Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 13, Episode 13 - Father's Shadow - full transcript

An aspiring actress is found unconscious in Central Park with drugs in her system and evidence of sexual assault. Detectives Benson and Amaro go to the office of the reality show producer she auditioned for that assaulted her. In the process of the visit they stop him from assaulting another actress. The producer's son Eddie does everything to stick up for his father including taking hostages.

In the criminal justice system,

sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad

known as
the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

- One of you Benson?
- Yeah.

Benson, Amaro,
chief Duggan.

This is sergeant Mullen,

The gunman asked for you.

So we're seeing
an increase

in drug-facilitated
sexual assault--

not just roofies,
but antianxiety medications,


Survivors suffer
with memory loss,

guilt, self-blame--

all of which make them hesitant
to report these crimes.

Mr. Sandow,
your 5:00 audition.


Mallory Jenner.

A handshake.

You're meeting the producer.
This is a reality show.

Let's try it again, honey.

- Keep taping?
- Yeah.

Uh, you know
the premise?

You're competing
for the starring role

in a Broadway musical.

You're a gorgeous girl,
but the audience needs to see

the passion.

Yeah, there you go.

With awareness
comes action.

Thank you very much.

Thank you.

Detective Olivia Benson,
Manhattan Special Victims Unit.

Terrific speech--

engaging and funny,
considering the topic.

I'd rather be locked
in a box with a perp.

He next worked
in the criminal section

of the civil-rights division
at justice, where...

They let anyone
speak here.

You're staying, right?

sex trafficking--

I cut the speech
down to three hours.

Please welcome
David Haden.

This would be
my dream come true.

All right, go again.

Show me you will do
whatever it takes

- to get this part.
- Mm-hmm.

Oh, Jess,
we're running late.

Go home to Lily.

Oh, thank you,
Mr. Sandow.

This would be
my dream come true.

Yeah, uh, Eddie, let's try
a couple without the camera.

- Okay.
- All right, good.


- I'm going to let you hold this.
- Ooh.

It's my Documentas award.

1992, I won it for my
documentary Hard Labor.


Now, seduce the audience.

Let them know
you want this.

And action.

Sri Lanka,
in a heartbeat.

I would like
to visit Paris someday.

You haven't been?
Now, that's a crime.

to look forward to.

Hey, I live
a couple of blocks uptown.

Um, there's a bistro.
I'm a regular.

Usually eating by myself.

Oh, you're
one of those guys?

What was that
Stanley Elkin quote?

"The peculiar dignity
of men seen eating alone."

Anyway, dinner?

I'm actually still on duty.

And besides, I'm a cop.
You're a DA.

Isn't that a conflict
of interest waiting to happen?

Yeah, you're right.

I get it.

Good night.

Good night.

Hey, uh...

don't wait too long
to see Paris.



Are you okay?

What are you doing?


She was unconscious
when we found her.

Vomit on her clothes--
alcohol, probably drugs.

No purse, no wallet.

No stockings?
In this weather?

Shoes are
on the wrong feet.

You know what?

Go with,
call if she comes to.

And make sure they bag
that coat.

I told them.
You got to believe me.

I thought she was dead.

Excuse me?

She was lying there.
She wasn't moving.

I thought she was dead.

Let's go, creep boy.

Sync by Alex1969


He thought
she was dead?

Thirty years in,
that's a new one.

Name's Jose Silva, 20.

Four vics have already
picked him out--

ten more on their way.

Yeah, but the other women
were on subways, grind and go.

This is attempted rape.

He's escalating.

She was passed out--
easy target.

What's the status
of our Jane Doe?

She's still unconscious
at Mercy Hospital,

no match
with missing persons.

Benson, Amaro, see where
we are on the rape kit.

You two,
get Mr. Silva's confession.

Let's move this
off our plate.

Okay, we talked
to the DA.

Thinking somebody's dead
is not a defense for rape.

Oh, I'm no rapist.

Why not,
'cause you got caught?

You're still going down
for the attempt.

And the grinds.
We got DNA evidence

off nine of the other
women's clothes.

Okay, I'm not saying
I haven't done things.

I see a woman, she's wearing
something soft or furry.

I can't help myself.
But no rape.

Come on, this girl--

her underwear,
her stockings were gone.

You were that close.

I don't know nothing
about no panties.

Maybe someone else
messed her up, man.

I just like shearling.

Check her coat.

Your Jane Doe
had a rough night.

Prelim tox screen shows alcohol,
Benadryl, and Quaaludes.

That combo will knock
anyone on their ass.

Ludes--that's old school
for someone her age.

Any sign of sexual assault?

Gray pubic hairs
and semen on her breasts.

The suspect's 20.

And he claims he only
worked her coat.

Oh, just getting to that.
I found semen there too.

I did ABO typing
on both samples.

One's from a secretor.
One's not.


It's pre-DNA, Amaro.

She's saying
that there's two donors.

The grinder was just
an opportunist.

So whoever gave her
the Quaaludes

assaulted her first.

My name's Mallory Jenner.

Am I okay?

You may have been drugged.

You were drinking.
That was a bad combo.

We found you
in Central Park, Mallory.

You remember
how you got there?


Wh-what was I wearing?

A black skirt--it was short--

a white sweater
and short black boots.

Oh, my lucky
audition outfit.

I'm an actress.

Okay, uh...

an audition for a play,
a TV show?


Did something bad
happen to me?

A man in the park
was attacking you.

You were passed out.
You'd thrown up.

I kind of remember.

I threw up in a cab.

The guy made me get out.

He drove off with my purse.

What do you want from me?
This girl vomits all over.

So you just throw her
out your cab?

I had to clean up.

I do the right thing, told
the garage I had her purse.

Where'd you pick her up?

57th and 11th.

A young guy gave me 50
to take her home.

Bad deal for me.

Hey, she had
an audition yesterday--

The Showgirls Project,
Sandow Films.

Yeah, that's that
new reality show.

Singers will do whatever
it takes to get their big break.

Mr. Sandow, your 5:00.
She's a little early.


Lacey, hi!
Come on in.

Wow! You have
a lot of awards.

that's my Documentas...

for Hard Labor.


You want to hold it?
Go ahead.

- Jess, you can take off.
- Oh, thanks.

Um, Eddie.

Give us a few minutes without
the camera, all right?

Make yourself at home.
Go. Sit.

So how was she
after the audition?

I had already left.

The next morning Mr. Sandow
told me Mallory was sick.

We'll need to speak
to Mr. Sandow.


Jess, everybody all right?

It's about Mallory.

Eddie Sandow,
our associate producer.

I'm detective Benson.
This is detective Amaro.

You put Mallory
in a cab last night?

Uh, yes.

She was a mess.

She probably drank before
she came to the audition.

We're going to need to speak
with Mr. Sandow.

- Are you related to him?
- He's my dad.

And he's in an audition.
You can't go in there.

Do you hear someone
shouting for help?

You can't do that!

Stop! Police!
Step away from the girl.

I'm in the middle
of an audition!

Step away from the girl.

Dad, I told them
not to come in.

Hey, are you okay?

Did you want
this to happen?


I'm so dizzy.

Call an ambulance.

Fred Sandow,
you're under arrest.

- We were improvising!
- You can't do this!

- Don't you know who he is?
- Don't get hysterical.

Call Stanitch.
He'll know what to do.

All right, stop.
Hey, leave my dad alone!

- Hey.
- Get off! Get off!

That's enough!
Up against the wall!

Your dad is in trouble.

And so are you.
Let's go.

Reality TV
pushes the envelope.

Audiences expect
sexual titillation.

By which
you mean rape?

My client was rehearsing.

The other detective
jumped to conclusions.

She was physically helpless.

She was acting helpless.

She was in complete control
of herself, of me.

And how
about Mallory Jenner?

She couldn't even leave
your place standing up.

That young woman was drunk
when she arrived, detective.

But you didn't stop
the audition?

I'm a producer,
not a sober coach.

Right, so why not
offer more champagne?

My assistant offered
her one glass.

Mm, 'cause Mallory
had Quaaludes in her system.

Now, I'm thinking that the lab
is probably going to find traces

in that champagne glass.

Which could have been
put there by her.

Did she, by any chance,
go to the restroom with her bag?

Yes, actually, she did.

And when I realized she was
in no shape to continue,

I had my son
hail her a cab.

Your son?

You always have him
clean up your mess?

He's my producer.

And he knows
I didn't rape those girls.

Why would I have to?

They'd do anything
to get onstage.

My son's there
the whole time.

He's videotaping.

My assistant's there.

Listen, I'm a professional.

And I always have been.


Um, the counselor
from the hospital

said that--
that you refused the rape kit?

I was not raped.

Mr. Sandow
did not do anything.

When we came in,
your dress was open.

He was on top of you.

You saying you wanted
that to happen?

Lacey, Mr. Sandow
assaulted you.

He assaulted
another woman last night.

We need your help
to stop him.

If he goes to prison...

what happens to the show?

I really want this part.

He must've been on something.

I've never seen anyone
get sick like that before.


I asked if she wanted to go
to the hospital,

and she swore at me.

Now, were you ever alone
with Mallory?


Was your dad alone with her?

Yes, but just so
he could work with her.

It's reality TV,
but he takes it very seriously.

Look, people say bad things
about my dad,

but that's not who he is.

Okay, so why
don't you tell us who he is?

He's a famous filmmaker.

He won the Documentas in 1992.

That was a few years ago.

He gave up his career
to take care of me.

There's no money
in documentaries.

Hey, where's
your mother, Eddie?

She walked out on us,
with my sister, when I was ten.

That must have been
hard on you.

That bitch?
Better off without.

Is that what
your father told you?

You don't know anything
about my dad.

You know, he's awesome.

When I was 16,
I was a loser.

He bought me
my own apartment.

I'd have girls, parties,
anything I ever wanted.

See, my dad knows
how people are.

And how are they, Eddie?

Everybody always
wants something.

All these girls just want
my dad to make them a star.

They only care
about themselves.

No charges?

Mallory IDed the photo
of Sandow.

But she can't remember
what happened, and, uh...

Lacey Ford
says nothing happened.

That wasn't her story
at the scene.

- This was a good arrest.
- Right.

Which one of you
heard the screams

through the soundproof door?

All right, so, counselor,
you're saying

next time it's better
if we wait until after the rape

before we intervene?

If he hit on two girls
in two days,

there's got to be more.

We should go through
this creep's talent list.

Any chance the assistant
or the son will cooperate?

Oh, not the son--
idolizes the father.

He thinks Sandow's
father of the year

'cause he pimped girls for him.

All right, then talk
to the assistant

away from the office.

Well, this may help.

Lab just found traces
of Quaaludes

in one
of the champagne glasses.

Now, that will get us
a search warrant.

Unless you'd rather
bust in again without one.

That's a lot of hardware
for a singing competition.

Want to bet
he doesn't have a permit?

It's too bad.
Sandow did have a legit career.

Well, his last movie
was 20 years ago.

He's living off fumes
of former glory.

Happens to the best of us,
my friend.


erection meds.

Let me guess--
Sandow needed a little help

with his artistic process.

Mr. Sandow's a good boss.

He pays me well,
covers my daughter's school.

This is a nice crib.
He pay your rent too?


This is his son's apartment.

You live with Eddie?

He's your boyfriend?

How long you two
been together?

A year.

He treats my daughter
like his own.

He's in the park
with Lily now.


I mean, you got a nice life
here, you and your daughter.

I know you don't want
to mess that,

but I got to level
with you.

You're in trouble.

I don't understand.

Your boss is being prosecuted
for sexual assault.

We have his DNA.

We found traces of Quaaludes
on a champagne glass--

champagne that you poured.

I didn't put that
in there.

That's not going
to really matter to the DA.

You're an accomplice.
They're going to come here.

They're going
to take your daughter,

take her off
to some foster care.

I know you don't want that.

No. Please.

Tell us about Mallory.

I'd gone home.

Whenever he books
a 5:00 p.m. audition,

I just have to stay and greet,
and then he lets me go.

Okay, we're going to need
a list of all his five o'clocks.

Eddie's going to be upset.

He doesn't have to know.

If your boss
is a good guy,

we won't find anything.

No, you--

you will.

The next morning,
after Mr. Sandow said

Mallory went home sick,
I came in early

to straighten up
the office.

I found these
under the couch cushions.

Her underwear
and stockings.

And I'll text you
those names.

So you're saying
you're not ticklish, right?

Come on,
you don't know anything?

You expect us
to believe that?

No, I swear.

What's going on here, Jess?

The detectives
were just leaving.

All right, give us a call
if you change your mind.

Mommy, mommy...

- we had fun.
- Good.

What were they
asking about?

I told them they were crazy.

You sound cranky.

You must be hungry.

How about pizza rolls
for dinner, hmm?


People on bail?

Remand. Mr. Sandow is facing
multiple felony charges

and has means to flee.

Mr. Sandow has
no criminal record

and is the custodial parent
of a teenage son.

Who doesn't live at home.

Your honor, Sandow
is a long-term serial predator.

All right, Mr. Cutter,
bail is denied.

Defendant remanded
to Rikers.

Dad, dad,
I'll get you out.

After all
I've done for you,

you and your girlfriend
turn against me.


No, I'd never--


Somebody talked
to those cops.

You tricked Jess!
You turned her against us.

All right, Eddie,
I need you to calm down, okay?

- Take it easy.
- Get off me.

My dad didn't do anything.

Nick, Nick,
I'll handle this.

Eddie, I understand
that you're upset, okay?

God, these girls--
you can't trust them.

My dad says
this is a shakedown.

He's old.
He shouldn't be in jail.

Eddie, your father
can take care of himself.

It's you
that I'm worried about.

Now, do you have
somebody to talk to?

Because this is a lot--

- This is all your fault!
- Hey, all right, that's enough.

Come on,
let's take a walk.

If anything happens
to my dad,

I swear to God
you'll be sorry.

Go get some air.


Hi, mommy.

Eddie, please.

You said you didn't tell
the police anything, Jess.

You lied to me.

- One of you Benson?
- Yes, chief.

Benson, Amaro,
chief Duggan.

This is sergeant Mullen,

The gunman
asked for you.

- Eddie Sandow?
- How well do you know this guy?

He's angry.

We arrested Eddie's father
on sexual assault.

The kid
was pretty wound up.

- What are we looking at?
- Not sure.

We're setting up
a pole cam.

The boy upstairs knocks
on the door this morning.

- He and the daughter--
- Lily, she's eight.

They walk to school

Instead, your guy opens
the door holding a gun on Lily,

says she's not
going today.

Well, what
about the girl's mother?

We don't know.
Sandow won't talk.

Slid a piece of paper
under the door with your name.

is he setting you up?

I hope not.

Lead the way.

Eddie, I brought
detective Benson.

it's detective Benson.

Everybody okay in there?


No, we're not all right.

- Is somebody hurt?
- You don't care.

You're all out to get me.

Eddie, you know
that's not true.

We want everyone to be okay.

Even my dad?

'Cause he's in Rikers
'cause of you.

Eddie, we can talk
about that,

but first I need to know
that everyone's all right.


Are Jess and Lil
with you?

Can you tell me
where they are?

Yeah. Yeah, yeah,
they're right here.

Okay, great.

- Can they say something?
- What, you don't believe me?

I do, Eddie.
I do.

But the other people here--
they need to know

that Jess and Lily are okay.

Jess, say you're okay.

I'm here.

I'm fine.


Can Lily say something?

Go ahead, Lily.
Say something.

I'm hungry.

Good, good.
That's good.

- Good job, Lily.
- Eddie, this is great.

This means
that this can all work out.

Yeah, it can.

If you just
let my dad go.

We can talk about that,
Eddie, but--

but I'm just a detective.

It's not my call.

Then get a DA here.

Eddie, why don't
you let Lily go,

and then we'll talk
to a DA?

Oh, sure, hey...

yeah, sounds good.
I'll tell you what--

why don't I give you my gun
and come out with my hands up

and a target
on my forehead!

Eddie, listen to me.
I'm sorry. I get it. I get it.

You want me
to let Lily go, huh?

I want to know
how my dad is.

Bring him here.

I'll see what I can do.

Just get him here!
I'm done talking.

The father's at Rikers.
It's bad precedent.

That kid is 19 years old,
going on 10.

He has no impulse control.

His father
is his whole world.

And you want
to drop him into this?

You got a better idea?

Eddie already feels that
his girlfriend betrayed him.

If we jerk him around...
he's going to turn on me too.

You want me
to talk Eddie off the ledge?

What are you
going to do for me?

Are you serious?

At the end of the day,
honey, everything has a price.

You're in a bad situation.

You don't want to lose
that little girl.

This is your son
we're talking about.

His blood is on your hands,
not mine.

When we searched your place,
we found plenty of hardware.

So I'm betting that the gun
that he's using is yours.

I don't know
about any guns.

You want my help,
you pay my price--

all charges dropped,
full immunity,

and a public apology.

We couldn't do that
if we wanted to.

You made these charges up.
You can make them disappear.

Okay, one step at a time.

You come with us.
You talk your son.

And we'll talk
to the DA.

Other way around.

When my lawyer signs off,
then I'll help you.

Oh, and about Eddie,
I wouldn't wait too long.

Poor kid--
he's got blood-sugar problems.

His moods
can really swing.

Is my dad here?

We're working on that.

Just get him here!

What's going on?

The father's not coming.

No, no, no, no, no.

No, no, no.
Let me talk to your boss.

It's not him.

Sandow won't cooperate
unless we drop the charges.

He doesn't care
about his son?

Do we know who else
is in Eddie's life?

Yeah, Fin and Rollins
are trying to get

in contact with the mother
and sister in Canada.

The mother's not going
to be any help--he hates her.

So now I have to go in there

and tell him
that his father's not showing?

Tell him
we're working on it.

You tell him the truth,
he could lose it.

And if he senses
that I'm lying, it's over.


If he asks me,
I'm telling him the truth.

Detective Benson?

I'm right here, Eddie.

I'm right here.

- I thought you'd left.
- No, no, no.

I'm just right here,

They got guys on the roofs...

- with rifles pointed at me.
- I know.

Let me see if I can do something
about that, okay?

Where's my dad?
Is he here yet?

We're working on it, Eddie.

Where is he?
Is he all right?

Where is he?


Eddie, your father's
not coming.

But you said
you'd get him here.

And I tried,
but he, uh...

he didn't think
it was a very good idea.

So you lied to me?

No, no, I did not.

Eddie, wait.
Wait, please, listen to me.

Listen to me.

If anything happens
to my dad,

I swear to God,
I'll shoot all of us.

Let me know if you have
a clear sight.

Listen to me.
Please, stop.

We don't have to do it
like this.

Step aside, detective.
We'll take it from here.

You don't have to shoot him.
Will you just give me--

That is enough, detective.

- Somebody get her out of here.
- Come on.

The snipers--Eddie sees them.
He wants them to pull back.

We let you play social worker.
Now let us do our job.

Excuse me?

Detective Benson has a
relationship with Eddie Sandow--

We gave you your chance,
all right?

We can't risk the hostages.

Chief, how we doing?

It is what it is--punk wants
a deal for the father.

- Cragen.
- Can't do that.

If we need your help,
counselor, I'll let you know.

Fin and Rollins talked
to the mother and sister.

They're flying down.

That's only going
to add fuel to the fire.

Do we have an ETA
on the family?

They're going
to blow this.

Look, I know you think
you have a connection this kid,

but the chief doesn't see Eddie
as a special victim.

You too?


Eddie is a scared boy,
and these guys--

they'd be happy to carry him out
in a body bag.

Better him than you.

Will you let me go in there
and try to get him to eat?

The mother and sister
are almost here.

Who he hasn't spoken with
in three years.

Look, I know
it's a hail Mary,

but we're running
out of options.

My son--
I want to talk to him.

Mom, just slow down,

This is all
your father's fault.

All right, so this is
Eddie's mother and his sister.

I'll let your son know
you're here.

Is he okay?

And, uh, the mother
did not stop talking

the entire ride in,
but I got a feeling

the sister's got
a little something to say.


Can I ask you
to step over here?

Are you the one
who arrested my father?

I am.

You did the right thing.

My brother...

it's not his fault.

All those years alone
with my dad...

it's because of me.


I got your family here.


Is my dad here?

Still working that.

Your mom's here.

I don't have a mother.
What are you, an idiot?

My mom's dead to me.

Okay, come on.
Here we go.

Where you going?

Eddie, Lily
has to go pee.

No, no, no.
Sit back down.

I'm just taking her
to the bathroom.

is everyone okay?

- Stay where you are, Jess.
- You stop it.

I don't want to do this anymore.
Just stop.

- Sit back down, Jess!
- No!

- Give her back to me!
- No!

What's going on?

Give her back!
Get back! Stay back!

Threw me in that--

Oh, my God,
they shot my baby!

No! No!

All right, take the door down.

Hold on. Wait. Wait.

- Detective, stand back.
- No.

Don't do this.

What do we got
on the pole cam?

He hasn't moved.

Still has the gun
on the girl's head.

Let me talk to him.

You bust in there right now,
he'll kill the girl.


Okay, but one raised voice,
we're coming in.


it's detective Benson.

I'm sorry I couldn't talk
before, but--but I'm here now.

Can you tell me
what's going on?

There's a lot of blood.


Can you tell me
who got hurt?


She just wouldn't stop,
you know.

She wouldn't shut up.
I didn't mean to--

I know, Eddie.
I know.

But we can't leave a wounded
person in there, all right?

So we have to come in, okay?

Will you let me help you?


we need to come in
and help Jess, okay?

- I don't want anyone in here.
- I understand that.

I know you don't,

and I know that
you're scared right now.

But it's going to be okay
if you trust me.

Can you do that for me?


Just let me come in there
and help Jess, all right?

Please, Eddie.

- Just you, by yourself.
- Okay. Okay.

- You sure?
- I'm sure.

Open the door,
okay, Eddie?

I have the gun pointed
right at Lily.

- If this is a trick--
- It's not a trick.

It's not a trick.

It's okay, Eddie.
It's okay.

See, there's no gun.

I'm going to go to Jess now,
all right?


You're okay.

You're going
to be okay, all right?

Hang in there.
You're going to be okay.

You're going to be fine.

This is going to be
a little tight, all right?


You're going
to be all right.

Eddie, I'm going
to call outside,

and I'm gonna tell them
to come in and take Jess out--

No, no, no, no, no.
You can't do that.

Eddie, come on,
we can't just leave her here.

Listen to me.

You can put
the gun on me, okay?

I'm going to have
my partner come in here.

He's not going
to let me get shot.

It's going to be okay,
I promise.

Eddie, put the gun on me.

And let Lily go sit down.


There we go.



- Yeah, I'm right here.
- It's all good in here.

Eddie said that it's okay
for you to come in

and take Jess out,
all right?

All right, it's just me.

I'll shoot her,
I swear to God!

I'm unarmed.


I'm going
to open the door.

- You all right?
- We're all good.

- Yeah?
- Jess is over there.

She's going to be fine.

Hey, Jess.

Hey, Jess, we're going
get you some help, all right?

You did
the right thing, Eddie.

This might hurt
a little, okay?

Here we go.

- Lily, Lily.
- Mommy.

Don't move!
Don't move!

- Lily! Lily! Lily, don't move!
- Lily, come here, sweetheart.

Shh. Just sit down.
I want you to stay with me.

Your mommy's
going to be okay.

Here, sweetie, I want you
to have a seat right there.

Just go.

He's coming out.

All right, Jess,
gonna get you some help.

How's Liv holding up?

He's got a gun
pointed at her.

Well, can't they get him
through the window?

You do not take
that chance.

Eddie, how about we let
my partner come in here,

and we're gonna let Lily go.

No, she's my girl.


I can't believe
that my mom came here.

You know, she used to be
a beauty queen.

I bet she heard
there were cameras here.

Well, I think
that she cares about you.

She left me.

What kind of mother
does that?

I know that
she didn't want to.

Don't mother me, okay?
I had a mother.

She's a liar.


Well, your sister
cares about you.

She told me
that she wrote to you

and she facebooked you,
but you didn't respond.

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
She missed me so much.

She could have visited.
She never came back.

She couldn't.

Your father told her
that if she tried to visit you,

that he would cut them off.

And you.

I don't believe you.
Why would he say that?


he didn't want her
to tell you the truth.

What truth?

The truth
about why they left.


do you remember how old

your sister was
when they left?


That's right.

She was just starting
to grow up.

She was becoming a woman.

Your dad--he, uh...

he noticed that.

Your sister told me
about the game

that your father used
to play with you, uh,

- "Monster Under the Covers."
- Yeah.

I know it, okay?

We stopped playing that game
when I was, like, eight.

Yeah, he stopped
playing that with you.

But he was still playing
that with your sister

when she was 15.

So your mother had to get her

away from him.

Your mother
had to protect Alicia.

She couldn't save
both of you, Eddie.



your mother loves you.

And your sister
loves you.

Your sister was outside.
She was crying...

and saying,
"He's my little brother.

"I didn't want
to leave him behind...

with him."

Did you try
to get him here?

I did.

What did he say?

He was more concerned
about himself

than he was with you.

Do you really believe
that he could do these things,

that--that he's a bad person?

I've seen that people
have two sides.

Is something wrong with him?

I think so.



but I'm his son.

But that doesn't mean
that you're anything like him.


No, I shot Jess.

I held a gun
to Lily's head.

There's something wrong
with me too.

You can make
this right, Eddie.

You can let Lily go.

Eddie, let's let
Lily go right now.

Close the door.

All right, sweetheart,
you're all right now.

- I got her.
- You're safe.

It's okay.
You're going to be all right.

You made
the right choice, Eddie.

- It doesn't matter.
- Yes, it does matter.

Jess is going to be okay,
Lily too, Eddie.

You and me--

we can walk out
that door right now.


I'm just like him.
I'm a monster.

- Eddie, that's not true.
- You'll say anything now.

No, I won't.

You're not a monster, Eddie.
You have to listen to me.


put the gun down.

- You're right.
- Eddie.

- Let them do it.
- What?

- No.
- I got a shot.

No, Eddie, don't do this!

Hold your fire!
Hold your fire!

Why do you care?

Because I know
what you're feeling.

No, you don't.

Yes, Eddie, I do.

My father did
terrible things to women.

To my own mother.

You're making this up.


you have a choice.

I'm nothing
like my father.

You don't have to be
like yours.

I want you
to give me the gun.

Give me the gun.

Come on, come on.

Coming out!

I have his weapon!

He's unarmed.

Put your weapons down.

- Take him.
- Hey!

It's over!

Watch your head.

- How's Jess?
- She's going to make it.

And the little girl?

She's shaken, but okay.

Her aunt came in from Ohio.

Nice job, detective.

Thank you.

They had a clear shot.

You stepped
into the line of fire.

He didn't have to die.

He didn't,
thanks to you.

They say, uh,
you got through to the kid.

What'd you tell him?

The truth.

Let me get you
out of here.

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