Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 15, Episode 24 - Spring Awakening - full transcript

Amaro's recklessness once again makes him the target of Internal Affairs, and he has no choice but to face the consequences. With his professional and personal life at risk, he looks to his friend John Munch for advice. Meanwhile, an online ad for escorts leads to the rape and robbery of several male tourists, and one of the suspects has a surprising connection to Sergeant Benson that may change her life forever.

In the criminal justice system,

sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad

known as
the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

You got five seconds
to put that down.

It's a public sidewalk,

Hey, smile.

Hey, hey.
Hey, leave me alone!


Someone call the police!

Please, stop!

Watch your head, detective.

Baby boy doe's foster mother

has filed
for a legal separation.

And due to
the foster father's relapse,

social services is recommending

that he go back
to an A.C.S. Facility

to await another placement.

This is baby boy doe's
fourth home in four months.

- Can't we do better?
- Absolutely, your honor.

None of this has been
by design.

It's our hope that,
going forward,

we will get it right.

For now, baby boy doe
shall return

to his prior A.C.S. Facility
while you work to get it right.

To your left.

You know,
I'm entitled to a call.

When you're done
being processed.

Excuse me, Pippa.

Oh, sergeant.
You gonna yell at me, too?

No. Um...

Actually, I was gonna ask you
if I could visit the baby.

It's fine with me.

You remember Chantal
from social services?

What's your interest, sergeant?

You can make that call now.

I got desappio, the lawyer
from detective endowment,

- on his way.
- Is I.A.B. Here?

I'm sure they're en route.
And Nick, when they...

I know, don't talk to anyone
till my lawyer gets here.

- Trust me.
- Nick, I'm so sorry.

What the hell
were you thinking?

Don't worry about it.
I was off duty, all right?

- It's none of your concern.
- Everything is my concern.

You went after Simon Wilkes?

Huh? What were you think...
D... don't answer that.

Nick, your eye.
Are you okay?

It's just a cut.

How about Wilkes?
Is he alive?

I called the hospital.
He's sedated.

He's got a concussion
and some broken ribs.

So felonious assault,

maybe even attempted murder
if they really want you out.

Hold on.
Wilkes came after you?

Is that how you got that cut?

That's enough.
None of this is privileged.

No more questions.
And, Amaro...

I know you don't value
my advice,

but even if you think
you did the right thing,

stand down
and keep your mouth shut.

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Detective Amaro
was assaulted first.

Simon Wilkes struck him
on the forehead with his camera.

He was defending himself.

That's not what a dozen witnesses
from the playground said.

That's not what the two unis

who pulled him off
of the victim said.

Wait, that son of a bitch
is not a victim.

You're in serious trouble,

You were off duty.

Two officers pulled you off
of an unarmed civilian.

You've been arrested,
and you will be charged.

With what?

The duty captain
wants assault two.

There will be an independent
D.A. who may increase that.

You better hope
your vic pulls through.

On the charge of assault
in the first degree,

how do you plead?

My client pleads not guilty,
your honor.

- As to the matter of bail?
- People request remand.

This isn't detective Amaro's
first time in this courtroom.

And given the brutality
of the beating

and the possibility that
the victim might not recover...

All right.

I'm setting bail at $500,000.

You have collateral?
Your house?

No, I can't ask my wife again.

Is there anyone else?

You people,
you just can't stop.


1PP won't budge.

The D.A. won't budge.

- It's not his first time.
- $500,000?

He's not a flight risk,
and he's not dangerous.

He acted like dirty Harry.
He beat a man bloody.

Yeah, a man who threatened
to string up little boys

and slit their throats.

Wilkes was found not guilty.
He's not even on the registry.

But we all know what he is.

Amaro got cut.
He was just defending himself.

You were there?

Well, we should go out
and talk to witnesses

- that support that story.
- You'll do no such thing.

Do not even think about
investigating on your own.

- Is that clear?
- Yes, sir.

We go about our business
as usual.

Where are we on that tourist?

I caught that call.
Hans Erhard, German.

Robbed, beaten, and sodomized
in his hotel room last night.

- You get his statement?
- He's recovering from surgery.

The perp raped him with a gun.

Go to the hospital,
see what he remembers.

I went on Craigslist,

looking for a real New York
girlfriend experience.

You took her on a date?

No, she came to my room.

She asked if she could order
champagne from room service.

What did she look like?

Not like her picture.

Maybe 25, but rough.

Said her name was Lisette.

- So you two talk?
- Not really.

She... got right down
to business,

unzipped my pants,
and put her hand on me.

There was a knock at the door.

I figured room service
had arrived.

I said,
"come in. It's open."

In came a man with a gun.

Can you describe this man?

Latin, scary.

He hit Lisette with the gun,

held it on me,
demanded my wallet and passport.

I was nervous opening the safe,

so he hit me with the gun,
took everything.

Then he forced me down
on the bed...

And used the gun to rape me.

And the girl?
Where was she?

Lisette was in the corner,
crying, terrified.

Did the room service ever come?


This was a scam.
She set you up.

Hans Erhard, 32,
a tourist from Cologne, Germany.

He answered an ad on Craigslist,
looking for company.

He ended up getting rolled
and raped.

The girl he met said her name
was Lisette.

This is her surveillance photo,
and this is her Craigslist ad.

We're assuming
she was in on the job?

She told him
she was calling room service,

but the hotel only shows

one outgoing call
to a no-name cell.

She never called for help.

And she must
have taken the stairs,

because there's no footage
of her leaving.

What about the doer?

He's a pro.

Hotel security doesn't
recognize him or the girl.

Maybe they move around.

Check all Times Square
budget hotels.

And C.S.U. didn't get anything
from the hotel room?

A midtown tourist hotel?

They'll be going through
bodily fluids, hairs,

and prints for weeks.

Any open cases
with a similar M.O.?

Yeah, four in the last year.

They were robberies, beatings,
but no rape,

and no arrests were made.

And in each case, the vic
returned to his own country, so.

Is this ad still up
on Craigslist?

Yeah, it's sent
from an Internet cafe.

Taru says there's no point
in trying to track it.

Any point in answering it?

You're thinking
of answering it?

Talk about being proactive.

They just rolled somebody
last night.

They may be laying low.

Maybe they're feeling lucky.

Especially if someone calls,
visiting from Ireland...

Feeling lonely.

Any sign of her yet?

She's late.

Maybe she got spooked.

There she is.

She's on her way up.
No one with her.

She's on the floor.

Look, I don't want you
to burst in

until the pimp enters
and shows his weapon.

Hold on. Lieutenant,
if he has a gun

we should get him
in the hallway.

I can take care of myself.
I need him in the act.

It's open!

Come in.


I'm Lisette.


It's an old picture.

No, I'm... you should see
my passport photo.

You're from Ireland?
I've always wanted to go there.

Uh, can I get you
something to drink?

Can I order from room service?

Be my guest.

Uh, there... there's whiskey.

Cue the pimp.
He looks the part.

Murphy knows what he's doing.

Aye, the money.

I forgot.

Yeah, you like that?

You're a real artist, Lisette.

- Are you making fun of me?
- No.

You sure?

That's not my intention,


Hey, slow down.
Slow down.

I just can't keep
my hands off of you.

There's no rush.
There's no rush.

What's the rush?

We have time.
I can pay for your time.

Hands up, both of you!

Give me the cash.
Give me the cash!

- My money's in her brassiere.
- Come here, bitch.

No, please,
don't hurt her. No!

- You step back.
- Don't.

There's no need
to hurt the girl.

No, please.

You, your wallet, watch,
passport, right now.

- It's in the top drawer
- Where?

- In the dresser, on the left.
- No games.

Right there.


- This is entrapment.
- Shut up!

Hey, you move, I shoot.

I don't know him.
He took my money.

Don't even try, sweetheart.
Get up.

Get up!
Get up.

- Cuff them both.
- Get up.

Get them out of my face.

- Anybody hear from Amaro?
- Yeah, I saw him this morning.

He's as good
as can be expected.

What about last night's perps?
They lawyered up?

Little Tino, the pimp,

got himself a guy
in a nice suit.

He won't be talking.

And Lisette, aka Ellie,

is in holding,
waiting for legal aid.

He doesn't even look out
for his own?

It's penny-wise.

I'm looking for Ellie Porter.

Sorry I'm late.
I just caught the case.

I thought
she had a public defender.

Rollins, meet Trevor Langan.

He's a, uh, high-priced
mouthpiece for lowlifes.

And you, once.

How soon we forget.
It's nice to see you, detective.

It's actually sergeant now.

So what, you caught a pro bono?

Yeah. Do a few of them a year.
It keeps me an honest lawyer.

An oxymoron.

Uh, this is our new C.O.,
lieutenant Murphy.

A lot of changes around here.

- Yeah.
- And, uh...

You, are you doing okay
with, uh...

Uh, everything?

Yeah, I'm fine.

He's tall.

Yeah, like that's a skill set.

You two have history?

I don't date lawyers.

Since when?

Good news.

Wilkes has no permanent damage.

What's the bad news?

He and his wife are adamant
about seeing you prosecuted.

Well, how about the D.A.?

She oversees police brutality
for the whole office.

And after that Twitter screw up
last month,

she's going to lard this up
with every charge she can.


So she wants to side
with a pedophile

who was outside a schoolyard,
taking pictures of young boys?

A day after he was acquitted
of all charges.

That's not illegal.

He got to keep
his torture chamber, too.

Within his rights.

Look, our best argument
right now is self-defense.

Okay, he caused
that eyebrow cut.

Here's our scenario.

You I.D.'ed yourself,
asked what he was doing.

He swung the camera
at your face.

I didn't...
I didn't I.D. myself, okay?

He knew you were a cop.

You reacted in the moment,

maybe using more force
than necessary,

but to protect yourself.

We tried that with I.A.B..

I.A.B. Is not a jury.

What, a trial?

I'm not going to trial, man.

I can try for a plea bargain.

But we are where we are.
This... doesn't just go away.

That's her.

Okay, Mr. Erhard.
Which... which number?


Thank you.

- This way, Mr. Erhard.
- That seemed pretty definitive.

You need to start seeing Ellie
as a victim.

She was pimped out at 16.

She tried to pull a gun
on Murphy.

Yeah, coerced by her pimp.

Look, I'm the first person
to defend battered women.

But she also set up a tourist
to be raped.

She's a career criminal.

A career criminal?

Up to now it's only been

She needs rehab,
not jail time.

Do you see the man
who raped you?

That's him, right there.

Number one.

Are you sure?


Can you take another look,

It's definitely
the man who raped me.

Those eyes, the way he stared
at me behind the gun.

I thought he was going
to kill me.

Thank you.

I'll need a word
with my exonerated client.

There you have it.

Eyewitness I.D., the most
unreliable form of evidence.

Do we have anything
on the lucky man?

Little Tino,
real name Augustino Aguilar,

does have a record.

Runs with a queens-based
Dominican gang.

He's got two arrests
for misdemeanor possession,

pled down.

And then another domestic
but the charges were dropped

when the girlfriend recanted.

What about DNA?

Melinda said there's nothing
in the prelim rape kit.

She's checking Tino's gun
for Erhard's DNA.

We still got him
on the gun charge

and maybe the attempted
robbery on you.

Wait a second.

There was another witness
in the room

when Erhard was raped...
Ellie Porter.

Ellie Porter, his accomplice?

And the only one that was
positively I.D.'ed by the vic?

The defense will have
a field day with that.

Her record says she started
working for little Tino

when she was 16.

She can testify
to underage sex trafficking.

She's not gonna help us, okay?

Little Tino has her pawned.

Pimps almost always take care
of the legal

so they can control
their girls.

He didn't even bother with her.

Maybe that'll come back
to bite him.

You know her lawyer.

Try to get him to see the upside
to a sit-down.

I'm not giving up little Tino.

He's my gangster.
He's my daddy.

He lawyered up, Ellie.

He left you in holding
all night.

My lawyer's just fine.

So listen to my advice.
Testify against Tino.

You were a teenager when
you started working for him.

That was my choice.

You don't have a choice
at 16, Ellie.

He had sex with you.
That's rape.

I love him.

But he doesn't love you, Ellie.

You think he's not gonna
give you up to save himself?

He'll look out for me.


So I guess there's nothing else
to talk about.

No, there isn't.

Ellie, have you ever gone
through full withdrawal?


I can see that
you're shaking, huh?

You're not feeling well.

You're going to be crying,
lying on the floor of your cell,

curled up in the fetal position,
puking your guts out.

- Shut up.
- Is that what you want?

To be lying in a pool of vomit,
dirty, pathetic?

Because you have a chance
to break this cycle.

You have a chance
to clean up your act.

You want to be my mommy?

Lady detectives love
saving girls like me.

But I like my life
just the way it is.

Well, good for you.

Okay, so we'll be sending you
over to central booking, uh,

for robbery
and accomplice to rape.

Just give me a minute
with her, will you?

Take two.
Not sure it's gonna do any good.

D.A. says he's gonna charge
little Tino

with the attempted robbery.
Ellie, too.

It's something.

At least
they're off the streets.

For a while.
Not as proactive as I'd hoped.

She is not going
against little Tino.

I did everything I could.

Did you?

- What does that mean?
- I don't know.

You seem to have
an antipathy toward...

Toward what?

Never mind.

How's Amaro?

Uh, he's spent
another night in jail.

He might have
to get used to that.

This could be the end for him.

I know.

Sergeant Benson.

What, is everything okay?

Did something happen
to baby boy doe?

No, he's fine.

Do you have an Ellie Porter
in holding?

Yeah, we just sent her
to central booking.

We finally found a DNA match
on the baby's birth mother.

Can we set up a meeting
with Ellie?

I need to tell her
we have her son.

What's your lawyer say?

He wants to argue.

Which it was.

Honestly, I went after him.
I snapped.

I didn't hear that.
You didn't say it.

Nick... you are not
throwing away your career

for beating up
that sick bastard.

You know he's just looking
to cash in.

Oh, he's suing me?

I got nothing for him.

Not you, the city.

They're gonna claim
it's a vendetta.

The NYPD singled him out

and tried to pin false charges
on him.

Well, that didn't work,
so they sent you to beat him up.

Right, well,
none of that's true.

No, but
if you don't fight this,

he's gonna end up
with a major payday.

Yeah, I don't have
much fight left.

Well, you got a lot of people
pulling for you.

But, Nick, you got to put out
your hand.

People like you, Fin,
and Benson?

Murphy's not in my corner.

No, but special investigator
John Munch is.

I thought you wouldn't mind
another visitor.

I'll let you two catch up.

Seriously, Nick,
I'm gone half a year,

you're already arrested twice?

Talk about a cry for help.

- Hey.
- I'm here, kid.

It's good to see you.


You called Langan?

We can't talk to her
without her lawyer present.

She's invoked.

We're just telling her that
A.C.S. has her son.

- No that she's gonna care.
- She might.

Show her the baby's photo.

See if that motivates her to
testify against Tino.

Well, none of this
would have happened

if I'd gotten in the car

and driven away
with Maria and Zara.


Look, there's something I meant
to tell you a long time ago,

back when she came
into the squad room

and made that scene
in front of everybody.

What's that?

Look, I know you don't
give up on things, but...

And you want
to save your marriage.

But you can't.
It's over.

- It's over?
- I'm sorry.

No one likes to hear this.

But if anybody knows
when a marriage is over,

it's John Munch.

That marriage,
it's my whole life.

You'll always have Zara.

You don't want her to see you
like this, in here.

Not like I have a choice.

Both 1PP and I.A.B.
want me gone.

Don't flatter yourself, kid.

The reason
you're on their radar

is 'cause they're worried
about their image.

This will pass.

They don't understand
what we do,

even if they once did it

The only thing the big boys
really care about

is self-preservation.

But you? You're police.

You're a detective.
Not now I'm not.

Detective Amaro,

you went after Simon Wilkes
'cause he's a bad guy.

You lost your head
for a minute.

But your impulse was right.

You fight for the victims,
for the survivors.

That's who you are.

Come on, let's get out of here.


Oh, between my salary
and my two pensions,

I didn't exactly throw my money
around the last 30 years.

I posted your bail.

Let's go.

Oh, my God, he's alive.

Is Noah alive?

How long has it been
since you've seen him?

Before Christmas, last year.

And why did you get rid of him?

I didn't.

I O.D.'ed.
The holidays are tough for me.

And when I got back,
they told me that Noah had died.

Who's "they?"

I can't.

So the baby's father
is little Tino?

No, I don't know
who the father is.

I was working
when I got pregnant.

So when the baby was born,

little Tino said
that you could keep him?

As long as I kept working.

- Who looked after the baby?
- Tino's mom.

She ran a daycare facility
at her house.

- She's very good with kids.
- Good with kids?

Then why did she give Noah
to a pornographer?


I found Noah...

When I arrested a couple
who also had three underage kids

that they were using
for child rape videos.

A couple?
Oh, my God.

A long-haired guy, heavy,
in a wheelchair?

What, you know him?

He did business with Tino,
sold him a girl once, Asian.

She was, like, ten.


You think you'd be willing
to testify to that?

Against Tino?

He'll kill me.

Sweetheart, he gave your son
to a child pornographer.

And if you don't give Tino up,
then you're gonna do time.

And who knows when you're gonna
see little Noah again?

What's it look like?

Infrared shows at least
five adults, two kids inside,

a couple of dogs
in the backyard.

And Ellie says
he's got cash, drugs,

and weapons in the house.

- That's great.
- Let E.S.U. take the lead.

- Hands up! Nobody move!
- Get out of my...

Hey, hands up
where we can see them.

- Easy, lady.
- Get these kids out of here.

Come here, sweetheart.
It's okay.

It's okay.
Please be gentle.

- Where's your son?
- In bed with your mama.

- Oh, really?
- Get them out of here.

That's right, huh?

Yo, let go of my brew, bitch!

Search the house.
He's here.




Hands up!

Get against the wall.

You made me run.
You're going down for that.

Man, this is police harassment.

- I was just visiting my moms.
- Who are the girls?

My moms runs a day care.
It's legit.

Day care?
In the middle of the night?

Let's go.

- The mom talking?
- No.

She says she had no idea
about the weapons or the drugs,

that her ex-husband
must have hid them there.

So three of the girls
are under 18.

They were all being held against
their will, working for Tino.

Okay, as for now,

we got the mom on running
an unregistered day-care center.

Any chance
Tino's girls testify?

The lives they've lived,

they think Tino
is looking out for them.

- Ellie doesn't.
- Keep working her.

She made a statement,
but we got to get her to testify

before a grand jury.

Ellie wants to see her son.

Let them bond.

- You okay with all this?
- I don't know.

I've spent the last four months
searching for baby doe's mother,

and then I end up
arresting her.

Now you have to turn her.

And my only leverage is a...

Baby that she can't possibly
take care of.

Ellie, how are you doing?

She's doing much better,
uh, aren't you, Ellie?

Yeah, I'm on meds
for the withdrawal.

I'm okay.

This is your son.


- Uh, can I hold him?
- Yeah.


You got so big.

Oh, I missed you.

Oh, my...
Oh, my God.

I love you.


Look at you.

Oh, my God.

Thank you.

Look at you.


Nick, hey.

How'd it go?

Not good.

My lawyer says
they're digging in.

They want me to do time.

You've had a bad run, Nick,

Your luck has got to change.


Um, I'm late for a meeting.
Just hang in there.

Munch really bailed you out?

Well, two pensions
and a cushy job.

Plus, he still has the first
nickel he ever made.

Thanks for having my back, Liv.


Ms. Wilkes.

What do you want?
I want you to leave, right now.

I want to hear
what I have to say first.

It's about your husband's
online activities last night.

Why don't you guys
take a break?

So what do you want?

Haven't the police done enough?
My husband is still recovering.

Your partner is crazy.

My partner will be taking
anger-management classes

while your husband,
he gets off free.

He gets to...
Keep having

these perverted fantasies,

keep taking these photos?

He gets to keep
his torture chamber.

Is that really what you signed
on for when you married him?

Marriage is complicated.

There are compromises.

Yeah... there are.

I went into your husband's
chat room last night.


"Who wants to do
my boyish wife?"

I'd get off
on watching you torture her

while she begs for her life.

"She was born to sub.
D.M. for deets."

I corresponded with him
all last night,

even this morning.

He wants me to send him
photos of boys.

And the second I do...

The second he downloads them,

his ass goes down for possession
of kiddie torture porn.

And you and I both know
he's gonna download.

You're here to blackmail me?

Whatever it takes.

You're in denial.
Your husband needs help.

And he needs
to do something else.

Simon tells I.A.B.
that he swung first

and that my partner, Amaro,

had to fight back
in self-defense.

And if he doesn't do that,

I will make sure that his ass
is in jail by the end of today,

and he will die there.

Augustino Aguilar should
be remanded immediately,

your honor.

Bail is a privilege,

and his continued
criminal behavior

and flight from the police
last night

should cause that privilege
to be revoked.

Nothing illegal
about a son visiting his mother.

The girls in the house
are all prepared to testify

to being family friends.

Further, my clients were both
unaware of the weapons,

which belong
to Ms. Aguilar's ex-husband.

And this illegal
day-care center?

Glad you asked.

Alminia Aguilar
is a single mother,

trying to make ends meet.

She's a good caretaker.

And her only concern last night

was for the safety
of her charges.

Your honor,
this day-care center

was operating illegally
in the middle of the night.

As for Mr. Aguilar,

we have a witness prepared
to testify

that her
three-month-old infant

was kidnapped and sold
while in the care of his mother.

Are you bringing those charges
at this time?

Soon, your honor.

Until then, Mr. Aguilar
can remain out on bail.

As a precaution, I will ask
that he wear an ankle GPS

until his case comes to trial.

Ms. Aguilar is free to go
on her own recognizance.

So they let little Tino
stay out?

But he's wearing a bracelet.

Ellie, you're gonna
be safe here.

When do I have to testify?

At the grand jury tomorrow.

I've never done anything
like this before.

I'm kind of nervous.
Well, we're gonna prep you.

And you're gonna
get through this.

And then I'll get Noah back?

Ellie, that's gonna take
a little bit of time, right?

You got to focus right now
on getting clean.

You got to focus
on working your program.


You call me
if you need anything.

I'm going to do this.

I don't want Noah to grow up
in foster care like I did.

I just want him to be safe,

to grow up knowing
that he's loved.

See you tomorrow.

I get a call from the D.A.
Saying he needs more time.

Ten minutes later,
I get a call from you.

- What's going on?
- You tell me.

Simon Wilkes came in today
with his wife,

says he doesn't want
to press charges,

admits he attacked you.

Any idea why he'd do
a 180 like that?


My client's been locked up.
He hasn't had any contact.

He made bail yesterday.

And then suddenly,
today Wilkes shows up.

I did not make contact.

Okay, so Wilkes spontaneously
decides to step up

and do the right thing?

His conscience must have
gotten the better of him.

So this means the D.A.
Will drop the charges?

You'll have to talk
to the D.A.

But even if she decides
not to prosecute,

your client still faces
administrative charges.

This isn't over.

I'll leave you two to discuss.

- Now what's going on?
- You caught a break.

The charges are either
gonna be dismissed outright

or pled down
to disorderly conduct.

I'll ask for an offer
of adjournment

in contemplation of dismissal.

You'll do anger management,

you know,
psychiatric, verbal judo.

But I keep my shield?

As long as you don't
screw up again.

One speeding ticket,
you're gone.

Just got off the phone
with 1PP.

Simon Wilkes admitted he threw
the first punch at Amaro,

instigating the fight.

- You're kidding.
- So he's coming back?

Well, Amaro and his lawyer
are with the D.A. right now.

Whether he comes back to SVU
or not is up in the air.

Up in the air?

I know that you have hooks
at 1PP.

You tell them that this is not
who he is.

It isn't?

He came after me
when I was undercover,

sucker punched me
on the street.

Now I'm not gonna shank him,
but I'm not helping him either.

Every favor you use,
you owe six more.

And I'm not wasting one
on this guy.

Hey, can you just
give us a second?

I'm sorry to interrupt y'all.

I just got off the phone
with the halfway house.

Ellie skipped out after dinner.

She told two of the girls
she was freaking out

about testifying tomorrow,

asked them if they had anything
to take the edge off,

help her sleep.
And they came to you?

No, I do bed checks.
This is what I found.

Any place she might go
to score nearby?

Are you kidding me?

How did we end up here?

I told Taru to trace
the GPS ankle bracelet

that Aguilar
was ordered to wear.

He was here an hour ago.

Just picked him up
at his mother's house.

He claims
he was there all night.

Hey, they may have
found something.

Is it her?

The body's burned up
pretty bad.

I heard her screaming.

Did you see who attacked her?

- It wasn't me.
- Okay.

It was a bunch of guys.
They just kept coming.

Yeah, I knew that whore.
She got green-lit.

So anyone can do
what they want to you,

a lesson not to talk
to the cops?

Who gave the order,
little Tino?

Little Tino?
He ain't got the juice.

Okay, if not him, who?

You serious?
I'm not getting killed.

The poor girl was high.

How do you know that?

I know what high plays like.

Holy mother.

The girl gets gang-raped,
tortured, set on fire?

Why'd she leave
the halfway house?

The prelim tox report
shows alcohol, cocaine,

and heroin in her system.

She told me yesterday
that she was scared to testify.

And I told her
that she would be safe.

She was.
She was in a secure facility.

No one pulled her out.
She left on her own.

We didn't do enough.

She made her choice.

And I would like to know
who made the choice

to green-light her,

'cause God knows
it wasn't this clown.

Come on, Tino, who did it?

Who gave the order?

I did.

That bitch turned.

- She got what was coming.
- Ah, so you gave the order.


Come on, Tino,
who are you kidding?

You still live with your mama.

I green-lit her.

No way!

You're doing time, player,
25 to life.

Who's pulling your strings?

No one!

I raped that bitch,
set her on fire.

All me.

He's lying.

Autopsy report shows
the presence of semen

from at least
six different men.

- He wasn't there alone.
- We got witnesses?

Well, reluctant ones.

But it's not little Tino
they're scared of.

It's someone else.

See if you can lean on
any of them.

Maybe they'll make an I.D.

If Tino wants to do time
to protect his boss,

I'm inclined to let him.

So whoever did order
Ellie killed gets away with it.

For now.

Maybe someone down the line
will give him up

- to save their own sorry ass.
- And maybe not.

When that boy grows up,

what happens when he finds out

that somebody got away
with the murder of his mother?

If you want to pursue
that case,

that'll be
your prerogative as C.O.

Come again?

I got an undercover assignment.


Just when we're all
getting used to you.

- I know.
- Me, too.

Officially, I'm just on leave,
so they can't fill my post.

I've recommended you
as acting C.O. in my absence.

Take back your office.

Tell everyone I said godspeed.

I knew that guy.
Who the hell is he?

- Mary Poppins.
- What?

Never mind.
How have you been?

- Oh, never better.
- Mm.

- So I heard you bailed out Amaro.
- That's why I'm here.

You have to make sure
I get my money back.

- Okay.
- You got to keep an eye on him.

He's a good kid,
but he's at sea right now.

- That marriage...
- I know, I know.

He's got the job, the two kids.

Keep reminding him of that.

It's better coming from you.
He looks up to you.

You're like a...

Munch, have you ever thought
about having kids?

Well, me and one of my exes,

I don't remember which one,
we came close.

But it wasn't meant to be.

You have any regrets?

Je ne regrette rien.

It's nice to see you, Olivia.

I've missed you...

Most of all.


I understand
we had located Noah Porter,

FKA baby boy doe's
birth mother,

but she was killed last week?

That's my understanding
as well, your honor.

Have we located
any other living relatives

who would be proper guardians
for this child?

No, your honor.

- And you are?
- Trevor Langan.

I represented Ellie Porter,
the deceased birth mother.

She did not know
who the birth father was,

nor does she have
any living relatives.

But I do know
she loved her son.

And I'm here
as Noah Porter's representative

and to be of service to him
in any way that I can.

I see.

And, sergeant Benson,
you're here again?

Yes, your honor.

As the birth mother
is deceased,

and no father or other relative
has come forward,

I officially declare
Noah Porter an orphan

and ward of the state
of New York.

He shall continue
to be cared for

in an A.C.S. Facility f...

Sergeant Benson,

you rescued the infant,
isn't that right?

- Yes, your honor.
- And you're the only one

who's taken a consistent
interest on his behalf.

Is there any chance you might
like to become a foster mother

to this baby?

I'm sorry.
Excuse me, your honor?

I have a feeling about this,
sergeant Benson.

Call it a judge's hunch.

If you agree, I will order
Noah Porter into your care

as custodial parent
for one year,

at which time
you will be given the option

to permanently adopt him.

Do you agree?


Oh, he looks so healthy.

We do our job, sergeant.

Hi, mister.


See you guys next season!
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