Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 13, Episode 14 - Home Invasions - full transcript

After a couple is murdered in their home and their daughter is critically injured, SVU uncovers a number of twisted family secrets, as well as detective Rollins' gambling addiction.

In the criminal justice system,

sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members
of an elite squad

known as the
Special Victims Unit.

These are
their stories.

Damn it.

What do you expect?
He's been money all night.

- Game is over. I have to study.
- Sit down.

I bet you
they come back.

I don't wanna bet.

I said sit down.
You're my lucky charm.

Joan, will you get that?
That's the Chinese.

- There's, like...
- Two minutes left in the game.

I know.

All right,
Chinese or Italian?

I'll let you figure it out.

Hey, guys, hold off
on your dinner break.

We got a shooting
in Yorkville.

Two fatalities confirmed.

And that's
SVU because...

Well, the shooting took place
at the home of Joan Eckhouse,

chief counsel for the New York
Gay Rights Coalition.

I'll have Liv and Fin
meet you there.

Messy crime scene.
What the hell happened?

Delivery guy
found them.

No forced entry,
no sign of robbery.

You walked in
past the wife, Joan.

She opened the door
on the shooter.

Now he does her,
then before they can react,

he moves to the husband
and daughter on the couch.

This is the husband,
Sidney Eckhouse.

What about
the daughter?

Emmy. 14.

In surgery at St. Michael's.
Bullet in her head.

Found this
in the wall.

We're looking
for the others.

EMS made a mess
of the scene.

Good luck trying
to reconstruct what went down.

Full metal jacket?

It's a Winchester 357 sig.
It's one way to send a message.

I've seen my share
of hate crimes, but, uh...

execution of
a whole family?

That's, uh... extreme.


I heard the sirens,
is everyone okay?

- No one will tell me anything.
- And who are you, son?

- I'm rob, Emmy's boyfriend.
- I'm Rob's father.

- Mr...
- Fisher.

What happened?
Is Emmy all right?

- Where is she?
- She's at the hospital.

Oh, my God.

You happy now, dad?
This is all your fault.

Sync by Alex1969

Emmy was supposed to
come over tonight to study

but my dad
made me cancel.

If he hadn't
grounded me,

she wouldn't have been shot.
I know it.

Did she come over
a lot of nights?

- To... study?
- All the time.

My dad thought Emmy
was distracting me.

That's my dad, always trying
to teach me a lesson.

How long have you two
been together?

Eight months.

We connected
right away.

But your dad didn't think
it was a good idea

for you two to be
in a relationship?

I told him we weren't
sleeping together.

Even got Emmy to take
the abstinence pledge.

He just couldn't
let it go.

How well do you know
the Eckhouses?

I knew
Sidney better.

I mean, Joan was
always working.

You know, she was
a real crusader,

you know,
with her gay thing.

- What about their marriage?
- Who knows?

I saw him with
his daughter mostly.

How did he feel about
her relationship with your son?

We were on
the same page.

Look, they're kids.

I mean, it's just
too intense.

We'd email about curfews,
ground rules.

Well, he seemed pretty upset
by those rules.

That's part
of being a dad.

I mean, I even had
to lock him in tonight

when I went
to walk the dog.

How about
other nights?

Did you notice anyone
watching the house,

or a car
parked outside?

I mean, there was a squad car
parked outside their house

about a month ago
for at least an hour.

Sidney say anything
about that?

Aw, I didn't ask.

I mean, whatever it was,
it wasn't my business.

Joan and I worked
on the gay marriage bill.

There were threats...

hate mail.

You keep record
of the threats?

Of course.
I'll give you everything.

You have to find
the sons of bitches

that did this to her.

You know...

the last few weeks,
she was really spooked.

She mention
anything specific?

She was getting calls
late at night. Hang-ups.

And a few times,
she thought

there was a car
following her and Emmy.

Is that why the police
were there a month ago?

Joan didn't tell me
about that.

- She would've told me.
- You know...

looking at these photos
and the press,

seems like you're
the public face

of the organization.

Yeah, I mean, Joan was more
behind the scenes,

but we were a team.

So why do you think
they targeted her

instead of you?

It may have been
to get to me.

Oh, you guys are gonna
find out about this anyway,

but Joan and I
were involved.


Can you think of anybody
that may have been jealous

of your relationship?


She was my life.

We were just waiting for Emmy
to get a little older.

Joan was gonna leave Sidney
and we were gonna get married.

Terrible way
to start off the year.

There go my stats.

Let's just
get this done.

I know SVU's got the lead
on this case,

but we'll
hold up our end.

So we'd like to talk
to Martinez and Parker.

What do you want
with them?

They responded
to a call

at the Eckhouse residence
about a month ago.

Like I said,
I wanna help,

but those two guys,
they're not on the job anymore.

Both of them?

They were moonlighting
for a bookie.

I can't have that.

Their stuff's over there.

They didn't even
come back for it.

Help yourself.

Any update on
the girl's condition?

Well, the bullet
has been removed.

She's out of surgery,
in a drug-induced coma,

but they're not gonna know
how she really is

until the swelling
goes down.

Okay, what about
the boyfriend and his dad?

How bad was the blood
between these two families?

These two kids were
in love with each other.

The fathers thought
it was a bad idea.

The emails confirm.

Okay, and the coalition
threat list?

Uh, anonymous hate mail,
phone calls, I mean...

That's a big leap between that
and executing a family.

Well, Joan told
her partner

she thought someone
was stalking her.

Okay, any chance
it could've been somebody

jealous about
the affair?

No, they were
pretty discreet.

So check this out.

These are notes
from the officer

responding to
the Eckhouse residence.

So it was a domestic
employee incident,

and their housekeeper,
Carmen Vasquez,

she claimed that Sidney
had assaulted her.

And he told the officer that
she had been stealing jewelry.

So the housekeeper
gets in a fight with Sidney,

waits a month, comes back,
and caps everyone in the house?

Just not sure
that tracks for me.

Well, this might help.

Carmen has a brother
named Jimmy.

Got out of Greenhaven
six months ago.

Did four years for armed
robbery and assault.

His last known address
is 111th Street.

All right, Fin, Rollins,
go back to the Eckhouses'.

Do an inventory
of their valuables,

things the maid could've tipped
her brother off about.

You two, see what
the Vasquez family has to say.

How is Emmy?
We've been praying for her.

She's like
a daughter to me.

How long did you work
for the Eckhouses?

I took care of that girl
since she was two months old.

We gotta
pull her through.

And when did you stop
working for them?

About a month ago.

She had
school activities,

- I needed more hours.
- Your leaving...

had nothing to do
with the police coming

to the Eckhouses' home?

I never stole
any jewelry.

I would never.


Well, nobody said
that you did.

Sidney did.
But he was lying.

Joan had a benefit.

She couldn't find
her diamond earrings.

14 years,
I work for them.

He gets in trouble,
and he blames me.

And that cop
took his side.

- Told me to keep my mouth shut.
- Slow down, Carmen.

What kind of trouble?

He pawned
those earrings himself.

He was a gambler,
he owed big.

He had already sold off
his autographed baseballs,

- his watch--
- And Joan didn't know?

They lived together,
but they lived apart.

Well, I'm sorry, Carmen,
but we have to ask you.

Where were you
on Friday night?

- Bible study.
- Y tu hermano?

Jimmy? Where was he?

He was leading
the session.

I know he's an ex-con,

but he had nothing
to do with this.

Jimmy turned himself
around inside.

Found God.

For in my darkest hour,
Jesus came to me.

And he said,
"my son,

I can heal you if you
let me live in your heart."

It's that simple,
ladies and gentlemen.

And I felt a power
I'd never felt before.


Because I was
no longer alone.

Emmy's not alone either.
Jesus is with her.

And if we pray hard enough
and sincerely enough,

from the bottom
of our hearts,

his grace, his glory
will heal her too.

Everything is possible
for those who believe.

I understand why you're here,
you know, and uh--

and I'm glad somebody's
fighting for Emmy.

Okay, that girl's an angel.
So ask anything.

How about an easy one?
Where were you Friday night?

I was right here.
Friday night Bible study.

Isaiah 42:7:
"To open blind eyes."

"To release the prisoners
from the prison."

Can anyone besides your sister
confirm you were here?

About six members
of my congregation.

And, yes, some of them
have records too,

but we're trying to say
on the righteous path.

Glad to hear that,

but we'll need names.

Of course, anything.
I mean, that girl?

That's my angel
right there.

- Hey, when did you meet her?
- Meet her?

I've known her
since she was a little kid.

I mean, I taught her how
to ride a bike.

So you were close
with the family

before your arrest?

And after.

You know, people desert you
when you go upstate.

But Emmy wrote me.

She even came up with Carmen
on the bus to visit.

She ever tell you
about her home life?

Oh, you mean
her father?

That man wasn't right.

He'd even have that girl
place book for him.

She told me,
when he'd get too drunk,

he'd send her down the street
to the bar to place his bets.

Whatever happened
to the NYPD?

Did all the
white guys retire?

Don't get me wrong,
I'm all for affirmative action.

We're here to talk about one
of your former clients,

Sidney Eckhouse.

Here's what
I got for you.

You serious?
I got a four-year-old

knows better
than that.

You have any more
questions here, gentlemen?

Emmy Eckhouse, been seen
repeatedly in this bar.

We figure she
was either placing bets

or drinking underage.

Now the question is, which one
you are going down for.

We'll let you
pick it on the way.

Come on.

Seems like serving minors
in your bar

is just the tip
of the iceberg.

Felonious assault, 6/09.
Broke a man's legs and arms

with a baseball bat.
Cracked his skull.

April '05, you placed
a man's open mouth

on the edge of a curb
outside the Blarney Stone Pub,

then stomped on the back
of his head.

They needed wires and steel rods
to put his face back together.

- That was attempted murder.
- Goes on for two pages.

It's dangerous
owing you money, huh?

These are very
good stories.

But you know
what else is good?

- Mm?
- Twilight.

They say it's
just for tweens,

but I do love
those vampires.

Anyone can make charges.
Mr. Murphy has no convictions.

Two parents are dead,

and a 14-year-old girl
is fighting for her life.

So nobody's gonna wriggle
out of this one.

That's horrible.

If my client
did have anything to do

with the prior assaults
you mentioned,

it's worth noting
there was no gun involved,

and every
victim survived.

This would serve
an alleged bookie

no purpose, as dead men
pay no debts.

Six for six.

His entire Bible study class
swears Jimmy Vasquez

was holding their hand
all Friday night.

What about
the missing jewelry?

We traced it all
to a pawn shop

in the lower
east side.

Tickets were
in Sidney's name.

Well, let's hope Benson
and Amaro are onto something.

What about
the boyfriend's dad?

No, I went
to the dog park.

He was there
on Friday, so I--

That smile,
what was that?

You jealous?


Oh! Oh!

Detective Rollins,
this is officer Parker.

Thought you two might
have something in common.

Get up.

Oh, God! Oh...

You're in deep
to the wrong guys, sweetheart.

I hope you're not dumb enough
to talk to your captain.

If you do...

you won't
see us coming.

You'll just be gone.


Good girl.


Thanks for coming
to meet me.

It's all good.
What's up?

I have a problem.

That guy Murphy,


Back home, I was
in football pools,

I bet NCAA tournaments,
the derby, big stuff.

I liked the action,
but it wasn't serious.

But since I got
to New York...

it's out of control.

How deep you in?

20 k.

Plus the juice
every week?

Yeah, I was down 50
at one point.

Did he always
know you were a cop?


I told him
I was a bartender.

I checked him out, I wanted
to know who I was dealing with.

I made my pay-off
at his bar.

I waited, and I followed
Murphy when he left.

Where'd he go?

To a social club
in Hell's Kitchen.

A bookie joint.

And I did some digging around
on Murphy's known associates.

His boss's name
is McCourt.

Scary guy.

Tonight, Murphy...

knocked me around,
he threatened me.

He had that guy Parker
with him for backup.

- He hit you?
- Yeah.

Are you okay?

- You sure?
- Yeah.

Anything else you wanna know
about your new partner?

Okay, this is the deal.

We take these creeps
off the street,

and let them know exactly
who the hell we are.

Then you're gonna have
to come clean to the captain.

NYPD, hands up.

Grab some wall.

Grab some wall.

Keep your hands up,
let me see them.

Anyone scratches his nose,
I shoot.

Hey, Parker.


Old time's sake?
The academy?

I remember
taking the oath.

Do you?

Hey, Murphy.

You know what
that's for, right?


But you tell your girlfriend
she's going to be sorry.

Threatening a detective,

Why don't we just add that

to the rest
of your charges.

She's a degenerate.

You think busting me
is going to stop her?

You're wrong.
Your girl's sick.

Need to learn
some respect.

Hey, Fin.


Before you compound
your mistake,

open the side drawer
to my desk.

Go ahead, open it.
I wanna end this.

Trying to bribe us?

I got enough deadbeat cops
on my payroll.

You see that stack
of envelopes?

Find the one marked "Crosby,"
that was Sidney's code name.

Like Sidney Crosby,
Pittsburg Penguins.

- Get it?
- Yeah.

Open it.

That's Sidney's.
Night he died,

his team made a miracle
comeback in overtime.

And you're mad
'cause he won.

Not really.

If he won, he was just
gonna lose it back to me again.

Sidney was a gift
that just kept on giving.

Why would I want
to kill him?

So these guys
didn't kill them.

We're back to zero.

Well, it still doesn't change
what you have to do.



I'm on my way.

That was the hospital.
Emmy's out of the coma.

Girl pulled through
all right?

She's awake,
that's all I know.

I'm meeting Benson
and Amaro there now.

The bullet went through
Emmy's skull.

Penetrated the right
frontal lobe,

but missed her interior
cerebral artery

by a few millimeters.

All brain function
seems intact,

her vitals signs
are coming back to normal.

She's a very
lucky girl.

How's her memory?

She can speak,
knows who she is,

seems aware
of her surroundings.

Beyond that,
I can't tell you.

Has anyone else
been in to see her?

Besides the staff, no.

What about
her boyfriend?

He's barely left
the waiting room

the past few days,
but we haven't let him in yet.

Ready, detectives?

Hi, Emmy.
I'm detective Benson,

this is my partner,
detective Amaro.


I'll be right outside.

We're investigating
what happened to you.

How are you feeling?


Like--like I was
in a bad dream.


Where's my
mom and dad?

You know, first,
I, uh... wanted to ask you

if you can tell us what the last
thing is that you remember.

I-I remember
feeling angry.

I was supposed to go
to Rob's house, but...

I couldn't.

His father said no.

What else
do you remember?

My dad and I were watching
basketball on TV.

What else, Emmy?

I don't remember
anything else.

Where are my parents?

Are they dead?


They are, Emmy.

I'm so sorry.

Oh, my God.

Who did this?


We're trying
to figure that out.

Where's Rob?

Does he know what happened?
He'd be here.

- He is here.
- I wanna see him, please.

- I'll get Rob.
- Please.

I want Rob. Rob!

Rob, Rob...

This kid's
been though hell,

and it's not gonna
get any easier.

Hey, doc,
you have a second?

I saw you have her
on antivirals?

Can I ask why?

Look, this may be pertinent
to our investigation.

The surgery triggered
a herpes outbreak.

A nurse noticed it when they
were changing her catheter.

Genital herpes?

Simplex two.

Not that unusual in a
sexually-active 14-year-old.

I should get
back in there.

So she
was having sex.

Emmy's boyfriend
told us that...

they took a vow
of celibacy.

No, that's impossible.

My son and Emmy
weren't having sex.

Plus, I mean,
he doesn't have herpes.

Has he been tested?

Well, no, but he just
had a check-up.

And I'll be happy to volunteer
for anything you want, but...

I mean, he's 14 years old.
He still has his pokemon cards.

Do you know if Emmy
had any other boyfriends?

Well, you'll have
to ask her that.

She told Rob that he was
the first boy she ever kissed.

But you don't
believe that.

Emmy came on a little strong
to my son, moving too fast.

And you saw this

There was something
very needy about that girl.

The way she clung to my son

like a... barnacle.

But I didn't know
what her problem was.

Absentee mother,
adolescent girl left alone

in the house
with her father.

Who has
a drinking problem.

Says she's a virgin,

but somehow contracted
genital herpes?

Wouldn't be the first time
we tested a corpse for STDs.

Captain, a word?

Um... so I've been waiting
for the right time

to, uh--to talk.

Your bookie Murphy
ratted you out.

He thought having some dirt
on a detective

might help his case.

I already called IAB,
'cause I don't want Murphy

having any
leverage here.

They're going
to interview you.

Anything else I need
to know before they do?

Murphy ever ask you
to run a plate,

- check somebody out?
- I gambled,

and I--and I lost,
that's it.

Yeah? Well, then,
you're lucky.

Because eventually,
he would have,

and if you were
desperate enough...

You understand...

I really should take your gun
and shield right now.

- Yeah...
- But I'm gonna go to bat

for you with IAB, if this
really is the extent of it.

Captain, it is.
I swear.

Then you'll get
a command discipline,

and I'm gonna take
ten vacation days,

but, uh, free time
isn't really your friend, is it?

I think that's
part of the problem.


I get it.

I been exactly
where you are,

I know how this job
can weigh on you.

What do you mean?

I used to drink.

And I mean drink.

Soon as I got off duty,
I was in the bar pounding.

And then I started
having a few on the job.

You know,
just to get through.

I thought
nobody noticed.

My captain could've
canned my ass.


But he got me
help instead.


You're a good
detective, Amanda.

I don't wanna
end your career.

I don't want
that either.

So I'm gonna
get you help.

But you screw up again,
you're gone.

- Okay.
- Yeah.


We good?

We can come back.

No, what do you got?

Lab report on Sidney
Eckhouse's tissue samples

from the autopsy.

Father and daughter
tested positive

for the same strain
of herpes.

Every unhappy family
is unhappy in its own way.

Find out
who else knew.

I'm glad to see you
on your feet.

I'm feeling better.

Why are you here?

Did you find out
who killed my parents?

Actually, Emmy,
we need to talk.

Excuse me.


Emmy, we know what was going on
between you and your father.


No--no--no, I mean...
no, he wasn't the best dad

in the world, he--
he had his problems, but--

Emmy, stop, stop.

It's okay.

You don't have
to cover for him anymore.

Now whatever happened,
it's not your fault.

When did it start?

Last February.

We went skiing
in Vermont.

My mom had
to leave early.

Just the two of us
in the cabin the first night.

He'd been drinking.

Is that the only time
that it happened?


No, it wasn't.

He drank a lot.

Look, what does
it matter, anyway?

He's dead.

Emmy, did you ever tell
anybody about what was going on?

And your boyfriend, Rob,
does he know?

I handled
it myself, okay?

Can you stop now?

You're 14, Emmy.

You shouldn't have
to go through this alone.

There's people
that you can talk to

- that will help you.
- You wanna help me?

Make sure Rob
never finds out.

I don't ever want Rob to know.
He'd be disgusted.

Please don't tell him.


So she said
Rob didn't know,

but she could
be covering for him.

Okay, so he shoots the father
to stop the incest. Okay.

But why shoot Emmy?
We need to recheck forensics.

Emmy's dad?

He was trying
to rule her whole life.

- Kind of like my dad.
- Don't be smart.

Look, my son has told you
everything he knows, detectives.

What else did
she tell you, Rob?


He was a jerk, you know?
He drank all day,

watched his games.

His life was
really messed up,

so he took it out on her.
On us.

And what about when
they were alone together,

did she talk
about that?

No, he was depressing.

Look, you mind telling me
what this is all about?

Keep going, Rob.

What do you
mean "depressing"?

Uh, after they fired
the housekeeper Carmen,

she spent all
of her time over here.

She was close
to Carmen?

Yeah, really close.

I think she was more
of a mother to her

than her own mother was.

She'd--she'd sneak out
and visit her,

beg her to come back
and work for them.

She couldn't stand
being alone with her father.

Emmy told us
about her father, Carmen.

We know how close
you two are.

And we know
that she told you.

He was a sick man.

He brought evil
all around the house,

and look what happened
because of it.

Carmen, you love Emmy.
And if you could do anything

to protect her,
you would, wouldn't you?

That's right.

So that's how you know
I had nothing to do

with her getting shot.

Carmen told you
about what was going on

in that house,
didn't she?

But you're
a man of God.

I can't believe you'd know
and wouldn't help.

What you believe
doesn't matter.

The forensics report
came in.

Both Sidney
and Emmy's DNA

were on the bullet
removed from Emmy's skull.

Which is probably
why she survived.

By the time the bullet
went through Sidney

and hit her, it didn't
have much residual energy.

So she was never
the target.

That's got to be weighing
on our preacher.

Sorry about
that interruption.

That was our captain.

He gave us
some bad news, Jimmy.

Emmy didn't make it.


That's not possible.

Well, she had
a post-op seizure.

She's gone.

I'm sorry.

Can't be.

That can't be part
of his plan.

DNA results came back,

It's gonna eat away
at you, Jimmy.

You wanna lie
to the police,

it's okay.

But God knows the truth.
Dios se todo.

And Emmy's looking down
on you right now.

She knows too.

You want God
to forgive you?

Then you've got
to forgive yourself first.

Look, you're
a preacher, right?

You know the answer.

You know the answer.

"If we confess
our sins...

"then he who
is faithful and just...

will forgive us
our sins--"

"And cleanse us
from all wickedness."

That's John 1:9.

You a believer?

Tiene que confesar.


It's the only way you're gonna
get right with this.

You don't understand,
I tried.

I went to her mother.
She didn't believe it.

She thought I was just
getting back at Sidney

- for firing me.
- So is that when...

you and your brother
decided to be heroes

and kill the Eckhouses?

My brother?

He didn't know
about this.

No? Then why'd he just
give himself up?

He said he
planned it all.

He's lying...

to protect me.

It was all my idea.

Sidney was raping her.

Emmy said she was thinking
of killing herself.

We had to save her.

There's devils.

There's devils out there.

I know,
'cause I used to be one.

Man wasn't right.

I shot him.

I saw her,
I knew she was there.

Right behind.

She went down.

If I could take that
bullet myself, I would.

She wasn't supposed
to be there.

She wasn't
supposed to be there.

She was supposed to be
at her boyfriend's, right?

I know,
I know...

Who told you that?


What? No.

- Um... no.
- Then how'd you know, Jimmy?


Look, Emmy could've
told Carmen in passing

that she'd be
at her boyfriend's house

on Friday night.
Like small talk.

Or she helped
set it up.

We need to find out
if she had a hand in this, Liv.

Well, even if she did,
she's a 14-year-old girl

who was the victim
of sexual abuse iner own home.

And there were other ways
she could've handled it.

Look, I hope to God
she's not involved,

but we have to follow
through on this.

- Hi, Emmy.
- Hey.

What's going on?

Is everything okay?

Emmy, we talked
to Carmen and Jimmy...

who confessed.

So we know who killed
your parents.

Jimmy and Carmen?

Why--why would
they do that?

He really doesn't know.

- Does he?
- What?

- What don't I know?
- Emmy...

I think it's time
to tell him

what happened
with your father.

- No, that's not your choice.
- Your father?

Emmy, what are they
talking about?

I know
that this is hard.

But there won't be any secrets
when this goes to trial.

And it will
go to trial.

So I think we both
know it's best

if he hears it
from you.

My dad, he--

he forgot that
I was his daughter.

what do you mean by that?

Don't make me
say it.

It was horrible.

Emmy, why didn't
you tell me?

Why didn't you say
something to me?

I could've helped you.

I wanted to be
pure for you.

I didn't want you
to think I was dirty.

I would've never
thought that.

I love you
no matter what.

You know...

there's one thing
I don't get.

When Jimmy confessed,
he kept saying, "I'm sorry.

I'm sorry, she wasn't
supposed to be there."

And you weren't
supposed to be there,

- were you?
- No.

She was supposed
to be at my house.

How did he
know that, Emmy?

It wasn't part
of the plan.

What plan, Emmy?

Carmen and Jimmy
were trying to save me.

I told them
Friday night

my parents
would both be home.

I was supposed
to be at Rob's house.

I told them to write "Queers"
on the wall

so the police would think
it was a hate crime.

And, look,
your father, I get.

But your mother?

My father
was just pathetic,

he couldn't help himself.
But my mom?

I hated her
more than him.

She knew.

She let it happen.

Carmen tried
to tell her.

I tried.

Everybody thinks that
she's some kind of hero.

But she was more worried
about saving the world

than she was about saving
her own daughter.

- Emmy--
- No.

We're gonna
have to arrest you.

- Please, don't do this.
- It's okay.

Please don't
take her from me.

It's okay,
it's okay, it's okay.

I'm free.
I'm free.

I'm free now.

You're here.

That's the first step.

Sync by Alex1969