Kung Fu Panda: The Paws of Destiny (2018–…): Season 1, Episode 9 - Out of the Cave and Onto Thin Ice - full transcript

After a shocking revelation, Po is determined to get his chi back and Jing decides to face Jindiao.


1x09 - Out of the Cave and Onto Thin Ice

I was but a simple potter.

Until one day, destiny
called me to a greater task.

Master Oogway needed my help.

Dragon Master Jindiao had grown drunk
with power and desired the Wellspring.

It would be my most considerable task yet.

So, I molded my masterpiece,

the Spirit Urn,
to trap Jindiao's evil soul.

I was to deliver it
to the Four Constellations.


And it came down to me
to save the land

and save the Universe.

But sadly... I overslept.

PO: Whoa, whoa, whoa.

You overslept?!

- [GULPS] Dude...
- Yes. That urn was the only thing

that could have saved
the Universe from Jindiao.

The one you've been
letting me eat raisins out of?!

Whoa, whoa, whoa.
These are raisins, aren't they?

I imagine some of them are.

As for where
Jindiao's soul ended up,

your guess is as good as mine.

I know where his soul is,

and he's trying to take over the world.

[GASPS] Jindiao...

- has returned?
- Mhm.

Jing, are you all right?

It's Jindiao. He's trying
to make a chi connection.

Okay, this is fine.
We'll just stop running.

Find a cozy bed and
breakfast, and lay low.

- Wait. Maybe Fan Tong's right.
- I am? Cool.

Because there's this charming
little cottage not too far from here.

Run by these two guys.
Both named Keith.

No! We stop running.

Jindiao and his goon squad
are on our panda butts.

But maybe we can use that
to lure them into a trap.

- And we're the bait.
- Why did you say that like you're excited?

Jing, we're gonna need your help.

JINDIAO: The little Pandas are close.

The Angry One
will not trick me again.


Guy, this is your chance
at redemption!

Your very own karmic mulligan!

I have no idea what that means.

The new Four Constellations are
in danger, and need our help.

We gotta destroy Jindiao
and trap him in your Urn!

You've been waiting for this
moment for a thousand years!

- It's destiny!
- Meh, I can wait longer.

- And so can you.
- Aah!

You're not ready, Po.

If you leave now,
before you regain your chi,

then Jindiao will de-life us all!


I'm not going, get your
pudgy fingers off of me!

Eh, nope. Hey!
That's not pudge. It's muscle.



Look, old man. I've had just about
enough of you acting like a...



You seriously wanna do this?

You seriously want to get beat up

by a tiny bunny rabbit with dementia?


Ow! You're not a bad
physical therapist, old timer.


Sadly for you, I got my...



You are a future failure.
Just like me.

Call me whatever you want, a bust,
a dud, a big old dudareeno.

So what, I know I might fail.

Where are all these
raisins coming from? [SIGHS]

But that's the difference
between you and me.

I'm cool if I die trying.

My students are out there.
I can feel it.

You don't know what kind
of forces you're up against.

Oh and P.S. If I had
gotten my buddies de-lifed

by a guy who's trying
to take over the world again,

I'd want to do something about it.


Wake up, bozo!
Wake up!


We have a village full
of cursed sleeping pandas.

And sure Po's alive, but we
don't have a clue where he is.

My son is alive?

My son, the Dragon Master Po?
Is alive?

Po is alive!
Everyone. Ow!

Rejoice! My son! Po!

Uh, he lives and breathes!


Uh, what happened
to the Villagers?

- You don't remember?
- Mmm?




If Grand Abbot Jindiao is evil,

then we are all in grave danger.

[STUTTERS] How'd you
break the spell on me?

I don't know.

You woke up when I said
Po was alive.

After I loosened you up
with a good beating.

Well, maybe that's
what reversed the curse.

- The beating?
- No. Something that I wanted

to hear more than anything in the world.

Something that brought me hope.

We better get started.

Master, our combined weight
could crack the ice.

- I suggest we go around.
- It's the middle of winter.

The lake has been frozen
for months.

Just tip toe or something.

You guys ready to play ball?
Jing, we just need you

to get in there long enough
to mess with Jindiao's head.

- Wonderful.
- That's the spirit! [CHUCKLES]




Is everything okay,
Master Jindiao?

I'm fine. [GROANS]

Just, just feel a little...
not my myself.

I think it's working guys.

Jing's invading his mind.



Master, what are you doing?

I'm a chicken! Chip-chip.

I'm a chicken!


Master! Please stop!
We'll sink!

Stop what? This?



- Be perfectly still.
- Why?!

Jing? That you?

The connection's broken.

That should buy us some time.




Not enough time!
That was not enough time!





LI: As your mayor, I'd like
to welcome you all back...

MR. PING: Louder
so we can all hear you!

Uh, it's good to have
the village alive and well.

- And not cursed by a...
- Is this heaven?

- Nope, it's real life.
- GRANDMA: You're wasting time!

The world as we know it
could crumble at any moment.

Yes, good point.
Folks, I'm sure right now

it feels like there is
nothing to believe in.

As if the Universe appears
to be a meaningless abyss

where only the cold embrace
of death is guaranteed.

- Hurry up, I've got mouths to feed.
- But...

we must put
all of that behind us now,

- and prepare to fight!
- Holy crap.


Behind you.

Yes, we will put
all of these events behind us.

No. Behind you, bozo...



Dry salty plums.
End of the world sale!

Everything must go!




Dude, I was totally about
to use my chi to save us.



Evening, children.




What are you doing here?

- Ow!
- A wise man once told me,

"Something, something, something...
redemption." I can't remember.

- Oh! And you forgot something.
- Oh, yeah? What?


Me. I'm the only one
who can find your students.

So your ears glow.

I'll give you a call sometime
when I need a night-light.



- What?
- It is destiny.



Split up!

Come on.

Oh geez. Oh geez.
We're gonna die!



Jing, you gotta get back
inside Jindiao's brain

and take control... now!

I'm under a lot of pressure right now
and that tone isn't helping!



JINDIAO: Your skills
have grown, Angry One.

It's a shame you won't get
out of here alive to use them.

- I'm not afraid of you.
- [CHUCKLES] Show me.








Surrender, child.
You won't feel a thing.




It will be quick and easy.







Look what you did.

No... No, this isn't real.


Stop, please.

Stop it.
You are stressing me out.

Oh my. My, my eczema
is starting to flare.

PANDAS: Get out of my way!

Oh, my word.
Cuteness overload. [LAUGHS]

People, people...

Settle down!


The zombie spider
is eating my babies.

No, no. Look.
He's not hurting them!



My name is Zhizhu. And I do not
eat Panda babies, you sillies.

They go straight to my thorax.


Oh, come on. Am I the
only one who gets it?

I and my kind have been a friend to
the pandas for thousands of years.

- What? Come on. No.
- Did you know this?

ZHIZHU: You think that sounds serious,

well, buckle up for this:

You pandas are all the guardians
of the Sacred Chi Wellspring.

And if Jindiao finds it,

the world as we know it
is in grave danger.



- Little help, Bao?
- Kinda got my hands full.


Sorry. That was meant...

Never mind!



Oh, you're stronger
than the others, Angry One.


When we first met, you were
but a cranky little brat.

Your Hero Chi
has grown immensely.

I thought I wanted it all
for myself, but I was wrong.


Join me, child.


Don't let these fools
hold you back.

- Ah?
- JINDIAO: There is so much more

to the world than what
Master Po has taught you.

With my help, you
could be one of the most

powerful Kung Fu masters
the world has ever seen!

You need only
to depend on yourself.


Yeah, that's gonna be
a big fat nope, gerbil-breath!


You're making a grave mistake.

- The universe is in your grasp!
- Hiyah!

My friends, my family and
my village are my universe!







Run! Avalanche!

- Master...
- Jing. Wake up! Please.




What the heck?

- Oh.
- Come on! Where are the kids?

This is because we spent all
that time in your stupid cave

when I should have been out here
looking for my students!


I thought your ears knew
what they were doing.

They led us here, where we'll
probably freeze to death,

and I finished
the last of the raisins.

How are we ever gonna find them?


I should have been here for them.

- Your butt's glowing.
- What?

I'm no doctor, but you
should get that looked at.


Aw yeah, we didn't die
in an avalanche, y'all!

Hey! Gang! My kids!


Kids. I'd like you to
meet the guy responsible

for saving my life, and yours.

Ow. Oh, yeah.
He kinda does that... a lot.

Wow. You guys survived
an avalanche.

Oh and check it out.
I found a way to stop Jindiao.

Where is it, come on.

The Spirit Urn!

- Urn, urn, urn, urn...
- Sick.

You found the Spirit Urn.

The etching is even prettier
in real life than in the scroll.

- Whoa!
- You guys.

We can totally finish what the
Four Constellations started.

- Defeat Jindiao for real this time.
- Oh, yeah, baby.

Wait, how do you guys
know about the Spirit Urn?

Long story.

That'll have to do for now.
Let's go find Jindiao.

So, uh, where is ol' J.D. anyway?



Yeah. That one's on me.