Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 15, Episode 23 - Thought Criminal - full transcript

Taking an active approach to catching sex offenders, the team targets a photographer with a secret life whose fantasies may have crossed into reality.

In the criminal justice system,

sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate these vicious
felonies are members

of an elite squad known
as the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

[Thai accent]
Hello, my name is Lucky.

I'm 14 years old,

and I live in Thailand.

I'm all alone,

and I'm waiting
to play with you.

[Computer beeping]

30 responses and counting.

So far none
in our jurisdiction.

Feed her a few more lines.

30 just doubled to 60.

[Computer beeping]

Just tell me
what you want me to do.

[Computer beeping]


- Can we keep up?
- Taru's all over this.

Make sure you get them
all on record

for specific illegal acts.

I'd like to do that.

With my shirt off?

It is hot in here.

It's been 30 minutes.
What the score so far?

Just under 800 responses.

- So how are you holding up?
- [American accent] Okay.

It's a dirty job,
but I like getting these guys.

Heavy in the Eastern Bloc,
China, and the American South.

No comment.

Turn those IPs over
to the FBI and interpol.

Any in our backyard?

Four in Brooklyn,
three in Queens.

Any in Manhattan?

One confirmed so far.

Municipal IP address,
calls himself "Flash."

That must be the guy
who told Lucky that he wanted

to meet her in Bangkok
and bring her to New York.

- Is he still at work?
- Yeah.

Fin, Amaro,
go pick him up.

Gordon Montlieff?

- Can I help you?

All payroll inquiries
must be submitted

by fax or regular mail.

It's not about payroll.

Okay, well, then, maybe
my supervisor can help you.

I don't think you want
your supervisor involved.

Remember me?

[Thai accent]
My name is Lucky.

Oh, man. Seriously?

How about that, stud?
Saved you a trip to Bangkok.

On your feet.

Let's go, Flash.

[Dramatic music]

♪ ♪

- sync and corrections by Zac -
- -

That girl and I
were just talking.

- About sex with a 14-year-old.
- No, I saw her.

- She is not 14.
- That doesn't matter.

You thought she was.

Wait, so I'm arrested
for thinking?

Why are we talking
to this guy?

Just charge him
and lock him up.

This squad needs to evolve.
Little cases make big cases.

Oh, so we're cutting pleas
with pedophiles?

Look, lieutenant, we're not
dealing with a mastermind here.

We don't know
what we're dealing with.

Taru still working
on his computer?

Find out where they are.

Meanwhile, Fin and Rollins
will walk him up the ladder,

- see where he leads us.
- You're the boss.

[Door closes]
He's a ray of sunshine.

Look, he's dealing
with some stuff right now.

Yeah, we all are.

That's why we go to work,
to get out of our own heads.

Well, Flash,

we know that you talked
to your friends

in chat rooms, on websites.

Now, did you ever take
the next step?

Did you ever meet them?

Some of those guys,
they're sick.

If I turn them in,
they'll come after me.

As if the inmates
aren't gonna

come after a pedophile like you
in prison.


He mentioned some friends,
but it's all pretty vague.

Still fighting the hook.

If he was done,
he would've lawyered up.

Let him stew in holding
for a while.

He doesn't strike me
as the reflective type.

Maybe he needs a shoulder
to cry on.

Make yourself at home, chomo.

You two got a lot in common.

I want my lawyer.

For what?
You're gone, Howard.

I'm not a chomo.

They tricked me.

They used a girl called "Lucky."

You too?

Doesn't matter anyway.
I'm dead.

They already got me
on the registry

for something else
I didn't do!

I didn't.

I'm never getting out
of here.

My life is over.
I can't go back.

'Cause you know what
they do to us in prison?

I can't go back.

Hey, man, what are you doing?
You can't pee in here.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, I-I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Hey, come on.
A little help in here?

This guy's making a mess.

Yeah, I'll get right on that.

- Come on.
- I'm sorry, I didn't mean to.


Daddy, can I get an ice cream?

A lemon ice, small.

Eh, but bring me the change,

- Ah, change.
- Oh.

She misses you.

I miss her too.
So you said you wanted to talk?

Yeah, I got a job offer
in L.A.


You hate L.A.
[Both laugh]

It's in corporate
communications for northrop.

It pays more than both of us
make combined.

You're considering taking Zara
across the country from me?


I don't know,
maybe you can come too.

Come on.

I see what this job
is doing to you.

Could be a fresh start.

There are a lot of options

for a former New York detective
out there.


Maria, are you asking me
to move with you?

Can we take it one step
at a time?

It's 3,000 Miles away.
That's not one step.

I-I don't even know
what to think.

I have to get back to work.


Hey, where's my change?

That's my girl.

We're still going through
Gordon's home computer,

but he did give up
this mini-tablet

found hidden in the book.

It's like a travel diary
for the dark net.

And he volunteered this?

We had a heart-to-heart.

He's hoping for a little help.

Well, he thinks of himself
as a voyeur,

but he knows guys
who may go further.

"Kids without shame"?

It's a chat room
for pedophiles.

So here's the guy that Gordon
tipped us off to.

He calls himself "erastes."

"I see him
from my window playing

"in the P.S. 27 school yard.

"Sweet faced, chubby.

"I imagine stringing him up,
hearing him squeal.

"How long do you think
it would take

for the blood to run out
if I hung him upside down?"

That's horrifying, but...

But it is on a site

that explicitly says
it's fantasy.

He's talking about a real boy
that he's seen.

And you know this how?

- We're giving you a heads-up,

not asking for your blessing.

I'm talking
about one undercover meet.

If it's just fantasy,
we walk away.

And if it's not,

do you want to be responsible
for missing this?

Oh, honey, I love this one.

This is my favorite
in the whole show.

It is striking.

Is this your gallery?

No, the photographer's
my husband.

You're married
to Simon Wilkes?

Is he here?
I'd love to meet him.

Oh, that's great.
He's right over there.

You know what, do you have
a catalog I can look at?

Whatever you want, baby,
just get a price.

- This way.
- Okay.

And I will see you
in a little bit.

Simon Wilkes?

Good-looking boy.

It's amazing.
Someone might look

at that photograph
and think innocence, but...

It's all about
what you bring to it.


Howard Jeffries.

Simon Wilkes.

Flash wasn't wrong.


A friend, he said you might
have some other work

that would appeal to me...

Studies of a school yard?

I see.

Can we discuss prices?

Somewhere we can meet later?

Maybe not here.

Peter Jay's. It's a bar
around the corner from P.S. 27.

I'll need an hour.

Not that I don't appreciate
your safer pieces...

My wife's a fan.

But Flash told me
you're edgier.

You never told me
how you know Flash.

We met online, corresponded,
chatted a few times.

He told me
about your school yard series.

I was intrigued.

The ancient greeks
appreciated the beauty

of the young male body,
unshaven and unspoiled.

I think we both have moved
beyond mere appreciation,

have we not?

It's all just fantasy.

What if it wasn't?

Forgive me, what business
did you say you were in?

I own
a furniture design company.

I do very well.

Whatever it is
we're discussing,

I can afford it.

So you're serious
about this?


In fact, I suggest we both

turn off our cell phones...
[Phone beeps]

So we know this conversation
isn't being recorded.

Good to be cautious.

Where were we?

We were talking
about money...

And boys.

[Whispers] And not just sex
with them.

You're with me on that,


We understand each other.

What we're talking about
takes means,

the right subject, venue.

It's a commitment.

Are you willing to commit?

[Over recording]
It's a commitment.

Are you willing to commit?

That's it?

Sounds to me like
you're flirting with entrapment.

You brought up procuring
a boy.

He didn't shy away.

He was the one that brought up

using boys
for more than just sex.

Did you get anywhere
with the wife?

Big blind spot,
she adores him.

She's a sicko too.

Tell me that at least Wilkes
has a record.

He stays under the radar.

Except when he chats
about boys

in the school yard he wants
to torture.

We do not indict people
for just imagining things.

Show me a substantial step,

we'll have
a different conversation.

Lawyers think too much.
This Wilkes is bad news.

Go back to Gordon.
Get us something more.

Can you get me into solitary?

Everybody's looking at me
all the time.

Might be able to do that,

but you got to stop
holding out on us.

Your pal erastes, he ever talk
about actually hurting boys?

No, I'm not a part of that,

I-I-I just like to watch.

He is into things
that I would never do.

Like what?

- Well, there was
this live-streaming Webcast

from Estonia a few months ago.

Erastes kept sending messages
to the master

asking him to hurt the boy...

Make him bleed.

Now, I-I turned it off,
but then later,

erastes bragged that

he had watched the boy die.

And then he said to me

that we should find a boy
that nobody would miss.

Gordon told us
about a Webcast

for something called
"damage groups."

They take live requests
to torture young kids.

The darker the skin,
the worse they get it.

Bruises don't show.

Okay, any way to access it?

It streamed live
three months ago.

We turned over what we had
to interpol.

That won't help.

Take over
Gordon's chat room accounts.

Keep fishing.

Fin, you got a minute?

Something wrong, lieutenant?

Damage groups,
torturing young kids?

How long you been dealing
with this?

14 years, 8 in narcotics
before that.

- That was worse.
- Worse, how is that possible?

Dealers had so much cash,
they turned everybody.

Judges, prosecutors...
Everyone's crooked.

- There are gray areas in SVU.
- Not for me.

You touch a woman or a kid,
you're scum.

Wilkes... I want to slam him
in a cage.

How about tonight?

Tell me where.

Now I got to head uptown,
going to a meeting.

- Okay.
- Safe home.

All right.

She's really working
her program.

Yeah, hope so.
How you doing?

You were a little hot in there
with Murphy.

You should be C.O.
now, he comes in and...

Maria and Zara are in town,

- Yeah.
- How's that going?

I'm not crossing the line.
Maria asked to see me.

She got a job offer
in California

- and wants to take Zara with her.
- Wow.

Yeah, she brought up the idea
of me going with them.

- What?
- Yeah, I know.

I mean, a month ago,
she's calling you,

telling me to back off.

- I do, and then...
- You thinking of going?

Uh...My life is here, Liv.

I don't want to fight,

but Maria's not taking
my daughter away from me.

I know
you've been vouched for,

but I got to take care
of myself.

We're just here
to talk business.

Okay, what kind?

Oxy, heroin, women, girls...

No guns, but anything else,
whatever you're to.

I don't judge.

- How about boys?
- Teens?

Maybe younger.

No grass on the infield?

Someone no one
will come looking for.

From El Salvador or Mexico,
it could be done.

I need 40k all-in.

Only if we see the boy first.

Wait, I don't have
that kind of cash.

[Scoffs] This guy got no skin
in the game.

I'm gone.

I can do better.

Keep talking.

A venue, soundproofed, hidden.

What's that gonna do for me?

Live-stream it.
People will pay.

My friend here
is a photographer.

I got that.
It's not my style.

His wife likes them.
Bought a couple.

Whatever she wants,
makes it easier.

Okay, I seen the front.
Where's the back?

Getting there.

Give you the full tour.

I've soundproofed everything.

No one can hear the screams.


State of the art.

- What do you think?
- All this stuff works?

The boys I bring in here

are henceforth never the same.

You're a sick freak.

I like you.

You want some skin
in the game?

Let's peel it off that boy.

[Saw buzzing]

Well, that's the
view he talked about.

- Right out onto the school yard.
- Luminol every inch.

Check all film
and storage spaces.

Pull up the floors.
Knock out the walls.

This place is pristine.
He brought boys here?

So he scrubbed it clean.
He's careful.

So what does he do
with the bodies?

Open up the drains
and test for chemicals.

I want a drop of blood, a shard
of bone, something, anything.

Lieutenant, counselor,

CSU found these hiding
behind a fake wall.

Sick son of a bitch.

It was all fantasy.
Nothing happened.


Found your little...

Photos of boys being tortured
in that room?

- Who are they?
- What?

No, I photoshopped those.
I'm an art photographer.

- You were at my opening.
- Yeah, I was.

So you know I took photos
off the Internet

and manipulated the images.

Yeah, stop lying now.

Let's hear his side.

His side?

We have him on tape,

negotiating to buy a boy
that no one would miss

from Mexico, El Salvador.
Does that ring a bell?

- That was just a game.
- A game?

I thought we all
understood that.

Do you think it's a game

to torture young boys, huh?

You like to be in control?

Well, guess what,
that game's over.

New game, my rules, not yours.

- Sergeant...
- How about we play this game?

You start talking now,

or I'm gonna take you back
into that room,

and I'm gonna strap you
into that chair,

and I'm gonna slice you open
until your blood runs out.

- Sergeant!
- How about that game?

- Hey!
- I need a minute.

Take a break!



We gotta take a break.

I've been here
for 15 years.

And you've been here
for two minutes,

and you're pulling me
out of an interrogation?

You weren't asking him

You were yelling at him.

You do know the goal
is to align yourself

with the suspect,
not to judge him?


Then what the hell was that?
Anger at Lewis?

I got the message.

And by the way,
I have a shrink.

Go in there
and align yourself.

What, me, with that guy?

Yeah, now.

I'm sorry about that,
uh, Simon.

I'm detective Amaro.

Are you okay?

Is she crazy?
Photography's my art.

You want to tell me
about that?

They're meant to shock,

That's what good art does,
but it's not real.

Well, if like you say,
it's all fake,

our forensic guys
will back that up.

Right, but he's...
He's an artist, Nick.

He... the way he sees it,
he's just pushing boundaries.

It's true...
I have images in my head,

and I try to re-create them,

but it's digital
trompe l'oeil.

I don't expect you
to understand.

No, I think I do.

The things I look at all day
on this job,

they put images
in my head too.

I watch videos
at night...

[Stammers] As an outlet.

That's what you're saying
this is, a release?

Yes, I swear.

But you crossed over
when you started talking

about buying a boy.

Your guys were talking
about that.

There was no boy.
There never has been one.

I didn't give any money.

Yeah, but, Simon,
that chamber...

That's...My meditation room.

I'm the only one
who's been in there.

Tear the place apart.
You won't find anything.

It's a meditation room.

Mr. Wilkes,
I'm Minonna Efron.

Your wife's waiting
right outside.

She's retained me
as your attorney.

give us the room.

We were getting somewhere.

All right,
I did what you wanted,

but that stuff I said
makes me sick.

It's called doing your job.

I've got two kids,
all right?

A ten-year-old son.
I want him gone.

People versus Simon Wilkes.

The charges
are attempted kidnapping

and attempted sexual abuse
of a child.

Mr. Wilkes,
how do you plead?

- Not guilty, your honor.
- Bail?

The charges against Mr. Wilkes
are especially heinous.

He built a torture chamber
across from a school.

He has gone online describing
specific horrifying acts

of torture he imagines
inflicting on boys

he looks out on from his window
every day.

We consider him an ongoing
threat to those children,

and we request
that he be denied bail.

- Your honor, Mr. Wilkes
is a well-regarded artist

with ties to the community.

My client has a fantasy life,

but the D.A. is using
his own overactive imagination

to inflame the situation.

There is not one shred of forensic
evidence of criminal behavior.

A grenade with the pin pulled
hasn't blown up yet,

but it's still a danger
to those around it.

I understand.

I'm setting bail
at $5 million cash.

Your honor,
that amount is punitive...

[Bangs gavel]
Next case.

I get it, counselor.
As soon I know, you'll know.

That was Barba.
Good news.

Wilkes has been remanded
and slated for a psych eval.

Bad news: It's tough to try
a case with no victims.

Where are we?
I got more bad news.

Just got off the phone
with tar...

Wilkes was telling the truth

about those torture pictures...

I might have something.

There was a nine-year-old
from P.S. 27

who went missing last year.

That's the special needs boy.

He turned up six days later,

couldn't tell the police
where he'd been.

Show the family Wilkes' photo.
Go back to the school.

See if anyone has seen Wilkes
with kids,

and while you're at it,

check out
any open molestation cases.

- So?
- No, sorry.

Have you seen this man?

What about him?

Well, hey, thank you
for your time, all right?

Thank you.

I find myself
in the terrible position

of hoping we found a victim.

That was the boy
who went missing.

He couldn't I.D. Wilkes.

A few kids and moms
at the school recognized him.

He takes pictures,
but he hasn't bothered anyone.

What about
the molestation cases?

Five lineups,
five strikeouts.

We've checked every single file
on Wilkes' computer.

We've checked every single photo
on his cloud account.

- Nothing.
- Go further.

Look into, uh, former addresses
close to school yards.

What do we know
about his history?

- Well, he has an ex-wife
and a son living in Toronto.

They're ducking our calls.
Hey, that was cs...

They found body fluids,
hair fibers,

all over the dungeon.

They're even on the boy's
clothing in the hamper.

- Good, and they're running DNA?
- Yeah, they already did that.

Only one hit: Wilkes.

No trace of anyone else?

He must have
cleaned the place up.

The place isn't clean.

There's no sign
of bleach there,

and he can't just wipe up
everybody else's DNA

and leave his own.

But he told us what he'd done
to kids in there.

I mean, why in God's name
would anyone make that up?


Good afternoon,
Mr. Wilkes.

I'm Dr. George huang.

Do you understand the purpose
of this interview?

You're the one psychiatrist
both sides

could agree on as an expert.

And just to be clear,
I'm not here to judge.

I'm here to evaluate.

Have you ever been
in therapy?

No, I've never had the need.


So how do you think
that you got here?

Like everyone else,
I have a fantasy life.

I just made the mistake
of talking

to the wrong people about it.

And that's all that they were,

That's right.
I think visually.

So you have
very graphic fantasies?

Let's explore that.

You know there's no guarantee
when it comes to the human mind.

No one expects a crystal ball,

just the best risk assessment.

Well, to be honest,

he scares me.

What did he do?

It's more what he didn't do
and what he's still not doing.

He's never sought treatment
from a psychiatrist,

even though he's had these
fantasies since he was a child.

So he hasn't been
fighting them?

No, they've actually become

progressively more graphic
over time.

And then, a few years ago,

it reached the point
where thinking wasn't enough.

That's why he photoshopped
those images

and built that chamber.

- He's escalating.
- Like an addict.

The reward centers
of the brain

are activated by sequentially
stronger stimuli.

Will he act
on these impulses?

Well, here's another analogy.

Some people just talk
about suicide,

but we worry about them when
they go out and they buy a gun.

And Wilkes?

That chamber...

It's an arsenal.

If you had hard evidence
of any criminal acts,

we wouldn't be here
to talk about a deal.

What's your offer?

Intensive supervision,

he moves out of the school zone,

and he goes in the registry.

So no jail time?

Simon, quiet.

No charges. Mr. Wilkes
hasn't done anything wrong.

Nothing wrong?

If a jury takes one look
at that torture chair,

those saws, the photos...

Is that your plan,

You don't have a victim,
so you're just gonna

tar Mr. Wilkes
for his thoughts?

It's an egregious
civil liberties violation.

Who are you representing here?

Your activist friends
looking for a test case

they can use for fund-raising
or your client?

Simon, Mr. Barba is trying
to shake your confidence in me.

I'm your lawyer.
I only care about you here.

We're done.

I dare you
to take this to trial.

What can you tell us about
these prosecution exhibits?

The knife, the saw,
the blood funnel, ligation tubes

were all removed by CSU from
that room after being examined.

Based on your conversation
with Mr. Wilkes,

what is your understanding
of the purpose of this room?

He told me he wanted
to torture a young boy

to death in there.

No further questions.


How long have you been
with special victims?

14 years.

How many pedophiles
have you arrested?


You've processed
hundreds of crime scenes.

How unusual is it
to come across one

where there's no evidence
of an actual crime?

It happens.

Didn't CSU find DNA
and fingerprints from my client

yet not one shred of forensic
evidence from anyone else?


So there's no proof
that he tortured anyone

or even brought anyone
into that room or anywhere else.

Maybe not,
but he was planning to.

Well, we can't know that
for sure, can we?

Detective, when you interrogated
my client, you told him

you also needed an outlet
due to the strains of your job.

- Was that true?
- No.

So you were lying, sharing
a fantasy to get a reaction.

How do you know Mr. Wilkes
wasn't doing the same thing?

He built a room.

Which no one else
was ever in.

But he wanted
to bring a boy there.

Well, can you predict
someone's behavior

based on past statements?

Well, not always,
but in this case, absolutely.

Oh, really?
Could anyone have predicted

that you would have
snapped one night

and gone after three boys
with a baseball bat?

- Objection, relevance.
- They came after me.

All right, they sprayed
my house with bullets.



In my work
as a forensic psychiatrist,

I evaluate victims
and sex offenders.

By "offenders," you mean
violent, sadistic criminals

who inflict lasting damage
on helpless victims, right?


And you would put my client
in that category?

In terms
of his intentions, yes.

In terms of his intentions.

Doctor, isn't the difference

that my client hasn't
actually committed a crime?

- Objection, your honor.
- Sustained.

Please limit your questions to
the witness' area of expertise.

Of course.

Doctor, are you telling the jury

that you can predict
beyond a reasonable doubt

when someone
is going to commit a crime?

I'm making an evaluation.

Ah, yes, 'cause you're not
just a psychiatrist,

- you're also a psychic?
- Objection.

Nothing further.

Did you get a read
on the jury?

They're sickened
by the details,

but our emotional case is
stronger than our legal one is.

Simon's taking the stand

[Cell phone chimes]

Jury's gonna see him
for who he really is.

I hope so.
He's compartmentalized

this part of his life
for all those years.

He may be able to hide it
from them.

- Not from his ex-wife.
She's willing to talk to us.

I don't know how you found me.

I changed my name,
got off the Internet.

I don't think Simon even knows
where I moved after I remarried.

Sounds like you needed
a clean break.

When we met,
I found Simon magnetic.

But he has a darkness
inside of him.

You knew
about these fantasies?

Not the extent of them,
not at first,

but then I started to notice
how he would shut the laptop

whenever I came into the room.

One time, he left it open.

And what did you see,
Ms. Walker?

He was messaging
with these other people,

talking about Bobby and me,

about things
he'd let them do to us.

Our child was six.

He said it was just a game,

but he knew,
he knew he had to go.

I told Bobby,
"daddy has a sickness.

He can't be
around other people."

I made a deal with Simon.

As long as he promised
to never see Bobby again

or be around other children,
I would keep quiet.

This room of his...

It's across from a grade school?

Finally, Mr. Wilkes, you chose
to take the stand today,

even though I advised you
not to.

Can you tell the jury why?

I wanted them to know
who I am,

a man with a normal life.

I'm married.

My wife is here.

I take photographs of weddings
and bar mitzvahs.

What happened to me
could happen to them.

Thank you.
Nothing further.

Mr. Wilkes...

You testified earlier

that your fantasies have nothing
to do with real life.

There's no crossover.

Mm-hmm. You mentioned
your wife is here.

- Do you have any other family?
- Objection, relevance.

A little latitude,
your honor.

This will speak
to state of mind.

I'll allow for now.

Your wife,
is she your first wife?

I was married before.

I'm divorced,
like a lot of people.

And you also have a son.

Do you see your ex-wife
and your son often?

No, I don't think
that has any...

You don't?
Can you think harder?

Let me ask you again,
Mr. Wilkes,

and remember,
you are under oath.

Why have you
not been in contact

with your ex-wife
or your son?

Because I knew
I couldn't be around them.

Why is that?

Because of the pictures
in my head.

Which you can't control?

- Objection.
- Sustained.

Isn't it true that your
first wife asked you to leave

when you admitted
that you were afraid

you would act on your urges?


I made... I made the decision
to leave.

I didn't hurt him.

He's my son.
I didn't hurt him.

I would never.

Ladies and gentlemen,
Mr. Wilkes.

Mr. Wilkes
went beyond just thought.

He watched streaming videos
of boys being tortured.

He built a dissection chamber,
fully functioning,

with electric saws, and a drain
in the floor for blood.

His own hidden art photos

provide graphic evidence
of exactly what he intended

to do in that chamber.

Simon Wilkes left
his only son...

And never saw him again

because he was that afraid
of his own fantasies.

And if the defendant

was that convinced
that he would eventually act,

that he would torture
his own son,

torture him
or even kill him...

Shouldn't we be?

Ladies and gentlemen,

Mr. Barba
has brought a case

with no evidence, no victim,

no crime.

What he has is a defendant
he doesn't like...

An artist.

Has Mr. Wilkes
pushed boundaries?


But has he ever harmed anyone?


The pictures you saw
were photoshopped.

The idea of procuring a boy

came from
the undercover officer.

The scene of the "crime"

contained Mr. Wilkes' DNA only.

I'd like you
to ask yourselves,

have you ever had thoughts

you knew
you would never act on?

I know I have.

I'm sure the D.A. has.

Cheating on your spouse?

Killing your boss,
maybe an in-law?

Think about it.

Better yet,
don't think about it.


Otherwise you'll be
where Mr. Wilkes is now.

Nice summation.

- Nice move
sneaking his ex-wife and son

into the courtroom
to rattle him.

Even for you,
that was a low blow.

You ever ask yourself
why it rattled him so much?

What the hell kind of thoughts
does he have in his head

about his own son?

You really want to live
in a world

where you can be put in prison
for what's inside your head?

Has the jury
reached a verdict?

We have, your honor.

On the charge
of attempted kidnapping,

we find the defendant
not guilty.

On the charge of attempted
sexual abuse of a child,

we find the defendant
not guilty.

Ladies and gentlemen,
I thank you for your service.

[Bangs gavel]

Jury deliberated
less than three hours.

I wouldn't take it

You put up a good fight.

Right this way.

Let it go, Nick.

We gave it our best shot.

Right, and that's it, right?

We just wait for Simon
to do something?

He's not gonna stop.

You can't let it get
in your head, detective.

So I got you a snack
for the ride home.

I'll miss you, daddy.

I'll miss you too, mi Amor.
[Speaking spanish]

Okay, so we'll keep talking,

Actually, Nick, um, I told
them I'm gonna take the job.

They needed an answer
right away,

and it's too good an offer.

Hey, just like that,
you're gonna take

my daughter out of my life?

No, you can come out
and live nearby.

Yeah, and do what?

Check I.D.S
at a movie studio gate?

What, you want me to leave
my mother, my son?

Hey, you want me to fight?

I could fight you.
Want me to take you to court?

- Is that what...
- Nick, I care about you,

and I can see that you're
under a lot of pressure.

- No, hey, don't, don't do that.
- You know what?

If you take this to court,
you're gonna force me

to bring up things
that you don't want on record.

So for your sake
and for Zara's,

you better let this go.

[Camera shutter clicks]

You got five seconds
to put that down.

It's a public sidewalk,

You can't control me.


Hey! Hey! Hey!

Leave me alone!

[Both grunting]

Someone call the police!

[Siren wails]
Please! Please stop!

Hands up
where we can see them.

Hands in the air.

I'm on the job.
I'm on the job.

- Come on, kids.
- Keep 'em up. Keep 'em up.

I'm on the job, man!

- You're under arrest.
- [Grunts]

We need an ambulance.

- sync and corrections by Zac -
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