Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 15, Episode 17 - Gambler's Fallacy - full transcript

Rollins makes a deal with the managers of a gambling club to protect her job, arousing the suspicions of Benson and Tutuola.

In the criminal justice system,

sexually-based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad

known as
the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

Night, all.

It's a little early, isn't it?
You got plans?

Yeah, I'm going
to niagara falls.

It's a long way away,
so I want to get a head start.

Check out the Canadian side.
They got some wild clubs.

Yeah, it's more
of a nature trip.

- Going by yourself?
- No, Frannie.

It's gonna be real romantic.
Well, you know you need papers

to take a dog
across the border, right?

Yeah. I got it
taken care of, dad.

Thank you.

You know, I'll walk you out.

I'm catching the train
to D.C. to see zara.


Those two. I wish they'd just
get a room already.

[Chuckles] I'll pretend
I didn't hear you say that.

[Phantogram's black out days

♪ Hide the sun ♪

♪ ♪

♪ I will leave your face
out of my mind ♪

♪ ♪

♪ A thousand voices
howling in my head ♪

♪ ♪

♪ Speak in tongues ♪

Hit me.

You do know you have a 16
against a dealer 3.

Yeah, how about I count
my cards, you count yours?

Better luck next time.
Hit me.

My little rapariga.


Two caipirinhas, one for me
and one for my new friend.

Uh, no, thanks.

I should call it a night.

What's the "craic"?

The ambassador
getting handsy again?

I can handle him.

It's the woman
who was sitting next to him.

The blonde.

Yeah. Her.
You know she's a cop?

Leaving early?

Quit while you're behind,

Everyone does.

Would you mind
coming with us, miss?

Uh, I mean, is there a problem?

No, only solutions.

Just do as I ask.

I'm not counting cards.

If I was, do you think
I'd be down 15 grand?

Let's take this off the floor,
all right?

He's asking you nice.

Or would you rather this night

end up completely
banjaxed, hmm?

Okay okay, whatever this is...

Shut up!

♪ Black out days ♪

No wire.

Not even an under-wire.

♪ I don't recognize you
anymore ♪

[Dramatic music]

♪ ♪

- sync and corrections by Zac -
- -

Ah, look at this.
She's a detective.

Yeah, but I'm here off-duty.

No gun, no wire, no worries.

You're the one down 15 grand,

detective Rollins,
and you're the one standing here

half naked with a gun
to your head.

My name's Declan O'Rourke.

Pleased to meet you.

Yeah, you don't want
to threaten a cop.

Why not?
You're manky.

You're dirty.

You're a dirty,
filthy little girl.

And you can't do a bloody thing

unless you've lied

and you're investigating us.

I'm here...
I'm here off-duty.

This has nothing to do
with my job.

It does now.

If this is about what I owe,
I-I'm making good on it.

I've got O.T. Coming.

We'll get to that.

First you need to prove
that you're not an informer.

You have a test for her?

I do.

And if you pass,

then we can discuss
how you work off the debt.

Can I do it with a shirt on?

- Good morning.
- Mm.

What's up with your hair?

- Au natural.
- Mm. [Chuckles]

You're in early.

Niagara falls that bad?

Uh, you know what?

We didn't make it.
Frannie got carsick.

Oh, poor girl.

- DMV?
- Yeah.

I'm... you know, a friend of mine
keeps getting tickets

even though
he parks in a garage.

So I'm just... I'm checking
it out for him.

Careful with favors.
You know how I.A. can be.

You know, they track everything.

[Both chuckle]

[Water running]

Oh. Rough weekend?

Actually, no.
It was dope.

Hey, you notice anything off
with Rollins?

Besides her going
to niagara falls with her dog?

She never made it,
and now she's in early

looking into some guy's
parking tickets.

So she met a dude.
Good for her.

And she's already checking
tickets for him?

I mean...
Why are you so interested?

You got something
going for Rollins?

What? Of course not.

Hey, gossip girls.

We caught a suspect
on those push-in rapes,

a juice delivery guy.

Let's go.

A dozen more last night.

It's not my precinct.

But I did find out
when they do their blitzes.


But we need the tickets
to go away.

You can't fix tickets anymore.
They'll track it right to me.

One more chance.

This young lady
has been selected

by the state of New York
to do her civic duty as a juror.

Victimless crime.
Insurance fraud.

We just want to help her
come to the right decision.

Oh, my God.

My boss needs her address.

You want the home address
of a juror?

I get caught,
I lose everything.

We have footage of you
gambling in an illegal club.

You've lost everything.

Find her.

And when you do, text me
a picture and the address.

Couldn't find her.

I mean, I tried.
I lost her in the subway.

She couldn't find her.

Ah, shame.

Are you taking the Mick?

- Hmm?
- [Chuckles]

We followed you!

You led us right to her.

Carlos took pictures.

Hmm? Hmm?

You can't...
You can't do this, okay?

She's got a son.

You need to just
leave her alone.

Who then would pay the medical
bills for the poor boy, huh?

We're not threatening her.
We're helping her.

you are not helping yourself.

- You know what?
- Two strikes!

I'm not doing anything
that's gonna get somebody hurt!


I guess it's over, hmm?

Who shall I call,
your sergeant?

I have both numbers right here.

Jail time for a cop

is not a pleasant thing.

Wait. Wait, just wait.

Wait. Wait, wait!


Maybe there's some other way
we can work this out...

Carlos, go help set up.

You're the boss.

You can't...
You can't record this.

You are not calling the shots,

I am.

Come here.

Marcelo. Mm.
You back with us?

Oh, my God.
Pregnancy suits you, huh?

[Laughs] Stop it.

You better make good tonight.
My boss is getting impatient.

He's cut off.
That's his last one.

Tell him to keep
his hands off my ass.

Everything okay?

Little brasser
just passed her third test.

She went below and beyond
the call of duty.

Don't give me the look.

Now we know she's not
working undercover.

Get out, Declan.
Watch the floor.

[Door shuts]

Whatever you
just did for him,

you won't have
to do it again.

Thank you.

Um, here's the deal.
I just work for you.

And you make sure
Declan knows that.

I think he got the message.



Your show here,
it's impressive.

Just so you know,
you're not on the, um...

Radar of the NYPD.

Why would I be?

I'm an Ivy League-Educated
Art History major.

My family, hardscrabble.

Rural Georgia, so...

My boy...

He's not gonna
have to grow up the way I did.

You ever ask yourself
what it is you want out of life?

- This doesn't seem so bad.
- You can...

You can do well
for yourself here.

If you can let go
of your working-class morality.

Can you do that?

Can you let go of my debt?


[Both laugh]

You'll work it off.


Just by the way, how long have
you worked with Declan?

Two years. Why?

You trust him?

Is there a reason I shouldn't?

I don't know.

I just wouldn't take
a very long maternity leave.

Your world's like mine,
you know.

We work our asses off
to get where we are,

then a man comes around

and just thinks everything
should be handed to him.

You do know that
we're spread pretty thin here.

I understand.

I got it.

[Knock at door]
Liv, can we have a second?


You have a problem.

I have a problem.

Amaro's worried about Rollins.

Yeah. She called in sick.
She has the flu.

What? You know different?

She wasn't answering her phone,

so we went over to her place
with some soup

and she wasn't there.

I tracked her cell
to a warehouse in the Navy yard.

She was talking with some guy
who looked Irish mob to me.

My guess?
It's a gambling club.

- But we don't know that.
- Well, she got out pretty late.

And I told Nick
it might be nothing...

Okay, thank you for coming in.

I appreciate it.
I will take care of it.

I appreciate your concern.

But I do have a problem
with you

tracking Rollins's cell
and following her.

Liv, I didn't want to take
any chances, all right?

After what happened with you.

All right?
I'm not stalking her.

Well, it's funny
that you should say that.

How are you and Maria doing?

We're working it out.


Yeah, Nick,
the thing is, is that

Maria has called me
a couple of times.

And she's worried about you.


Is there anything
you want to tell me about?

I'm sorry she pulled you in.

She won't need
to call you again.


And keep away from Rollins too.

Yeah, sarge.

One more task.

Marcelo, the Brazilian,

needs a lift home
and help up the stairs.


Don't flatter yourself.

He's not into trailer trash.

Yeah, well, that waitress
that ratted me out?

She's 16.

Last thing you need.

16? Are you sure?

- Mm-hmm.
- [Sighs]

For God's sake, Declan.
I thought you vetted her.

I'll take care of it.

Down 63rd street, number 24.

So they made you a driver?

Surprised they don't have you
working it off on your back.

How are they working you?

Working me?

Yeah, they send me home
with beautiful women.

[Both chuckle]

I'm a diplomat with immunity.

So screw them.


I'm never going to pay.

I owe them so much,
they need me.

That's it,
at the end of the block.

The code is hit me 44863.

Oh, here she comes.
Here she comes.

I don't know who you are,

but if you think
you're coming in...

I'm just the designated driver.

at the Russian mission.

They started toasting
with the good vodka.

Let me help.

Nice place.

None of it belongs to us.

Belongs to the Brazilian

You can go now.

Tell them not
to call me anymore.

And do not let him
back in your club.

My husband has his problems,
but you people are worse.

You take advantage of him.

Get out.

[Phone buzzes]

How's the flu?

I just took a couple
mental health days.

Yeah, right.
How much do you need?

I'm fine.
I'm moonlighting to pay it off.


Working security at a club.

This club have cards?

How much do you owe?

Are they asking you
for anything?

Addresses, licenses.
Can you just walk away?


It's not soon enough.

I mean, if I'm noticing,
other people are noticing.

Amanda, this is gonna
come down on your thick head.

You know what, Fin?

I mean, come on, okay?
I got it under control.

You know where to find me.

And take this.

Whatever you're doing,
I want you to stop now.

I'm not ready
for another partner.

Partner cares.
It's touching.

I said I'd get rid of him.
I did.

You didn't have to come.

He keeps nosing around,
then it's a problem.

Yeah, well, maybe it's time
for me to get out.

Too late.
Sondra needs another favor.

Carlos here got himself
into a bit of a jam

driving a client home
a while back.

I got stopped in a speed trap
with an unlicensed gun.

It was a setup.

I don't work for the D.A.

Say the gun goes away.

There goes the case, right?

You don't have a record?

No priors?

Not even a parking ticket.

See what you can do.

Hey. Need to sign this out.
The paperwork's all here.

Sign right there,
detective Wheeler.

Nicely done, Amanda.

This takes care of the interest
on your debt this week.

Since the charges were dropped,

my DNA's not
in the system no more, right?

It never was.

DNA isn't entered into codis
unless there's a conviction.

- When's your next shift at SVU?
- It's tonight.

But I can't take any more
sick days. My sergeant's on me.

Any chance you could
pull a double?

What's this?

Something I should know about?

If you needed to know about
it, Declan, I would've told you.

We'll be in touch.

See the clock?

Yeah, I just have
a few things to clean up here.

[Phone ringing]



24 East 63rd Street.
Okay, I got it.

[Phone thuds]

You know what?
I'll take it.

You guys have been carrying
my weight for a while.

I'll come with you, partner.

So what you got?

Brazilian diplomat's home.

Perp uses the security keypad,
enters, pulls a gun,

ties the husband up,
rapes the wife.

He took some cash but left
her jewelry and electronics.

Oh, and major case is sending
over their art crimes expert.

Art crimes expert?

Apparently some significant
paintings were stolen.

Beatriz Amarante,

Brazil's foremost modern

High end art thieves.
They usually hit and run.

Why stay around
and rape the wife?

Good question.

Waiting for SVU.
You do something!

Aren't you the police?

Detective Tutuola, SVU, Mr...


Marcelo Guarana.
What the hell took you so long?

I'm gonna take the wife.

Want to just tell me
what happened?

I, uh...

My wife got raped.
I came in.

He jumped me, he wore a mask.

I thought you said
you got a good look at him.

I didn't see anything.
He jumped me.

Okay. What kind of mask?

Black, blue... a mask.
A mask.

All right, okay, okay.

They did this to hurt him.

Mrs. Guarana?

EMTs are gonna take you
to the hospital.

I just have to ask you
a few questions.

No, no...

I get the message.

I know what to do.

What to do?

I don't remember anything,

I'm in pain. Can I go?




Let's go.

So the diplomat told
the responding detective

that he saw the rapist's face,

but he told you
that the rapist wore a mask?

- How's the wife?
- She shut down.

I don't know.
Maybe she's in shock.

Or they know the perp
and they're afraid of him.

Well, the assailant knew them,
knew their door code,

which paintings to take...

So the rape is to throw us off?

Or send a message.

We can talk to the consulate
in the morning.

Maybe they know something.

Isn't he the head
of the consulate?

You know what?

I can pull the front door
security video,

check for other cameras
on the block.

I mean, the guy's pretty brazen.
We might get something.

Anything from the front door?

That video's gone.
The perp must've taken it.

But I found a good camera
from across the street.

Whoa, whoa. Slow down.
I know you're fast.

I can't see a thing.
You know, I got this.

Anything from the lab?

The victim wouldn't do
a rape kit.

CSU recovered semen
and hair from the crime scene.

They're running the DNA.

So I visited
the Brazilian consulate.

They were, uh,
less than helpful.

Okay, thanks.

- You got something?
- Yeah, we got a hit on the DNA.

Carlos Riva.

Are you sure?

I mean, he's in the system, and
he leaves his DNA at the scene?

Any record?

He got a gun charge
that just got dropped.

Well, how do we have
his DNA then?

Had a misdemeanor last fall,
stalking in the fourth degree.

He got it pled down
to domestic assault.

Good thing New York finally
authorized all crimes DNA.

He must've not realized that.

He must've thought that once
the gun charge was dropped

his DNA wasn't in the system.

So we're looking for a dummy.

The arrest report says

he was a driver
at a Chelsea art gallery.

Let's follow up
with this gallery,

- see if he still works there.
- Okay, we're on it.

- Guys, I've been on 16 hours.
- Okay, you know what?

You go home. We got this.

Whatever you're thinking...

[Middle eastern accent]
You said his name

is Carlos Riva?

I'm sorry.

I don't recognize him.

He was a driver.

I don't deal
with the delivery men.

Well, he also claimed
to work security here.

I can check.

Can I ask why the police
are looking for him?

We just want to ask him
a few questions.

You're the owner, right?

Your bookkeeper must keep
a record of employee addresses.

She's on leave.
I'll have my assistant call her.

She'll get back to you.

Yeah. Soon, okay?

Now let me ask you,

are you familiar with a painter
named Beatriz Amarante?

One of Brazil's
significant talents.

- Do you carry any of her work?
- No.

She's an audacious painter,

but she's not quite
on our radar.

Okay, Carlos works
in an art gallery

and the Brazilians' art
was stolen.

It seem strange to you

he just happens to have
a gun charge

dismissed yesterday
for lack of evidence?

That is why you wanted
the gun charge dropped,

so Carlos could rape that woman

without worrying
about leaving DNA?

This had nothing to do
with me... this was all her.

Wait, you ordered a revenge
assault on an innocent woman?

She had fair warning.
So did he.

Marcelo thought
he was untouchable.

- We had to send him a message.
- It was stupid!

That's why I'm supposed to be
part of these decisions.

Now you've compromised an asset.

Are you serious?
Why do you think she's here?

We'll raise red flags
because of this cock-up.

- They have Carlos's DNA.
- Yeah, well,

this cock-up is her fault.

She didn't get the DNA
out of codis.

[Items clatter]

Because he looked me in the eye

and he told me
he had no record!

[Laughs] He lied.

He's a criminal.

You know, maybe you should've

run his name
through your computer

before you told us
he was out of the system.

- Clean it up.
- And if I say no?

Well, then we will
throw you to your own people

for stealing a gun
out of evidence.

You can't prove it.


You took a gun from evidence.
You handed it to me.

That's a felony.

Sondra, you think.
How is she gonna fix this?

They have the Eejit's DNA.

She'll come up with something.

I need a DNA sample
from Carlos.

Carlos,ven aqui.

- Run this by me again?
- This sample is from a man

the Vic was having
an affair with.

I just need you to match it
with the DNA found at the scene.

Well, shouldn't this be
coming from CSU?

Yeah, okay, I'll get you
the paperwork later.

Just the husband
is a Brazilian diplomat

who's got anger management
issues, okay?

She begged me for discretion.

Are you sure you don't want
to wait for Warner?

- She's on her way back.
- No, no, no.

It's no need
to bother her, really.

I mean, it's gonna be
a routine suspect elimination

that's gonna help avoid
a diplomatic nightmare.

I need your signature
right here.

Like I told ya on the phone.

The gun was signed out
by detective Megan Wheeler.

She had
all the right paperwork...

Yeah, Megan Wheeler
retired four years ago.

How was I supposed
to know that?


- Okay.
- It gets worse.

Pulled these off a cam
across the street

from the Brazilian consulate

two nights ago when Rollins
was out with the flu.

And there's more.

Rollins brought in
an elimination DNA sample.

Claims it's from the man

that the Vic was having
an affair with.

But it's a match
for Carlos Riva.

Is he still in custody?

Liv, you know what this means.

Yes, I know what this means,
and I will handle it.

Stop digging. Now.

Do not tip her off.

You need to pretend
that everything is normal.

- But, Liv...
- I'm commanding officer.

This is on me.

Look, Liv, I would never
go behind your back.

But I need to let Amanda know
that we know.

Okay? She's my partner.

If it was Nick, Elliot...

- Okay. I get it.
- Really?

You fixed a rape case.

Did you know that beforehand?

No. I swear to God.

Well, that doesn't
mean much coming from you.

Amanda, you need
to turn yourself in.

What, to I.A.B.?

They're gonna put me in prison.

Yeah, they will.
You got in with this crowd.

You had to know that nothing
good would come of it.

I was trying to work myself
out of it and just be done.

You are done, Amanda.

I'm here as a courtesy to Fin.

I'm calling I.A.B.

Let me turn myself in.

Just give me a few hours.

I need to figure out
something to do with Frannie.


8:00 A.M. tomorrow morning.

Whatever it is
you've been doing,

whoever you're
working for, it's over.

I'm taking you in.

Excuse me.

Do I know you?

[Grunts] Listen to me.

You stay away from Rollins.

You the boyfriend?


She's not half bad.

Once you get past
the used part.

They're not just
taking my shield.

I'm an accessory to rape.

That means prison time!
I've never met you.

And if you try to cut a deal,

my boss will put
a bullet in your head.

He's done it before.

That cop from the 12th
last summer who ate his gun.

It wasn't a suicide.

Get up.

Okay. Okay.

And if you don't think
I'd shoot,

you don't know me at all.

This is not necessary.

- Shut up, Declan.
- Put your gun on the desk.

The drop one too.

Yeah, that's right.
Step back.

Put your hands
where I can see them.

Me and you need to talk.

- If you want money...
- I need to see your boss.

I need to get
out of the country.


Here, call him.

Tell him you need to see him.


Don't... move.

Stand up.
Get your hands up.


- Sondra, what's...
- Shut up.

Keep 'em up.

It's there.

Now put it on the table.

And get your hands up!

If anything happens
to her or the baby...

It's your baby.

- Nice work, sister.
- Pleasantries

dispensed with.
Say your piece.

Now I need a passport
and $1 million in cash.

What fantasy world
are you living in?

You have galleries in Geneva,
Montreal, Monte Carlo, Shanghai.

- They're all laundromats, right?
- Yes.

- We can wire you the money.
- In cash.

And you have a private jet?

How far do you
think you'll get?

As far as I want,

because I'm taking your baby
mama here with me for insurance.

I'm too far along.
I can't fly.

Yes, you can.

'Cause I.A.B. Is on to me.

So tomorrow we're gonna be
in Switzerland

or you're gonna be giving birth
to a baby boy in prison.

Okay, sweetie?

Anton, we have enough.

Let's all go.

Yeah. Let's all go.

[Gasps] I need to sit down.

Go, go, go. Go ahead.

Just breathe. Breathe.


Are you all right?

Kill her!

Hands in the air, both of you!

Lieutenant Declan Murphy, NYPD.

You're all under arrest.

- You can't record this.
- Shut up.

You're not calling the shots.
I am.

Now come here.


[Accent gone] Whatever
you're looking to give me,

I'm not interested,

and I don't want you
ever claiming I was.

Lieutenant Declan Murphy,
Manhattan Vice.

- You have a shield?
- Not when I'm U.C.

The color of the day is green.

The date of your appointment
to NYPD was 6/20/2011.

You were winked in.
In exchange for some dead weight

they shipped off to Atlanta.

- Are you gonna turn me in?
- I should.

But I'm not risking
two years of undercover work

because of a dirty cop.

So this is how this plays out.

Sondra wants a pretty detective
running errands for her,

and that's exactly
what you're gonna do.

You stay close to her.
You report directly to me...

on loan to vice, yeah?

From that point on,

detective Rollins
was a fully cooperating U.C.

You had an NYPD officer

in a criminal enterprise.

You should've come
straight to us.

I spent two years trying
to connect Sondra to Nadari.

Rollins did it in three days.

Well, putting aside
the way she did it,

the diplomat's wife
getting raped...

Either of you know about that?

I didn't.
I'm sick about it.

I'll regret it
till the end of my days.

All right.

I understand
you have Carlos Riva

in custody for the rape
and theft.

We cleared the DNA interference

in the investigation
through proper channels.

Riva will plead guilty
to rape one and grand larceny.

And Anton Nadari put him up to it...
the man the New York Times

just profiled as a superstar
international art dealer.

It was all a cover story.

The illegal gambling
was just the tip of the iceberg.

The fed and NYPD accountants
are having a field day

going through
this guy's financials.

I have his entire confession
right here.

I had it on a wire
in the gallery.

We will get him
on money laundering, art theft,

art forgery, extortion,
rape, murder of a cop.

His pregnant accomplice
is turning state's evidence.

The pregnant woman
you pulled a gun on.

I'm sure you understand that's
the nature of undercover work.

Sometimes you have
to violate protocol,

use questionable methods
to obtain results.

The ends justify the means.

That's right!

I wish it were that simple,


I'm taking this upstairs.

You haven't heard
the end of this.

Given detective Rollins's
exemplary performance,

she'll keep her shield.

Or I'm gonna take it upstairs,

You could've busted me
when I first walked in that club

and saved yourself
a lot of grief.

I could have, but when
you came in that back room,

I saw someone
about to hit rock bottom.

My higher power
looking out for me, huh?

I don't know about that,
but I do know this.

Declan Murphy believes in
the possibility of redemption,

that one or two venal sins
don't define you.

The choice is yours.

Let's hope you make a better one

than the ones
you've been making lately.

How much does my sergeant
know about how we met?

I finessed it, but she's smart.

I suggest you come clean,
stay clean.

May the road rise
to meet you, detective, hmm?

What was I supposed to do?
I was working undercover.

I know.
But you couldn't tell me?

- I'm sorry.
- And Benson knew?

She had to.

And you couldn't trust me?

How did vice know
where you were?

Fin, let it go.

No, no, you know what?
You deserve to know.


Yeah, sergeant.

I'm not happy
about any of this.

I had to lie to Fin.

I had to lie to Amaro.

A woman was raped.

Lieutenant Murphy swore

that neither he nor you
knew about that.

And that's right, I didn't.

There's no way I would've
gone along with this if I had.

Do you want to tell me
how you wound up

working undercover
in a gambling club?

You already know.

I fell behind at the club.

They found out I was a cop,
and they used it as leverage.

I just got lucky that, um...

Lieutenant Murphy was U.C.,
didn't I?

You know,
Lieutenant Murphy may trust you.

I don't.

And if we weren't
so short-staffed,

I'd transfer you.


I deserve that.

I don't know if I can get back
into your good graces,

but I'm gonna try, sergeant.


We're done here.

- sync and corrections by Zac -
- -