subject
of two I.A.B. Investigations,

including prostitution,

and my old friend,
A.D.A. Rafael Barba,

who has proven
that he is the lapdog

of this city's aristocracy.

Anthony, do me a favor?

Mute this, will you?

- Sure.
- We're not going to allow them

to derail our agenda...

You know,
I'm not gonna apologize,

but I have to give it to you,

He still thinks he has a shot.

Alex...He's a brawler.

I gave him a chance
to go quietly.

But he wouldn't take it.

Well, I will.

Good night, you two.

Good night, Nick.

Don't count him out.
He's a winner.

When I was seven...

When I was seven,
my mom said,

"stick with Alex.

'He'll be mayor
of New York someday."


She never said that about me.

You okay?

It's politics.

No danger of a traffic jam
on the high road.

Still he was your friend.

So was Yelina.

She thinks this was personal,
not professional.

You had a job to do.

You did it.

That's all this was.

Was it?

- Mr. Barba, a word.
- Reverend.

Your office is destroying
the reputation of a man

who can turn this city around.

Reverend, I am not directly
involved with this case,

but trust me when I say

that this was not
an easy decision.

Alex Munoz is my oldest friend.

Never mind all that.

This city's poor
have been ignored

for the last 20 years.

This is a candidate

who can actually save
our schools,

rebuild our neighborhoods,

and you choose to sacrifice
all of that

because of a zipper problem?

I'm sorry.
It's out of my hands now.

We're requesting
that Mr. Munoz be released

on his own recognizance.

Your honor, the timing
of this prosecution

is politically motivated.

Mr. Munoz is five days away
from becoming the next mayor

- of New York City.
- Save the speech, Mr. Kuby.

Bail is set at $10,000.
Moving on.

- sync and corrections by Zac -
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