Kfulim (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Episode #1.2 - full transcript


The abduction
of General Suleimani

was planned and executed
by a skilled team of professionals.

Based on the findings of the investigation
and the identity of the victim

we are certain that
the Israeli intelligence

agency Mossad is
behind the abduction.

The Russians claim that the kidnappers
are Israeli citizens,

and that they used foreign passports
to enter the country.

Benny, what is this?

That's my passport.

They said they used nerve gas.

You're a chemist, right?
- I had nothing to do with it.

Did you notice that the kidnapping
took place when you were in London?


This is Emma... Lipman.

Are you with Mossad?

Of course not.
- I'm going to the police.


We should decide together what to do.
I'll come by after work. We'll talk.


Eitan, we've located Sean Tilson.
He boarded a flight to Mumbai 27 days ago.

He left for Israel this morning.
He'll be landing in two hours.

You have a call from your father.

Our friend is missing.
Our "Friend..."

Your picture is all over the world. The
police are waiting for you at the airport.

They're going to arrest you.
Don't let that happen.

What is this, Yuval?

Is this for real?

Our wedding is ruined.

It's all right, sweetheart,
everything's under control.

Can you picture the ceremony?

Instead of thinking about us, everyone
will be talking about this. Even the rabbi.

To hell with them.
Who cares what they think?

I care! I wanted a perfect wedding,
not a joke!

Do you want to call it off? Postpone it?
- Don't be ridiculous.

Then don't let this ruin it.

Start making phone calls, Asia.
Sell the rights to Hollywood.

You deserve better than teaching preschool.
- Really?

Good morning, Asia Brindich.
- Hello.

How are you feeling?
- Fine.

It's the Chief.

Yes, Udi.

I just made some calls, it's official.
It wasn't a Mossad operation.

So I'll continue
with the investigation.

What have you got me into?
- I haven't got you into anything.

You said your name was Hagai...

I had no way of
knowing this would happen.

I'm sorry, really, but promise you won't
say a word about what happened.

Emma Lipman?
Can you please come with us?

Are you alone?

Stop it... Yuval...

Wait... Nati, I'm coming
to the police station with you.

Keshet and Tender
Productions Present:

On Saturday, April 15th,

you were still in Moscow.
Tell me what you were doing.

Shopping, I guess.

You were shopping on the day
of the kidnapping?

Yes, with my brother Mark.
He lives there. No, wait...

Wait, was that Friday or Saturday?

On Friday we went to a concert

and the next day
we went shopping...

Yes, that was on Saturday.

Remember, anything you say
may be held against you.

I told you,
I have nothing to hide.

So you're a detective?


Tell me,
how do you become a detective?

I mean, do you study it, or...?

Your name?
- Emma Lipman.

You're a British citizen?
- Israeli and British.

What do you do for a living?

I'm an English tutor.
- Hebrew.

You speak Hebrew very well.
Speak Hebrew.

I teach children English.

Like a private tutor?
- Not exactly.


It's more of a... it's...
- Hebrew!

It's for kids from rich families.

Like who?

Yiftah and Ronit Guetta in Herzliya,

Karin Silver, Dafna Zilberman.

You arrived in London on April 9th.

What was the purpose of your visit?
- I went to visit my family,

my mother and my sisters.
I hadn't seen them in over a year.

Instead of staying there you took a room
in the Middletown Inn Hotel.

The Mableton Hotel.
- Why?

My father is very religious.
He refused to let her see me.

You grew up in London,
why didn't you stay with friends?

I haven't really been in touch
with my friends lately.

So there's no one who can
confirm your story.

I went to visit family,
I didn't think I'd need an alibi.


Do you recognize any of these?

Ben Raphael.

Do you know him?

You already know my answer.
- Then don't get smart. Answer me,

do you know him?

What can you tell me about him?

What can you tell me about him?

I think he's mixed up in this.

He took my passport
from my wallet.

Good evening, Benny.
I'm Eitan.

I can call you Benny, right?

Yeah, sure.

According to our notes,
on April 13th you arrived in London

for a conference on molecular chemistry
and nano-materials. Your company sent you.

On Monday, April 17th,
you returned to Israel. Correct?


According to the British
State Department a man

named Ben Raphael flew
from London to Moscow

on April 15th and returned the same day.
Is that you?

No... Of course not.

Israeli and Greek.

You went to my house?
- It's standard procedure.

Does my wife know what happened?
- She was informed.

Does she know
where I was arrested?

On April 14th you met Emma Lipman
on the British Underground.

That day you contacted her again
and had sex with Lipman in her hotel room.

In further dates you presented yourself
as a businessman named Hagai Landau.

Is that correct?


Is that correct?

I want to explain.

Did you touch
Emma's passport when you were with her?


Please repeat what you said
when you were questioned.

You have nothing to worry about.
Repeat what you said.

I think he took my passport
from my wallet.

That's ridiculous.

He came to the hotel with my wallet.
My passport was inside.

I found a wallet on the subway,
I wanted to return it to its owner.

Did you look in her wallet with consent?
- I saw a girl in the subway

reading a book by Grossman in Hebrew. When
she got up to go, she dropped her wallet.

I wanted to return
it to her... She lost it.

Emma testified that you
told her not to contact the police.

That's not true!
She's falsifying...

everything! I didn't even know
I was suspected of anything. I just...

I just didn't want
my wife to find out.

Emma, you know I have
nothing to do with this. Tell him.

I'm sorry, I'm confused...
- Sorry about what? Huh? Huh?

The kidnapping was on Saturday, right?
I was with her the whole time,

I didn't kidnap anyone, I didn't give
anyone any passport, I didn't do anything!

Why are you saying that?

Why are you lying?

Why are you lying?
Tell him we were together.

Tell him.

We're not involved.

We were together the whole time.

You have to believe me.

Thank you.
You can go now.

I demand to see a lawyer.
- No.


You're suspected of a political crime,
you know what that means?

I can stop you from seeing a lawyer
throughout the initial investigation.

Baloney. That's illegal.

It's legal.
Shin Bet goes by the book.

Criminal investigation procedures.

The chief detective of Shin Bet,
that's me,

may prevent a political crime suspect
from meeting with a lawyer for ten days.

But if it means that much to you
I'll meet you halfway.

I'll call your wife and tell her
you want a lawyer.

While she's at it she can find
a lawyer who deals with divorces.

I'll give you some time
to think it over.

Eitan, Sean's plane just landed.
- Roger. Thanks.

What's new?

Ben Raphael, Emma Lipman,
Asia Brindich and Natalie Elfassia

are at the station, being interrogated.
- Sean Tilson?

His plane just landed.

Two detectives will be waiting at
the sleeve. We'll arrest him quietly.

Gentlemen, let's begin.
Go ahead, Amos.

Defense Minister Farhad Suleimani
became a Mossad target 8 years ago.

Suleimani began
his career with the.

Revolutionary Guardians
in 1983. He took part...

Spare us the history lesson.

Can you tell me who kidnapped him?

We have a number of speculations...
- Speculations?


What will you do
when the Iranians blow up our embassy?

Face the cameras
and say you have speculations?

I realize you're looking for a scapegoat,
but Mossad didn't do it.

Thank you, Amos.

Thanks for telling me
what I already know.

Now go tell the Russians
and the Iranians that.

Go tell the whole world,
which is positive Mossad are guilty.

Because everyone saw five Israeli citizens
kidnap that damned Persian!

And you can't tell me who did it!

Let me help you.


- No problem. Anything else?
- No, that's it.

Does Shin Bet
have any solid information?

Or do you want to guess too?

Shin Bet has established
a special investigative team

to find out if Israelis are involved.

Eitan Koppel, head of the team,
will take it from here.

I want one of my representatives
on the team.

Your job is to send someone
polite and diplomatic to Moscow

to kiss whoever's ass needs kissing
to let them know it isn't us.

I want the minutes to state that I
said that Eitan Koppel is not capable...

Fine, duly noted.

We kicked him out of Mossad!
- Gentlemen... gentlemen!


The Shin Bet is investigating the five
Israelis to find out if they're innocent

or if they were deployed
by a foreign entity.

As of now we have no damning evidence.
What I can say

is that they all have
double citizenship and they

were all abroad at the
time of the kidnapping.

They were all abroad? Are you sure?
- Absolutely.

What does that mean?

Did they do it?
- I'll have a status report soon.

Get me something.


I'm not here to settle a score with Mossad,
you know that.

My friend...
Me and you, what do we care about politics?

And you?
Heard anything?

Not a thing.

The Russians won't talk to us.
They're mad at us.

The CIA?
- They say it isn't them.

They were surprised too.

Do you believe them?
- The kidnappers did a clean job.

It wasn't the Americans.

Just find out who did it
so we can all get back to work, okay?

We know you were abroad
when the kidnapping took place.

You left Israel on April 14th and landed
at Charles de Gaulle in Paris.

The same day you took off for
Vnukovo Airport in Moscow.

What were you doing there?

I asked you a question.

Where are your passports?

We need to see your passports.

We spoke to Yuval, your fiancé©.

I see. I have your attention now,

He told us your passports
are missing.

Where are they?

You know who usually keeps quiet
under interrogation?


You find that funny?


Do you realize
what you're mixed up in?

What a nutcase...

Where's Eli?

With Elfassia.
- Anything unusual?

We intercepted a phone call
with Efrat Raphael, Ben's wife.

She called a lawyer
named Avi Barkan and told

him about the arrest.
She wants his help.

Find out who he is. Send someone
to let him know it's a political case

and he needs classification
before he gets any info.

Let him know we aren't fooling around.
Has the media leaked anything?

Not so far.

Tell Dotan from the Spokesmanship
to call all the reporters, off the record,

and make them think it's
just friendly questioning.

I don't want any rumors
that the five are suspects.

Answer the question.

I asked you a question.

What's up?
- We lost Sean.

He must have passed
our men on the plane and

there's no record of
him at Border Control.

Are we sure he was on the flight?
- The stewardesses saw him,

but you haven't heard the best part.

Will you be so kind and tell me?

40 minutes before landing, Sean receives
a call to the satellite phone on the plane,

the speaker identifies himself as
his father and says it's an emergency.

What father? His parents were killed
in an accident in Holland 15 years ago.

Did you manage to locate him?

Last time I checked his cell phone was off,
he has no car registered, so...

What about satellite?

I doubt it. I can try, but...

Did you check all the
taxis leaving the airport?

No one recognized him.

Sima, call Eli.
I want a complete profile on him.

Interior Ministry, military file,
criminal records, everything.

And go over his phone calls. I want to know
who he contacts. And bring up his photo.

Your attention, everyone.

Sean Tilson.

We need to find him
and bring him in for questioning.

He's our top priority
in this investigation.

I missed you.

Then why did you disappear on me?

You know how I am.

Yeah, I know.
You only call when you need me.

Is that why you brought me here?

I needed clothes.

Wow, thanks.

I'll pass.

I called you this morning.

I saw you on the news.

Are you mixed up in that?

Of course.

It was so strange to see you like that.
It reminded me how much I miss you.

I'm... exhausted.

It was a long flight.
Let's pick this up in the morning, okay?

Then why did you call me?

I needed a place to sleep.
- Okay.

Let's go to sleep.

What's the matter?
- Sean Tilson got away.

What? How?

Do any of the other suspects know him?
- I don't think so.

We arrested Ben at Emma's,
they know each other.

Could they have something to do with Sean?
- I dunno, but check this out.

Intelligence sent this when you were
at the cabinet meeting.

It's a report on the sedative
they used on the Iranian.

That Benny guy's a chemist, isn't he?

Couldn't he have made it?

Can I get you anything?
Something to eat? Drink?

Need to use the bathroom?

Sean Tilson.
Do you know him?

I saw his picture on TV.


- Yes.

So you know what it is.
- Yes.

Traces of it were found in the hotel
in Russia. Can you tell me what it is?

a type of opioid.

It's a chemical compound that...

affects the nervous system.

Can it be used as a sedative?
- Yes, if it's in gas form.

It's very dangerous.
The wrong dose can be deadly.

Can you manufacture it?
- I don't work with opioids.

Theoretically, I mean.

Theoretically, yes, but...

Any chemistry student can manufacture...
- Did you manufacture it for someone?


Did you manufacture it for...

No. Certainly not.

Did you call Sean to tell him about
the kidnapping...

I told you I don't know him.

Did you give him one of your passports?
The Israeli or the Greek?


I don't know him.

Only Emma.

And I only met her once.
I realize this looks suspicious

but I don't know anything,
you have to believe me.

I woke up, saw my photo on TV,

drove to work,
later I saw Emma's photo too, I panicked,

and I'm sorry, I'm just a normal guy,
I've never done anything wrong.

I'd never do anything that would
endanger national security, never.

Hagai Landau?
- That's my boss's name. That's...

Like an idiot I gave her his name.
I thought she might look for me in Israel

and then my wife
would find out and...

Hagai's name came to mind,
I don't know why.

But think, if I were involved,
would I give my boss's name?

I've been with my wife since I was 19.
I never cheated on her.

And with Emma...

We just clicked.
I can't explain it.

It's the first time in my life
something like that ever happened to me...

and look what it got me into.

He had two passports,
he told Lipman to lie to the police,

he knows how to make the nerve gas.
We have to keep the pressure on.

We found Sean.

Did you send out a recent photo?
- I'll send it to the police.

What do we know about him?
- A little from his military file.

No criminal record.

Communication records?
- We ran a check on his phone number.

He was in contact with 43 people
over the past year.

29 were women.
He's a player.

What about Elfassia?
- Nada.

I tried everything.
Shouting, screaming, threats.

She's as quiet as a mafia chick.
Fucking bitch...

Give me your ring.

Where's her file?
- On my desk.

Where are you?

At the marina.

I got away from the cops. I'm leaving.
- That wasn't the plan.

We said if Mossad
are onto you...

It isn't Mossad. They're up in arms.
- That doesn't matter.

Whoever kidnapped Farhad
knows we're connected,

otherwise they wouldn't
have used my passport.

Someone screwed us

and until we find out who,
Israel is the safest place for us.

Are you with me?

I don't know.
- Don't you want your money?


I'm landing tomorrow. Come see me...
- Wait,

you aren't in Israel?

So you're abroad and you expect me
to stay here?

No way.

- Sean...
- Listen,

I won't risk staying here.
- Sean, come to my house and we'll talk.

I won't run away, Gabi.
I'm just lowering my profile.

That's all.
- Are you sure?

Trust me.

Marina, this is Atlantic 3,
requesting permission to leave the port.

Atlantic, this is Marina.
Where are you going at this hour?

To do some nighttime fishing.

I'm gonna catch me some calamari.

Sailing license, please.


License number 456431100.

Atlantic 3,

you're cleared.
Good fishing.

Roger, over and out.

Mine was in 2006.

My wedding, I mean.

August 8th, 2006.
The Second Lebanon War.

A garden wedding in Haifa,
gorgeous place.

My wife is from Haifa.

Remember the war?

The whole North is on fire
and we're getting married in Haifa.

Loads of guests canceled.

They were scared.

Even the photographer wanted to cancel.

I was sure a siren would go off
the minute the ceremony started.

It's funny now, but back then
we were in a panic.



Did a siren go off?

Oh, no.

Nasrallah did us a favor.

I wish you'd do the same for me.

It may be no consolation,
but believe me,

if it were up to me
I'd put this all off till tomorrow.

After the wedding.

You're right.
It's no consolation.

We're on the same side.

- Oh, really?
- Yes.

I'm sure you have nothing
to do with this.

We're not interested in Natalie Elfassia.
- Good. So I can go now?

He's the only one
we're interested in.

Sean Tilson.

Do you know him?

If he stole your identity,
your passports, then maybe...

Never seen him before.

I'll tell you what...

A few hours ago he was
on a flight from India to Israel.

Just before they landed
someone called him.

I think someone wanted to warn him
that he's been exposed.

I wonder if you have
something to do with it.

Like what?

Sean got the warning about the same time
you shredded your passports.

Didn't think we'd find out, huh?
We did.

You left the shreds in the shredder.

You were in a hurry.

When people hurry,
they make mistakes.

At least we're on the same side, right?
- I told you the truth, I want Sean.

But until I get him, I go by the list,
and you're next in line.


Just remind me, what's the charge?
Shredding passports?

What's the story with Sean?

Were you fooling around?

Apparently girls like him.
He's a good-looking guy, who'd blame you?

Did you go to France for him?

I just hope Yuval understands...

Shut up! Will you?

Is this how you work?
If it is, that Iranian's in big trouble.

So you weren't having an affair?
- Man, you live in fantasy-land.

You think I'm into some dirty stoner?

Do I look like some young chick who comes
running when a guy texts her at midnight?

You know what? Go ahead and tell Yuval
I had an affair with Mowgli.

I'm right here.

What a potty-mouth, huh?

How many people are on his list
of contacts?

40, right?

but he hasn't contacted any of them.

Get me all their numbers.
I want to know who isn't at home.

What for?

It's 12:30 a.m.
I want to know who's on the road.

Do you think one of them
is helping him?

Start with the women.

Okay, we have 7 numbers,
3 of them in Tel Aviv,

one in Herzliya, one in Petah Tikva,
one in Netanya and one in Kfar Sava.

- The Sportech in Tel Aviv...

At this hour?

Netanya, a nightclub.
Herzliya, the marina.

Petah Tikva, a restaurant...
- Hold on.

Who's at the marina?

At the marina we have Alona Blau,
born in '68.

Check her out.

Alona Blau, married to Gil Blau.
They keep a yacht in the marina.

He's trying to leave the country.

I want units there in five minutes.

Atlantic 3, Atlantic 3,
please return to the marina, over.

Atlantic 3, Atlantic 3, do you copy?
Come back to the marina immediately.

Atlantic 3, Atlantic 3,
please return to the marina, over.

Atlantic 3, Atlantic 3,
this is the Marine Police.

Atlantic 3, Atlantic 3, do you copy?

We're on the way to you. Turn off your
engine and wait where you are. Over.

Turret, this is HQ.
We sent a police boat to get them.

I'm on my way.



We'll be there in 30 seconds.

Kill your engine! Kill your engine!

Kill your engine!

Bring divers, bring whatever you need,
I want to see a corpse.

Gabi, send someone to pick me up.

False Flag