Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (1999–…): Season 13, Episode 11 - Theatre Tricks - full transcript

SVU tries to figure out who was responsible for the real-life rape of an actress during an interactive theater performance that everybody just assumed was part of the show.

In the criminal justice system,

sexually based Offenses are
considered especially heinous.

In New York City,
the dedicated detectives

who investigate
these vicious felonies

are members of an elite squad

known as
the Special Victims Unit.

These are their stories.

Good evening.

For the next two hours
we will take you with us

into another world.

The world of the flesh.

- Ted, I'm trying to prepare.
- I won't stay long.

For your first opening.

You have a lot of admirers.

I should take a picture
for my scrapbook.

- You have a scrapbook?
- Yeah.

- Seriously?
- Coming to New York...

getting this show, I just...

keep thinking
it's all been a dream.

This is for real, Meghan.

Most of the critics
are coming tonight.

Your life will never
be the same.

Break a leg.

How do you envision yourself?
An elephant?

A monkey?


You're a Hawk.

No one here will know you.

No one here will judge you.

Strip off your inhibitions.

See carnal pleasure
and join in.

Touch the world of the flesh.

The world of the forbidden.

Lust, beauty.

When love is not madness,
it is not love.

Release your darkest desires.




Unleash your power.

Paolo, hurry!
We're alone.

But your husband.

- Giovanni just left.
- Are you sure?

Then kiss me.

I am back!

Francesca, what the hell
is going on?

Guards, get out!
Guards, out!

Paolo, go!

Giovanni, what are you doing?

She betrayed you, Giovanni.
I saw the whole thing.

No, let go of me!


Help me!

Somebody help me!

What happened?

You missed the Finale.


Are you okay?

I can't remember
the last time I was on skates.

Can't remember the last time
I did anything

other than prep witnesses
or write a pre-trial motion.

Well, this was a start.
Do it again?

- Yeah.
- Benson.


No, I blame myself.
It's immersive theater.

I pushed the piece
to be provocative

and obviously Somebody
just took it too far.

Whoa, slow down.

You're saying that the actress
was raped on stage?

- Where was the audience?
- They were watching.

They thought it was part
of the show.

Sync and corrected by APOLLO

It's Dante's Inferno...
kind of.

I play Francesca.

I sleep with my husband's
brother Paolo.

Whoever did this to me
was pretending to be Giovanni...

my jealous husband.

Where was the actor
playing Giovanni?

He's not in this scene.
It's just me and Paolo.

It's the betrayal.

A little early for you
in the game,

isn't it, counselor?

I was in the neighborhood.

Benson with the Vic?

Ambulance is on its way.

Ted Scott, director.
Detective Tutuola.

- Hello.
- So what happened?

Someone in the audience
got caught up in the theatrics.

Believed he was Giovanni,
raping his wife in revenge.

Hold up, people in the seats
get to act with the actors?

There are no seats.

It's theater interactive.

The audience walks through
Dante's Nine Circles of Hell.

The victim was attacked
in the second circle... lust.

Can you tell me
what he did to you?

at first, I just thought
he was being weird.

Meghan, did he rape you?


Can you tell me anything
about your attacker?

Any kind of physicality?

It all happened so fast.

He was wearing a goat mask.

Do you know his race?
Was he young, was he old?

He was white.

Smelled like he smoked.

Did he hold your wrists?

No, that was someone else.

He was wearing a hawk mask.

I just moved here
six months ago.

This is the first play
that I even auditioned for.

I just... I can't believe
this happened to me.

Can anyone get in
once the show starts?

No, all the doors are covered.

Completely covered.

Okay, I'm gonna need
all your box office receipts

and credit card slips.

Eve, do you mind?

Meghan says that her attacker
was wearing a goat mask.

I take it you get those back
at the end of the night.

- Yes.
- Okay, we're gonna need those.

And the ropes too.

And CSU is gonna have to comb
over your sets.

We have a show tomorrow.

No, you don't.
This isn't a theater.

It's a crime scene.

Small town girl moves
to the city,

her first job on the stage
and she gets raped.

Audience applauds.

New York is just...

well, this kind of thing
is why the nea was gutted.

Any suspects?


It was opening night,
there was a full house,

and everyone wore masks.

Well, that's just great.

We're tracking down
everyone who bought a ticket

by credit card,
and so far no records,

no one
on the sex offenders list.

Did you talk to anybody
who was in the room

when it happened?

None that know it happened.

It was dark.
They'd all had a few.

They thought it was part
of the show.

Rape Kit's in.

There's no trauma,

except for wrist abrasions.

It was their opening night.

Any chance it was all
for publicity?

This girl Meghan,

she just moved here
from Hennepin, Minnesota,

six months ago.

She's pretty shaken up.

Well, she is an actress.

Point taken.

See if her story
has changed overnight.

Liv... What was that about?

What, she's an actress,
she's on stage,

she dressed provocatively,

that means she's
automatically lying?

No, they don't think that.

Well, something was going on.

I also know you heard it too.

I keep wanting to think
that things have changed...

they have changed.

Compared to the way
it used to be,

they've changed.

I told you already.

No one I have ever known
would do anything like that.

So what about somebody
that knows you?

A fan?

Look, Meghan,
from what you tell us,

it sounds like
he knew the play.

He timed his move.

There are guys
who wait outside the stage door

for an autograph.

A couple of them I think
I've seen more than once.

Do you know any of their names?


I just smile at them.

- I'm sorry.
- It's okay.

It's my roommate.

We moved here together
to be actresses.

Hey, they think
it was someone stalking me.

You mean, one of
your stage door johnnies?


So have any of these guys,
you know, left you messages?

Tried to see you outside
the theater?

Every Thursday and Friday
during previews,

someone left red roses.

No card.

I just thought they were
being sweet.

The last multiple
ticket buyer... Estelle Roberts.

- You think a woman did this?
- I don't know.

She bought tickets four nights
a week during previews.

Probably just
some actor's mother.

- Dante who?
- Dante's inferno.

A play called Nine Circles.
Nine Circles of Hell.

I don't know
what you're talking about.

I live in hell.

I don't need
to see a play about it.

A diner's card in your name

was used to purchase single
tickets on 12 different nights.

Well, it wasn't me.

I don't even have
a diner's card.

Well, this address matches
One on file at the company.

The account's been open
two years, paid on time.

Anybody else live
in the house, Mrs. Roberts?

My son Jason.

He doesn't have
any credit cards either.

Maybe we could ask him.

- He's not home.
- Is this Jason's room?

Yes, but he doesn't like
strangers looking at his things.

Yeah, I can see why.

He hasn't done anything wrong.

He takes a lot of pictures
of his girlfriend.

Benson and Amaro.

This is from today.

He's got Meghan's apartment

Your son...
where is he now?

I'll bet
he's watching us right now.

Wait, this is freaking me out.

My kitchen. My bedroom.

I don't understand.
Who took these?

Do you know a Jason Roberts?


Yeah, he's my I.T. guy.

He's also your Stalker.

He put cameras in my apartment?

Meghan, how'd you meet Jason?

A girl in my acting class
set me up with him.

He helped me design my website.

Never even charged me.

Jason bought a ticket
to the show the other night.

Did you invite him?


I didn't even know
he was there.

So you can't tell us
if he's the one who raped you.

I don't think so.

He seems so harmless.
He's kinda sweet.

He videotaped you
while you slept.

While you showered.


did you arrest him?

Well, he knows that we're
looking for him,

but, but he hasn't
been home yet.

So how do you get in touch
with him... email, text?

I call him.

He always calls right back.

Because if you're up for it,

we wanna set up a meeting
with you two.

Does he know that I know
about the cameras?

Maybe you can convince him
that it doesn't matter.

If it's too much,
we'll figure out another way.

Jason, you came.

You said you needed me.

I shouldn't even be here.

The cops, they came
to my apartment.

My Mom's freaking out.

I told them you're a good guy.

I wanna hear your side.

Okay, about those cameras,
I can explain.

They're for security...
Hey, Jason. On your feet.

You set me up?

You spied on me in the shower.

What else did you do?

- What are you talking about?
- Like you don't know.

I didn't do anything.
I love her.


Let's talk about it
at the precinct.

You look pretty.

- Hey.
- I got upset, I'm sorry.

No, it's all right.

You did Good.

Real Good.

I installed those cameras
for security

to make sure Meghan was safe.

From what?
Slipping in the shower?

She's so beautiful.

There's a lot of creeps
out there.

She's trusting.
And I watch her to protect her.

So is that why you used
your mommy's credit card?

Saw the show 12 times?

Maybe you were staking out the
show, figuring when to strike.

What is everyone talking about?

Jason, you may have been
hiding behind a goat mask...

I was a donkey.

But we know you raped her.

Wait a minute, the guy
in the goat mask raped her?

We know what you did, Jason.
Don't even try it.

It wasn't me, I can prove it.

I took video.
I saw the whole thing.

Meghan played it
as if she'd been attacked.

I thought she was just acting.

I didn't do anything.

My God.

Help me!

Help! Let go!

You're hurting me!


Well, that's the upside
of having a stalker.

He films your attack.

Proves Jason didn't do it.

Well, he's still on the hook
for unlawful surveillance

for the shower cam.

What was that sound?

It sounded like
electronic feedback.

- Help me!
- And look.

The hand goes away
and then the sound stops.

The hand goes back to her.

These guys were working

Maybe they're wearing
an earpiece.

It's an electronic squeal.

It could be a hearing aid
battery running down.

Or it could be one of those
assistive listening devices

that they rent out.

So I forgot to return
the headset.

If I'd raped somebody,

I wouldn't have left my I.D.
At the theater.

You got out of there
in a hurry.

I was on deadline.

I'm a theater critic.

If I want to... assault
an actress,

I'd do it in print.

Besides, I find Ms. Weller
to be quite a promising ingenue.

That's funny, because
your review didn't mention

pinning down the ingenue.

I was participating.

Show's interactive.

You interacted in a rape.

An actual rape.

Yeah, you just made yourself
an accomplice.


No! It wasn't real.


I thought it was all
part of the act.

I swear to God!

You were just waiting
on your turn.

No! I got caught up in it,
but nothing happened.

Stage fright?
Not like your Buddy.

I don't know who he was.
He was wearing a goat mask.

Well, did he say anything?

Did you notice anything
to I.D. him?

You should really think hard.


When he pulled her hair,
he was wearing cuff links.

I only saw one.

It was engraved
with the word "Sustained."

Please tell me
we can charge this guy.

He admitted acting
in concert on a rape.

He admitted to not knowing
she was being raped.

It was dark, Confusing.

Yeah, I'm not so impressed
with that defense.

Well, you don't think
it's possible

that this guy was just

He should've known better.

I'll call the D.A.

Okay, the theater handed out
20 goat masks.

Let's see if those cuff links
can narrow it down.


Here's something.

Sustained/overruled cuff Links.

Popular gift for lawyers.

- We cross-referenced
the names of ticket holders

who are member of the New York
City Bar Association.

Turns out there were
eight lawyers

in the audience that night.

Including Judge Gerald Crane.

Well, that's fantastic.

This case just keeps getting
better and Better.

Fits the description.
I know this guy.

He smokes like a chimney.

But if the judge was planning
on raping an actress,

why buy a ticket
with his own credit card?

Do me a favor.

Go to him first, rule him out,

and then apologize.

And, Amaro, let Benson
do the talking.


Please come in.

I'm due on the bench
in two minutes,

so forgive me
while I gather myself.

Nice cuff Links.

Yes, thank you.

I'm difficult to shop for,
so now I have all of them.

Gavels, scales...
Sustained, overruled.

What I could really use
is "Sit down" And "Shut up."

But you didn't come here
to talk about cuff links.

How can I help?

Four nights ago,
you attended a performance

of Nine Circles.

I did.
It was very creative.

I recommend it.

Now did you know
there was a rape

in the theater that night?


No, that's terrible.

It was, uh, during
the show, actually.

On the lust set.

The victim played Francesca.

Yeah, the perp
wore a goat mask.

Your honor, I'm, uh...

I'm sure that
you have an explanation.

Better... an admission.
It was me.

But it wasn't rape.

Meghan wanted it.

That is to say that
she arranged the entire thing.

It was her fantasy.

Meghan Weller has been
emailing my client for weeks,

detailing the sexual encounter
she initiated.

Now the judge has proclivities.

I know, I was married
to the man for ten years.

But he's no rapist.

- Your ex-wife is representing
you on a rape charge.

There is no rape charge
because there was no rape.

Can everyone Stop saying rape?

Okay, judge Crane,

the young woman is making
serious Allegations.

Then it's a shakedown.

Has she contacted you?

No, but there's no other

She set the whole thing up.

I was invited there
to satisfy her.

So where did you two meet?

They met through
the Sugarbabyz website.

You've heard of it.

Wealthy older men looking
for young women to exploit.

Who's being exploited here?

Either it was a mutual fantasy

or she's using my client's
pension for kinky sex

to set him up.

Role playing is healthy
for consenting adults.

- Did you pay Meghan?
- Never got that far.

We only met that night onstage.

She said in the email
that she wanted our first time

to be a stranger rape fantasy.

Told me where to go, when,
what she'd be wearing.

That she wanted it
quick, rough, and public.

Look, she claims
that she fought you.

And she wrote in this email,
dated five days ago,

"if I resist,
it only means I want you more."

We had a safe word.

If it went too far,
she'd say it.

She didn't.

Well, maybe because
she was scared.

You were pulling her hair.

Someone else is holding
her wrists.

For all I know,
she emailed that guy too.

I'm telling you the truth.
Why would I risk arrest?

My reputation?

All due respect, judge,

you were having sex
in a public theater.

If I thought for a moment
that it went too far,

I would've stopped.

I don't enjoy hurting women.

Whatever story
this actress told you,

she wants money or publicity.

Maybe she's just
being dramatic.

She believes that
she was raped.

So whatever he believed...

your client still
May be guilty of sexual assault.

Good luck getting
the D.A. onboard.

Ingenue seeking patron.

So the judge is
telling the truth.

She has a profile on a website.

It doesn't mean that
she solicited her own assault.

Okay, somebody tell me
how this website's still legal.

Isn't this prostitution?

Yeah, but the girls
never name a price.

There's no direct
sex-for-cash agreement.

These girls are
still transacting sex

for financial support.

Sounds like
a lot of marriages I know.

All right, look,
we've got a sitting judge

with An impeccable
reputation and no history

of prior bad behavior
claiming he was set up.

Now maybe this girl
played him and us.

If she wanted
to blackmail the judge,

wouldn't she have gone
straight to him...

instead of calling the police?

And if the judge wanted
to work out some kinks,

There are easier ways.

I mean, why chance
destroying his career?


The guy likes risks.

Doesn't mean he's a rapist.

I wouldn't put anything
past Jason.

And Meghan and the judge,
they could both be victims.

All right, first step,

see if Meghan can explain
these emails.

"I want you
to take me from behind

While everyone watches
and no one knows."


Well, you don't think
I wrote that.

Judge Gerald Crane says

you two have been emailing
for weeks.

I have never heard
of a Gerald Crane.

Is he the one...

he claims that you asked him
to have sex with you

during the performance.

Why would he say that?

So this is not
your Gmail account?


I still use my college email.

Did you ever set up
a profile on a website

called Sugarbabyz?

I don't even know what that is.

That is you.

Well, yeah, but...

"Ingenue seeking patron.

Let me give you
a private audition."

No, I didn't write that!
I didn't put up a profile.

You don't believe me, do you?

We do believe you.

We're just trying to figure out
what's going on.

Same as you, Meghan.

That is my photo,

but I didn't put it up
on that website.

That picture?
That's not from me.

If I was gonna set up Meghan,

I've got images that are
a lot hotter.



Jason, you just made bail
on a surveillance charge.

What kinda camera is that?
Is that motion activated?

With custom installed
night vision.

Motion activated's terrific...
until she gets a cat.

- You adjust the
floor-to-ceiling parameters.

Guys, guys, guys!

We're here to talk
about these emails.

Meghan says she didn't set up
that account.

Meghan can barely figure out
how to turn her laptop on.

Pretty adorable.

- So you set it up.
- No, I did not.

Did you check the ip address

to see where the emails

Cafe Gansevoort.

Across the street
from the theater.

Which is pretty convenient
for you

seeing as you saw the show
12 times and all.

Gimme the dates,
gimme the times

and we'll clear all this up
right now.

- Okay, three weeks ago.
6:30 P.M.

Tuesday, 11:50 P.M.

The following Thursday,
7:06 P.M.

And so on and so forth.

Those times...

well, as you can see,
I was otherwise engaged.

Man, you were
rubbing your mother's feet?

- Thursday night
at 7:06.

These cameras really are
for security.

The emails were sent
from Cafe Gansevoort.

Jason has an alibi.

Does anybody else
from the production go there?

We all do.

Have you had any issues
with other actors?

Maybe someone in the crew.

We were all a family.

How about dating history?

Maybe a relationship
didn't end well?


All my exes are friends.

Some of them sent me flowers
opening night.

Judge Crane was either
at a fundraiser

or lecturing on privacy law
at Hudson U.

Every time an email was sent.

Cafe Gansevoort any help?

No security cameras.
Cash only.

100 people in there a night,

including almost everybody
from the theater.

- It could've been one of her

This girl grew up sheltered.

She might not even recognize
a predator.

Maybe Jason's cameras did.

Kiss me.

- Ted!
- What?

Look, the scene calls
for a visceral response.

You crave his hands on your
body, his lips on your lips.

I know, I...

I just wasn't expecting
your tongue in my mouth.

I played the moment, okay?

Which is exactly
what you should be doing

on the stage.
Right, right.

Let's try it again.
Kiss me.

That's her director Ted Scott.

He's been over to Meghan's
apartment eight times

in the last two months
for this scene work.

Okay, so he sets up
his star actress to be raped.

To what end?

For the publicity.

The rape story comes out

The ticket sales are
through the roof now.

- So he gets a two-for?

He gets back at Meghan
for turning him down

and his ticket sales spike up?

And the judge?

Collateral damage.

Maybe not.

I found out that Crane presided
over Ted's first divorce

ten years ago
and it ended pretty nasty.

No, it's all still

Is there anything... anything...
tying him to the emails?

I think so.

I did a comparative
statement analysis.

I took Ted's press release
and the rapist's email...

and they both use British
spelling and grammar.

So it's like,
"theatre" With An "R-e."

um, and "Towards"
Instead of toward.

You know, subjunctive tense.

And then there's this
little coincidence.


That was judge Crane's
role play safe word.

It's also the name of Ted's
first New York play.

Jeez, the director,
the I.T. guy,

the judge...
just pick your pervert.

Well, a pretty girl,
New to New York City,

every guy she met saw her
as easy prey.

Can I ask you something?

How long have you worked SVU?

Don't ask!

No, it's just, how do you
trust any man, ever,

after working this job
day in, day out?

I trusted my partner.

Yeah, okay.

I haven't given up hope.

There are good guys
still out there.

- Giovanni just left.
- Are you sure?

Then kiss me.

Francesca, what the hell's
going on?

Guards, get out!

Giovanni... no!

- Guy can't help himself.
- Do you mind?

This is not the best time.

We're in the middle
of a blocking rehearsal.

Yeah, I can see that.

Your actress gets attacked,
and you use it in your show?

I draw inspiration from life.

I'm going for the Meta.
No, you're not.

And you're missing
your show tonight.

I adore Meghan.
I would never hurt her.

She doesn't adore you.

No, she doesn't.

You got this all wrong.

if I staged a rape
for every actress

who ever slapped me down,
we would be here all night.

Not helping. Ted...

and how did...
how did I do this?

Okay, so you're a regular
at Cafe Gansevoort?

Yes. It's across the street
from the theater.

Ever use their computers?

No, I drink their coffee.
It's wonderful. Why?

Because Somebody
Impersonating Meghan

set her up to be raped.

They used "Dixie"
As a safe word.

Wait. What?

And then they posted
a fake profile of her

on the Sugarbabyz website.

And then they tricked this man,

who just so happens
to be the judge

who presided over your divorce,

to actually rape her.

Okay, wait a minute.
Wait a minute.

Just slow down
for one second here.

Don't you see what this is?

This isn't about Meghan.
This is about me.

Meghan was the one
who was raped.

Yes, and that is horrible.

But... but don't you get it?

My divorce judge.

I have an account
on Sugarbabyz.

Dixie was my play.

I am the victim here.

I am the one
who is being set up.

- By who?
- I don't know.

There's a lot of jealous people
in the theater world.

All right,
we came in to cooperate,

but this doesn't seem...
I'm a director.

I have control issues.

I obsess over details.

Yet I was nowhere near the set
where Meghan was attacked.

Now, doesn't that tell
you people anything?

I don't see enough

to charge Ted Scott
with rape one.

And I'm not charging
a sitting judge with anything

until we have a clear chain
of the crime.

Crane confessed.

We have 300 other justices
watching us

to see how we treat this judge
who's being targeted,

potentially because of how
he presided over another case.

It looks like Crane was used,
just like Meghan, by Ted.

Until you can prove that,

I can't charge any
of the players.

We hear you, counselor.

Keep me posted.

She's leaving?

Yeah, Well, everything
linking Ted to the rape

is circumstantial.

Okay, can we just
take a step back?

If Ted did set this up,

how would he know
that the judge would go

for a public rape fantasy?

They were both members
of the Sugarbabyz website.

So maybe they shared
fetish stories.

Or Maybe they shared
a sugar baby.

Meghan didn't send me
these emails?

We don't think so, no.

Then I did rape her.

Gerald, you didn't know.

Your honor, at some point

the D.A. Will have
to file charges.

Because charging me is
the only way you can charge

the real perp.

It's kafkaesque.
Do you have any suspects?

Ted Scott.
He's Meghan's director.

You presided over his divorce
ten years ago.

Any way that he's
angry with you

and trying to get back at you?

Is someone who stood in front
of me in a divorce court angry?

They're all angry.

Have you ever been in touch
with Ted?

Maybe through Sugarbabyz.
You're both premiere members.

Did you attend
any of their events?

No. No, I just correspond
with the young women.

You dated a series
of sugar babies.

Is it possible that you and Ted

have any of these women
in common?

It's possible.


The emails that were
supposedly sent by Meghan

were, designed
to appeal to your fantasy.

Details that only somebody
that you've been intimate with

would know.

So you want to go through
my dirty laundry hamper.

You don't have to agree
to this, Gerald.

Someone committed a crime.

I want whoever's responsible
to be brought to justice.

All right, Dina...

who's in front of a hotel room
window at the standard.

She was more
of an exhibitionist, that is.

Less of a rape fantasy.
Keep going.

Lisa wanted me
to break into her room,

middle of the night,
attack her.

She was concerned
anybody might find out,

so we kept in touch.

Did anyone want to role play
a rape with you

in a public place?

Yes, there was one...
a bit plain.

And it was not her fantasy,
it was mine.

- Okay.
- Yeah.

Role play took place

in the dressing room
at Bergdorf's

while she was trying on

I would burst in...
Hold on.

May I?

When did you and she
have your... date?

Six weeks ago, maybe.

She wrote back,
wanted to get together.

And two weeks later,
you and Meghan started emailing.

Yes. The day that
she posted her profile,

I wrote...
I was intrigued.


We're gonna need all
your correspondence with her.

Sure. Well, they're all
in that iPad.

I'll leave it with you.

I'll rely on your discretion...

- On all this.
- Absolutely.

Thank you very much
for coming in, your honor.

I sincerely hope it's of help.

Lot going on
under those robes.

What do you got?

This is Meghan's roommate,
Holly Schneider.

Well, that can't be
a coincidence.


You're leaving the show.
I just want to go home.

It was always safe there.

We think we might have
found out who set you up.

Your director, Ted.


But I don't un...

I thought he liked me.

We saw the way he behaved
on the surveillance cameras.

He could be
a little handsy, but...

Meghan, he took
advantage of you.

So you were there,
right, Holly,

when Ted was around?

I asked her to be there.

So you know Ted too, then.

A little.
From the theater.

And also from Sugarbabyz,

We know you went out
on some dates with Ted.

I mean, that's how you met,
isn't it?

What? Holly?

Your roommate didn't tell you?

Yeah, she's a big star
on that site.

Why would you do that?

- I had to pay the rent.
- But Sugarbabyz...

someone put a fake profile
of me on that site.

Yeah. Ted.

Yeah, we're not so sure
about that, Holly.

What do you mean?

We know about you
and judge Crane.

His rape fantasies.

You and him in the Bergdorf
Goodman dressing room.

Holly, what are they
talking about?

That wasn't anything.
I needed money.

Right. Because your dad
doesn't pay your bills.

I would have helped you.

Just like you helped her

you got this role in the play.

Not you.
Isn't that right, Holly?

I thought you were okay
with that.

You worked so hard.

Hours of rehearsal...
sleeping with the director.

Is that what he said?

You slept with Ted?

Holly, you didn't have
to do that.

Yeah, I did.

No, but you're a better actor
than me... you always were.

But that was never enough.
Right, Holly?

I get it.

You know, I'm from
a small town too.

I come up here to the city,

I think things Are gonna
be different,

my life's gonna change.

You don't get it!

You're like Meghan.

How long have you been
in New York?

And you're already a detective?

You're just like her.

Everything just handed to you.

Guys jumping up to help you,
nice apartments,

upgrades to first-class.

All you have to do is show up.

And you get the part.

It was my audition!

She just came
to help me run lines,

and as soon as Ted saw her,

he wanted her.

And you didn't say no.

Do you know what I had to do
for that audition?

Down on my knees with that pig,

and with Crane
and all those guys.

And I am so tired of being
the ugly duckling.

And I wanted you to know
what it felt like

to feel dirty and used.

To want to give up.


I thought you were my friend.

You had someone rape me!

It's about time something bad
happened in your life.

Don't you think?


I didn't see or hear
a shred of remorse.

With all the abusive men
in her life,

and Meghan's betrayed
by a woman.

Didn't see it coming.

Yeah, it's hard enough
out there.

You'd like to think that We
could look out for each other.

Good night.

Get home safe.

Sync and corrected by APOLLO