Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 15, Episode 22 - Reasonable Doubt - full transcript

Benson and Murphy question renowned television producer Frank Maddox when he's accused of molesting his 8 year-old daughter Chelsea. Maddox's estranged wife, actress Catherine Summers, wants justice for her daughter but refuses to cooperate, leading the cops to suspect the accusation was a ploy to win the public's favor. With Catherine's young sister Rose engaged to Maddox and accusations flying back and forth in the media, Benson strives to help a child by discovering the truth.

In the criminal justice system,

sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad

known as
the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

♪ Ha, ha, dance ♪

I'll give you five bags
for the girl.

Man, I need a taste, blood.

You get a taste, I get a taste.

Oh, my God, he's a cop!
He's a freaking pig!

Nobody move!

Man, forget you, pig.
You ain't gonna shoot.

Hands in the air!
Don't move.

She said "hands in the air."

Cut. Cut.

That was great.

Then why did you cut, huh?

- Hey, you know how Frank is.
- Was it "a" camera again?

This guy's never happy, man!
Frank's stepping in!

Come on, calm down,
calm down, calm down.

Everything all right, Frank?

Would I be here
if everything's all right?

You're supposed to call me
for first team rehearsal.

We were behind.
We waited.

Well, now you're
even further behind

because this is all wrong.

I told you, Rose is a whore.

What is this pink?
Come on.

She's lilith in the garden.
She's not Eve.

It's... it's too innocent.

And you, listen, you moron,

for one take just pretend
you're straight

and take her like a man.

You were so hot last night.

And we are surrounded
by idiots.

You gotta make her want it!

I need it raw!

More smoke.
More smoke.

Come on, suck and blow.
Suck and blow.

I know you can suck.
These costumes suck.

That is not the red I specified
for her shorts.

You said bright red.

He said crimson.
Do you know crimson?

Hey, hey.

You gotta blackwall
that front tire and you...

you gotta dull
the whole thing down.

It's too shiny.
It's not a car show.

Hey, Frank, I got a question
about my character.

Yeah, so do I.
You think he lives or dies

in the season finale?

I'm not sure
we can kill him, Frank.

Why? It's cable.

Macho characters die or
experiment with their sexuality,

or die experimenting
with their sexuality.

- All right. Frank Maddox?
- Yeah, I don't talk to extras.

It's about your daughter.

Is she all right?

That's what
we're trying to find out.

She's with my ex, Catherine.

She is. Is there
somewhere private we can talk?

Wait a minute.

What is Catherine
accusing me of now?

It's not Catherine.
It's Chelsea's pediatrician.

He thinks that she may be
a victim of sexual abuse.

And Catherine's saying it's me?

Come on.

I'm sorry to waste your time,

but I'm in the middle
of a custody battle

and my wife is out of her mind.

I'll call my lawyer.

Okay, sweetie.

I'm gonna ask you a few
questions, okay?

Can you tell me what happened

when you were alone with daddy
on Sunday, Chelsea?

He said I spilled ice cream
on my dress.

But he spilled it.

We went to the laundry room.

He took off your clothes?


He told me I needed to wash them
to get them clean.

He sat me
on the washing machine.

He said it was fun,
the way it moved.

He held me tight,
so I didn't fall.

That's Chelsea Summers-Maddox.
She's eight, and the woman

prompting her is her mother,
Catherine Summers.

The actress who's in a very
public divorce with the man

who they're accusing,
Frank Maddox.

After he was caught sleeping
with Catherine's sister.

Mmhmm, yeah,
younger sister, Rose.

And she's now got a guest arc

on Frank's new show,
New York Hustle.

So there's some bad blood.
And Catherine made the video.

You notice the time jumps?

Mm. Great.

A high-profile, big ego couple

in the middle
of a messy divorce.

Get ready for the media circus.

- sync and corrections by Zac -
- -

Look, I have a reputation
as an ass.

I am an ass,
but I am not a child molester.

This is Catherine trying to get
back at me for my decision

to consciously uncouple.

Was that before or after
you got caught sleeping

with her little sister?

- Rose and I are in love.
- We are here as a courtesy,

all right? And he is late
for a story meeting.

Oh, absolutely,
we understand the importance

of... The world
of fictional characters.

And do you understand
that that pediatrician

should be charged
for making a false report?

Before we do that,
we just need to hear

your side of the story.
So we understand

that you and Chelsea
were together

in your ex-wife's apartment.
Is that correct?

Yes, that is correct.
I am her father.

The Tibetan nanny was there.
We weren't alone.

My son Daniel was there.

Okay, well, Chelsea told
the pediatrician

that you two
were playing... Games.

- Private games.
- That's absurd.

That's Catherine putting words
into my daughter's mouth.

Catherine is borderline, okay?

The house, it's full of cats,
bunnies, she's got,

I don't know, 16 stray dogs.

- Frank.
- She talks to the dogs.

- Frank.
- She thinks the dogs

talk to each other.
She's nuts.

Just answer with a yes or no,
and we can end this.

Did you sexually assault
your daughter?

If I wanted to sexually
assault my daughter,

why wouldn't I wait,
sue for custody,

and have total access?

Was that a yes or a no?

That was a no.
It was a clear no.

So what happened last Sunday?

- We played a game of chess.
- Chess?

You and Chelsea played chess
in the laundry room?

The laundry... no.
No, not the laundry room.

There's spiders all over
the place in there.

Anybody who knows me
knows I'm a...

Big arachnophobe.

I'm afraid of spiders.

Not exactly a confession.

It was more about
what he didn't say.

But you asked him
point blank if he did it.

All due respect,
sometimes at SVU,

we work up to that question.

There was a technique
behind it.

I gave him the opportunity
to deny it, he didn't.

Yeah, lieutenant,

I know all about
neuropsychological techniques,

but he could have been rattled.

He didn't seem rattled to me.

He came up with
that arachnophobia excuse.

Yeah, he also used
distancing language.

He never said
his daughter's name.

He never even
looked at her photo.

- None of which proves guilt.
- She's right.

I can't move forward
without the girl's testimony.

Benson, Amaro,
go to the country house,

work the mother.
This alleged incident

took place in their New York

Yeah, and you guys should talk
to anybody who was there...

the nanny, the brother.

Also, we're gonna need a warrant
to get into that laundry room.

By the way,
Frank is afraid of spiders.

Someone afraid of needles,
if they're a heroin addict,

will find a vein.

Of course Frank's denying it.

But he hurt Chelsea.
I know that in my heart.

This may not even be
the very first time.

He's... Obsessed with her.

We need to hear that
from Chelsea.

- That's why I made the video.
- To pursue a case, you know,

we need to talk to her

I don't want to pursue it.

The state could press charges
without you.

And if you don't cooperate,

children's services
may get involved.

I'm a good mother.
I love my daughter.

Well, then let us talk to her.

We all just want
to keep Chelsea safe.


My dad and I
like to play pretend.

So what do you guys pretend?

Cops and bad girls.
My dad makes up stories for TV.

If I remember my lines,
I can be in one.

So, Chelsea,
you know the difference

between truth and pretend?

You do.
Right, honey?


Ms. Summers,
can I talk to you alone?

I don't want to leave Chelsea.

Chelsea and I will be fine.
Right, Chelsea?

We'll be fine.

So, Chelsea, I saw the video
that you and your mom made.

Now, was that real
or was that pretend?

It was real.

Did your mom tell you
to remember lines for that?

No, she told me
to say what happened.

Now, did you let
your ex-husband

in the apartment that day?

No, my nanny did.

She was home
with Daniel and Chelsea.

I went to a matinee
with my sister.

- Rose?
- Rose?

No, we're not speaking.

It was Mavis, my middle sister.
She's visiting us from Oregon.

Now, had Frank show up
uninvited before?

Frank does what Frank wants.

We have a set
visitation schedule,

but he doesn't
pay any attention to it.

Ms. Summers, what did Chelsea
say about his visit?

She said that they played
a secret game

in the laundry room.

And then she said...

Her vagina hurt.

Were those her words or yours?

I took her to a doctor.

He can deny it all he wants.

He was in that laundry room.

Ms. Summers
was very cross with me

when she found out
I let Mr. Maddox in.

But what could I do,
leave him out in the hallway?

I hear you.

And I never let those kids out
of my sight the whole time.

What's that you're drinking,

Mint and parsley.
Very healthy.

Yeah, my mother used to chew
mint and parsley

when she didn't want our pastor
to know she'd been smoking.

Smoking in front of the kids?

It's my one vice.
Mr. Maddox understands.

He and Chelsea were playing
chess in the living room,

and he said
if I needed to smoke,

I should go outside and do it.

I was only gone a few minutes.

He take Chelsea anywhere else?

When I came back,
they were both

coming out of the laundry room.

Remember what Chelsea
was wearing?

She had a dress on,

but it was unbuttoned,

and her tights were gone.

So your mom's
at the country house?

Yeah. I have soccer camp
this week,

so I get to stay here.

My dad doesn't like soccer.
He's weird.

What makes you say that,

He says boys are dirty.

He likes girls,
dressing them up,

making them do what he says.

Them who?

Chelsea, mom, and aunt Rose.
All his actresses.

Weird, right?

Yeah, but that's his job,

Well, he said Chelsea could be
in his show,

but not me because I'm a boy,
and boys don't play dress up.


Are... are they in trouble?

Why would you think that?

All my parents ever do
is yell at each other.

My nanny says it's bad for us,
that it's bad karma.

Father thinks
the mother's crazy.

The mother thinks
the father's an abuser.

- What'd the little girl say?
- Her story is consistent.

She and her father
played a game.

He took off her dress,
he fondled her vaginally,

told her that it was
their secret.

The mother seem credible?

She's got some issues.

That doesn't mean
the girl wasn't abused.

Either way, she's just a pawn
in the game between these two.

Somebody just upped the stakes.

LMZ just released nude photos
of Rose

that Frank took
when she was 18.

She looks younger than that.

Are you gonna charge him
with child pornography?

She's out to get him.
This proves it.

You think Catherine
released them?

Not a doubt in my mind.

Then there's no point
sending you to ask her.

Fin, Rollins, go to Catherine.

Tell her Frank may be charged
with kiddie porn.

If this is part of
her vendetta,

she'll steer them
right into this.

Barba was right.
This is a media circus.

If Catherine did
release those photos,

she got the attention
she's looking for.

If she wanted this, she would
have went public from the get.

- Can I help you?
- Yeah, we're the police, Mrs...

Mavis Summers.
Catherine's middle sister.

The non-famous one.

Is Catherine here?
We need to talk to her.

Come on in.


Chelsea, why don't you go find
your mom and play in your room?

Have a seat, detectives.
She'll be right down.

I'm sick about Chelsea.
Something like this

- was bound to happen.
- How's that?

Catherine had a strict rule
that Chelsea and Frank

were never
to be alone together.

And this has been
since the divorce?

Since the Rose issue.

But even before that, Frank
always had his hands on Chelsea.

Catherine never did
anything about it?

I did on my last visit.

I set up nanny cams here
and in the city.

That's how I found out
about Rose.

How would you like to tell
your older sister

that her husband was sleeping
with your baby sister?

It took me three days
before I had the stomach

to go to Catherine.

Yeah, that must have been hard.

So Frank knew
about the nanny cams?

Yup, and he knew that there
wasn't one in the laundry room.

Coincidence? No.

Mavis, enough.

You see the vultures?

Now do you understand why
I didn't want to come forward?

Frank did this.

You think Frank
released the photos?

Of course, to humiliate me.

You have any idea how old
Rose was in those pictures?

It's hard to say.
Rose still looks young.

LMZ say that they only have
print copies.

Now, if we could get ahold
of the jpegs,

then we could find out
when they were created,

see if Rose was under 18.

Don't you think if I had them,

I'd have used them
in the divorce?

Frank would be sleeping
in his tesla.

Frank thinks that Catherine
must have leaked

the photos to LMZ.

You know, she was always
going through his emails

and his cell phone.

It's really sad
that she can't just let it go.

You mean let go of her husband
sleeping with her sister?

They're ready, Rose.
It's the Abby.

Frank told me that our love

would cost me
my relationship to Catherine.

He says that that happens
sometimes with older siblings.

At first, it's all about them.

And then a younger sibling
comes along and...

they get thrown out of orbit.

I do hope that Catherine
can move on with time.

It was never my intention
to hurt her.

This is ridiculous.
It's invasive.

You're talking to my family.

You're talking to my fiancee
about the most...

With all due respect,

your fiancee graduated
high school last year.

Some might see this
as a pattern of behavior,

just moving down the line.

Rose was of age
when those pictures were taken.

It is irrelevant.
I have done nothing wrong.

Your hair was found
in the laundry room,

in your ex-wife's apartment.

I'm sure my hair is all over
the laundry room.

I'm sure it's all over
my clothes.

I'm sure it's all over
my kids' clothes.

Yeah, it's not
that kind of hair.

Then I'm sure Catherine
planted it.

She is obsessed.

Did she plant
your fingerprints too?

Because we found them
on the washing machine

right where Chelsea said she was
sitting when you touched her.

Look, I may have looked in
there on my way to the kitchen.

You don't have to answer
these questions.

I know I don't.

So you were
in the laundry room?

Yes, for a moment.

My daughter had climbed up
on the washing machine.

The machine was running.
I was worried about her.

I didn't want her to get hurt.
I picked her up.

So why'd you lie?

Look what you're
accusing me of.

I... would you have believed me?

All right, he's answered
all your questions.

We're out of here.
All right?

I suggest
that you charge Catherine

with endangering
the welfare of a child.

She's far more dangerous
than he is.

Thanks, guys.

This is a clip
from New York Hustle,

a show premiering this fall
from Emmy award-winning creator

Frank Maddox.

But it's not why Frank is
in the headlines right now.

It's because of
his tumultuous breakup

from his actress wife of 18 years,
Catherine Summers

and allegations... the kind
that are usually un-provable,

sometimes motivated by revenge...
of child abuse.

Hey, you gotta come see this.

This must be very difficult
for you.

Yes. Yes, of course it is,
because it's a total farce.

Look at what is being said.
Why would I act so recklessly?

I'm in the middle
of a custody battle.

The show is about to premiere.

Well, Murphy was right.
Frank is firing back.

But what about your daughter?

She seems to believe
that this happened.

Catherine has brainwashed her.
You've been through this.

My ex-wife is upset
because the marriage is over,

and she's manipulating
the kids against me.

You're saying that Catherine
made this up?

Catherine likes drama.
She's a natural narcissist.

She's turning a loving romance
into a Greek tragedy.

You mean your relationship
with Rose,

Catherine's youngest sister?

Yes. Yes, we are in love.

Rose is finishing up
a three-episode arc on the show,

and then she's heading back
to school.

It's been a great experience.

And I've learned
so much from Frank.

Plus the timing worked out
perfectly with spring break.

Catherine Summers
is stepping in.

Who has eyes on Frank?

this isn't a good time.

I can schedule you
an appointment.

Frank is not on the set.

Out of my way, Adam.
Where's my sister?

You think going public
makes you look better

when people are gonna see you
dressed like this every week?

Everybody knows
you're selling yourself

for a role.

Don't do this, Catherine.

Are you drunk?

I have never been
more clear-headed in my life.

Catherine, we should talk.

Oh, you want to talk?

Frank took Chelsea...

Into the laundry room

and sexually abused her.

Catherine, that's enough.


Can we go?

Frank took Chelsea
into the laundry room...

this from the woman concerned
with her daughter's privacy?

Out of my way.
Lieutenant Murphy,

I want to go after him.
He's a pedophile.

Catherine, they know.
She's changed her mind.

Somebody has to do something.

How about we take Chelsea

- That's okay, I've got her.
- You know what? Come with me.

We've got a ton of books
in here.

What do you like?
"Narnia", "Harry Potter" maybe?

You said if Chelsea testifies,
we'd have a case?

You sure you're both
ready for that?

We are.
Frank cannot get away with this.

Daddy spilled ice
cream on my dress...

he said we needed to wash
it in the laundry room.

That's very good, Chelsea.

And can you tell me
what happened next?

He took off my dress.

And tights.

And then what did he do?

He put me
on the washing machine.

It was moving.

Can you tell me
what he did after that?

He touched me on my privates,

kissed me
like I showed in the drawing.

This is people's exhibit six.

So, Chelsea, I have the drawing
that you made

for sergeant Benson.
Do you remember?

Yes, I used red crayon.

That's very good, yes.

Can you tell me, please,
what the red circles mean?

That's where my daddy
touched me.

He said if I didn't tell

he'd put me on his TV show,
like Rose.

Thank you, Chelsea.

Nothing further.

Hey, Chelsea.
My name is Lester,

and I'm gonna ask you
a couple more questions.

- You okay with that?
- Okay.

You're a good girl.
I can tell.

Yes, I am.

And I'll bet you do everything
your mommy tells you to do.


So I know that you practice
lines that daddy tells you

so you can be on TV someday.

Did mommy give you
any lines to practice?


She told me to tell the doctor
what I told her, that's all.

Did she remind you what to say?

So I wouldn't forget.

In case people tried
to confuse me.

I had to remember it right,
or they'd think I lied.


So you did practice lines
with mommy?

- Objection.
- I'll allow it.

Just so I wouldn't forget.

Thank you, Chelsea, and it was
lovely talking to you.

You're a very, very nice girl.

No, I did not coach Chelsea
in any way.

I didn't tell her what to say.

She came to me
and said that her vagina hurt.

I asked her if she had been
wiping too hard.

She said, no, her daddy had been
playing with her down there.

You took her to a pediatrician,

but you didn't want
to call the police.

Why is that?

I was panicked, I guess.
In denial.

Who wants to think or believe
that their spouse

would do something like that?
And I was still reeling

from the knowledge
that he was sleeping with Rose.

- Your teenaged sister?
- Relevance, your honor?

It goes to a pattern
of behavior.

I'll allow it,
but tread carefully.

Tell me about Mr. Maddox's

with your teenaged sister Rose.

He was her brother-in-law,

but Frank knew her
since she was a toddler.

He would play with her,
dress her up,

and call her his leading lady.

Oh, for God's sake.

Mr. Cohen,
control your client.

And Mr. Barba, again,
make sure this is relevant.

Yes, there's a direct line,
your honor.

After you discovered his affair
with your sister Rose,

what did you notice

about Mr. Maddox's behavior
toward Chelsea?

He was obsessed with Chelsea
the same way

that he had been with Rose
when she was that age.

With Rose, I thought
it was just paternal affection.

I've since come to realize

that this is common behavior
with pedophiles.

It's called grooming.

Move to strike, your honor.

An alienated wife
is not an expert witness.

Jurors will disregard
that last comment.

You said that Mr. Maddox
was obsessed with Chelsea.

Can you tell us
what behaviors you witnessed?

He was always pulling her
onto his lap,

stroking her hair,
tickling her,

playing games with only her,

changing her clothes.

I told my staff they were never
to leave them alone together.

But on the Sunday in question?

He gave our nanny permission
to go outside for a smoke.

So that he could be alone
with Chelsea?

- Hearsay.
- Nothing further.

Ms. Summers,
first let me say

how much I've admired your work
as an actress.

Moments ago, you described
my client's behavior

toward Chelsea.

He hugs her, he tickles her.
He kisses her.

That sounds
like a loving father to me.

Well, we have a son also,

and he never touches
or plays with him.

But Ms. Summers,

you've never actually seen
my client

touching Chelsea.

If you had,
you'd call the police.

Well, obviously he doesn't do
those things when I'm watching.

Let me ask you a question.

When did this behavior
start to upset you?

It dawned on me over time.

Over time?

Would you say
over the past year,

when your husband
and your youngest sister

entered into a relationship?

It made me aware

that Frank
was not what he seems to be.

It must have been
very upsetting to you

when he filed for divorce.

Would you say that you're angry
at your ex-husband?

Yes, but that is not why I took
my daughter to our pediatrician.

No, of course not.

I mean, you were just concerned
for her well-being.

Of course I was.

And were you concerned
for her well-being

when you sent this...
this is defense exhibit three...

to your then-husband?

Can you tell me what this is?

It's a porcelain figurine.

Yes, it's a porcelain figurine
of a, uh...

of a woman who has torn
her own heart out of her chest.

And you gave this
to your husband

the day after you found out he
was filing for divorce, right?

And I realized
that he was sleeping

with my 19-year-old sister.

Yes, I wanted Frank
to know how I felt.

You mean how angry you were.

He betrayed me,
destroyed our family.

Yes, and so it would be
very natural

for you to seek revenge,
wouldn't it?

Badgering the witness.

I'll have to allow.

I may have wanted revenge,

but I never would
have done this to Chelsea

just to get back at Frank.

And yet, here we are.

I have nothing further.
Thank you.

I asked Mr. Maddox
if I could have a smoke,

and he said I needed
to do it outside.

And when you came back in,
what did you see?

Mr. Maddox and Chelsea
playing chess.

Yes, after that.

That's all I saw.

You didn't see Mr. Maddox
and Chelsea

coming out of the laundry room?

No, sir.

Let me remind you,

in your interview
with detective Tutuola,

you said you saw "both of them"

"coming out of
the laundry room.

"Chelsea's dress
was unbuttoned.

She had no tights on."

Well, I meditate a lot

so I can focus on the present
instead of living in the past.

So what you told
the police then

might be a more accurate

of what you actually saw
than what you remember now?

I'm sorry.
I just don't remember.

All I remember is Mr. Maddox
and Chelsea playing chess.

And that girl loves her father.

Dohna was crystal clear
when I talked to her before.

- Frank got to her.
- How?

She's Tibetan.

For all we know,
he called the Dalai Lama.

- Isn't she on your payroll?
- Yes, but she knows

- Frank writes the checks.
- That's Frank's M.O.

He always gets what he wants
because everything is for sale.


What do you mean, "always"?

It doesn't matter.

He's got talent,
connections, success.

People bend the rules
when it comes to Frank.

They always have.

You never should have
put Chelsea through this.

So this is my fault?

What about
what I've been through?

You married him.
He made you a star.

You actually believe
that people can think

that you didn't know
what kind of man he is?

Anything else happen
in court today?

Yeah, defense brought in
an opposing psychiatric expert

to say that Chelsea has
an overactive imagination.

Frank's female producers
testified he's a swell guy.

Supports charities,
empowers women.

Barba did get her to admit
that he gave the crew iPads

- after the charges were brought.
- Right.

Which Cohen countered by
bringing in a times film critic

who called Frank
"a national treasure."

So what it is, none of 'em
can admit he could ever do this.

But guys like him
do the deed in private.

Okay, maybe.

But so much talent,
such a high profile.

He's in the middle
of a custody battle.

Come on.
I just don't see it.

I do. He's guilty.

can I have a word with you?

Is there something going on
I should know about?

What do you mean?

Any chance
you're protecting Frank?

I just don't like seeing
innocent men get railroaded.

I mean, there was
this music teacher last fall.

What are you...
what are you asking?

You've had complicated

with older male mentors...

your captain down in Atlanta,

What was complicated
with Cragen?

They found a dead hooker
in his bed... you tell me.

- He was set up.
- Probably.

What about your dad?
He was a gambler.

Ever get in trouble?

Yeah, uh...

I don't know,
mostly with my mom.

You know, she rode his ass,

nagged him
until he had to leave.

Ever think she had a reason?

Is it possible
you have a blind spot

when it comes
to men in power?

This business is...
it's very tough on actresses.

Catherine was fresh, vibrant,
a gamine.

She was my muse.

It's been hard for her
to make the transition

into playing characters
with more... Depth.

It's difficult to portray
more maturity than you have.

And to be fair,
it's not only the business

that has moved on
from Catherine, but you did?

You did as well?

Rose and I never meant
to hurt anyone.

But you did hurt Catherine,
didn't you?

Yes, I did.

This has not been easy
for Catherine.

Nor for you.

I mean, she has embarrassed you

and she recently harangued you
on your own set.

As I said, this has...

this has been a very tough time
for Catherine.

The o... the only faults
I find with her

is dragging Chelsea
into our "Sturm und Drang".

How do you mean?

Look, I love...
I love my child.

I would do nothing to harm her.

And now this charge
is out there.

I think that when Catherine
realized she couldn't get me,

she tried to destroy
my reputation.

So on the day in question,
you did not harm your daughter.

Absolutely not.

Did I play dress-up
with my daughter? Yes.

Am I...

Guilty of being a father
who wants his daughter

to feel like a princess?
I am.

Did I tell her she'd be
my leading lady? I did.

She's a brilliant actor.

The only problem is
she is playing a part

that was written for her
by her mother.

I understand how this looks
to the outside.

I...I'm not naive.

And I just want to say,

I am so sorry that we are here.

We've loved each other.

We have created
these beautiful children, and...

Here we are.

I want to apologize
because I can be arrogant.

I can... I can be... Insensitive.

But I've broken no law.

I would never hurt my daughter.

Why would I do that?

Why would I risk everything
that I've accomplished?

It just...
it does not make sense.

Thank you.

He's a better actor
than anyone on his show.

He had the courtroom charmed.

Not after I cross-examine him
on Monday.

I don't care
how many fans he has.

Not everyone is a fan.

Did you see
who wasn't there today?

Mavis, the middle sister.
The one no one notices.

- Hey.
- Sergeant.

If you're looking
for Catherine,

she took the kids out
for dinner.

I came to check on you.

You weren't in court today.

Yeah, I've heard enough
of Frank's lies.

You've known him a long time.

How old were you when he
and Catherine got married?

- 12.
- 12.

A lot of girls that age
dream of becoming actresses.

Your sister
was becoming a star.

I never liked attention.

Like the attention
he gave Rose or Chelsea?


Did Frank... Notice you

when you were that age?

It wouldn't matter if he did.

He's Frank Maddox.
He gets away with everything.

And he doesn't have to.

I know that you love Chelsea.

And I know that you want
to protect her.

And you can...

In court on the stand.

So he and his lawyers
can call me crazy?

Ridicule me?

It's Frank Maddox's world.
I learned that a long time ago.

We all just live in it.

It doesn't have to be
that way for Chelsea.

I've avoided dealing
with this for 18 years.

Until today.

When I was 13,

Frank gave me a part
in one of his shows.

And he said if I performed well,
that I could do more.

But you never did?


After we taped the episode,

I was at a party of one
of Frank's producers in L.A.

There were all
of these famous actors

and... All this attention.

And then?

He asked if I wanted
to try the hot tub.

He didn't waste any time.



Put his hand under
my bathing suit...

Inside of me.

And then he raped me

and said that it was how
all his leading ladies

got their roles.

I was 13.
I believed him.

Did you tell anyone?


Catherine was in love with him.

He took care of my family.

I saw it happen with Rose,

and I tried to warn her,

but she just thought
I was jealous.

And Catherine didn't want
to know.

When did you find out?

When I saw those photos
of Rose.

Those photos,
the ones that were online.

Did you leak those photos?


I had to do something.

Why now?

Because he hasn't stopped.

He hurt my niece,

and everybody just looked
the other way.

All of those people,

all you people
that sat in silence and watched

are Frank's accomplices.

Those of you that think that
talent negates responsibility

are just as guilty as Frank.

I don't want to be one
of those people.

I didn't make this up.
I didn't imagine it.

He knows what he did to me.

Due to the startling
allegations over the weekend

and the absolute
media saturation,

my client cannot get
a fair trial.

I mean, two of the jurors
have admitted

to seeing that interview.
That's why we have alternates.


We'll proceed with Mr. Barba's

of the defendant today.

Well, I'm not sure
I'm gonna be able to do that,

because I-I don't think
my client can appear today.

- Are you kidding me?
- When will he be available?

I have no idea.

You need to let him know

that he can be found guilty
in absentia.

And you need to produce him.

I'm gonna be really honest
with you.

I don't think I can do that...

Are you saying
that he's fled the country?

No, I have no knowledge
of that.

So... Yes?

So in light
of these circumstances

and the fact that he has not
even cross-examined yet...

I appreciate your concern,
but that is okay, your honor.

I am willing to waive cross,

and, uh, I can proceed
straight to summation.

Now, obviously,
I would never imply

that the defendant's flight
indicates guilt,

because that would be wrong.

Fine. Summations
and your client's verdict

will be delivered with
or without him, Mr. Cohen,

and the trial will proceed.

Frank turned up.
He's in France.

The court took his passport.

He flew out on a private jet.

Turns out
he has dual citizenship.

Live from Paris.

My ex-wife and her sister
have a vendetta against me.

They're jealous
of what Rose and I have.

Will you ever go back
to the United States?


No, the country that I knew
has changed.

Now a man can be accused

with no evidence
of the most heinous crime,

subjected to a show trial,
and vilified in the media.

So you're denying
all the allegations?

I can answer that.
They aren't true.

If they were, then I would not
be here next to Frank.

Frank is an artist...
And my hero.

Sideshow over?
The jury's in.

On the charge of sexual abuse
in the first degree,

how do you find?

We find the defendant guilty.

Thank you, ladies
and gentlemen of the jury,

and the state of New York
thanks you for your time.

Frank won't come back
anytime soon.

That's what Catherine wants,
isn't it?

God, the press is gonna be
all over her and Chelsea.

Get 'em an escort.

Step away, please!
Come on, guys, back it up.

Give 'em some room.

Back up, back up.

Thank you.

Just... Take care
of your daughter.

All we ask for is our privacy.

The jury has spoken.

Frank Maddox
is a convicted felon

in the eyes of U.S. law.

At this point in time,
our family is just looking...

If he is a pedophile, at least
he's out of their lives.

And if he's telling the truth,

Chelsea gets to grow up
with a full-blown narcissist

who convinced her to lie.

Either way...
God help that child.

Horrible situation behind us.

Thank you so much.

I have nothing further
at this time.

- sync and corrections by Zac -
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