Kfulim (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - Episode #1.7 - full transcript

Previously -

You said this has
something to do with Natalie.

We know she is under arrest.

She will be extradited
to Russia tomorrow.

How did you get all of this?

Jonathan hacked the national
headquarters' mainframe.

Great, incriminate me in front of
a public attorney, smart move.

Hack Asia?
- The police.


We wanted to consult someone
who knows about these things.

We are here because your fiancée
is in the same mess we are in.

I checked a few things out.

Your information is correct,
but it's not accurate.

This isn't a formal extradition.
It's a gray area.

If it's a gray area,
we can appeal.

It will take me a while.
You can't stay here.

They'll be looking for you here,
you have to go.

I think I may have a place.

"We need a place to hide. ASAP."

Are you in touch with the
others? With Sean or Asia?

I met Asia once.

You have to warn her.

They will arrest all of you and
extradite you to Russia tomorrow.

I'm burying my brother tomorrow,
do you get that?

They will arrest you
right after the funeral.

They are following you as we
speak, you have to come with me.

She's trying to get away.

Arrest her immediately!
She is trying to escape! Copy?

She is trying to get away,
Do you copy?


You will help me find Omer.
- I don't know him, I swear.

Do as I say.

The target has escaped.

You are off the case.

You sent me
straight into a trap, huh?

My police source didn't
know anything about it.

Natalie is alive.
She was wearing a vest.

Start with a shot
to the head next time, okay?

You can do it
yourself next time.

What about Marik's sister?
- What about her?

Could he have told her anything?

No, he'd never put her
at risk like that.

I had no choice.

"Dude, I left the information
I have on Gabi"

"with my sister, as usual."

"That's our insurance
against him. Don't lose it."

"And I need you to watch out for my
sister until I'm settled, okay?"

"Don't let anything
happen to her."


I want to go to Moscow.


Son of a bitch.

What do we know
about Ben's company?

Future Formulas. They are mostly
into medical development.

The development facility
is based in Israel,

but the company itself is Swiss.
There is something you need to know.

The suspects were supposed to
be extradited to Russia today.

We lost them this morning. We
don't know where they went, why,

or what they know.

I'm Sean.

You're saving my ass.

Get in!

- Get in!

What happened?

Your boyfriend helped
the other suspects escape.

Tell me where they went, right now.
- I don't know, they didn't tell me.

What did you do, Yuval?

They are going to
extradite you to Russia.

Listen to me.

Tell me where they went,
and I guarantee you

that Natalie will not be
on that plane.

I want it in writing.

Stop it!
- Who do you think you're dealing with?

We will find them. It might take 5
hours, 10 hours or a whole day,

but we will find them.
It's a small country.


You have to pick sides.
- Stop it, Yuval.

Come on, this is your last chance.
- Everything I did was my fault,

I don't want you to pay for my mistakes!
- Speak up!

I'm begging you. Tell him.
- Tell me.

Yuval. I'm begging you.

This is mine. Leave it to me.

Tell me.

I don't know where they
are hiding. I'm sorry.

I can't help you.

Get out of here.

Get out!

Don't worry.
You will pay for this.

You asked me to solve this recent
problem with the Russians,

to take care of this
diplomatic crisis.

I did as you asked. What am I
supposed to tell them now?

That we will only extradite
Natalie Elfassia?

How long will it take
to locate them?

We are doing everything we can,

we have police cars looking
for them all over the place,

and we are also working on
Yuval, Natalie's husband.

He received a phone call on
the same phone that Ben used...

How long?

Honestly? I can't say.

Turn this country upside down.
Find them.

- No problem.

So what now?

Are we just hanging out here until
Yuval tells us it's safe to go back?

He'll call us
when he knows something.

So you're back from India.

Yes. I came back four days ago,
exactly when it happened.

So why weren't you arrested?

I don't know. I don't know.
- Asia?

I went to a friend's house
straight from the airport.

She lives next to Alon Hagalil.

You're lucky.

What's his deal?


He's just stressed out.

We made breakfast.
- I'm not hungry.

And the kindergarten teacher?


She looks like she's feeling low.
- Join us for 5 minutes.

Her brother's funeral is today.

He was murdered two days ago.

Let's eat.

Just on time. I'm starving.


They asked me about you
when I was being interrogated.

They asked if I knew you.

What did they ask?

They wanted to know if I
manufactured nerve gas for you,

the one that was used
in the kidnapping.


What do you have to do
with nerve gas?

I'm a chemist.


I wouldn't mind it if you
made me a few chemicals.

What I don't get is
why they asked me

if I manufactured it
for you, specifically.

What do you mean?

I mean that the investigator
was focusing on you.

Like you're involved somehow.

Is he for real?

Do you really think
I'm involved with it?

You're the chemist.

Maybe you're involved.

He probably just wanted
to confuse you.

Like they got me to say
that you stole my passport.

There you go.

So you're a chemist,
you are a kindergarten teacher,

and that Natalie person
is an accountant.

And what are you?

I'm an English tutor.


Honestly, I don't know what the
connection is between all of us.

Who said there is one?
- There actually could be.

If it was the Mossad, you really
didn't have anything to do with it.

They just take passports they
find useful, without asking.

You know, through the Ministry
of Internal Affairs and stuff.

But if someone else did it,
you may very well be involved.

Like someone who has access
to information, or...

What's your story?


The four of us, our faces
were all over the news,

but what's your story?

I don't have a story,
I'm Emma's neighbor and...

I don't know you.

You came to my house
in the middle of the night,

to tell me that the Shin Bet
is following me.

You jump through hoops
to get us all here.

What's in it for you?

I didn't take you
to the middle of the desert...

It has nothing to do with you.

Why would you jump through hoops
to get us all here?

Okay, okay, okay,
let's all calm down.

Do you think I planned this?

Things just lead to it.

What do you mean,
things just lead to it?

You know what?

You're being really ungrateful. I'm
sorry about your brother, but...

Shut up! Who gave you the right
to talk about my brother?

You're just attacking
when you should be thanking him.

Shut up! Have a cup of tea
and calm down!

Would you rather be sitting
in a holding cell right now?

Come on!
- Emma.

Asia, we are all...

Don't talk to me
like I'm a little girl.

So don't behave like one.

Go to her. She's waiting
for you to console her.

I don't know, no offense,
we don't know each other,

so it's only natural
that we ask questions.

Are you coming?

Breakfast was good.

Do you see what it looks like?

My neighbor broke into
the police computer mainframe.

I found this place.

How are you doing?

How are you feeling?

I need your help.

Enough. Leave us alone.

I know you're angry...
- You got me shot.

You almost got me killed.

And now you're beating up my
boyfriend right in front of me?

If you want me to talk,
let Yuval go.

I can't do that. - Right now. - I
can't do that, I'm off the case.

You're right, Natalie.

I got you shot.

Because I was arrogant.

Are you even allowed to be here?

- So what are you doing here?


I'm sorry.

The Mossad has to
maintain its image

in front of the Russians
and the Prime Minister.

They don't care
who framed you guys.

If we get to whoever did this...
- Who's "we"?

I need your help, Natalie.

If we get to whoever did this,
we'll have a case

for canceling the extradition,
and Yuval will be released, too.

Are you making promises you
won't be able to keep, again?

I'm not promising anything.

I'm telling you what my goal is.

It's the best you can get.


Future Formulas, the company
Ben Raphael works for.

I never did their books.

I know that. I pulled some
information on it off the web.

The company is Swiss, but its
development department is here.

But what's this?
What is this Dutch company?

Future is a Swiss company,

but it's owned by
a Dutch holding company.

I need internet
access to know more.

I need you to find...
- Would you shut up?

I know what I need to do.

If Jonathan stresses you out,
why did you come here?

No one is stressing me out.
- Hey...

Relax, I'm on your side.

I know he's only trying to help.

I just need to get
my life in order.

I think he likes you.
- Best of luck to him.

He told me about your brother.

I'm sorry.

I'm fucking losing my mind here.

Let's take a walk.

Let's get some air,
it'll be good for you.

What do you say?


I'll go get my bag.

My wife doesn't know
I'm off the case.

She isn't from Haifa

and I didn't get married
during the war.

But I am married.
That wasn't a lie.

So do you want tips for keeping
secrets from your spouse?

She warned me this might happen.
This is the second time now.

Why did they take you off the
case? Be honest with me.

This job...

They teach you how to lie
and manipulate people.

They tell you the end
justifies the means,

and that any problem
can be solved.

But at the same time, they put
you under rules and regulations,

but the problem is the rules
are the obstacle sometimes,

and you have to
work around them.

And when you get caught,
you get the boot.

You were caught twice.

Only twice.

Look at this.

I went over the Future Formulas
board of directors.

This is public information,
it's a public company.

One of the directors is a Bulgarian
national, by the name of Ori Zultak.

It turns out he's also on the
board of an Israeli company.

Which company?

Silver Commerce
and Technologies.

It's owned by an Israeli national
by the name of Gabriel Silver.

Gabi Silver.
- Do you know him?

Not personally.
He used to be one of the guys.

He retired and started working
in security manufacturing.

He has a lot of connections.

So the same director is on his
board and Future Formulas'?

Yes, but that's not all.

Silver Commerce and Technologies is
one of the companies I ripped off.

Are you sure?


But it may be a coincidence.

There are no coincidences
in my line of work.

Eli, the Carmiel ID was wrong.

Where are you going, Alex?
- I'm just going to... - Eli.

The Shfela News Forum printed
an article about the obscurity

around the kidnapping
investigation in Russia.

God damn them to hell. Alright,
get that site off the air,

call the provider,
call the cable company,

call Allah, if you have to.
Alex, I need you.

I'm just making a call.
- Eli, I got a call from...

Would you stop interrupting me
and let me complete a sentence?

What is it?

The Mossad liaison office wants
to know if there is any news.

What do you want from me?

Is there any news?
There isn't, is there?

Tell them there is no news.

I'm going to see Yuval.
Keep me posted.

He's going out of his mind.
- I need you to run a query

for the operations report
and the investigations.

Are you out of your mind?
You know I can't do that.

I need to see if the name
Gabi or Gabriel Silver

has come up in one
of the investigations.

Who is he?

Alex, that doesn't matter.
Just run the name, it's important.

"Gabriel Silver."

"No results"

I don't have a match.

Run "Silver Commerce
and Technologies".

Where is Elfassia's case?
- In your office.

I can't find anything. I have to go.
- Hold on.

Run "Silver". Just "Silver".
- Ethan. Come on.

Run it for me.


"One result found: Emma
Lipman - Initial Questioning"

I have one match. Emma
Lipman's initial questioning.

What did she say?

Hold on, let me load
the full video.

Are you of British nationality?
- Israeli.

What do you do for a living?

Hebrew. Speak Hebrew.

I teach English. I
teach children.

Are you a private teacher?
- Not exactly.

What's going on, Alex?
- Hold on.

I work with kids
from wealthier families.

Like who?

Iftach and Ronit Guetta,
from Herzliya.

Dafna Zilberman, Karin Silver.

She worked as a tutor
for a Karin Silver's kids.

Karin Silver...

Okay, according to the
Ministry of Internal Affairs,

Karin was married to Gabriel Silver.
That's who you are looking for, right?

What's wrong?
- Thank you, Alex.

But what...?
- Not now.

The company Ben works for
is connected to Silver.

You stole from Silver's company.
Emma works for his ex-wife.

Three out of five.

So what now?

I'm going to talk to him.

Thank you for your help.

You're welcome.

I'm going to leave her. Efrat.


When we get back from here, when
it's all over, I'll tell her.

You don't mean that.

Emma, I want to leave her.

We've been together
since we were 16 years old.

Did you know that?

We stayed together because
we didn't want to hurt

each other's feelings,
and because...

Because it was convenient.

When this all happened,

my biggest fear was
that Efrat would find out.

And then, when she did,
I was scared for myself,

I knew my whole life would change,
and I was worried about the kids,

and about what people might say.

And now, what scares me the most
is missing the opportunity.

Emma, Ben, you have
to come out here.

Just a minute.

We will not be together.

What happened between us
didn't mean anything. Okay?

I'm sorry.

You have to see this. Come on!

She seemed so nice.
I never would have guessed.

We don't know what this is
all about yet.

The fake passport isn't enough?

I think these are
money transfers.

See? There are dates,
account numbers and amounts.

It all originates
from Iranian banks.

Forget about the spread sheet,
what else is on there?

There's a video.

Isn't that Sean?

What is Asia doing
with a video of Sean?

That's the Iranian
Minister of Defense.

We have to get out of here,

as soon as possible,
and give this to the Shin Bet.

What about Asia?

She had it. She has a fake passport.
She and Sean are part of it. Come on.

Let's go, hurry up.

Let's go!

Were you close?

Marrik and I?

We had no one but each other.

My mother passed away
when he was a little boy.

How old were you?

I was a junior in high school.

I was 15.

I lost both my parents
in a car accident.

I was trying to find myself
for a year,

and then I moved to Israel.

Did you come here by yourself?

I'm messed up.


I needed a change of scenery.

"Sometimes I am sad,
and sometimes I am..."


"Sometimes I remember,
and sometimes I..."

You really are messed up.

Fuck, there are so
many files here.

Forget about the documents,
look for videos and stuff.

There is an audio file, too.

"Marrik. Where are you?"

"At my sister's.
- Are you in Israel?"

It's Asia's brother,
the one who was murdered.

Is he talking to Sean?
- "Does she know anything?

"My sister? No way."

"She didn't recognize me,
or anything?"

So Asia isn't in on it.

"Alright, are you
coming to Gabi's?"

"I'm leaving tomorrow."

Do you think Sean had anything
to do with Marrik's murder?

Give me the phone.

What are you doing?

I'm calling the investigator.
He needs to know about this.


Ethan. It's Ben Refael.

Ben? Where are you?

We have to see you right now, we
have information you have to see.

What information?

We think that Sean
was dealing with the Iranians.

For millions of dollars.

We have a video of him
with the kidnapping victim...

Ben, how did you get
that information?

From Asia. Her brother,
the one who was murdered?

He was in touch with Sean. She
and Sean were with us earlier.

Sean Tilson?
- Yes.

Did you see him?
- Yes, he came to us.

Ben, listen carefully.
That man is very dangerous.

Do you understand me? Stay
away from him, no matter what.


So what should we do now?
- Leave the phone on.

We'll trace it and send
a police car to pick you up.


Asia is with Sean right now.



Ben, we need to go back.


Jonathan, come on. Be realistic.

We can't leave her with him,
we have to help her.

Jonathan, it's not...
- Ben, turn the car around, now!

Enough, Jonathan.
We can't do that.

Ben, we have to help her.
Turn the car around, now.

Jonathan, shut up!
- Turn around, Benny!


Ben, what are you doing?

Let me grab my bag
and I'll be right back.

Tell the pilot we'll be
ready in half an hour.

Gabi Silver.

Going somewhere?

I'm on my way to the airport.
Business trip.

Is the Shin Bet allowed
in my house without a warrant?

You are under arrest.
- Am I?

May I know what for?

Contact with a foreign agent,
compromising national security.

How exactly did I compromise
national security?

You sold weapons to the Iranians

and kidnapped Soleimani.
Did he threaten to expose you?

Alright, buddy.
You're wasting my time.

I have a flight to catch.

Sean Tilson was working for you.

And Marrik, too.
Asia Brindich's brother.

I don't know who
these people are.

Future Formulas. You control that
company through foreign companies.

That connects you
to Ben Raphael.

Do you know how many
companies I own?

Do you know how many employees
those companies have?

And Natalie Elfassia
laundered your money.

She testified to it.
- You got her testimony?

Is that your case?

Alright, go ahead. Arrest me.

I'm paying my lawyer
too much as it is.

Are you saying you don't know
Emma Lipman, either?

You don't give up, do you?

I like that. No, I don't
know who Emma Lipman is.

So it's just a coincidence
that she is working for Karin.

- Your ex-wife.

Emma Lipman was working
for Karin? Are you sure?

Because if this is a trick...
- This isn't a trick.

She babysat your kids.

Didn't you know?

They're trying to frame me,
those sons of bitches.



Are you really that blind?

Who could handpick people who
are connected to me like that?

Who could send an agent to my
ex-wife's house, only to...

Someone wants to talk to you.



Get to my office.


Come here
and I will explain everything.

"We took Silver out."

False Flag