Kung Fu Panda: The Paws of Destiny (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 8 - Secrets Lost to Shadow - full transcript

The kids meet an unlikely ally when trying to find Po.


1x08 - Secrets Lost to Shadow


He's alive. Look at our paws,
Master Po's alive!

How do you know?

Maybe it's that mouth-breathing
turkey, Jindiao, messing with us?

I thought Jindiao was a vulture.

- I was insulting him, Fan Tong.
- Oh! I don't get it.

No, it was Master Po's chi.

I could feel it.
Jindiao couldn't fake that.

You know what? We're gettin'
out of here right now.

Stand back, I'm gonna totally
disrespect this door. Eaah!

That was not supposed to happen.

Jindiao must have
warded the room

with some kind of chi seal.

Our new abilities are useless here.

We have to find another way.

Dude, what are you doing?

I'm looking for air leaking
out from cracks in the boards.

Ugh, he's losing it. If Fan Tong
doesn't make it, can I have his chi?

Wait! If there's cracks,
there might be a way out.

Ugh, do you know how dirty my fur
is gonna get rolling around... Whoa!

Jing, come on,
Master Po needs us.

Master Po doesn't need me.

- I've done enough to him already.
- But that wasn't your fault.

Yeah, and I thought
we'd broken Jindiao's hold.

We weakened it,
but I can still feel him.

Jindiao can take control
of me anytime.

You're in danger
just being with me!

I can't help you anymore.

JADE TUSK: This is where
the entrance

to the Cave of The
Four Constellations opened.

I have waited a thousand years
for this moment. [LAUGHS]


The wellspring is within my grasp!


Thank you.
Now, stand back.




Ugh. Security wards.
Let's try that again.



Oh, that felt good!

Love that Dragon Master Chi.

[DEEP BREATH] Are you coming?


Knock it off in there!

She's looking! Keep going.

Aah! I'm in pain!
My sinuses!

- "My sinuses?"
- What else am I supposed to say?

I don't know.
You're the performer.

We need to convince the guard
you need medical attention,

not a tissue to blow your nose.

Man, you've gotten bossy
since you got your Hero Chi.

Ooh! My knees!

Can't take the pain.

Ugh! Keep it down, you
little brat. I'm coming.

Here she comes!


It's time to go.






My thighs are sweaty!
They're gonna hear my thighs!

No one cares about
your sweaty thighs!





Wonderful, you recognize me.

Help me up before the blood
drains from my cankles.

- Wait a minute, where's...
- MR. PING: Help! Darkness!

I can't feel my flippers!

That was so horrible.

My, [GASPS] my life
flashed before my eyes.

It wasn't as good
as I remembered.

Shh! Not here.
Let's talk inside.

What are you guys doing here?

I thought Jindiao put the
whole village to sleep?

The spell only affects pandas.

The goose brain
is much more evolved.

What about you, Grandma?

Please, dementia made my
brain into mush years ago.

No one's allowed to lock up
my babies but me.

Group hug!


No way.

Grandma, Mr. Ping,
Master Po is alive.

[GASPS] I knew it!
Where is my beautiful boy?

Oh, oh, I just can't
wait to tell Cart!

We don't know where he is,
but we're gonna find him.

First, though, we gotta
get past Jindiao's guards.

I think I can help with that.

Chi takes time to rebuild.
Of this, I am sure.

Great! So, what did
you have in mind?

Ah, this is gonna help me get
back my chi how exa... [GROANS]

Do you question
why the sun rises?

If the sun was on top
of a balance beam,

balancing a pair of buckets,
I would! [GROANS]

- Oh, that stings!
- Good, now move it.

And don't spill a drop,
I just cleaned the floors.

Your floors are dirt.

Okay, okay, okay!
No spillage.

So, how do you know
how to do this?

Just an observation, but you
don't look like you get out much.

Mm, "One need not walk a mile,
if one is already home."

The great Oogway
taught me that.

Yeah, that sounds like
something Oogway would...

Oogway? You know Oog...


This is nuts!
You know Oogway!

I know Oogway!
Ha! Small world, huh?

A little too small.



Training is over. I am tired.
Start again tomorrow.

No, no, hold on.
I need to know how

- you know Master Oogway?
- I don't know who that is.

But you just said you did.

Did I?
Oh, yes, of course.

Master Oogway.

I haven't seen him since he
chased Ke-Pa, the Demon King,

out of the Valley of Peace.

That was over
a thousand years ago!

How old are you, guy?

I haven't kept track.



You know, I believe Oogway is
the reason I am in this cave.

I knew it! I knew
it wasn't random you found me!

You're connected
to what's happening.

Why did Oogway
put you in this cave?

I believe he put
me here because...


Lunch! Who's hungry?

Ugh! Why couldn't it be easy?
Just once!

Uh, Grandma, no offense, but how
are history scrolls gonna help us?

Keep it up, I enjoyed that.

What are we doing
here, Grandma?

Getting you kids out of
the town without being seen.

This whole village
is built over tunnels

that extend down
through the mountain.

I never heard about those.

That's because you kids
never study! Ah, here we go.

FAN TONG: Have you
ever been in them?

GRANDMA: Nope. Not even
sure why they are there

- or who built them.
- That's not very reassuring.

I think my thighs
are sweating again.

Guys, this is it.

This is how we escape
if we wanna find Master Po.

All right!
We're gonna need torches.

- And food!
- Cart and I can make you

some nice travel plums
basted in cricket flour.

Maybe just the torches then.

Jing, you okay?

- I'm staying.
- What?

If Jindiao takes me over,
he'll see what's happening.

You'll never escape
to help Master Po.

We're the Four Constellations,
not three. You're one of us.

And you're my best friend,

and I can't imagine
doing this without you.

And I don't wanna beg
so don't make me!


That said, Jing, if you want
to stay behind you... Ow!

We need to find a way to
beat Jindiao at his own game.

Come on, everybody, think.

Sometimes when I get scared,
I try to think of a happy place.

When I get scared or sad,
I just look in a mirror!

Always cheers me up.

Hold on!
That might be something.

When Jindiao takes control
of me, he sees what I see.

What if I could make him
see something else?

- My version of a "happy place."
- A memory.

JADE TUSK: No sign of
the Wellspring, Master.

JINDIAO: And you're certain
the children didn't discover it?

From what I and my spies
have observed, yes.

This pool is where
they kept the Wellspring.

The most powerful source
of energy in the universe,

and that idiot Oogway
chose to keep it in a cave

beneath a village of useless pandas.

Guarded by four fools.

Perhaps, in the time that's
passed, it simply dried up.


The Wellspring is not of this world.

It will flow long after
we have left this existence.

It is here, just hidden.

Once I have the power
of the Four Constellations

and retrieved my true body,

I will find the Wellspring
and claim it as my own.

And then... Master?

And then, dear Jade Tusk,

I will become a God!

But, first
things first, the children.

- How we doin', Bao?
- Good.

Unless this map is upside
down, in which case, no idea.

That's reassuring.

You guys think
we're alone down here?

Probably not.

But don't worry, Fan Tong, if
there is something down here,

I'm sure you'll be the
first one who gets eaten.

Why would you say that?

Because he's Bao.

I'm just being honest. No
way we're all gonna make it.

JING: Anyone think it's weird
that there's a bunch of tunnels

beneath our village
we never knew about...


It's him. Ugh!
He's trying to take control!

Fight him! Remember the plan,
your version of a happy place.

Our new abilities are useless here.
We have to find another way.

Right where I left them.


He's gone.
I think it worked!


Guys, maybe we're really
going to escape... Ah!

ALL: Fan Tong!

This is silly.
My memory is fine.

Yeah, that's pretty
much the first thing

someone with a bad
memory would say.

Don't worry, this will be painless.

Just gonna jog
the ol' brain fibers a skosh

by showing you
some badly neglected,

and mostly unwashed
objects from your past.

Aha! Perfect!
Memories unleash!

Okay, okay, no problem.

- How about this?
- Mm?

- Uh, aha! Huh?
- Hmm.


Ooh! Fuzzy boots! Which I
might want to borrow later.

You are not putting your
stinky panda feet in my booties.

Now, can we get back to your training?

Unless, reviving your chi
and helping your friends

is no longer important to you.

Wow, guy, that's cold, but inspiring!

A true Dragon Master
never gives up! Thank you.

This [GRUNTS] right here!
This looks, promising!

Just hold on a second,
I almost got it.

[GRUNTS] Whoa!


No! And look at the mess you've made.

Get up, Po! Get up!


BUNNIDHARMA: Master Po. Get up.

You have all the power
in your own mind. Get up!

Wait, what did you just say?

You heard what I said!

It was you.
Your voice!

It was in my head!
Who are you?

[STUTTERS] I-I don't know
what you're talking about.

I'm just an old rabbit.
Please, stop with all this.

Forgive me, guy, but I can't.

There's, like, lives at
stake, including my own.

You're making my head hurt.

Leave me alone!

No way, not this time!


- FAN TONG: Help me!
- NU HAI: We're trying!

I think I'm gonna be sick!

He pukes on me, I
don't care what you say,

that fool's getting a chi blast.


Uh, this seems bad.
Right, guys?


Fan Tong!



- Yep. Backing up now.




Oh, my word, look at
this, you're pandas.

Did I frighten you?
I am so sorry.

This is so embarrassing.
I thought you were trespassers.

If you were trespassers,
I would have to eat you.

But you're pandas!

You're supposed to be here.

Uh, what's happening?

Uh, uh, that's right.
We're pandas.

And we're supposed
to be here. Yep.

So, if we could just get
our friend, we'll get going.

Of course, of course. I just
need to see your paperwork.

Your passage scrolls telling me
you have permission to be here?


Passage scrolls?

Crazy story, we, uh, see, we left
the scrolls in our other panda pants.

We do have a really cool map,
though. Good? Right? [CHUCKLE]

No, a map won't work.

This is awkward,
but rules are rules,

I'm going to have to eat you.

ALL: What?

Mm, I know.
And you guys seem great.

But I am Zhizhu,

guardian warrior
of the sacred Arachnid clan!

Weapon of the Four Constellations.

It is my sworn oath
to eat all intruders.

Sorry. Who's first?









ZHIZHU: Ow! I think you just
broke one of my pedipalps.

- You okay?
- No.

But lucky my back
took most of the impact.

Money maker is still intact.

You guys, he said he was a
weapon of the Four Constellations.


- We're the Four Constellations!
- Oh, yeah.

You're saying that spider works for us?
Oh, he is so fired!

Let's break out some chi
and show him who's boss.


Hey, Zsa Zsa!

Zhizhu. The "h" is silent.

Whatever, time to meet
your new master...






Oh, no!

Hands off my friends!


Oh, well, I don't
believe my four eyes!

You're the Constellations!

I am just mortified
by this turn of events.

Zhizhu, guardian warrior
of the sacred Arachnid clan,

is your weapon to wield, masters.

Yeah, we know, bubba.

FAN TONG: Sorry again
about the whole sword thing.

Oh, please, this is the most
fun I have had in,

well, a thousand years.

I still don't understand
how the pandas

are connected to the Wellspring,

when we only heard about it
a couple of days ago.

Mm, yes, that is strange.

The pandas have always been
the guardians of the Wellspring,

the Four Constellations
were simply its protectors.

Did everyone just forget somehow?

You've been pretty quiet since
we left Zhizhu's cave, you okay?

Truth? Being taken
over by a 1000-year-old evil

Dragon Master is kind of a drag.

But, there is one thing good about it.

- What's that?
- Now, I know I can fight back,

and I have friends who aren't
afraid to help me do that.

BAO: Ladies...
yeah, we got a problem.

NU HAI: What's going on?
I thought this was the way out.

Yeah, according to this map,

there's supposed to be
an exit door here.

Well, of course there is.



- You?!
- Us?

- They were in their cell.
- Apparently not.

Clever girl, well done.

How does it feel not
to be in control, bird?

Take them! Now!

[CHITTERS] I am Zhizhu,
weapon of the Four Constellations.

It is my sworn oath
to eat all intruders,

and I am hungry!


Go! This fight is mine!
Yours is still to come.

Bon chants! [ROARS]

Forget the spider!
I need those children!




FAN TONG: We have to help him!

NU HAI: Finding Master Po is
the only way we can help him now.

Let's just hope we're not too late.

Um, I see you under the table.

No, you can't.

You just spoke,
from under the table!

Got me.

It was a mistake
to bring you here.

I know you have trouble
with your memory.

Trust me, I've been
in a few food comas myself,

- but you are a part of this.
- I'm not.

I'm just an old rabbit
trying to live his life in peace.

If Jindiao gets the power
of the Four Constellations,

and gains access
to the Wellspring,

there won't be peace.
Not ever.

- That is none of my concern.
- Well, it should be!

Let go of me!

Whoa! [GASPS]

Whoa! This was on the wall of
Jindiao's super evil temple.

What is it?
And why do you have it?

It is a spirit urn.

I was to bring it to the Constellations.

I failed.
It was my fault.

I killed the Four Constellations.