Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 15, Episode 18 - Criminal Stories - full transcript

Renowned New York Ledger columnist Jimmy MacArthur (Alec Baldwin) is given full access to Sergeant Benson (Hargitay) and the squad for an inside look at the city's Special Victims Unit. When the rape case of a young Muslim woman (guest star Summer Bishil) escalates to a hate crime, Jimmy stays one step ahead of the investigation and declares the entire crime a hoax. With the victim under fierce public scrutiny, Benson struggles to keep the case on solid ground and fears a rapist will go free.

In the criminal justice system,

sexually-based offenses

are considered
especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad

known as
the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

[Elevator dings]

Deputy Commissioner Abraham,

which one of my detectives
did what now?

Don't be so cynical, sergeant.
It's your lucky day.

The legendary Jimmy MacArthur
wants to interview your squad.

Jimmy Mac.

You mean
"the legend in his own mind."

Oh, come on.

He's the last
of the great columnists.

He's got those two big,
shiny Pulitzers to prove it.

He wants to do a story on SVU.


'Cause he smells
blood in the water?

Oh, there's that
famous cynicism again.

So here's mine.

Better to have him
on your side...

- Our side... than not.
- Our side?

Well, you know,
he called his friend,

- the Commissioner...
- Ah. So this is an order?

An opportunity.

I'll think about it.


I push the door open.

The governor's there,
talking to the president.

And I look down,
I see a pair of heels

poking out from
underneath his desk.

So I make an excuse.

I say,
"oh, I forgot my pen."

He says, "don't worry, Mac,
she takes dictation."


Thank you
for the advance notice.

There she is,
the woman of the hour.

I had no idea he'd be here.
He was supposed to call ahead.

You see that?
Hank's lying.

You know how you can tell?
He's breathing.

So how are you,
sergeant Benson?

You look fantastic.
Hello, Jimmy.

Must be a slow news day
if you're trolling

for a sex crimes story.

Sex crimes?

Hank didn't tell you?
I'm profiling you.


He left that part out,

The city needs heroes.

You surviving that ordeal,
the crucible of the trial.

Now you're the head
of Manhattan SVU.

Acting commander.

You two are all caught up.
I'll leave you to it.

I can't wait to read it, Jimmy.

Hank, what happened
to your hair?

Jimmy, there must be
somebody interesting

that you can write about.

Come on, kid.
You did good.

It's time for the world
to take notice.

You want to do your first
interview in your office?

Now? No.

I have four
open investigations,

a meeting
with the D.A. in an hour.

You want to talk to me
after work?

You know what? I'm working
till 1:00 A.M. tonight, sorry.

I could sit here
and talk with your detectives

all day long, or we could
have a late-night supper.


I'll just be hitting my stride.



I'm gonna take that as a yes.

It's been great
chatting with you.

Uh, Tutuola...
Two t's, two u's.

One "ola."

Anybody want to be me
for the day?

So are you okay
with us talking to him?

Not really.

Jimmy did most of the talking.

He's a reporter.

He's working us,
looking for dirt.

Look, I don't know
what he's heard.

So, no?

Jimmy is here
at the request of one-p-p.

So he's gonna write this story
either way, all right?

So if we shine him on,
he's just gonna dig deeper.

So yes?

He's probably
gonna nose around

about the shooting, Nick,

and Rollins'
gambling operation.

Look, anything you say

can and will
be used against you.


You know, I've spent 15 years

counseling women
who have been assaulted,

women who I have pushed
to testify,

you know, telling them
they're not alone,

"it's not your fault.
You're strong."

But until you
go through it yourself...

I was there for some of it.

Harrowing, just to watch.

It's over now.

So do you feel you have...

- Closure?
- Ah, yeah.

You know, there's some things,

you can put them behind you,

but they do change you.

It's a process.

The good news is, I don't have
as many nightmares now.

Nightmares about Lewis.

You know what, Jimmy,
I'm sorry.

I, um...

Can we keep the nightmares
off the record?

I, uh...

[Chuckles] Well, you do know

you're supposed
to say, "off the record"

beforehand, but that's okay.

I don't want to give the prick
the satisfaction either.

I owe you.

You and everybody else in the world.
[Phone chimes]

I'm sorry, Jimmy.
I gotta go.

- Duty calls.
- You caught a case?

- I'll ride along.
- Uh, that's not a great idea.

Well, the Commissioner and Hank,

they authorized full access.

- Did they?
- Yeah.

You won't even
know I'm there.

Couple of tourists
walking along

said they heard moaning
from the other side

of that wall
around 2:00 A.M.

The vic is Heba Salim, 24,
clothes muddy and torn,

scratches on her face,
bruising on her body.

- You get a statement?
- She was pretty out of it.

But she told the two
responding unis

that she had been raped
by two male whites.

We set up a grid search?

From the Park entrance,

and we're canvassing
hotel doormen on Central Park South.

So far, no witnesses.

What's this guy
doing down here?

Don't even start.

One-p-p gave him full access.

Nothing we can do.

There's something else.
The vic is Muslim.

Okay, and they tore
her head scarf.

They taunted her
with racial slurs

while assaulting her.

Okay, let's just keep that
between us for the moment.

- Yeah.
- Sergeant.

Your guys tell you
that we're looking

at a hate crime here?

[Dramatic music]

♪ ♪

- sync and corrections by Zac -
- -

Let's not make more of this
than it is.

We've seen
this kind of thing before.

Reverend Curtis,
Heba is in good hands here.

I hope that we can stay focused
on this case.

As do I.
This is just her family.

Her brother Fareed
is on his way.

Have we even
interviewed her yet?

Yeah, she was completely
out of it at the scene.

She was freezing.

She spent all night
in the E.R.

I mean, this is the first chance
we've had.

We can't talk to her

in front of her parents or you,
Reverend Curtis.

This is more than just a rape.

She was singled out
because she wore a hijab.

We're exploring
that possibility.


She was called
a "Muslim bitch."

Am I misinterpreting that?

Nobody is saying that you are.

Good. Even so,

this community
doesn't trust the NYPD.

- Oh, but they trust you?
- That's right.

They reached out to me
to be their advocate.

Any chance you told them

that's exactly what
the D.A.'s office is?

Heba's parents are concerned

with her honor and
the family's reputation.

Go ahead.

Uh, we understand that.

So how about my detectives
go in there

with Heba...
please get everybody else

out of there...
While you two

work together in reassuring
the family?

You're telling me
her name will be

kept out of the press?

We've already had a reporter
call my house.

Who was it?

Fareed took the call.

Jimmy MacArthur
from The Ledger.

He had her home number.

He knew my sister's name.

He asked my son if
we thought it was a hate crime.

He knew about the slurs.

So someone at SVU is already
violating Heba's confidentiality.

That's not coming
from anyone here.

Yeah, and why
should we believe you?

My brother blames himself.

He was with me at the event
last night,

but left early.

He told me to call a taxi.

Okay. Well, let's not worry
about him right now, okay?

Can you tell us
about this event?

Fareed's firm,
Hauser-Kemp Real Estate,

sponsored the world food bank benefit
at the Plaza.

I was a volunteer,
handing out auction paddles.

And what time did you leave?

A little after midnight.

Please don't tell my parents,

but when it was over,
I had a glass

of champagne
with the other girls.


Did you leave with anyone,

or did anyone follow you
from the hotel?

I was alone.

I went to the "N" train.

The street was quiet,

but then I heard two men
behind me laughing.

I thought I was being paranoid.

When you're a Muslim woman
in a hijab,

sometimes people
make fun of you.

Okay, what happened next?

I slowed down
so they'd pass me by.

But they grabbed me,

pulled me over the stone wall
and into the Park.

Okay, well, did you scream?
Cry for help?

I tried.

But they tore my hijab,

held it over my mouth.

And then they threw me
to the ground, face down.

Then they both raped me.


I know this is difficult.

We just... we need to get
all the details, okay?



I had nev...

I was a virgin.

They took turns.

They kept saying,
"go back to India."

Did they say anything else?

They called me a Muslim bitch,

a whore, terrorist.

Now, you said they were white.

Ms. Salim, would you
recognize them

if you saw them again?

I don't think so.

I didn't really
see their faces.

Do you remember
anything else about them,

like what they smelled like,
maybe what they were wearing?

- Anything?
- No.

I just kept my eyes closed.

I was afraid they were
gonna kill me.

So what are we looking at?

The rape kit exam
confirms vaginal tears

and the presence of semen
from two different men.

And remnants
of torn hymen tissue.

[Sighs] Okay.

Where are we
on the hate crime aspect?

Well, they ripped off
her head scarf.

They taunted her
with racial slurs.

According to her.

We still haven't
found any witnesses.

Oh, come on.
That time of night?

Right by the Park?

Somebody should have seen
or heard something.

Okay, well, then
go back up there,

re-interview everybody.

Doormen, street people.

Where are we with
the security footage?

We have the D.O.T.
Traffic cam,

but we're still checking into
a couple other things.


Go. What are you
waiting for?

Get moving.

FYI, the family says
Jimmy Mac called them.

He had details from the case.

Yeah, he was
at the crime scene.

They think someone from SVU
is talking to the press.

I was working late last night.

- How late?
- 1:30.

I'm trying to log in as many hours
before De Blasio phases us out.

And you were here,
right by Central Park?


You or any of your friends
hear screams

or see two guys
take this woman down?

I heard about it this morning.

Must have happened
after I left.

- Okay, thanks.
- Keep the change, Harvey.

I'm gonna write about you
in tomorrow's column.

Jimmy Mac's gonna
make you famous again.


Detectives Amaro, Tutuola.

Two t's, two u's.
Am I right?

So how's your vic?
You find that head scarf yet?

You think we're gonna talk to you
about an open investigation?

So you got nothing.
That's okay.

There may be nothing to get.

- You got anything to share?
- [Chuckles]

Jimmy Mac didn't become famous

by sharing his sources
with the cops.

You can read about it
like everybody else

in the city
in tomorrow's paper.

Fellas, I gotta run.

I'll be waiting for you
at the finish line.

[Phone chimes]

What does he know?

I hope it's not this.

We found Heba in a
D.O.T. surveillance footage.

What's wrong with this picture?

Time stamp says 1:54 A.M.

She's walking toward the Park.

Clothes torn, no head scarf.

She lied about being assaulted
in Central Park.

What else did she lie about?

Yes, I think she was assaulted.

No, not in Central Park.

And why not?

When we found her,
she was covered

in mud, leaves, and slush.

Yeah, on her hands,
clothes, and face,

but not on her thighs
or buttocks.

Also, I found abrasions
on her knees and palms

that seemed consistent
with carpet burn.

Okay, did you
look for carpet fibers

under her nails or in her hair?

Amanda, she's getting to that.

Thank you.

Under the mud in her nails,
I found fibers,

some kind of animal hair...

Each fiber individually dyed
red and gold.

- Thank you, Melinda.
- Mm-hmm.

Oh, by the way, Jimmy Mac

had nice things
to say about you.

He called here?

He came by this morning.

He's dated a few of the techs.


I was raped by two men.

The rape kit showed that.

Yes, we believe that
you were attacked,

just maybe not in the way
you described.

We found security footage
of you

crossing towards Central Park,

your clothes torn,
head scarf gone.

Now, you weren't attacked
in the Park, were you?

I was attacked by two men.

They called me a Muslim bitch,
tore my hijab.

- What's going on, Heba?
- They don't believe me.

Mrs. Salim, there
are some inconsistencies

with her story, her timeline,
the location.

You're calling
our daughter a liar?

No one is saying that.

Look, we do believe
she was assaulted.

They want me to say
it wasn't a hate crime.

They are afraid
for their image.

New York is supposed to be
better than New Delhi.

They want this to go away.

It won't.
We won't.

- Ma'am...
- Get out of my house.


So the benefit
ended at midnight,

and the security footage shows her
walking towards the crime scene at what time?


I mean, look at this girl.

Something happened to her.

But not where she says
or when she says.

Okay, and when you
brought that up with her?

She became defensive,
even enraged.

You can understand why.

- And then the mother threw us out.
- Yeah.

The family thinks
that NYPD is trying

to make this case disappear,

that it's all
just damage control.

Do they?
Then this won't help.

Who's been talking
to Jimmy Mac?

And in walks my wife.

No, no, no.

Jeannie... my third wife,
you meatball.


[Clears throat] I've got to go.
I'll tell you the rest later.


So the Mountain really does
come to Muhammad.

You, uh, want me to autograph
the front page for you?

Your story's wrong, Jimmy.

Somebody set out a pile
of horse manure,

and you just stepped
right into it.

And you came here
to clean that up for me?

Circle where I got it wrong.

Your vic lied about where
she went after the benefit.

She lied about being
in the Park.

And if you'd bothered
to ask me,

I would have explained to you

that more than half the time,

the victim initially
omits details

of some aspect of the crime.

They omit details
of some aspect?

She made the whole thing up.

- There was no hate crime.
- Yeah?

What makes you so sure?

She claims that they said,

"go back to India,
you Muslim bitch."

How did they know that
she was from India?

Or that she was Muslim?

Or that Muslims
even live in India?

Racism is a crime of ignorance.

So you doubt her story
because her attackers knew

that she was Muslim?

Mooks like that never
attack attractive women.

They pummel "towelheads"
behind a dumpster.

You know that her father was the victim
of a hate crime after 9/11?

The police wouldn't
take the report.

So she stages a rape
12 1/2 years later?

Come on, Jimmy.
Get real.

The girl was attacked.

You are a real sob sister,
you know that?

Your vic had
a couple of drinks,

had sex with somebody
she shouldn't have,

then conflated her father's
story with her own

to get her family sympathy.

The hospital reports
show injuries consistent with rape.

But not scrapes
from the stone wall, right?

Just rug burns
and carpet fibers

consistent with a rough ride
on some guy's floor.

Who showed you that report?

You want my source?

Okay, I'll give it to you.

Write this down.
It's a funny name.

G-o, space, f-u...

I got it, Jimmy.
I got it.

I'm not so sure.

Maybe you should read
the first amendment again.

I know you don't
like reporters,

but people don't speak to me
because I carry a badge.

They speak to me
because I keep my word.

- We're done.
- And I'm not going back

on that for you
or for anybody else.

And at least
there's no press here.


What do you people want?

We're on Heba's side.

Yeah, but she needs to tell us
what really happened to her that night.

So you can accuse her

- of changing her story?
- No.

We want to find the men
that attacked her.

Your department destroyed
her reputation in the newspaper.

I swear, SVU knew
nothing about that.

We saw the headlines.

You don't believe a word
my daughter says.

We don't know what to believe.

This is Heba
just before 2:00 A.M.

She's crossing
toward Central Park.

Okay, she had already
been assaulted.

Look, she left the benefit
just after midnight.

That's a two-hour gap
in her timeline.

Now, did you notice
if she was with anyone?

No, I told you
I left the party early.

I asked my boss's assistant, Janelle,
to keep an eye on her.

I can't believe
something happened to Heba.

We all love her brother.

Fareed told us you were with Heba
after he left the benefit.

I was supposed to be,

but there were 200 other guests
to look after.

Now did you see Heba
leave with anyone?


How many times do I have to tell
that guy to always be closing?

Yeah, I hear you, boss.

Janelle, is everything all right?

These detectives
are asking about Heba.

- Heba? Ah.
- It's awful.

- I'll see ya later.
- It's just horrible.

Did you see her at the benefit?

Yeah, she was one
of the volunteers, I think.

Well, you mind if we
ask you a few questions?

Not at all.

Oh, you'll have
to take your shoes off.

No problem.

Hey, Nick, check out the rug
and the nice view.

So I don't know that
I'll be of much help.

I barely saw Heba.

By any chance, did you notice
her talking to someone,

maybe leaving with that person?


We'll need your guest list,
any pictures, if you had a photographer.

Of course.

But our donors
spent $10,000 a table,

and Heba was just a volunteer.

I doubt any of them
noticed her.

Still, it's just routine.

So you guys really think
she was attacked?

The paper said she was lying.

We're just following up.

- Now, you left before she did?
- I must have.

I had business back here
in the office,

conference call with Hong Kong.

Hong Kong.

I always get the timeline
messed up.

Are they in front of us
or behind us?

Hold on.
You're saying that Heba

was assaulted
in her brother's boss's office

based on the color
of the carpet?

We're gonna need more than that
to go after Elias Kemp Jr.

Warner was very specific
about these fibers.

Now, if we can
get a warrant, we...

We can't get a warrant.

We're not gonna need one.

He's a neat freak.

His assistant made us
take our shoes off.

Nice one.
Get that to Warner.

Even if she was
assaulted there,

given his profile,
given his wealth...

And the fact
she's already lied to us.

Yeah, but if we're right,
she lied to us because it was her

brother's boss
who did this to her.

Well, will she help us out now?

- Not quite there yet.
- Okay.

Get the security footage
from the building.

Dig into his past.

But please be discreet.

Everybody in your office
running for the lifeboats?

It's still
an open investigation.


How about imploding?

City Hall is apoplectic.

Why don't you quit
while you're behind?


Because Jimmy Mac is bloviating
in the press?

Any leads on who
his sources are?

They seem pretty close
to your investigation.

I can assure you that
it's none of my people.

There are leaks
in the M.E.'s Office.

There are leaks in one-p-p.
And you're looking at us?

[Knock at door] Hey, Sergeant.
Sorry for the interruption.

There's something
you need to see.

We went to
Special Victims Unit,

and we were promised
that this case

would be handled discreetly,

that the victim's honor
would be preserved,

and that justice would be done.

Instead, the victim
of a violent crime

is being revictimized
in the press

by the very police officers

who were sworn to protect her.

- Reverend Curtis!
- Mr. MacArthur.

Reverend Curtis,
why is this alleged victim

not here today
to answer any questions?

Mr. MacArthur,
this young woman

has suffered enough.

I will not have her
face a media lynch mob.

Reverend, admit it.

This is just another
Tawana Brawley.

[Crowd jeers]

Mr. MacArthur,
you claim

to be the conscience
of your newspaper.

Where's the compassion
for a young woman

who's been
violently assaulted?

The only assault here
is on the truth.

- She lied.
- No justice...

No peace.

No justice, no peace.

No justice, no peace.

No justice, no peace.

Nice work with the socks.
Picked up fibers like a lint roller.

That's what I do.

I thought the guy's secretary
told you to take your shoes off.

You get a match?

I'll run DNA
on the goat hair, but yes.

The fibers under Heba's nails
and in her hair

- came from that carpet.
- Are you sure?

You realize you ask me
this every time?

No, I don't.

Yes, you do.

Yes, I'm sure.

I ran the fibers through the
NYPD's animal hair collection.

Dyed goat wool and camel hair.

Whatever happened to her,
it happened on the floor of that office.

Here's Elias
and his V.P., Mike Sullivan,

entering the offices
of Hauser-Kemp at 12:05.

Must have been that
conference call to Hong Kong.

Right, and then
ten minutes later,

Heba shows up.

- Any footage of her leaving?
- Yeah.

An hour and a half later,
clearly post-assault.

That's no hoax.

So why make up
the Central Park story?

Because Fareed
works for those guys?

Or she didn't want to admit to her devout parents
she went to that office alone to meet two men.

We can speculate all we want.

Only Heba knows.

And she's not talking.

Her credibility is shot anyway.
She didn't just lie.

She made an attack up
out of whole cloth.

We know who did it,
when, and where.

Let's start to build a case
without her.

Wait, guys.
Please stop.

You can't go in there.

Don't worry.
We'll take our shoes off.

Yeah, as long
as we get it by 4:00.

Excuse me.

They just barged in,
Mr. Kemp.


We're in a meeting, detectives.

Elias Kemp, Michael Sullivan,

we have warrants
to take DNA swabs.

[Speaks foreign language]

Just open your big mouth.

Is this about "He-heba"?

All right, she's a liar.
It's all over the news.

Shut up, Mike.
Let 'em take the swabs.

You can talk all you want downtown.

Come on, open up.

Are we under arrest?

Not yet.

Then would you be so kind
as to leave my office?

I'll have my lawyer get in touch
and set up a meeting.

Heba. Heba.

I'm sorry. I... I didn't realize it was
a crime for my client to change decor.

You know what?
It's all good.

We've got goat and camel fibers
from his old rug,

and we've got his DNA.

That's because Ms. Salim had
consensual sex with my client

on his office floor the night

she lied about being raped
in the Park.

- Consensual sex?
- That's right.

Then why didn't you
just tell us that?

Go ahead.

Heba's brother works for us.

He's told us how old-world
his family is.

I didn't want to humiliate them

by telling you what she
actually did that night.

This girl was wild, okay?

These repressed girls,
when they let go...

[Deep breath]

They explode.

So the three of you,
you were just partying?

Yeah, I...
It wasn't rape.

Okay, we just kind of...
eiffel towered her.

And how long did she party?

I don't know... A couple hours.
You know, I think she freaked out

when she realized
how late it was.

You know, Elias said that's why
she made up that whole story anyways.

How could they say
it was consensual?

I would never...
It's okay.

Nobody believes them.

We don't.
Everyone agrees on that.

What we need, Heba,

is for you to tell us
what really did happen.

You want me to go up
against the Kemp family?

I can't.

I mean, my parents,
my brother...

I mean, that's why I said
I was raped in the Park.

I thought it would be better
for them to hear that.

If Heba takes the stand,
she'll be brutalized all over again.

And if you want
to clear your name,

if you want justice,
you have to testify.

Otherwise, these men
go free, Heba.

We hear you.

We will talk it over
with her family.

Please do.

We're not giving up on this.

They're right.

Kemp's team will destroy her
on the stand.

Is there any way
to make a case without her?

No chance.

Bad enough she made up
her bizarre story.

But these guys are charismatic,

I know, I know, I know.

Plus, they got your buddy, Jimmy Mac,
hammering her every day.

First of all,
he's not my buddy.

And second of all,
one-p-p gave him full access.

Before or after the rape?

Before. Why?

Check your timeline.

Kemp Jr. rapes Heba.

24 hours later, the paper
his dad bailed out twice

calls her a liar
on its front page.

You think I'm in the tank
for Kemp?

How dare you?

I write for the working stiff,
the guy that takes the 7 train,

the guy who worries whether his kid
needs a new pair of shoes or not.

Okay, Jimmy, I understand.

No, you don't.

If I wanted to sell out, I would have
done that a long time ago.

I should throw you
out of here on your can.

So you had no idea that junior
was involved in this?

That prick?

If there were any truth to it,

I would have written about it
because it's a hell of a story.

Well, then write it.

Bring her here.

Have her tell me her story,
and I'll consider it.

Are you out of your mind?

Do you think she would talk to you
after what you did to her?

[Breathes deeply]


She knows I'll see
right through her,

just like I did
in the first place,

just like I see
right through you.

You screwed up
this investigation.

Now you want me
to save your ass.

That's not what this is.

Oh, yes, it is.

And you can get down
on your knees until they're raw.

I'm not gonna change my mind.

Wow, don't flatter
yourself, pal.

Good night, Sergeant Benson.

It's time to go,
because you are boring me.

And that is the
greatest sin of all.

The trial of real estate scion Elias Kemp Jr.,
and his associate Mike Sullivan begins today...

The two men stand accused of
raping a young Islamic woman,

a woman who initially claimed she was
the victim of a hate crime assault

by strangers in Central Park.

With us this morning
is ledger columnist

Jimmy MacArthur,
who broke the story,

exposing her initial claims.

And, Jimmy,
some people thought

this was a case that
wouldn't even go to trial.

And with good reason, Katie.

This "Tawana-be," a phrase
I'm hoping to trademark,

lied to the police
from the start.

If the detectives had read
my column more carefully,

they wouldn't be here.

Well, why do you think
they didn't drop it?

Simple human vanity.

Nobody likes to admit
they've been had.

And the D.A.'s case
is a house of cards.

I'd be surprised if the girl
took the stand.

Whatever happened here,
it wasn't rape.

This whole thing was a hoax.

Yes, the victim
did stage a crime scene.

There was mud and debris
on her clothes,

face, hair, hands,
which supported

her initial disclosure that
she was raped in Central Park.

Could she have
staged the entire rape?

No. She lied about
where she was attacked,

but the scratches
and contusions,

the choke marks on her neck,

the vaginal tearing,
the rug burns,

those were all real.

Thank you.

Detective Rollins,

based on your experience
working at special victims,

is it possible
that the injuries

you describe could also have
resulted from rough consensual sex?

Not usually all at once
like this, no.


What about the rug burns
you mentioned?

Are those indicative of someone in the
throes of ecstasy, let's say with two men?


I'm going to allow it.

Yes, it's possible.

Thank you, Detective.

That's the victim, Heba Salim,

arriving at the offices
of Elias Kemp at 12:15 A.M.

- And this?
- That's her leaving

the offices of Elias Kemp
at 1:48 A.M.

An hour and a half later.

Earlier, the jury
saw the defendants

enter the main lobby
at 12:05 A.M. that same night.

- That's right.
- But when you first questioned

Mr. Kemp about Ms. Salim,
what did he say?

He lied.

He told us the last time
he saw her

was at the benefit
two hours earlier.

Did he subsequently admit that
Heba had been in his office?

Yes, when we came to his office
with a warrant for his DNA.

Thank you.

Detective, when
an interview subject

lies to you initially,
is it harder

to trust them going forward?

- Yes.
- But didn't the victim

in this case lie repeatedly
at the outset

and make up and stage
an entirely false scenario?

That's right,
but given that her brother...

So she lied to you and
fabricated evidence in the past.

Can you be sure
she's telling the truth now?

- I believe she is.
- You believe.

So it's more about faith
than fact?

Can you see how others
might have some doubt?

- Objection.
- Withdrawn.

I knew Elias Kemp
and Mike Sullivan.

My brother works with them.

They were acting very nice
the night of the benefit.

Elias brought me a glass
of champagne.

- Your first glass ever?
- Yes.

I don't drink.

Around midnight, when I was
getting ready to leave,

Elias invited me to
an after-party in his office.

He said that I'd have fun
and meet new people,

so I said yes.

What happened when you
got to his office?

There was no party.

It was just Elias.

He gave me another glass
of champagne,

said that the others
were on their way,

and then Mike came in.

And then what happened?

They locked the door.

Elias pulled off my hijab,

pinned my arms behind my back,

and started biting my neck.

Mike grabbed my breast.

And you didn't want this?


I screamed
and tried to get away.

But they were very s...strong.

[Quivering] They choked me.

Elias slapped me
and told me to shut up.

Then they forced me
on my hands and knees.

And between the two of them,

they took turns sodomizing me

and raping me.

I am sorry to ask,
but the medical report shows

that you were a virgin
when this occurred.

Is that correct?


It was very painful.

They just laughed
and high-fived each other.

When they were done,
I... I asked Elias

if I could have my hijab back.

So he... he wiped himself off with it
and threw it in the trash.

Thank you.

That is a very disturbing story,
Ms. Salim.

Almost as disturbing as the account
that you initially gave the police.

In that story,
you told the police

that they had called you
a Muslim bitch

and had suggested
that you go back to India.


None of that
actually happened, did it?


But what happened to me
in that office,

what they did to me,
that's all true.

I see.

So that first night, when you
covered yourself with mud and

said that you
had been raped in the Park,

then you were lying,
but now you are telling the truth?


So when you
called it a hate crime,

that's when the police believed you,
Reverend Curtis believed you.

Your parents, your brother,
District Attorney, even, Barba believed you.


So you are a very good liar.

- Isn't that right, Ms. Salim?
- Objection, your honor.

- He's attacking the witness.
- Withdrawn.

I got nothing further.

I'm sorry, but it's not
over till it's over, okay?

Let's go. Let's get you
and Heba home. Come on.

You happy now?

Well, it certainly isn't boring.

She was telling the truth
in there.

You lack confidence
in the wisdom of the jury?

They all read your columns,

The way you
crucified that girl,

she was discredited
before she even took the stand.

I see. So she digs herself
a hole in the mud

in Central Park, your squad falls in,
and it's my fault?

I got my story right.

No, you only
got half of it right.

Those two sons of bitches raped her,
and now they're gonna walk.

What do you want from me?

How about a retraction?

That's funny.

Yeah? You said that Heba wasn't raped,
and you know that she was.

Jimmy Mac don't retract.

He don't apologize.
He don't explain.


So that is it.

The great Jimmy Mac.

It's all gone to your head,
hasn't it?

The awards, the long nights
at Elaine's, the celebrity.

Don't forget
the Knicks tickets.

It's sad.

You used to be good.
You used to have a conscience.

You're not a reporter anymore,

You're just like them.


Hey, by the way, you should
think about laying off the sauce.


I don't know what you put in
Jimmy Mac's drink, but he has seen the light.

"How Jimmy Mac got played."

"They thought that they'd get away with it
because they have money.

"They even used their resources
and their hooks at one-p-p

to fool this reporter
for a while."

Yeah, it's all in there,

how Kemp and Sullivan
lured her in,

raped her, smeared her rep.

He says NYPD sources played him
regarding her rape kit.

Sources? Who?

He didn't name names,
he just lobbed a grenade.

Yes, your honor.

I know you instructed us
not to read any press,

but the headline
was right there

on the courthouse newsstand.

And you read
the entire article?

Now, I'm not the only one.

A few of us
were talking about it.


Who else read Mr. MacArthur's
column this morning?

Your honor, that column

was filled with
libelous allegations

that are highly prejudicial
toward my client.

This jury read several
earlier articles that

were prejudicial
toward the victim,

and they were seated
on the assurance

that they would keep
an open mind.

Nice try, Mr. Barba.

That was then, this is now.

The jury, in their wisdom,

chose to ignore
my explicit instructions.

I have no choice
but to declare a mistrial.

[Bangs gavel]

The State of New York
thanks you for your service.

You got time
for a cup of coffee?

So we have a new trial date?

There won't be a new trial,
at least none for Elias.

What, he's throwing
his friend under the bus?

He's given a statement expressing his
deep and sincere remorse for the actions

of his employee.

So he wasn't there?

He admits to being present
for the assault

and has agreed to plead
to sexual misconduct.

And that's a class "A" misdemeanor.

- He'll do what, a year?
- Maybe.

Sullivan goes away for 5 to 15.

- They both go on the registry.
- And that's the best we can do?

I mean, Elias
was the violent one.

It was his idea.

And he's the first one
to the table.

That's how you
get the best deal.

And Heba's
gonna be okay with this?

Elias, he may not do any time,
but he will have a record.

I mean, it's...
It's something.

We're sorry, Heba.

But if this went to a second trial,
you'd have to go through hell again,

and those guys could walk.

I know.
I don't care.

I figured it was
all part of the settlement.


I'm not supposed to talk about it
until after Mike Sullivan's trial.

Well, Kemp's people move fast.

So what was their offer?

No, don't say it like that.

As far as my parents are concerned,
I've already lost my honor.

At least now my brother
can go back to school

and get his MBA.

So here's to justice, huh?

Nothing new.

The biggest rat
always gets the cheese.

It's okay.
Elias is on the wheel now.

How's that?

My last column for The Ledger.

- Last?
- Yeah.

It's about a month in the life
of Elias Kemp Jr.,

how he raped a girl
in his office,

pinned the rap
on his best friend,

wrote a check and walked away,

while his dad
calls my publisher

and asked to keep his kid's name
out of the paper.

Jimmy, you sure
you want to run that?

I already posted it on the web.

Every time that kid's name
goes into a search engine,

this story will come up.

He can hire all the
reputation managers he wants.

He's f...

He's toast.

Jimmy, hold on.
W...where are you gonna go?

There aren't
that many papers left.

Don't ever cry for Jimmy Mac.

I always land on my feet.

I'm 55 years old,
my profession is dying,

my ex-wives all hate me,
my credit cards

are maxed out 'cause
I got three kids in college...


And I never felt better
in my life.


I said my piece.

And now the whole world knows

that I got balls the size
of Jupiter again.

Here's to Jupiter.

Oh, yeah.

One more for the road?

I'll have what he's having.

- sync and corrections by Zac -
- -