Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 15, Episode 19 - Downloaded Child - full transcript

When SVU investigates accusations that a young woman is being raped by her husband, they uncover even more disturbing patterns of abuse from her childhood.

In the criminal justice system,

sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad

known as
the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

Oh, something smells good.

Perfect timing.
Have a seat.

Oh, I wish I could.
I'm late.

So you're late.
You're the boss.

This morning's a custody
hearing for baby boy Doe.

- I told you that.
- Right, right.

I was kind of hoping
that we could talk.

- Talk? Everything okay?
- Yeah, yeah.

It's all right, Olivia,
you're late.

- Don't worry about it.
- Yeah, I am.

How about dinner tonight?

Our usual place?

Why don't we try
that new bistro, huh?

Something different.

What's wrong with our place?

Social services' inspection
of the home

found it to be
unsuitable for an infant.

It is our recommendation
that baby boy Doe

not be returned.

Can you be more specific?

Just a moment.

I have it here.

A viral infection.

Bear with me while I...

Your honor.

I am the interim
ACS caseworker.

My associate found baby boy Doe

suffering from
an untreated viral infection.

She also noted there are
two other toddlers in the home.

And therefore, the foster
parents are overextended.

Based on the recommendations
of ACS and corporation counsel,

baby boy Doe will return
to an ACS facility

until a new foster home
can be found.

Court will now take
a short recess.

Excuse me, counselor.

You said that the baby boy
has a viral infection.

Is he gonna be okay?

- And you are?
- I'm sergeant Benson.

I'm actually
the one who found him.

I just caught
the file this morning.

- Is there something wrong?
- Well, the baby's

been put in
three different foster homes.

I'm just wondering why he hasn't
been put up for adoption.

Okay, I guess they're trying
to find the right one.

Look, I'm not
up to speed on this.

- We'll keep that on file.
- Thank you.



I'm close by.
On my way.


Little girl somehow
got out on that balcony.

It looks like she's stuck.
Where are the parents?

Neighbors don't know.

No, no. Oh, no!

Amaro and Rollins are with ESU
trying to get inside.

The door's barricaded.

Four locks and a police bar?

Place is a fortress.

All right.

Hi, can you hear me?

Go away!

Listen, we're the police.
We're not here to hurt you.

We're gonna help.

You gotta go away!

- No, no, no!
- I got you.

Go away! No!

Hey, come here, baby.

I got her. I got you.
Here, here, here, here.

Come here.
I got you.

I got you, I got you.

You're okay.
You're okay, baby.

I got you.

Hey. Hey.

It's okay.
I'm Amanda.

You're safe now.
What's your name?


- Uh-huh.
- Hey, Maddie.

Where's your mommy and daddy?

I'm not supposed
to tell anyone.

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- Nice job out there, guys.
- Thanks, man.

Girl's name is Maddie.
Mother's Jenny Aschler.

We haven't located her yet.

- How is Maddie?
- She's scared, not hurt.

She pushed a chair to
the balcony door, unlocked it.

Says she climbed out there
to feed the birds.

There's plenty
of food, snacks, toys, DVDs,

access to the bathroom.

Stove's unplugged.
Hot water's turned off.

The mother
took some precautions.

Maddie, this is Olivia.

Maddie was just
telling me that her mommy

left her here
alone for a few days.

For two sleeps, that's all.


Maddie, did your mommy tell you
where she was going?

Just not to let anyone in.

- You all have to leave.
- Okay.

Sweetie, we're gonna
take you someplace safe.

- Liv.
- It's okay.


Found mommy.

Oh, my God.

- Is Maddie okay?
- Now you're worried?

You knew you were on probation.
Why were you shoplifting?

It was Maddie's birthday.

She's always
wanted one of those, uh,

American girl dolls?

They're $200.

I mean, who has
that kind of money?

Where is Maddie?
I wanna see her.

She's with
child protective services.

Just till I get out, right?
I'm due out in a few hours.

Listen, you left
your six-year-old

unsupervised for two days.

You can't just get her back.

All right, you're looking
at new charges here.

Hold on, Nick.
Slow down.

You can't talk
to him like that.

You're gonna make him mad.

Look, I'm not mad.

But you left
your child alone, all right?

This is serious.


You told your public defender
that you thought your husband

was gonna be able
to take care of Maddie.

We're separated.

So, what, he bailed on you?

He said that
he couldn't watch her?

I never asked him.
It's too dangerous.

What do you mean?

Gary can't be alone
with Maddie.

He has... needs.

If I'm not there
to take care of them,

somebody else has to.

I won't leave him alone
with my daughter.

So Gary isn't Maddie's father?

Maddie's father's in Attica.

So Gary's Maddie's stepfather?

Has he ever acted
inappropriately with her?

Has she said something?

Sorry, I have enough magazines.

I already found Jesus.
Good, you might need him.

You Gary Aschler?

When was the last time you saw
your wife and stepdaughter?

We're separated.

I go over on occasion
to see Maddie.


Gary, where my smokes at?

Get back in the bedroom, Jade.

- Who are they?
- What did I just say?

You're a busy man.

You want us to come in?

No, I'll come out.

- Did something happen to Maddie?
- Not sure.

- You two close?
- Not since the separation.

Did Jenny say
I did something to that girl?

And why would you ask that?

She's paranoid.

You can ask Maddie.
I've never been alone with her.

Jenny won't even go
to the bathroom when I'm there.

- Why not?
- Because she's crazy.

That's why.
Why do you think I left her?

Yeah, but you still
go over there, right?

You spend time in the bedroom?


She's great in bed.

And that's the thing
about them crazy chicks,

which is just
what my brother said

when he gave her to me.

Gave her to you?

Yeah, after
he knocked her up with Maddie,

he kind of lost interest.

I'm the one who made
an honest woman out of her.

Does that include
hitting her, Gary?

Okay, we're done.


There's nothing I do to her
that she doesn't like.

Bobby Aschler,
Maddie's biological father.

Long record, now doing a bid
in Attica for cooking meth.

This prince,
he pimps Jenny out,

gets her pregnant at 16,

and then just turns her over
to his brother Gary.

This girl has been
through the wringer.

In and out of jail,
multiple drug arrests,

which stopped two years ago.

She's also a probable
domestic violence victim.

I'm not sure
that charging Jenny

with neglect of a child
is in Maddie's best interest.

If Jenny does more jail time,

the stepfather
may ask for custody.

Not if he's in jail too.

Yeah, but that'll only happen
if we can get

Jenny to testify against him.

Talk to her.

If we can convince family court

that she's a D.V. Victim,

maybe these two
can get the help they need.

Well, of course
Gary never touched Maddie.

I won't give him the chance.

So what makes you afraid
that he'll do something?

'Cause he hurts you?

He-he has needs,
like all men.

So what does
he do to you, Jenny?

Look, you have
to start talking to us.

If you're lying
to get back at Gary,

you're gonna be
in trouble here.

Stop yelling!

I'll be good.
I promise.

I'll do whatever you want.

Jenny, you don't have to...

Hey, Jenny.
Nobody's yelling.

Look, I wasn't even
pushing her that hard.

It's not you.

It's something else
going on here.

You been yelled at a lot?

- Gary yells all the time.
- Does he hit you, honey?


Before I have sex with him.

But once we start having sex,
there's no yelling or hitting.

Do you want to have sex?

I don't care.

And it stops him
from being angry.

You know,
if he makes you have sex

and you don't want to,
that's rape.


I mean, it's like he said.
We're still married.


I mean, he can do
whatever he wants to me.

Son of a bitch is raping her.

All right, two choices.

I go beat the crap
out of this guy,

or we call Barba.

- He fouls out.
- Hey.

- Mm.
- Still 2-2.

As a pitcher,
you just have to...

I'm so sorry I'm late.

That's okay.
I pushed the reservation.

This day just got away from me.

This woman, who I think
is being raped by her husband,

left her kid locked
in her apartment alone.

Classic D.V. vic.

We're meeting
with Barba tomorrow.

I'm sorry.

Would you please
stop apologizing to me?

Okay, I'm s... okay.

So what did you
want to talk about?

Um, nothing much.

I just...

I kind of feel like
we're out of sync, you know?


What's going on?

You know, Liv, when you and I
moved in here together,

I thought
that we would get closer,

but I just...

Honestly, it feels like
we had more fun

when we were just
hooking up, you know?

- I hear you.
- Do you?

Look, you went through
the worst time of your life,

you know,
with Lewis and the trial.

And do you realize
that you've never once...

Not once... told me
what happened to you?

Brian, you don't
need to know that.

The images that
it puts in your head,

they never go away.

So, what,
you're protecting me now?

I guess.

Or are you protecting yourself?

You know what?

I don't wanna
fight with you anymore,

so let's just...
Let's just go out.

We'll get some dinner.

We can talk
about it there, okay?

You know what?
Maybe we should just order in.

I'm tired.
You're tired.

We're tired.

Jenny Aschler
abandons her six-year-old,

claims she's afraid
her husband will abuse her kid,

and now she's accusing him
of raping her?

But that's just it.
She isn't.

She thinks because
they're married, it isn't rape.

So she hasn't said no,
she's living in fear,

and you think she's gonna agree
to confront this guy in court?

I'm a prosecutor.
She needs a social worker.

Hang on, this is more than
a simple child neglect case.

The only reason that
Jenny left Maddie alone...

For two days
while she went to jail.

Was because she thought
that the kid

was unsafe with the stepfather.

You have to trust
a mother's instincts.

Fin and Amaro
went and saw this guy.

They say she made
the right call.

You want me to charge
the husband with D.V.,

so a family court judge
will give her a second chance?

Jenny was wrong
to leave Maddie alone.

There's no doubt about that,

but she's also a victim.

She suffers
with symptoms of PTSD.

The father is in Attica,

and this guy
should be there too.

All right.

See if he's dumb enough
to confess to something

he doesn't realize is a crime.

Gary, sorry to drag you in,
man, but we're trying

to figure out
a suitable living arrangement

for your stepdaughter.

- There you go.
- Well, I can't help you.

Jade, my lady friend...
She'd saw my nuts off.

Oh, yeah, you want some?

Hey, I do my share.

I'm not a deadbeat.

Jenny didn't tell you
I pay her rent?


It's amazing how many women
take that for granted.

And she gives you
nothing in return?

You'd think
she'd be grateful, man.

Well, I didn't say
she gives me nothing.

Oh, you mean that wild sex
you was talking about?

Yeah, she'll be like,

"no, please, no."

And then, it's 0 to 60
in, like, 5 seconds, man.

You just gotta hold on.

All right, so when she says no,

that's when you know
you're just getting started.

Oh, yeah, man.

She'll be like,
"no, please, no, ugh."

It's like trying to get
a car engine to turn over, man.

You just gotta... just gotta
give it a little push.

She wants you to hurt her.

Oh, yeah.

Knocking her around,
it's our foreplay.

See, the problem, Gary:

The jury won't see it that way.

What are you talking about?

It's just that,
if you weren't married,

what you do to her would be
considered rape, right?

- Yeah, I guess.
- Hmm.

But then that's the point,
isn't it?

We are married.

I can do
whatever I want to her.

There's no such thing
as raping your wife.

He's signing his statement now

about how she likes
to get knocked around.

Nice work.

This son of a bitch isn't
the first guy to abuse her.

No, this started
a long time ago.

You know what,
I'll call Bellevue,

- schedule a psych eval.
- Hold off.

If we send Jenny to Bellevue,
we lose control of this,

and she loses
any chance she has

of keeping her daughter.

- She needs an eval.
- And I'll get her one, Rollins.

How about you do your job,
I'll do mine?

Copy that, sergeant.

Have a seat, Jenny,
and I'll be right with you.

But like I told you
on the phone,

because you're my patient,
I can't treat her.

I know,
but you can evaluate her.

I just... I don't
want her misdiagnosed.

All right, one condition.
You need to sit in.

This is a consultation.
It's not a treatment.


I'd never leave
Maddie alone with Gary.

Why is that, Jenny?

- I just can't.
- Okay.

What do you think he would do?

He gets mad sometimes.

You think he might
get mad at Maddie?

No, he only gets mad at me.

Jenny, tell Dr. Lindstrom
how you provoke Gary.

If I say no to sex...

He's not really a bad guy.

Not like Bobby.

Bobby is Gary's brother
and was Jenny's first husband.

How old were you
when you married Bobby?

Oh, we never
actually got married.

I was...14, I think.

Did you two have
a physical relationship?

At first, it was just us.

And then he started
inviting friends over.

We'd get high.

He'd have me strip for them.

Then we'd go into the bedroom,

play other games.

What kind of games?

I had to do stuff.

If I said no, he'd hit me hard.

Jenny, did you ever
tell anyone at school

or tell your mother?


She would've killed me.

She kept telling me
I was a dirty whore

because I flirted
with all of her boyfriends.

Did you do anything else
with her boyfriends?

Did you play games?

- Jenny?
- I don't remember!

And I don't remember a lot
about growing up,

so can you just
stop asking me?

It's okay.

- It's okay, honey.
- I'm sorry.

It's okay, sweetie.
It's okay.

Why are we talking about this?

I just need to get Maddie back.

I have to get Maddie back.

I know.

Hey, how did
Jenny's evaluation go?

Not great, he thinks
that her abuse by Gary

may just be
the tip of the iceberg.

- Her first husband?
- No, before that.

He thinks that she may
have been victimized as a girl.

Is that what Jenny
told the shrink?

Uh, no, Jenny hardly remembers
anything from her childhood.

Right, so he's
just speculating.

Nick, he's pretty good
at what he does.

It doesn't matter either way.
Say she was abused.

If she can't remember,
how does that help her?

She has repressed trauma.

I mean, that would explain some
of the bad choices she's made.

So she goes into therapy?

I mean, that's
a long road ahead of her.

Well, he did have one thought.

He said that if we could get
photos from Jenny's childhood,

it may jog her memory.

I only saw pictures of Maddie
hanging up in their apartment.

And if Jenny were, you know,
on good terms with her mother,

I mean, she would've
left Maddie with her.

The mother threw her out
when she was 14,

called her a dirty whore.

Let's see
if we can track her down.

I wish I'd known
you were coming.

I would've straightened up.

Sorry it's not fancy,
but disability

doesn't cover
what it used to, you know?

It's so nice
to have company again.

We're not company, ma'am.

We're here as part
of an investigation.

- Oh.
- No, thanks.

Oh, you probably
like menthols, right?

I don't have any kools.

You here about Jenny?

Is she dead?

No, ma'am.

Why would you say that?

Well, she was always trouble,

making up stories,
drinking, drugging,

coming on to my boyfriends
when she was ten.

Ten years old?

I had to pull her off
of Santa's lap

when she was seven.

Tried to unzip his pants.

You don't believe me?

Oh, no.
That must have been hard on you.

She sounds like
a mother's worst nightmare.

Well, thank you.
People always blame the mother.

No doubt.

Hey, you didn't happen
to save any pictures

of Jenny when she was
acting out like that, did you?


Might be good
to give her a dose of reality.

So the mother's second husband
was a photographer.

Weddings, parties, portraits.

- And Jenny.
- How old was she in these?

Five, six, seven.

These are the photos
he gave to Jenny's mother?

Where are the ones
that he kept for himself?

We took Jenny's photos
to FBI agent O'Connell.

He works at NCMEC,
the largest database

of child pornography
in the world.

I recognized her right away.

We searched for her
for over a decade.

Called her "Lacy unknown."

Lacy is the name
that the stepfather

calls her in the videos.

How many videos
are we talking about?

And thousands of stills.

There's videos
of her being tied up,

raped, sodomized.

Some of them were customized.

He would take requests,
posing her.

She has chat rooms
devoted to her.

We kept looking,
but after a while,

we assumed there's no way
she survived her childhood.

I'm shocked she's still alive.

But for what it's worth,

there's a couple hundred guys
in prison

for downloading her images.

Thank you, agent O'Connell.

These videos are
still being distributed

even a decade later?

Every day
in every country in the world.

A lot of pedophiles
are collectors.

They share clips,
trade files on the dark net.

As fast as we pull sites down,

new ones pop up.

One favor.

Notify me
when you find someone new

in possession of these images.

- Thanks for coming.
- See you, Benson.

She's 22, right?

The stepfather
took these videos,

and he's the one
in the videos raping her.

- Where is he?
- Jerry Dobbs.

He died in a car accident
two years ago.

I hope he suffered.

What about the mom?
She must have known.

Well, if you let her tell it,

her daughter's
been nothing but trouble

ever since she was born.

You can't make that case.
Let it go.

Let it go?

So nobody has to pay
for what was done to Jenny?

There may be
one Avenue of recourse,

if Jenny is
capable of handling it.

She's emotionally fragile.

She's so traumatized,
she doesn't remember this stuff.

She's blocked it out.

Maybe if you show her
these images...

You wanna put her through that?

She has been acting out
her whole life,

high-risk behavior,

but, you know, she has a right

to know
what's been triggering her.

That's the emotional argument.

Legally, there's
a possibility of restitution.

But first
Jenny has to identify herself

as Lacy unknown.

Yeah, that's me.
My first communion.

And the man with you.

- That's Uncle Jerry.
- Uncle?

He just made me call him that.
He was married to her.

So you do remember
some of your childhood?

So what?

Um, well, Jenny,
there are some others.

Some of 'em
may bring back memories

that could be upsetting.

Nobody did anything to me.
You guys are totally off base.

Hey, hang on.

Hang on, Jenny.
Just one sec.

Uh, just take a look
at one more.

That's not me.
That never happened to me.

That's not me.

Jenny, the girl in that photo

is the same girl
that's in all these others.


That's not me.
That's Lacy.



So can you tell us
a little about Lacy?

Jenny doesn't remember
taking the photographs.

She doesn't remember that room.
Does she remember any of it?

She thought some of it happened
to a girl named Lacy.

When she realized
she was Lacy, she went numb.

So she did make the I.D.
She is Lacy unknown.

And he's her stepfather?

Well, she called him
"Uncle Jerry,"

and Lacy was a pretend name
for their games.


Okay, you said
that she has legal recourse,

but Uncle Jerry
didn't leave an estate.

So do you wanna sue the men

who downloaded
her images in civil court?

I may have
a more aggressive option.

Section 22.59 in
the violence against women act.

It stipulates
that it is mandatory

for convicted sexual abusers

to pay restitution
to their victims.

So you wanna argue
that anyone who's downloaded

- her image is guilty of abuse?
- Exactly.

We'd have to file
before sentencing,

but considering her image
is still being downloaded daily,

there should
be cases coming to court.

How much is she entitled to?

It's up
to the courts to decide,

but legally
she gets restitution

for medical costs,
therapy, lost wages,

even foregone future earnings.

I know a firm
that will do this pro Bono

as soon as Jenny signs off.

Hang on a second,
so she'd have to find out that...

That men have been arrested
for watching her get raped?

I'm sure she has some idea.

You didn't tell her
Uncle Jerry uploaded his videos?

One step at a time.

We saw the light
go out of her eyes, okay?

She couldn't
handle it all at once.

Neither could we.

How are you feeling, Jenny?

I can't imagine
what you're going through.

Really good.

You know, once I realized
that I was Lacy,

it's... well,
my mind's been racing,

but a lot of things make sense,

like why I was so afraid
to leave Maddie with Jerry.

I mean, with Gary.

We're glad
you're feeling better.

Have you started
seeing a-a therapist?

Dr. Lindstrom
recommended one for me

and for Maddie too as soon
as I get her back, so...

Is that why you guys are here?

Actually, Jenny, there's, um...

There's something else that
we need to talk to you about.

Well, I've been
doing everything

that you guys asked me to do.

I've agreed
to counseling and meds.

No drinking.

So I'm gonna get better.

Put it all in the past.

The thing is, Jenny, it's...
It's not all in the past.

What do you mean?

Well, the videos
and the photos,

your stepfather
put them on the Internet.


That's how we found them.

You know, but the...
The FBI has been...

Has been searching
for you for years.

The FBI?

Well, they took
them all down, right?

They certainly tried to, but...

But, Jenny, it's the Internet,
and once something's out there...


So what you're saying is
that people watch him do that...

People watch him do that to me,
and they're still watching?

Why are you telling me this?

Jenny, the men
that downloaded these images,

the court can
order them to pay you

to pay for
your medical expenses,

your therapy,
to help you with Maddie.

I don't wanna be pa...

I don't wanna be paid for that.

So everywhere I go,

men on the bus,
on... on the street,

they've all seen me like...

They've seen me like Lacy?

Why are you looking at me?

Can you stop looking at me?

I feel sick.

Maybe she would've been
better off not knowing.

Olivia, I was concerned when
you asked me to evaluate Jenny.

We talked about
the boundary issues.

Now, this is supposed
to be your session.

I know, and I'm fine.

How about you and Brian?

Last session,
you told me you were unsure

whether the relationship
would make the next step,

and you said
you were afraid to tell him.

Well, do you wanna
hear something funny?

- He told me that.
- He did?

Yeah, in his own way,
he said that...

That we're not in sync.

- Is it already...
- No.

Someone must be early.
I'm sorry.

Jenny, why are you here now?

Who's here with you?

- Who's here?
- Jenny...

- Jenny.
- What is she doing here?

Is she talking to you about me?

Did she tell you
that I was a bad girl?

No, Jenny, that... that...
That's not why I'm here.

- I promise you.
- Take a deep breath now, Jenny.

You don't need her.
You need me.

She can't
make you happy, and I...

I can make you happy.

Don't you want this?

It's all right.

You are safe now.
You don't need

to do this anymore, Jenny.

- Lacy.
- No.

I'm Lacy.

No, you're Jenny.
You're Jenny.

It's all right.

You don't need
to be Lacy ever again.

- So how you doing, Jenny?
- I feel better.

The first week,
I just slept through,

adjusting my meds.

There's group crafts.

- How's Maddie?
- She's fine.

She's in a foster home.

The doctors say
you can Skype with her.

I'm not gonna
get her back, am I?

You just have
to take care of yourself now

so you can take care of her.

The social worker
told me medicaid

won't let me
stay too much longer,

and Gary's so mad.

He's not paying my rent.

You're up against it, Jenny,
that's for sure.

But this restitution money,

it could really help.

There's a sentencing
hearing coming up soon.

It's... it's an EMT
that is convicted of possession.

But you could write
a victim's statement.

It's a... it's a letter.

A letter?


If it's okay, I wanna go.

I want him
to look me in the eyes.

I want him to see me.

My father was an EMT.

He dedicated
his life to saving others.

He got depressed
after my mother died.

He made a mistake,
but he's not a criminal.

He never hurt anyone
in his life,

especially not a child.

He's an amazing dad.
Please, your honor.

- We're asking for leniency.
- Thank you, miss Corbett.

Also in the courtroom today

is one of
Mr. Corbett's victims.

I understand she wishes
to make a statement.

Being here is hard.

Listening to everybody

say what a great guy you are,

how what you did
was only a mistake.

Look at me, Mr. Corbett.

I want you to see

how what you
enjoyed watching

has ruined my life.

When I was 13,

I started doing drugs,

crack mostly.

Then I dropped out of school
and moved in with a man

who forced me to have sex
with other men for money.

When I got pregnant,
he kicked me out.

I've had a rough life
because of what happened to me.

You told the judge
that what you did

didn't hurt anyone.

I want you to
know that it did.

I want you
to see that I'm a person.

Thank you, miss Aschler.

I am so sorry.

God, I am so sorry.

Corbett apologized in a letter.
Do I even wanna read this?

He saw you.
He understood.

And he's also given you
$20,000 in restitution.

This feels strange,

like I'm being paid
for what I did.

No, Jenny.
This is different.

After what you've been through,

they owe you this and more.

And Corbett did offer more,

a list of the men
he file-shared with.

Now, we can start
to go after 'em, charge 'em,

and hold each of 'em
financially responsible

as part of their sentencing.

Each of them?
How many were there?

Over 700.

Come on, Jenny.

What's all this?

As part of this process,

the FBI has
to notify the victim

of each individual arrest.

And there was a long backlog
of "Lacy unknown" downloads,

so, during your recovery,
we had them sent here.

So I have to open
all of these letters

and then go to court
and testify every time?

Most of these men
have been convicted.

You can file a civil suit.

But where you have
the most leverage, Jenny,

is with men that
are awaiting sentencing.

Every time.

So I'm gonna be
dealing with this

for the rest of my life.

I can't.

I just can't do it.

I just can't.

- Thank you.
- Hey.

You're smiling, Barba.

- Why is that freaking me out?
- Good news.

Jenny may have caught
the first break of her life.

The list that Corbett gave us,

there's a CEO on it.

Roger Pierce, worth 20 million.

How does that help Jenny?
You gonna blackmail him?

I reread
the violence against women act.

Technically, the way
the law is worded,

mandates that each offender

compensates the victim
for all losses.

The forensics team
that you put on this

estimated Jenny's need
for restitution

at over 4 million.

I'm going
after Pierce for all of it.

It's called joint
and several liability.

He's free to chase
after the rest

of Jenny's victimizers
to collect the money.

It becomes his problem,
not hers.

Are you crazy?

You want a seven-figure payout
for looking at a few videos?

You shared videos
of child rape.

So my client's
supposed to spend

the next ten years in court

trying to collect
millions from other men

found in possession
of these Lacy images?

You think
his victims should have to?

I mean, she's not my victim.

I never touched her.
I never met her.

I never filmed her.
I was a voyeur ten years later.

You were more than a voyeur.

You downloaded
these videos and shared them.

That makes you complicit
in creating a demand

for this kind
of illegal product.

Not $4 million worth.

We've had a few other men
agree to help this woman

and her daughter get
the counseling they need

because it's
the right thing to do.

You are obviously
not one of those men.

So let me put this in terms
that you do understand.

We can knock the charge down

to simple possession
of child pornography.

1 year house arrest,
10 years probation,

you pay $4 million
in restitution.

Or we can charge you
with distribution,

and you go away for a decade.

Tell him where
to send the damn check.

The whole 4 million? When?

Right away, but it's not easy

to handle an amount
that large all at once, okay?

You want that money
to last for you and Maddie.

You can pay
for Maddie's college.

The firm that set
the restitution amount

can open a trust for you.

You'll get a monthly
allowance to cover expenses.

If you need extra,
they can advise you.

Okay, and that's what
you think that I should...

I should do?

Jenny, it's your decision.

I just wanna do
what's best for Maddie.

Listen, do you remember
the terms of custody?

I won't miss any doctor
or therapy appointments,

I'll be prepared
for unannounced visits

from social services, and...

And I'll make sure
Maddie doesn't miss any school.

I'm not gonna mess this up.

- Mommy!
- Hi, baby.

Oh, my God.

I missed you so much.
I missed you too, mommy.

Can we go home now?

Yeah, we can
do whatever you want, okay?

- Thank you.
- You're welcome.

Come on!


- Hey.
- Hey.

- I'm sorry I'm late.
- That's okay.

Got stuck
in traffic back there.

- Yeah.
- It's just...

I guess we're both
kinda stuck, aren't we?


Yeah, what...
What happened?

Well, you know, Brian,

I've been thinking about it.

You know, you and me,

we found each other
at the darkest,

lowest point
of our lives, right?

You got shot, demoted.

I got... hurt.

And you got me through that.

Well, we've always
been there for each other, Liv.

You know, maybe that's
what it was supposed to be.


Maybe there's something
even more right

for each of us, you know?

I-I still think about...
About having a family.

Do you ever think about
having kids with me, or...

Or... or growing old with me?

I just don't
see myself growing old.

I know you don't.

I know.

Look, Liv,
there's something that's been

on my mind for a long time now,

something that I feel
like I have to tell you.

Go ahead.
I can take it.

No, but it's not like that,
not at all, not even close.

I love you.

I love you too, Brian.

Always will.

Let's go.

- sync and corrections by Zac -
- -