Kfulim (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 8 - Episode #1.8 - full transcript


You asked me to
solve this recent

problem with the Russians,

this diplomatic crisis. What am
I supposed to tell them now?

That we will only extradite
Natalie Elfassia?

Turn this country upside down.
Find them.

They asked me about you
when I was being interrogated.

They wanted to know if I
manufactured nerve gas for you,

the one that was used
in the kidnapping.

What I don't get is
why they asked me if

I manufactured it for
you specifically.

You're the chemist.
Maybe you are involved.


What do we know
about Ben's company?

Future Formulas. They are mostly
into medical development.

So you're a chemist,
you are a kindergarten teacher,

and that Natalie person
is an accountant.

And what are you?
‐ I'm an English tutor.

Honestly, I don't know what the
connection between all of us is.

Who said there is one?
‐ There actually could be.

If it was the Mossad, you really

didn't have anything
to do with it.

They just take passports they
find useful, without asking.

You know, through the Ministry
of Internal Affairs and stuff.

But if someone else did it,
you may very well be involved.

I'm fucking losing my mind here.
‐ Let's take a walk.

What is Asia doing
with a video of Sean?

That's the Iranian
Minister of Defense.

We have to get out of here,
as soon as possible,

and give this to the Shin Bet.
Come on, let's go!

The company Ben works for
is connected to Silver.

You stole from Silver's company.
Emma works for his ex‐wife.

I'm going to talk to him.

Ethan. It's Ben Raphael.

We have to see you right now, we

have information
you have to see.

How did you get that
information, Ben?

From Asia. Her brother,
the one who was murdered?

He was in touch with Sean. She
and Sean were with us earlier.

Ben, listen carefully.
That man is very dangerous.

Stay away from him,
no matter what.

You are under arrest.
‐ May I know what for?

You sold weapons
to the Iranians,

and you kidnapped Soleimani.

They're trying to frame me,
those sons of bitches.


Who could send an agent to my
ex‐wife's house, only to...

Someone wants to talk to you.
‐ Yes?

Ethan. Get to my office.

Come here and
I will explain everything.

"We took Silver out."

Ben, we need to go back.

We can't leave her with him,
we have to help her.

Jonathan, come on. Be realistic.

Ben, turn the car around, now!

Ben, what are you doing?

♪ "Sometimes I am sad,
and sometimes I am..." ♪

♪ "Glad..." ♪

♪ "Sometimes I am remember,
and sometimes I..." ♪

You're messed up.

What happened to your brother?

He was murdered.

‐ I could have stopped it.
‐ No.

You can't think like that.

He wouldn't let me
go to the police.

I shouldn't have
listened to him.

I should have gone
to the police.

If I had said something,
he might have been arrested,

but at least he'd be alive.

I'm so stupid.

Did he know anything?

I don't want to get
you in trouble.

You can tell me, I...

I want to help.

He stole some technology
for some people,

and they sold it
to the Iranians.

I think.

Maybe that's why
he was murdered.

Did he tell you
who those people were?

No, he didn't tell me anything.

But he gave me something.

I don't know what it is.

Honestly, I don't want to know.

I'll give it to the police
when we go back.


It might get you in trouble,
if you take it to the police.

I don't care.

I don't care anymore.

Do the others know?
Jonathan, or...


I'm sorry, I shouldn't have told

you, either.
‐ No, don't be silly.

You just took me by surprise.
It doesn't happen that often.

Right, it doesn't happen
very often to me, either.

Do you want a cigarette?



There they are.

Go, go, go.

‐ What happened?
‐ Yuval called.

He wants to see us, now.

What for?

He didn't say.

Come on, let's go.

Every moment we spend here gives

them a better chance
of tracing us.

Yuval said it's urgent.

Give me a minute.

I asked you to give me a minute.

I promised your brother
I would look after you.

You will go to the car
as if nothing's wrong.

I'll get in touch with you.
Please don't go to the police.

‐ You hit him!
‐ Go, Ben! Go!

Go, go, go! Go, Ben!


Go, Ben! Go!
‐ I want out! Pull over!

‐Go, Ben!
‐Let me out!

‐ Asia, you must calm down.

Listen, he's dangerous!
He almost killed you! Calm down!

Let go of me, Jonathan!
‐ Calm down, Asia.

Pull the car over!
‐ Asia, calm down!

You are a bunch of idiots!
I want out!

He's coming! Ben!

I don't understand
what's going on.

‐ Go, he's catching up!

Ben, he's coming!
Where is the gun?

Where is the gun? Step on it!
Where is it? Step on it!

‐ Step on it!
‐ He has a gun!

Get out.

Get out.

Come on!

Get out!

Get out!

Face away!

On your knees.

On your knees!

Face away.

Who did you send it to?

‐ Who saw this?
‐ No one. Just us.

I didn't send it to
anyone, I swear!

What are you doing?

What are you doing?

He killed your brother.

Shut up.

He knew Marrik.
They were working together,

they were selling weapons
to the Iranians.

‐Shut up!

He murdered you brother.
‐ I said, shut up!

He's lying. They were working
together and he killed him.

Let me go!

Can't you hit him?

Who are you?

Not now, Ben.

Asia. Asia.

Calm down, okay?


Calm down, okay?

Ben, get back here!
‐ Sean! Sean!


Sean, the Shin Bet
is on its way here.

We called them
before we came here,

they will be here any minute.

But you can still get away.

Get on your bike and ride off.

Sean, let Asia go.

Let her go, that's
all I care about.

Nobody needs to get hurt.

Ben, move aside right now
or I'll shoot you, too!

Let her go. Let Asia go, Sean.

Sean. Sean, Sean!
Let Asia go, Sean.

I didn't murder Marrik, Asia.
I did not murder him.


‐ Sean is onto us.
He shot Jonathan.

Where is he now?

‐ He got away.
‐ Jonathan, can you hear me?

Ben and Asia saw me with a gun.

Can you take care of them?

Is he breathing?

If the Russians
interrogate them,

they'll tell them
everything they know.

I'll take care of it.

What does that mean?
‐ It'll be okay.

I promise.

He's alive.

Tower, this is C.

Come in.

‐ Tower, we have
the targets in the car,

but one of them is wounded,
Jonathan Fische.

The ambulance is on its way.
‐ Wounded?

He was shot. The targets
refuse to answer any questions.

Get the detainees to the airport
as fast as possible.

A Mossad representative
will be waiting for you there.

"The Ambulance
Services spokesman

has confirmed that the man"

"found shot this morning
is businessman Gabriel Silver."

"Preliminary evidence from the
scene indicates that Silver"

"has committed suicide..."

Yes, boss?

I'm afraid I'm going
to have to execute the plan.

‐ Are you sure?
‐ I'm afraid so.

I will forward the full details
about the extradition to you.

These four people cannot
get to the questioning.

We can't afford to let the
Russians interrogate them.

What about Emma?

Her, too.

Can't you stop the extradition?

What's the problem?
Just tell them that...

Don't you think I would have
done that if I could?

There is no other way.

We will do whatever
is necessary.

Thank you, Vadik.

Alright, you have a green light
for takeoff.

786, we have just received
the green light.

You are clear for
takeoff once the

detainees are in your custody.


Have a nice flight.

This is so much fun.

Explain it to me.
‐ What do you want to know?

Gabi Silver.
Was he working for you?

Silver was a scumbag.

He worked only for himself,
for money.

Did you know he was selling
technology to the Iranians?

For four years, I
have been keeping

a close eye on that bastard,

supporting him, providing him
with everything he needs,

without his knowledge even,

all to keep the Iranians
buying from him.

Thanks to this operation,
we have complete control

over their
unconventional weapons.

I only have to
push a button, and

everything goes out of service.

So you kidnapped the Iranian?

Someone working for me.

You've met him.


Soleimani got into office
five months ago,

and he started making trouble
right away.

He was afraid of
financial corruption.

He wanted to
scrutinize everything.

We had to figure out

what he knew about Silver
and make him disappear,

before he did any damage.

Didn't he know he was buying
from the Israelis?

They thought they were dealing
with European companies.

Silver may have been a bastard,
but he was smart.

The new minister
made him nervous

and he wanted to stop doing
business with them entirely.

I still need his network alive.

Does the director of the Mossad
know about this?

The director of the Mossad?

You know him.
And the Prime Minister, too.

They never would have
approved this plan,

certainly not the kidnapping
and certainly not in Russia.

Silver is no longer with us, and
the Iranian has taken off, too.

Now we can manage
this network ourselves.

You can manage it. For me.

Ben and Asia know
about Silver and the weapons.

If they talk during

the Russians will
give the Iranians everything,

and everything that
you were trying

to do here will go
down the drain.

You are going to kill them.

You are out of your mind.

I'm reporting everything.
‐ This operation

is more important than the lives
of four people, you know that.

What are you talking about?
If it means so much to you,

go to the Prime
Minister and confess.

Explain what you've done,
take responsibility for it.

Don't you think I would
have gone if I could?

You of all people should know
that if I go there

and tell them the truth,
they will stop this operation,

just for making them
look like idiots.

You are the only one who can
understand what I was doing.

No, I don't understand.
‐ You do, and you are like me.

You went to Russia
without permission,

you risked everything because
you know there was no choice,

you jumped through hoops,
you got to Silver,

because you know
that sometimes, the

system doesn't have the answers,

and that's when you need
people like us.

Go on, go report it.

I won't stop you, Ethan.

Years' worth of
work will be ruined

and I will be thrown
in the gutter.

You know I had no choice.

In the name of merciful Allah.

The Islamic Ah‐Hasanein

assume full responsibility

on the heroic attack against
the Zionist Mossad soldiers

who have kidnapped the Iranian.

Defense Minister,
Farhad Soleimani.

This is the first attack against
the enemy's intelligence lines

for they only understand
the use of brutal strength.

Are you done here?

Come on, let's wrap
everything up and get going.

What's up with that base?
It's in the middle of nowhere.

‐ Over."

"The plane has landed.
We are waiting on the strip,"

"awaiting permission
to come out."

"Copy that."

I'm in position. Standing by.

I've identified the targets.
I've got a clear shot.

‐ Emma!
‐ Emma!





No, Ben!

I have to go in with her!

I need to go with her!

Run to the plane, you'll be safe.

‐ What?
‐ Come on!

We have to run to the plane.

‐ No, they'll kill us!
‐ Run, now!

Come on, hurry up!
Come on, let's go!

Get in, get in.

The door is closed. Go.

"Not clear for takeoff.
Do not leave."

I got it. Thank you very much.


It was from the Ministry
of Foreign Affairs.

The Russians are blaming
the Iranians for the attack.

Are they on their
way back to Israel?

‐ Of course.

The Russians were told
that under these circumstances,

the extradition process
cannot continue.

You took a big risk
with my changes.

The way doesn't matter.

It's the results that matter.


Are all of these people
connected to Gabi Silver?

‐ Are you sure?
‐ We are positive.

All intel indications
point to it.

We believe he killed himself to

avoid going on
trial for treason.

What a mess.

What am I supposed to do
about this now?

How will we tell the Russians
that the man

did such a crazy
thing on their land?

If I may, the Mossad can present

the Russians with
a second story.

A story that might save Israel
the embarrassment.

The kidnapping was planned
by Russian criminals,

working with Marrik Brindich,
the hacker,

and his accomplice, Sean Tilson.

It was a criminal incident.

The goal was
to take over bank accounts

that belonged
to the Iranian minister.

Will anyone believe that?

People believe
whatever's convenient.

Do it.

And this case is closed
as far as I'm concerned.

I don't ever want to hear
about this matter again.

The meeting is
adjourned, gentlemen.

‐ If I may, gentlemen.

We didn't reach a
decision regarding.

Silver's weapons network.

The companies he formed
are still active,

and we don't know who might take
them over for their own needs.

I am not a financial expert,
perhaps Amman has a way

of neutralizing these
companies, to keep

them from doing any
further damage.

Can that be done?
‐ Hold on, hold on.

Are you sure this is
the right way to go?

To shut these companies down?

You said the Iranians
have no idea

they are dealing with Israelis.

That sounds like something
that may work to our advantage.

We can use Gabi Silver's
connections with the Iranians.

If Amman can see
to it that these

companies are run by the Mossad,

it could be fantastic.

I would love for something good
to come out of this mess.

What do you say?

It sounds...

Like an interesting idea.

It's worth looking into.

"The Forensic Institute
has said that the burnt body,"

"found in an
apartment in Moscow,

was that of Emma Lipman."

"Lipman has been
missing since the

assault on the Moscow airport"

"about two weeks ago..."


Dad? Dad.


‐Are you sure
you want to listen to that?

"Iran is still denying
any involvement..."

Oh. No, no. You're right.

‐ Hello.
‐ How are you?

‐ I'll be right there.
‐ Okay.


Hi, Sasha.

Yeah. Thank you.

Listen, I'm coming
to Moscow today.

Yeah, I'm just leaving. Can I
stay with you for a few days?

Thanks. Say, Sasha,

do you remember
Marrik's friend, Sean?

Is he the new guy?

Jonathan, this is Vadim.

This is for you.

You're Boris again.

Sarah Johnson.


You can catch up later.
I want to get started.

‐ Are you excited?
‐ Very.

You're not planning
any other surprises, right?

No surprises.

You won't steal the money box
or anything, right?

Shut up, idiot.

I'm just asking, because we're
flying to Rome tomorrow.

Are you serious?

Your deal has been approved today.

You are officially a state's witness.