Kfulim (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Episode #1.3 - full transcript

Previously on False Flag.

The abduction
of General Suleimani

was planned and executed by a
team of skilled professionals.

The Russians claim that the
kidnappers are Israeli citizens,

and that they used foreign
passports to enter the country.

The Shin Bet is investigating the five
Israelis to find out if they're innocent

or if they were deployed
by a foreign entity.

Remember, anything you say
may be held against you.

I told you,
I have nothing to hide.

Ben Raphael.

Do you know him?

I think he's mixed up in this. He
took my passport from my wallet.

I found a wallet on the subway. I
wanted to return it to its owner.

Emma testified that you told
her not to contact the police.

What have you got
me mixed up in?

I'm sorry.

Promise you won't tell anyone
what happened.

That's not true!
She's falsifying...

Everything! I didn't even know
I was suspected of anything.

I just didn't want
my wife to find out.

Don't get upset.

I know nothing.
You have to believe me.

You know who usually keeps quiet
under interrogation?


We spoke to Yuval, your fianc?(Copyright).

He told us your passports
are missing.

Where are they?

We lost Sean.

He must have got past
our men on the plane and

there's no record of
him at Border Control.

Sean Tilson.

We need to find him and bring
him in for questioning.

He's our top priority
in this investigation.

I saw you on the news.

Are you mixed up in that?

Of course.

A few hours ago he was on a
flight from India to Israel.

Someone called him on the plane and
warned him that he's been exposed.

Our friend is missing.

I wonder if you have
something to do with it.

Like what?

Sean got the warning about the same
time you shredded your passports.

I want Sean.

But until I get him, I go by the
list, and you're next in line.

Never seen him before.

Whoever kidnapped Farhad
knows we're connected,

otherwise they wouldn't
have used my passport.

Someone screwed us.

I'm landing tomorrow.
Come see me...

You aren't in Israel?

So you're abroad and you
expect me to stay here?

Don't you want your money?
- I won't risk staying here.

Sean, come to my house
and we'll talk.

I won't run away, Gabi.
I'm just lowering my profile.

Who's at the marina?

Alona Blau, married to Gil Blau.

He's trying to leave the country.
- I want units there in five minutes.

Atlantic 3, do you copy?

Kill your engine!
Kill your engine!

Bring divers, bring whatever you
need... I want to see a corpse.

Gabi, send someone
to pick me up.

Keshet and Tender
Productions present:

The key.

When is Gabi coming?

I don't know. Today, tomorrow.

Did he leave anything for me?

He said you're not going
anywhere for the time being.

He'll deal with everything
when he gets here.

Your room is just as you left
it. We didn't touch anything.

I'm at your house,
where's my money?

I'm landing tonight,
wait 'til I get there.

My name is General Farhad Suleimani.
As you can see, I am alive and well.

I want to assure everyone
I was not kidnapped.

It was my own decision to leave
the Islamic Republic of Iran...

Because of the crimes
this country commits.

I am now with friends
who helped me escape.

At least we know he's still
alive... as of yesterday.

What a relief.
- Al-Jazeera is playing it

non-stop. The Iranians
have announced it's a fake.

We have a positive ID
on the body. Alona Blau.

Her husband identified
her at the morgue.

He didn't even know she was at the marina.
She said she was going out with friends.

How did he react to Sean's picture?
- Never saw him before.

Bring up the security camera.

We spoke with the port official who gave
him permission to leave. He spoke to a man.

The divers are still
looking for remains of

the body,
but it was a hell of an explosion.

As long as we have no body,
Sean is our No. 1 suspect...

But we're sticking
to the plan for now.

We're releasing all the detainees and
putting tails on them until we find a lead.

You're out on probation. No meeting
with any of the other detainees...

No talking about the affair with anyone.
There's a gag order on all the details.

We're keeping your passport.
You can't leave the country.

Or change address
or to talk to the media...

Good morning. Yuval, right?

Where's Natalie?
- I'll take you to her.

I understand you work
for the State Attorney.


So try and see this
from our point of view.

Any violation is punishable
by imprisonment...

What's going on here? You were
supposed to release them.

Natalie refuses to cooperate.

I don't care! You're...
- Want to see Natalie?

Did you know that Natalie
was in France two weeks ago?

We found the remains of her
passports in your shredder.

You realize what this
means, don't you?

Obstruction of justice,
destruction of evidence...

What would you do
with a detainee like her?

- Don't say a word.

You're violating a court order.
I'm taking her home. Come on.

She didn't talk, huh?

It's Eitan. I need the boss. She'll
crack, it's just a matter of time.

Alex, how are we doing?

We have everyone under surveillance, we
got a 72-hour extension on the wiretaps.

What's new, Eitan?
- Hey, Udi. Everyone's been released.

I'm reinstating the
undercover investigation.

The Foreign
Ministry is against it.

They think we should've
kept them for questioning,

not out there blabbing
to the whole world.

They can do their job.
Let me do mine.

Eitan... - Outgoing call from Ben to his
wife. - I'm taking a big risk here.

This is on your head.
- Udi, I have to go. I'll keep you posted.

Are you okay? Where are you?
- I'm on my way

- I asked Avi Barkan to file a complaint.

No, no, Effie, no need.

I was so worried I couldn't sleep.
- How is he getting home?

He called a cab. We sent Uriah.

No, I'm fine, but... My battery's
dying, we'll talk when I get there.

Hold on, Roni wants you.

Daddy? Are you okay?

Hey, Roni, sweetie.
I'm on my way home.

Mom wants me to go to school.

So go. I'll see you when you
get home, okay?

Bye, Dad.
- Bye, sweetie.

- No, no, no, I'm not talking to you.

I just...
- I said no!

That mistake ends here.

Aren't you coming?
- I'm in court today.

Yuval, how many times have you told me
about the tricks you pull with your cases?

How many times have you tricked a suspect?
Can't you see he's doing the same thing?

What were you doing in Paris?
- Yuval, they're lying. That wasn't me.

Don't bullshit me!
I recognized you!

Babe, can't you see that
someone's trying to frame me?

Are you having an affair?

Honey, are you for real?
What's with you?


You have to believe me.

Fine, I believe you.

Have it your way.

Turret, this is Thistle 3.
Target 2 just got home.

Omer, are you there?


Turn on the camera.

Show me the room.

Aren't you being detained?
- They let me out this morning.

Did you know I was arrested? - Did you
tell them about me? - Of course not.

Are you sure?

I'm telling you,
I didn't say a word.

Do you know who I am?

No. Am I supposed to know?

Can you tell me what
you got me mixed up in?

What do they know?

First answer me.
- Natalie, shut your mouth!

What do they know?

That I was in Paris
two weeks ago.

What were you doing in Paris?

What do you think?
Getting the money, like we said.

How much did you take?

About 300.
- I need that money.

Get it to me. Today.

Listen, I can't do it today...

I'm not asking you,
I'm telling you.

I have stuff on you that'll put
you in jail for a very long time.


Do you think it's over
just because they let me go?

They know I'm hiding something, and my
boyfriend is suspicious. It's too risky.

Get me the money
or I'll expose you.

Listen, I...
- Come to Maahaz Interchange.

I'm telling you,
today I can't...

Drive south from
there to Lehavim.

There's a gas station there.
Be there at 4:00 on the dot.

I'll call and tell you
what to do with the money.

Get me the money, Natalie, and
you'll never hear from me again.

I promise.

Hey, aren't you the guy
from that business in Russian?

I'm not allowed to talk about it.
- Yeah, right...

And they arrested you for that?

I'm really not allowed to talk about it.
- This country sucks, I'm telling you.

Instead of giving you a medal
of honor they arrest you.

Bunch of damn lefties.

Are you okay? I was so worried.

I'm fine.

Did they hit you?
- Of course not. - No?

Come in,
I made you something to eat.

When they came to search
the house I was terrified.

It's all over now.

Why did they arrest you anyway?
They didn't even tell me.

They wanted to make sure we didn't
give our passports to anyone.

But why did you take a taxi?

They arrested me at work. The car's
in the Future Formulas parking lot.

I'm such a space cadet,
that didn't even occur to me.

But you have the disk, right?

The disk with the ultrasound,
it's in your car.

I was going to cancel
but since you're home

I'd rather get it over with.

Chief, this is A.
The target just got home.

Why don't we postpone
the examination?

It's so hard to get an appointment with Dr.
Manor. Let's just pick it up from your car.

"Text message from
Benny to Emma"

I have to go.

"It's Benny. I need
a huge favor,"

"I need you to bring my car to
work, I left my key in it."

"17 Granite St., Kiryat Aryeh."

Already violating probation?
- What's his problem?

Doesn't he know we read
his text messages?

Outgoing call from Ben
Raphael to Emma Lipman.

He's unbelievable.

What are you doing?
- Why don't you answer me?

They told us not
to make contact.

Listen, this has nothing to do
with the investigation.

I need you to bring me the car.

I need you to do that.

You're asking me to
take a risk because you're

in trouble with your wife?
- Don't preach to me!

You knew full well that I'm married
and you didn't care. Don't pretend.

You're just as guilty as me
so just bring me the car, now.

Leave the keys under the rug.

Want me to drive?
- No, I'm fine.

Turret, this is Thistle 1,
we're on the move.

Did you turn into a dyke in jail?
- Oh, shut up.

Listen, I...

I need you to pick me up. I have
a few errands for the wedding.

Does it have to be today?
- Yes, it has to be today!

You don't have to shout.

Sorry, honey. So are you coming?

Yes, I'm coming.
- Bye.

- Hey.

I knocked and knocked.
Where were you?

The police arrested me.
- Because of the kidnapping?

I'm not allowed to talk about it...
- No, I have to hear this.

I'll make some coffee
and you'll tell me, okay?

Is this your fling from London?

Sorry, but don't tell me you put
yourself at risk for this jerk.


Do you know the others?

You found them all?
- I've been at it since yesterday.

You must be so bored.

I didn't see him.
- I think he's overseas.

He posted pictures from
India or somewhere.

He's cute.

She's cute.

Are you writing to her?

Hey, Asia,
I'm Yonatan, Emma's neighbor...

We stopped off for coffee to buy time.
Please bring me the car, I'm begging you.

Him again?

What's with you, Nati?
Are they tailing you?

Cut the crap.

You cut it. You've been acting
weird since you got in the car.

Wait a sec.

I need a favor.


I'll give you the address of a storage
facility. I need you to pick something up.

What do you mean?
- Revi, I can't go there myself.

The police might
still be tailing me.

Are you serious?

I need that bag.

I can't handle this...

Stop it, Revi. Don't pressure me even more.
- What's in the bag?

Don't ask questions.

Does it have something
to do with Russia?

Don't ask questions. - Are you
kidding me?! - Don't shout.

I don't want to get you
mixed up in this, Revi.

And you're sending me to get a bag?!
- I have no choice. - Sure you do!

Let's talk to Yuval...

We aren't talking to anybody,
certainly not Yuval.

You realize that if they catch onto me
I'll go to jail? For a very long time.

All right.

If you can't help me
I'll understand.

Okay. I'll help you.

Then do as I say
and don't ask questions.


What's up, Limor?

What a nerve, ruining your
wedding. This country sucks.

I'm reorganizing the
wedding from scratch and

I want the same dress
and the same makeup.

Do you have a date?
- Yes, in two weeks.

Where's the dress?
- At my house.

Okay, I can do it for you for half price.
- Fine.

It's like a new rental, you didn't
keep it for just a day or two.

You expect me to pay half?
- Look...

Don't "look" me.
Let's close the deal now.

Be with you in a few minutes.

Turret, this is Thistle 5. 2's
sister just left the hairdresser's.

Copy that. Is the target
still at the salon?

Affirmative. - Don't lose
eye contact. - Roger, out.

Thistle 1, what's your status?
-1 here, the target just came to work,

I have eye contact, over.

Watch out!

Is everything okay?
- Yeah... Just a little tired.

Since when do you park
so far from the entrance?

It was crowded yesterday.

At 7:30 a. m.?

Your ultrasound.
- Who was driving your car?

- You moved the seat.

- You moved your seat back.

I didn't notice...

What do you mean?
You just moved it.

Maybe the police...

Maybe they searched the car.

And moved the seat?
- I don't know. Maybe.

What does it matter?

Nobody drove your car?
- Of course not.

Then why are you
acting so weird?

Because I don't
know what you want.

What's going on, Effie?

Effie, what are you doing?

Will you stop being so paranoid?

Give me your phone.

Are you serious?

Give it to me.

Hagai Landau:
Dude, the CIA called...

What do you think you'll find?

Come on, Effie... Stop it.
You're getting carried away.

13 Haim Benatar St., Tel Aviv.

Did you drive to Tel Aviv
after work?

Or did the police put this here?
- Now you want to interrogate me too?

Don't put this on me. I can
tell when you're lying to me.

Effie, that's enough.

What's at this address?

What is at this address?

Nothing, Effie, there's
nothing there.

I'm going there
and I'm gonna go door to door.

What were you doing there?

What do you want me to tell you?
- The truth.


What were you doing there?

I went to meet Emma Lipman.

Are you involved in this thing
in Russia?!

No, no, of course not.

So why did you go see her?


You know each other.

We met. In London.


Okay, I want you
out of the house.

Effie, just a minute...

I mean it. I don't want you near the kids.

Wait, I...
- Don't touch me.

Thanks for going
out of your way.

Turret, this is Thistle 5. Target
is heading towards King George St.

Copy that.
- I'm following on foot.

Turret, this is 5, target heading
towards Dizengoff Center Mall.


I need a map of the mall.

Stay here, I'm going around
back. Let Turret know.

She's trying to get away.
- There are 8 entrances.

She could get out on Tchernichovsky,
King George, or even the bridge...

And don't forget the
parking lots... Nice.

Eitan, Alfassia just
turned off her phone.

I don't get it,
why isn't she taking the battery out?

I told you, she's an amateur.

Thistle teams, keep your distance. I
don't want her to know we're after her.

Was there a problem?
Did you turn your phone off?


How'd you rent the car?
- With Shiran's Visa, like you told me.

Great, hon. You can go home.

Don't do this, Nati.
I'm begging you.

C'mon, Revi, I have to. I'll give him
the money and he'll leave me alone.

It's money?! - Didn't you open
the bag? - You told me not to.

Okay, c'mon. I gotta go.

I'm going with you. - No, you're
not. - You're not going alone.

Revi, stop it!
- Don't "Revi" me, I'm not leaving you.


Where are you going?

Gabi said you're not going
anywhere. You hear me?

Don't you get it?

I think we're okay.

You really think they're gonna leave
you alone? - Yeah. - Naivet?(Copyright) suits you.

What do you want me to do?
- I don't know.

But not help these people, that's for
sure. Who are they, anyway, Nati?

Please, let's turn around and go home.
- And all this will just go away?

Talk to Yuval.
Stop lying to him.

You want to start your
life together by lying?

Drop it, Revi.

Talk to him, Nati. He'll know
what to do, he'll help you.

Stop here.
- Is this the place?

Not yet.

What are you doing?

Alfassia turned her
phone back on.

- Hi.

Your mom said you went out
to take care of wedding stuff.

Yeah, I know you're not so sure
about this anymore, but...

Of course I'm sure.

Sorry about this morning.
I didn't mean to act that way.

I just want to know
what's going on.

And help you.


- Yeah?

Are you coming home afterwards?

Of course.

Then we'll talk
when you get home, calmly.

I love you.

I love you.


What's the matter?
- I can't take it anymore.

I can't do this to him anymore.

It's okay, it's okay.

What did he say?


What are we gonna do?


She's trying to get
rid of the evidence.

Let's go. Step on it.

Nati, don't do anything stupid.
Nati, no! Are you crazy?!

Yaniv, go! Move it!

No, no...
- Stop it.

Send someone down
to get the bag.

Natalie Alfassia?
- Let go of me! - You're under arrest.

We're going to have a little
chat. - Nati... - Calm down. - Ow!

Move! Nati! Nati!

Leave me alone!


Ben Raphael.

You realize we now have enough
evidence to keep you in custody...

Yes, Benny.

I called to notify you
of a change of address.

I'm now at the Ginot Tal hotel
in Tel Aviv.

Is everything all right?

You said I should notify you if I move,
so I'm notifying you.

You left home?
- My wife found out about us.

I'm sorry to hear that.
- I'm sure.

Benny, with your strong foundation...
- I called to let you know, that's all.

- Okay, we'll be in touch...

Okay, Natalie, you're suspected of
violations of national security.

And from this moment on you're
under administrative detention.

Just to make it clear,
it you continue to keep silent

it can be used against
you in the investigation.

Just a second.


I'll tell you everything.

Talk to me.

False Flag