Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 15, Episode 5 - Wonderland Story - full transcript

Munch's retirement party is interrupted by an accusation by a recent rape victim that she has been attacked for a second time.

In the criminal justice system,
sexually based offenses

are considered
especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad

known as
the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

- Pretty good turnout.
- Yeah. Three judges?

You had me at open bar.

Bartender knows it's
well drinks only, right?

I'm on it.

- Hey!
- It's a full house.

You guys are going to
get a hit on this one.

- Where's Prince John?
- I'll... call him.

- Usual?
- Yeah, better make it a double.

How is she doing?

She is good. I think.

I don't know, I mean...
You know Liv, "Don't ask, don't tell".

Here he is!

Shut the front door.

Please, don't make a fuss, *

So this is actually my diary
from my very first day at S.V.U.

"Dear diary..."

"I felt so nervous walking
into the crown jewel of the NYPD."

"And now I have the pleasure
being introduce"

"to detective Cassidy
and Munch."

"I thought",

"this has to be a mistake.

"This can't be S.V.U.
Maybe traffic enforcement?

Or post office security?"

Prick me, Olivia.
Do I not bleed?

Well, I have to admit that
I did underestimate you,

um, at first, but over time,

I realized that detective Munch

was not only
a brilliant detective,

but a very, very soulful man.

I will miss you
very much, John Munch.

Oh, yeah.

- Love you.
- Love you.

Olivia Benson,
ladies and gentlemen.

She'll be here all week.

Are we done here yet?

Because I have a party
with some

of my more important friends.

I see a couple
of my ex-wives are here.

They want to have a three-way.

it's with my brother, David.

Story of my life.

Nice. Uh, believe me, John,

none of us want to be here
any more than you do.

So before we all leave
and go home to our families...

We were all hoping that,
like a good soldier,

you would just fade away.

But what I do know is

our loss is the D.A.'S loss,

because I just learned that
in a couple of weeks,

sergeant Munch is going
to begin the third...

Or is it the fifth?... act

by becoming
a special investigator

with the D.A.'S office.

Before we let you go...


I want to thank you, partner.

Munch taught me a lot.

He taught me that oswald
never fired a shot.

Taught me we probably never
landed on the moon

and that hoover had
a gay hit squad.

But I want to say
something to you.

I love you,
and I'm gonna miss you, man.

- Oh, thank you, Fin.
- That's what's up.

And we got something for you.

A shadow box.
Oh, look, yeah, that's great.

It's your N.Y.P.D. Shield...

- Wow.
- And your Baltimore shield.

No, no, no, we ran his butt
out of b-more.

Have a seat, gentlemen.

Now, what I have to say tonight

doesn't come from here.

It comes from here.

But don't cry for me.

Actually, liv, you can cry.

I mean, liv is
the heart of S.V.U.

And Fin is the pancreas.

12 years in,

I show Fin a report.

A rapist strikes
somewhere in America

every two minutes.

Fin says to me, "Munch,
we gotta catch this guy."

And when I first saw Amaro,

I realize I'm still
the best-looking guy

in the squad,
but one good thing about it...

It's kind of a blessing.

Now in the squad room
we have someone

who's even more paranoid
than I am.

So thank you, Nick.
What do you mean?


Cap, I know what you're saying
to yourself tonight.

Ask not for whom
mandatory retirement tolls.

It tolls for thee.

I've known this guy...
We gotta go.

- Now?
- I'll tell you on the way.

I'll give you a call later.
Ladies and gentlemen,

the mother Teresa of S.V.U.
Is leaving.

Was it something I said?

No, John.
It's everything you said.

Well, I haven't even gotten
to the Cassidy jokes yet.

You know,
I see you two together.

I think
you both could do better.

Hey, you okay?

Yeah, I'm Fine.
It's not about me.

So what's going?

Do you remember Sarah Walsh?

Right, the piano student,
the one whose rapist got off.

Yeah. She just texted me.

She thinks she was raped.


She thinks?

I think I was drugged.
I don't remember anything.

Okay, slow down, honey.

Things might start
coming back to you.

You... you think you were raped?

I mean, I woke up naked.

My clothes were on the floor.

I mean, I...

I'm sore down there.

Hold on, honey, what...
What happened to your ear?

I think he pulled my head
down by my earring.

Oh, it's okay, Sarah.
Something happened.


What's the last thing
you do remember?


I met my friend Nicole
and her fiance, Matthew.

Where and when
did you meet them?

The meatpacking district.

8:00 a-at the brass monkey.

I mean, we...
We were playing jenga.

And drinking?

Uh, one beer.

Maybe two.

- Bottle or glass?
- A glass.

I'm so stupid.

I shouldn't have gone out.
I mean...

Take it easy. Have a seat.

Listen, it is
nothing that you did.

Do you remember
leaving the bar?

Um, uh,

yes, um, Nicole and Matthew,

they walked me out.

After that, it... it's...
It's a-a blur.

So you don't remember
how you got home?


Oh, my God.

Oh, my God it was...
It was him.


Michael Wedmore.

Wait, the man who raped you
two years ago?

You saw him last night?

I think so.

I mean, he...
These past few weeks,

he's been following me.

In your neighborhood? You sure?

It was him.
I mean, that... that grin.

I mean, I don't forget that.

Wedmore's boss says
he's off today.

- Was he on last night?
- 12hour shift.

Okay, and he just happens
to be working

three blocks
from Sarah's apartment?

The supervisor says
he's been here two years.

His mother works here too.

She got him the job.

Okay. Is she off today too?

No, she's on break.
She likes to smoke.

Mrs. Wedmore.

- N.Y.P.D.
- I know who you are.

You tried to frame
my son two years ago.

Any idea where he is?

At a church retreat
with his fiancee.

- And he left when?
- How is that your business?

Well, we're wondering
if he's had any contact

with Sarah Walsh.

Are you kidding me?

He knows not to go
anywhere near her.

He told me he crosses
the street

if he even lays eyes on her.

So he has seen her?

If she's saying more than that,

she's lying,
just like last time.

Were you on duty last night?

Sundown to sunup,
just like my boy.

He take a break?

We ate dinner in the cafeteria.

Fish sticks.

Now we're done talking.

Hospital confirmed
Sarah was assaulted?

Torn earlobe, bruising,

and trauma consistent
with dot, dot, dot.

She's not crying wolf.

Neighbors see or hear anything?

No, and no signs
of forced entry.

No security cams
in the elevator or lobby.


No security
after what happened to her?

It's been two years.

She doesn't want
to live in fear.

Where's Wedmore?

At a church retreat in Atlanta.

He left early this morning.

That's convenient.

It was scheduled a while ago.

We talked to his mother.

She alibi'd him for last night.

They were working
together at Brooklyn mercy.

Well, even if he was at work,

her apartment is
right near the hospital.

- Liv.
- Wedmore's mother alibi'd him?

Last time she said
that he was a Saint.

Okay, hold up.

Rape kit came back.

Sarah was drugged.
G.H.B. In her urine.

No semen. No DNA.

Yes, last time,
he used a condom.

It's him. Well, maybe,

but the timeline...

Sarah doesn't remember
anything after 10:00

in Manhattan.

Well, doesn't mean
that she was drugged there.

Memory loss can be retroactive.

Still, he met
her on her way home,

drugged her,
dragged her upstairs...

All the while, he's on a break?

Sarah said she met
friends in the city.

Talk to them.

Maybe they put
Wedmore at the bar.

And in the meantime?

He's still out there.
He's violent.

He will go after her.

When he gets back,
I'll see if the precinct

can put a squad car
on her block.

So how do you two
know each other?

Sarah and I met
at the music academy,

and we used to cater together.

Nice place you got here.

I wish.

I just house-sit,
and I feed George and Martha.

Now, you and your fiance...

You guys went out
with Sarah Friday night?

Yeah. She left me a message,

but I haven't called her
back yet.

I'm so busy with the wedding.

Um, is she okay?

Something may have happened,

and now we're hoping
that you can help us.

Now, did you see Sarah
with any guys that night?

No, no.
It was just the three of us.

Recognize any of these guys
from the bar?


Was she raped again?

How late were you
out with Sarah?

Um, like, 11:00.

We gave her the watch,

and then Matthew and I
went home.

- The watch?
- Yes.

I thought you knew.

It's like an entry pass
to an underground party.

- Where was the party?
- You never know.

That's the thing. It's...

Last weekend, it was
at an abandoned subway station.

Oh, okay,
so it's one of those deals

where you meet a guide
on the corner, and he...

You give him a pocket watch
that you got

from someone who went
to last weekend's party.

And you gave Sarah one?
Do you have another one?

Yeah, um...

Oh. "Alice came to a fork
in the road."

'Which road do I take?'
She asked."

It's an
Alice in wonderland theme.

Yeah, I got that.

Has Sarah been to any
of these parties before?


Everything all right?

Uh, yeah, Matthew,

these are S.V.U. Detectives.

Sarah was attacked.

Oh, my God.

She was just starting
to have fun again.

So neither of you guys
have checked in with her

since that party?

Is it okay to call her now?

You mean call her back?


We're gonna need
to keep this watch.


Hey, guys.

Just like last time.

I'm gonna have to get
another new mattress.

Is there anybody else
that you could stay with?

I mean, I haven't told
my parents.

I can't.

But Nicole called me.

I was at a party,
and Michael Wedmore...

He was there?

Well, we reached out to him.

He let us check the g.P.S.
On his phone.

We don't think so.
But it has to be him.

I mean, I saw him.
He was following me.

He works in the neighborhood

since before you moved here.

His supervisor
and co-workers confirm

he was work Friday night.

Okay, well, then he's lying.

I mean, he must have left work,
broke into my apartment,

and... and drugged me.

The timeline doesn't fit,
and it's not his m.O.

I mean, when Wedmore
assaulted you,

he used a gun.

No drugs. He was brazen.

This was a different kind
of predator.


What are you saying?

Th-that I was raped twice
by two different men?

Yes, Sarah.

We call it re-victimization,

and it happens
more than you'd think.

This is not your fault.

Not my fault?

Twice in two years?

What, do I have
a sign on my head?

Sarah, it's not you. It...

Predators, they...
They have this sixth sense.

They pick up
on a vulnerability.

So it is my fault.
I am a target.

No, no,
it's just that sometimes,

victims don't want
to be perceived as fearful.

Okay, so I let my guard down
and set myself up.

Sarah, please, stop. Okay?

Listen to me.

Let's focus
on catching this guy now.

And what if we do catch him?

Michael was on trial, and what?

He's still out there.

I see him wandering around free,
laughing at me.

I know how hard this is
for you, and I'm so sorry that...

You know what? Why...

Why don't I just
go out there again,

and you guys can follow me,

and that way we'll catch
a lot of rapists.

- Sarah, please...
- No, no, no.

Forget I even called you.

I don't want to know who he is.

- Will you just think about this?
- You know what? Go.

Leave... me... alone.


So, Sarah was a
cooperating witness

as long as she thought we were
going after Wedmore.

- Now she's backing off?
- Not on her story.

But now she's realizing
that she was assaulted

by a different man.

We've seen it before.

You get victimized
a second time.

You blame yourself.

Either way,
she still can't I.D. Anyone.

Look, we're not
gonna drop the case.

I mean, whoever slipped g.H.B.
In her drink,

he's still out there.

Any luck tracking
this underground party?

We know the corner
where she met her guide,

but it's Sunday night.
Yeah, so what?

The kids that go
to these things,

they don't have day jobs.

Already hate everyone here.

Yeah, I think
they're getting that.

Your old man all right
climbing stairs?

Yeah, my old man
will be just Fine.

Hey, just in case
I fall behind,

where are we going?

That depends a good deal

on where you want to get to.

She's keeping you young, papi.

Oh, she does that.

To go down to wonderland,
you start by going up.

Follow me.

You coming, papi?

You go. I'll be up in a second.

Fin? Hey!

Call it in.

No one's getting out of here.

I don't recognize this girl.

Well, were you
working Friday night?

- No.
- Who was?

I don't know.
I'm a modern dancer.

A friend sent me in to sub.

Friday night,
I was in the Hamptons.

Whoever gave you the watch,
were they at the club Friday?

My date had the watch.

I just do what Lia says.

If she asked you
to do something,

would you say no?

Do I know her?

In your dreams.

That's a three-time
maxim cover girl,

and her boyfriend's
no slouch either.

He's Cameron Tyler.

He just sold his
game app, sweets rush,

for $180 million.

Come on, Fin,
you need to get out more.

No, I don't.

Was she at the club Friday?

She claims she wasn't,
but the club promoter...

It's her last boyfriend.

The party Friday?
Same water tower.

It was a big hit
with our guests.

Well, you're lucky
no one broke their neck.

- See this girl there?
- Yes.

She'd had too much to drink,

maybe mixing with drugs.

Not our vibe.
We had to ask her to leave.

You know if she
was with anyone?

That I don't remember.

You don't remember?

You remember her being drunk
at an intimate,

hipster-only party,

but you don't remember
who she was with?

I notice women.

Well, you might want
to start remembering men, Andre.

Operating illegal clubs,

serving liquor
without a license.

I am here. I am cooperating.

I'll help you
any way that I can.

Well, we'll need a guest list
from Friday night.

Credit card receipts.
I'm sorry, cash only.

And we don't keep a list.

We can't control
who gets the watch

or who it's given to.

All right, sit tight.

He's covering
for some rich prick.

Yeah, I got that.

We checked traffic cams,
security video on the street.

Nothing with a view

of the building entrance
or roof.

Tell Fin and rollins
to check with the 11th.

See if there's a watch group
in the area.

We found an old lady
across the street

lives on her windowsill.

She's better than the N.S.A.

What do you got
for Friday night?

Yeah, I'm just getting there.
Hold on.

Wait a minute.
That's got to be Sarah.

That guy?

Oh, we know him?

Yeah, that's Cameron Tyler,
Internet millionaire.

He was there last night.
And he didn't mention

carrying an unconscious girl
out Friday night?

Worse than that, he told me
he was in the Hamptons.


Any chance Sarah knows him?

I mean, she's a caterer.
He's a socialite.

They could have crossed paths.

All right, let's Find out
if there is a relationship.

If they do know each other,

we'll have her make
a controlled call.

Now, she says she doesn't want
to talk to you anymore?

Well, she's gonna have to
get past that.

Detective Benson.

I told you I don't have
anything more to say.

We have a lead, Sarah.
We need to talk.

Sarah? Everything okay?

- Cameron Tyler?
- Yes.

- You two know each other?
- We're friends.

When I heard what
Sarah went through,

I wanted to be here for her.

And how do you two
know each other?

Nicole house-sits for Cameron.

I've been a cater waitress
at some of his parties.

Yeah, that's how we met,
but now we all hang.

Does that include Friday night?

Were you at the water tower

It turns out we were.

Cameron was just telling me.

Okay, good.

And you went back Sunday,
the night we busted the club?

Yeah, I can explain...

I'm sure you can. Outside?

Uh, is that okay with you?

Yeah. We'll be Fine.

So will we.

Come on.

Cameron said he saw me
Friday night.

Yeah, did he mention
carrying you

out of that building?

No, but he said he was worried

about how out of it I was.

You know, he...
He was just being nice.

He brought me that orchid.


So you and Cameron are close?

We're usually out in groups.

He's very generous,
and he's nice to Nicole.

Okay, man to man,
I know this might look bad.

That what might look bad,

I didn't tell
the other detectives

I was at the club Friday night.

Yeah, man to man,
that does look bad.

My girlfriend,
Lia, she's Czech.

She's hot-tempered. Hot.

- Hmm.
- She didn't need to know

I was out with another girl.

So you were
on a date with Sarah?

A date? No, no, no.

I just stopped by
to check it out.

Sarah showed up.

You ever have anything
romantic between you two?


What are you asking?

Sarah, do you remember
if he came

up to the apartment with you?

Wait, he...

You think Cameron raped me?

He didn't tell the police
that he was with you

at the club on Friday night.

And now he's here
to check in on you?


No, you... That can't be right.

I mean, he... he...

We're friends, right?
He's got a girlfriend.

She's a model. Like...

You're making a mistake.

So, Friday night,
you see anybody working Sarah?

Hitting on her?

I can't say I did.

She was pretty out of it.

I think she'd had some drinks
before she got there.

You see her leave with anyone?

Actually, I helped her
out of the building.

And you left her
on the sidewalk?

Hailed a cab, took her home.

All the way to Brooklyn?

Yeah, it was the gentlemanly
thing to do.


Well, I'm sure, as a gentleman,

you took her up
to her apartment.


No, I offered.

After what happened to her,

I didn't want her
to walk up alone,

but she said no.

What time was all this?

It must have been after 1:00.

You go anywhere after that?

I don't get to Brooklyn
too often,

so I took a walk home
across the bridge.

That's a nice walk.

Anyone at your place
who can verify

when you got home, Cameron?

No. Lia was in a late shoot.

Nicole was at Matthew's.

I can't believe this happened
to Sarah again.

I feel like it's my fault.

I never should have left
her alone.

So Cameron Tyler
puts himself at the club

on Friday night,

puts himself in a cab
with Sarah...

Puts himself
on her block in Brooklyn.

Admitting what he can't deny.

But he does deny going
up to her apartment.

But she still doesn't remember?

Well, maybe she just
doesn't want to admit

that it was somebody she knew.

But he's smart.
That condolence call?

He was trying
to get in front of it.

Because he's a pro.

That was east Hampton P.D.

They're not big fans of his.

A year ago, he was accused
of sexual assault

by a cater waitress,
um, Celine Dubois.

She recanted a week later.


How much did that cost?

For a cater waitress,
she's doing all right.

19.99 for tabbouleh?

That's parsley, right?

You've never been
to the Hamptons?

They don't wear
Jimmy Choos in myrtle beach.

Detectives, is there a problem?

Yeah, is there someplace
private we can talk?

About what?

Cameron Tyler.

He's a customer.

You accused him of rape.

That was a mistake.

It's been taken care of.

Yeah, from you,
maybe it has been,

but he's done it again.

Another young woman
that worked for him.

He drugged her. He raped her.

I'm sorry I can't help you.

This is a nice place.
When did you open?

- Last fall.
- Not long after you dropped

the charges against Cameron.

Can I ask you how you
Finance this place?

I have investors.

People out here
are very generous.

Including Cameron?

We make our own potato chips.

Help yourself to a bag
on your way out.

Put that back.

That's graft.

Seriously? They're purple.

Okay, so Sarah and Celine.

He likes to get rough
with the help.

Celine doesn't want
to talk to you,

and Sarah can't even remember
how she got to the party.

Well, who gave her the watch?

I feel terrible
that we gave her the watch,

but Sarah was Finally ready
to have a good time.

Did you know
Cameron would be there?


On a fall weekend,
he's usually in the Hamptons.

But he knew she'd be there.

Oh, well... well, he knew
we were all going out.

I mean, maybe
Matthew texted him.

I could ask him.

Matthew, your fiance?

Yeah, him and Cameron
grew up together.

They're best friends.

Okay, and when did you start
working for Cameron?

He just hired me this summer.

He was a real lifesaver.

How do you mean?

Mm, there was this, uh,

party at Cameron's house
fourth of July weekend,

and I got really wasted

and missed
my Sunday brunch shift.

The restaurant fired me,

but Cameron said that he
would take care of me.

What-what happened
at this party?

I must have, you know,
passed out.

I'm never touching that again.

Uh, I think I fell.

I don't know.

Did you have any injuries?

Uh, sore all over.

I, um...

I even tore my earlobe.

Was Matthew there?

No, he was stuck
in California on business,

but Cameron found me
the next morning,

and I was a total mess,
but he was great.

He gave up a summer Sunday
to take me to the doctor.

Son of a bitch.
He raped her too.

Poor Girl. She was raped.
She doesn't even know it.

Well, it's not gonna be easy
to tell her.

Well, do we have to?

I mean, she doesn't know
that she was raped.

- Olivia.
- I'm serious.

She doesn't think
that she's a victim.

If we tell her,
we make her one.

Yeah, but it's
her fiance's best friend.

It's her boss.

Can't let her keep working
for this guy.

Yeah, we also need
to build a case.

We have nothing on him.

So how is that gonna help us?

It's too late for a rape kit.

She doesn't remember anything.

Okay, but Cameron's guard
is still up about Sarah.

I mean, he thinks he
got away with Nicole, so...

We get her to wear a wire,
maybe we catch him in a lie.

Maybe we get a warrant
for the g.H.B.

That's a whole lot of maybes.

There's one thing
that I know for sure.

If we tell Nicole...

She'll never be the same.

What's more important?

He's a rapist.

Liv, we're not social workers.

We're cops.

They're right.
We don't have a choice.

So why don't you
and rollins go talk to her?


Bye, honey.

I'll call you when I can.

Sorry. That was Matthew.

We're supposed to go
over the seating chart.

I can't believe
that the wedding

is less than a month away.

Um, are we done here?

Actually, there is something

that detective Benson and I need
to talk to you about.

Okay, I told them everything
that I know about Sarah.


Nicole, this isn't about Sarah.
This is about you.


The fourth of July
party at Cameron's house.

You said you don't
remember anything.

No, it must have been
the Tequila.

So you drank a lot?

No, I only remember
one Margarita.

Maybe I was dehydrated.

I was just so out of it.

And did you take
any drugs that night?

No. Ask anyone. I swear.

I don't even smoke pot.

So let me ask you...
You remember that one drink?

Is it possible that somebody
at the party

drugged it?


You said that Cameron took you
to the doctor.

Did you get a complete exam?

No, I mean, it was
just Cameron's friend,

so we went to his house.

He stitched my earlobe and said

that I should stick with wine.

Okay, so no E.R.?

No blood or urine tests?

- No.
- Okay.

So, Nicole,
I need to ask you, um...

Is it possible that you
were sexually assaulted

and... and didn't remember it?

I don't know.

I was...

I was sore.

And, um...

The next morning,
I had a bladder infection.

Did you go
to your gynecologist?

No, I just took some
leftover antibiotics.

To be honest, I kind of, uh...

I didn't want to know
what happened.

I thought maybe
I had cheated on Matt.

No, Nicole,

we don't think
that that's what happened.

We think that you may...

Have been raped.


We think...

Cameron is a predator.


We know Sarah was drugged
Friday night.

Cameron was at that party.

No, Cameron rescued her.

That's what he
wanted her to think,

the same way he wanted you
to think that he rescued you.

You just got off
the phone with Matthew.

Did you ask him
if he mentioned to Cameron

that Sarah would be
at the water tower?

Yeah, he said that
they were texting,

and Matthew told him that c...

We were going home
and that Sarah was going

to the club.

Oh, my God.

Cameron raped Sarah?

We think he raped you too.

He's Matthew's best friend.

He's supposed to be
the best man at the wedding.

Nicole, we wouldn't
have told you

if we weren't sure.

Okay, what am I
supposed to tell Matthew?

We're staying chaste
until we get married.

This is not your fault.

He will understand that.

Why are you telling me this?

Because Cameron
is a serial rapist,

and we need to put him away.

I can't help you.
I don't remember what happened.

He does.

Nicole, you're still up.

Uh, can I talk to you?

Everything okay?

Something happen
to George and Martha?

No, they're Fine.

I just need to ask you
about something.

Okay, it's late.

Lia and I had
a hell of a drive.

It's okay.

I'll be upstairs waiting
for you

in the jacuzzi.

Okay, so? Quickly.

What's up?

Um, do you remember that party
at your house

when I drank too much?

Uh, we had a lot of parties.

Fourth of July weekend.

Oh, yeah. Right.

I'm pregnant.



I think?

You and Matthew?

This is good.

No, it's not good.

Um, it's not Matthew's.

Are you sure?

He never told you?

We're waiting
until we get married.

Yeah, but, Matthew and I
went to Dalton together.

He's hardly a virgin.

No, but we decided
to start fresh.

Wow, so it's not his?

Okay, look, before you tell me
that you cheated on him,

I'd really
rather not hear that.

No, I...
You see, that's the thing.

Um, I took the vow with him

But then at your party,

I think something happened
to me.

Did you see any guys with me?

Uh, yeah, some.

I mean, by the time
I went to my room,

you were pretty sloppy, flirty.

And then you just
found me the next morning,

naked on that lounge chair?


Yeah, you were passed out cold.

Okay, well,

I guess that I'm gonna need
the names

of all the guys at your party.

What? Why?

Well, for a DNA test,

because one of your friends
must have had sex with me

while I was passed out,
so I'm gonna need their names.

You don't need their names.

What do you mean?

Look, you were
really aggressive with me.


You're an attractive girl.

You were coming on strong.

I was a little high.

I'm not Gandhi.

So wait. We had sex?

You and me?

We had sex,
and you didn't tell me?

I figured you knew.

There you go.

Wait, whose idea
was the pregnancy?

It was Nicole's.

She's staying strong.

I thought you were cool
with it.

Besides, I wore a condom,
so I really don't see how...

Were there any other guys?

No, no, no.

Everyone left. It was just us.

Maybe this happened
at a different party.

Well, we can do a DNA test,

because I need
a screening anyway.

You're gonna keep it?

Well, I really haven't thought
about that.

I don't know what else to do,
'cause Matthew, he'll leave me.

Matthew doesn't have to know.

I'll take care of this.

Of you.

Not just for the procedure,
but the stress of it.

This never happened.
What never happened?

I was too drunk
to know I had bruises.

My earlobe was torn.


It's okay.

I'll take care of all of this.

I'll wire money
into your account.

Do you think
that if you pay me,

I am not gonna tell people
that you took advantage of me?

Hey. It wasn't like that.

- You were all over me.
- I was passed out cold.

Did Sarah put you up to this?


Does anybody else know?


Of course not.

Hey. Hey...

Don't touch me.

Cameron Tyler.

Who's there?


You bitch.

You raped me,
and you raped Sarah.

You set me up.

Mr. Tyler, get away from her.


You did so great.

Are you okay?

- I will be.
- I want my lawyer now.

A little late for that.

- Fine, call your lawyer.
- Yeah, and you know what?

In the meantime,
we have a warrant

for your house,
your phone, your computer.

And you're under arrest.

I tried to talk to Sarah.

I'd say that I'm sorry,
but she didn't want to hear it.

Well, she's got
a lot to deal with.

So do you.

And Matthew.

Nicole and I are
still getting married.

- It's not her fault.
- No. No, it's not.

It's mine.
He met her through me.

You son of a bitch.

- Hey, whoa, whoa.
- Hey, hey, whoa!

You waited until I was
out of town...

- Matthew!
- And attacked Nicole!

Hey, hey. Settle down.

Take it easy. Easy, pal.

Take a breath.

We have your client on video

admitting to sex with Nicole.

It was consensual.

She was passed out at the time.

And you offered her money
to forget

the consensual sex
ever happened.

She was blackmailing me
about being pregnant.

Matthew is my best friend.

Not anymore.

And I understand you let him
attack my client

in the middle
of your squad room?

Well, you're lucky
we pulled them apart.

I didn't do anything to her.

Or Sarah, or Celine,
or the other five girls?

We found your cloud, Cameron.

There's video of him having sex

with eight passed-out women.

- That was their fantasy.
- And the g.H.B.?

What about ripping their
earrings out of their ear

while you forced them
to go down on you?

You kept trophies.

When the DNA
comes back on these,

the jury'll connect the dots.

- I never saw those before.
- Not another word, Cameron.

I'm gonna need to speak
to your D.A.

We'll see if he's interested.

Well, that should
make Barba happy.

Honestly, I don't think
anything makes Barba happy.

I'll call him.

I was wrong

about not telling Nicole
that she was raped.

You're allowed.

But before you leave,

I've been meaning
to give this to you.

Sergeant's exam.

You're my senior detective.

Now that Munch is gone,
I don't want one-p-p

sticking me with some tube
of hair cream.

Yeah, I'm not ready
for the desk, captain.

I know you're not,
but let's face it,

you've been my number two
for a while.

Let's just make it official.

Sarah, I know
that this is hard,

but the D.A. Says
that Cameron will take a plea

for four counts
of aggravated sexual assault,

including yours.

He's gonna do 10 to 15 years.

All right. Good.

You're okay with that?

After last time,
I have no faith in a jury.

Sarah, I'm so sorry that
you had to go through this.

You mean again?

I just couldn't believe
it was him.

I mean, he seemed
like a nice guy.

Some rapists, you know,
that's their m.O.

They can be very charming.

Well, obviously,
I have no radar at all.

Hey, listen to me.

This is not on you.

Yeah, right.

What, am I supposed to stay home
for the rest of my life?


Cameron is behind bars.

He can't hurt you
or anyone else.

Okay, well, Michael
is still out there.

Men are still out there.

My dad wants to get me a gun.

I carry a gun.

And I've been assaulted.


You have?


And the hardest part is...

Not beating myself up every day

for getting
into that situation.

You said it wasn't my fault.

But it's yours?


It's a feeling.

Not a fact.

You know, my therapist says
it can help to...

To change your daily routine,
you know?

If you take the bus, then walk.

If you usually read, you know,
go to a movie.

Do things that make you happy.

You know, if you focus

on the good in life
and on the positive things,

then it can...

It can shake
the negative emotions

and patterns away.

And that works for you?

Some days.

You know, it's a process.

Little steps.

They add up.

If you say so.

- John.
- Captain.

Oh, I guess, technically,
you're not my captain anymore.

I didn't know
you were coming in.

Well, I wanted to wait
till it was quiet.

I didn't want to make a fuss.


It's gonna be strange.

A whole new view.

At least the D.A.'S office

has a fresh coat of paint
on the walls.

You had one hell of a run,
sergeant Munch.

Did I?

I don't know where it all went.

My friend.


"Did you pull
the identity photos?"

Yeah, I pulled the
identity photos.

I'm pulling them now.
I'm looking at them now.

Detective Munch.


I mean, S.V.U.

Hold on.
I'll get you a detective.