Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 13, Episode 12 - Official Story - full transcript

SVU investigates an accusation of a brutal rape in Iraq involving a private defense contractor, and Olivia takes a romantic interest in the ADA who is prosecuting the case.

In the criminal justice system,

sexually based offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad
known as

the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

Hey, Rand,
how do you sleep at night?

I'm serving my country,
my friend.

I sleep just fine.

Welcome back to
The Business Report.

My guest is William Rand,
CEO of Battle Tested Security,

the largest private
military contractor

in the world.

Another great quarter
for Battle Tested Security.

The troop draw-down's
been very good for us.

We've got 50,000 people
worldwide doing the army's job

more cheaply and efficiently.

I told you I've got
a surprise for you, right?


Mommy! Mommy!

Ooh... hi, sweetheart!

Oh, I missed you so much.

Welcome home.

Long day, sir?

They're all long, pal.

Hey, why are we going

We're supposed to be going
to the heliport.

Relax, Mr. Rand.
There's tunnel traffic.

All right, you guys,
come on up this way.

This is a memorial
to soldiers and sailors

who sacrificed their lives.

What is it, Tommy?

Give me just a second.

Get the kids out of here.

Um, I'll call 911.

Sync by Alex1969

I still don't know
what happened.

Well, we think that
you may have been drugged.

Can you tell us
the last thing you remember?

The driver...
I was in a limousine...

Went the wrong way.

He wasn't one
of my regulars.

He was sent
by the TV studio.

We'll need the name
of your contact.

Ginnie can get that
for you.

Virginia Pell, detectives.
General counsel.

Emailing it now.

Great. This driver,

did he give you anything
to drink, any water?

Anything else in the limo?

Yes, I did have
some bottled water.


So when the tox screen
comes back,

it'll show whether or not
they gave you rohypnol

or any other sedative.

Don't you need my permission
to look at those records?

Mr. Rand...
we're here to help you.

Beth, can you see
where that nurse is?

These bandages are on
too tight.

Of course, honey.

What, do you think
I was raped?

Mr. Rand,
you were found drugged,

beaten, and with your clothes
ripped off.

I wasn't raped!

I was attacked by an enemy
trying to humiliate me

because of the work I do.

Mr. Rand has been
through a lot.

He needs to rest now.


I appreciate your concern,

but we'll take it
from here.

We have our own team
of investigators.

We don't subcontract
our investigations.

You do understand
the delicacy of the situation.

We need to control
the publicity here.

All of our cases
are sensitive.

We need your cooperation,

unless you want us
to start issuing subpoenas.

All right.

I'll be in touch,

Thank you.

Well, the driver that was
supposed to pick up Rand

got a call
two hours prior

telling him
that the job was cancelled.

- From who?
- Rand's office.

Whoever made the call
spoofed the number.

I just got off the phone
with the mayor's office.

That was fast.

Well, in case
you hadn't noticed,

CEOs are a priority
for his team.

They want to be kept
in the loop.

- So where are we?
- The fake caller ID

was set up by someone using
orange box software.

Okay. And Rand
is ex-military.

He's a former
army ranger.

Built up his company
guarding diplomats

in military bases
with private security.

Could be a terrorist target.

They wrote "payback
is a bitch" on his leg.

Doesn't sound like Al-Qaeda.
It sounds personal.


No bimbo eruptions.
He's got a stable marriage.

Stays out of the headlines.

Except when he's hyping
his company.

This is him going
into the TV studio

right before
he was abducted.

"Occupy Wall Street"
got in his face.

Hey, Rand,
how do you sleep at night?

I'm serving my country,
my friend.

I sleep just fine.

Yeah, that's me.

It's about time someone
called that goon out.

Well, you got pretty chesty
with him, didn't you?

He's a war criminal.

He wants to go on TV
and brag about the profits,

I'll get in his face.

Does that include

What are you talking about?

So where were you
at 6:00 last night?

Uptown at a drum circle
outside the mayor's house.

Look, something happened

that could tarnish
your movement's image.

You want to know who's
most aggressive toward Rand?

One of the guys
you planted.

How do you know
he was our guy?

Military build, 50...

Saw him getting into a pickup
after a protest last week.

He hadn't even bothered to take
the "special forces" sticker

off the back window.

All right, so here's
your black pickup.

It's from police video
two months ago.

It's outside Rand's condo.

Then a month later,
there's our guy

outside a Soho benefit.

And last week, near
battle tested's headquarters.

Let me guess--
the pickup's registered

to a dead nun.

Not unless her name
is Donald O'Keeffe.

Lives in White Plains.
He's a former marine,

special operations.

That's not too stealth
for a kidnapper.

- Or black ops guy.
- Rand's people know him?

Oh, they're dragging
their feet

about turning over
the phone records and emails.

They don't want us
to find out who kidnapped him?

Or why he'd take it
this far.

O'Keeffe's retired.
We got a day job for him?

He's been doing security
for oil tankers.

A lot of travel
to Somalia.

Okay, handle with care.

This is a man who shoots pirates
for a living.

We need a word with you.

This about William Rand?

- Okay, take it easy, man.
- Donald,

don't make this harder.

What took you so long?

After what they did
to my little girl...

Rand got what he deserved.

So, you cancelled the pickup,

posed as Rand's driver,

then roofied him.


But it all comes back
to my daughter.

You take care of her case,
I'll take care of yours.

Look, dude,
we're not here

to play let's make a deal
with you.

Just tell us what you did.

Just... hang on.
What about your daughter?

What's her connection
to Rand?

She worked for his company
in Basra.

A month after she started...

four of those animals drugged
and raped her.

Men she worked with?

Did she report it?

To the nearest
base commander.

He said they weren't

Four years we've been trying.

The State Department,
the Justice Department.

Four years, and no charges
have ever been filed?

DOJ caved
like everyone else.

No one wants
to take these guys on.

So a rape
for another rape.

That makes it okay to you.

I gave him just enough
of the baton

to make him think about it...

Every time he sits down.

He's not making it up--
the part about the daughter.

It doesn't mitigate.
Assault, kidnapping...

We're not here
to make deals with vigilantes.

There are legal avenues
for settling scores.

All of which he tried, cap.

We're not Basra PD.
Let's just stick to our job.

Rand has decided
to work with us.

He wants to come in
and make the ID.

- Take your time.
- Sorry.

The drug must have wiped
my memory that night.

You sure you don't want
a longer look?

Appreciate all you're doing.

He called,
asked to come in,

then tanked the ID?

Well, he got out of there
fast enough

once he saw Donald.

He could have just
been eyeballing Donald

so his guys could
take care of him later.

Maybe Rand doesn't want us
looking into what happened

over there.

Neither do I.
It's not our concern.

Hold on, captain.

Let us at least talk
to his daughter.

All due respect, this speaks
to O'Keeffe's motive.

It's part of this case too.

Just remember which crime
you're investigating here.


I've been waiting four years
for justice.

Then my dad loses it,
and you guys show up.

He's a good man.

He doesn't deserve
to be in jail.

Help us understand
why your father snapped.

Look, we want to hear
your story.

To prosecute my dad?

That's why you're here,
isn't it?

Officially, yes.

We're here investigating
your father's case.

But unofficially, Cory,
we're here because

what happened to you
is wrong.

The first month,
the guys weren't friendly,

but they were professionals.

Then one night,
they had a party.

Were there other women

I guess they knew
not to go.

Ian Kent, one of the deputies
of the recon team,

he gave me a drink.

He said I needed
to loosen up.

A few minutes later,
I couldn't feel my legs.

Ian carried me
into his room.

Three of them
were in there.

How much of this
do you remember?

I was in and out,
but they were raping me.

They were brutal.
Crushing me.

I couldn't breathe.

I asked them
to give me a break.

Just a second.

They just laughed.

Cory, how long
did this go on?

I don't know.

When I came to,

I realized I was
in an interrogation room

with two armed guards.

Did anyone talk to you?

Joe Marshall,
their supervisor,

told me I was in the room
for my protection.

Then he asked me if I was
gonna sue the company.

How long were you held?

72 hours.

Then one of the guards finally
gave me his cell phone

to call my dad.

That's when they
released me,

let me see a female
army doctor.

Okay. Did they do
a rape kit?


But by the time the DOJ
started the investigation,

it had disappeared.

It's not just what
these guys did to me.

It's that they knew
they could get away with it.

Donald O'Keeffe
was just arraigned.

Even without Rand's ID,

he's still getting
one to eight.

What'd you get
from the daughter?

She and the father
went through a nightmare.

So he goes to prison,

but the guys who raped her--

Benson, Amaro.

This is David Haden,

our new executive
assistant district attorney.

Mr. Haden, detectives
Benson and Amaro.

- Detectives.
- Counselor.

Last I heard, you were head
of rackets.

Well, they kicked me

Mr. Haden is here
about the Rand case.

Number two in the DA's
office handling a sex crime?

Officially, this isn't
just a sex crime.

It's the kidnapping
of a high-profile figure.

The DA has asked me
to take a personal interest.

Personal interest...

in protecting Rand's image.

- Nick.
- Fair enough, detective.

I'm a second-generation DA.

I'm used to cops
giving me the stink eye.

Forgive our suspicion,

but Rand is not cooperating.

And our suspect's daughter
was ng raped by his employees.

In Basra.
And justice dropped the case.

I'm guessing you know why.

No, but I'd like to.

I'll set up a meeting.

I can expect both of you
to join me?

Thanks for your time,

What was that?

Let's watch our step here
until we know his agenda.

Your office hasn't
overreached enough?

Now you want to pursue cases
in Iraq.

Why didn't the feds
stay on this?

Well, for starters, there were
problems with this case.

Spotty memory.
No rape kit.

We were told
there was one.

If there was,
it got lost in Iraq.

It's a war zone.

Look, I appreciate
your concern,

but the US government has
to look at the bigger picture.

You mean now that
we're privatizing war,

these companies
are above the law?

You know as well as I do
contractors aren't military.

They can't be court-martialed.

And order 17 put them
above Iraqi law.

They can still be prosecuted
by DOJ.

at our discretion.

Oh, I see.

You're saying
they can do whatever they want.

Even gang rape
female employees

without any fear
of reprisal.

These guys have a lot
of juice in Washington.

I'm telling you that
as a friend, David.

Well, that was
a profile in courage.

You can tell they've got
their marching orders.

Now you know why
Cory's dad snapped.

- These guys are untouchable.
- Maybe not.

Rand's headquarters
are in New York, right?

If we can prove there's been
a cover-up of the rape

directed from here,
we'd have jurisdiction.

What would you need
from us?

How 'bout a real

Let's start
with the rape kit.

Hey, how much do you deal
with these

civilian contractors
over there?

As little as possible.
They're cowboys.

What's going on
with your case?

You know Cory?

- Mm-hmm.
- She says she had a rape kit

done by an army doctor,
but the kit's gone missing.

Do you want me
to make some calls?

I know people
who were in Basra.

You can trust 'em?

I mean, these people
have reach, Em.

I know.
I can handle myself.

I know, but...

Can we let this go
for now?

I'm only here
for a few more days.

- Mmm...Yeah.
- Mmm...Yeah?

Dr. Rausch, you worked
all the hot spots.

First Basra,
now the Bronx VA.

I'm not sure how much
I can help you.

But you remember Cory Green?

I remember Cory.

I was about to be deposed
about it three years ago.

I was told the case
has been settled.

How did you end up doing
a rape kit?

Her father called
the base.

She wasn't military, but I was
the closest doctor available.

And what, exactly,
did the exam show?

Dr. Rausch...

They tore her apart.

It was a violent,
sustained gang rape.

It was all documented
in the rape kit?

Photos, swabs, notes.

Plus her clothing,
complete with semen stains

from multiple donors.

No traces of drugs
in her system

because they held her
for 72 hours.

What can you tell us about
the kit's chain of custody?

I gave it to my
superior officers.

But I heard they had
no jurisdiction,

so they turned it over
to battle-tested.

Do you remember
how you heard that?

One of my COs--
I'm not saying who--

was complaining
that battle-tested

had the run of the base.

Would you be willing
to testify before a Grand Jury?

I have to admit, we were not
sure about you at first.

You can trust me.
I'm an attorney.

A little secret...

I can be a little testy
when I work with new people.

I can be somewhat testy
around my kids.

You have kids.

Boy and a girl.

They both live with my ex-wife
in cobble hill.



I'm just getting over

Isn't everyone.

Can you stay
for another round?

You know, um...
why don't we call it a night?

You need a clear head

in front of that Grand Jury

Rain check?

I'd like that.

So as chief medical officer
in Basra,

you examined military personnel

and Americans working
in the area.

- Yes, sir.
- Including Cory Green.

That's correct.

Dr. Rausch,
you examined Ms. Green

72 hours after
she had been assaulted.

I can't speak
to the length of time.

But you do recall the details
of your rape exam?

We're talking about events
that happened four years ago,

and I examined thousands
of patients when I was in Iraq.

Dr. Rausch, you were
in my office yesterday.

You told me
you recall the exam.

You recounted specific details
of the rape kit.

Isn't that true?

Yes, sir.

But I have since realized
that I might have been

confusing the details
with facts from other cases.

You do realize
you're under oath here?

Yes, I do.

Rand works fast.

Dr. Rausch isn't just
ducking our calls.

She gave notice
at the VA this morning.

Well, we're sitting
on the house.

She comes out,
we bring her in.

get your team started

on tracking down
the other witnesses.

Already on it.

Who's the guy
on the right?

Ian Kent.

He brought me the drink
with the drug in it.

Where is he now?

The battle-tested
security zone,

along with these two.

The company claims
that location's classified.

Of course they do.
What about the last one?

Wally Barton.
I thought he was my friend.

So we have four rapists.
Who's Joe Marshall?

Joe Marshall,
the head of detail.

He had them isolate me

And he's a company man.
He just got promoted

to Senior VP under Rand.

Okay, so we need somebody
under him.

Cory, tell me about
the guards.

That one never
made eye contact.

But George Coleman...
he didn't rape me.

He's the one who gave me
his cell phone to call home.

The thing is,
he's dropped out of sight.

He left the company
three years ago.

Well, we better find him
before they do.

- Dr. Rausch recanted?
- Yeah.

Rand can intimidate
a witness. No consequences.

Well, we're trying to find out
how he got to her.

You know, all my life I've
tried to do the right thing.

I signed up for the marines
as soon as I got out of school.

When my country
asked me to fight, I went.

And I confessed and was ready
to do my time...

because I trusted you people
to get justice for my daughter.

I know how you feel,
Mr. O'Keeffe.

I have a daughter too.


Does your daughter flinch...
when you try to hug her?

Wake up...

screaming in the night?

Was your daughter raped...

so brutally...

that she'll never be able
to have children?

We're gonna get these guys,
Mr. O'Keeffe.

Prove it.

You're gonna make me
miss my flight.

So you're heading back
overseas again, huh?

I just realized that
I could make a difference

in that part of the world.

The Royal Bahrain
Surgical College...

Where Rand is a trustee,

So you took their call
and lost your memory?

We can subpoena
your phone records.

Look, it's gonna be
very difficult

for you to make it
to Bahrain

when you're stuck here
fighting a perjury charge.

Then charge me.

You don't know
what they're like.

- Well, Cory Green does.
- We get it.

But if you don't
give us something,

you're not getting
on that plane.

They had me run tests...
on four men...

For STDs.

She had a meltdown

after one of the men
in my detail broke up with her.

I never wanted her
on my team.

She was unstable
from the get.

One of the men?

Now, is that why you had
four of them tested for STDs?

Those medical records
are confidential.

There is no subpoena.

- Virginia, it's immaterial.
- Really?

After Cory was diagnosed
with chlamydia,

the rest of the team
just happened to get tested?

Were you tested too?

Let me tell you something,

I never touched that girl.

I got a wife
and three daughters.

But she went buck-wild
when she got to Basra.

Yeah, 'cause Iraq
has that effect on women.

Some girls get turned on
being in a war zone.

And they'll go for the dude
with the big guns.

Not some rape crisis

So it was all consensual.

Her and four guys?

And they're all willing
to hang together.

No one's gonna talk to you.

This company
is built on loyalty.

George Coleman
feel that way?

Because he doesn't even work
for the team anymore.

George... has been
in every drunk tank

between here and Florida
the last three years.

No one takes his word
over ours.

Fishing trip's over.

Nice job.

Let's make some calls
to Florida.

I think I can handle
that one. Okay?

You expect me
to be grateful.

You drag me back up to New York
in winter.

Nobody wants to dry out
in a drunk tank.

Not even in Florida.

I got nowhere else
to be.

My wife took off
with my kids and my money.

Was that before or after
you started drinking?

Look, you're not the only one
to come home

with a problem.

It's another world
over there.

What would you know
about it?

I was in Iraq.

Working interrogations
after 9/11.

I mean the...
the stress, the...

the choices
you have to make.

People don't know.

Then you come home,
and you can't talk about it.

So you drink.

So you drink.

Was Cory Green
one of the things

that you can't talk about?

It bothered you what happened
to Cory, didn't it?

We know that you let her
borrow your cell phone.

You watched out for her.

Two armed guards

on a bleeding,

110-pound girl.

Is that why you
got into this, George?


That wasn't my call.


Well, then,
whose call was it?

Joe Marshall.

He's Rand's bitch.

Why do you say that?

I saw all the faxes.

The orders came straight
from Rand's office.

Couple of days to clean up,
he'll be good to go.

My office can put him up
in a motel.

Somebody's gonna have to
keep an eye on him.

But we have company.

Mr. Rand
and the deputy mayor

were just heading to a city
Youth Corps event downtown.

The commissioner asked me
to stick my head in

and say hello
to your captain.

David Haden,
executive assistant

to the district attorney.

I need to run on ahead.

You'll let me know
if you need anything else.

- Don.
- Tina.

I was surprised to learn
that you're using

O'Keeffe's assault
as a pretext

to open an old
discredited case.

We just follow the leads
where they take us, Mr. Rand.

To a mentally unstable
young woman

who's been in and out
of psychiatric care

- the last four years?
- So it's like that, huh?

Don't look so caught out.

I have my own
Intelligence Division.

Everyone has skeletons.

I'm gonna pretend
that's not a threat.

Just ask yourself something,

Is this the battle you want?
Because war is my business.

And business is good.

Have a nice evening.

That was subtle.

So right about now
you're asking yourself,

"what have we gotten
ourselves into?"

You kidding?
I live for this.

Looking for bugs...
or bottles?

To be honest, George,

We've all got a lot riding
on this.

It's the Grand Jury tomorrow.

Get off me!

Get off me!

Uh... uh!

Hey, what's going on?

Hey! Hey!

The uni said no one came in
after I left.

All these bottles.
Did you search the room?

Top to bottom.

We just made George Coleman
collateral damage.

What's the damage report?

got a broken wrist,

and the shiv missed
her dad's kidney

- by 1/8th of an inch.
- Everybody here okay?

I was gonna move
that coffee table anyway.

CSU is there now.

ME says George Coleman's
cause of death

was alcohol poisoning.

Had five times the legal limit
in his blood.

That's not black ops.
That's Houdini.

Okay, we're dealing with
a private army here

operating without
legal restraints.

Even so, taking on NYPD?

The rape of Cory has gotta be
just the tip of the iceberg.

Well, let's not underestimate
what they're capable of.

Put on your vests,
carry your radios

and sidearms at all times.

Nick, you know
what these guys are like.

We can help protect
your family.

I'm all-in.

Yes, sir.

Come on, cap,
let's do the job.

Okay, somebody got
that booze

into George Coleman's
motel room.

Find out who knew
he was even there.

George's last call...
was to a land line...

in Rockaway, Queens.

That's where he's from.

Call was to James Pell.

Rand's general counsel.

Virginia Pell.

- Where does she live?
- Upper East, but...

I got a DOB here.

The guy is 70 years old.
So... Virginia's dad?

Ms. Pell.

Do you have a moment
for us?

I'm with my father.
You can try me at work.

You might not want
to discuss this at the office.

George Coleman is dead.

Yes, I know.
I'm arranging the funeral.

And he'd still be alive
if it wasn't for you people

putting him on the spot.

You think he was murdered?

Georgie drank
on a good day.

And if he was under pressure--

there was no alcohol
in his room

when we left, Virginia.

A few hours later,

there was five times
the legal limit in his system.

Excuse me.
My father needs his meds.

Okay, that should start
some chatter.

Five times
the legal the limit, William?

I thought the plan
was just to talk to him.

I can't talk about this.
I'm in a meeting.

Okay, but now they're gonna be
all over us.

Do you want me to make a run
out to the mountain?

I'll speak to Joe at the
funeral, he'll make the hike.

But, baby,
let's not talk business

- on this line, all right?
- Sorry.

I guess I got
a little rattled.

I knew Georgie
a long time.

"Baby" we understand.

"Mountain's" what
we're working on.

You have a lot of nerve.

George was our witness.

But you knew that already,
didn't you?

- What's the charge?
- No charge.

Material witness
and a flight risk.

- This won't stick.
- Where are you taking him?

If you're arresting Joe,
I'm his lawyer.

With all due respect,
we may subpoena you

to testify in front
of the Grand Jury as well.

So he's gonna need
outside counsel.

My condolences.

Yes, my mommy is home.

Yes. And my daddy
is home too.

- Uh-huh.
- Zara, honey, who is it?


Give me the phone, please.

Who is this?

Zara, go to your room.


They know
your next assignment.

That you're leaving
in the morning.

You talked to my daughter!

You threatened my wife?

- Nick.
- Don't be naive.

You started a war.

So you think what happened
to George

won't happen to you?

No one ever played this
for you.

Marshall never got out
to the mountain.

It's okay.
I took care of it myself.

- So we're good.
- Yes and no.

It turns out Joe kept
a few keys on his chain.

I think he might be going
to Barbados soon.

And taking the family.

Planning a Caribbean vacation?

You doctored it.
I can hear--

That's not our game.
That's yours.

I need to make a call.

It's too late, Joe.
They're already figuring out

how to make your wife
and kids disappear.

- They won't do that.
- And why not?

You got something.

Look, we know the mountain
is Iron Mountain,

the storage facility.

Rand had something there
as an insurance policy.

The rape kit.

Rand held onto it
to make sure

that nobody else
would flip on him.

It's not there anymore.
You heard the man.

Rand didn't get everything.

You kept a few keys
on your chain.

But like, what?

Semen-stained clothing?

STD tests on her rapists?

You're smart.

You kept your own
insurance policy.

But guess what, Joe.

It's time to cash it in.


Call your DA.

But I'm not going to Rikers.
I get the full ride.

Yes, sir.

I was tasked to take control
of the situation.

What does that mean?

I was told to put Cory
in a controlled area

and also to secure
the rape kit.

You mean make it disappear.

I removed it
from army custody

and transferred it
to corporate headquarters.

And who gave you
those orders?

The CEO of battle-tested

Mr. William Rand.

Turn around!

William Rand,
you're under arrest.

Let's go.

His yacht was waiting

to take him
out of our jurisdiction.

So much for serving America.

He won't get away?

Oh, none of 'em will.

George's murder,
multiple assaults.

- Obstruction.
- Witness tampering.

Not to mention
the underlying crimes.

They're gonna be in there

a lot longer than 72 hours.


Hold on, sir.

It's your father.

They got 'em,

They got 'em all.

We did it.

I love you too.

Hey. Hey,
how was your flight?

You okay?

No, it's done.

Listen, you just--
you be safe over there.

Yeah, I love you too.

And I miss you.

And just for the record...

I haven't worked that well
with anyone

in a very long time.

Well, that makes
two of us.


Well, I have
a 7:00 AM meeting

with the deputy mayor.



Well, you know
what they say.

You can never find a taxi
or a police officer

when you need one.

Sync by Alex1969