Kfulim (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Episode #1.6 - full transcript

Previously -

I want to go to Moscow. To the
hotel he was kidnapped from.

Three years ago, you were
kicked out of the Mossad

because you wouldn't
follow orders.

Now, they kicked you out of
Shin Bet for the same reason.

The medics never made it
to the airport. I'm sure of it.

Look at this video of Soleimani.
It was shot two days ago.

Someone's deleted background
noises from the video.

That means they aren't
in a safe place yet,

they haven't reached
their final location yet.

Russia is a big country.
They can be 600 kms away.

You don't take a target like
that on a ride in your car.

You find a safe place
and you stay there.

You sent me straight
into a trap, huh?

My police source didn't
know anything about it.

Natalie is alive.
She was wearing a vest.

Start with a shot
to the head next time, okay?

You can do it
yourself next time.

What about Marrik's sister?

What about her?

Could he have told her anything?

No, he'd never put her
at risk like that.

We wasted him last night.
I had no choice.

Put the guns down!

"Dude, I left
the information I have on Gabi"

"with my sister, as usual."

"That's our insurance
against him. Don't lose it."

"And I need you to watch out for my
sister until I'm settled, okay?"

"Don't let anything
happen to her."

So you live next door to...?
- Emma. Yes. We're just friends.

Maybe we could
"just be friends," too.

My brother was
murdered last night.

Does it have anything to do
with what's happened in Russia?

The police said
it has nothing to do with it.

This is too big a coincidence.
- Can you stop talking about my brother?

What if I'm also in danger?

What do you want me to do?
She won't talk to me.

You're a hacker. Hack.

Hack Asia?
- The police.


"Marrik has been murdered.
Should I be worried?"

"No longer your responsibility."

I moved out.

I'll come over tonight.

I think it's best if we
don't see each other anymore.

Did you sleep with that woman?
- I just want you to listen to me.

Tomorrow morning, after I pick up
Ronnie, I'll... I'll give you a call.

Who's this?

According to my research,

the Shin Bet has been following you
from the moment you were released.

Once they get the green light, they'll
arrest you, and turn you in to Russia.

If we are arrested, that's it for
us. We have to get out of here.

Outgoing call from Emma Lipman.

I'm spending the night here.
We'll talk tomorrow.

I think I have feelings for him.

Tell C that Lipman
is staying with Raphael tonight.

A, I have an update.
Both targets are in the room.

Stand by for instructions.

Did he text you back?

He's waiting for us.
- Will he help us?

We're about to find out.

Have a seat.

You said this has
something to do with Natalie.

We know she is under arrest.

She will be extradited
to Russia tomorrow.

We all will.
- Who told you about that?

We saw the papers
and the arrest warrant.

They will arrest everyone at 10 AM...
- Who's he?

Show him.

Go ahead, show him.

There are other documents
concerning the case.

Wiretap warrants,
surveillance reports, all sorts.

We've also seen Natalie's arrest report.
- Hold on, hold on.

How did you get all of this?

That doesn't matter right now.
- Doesn't matter?

Jonathan hacked the national
headquarters mainframe.

Great, incriminate me in front of
a public attorney, smart move.

He's a software security expert, he can...
- Alright, fine.

I got it. I don't want to know.

I don't want the details.

What do you want from me?

We aren't lawyers.

We wanted to consult someone
who knows about these things.

We thought that since you
were involved in all of this,

you might be able to find a few
things out and give us some advice.

You come here
in the middle of the night,

with stolen
classified materials.

I don't know who sent you.
- No one sent us.

We are here because your fiancée
is in the same mess we are in.

We thought you might
want to help us.

We don't know what to do.
We have nowhere else to go.

Write down your ID numbers.

You can make yourself
something to drink, if you want.

Do you think he's
going to help us?

I hope so.


I called Efrat after you left.

She's agreed to see me,
to try and work things out.

That's great.


So what? We're just going
to walk like this?

You have a better idea?

- So we walk.

Alright, I checked a few things
out. Your information is correct,

but it's not accurate.

What do you mean?

This isn't a formal extradition.

Without going into legal details,
they are using an article of the law

that concerns a person's
presence in another country,

in order to assist
in a criminal investigation.

I don't get it.
Can they send us or can't they?

They need your consent.

So we can just refuse.

It's not that simple. They can detain
you and revoke your right to consent,

and then they can send you
over there without it.

That's what I would have done.
- But that can't be legal.

It's not. But it's not
against the law, either.

It's a gray area.

So if it's a gray area,
we can appeal.

That's exactly
what I want to do.

I want to stop this
with legal means.

But I have to approach this
only after I'm ready,

I have to find the right judge
who will cancel the warrant,

and that might take a while.

We can talk to the press in the
meantime. The foreign press, I mean.

It might create an embarrassment,
but it won't stop their plan.

They'll just arrest you
right then and there.

So what can we do?

You can't stay here.

They'll be looking for you here,
you have to go.

Where do you want us to go?

I think I may have a place.

What? What place?

My boss's place.
She's out of the country.

Should I call her?

Are you in touch with the
others? With Sean or Asia?

I met Asia once.

Twice, actually.

What do you mean,
you met her twice?

I asked her to go out with me
on Facebook and she agreed.

"We need a place to hide. ASAP."

Is that weird?
Why is that weird?

You have to warn her.


They won't extradite Natalie
on her own, right?

Their agreement concerns
all four detainees.

"Go to the house in the south."

How do you want us to do that?
There's a surveillance team

outside her home,
they're tapping her phone.

We'll get caught.

He can go.

They're following you, not him.

No, no, no. It's too risky.


Let me make this simple for you.

If you want my help,
you have to warn Asia.

I'm not taking any chances.

I'll be back in an hour and
then we're getting out of here.

Hold on.


I'm sorry about the hour.
May I speak with Asia?

Asia is asleep
at this time of night.

Please, it's an emergency.

Asia. For you.

Asia. There is something
important I have to tell you.

Go back inside,
I'll be there in a second.

You are out of your mind.
What do you want?

May I come in?
I'll explain everything.

No, you may not come in.
Explain here.

They will arrest all of you and
extradite you to Russia tomorrow.

You are crazy.
- I know how it sounds, but it...

No, I don't think you get it.

I'm burying my brother tomorrow,
do you get that?

They will arrest you
right after the funeral.

They are following you as we
speak, you have to come with me.

- Get your hand off the door!

Asia, I'm begging you, listen...
- I don't know who you are

or what you want from me,
but if you come near me again,

I swear you will regret it.

Now get your hand off the door.

Asia. Asia, listen to me.
I'm leaving a phone here,

it has my number in it.

They are tapping your phone.

It's here if you
change your mind.

This guy went in for only five
minutes in the middle of the night?

Amal, I need a
license plate check, 48955...

Where is he?
He said he'll be here.

Okay, my boss said we can
use her place, no problem.


Where is Asia?

She wouldn't come.
- What do you mean?

Did you tell her she is
about to be arrested?

She doesn't trust me, okay?

I left her a cell phone,
but she won't come.

So let's go. What's the problem?

Call her.


She's not picking up.


So we need your car.


They will figure out
I was helping Emma for sure.

Your car will buy us some time
while they start looking for mine.

Anything else?

That's it.

If I get arrested,
I'm telling them you came to me

for legal council and took my
car keys without my knowledge.

Does it have a GPS system or a car phone?
- No, nothing.

Thank you for everything, Yuval.

I suggest you go home, too.

There is no point getting you
into further trouble.

I'm already in trouble.

Jonathan, we will be fine.

You're not leaving
with her by yourself.


Well? I'm listening.

As I said, you will be
extradited to Russia tomorrow.

Two Shin Bet agents are
downstairs as we speak,

and they are waiting
for the order to arrest you.

I'm with Emma and Ben Raphael
at Yuval's,

Natalie Elfassia's husband. He
is a lawyer and he can help you.

But we have to
disappear for now.

Leave now, Asia.


Yes. Got it, thank you.

They don't want to make the
arrest earlier than planned,

something about
Asia's brother's funeral.

Tower, this is A. The target
is on the move, I'm on her.

Eli. Eli.

Listen, something's weird.

The team outside Brindich's place asked
for information on a license plate,

number 4895510.
- So?

A few hours ago,
the team outside Raphael's place

asked for information
about the exact same car.

Whose car is it?

It's registered
to a Jonathan Fische.

That's Emma's
neighbor, remember?

He was talking to him
from Ben's room earlier.

What's going on here?

Our orders are to arrest them tomorrow
morning. Should we do it earlier?

Shall I ask for the green light?

C, this is the Tower.
Go into Raphael's room

and arrest both of them immediately, copy?
- Copy.

What about Brindich?

Asia. It's a tragedy.

Thank you.

Tower, the target has entered
a grocery store down the street.

Go inside and arrest
her right now.

Ben? Ben Raphael?

Tower, the room is empty.

What do you mean, empty?

There is a computer hooked up
to some cell phones here,

I don't know what it is exactly.
I repeat, the room is empty.


He's been stalking me
for two days. He scares me.

What's going on here?
- I need you to step back.

What's going on with Brindich?

She is in the grocery store,
A is still with her.

I lost eyes on them suddenly.

She's trying to get away.

Arrest her immediately!
She is trying to escape! Copy?

Do you copy?

She is trying to get away,
stop her! Do you copy?

Do you copy?

She got away and I lost
contact with the target...



I'm glad you came.

I'll go get a soda.


Are you okay?

Efrat is supposed
to call any minute.

She will understand.

- I need to talk to her.


- They are tapping her phone for sure.

Talk to her later.

Benny, whose phone
are you calling from?

Efrat, I need you
to listen to me.

I have a call from Ben to Efrat,
from an unlisted number. Quick.

Something happened, and...

I won't be able
to make it today.

What happened?

I can't explain right now.

Are you getting anything?
Try the satellite.

Are you with her?

I'm sorry.

Effi, I...

Did we lose them?





I'm Sean.

Sean Tilson.

Oh. Did you get a haircut?

I did.

What are you doing here?

I'm looking for Jonathan.

He said something about us
getting arrested, or something.

Something about Russia.

He lead you here, too?
Oh, my God.

Is this a bad time?
- Come in,

don't let anyone see you.
- Thank you.

That way.

Are you sure about that?

Extradition to Russia?

Wow, bro... This is too much for me, I
don't handle these things too well.

You don't handle them well?
You don't handle them well.

I've had it with you people.

What did I do?

Are you okay, bro?
- Forget it, it's fine.

I should have been
on my honeymoon right now.

So postpone it for a while.

My wife...
My fiancée is in the hospital.

Under arrest.

It looks like she won't be coming
home for the next ten years.

You have to get out of here.

And go where?

I don't care.
It's not my problem.

But the cops will arrest me. They
will extradite me to Russia.

I don't care. I couldn't care
less, don't you understand?

Get out of here.



The others are at that address.

Don't come back here.
Don't call me.

Now, go.

Thank you.

No, no.

You can't smoke in here.

I'm sorry.



Son of a bitch.

"1 new message received."

"We are in phase 2."

It's nice, isn't it?

I'll go get the
rest of the stuff.


It's me.

How is Soleimani?

Vadim is just finishing
handling that.

Do we have a lead on who did it?

Not yet. Maybe our findings at the
scene will tell us something.

What do we know
about Ben's company?

Future Formulas. They are mostly
into medical development.

The development facility
is based in Israel,

but the company itself is Swiss. I
will email you all the information.


Hold on. There is
something you need to know.

The suspects were supposed to
be extradited to Russia today.

What? How could you
let that happen?

It wasn't me.
It was the head of the Mossad.

He made the deal
with the Russians himself.

He tried to get back
in the picture, the idiot.

Tried? What do you mean?
What happened?

We lost them this morning. We
don't know where they went, why,

or what they know.

I can't believe it.
- That's life, honey.

Any problems?

As usual.


Would you like anything?
To eat, to drink?


Emma, Ben. Someone's coming.


I'm Sean.

Sean Tilson.

You look different
than the pictures.

I just came back from Tirupati.
Do you know it? It's in India.


When you enter the temple,
they shave your head and...

What are you doing here?

Yuval sent me.

Yuval Harrari.

Yuval gave him this address.

That's right.

He said we have to hang out here
until this whole...

extradition thing blows over.
- How do you know Yuval?

So I take it
you're in charge around here.

Look, I stayed with friends
for a few days,

and when I came
back to Tel Aviv,

this Yuval guy
messaged me on Facebook,

and said he has to see me as soon
as possible, or I'll get arrested.

Did he send you a private message?
- Yes.


I think it'll take them at least
a couple of hours to hack that,

Facebook isn't easy to hack, their
security systems are great.

And they don't know he sent him
a private message,

so that'll buy us
a few more hours for sure.

But I don't think
Yuval knew that.

He said his girlfriend will be
extradited if I get arrested.


So you just went to see
some guy you don't know?

What's the deal?
Let's give him a call!

No, no!
- No, no! Shin Bet can trace your call.

He said I should call
in case of emergency.

This looks like an emergency
to me. Let's give him a call.


No, you can't call him!
Are you out of your mind?

I only wanted to crash here.

Okay. I get it, that's cool.
It's all good.

If you don't want me to stay
here, I won't stay here.

Thanks anyway.


Look at him.

If the police catch him,

he'll give away our location
in a heartbeat.

We can't let him leave.

Come in.

Are you sure?


Thanks. You're saving my ass.


- Hi.

False Flag