Kfulim (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Episode #1.1 - full transcript

Five Israeli citizens discover they are suspected of kidnapping the Iranian minister of defense, as their personal details - including their passport photos - are broadcast across the world's media.

The abduction
of General Suleimani

was planned and executed by a
skilled team of professionals.

Unfortunately the
suspects managed to

commit the crime and
flee the country.

However, they left a
trail of evidence

that enabled us to reconstruct
their modus operandi.

Based on the findings
of the investigation

and the identity of the victim

we are certain that the
Israeli intelligence

agency Mossad is
behind the abduction.

Dad, you're on TV.
‐Roni, no food in the room.

But you're on TV...
‐To the kitchen.

Get ready, it's late. ‐Dad...

‐Roni, food stays
in the kitchen.

How many times do I
have to tell you? ‐Why

isn't he in uniform?
He'll miss the bus.

He was showing me
how he assembles

his rifle. It's gunmanship week.

Showing off to his
desk‐jockey dad?

‐Hey, Artillery
isn't a desk job.

Dad! ‐What?
‐Come here!

Big Brother,

the final round, tonight...


We're back with the debacle
that's shaking the world,

the abduction of Iranian Defense
Minister Farhad Suleimani.

The Russians have
released security

camera footage documenting
the abduction

which took place two weeks ago
at the Imperial Park Hotel...

Roni, how many times
have I told you

not to put the
empty carton back?

And no food in the living room!

The Russians claim
that the kidnappers...

What's going on?

I don't know. Mossad
kidnapped someone in Moscow.

According to Russian
Intelligence the perpetrator

is Ben Rafael, an Israeli
with Greek citizenship...

‐I told you so!

...and they have footage...

Benny, what is this?

...allegedly showing Ben Rafael
leaving the airport.

That's my passport.
That's me.

Here's the footage from the
airport security cameras

and here we see him
arriving at the hotel

where Defense Minister
Suleimani was staying.

What's going on, Dad? Anything
else you want to tell us?

The use of disguises,
hats, wigs,

as we saw the others use...

Hi, Itzik.
Yes, I'm watching it now.

Uh... I'll talk to you later.
I want to watch this.

No, of course I'm
coming in today. Bye.

You aren't going to work.

Efrat, don't overreact.

That's your passport.
‐What do you expect me to do?

I don't know. Go
to the police and

complain. ‐Against who? Mossad?

Roni, answer the phone.

I'm watching TV.
‐Answer it, Roni.

I'd guess that the man
identified as Ben Rafael

released the gas into
the Iranian Defense

Minister's room from the
room directly above,

perhaps through a hole
he drilled in the

ceiling or through a
ventilation duct.

We're piecing together from the

info we received
from the Russians.

Dad, it's the radio people.

So as we can see here...

Want me to talk to them?

No, I'll take it.

Good morning.

Hello, this is Osnat from 104FM.
Ben Rafael? ‐Yes.

We're doing a special
report on the abduction

in Russia and we wanted
to interview you.

I have nothing to say.
Thank you.

Just a few words...
‐No, thanks.

I still want to
go to the police,

for the sake of protocol.

I'll call from the office, okay?

Try to calm down, okay?

Don't get upset.
‐Keep me posted.

...Wearing a kind of gas mask...

Something happened
during that time, right?

Something went wrong when they

were in the room,
that's for sure.

Notice the hotel guest,
who apparently isn't in

on the kidnapping, walking
down the hallway.

The kidnappers
guessed this might

happen, but look
what happens next.

The cameras don't record
sound but the guest seems

to hear something suspicious
coming from the room,

maybe it's a struggle
or something being dragged.

Either way it's
enough to arouse his

suspicion and he
goes to the door.

The interesting thing
is the reaction of

the woman identified
as Natalie Alfasia,

We see her reach in and
pull something out

that's pretty easy to
identify as a gun.

The kidnappers didn't
foresee this scenario but

luckily for them the
guest decides to move on

and the woman identified
as Natalie quickly

hides the gun in the
chambermaids' station.

I'd say that an
innocent bystander's

life was unwittingly
saved right there.

Tell me the truth.
It's horrible, isn't it?

What'll I do now?

Don't be ridiculous, Natalie.
‐Look how loose it is.

Who tries on a dress at 7 a. m.?

You haven't eaten
anything since the

ritual bath. You've
lost too much weight.

Revi, I'm getting
married tonight

and that's all you have to say?

It's a compliment.

Wow, you look beautiful.
‐Let's see.

Who is that hot bride?

‐Take it.

Hello? ‐This is Osnat from
104FM. Is this Natalie Alfasia?

Osnat from 104FM?

Yeah, sure...

"Osnat from 104FM", huh?

Stupid Limor. She always
has to ruin things for me.

She must be suicidal
to mess with you today.


Yuval! Don't come in!
‐I need Revital.

Okay, move away from the door,
she'll come out.

Revi! ‐Just a sec.
‐Come unzip me.

Quick, go out.
Don't let him see me.


Are you calling off the wedding?

You're making me nervous.
What's the matter?

There was a Mossad operation
in Russia.

Apparently they used passports
belonging to Israeli citizens.


Natalie's French
passport is on the list.

Is this Limor's idea of a joke?


Don't tell me it's for real.

Revi, what are you doing there?

You tell her.
‐We aren't saying anything yet.

Are you crazy? ‐Let's not ruin
her day if we don't have to.

I'll make a few
calls to work and

see what I can find out, okay?

Stay with her. Make sure
nobody says anything

and don't say anything
until I talk to you.

Get in here!

Revi, I'm counting on you.

I'm done for.

According to the Russians

the kidnappers used
gas to put the people

in the Defense Minister's
room to sleep.

Evidence of this can
be seen in footage

which shows Asia Brinditch
and Sean Tilson

putting on gas masks before they
break into Suleimani's room.

A few minutes later they
leave the room with the

unconscious Defense
Minister in a wheelchair

and put him into a car waiting
in the hotel parking lot.

Footage of reactions
from Arabs all

over the world are coming in...

and the latest update
is that the defense

forces in Israel and
abroad are preparing...

The Brain Aliens
took over the world

and all the adults

Start making phone calls, Asia.
Sell the rights to Hollywood.

You deserve better than
teaching pre‐school. ‐Really?

The Americans love this stuff.

Alon's dad, it's circle time.

out of here. Aloni,
give me a kiss.

See? it's the Americans. Don't

forget where you
came from, star.

Hello? ‐Is this Asia Brinditch?

This is Osnat from 104FM.
We have a few questions for you.

Hi, Osnat from 104FM...

Roni, remember what we said?
Not a word to anyone. ‐Okay.

Dad is not involved and you
don't know anything. Okay?

I heard you, Dad.

Good morning, Miki.
‐Crazy morning.

Yeah, it is crazy.

Ronen and I were shocked.
He couldn't believe it was you.

It isn't me.
It's my passport.

They said they used nerve gas.

a chemist, right? ‐Yeah, Dad,

you're a chemist, right?

Yes, yes...

It's just a coincidence. ‐If
it weren't, would you say so?

I'm going, Dad. ‐Bye, sweetie.
Remember what we said? ‐Yes.

"I don't know anything, I
was born yesterday." Bye.

Even if it wasn't you, it was
exciting to see your picture.

"Benny Rafael ‐ Asia
Brinditch ‐ Sean

Tilson Natalie Alfasia
‐ Emma Lipmann"

Didn't you see it yet?

"Emma Lipmann"

I have to go to work.

Bye, Benny.

"Emma Lipmann"

Emma Lipmann

Emma Lipmann



Hi, this is Emma. Please leave
a message after the beep.

Hi, Emma,
this is Hagai from London...

I mean, my name is Benny,

Ben, Ben Rafael.
If you saw the news...

you're probably as
shocked as I am,

but please don't talk to anybody
about me.


I'll try calling
this number later.

Sorry to bother you.

...this morning, after
the whole fiasco.

You're the only one with Russian
citizenship. Aren't you afraid?

I'm sure the Russians know that
I have nothing to do with it.

I'm just sorry that my
passport photo is so ugly.

If I'd known the
whole world would be

seeing it, I'd have
made more of an effort.

But seriously, you deny having
anything to do with the affair,

but you were in Moscow
when it happened.

But I wasn't near there.
I mean I

was visiting my family in Moscow

but from what I hear the
kidnapping happened

in the suburbs and
that's pretty far away.

Moscow isn't Bat‐Yam, you know.

It still sounds close enough.
Do you know any of the others?

Sean Tilson or Ben Rafael, for

instance? ‐No, I've
never met them,

but I'd be glad to meet them
if you interview them.

Sorry, Micha, the
TV crew is waiting

for me. I have to
get off the phone.

Okay, thanks. Bye‐bye.

Good morning, Asia Brinditch.

How are you feeling?

What a great parking spot,
right in front.

‐Come on, forget them.

We're so hot.
‐They're so stupid.

Hello. ‐Hello.

Good morning, Natalie.

‐How's it going? Thanks.

What's up, Mom?
‐I'm good, and you?

How's it going?
Hey, Limori. Hair. Now.

Did you tell them
to keep it quiet?

Your sister is so excited...
‐Mom, not now!

Chill, Mom. We'll
get to the wedding

and everything'll be fine.

Did you ask?
‐Nobody here knows anything.

So what's the good
of you working

for the attorney general?

Mossad doesn't tell
us when they kidnap

people. ‐Maybe
they should start.

No, no spray.
Afterwards it looks...

Is Natalie okay?
‐She's having a ball here.



the kidnapping was
on April 15th. ‐So?

That was the weekend
when Nati went

to the women's
festival in Tzfat.

You're suggesting that she flew
off to kidnap some Arab instead?

Go interrogate your friends,
not me.

What do you think you're doing?

‐Celebs are good
for my portfolio.

I'll kill you.
‐Okay, okay.

Make sure nobody puts on
the news channel.

Do you think anyone here ever
asked to watch the news?

April 152014 "Nati,
how's Tzfat?" "It's amazing here, babe!"

("Crazy about you"
"Miss you:)"

Do it like... that.

She won't leave me with
these, Mom. Right?

April 15 "Nati in a women's
festival in Tzfat"

Hi, this is Emma.
Please leave a message after...

Look who's here!
It's James Bond.

The commander, no less.
The Greek! Yaso!

Hello, Benny!

Have the newspapers called?

I'm not talking to them. ‐Did
they ask you to keep quiet?

What? Who?

The government.
‐No, nobody spoke to me.

Believe me, they will.
‐Is that right?

Did you notice that the
kidnapping took place

when you were at the
convention in London? ‐No.

You didn't notice?
‐No, I didn't notice.


‐Is this Ben Rafael?

Yes. No comment.

This is Emma... Lipmann.

Can you please tell me
what's going on?

Ben? Are you there?

What's going on?

I have no idea...

It must be a mistake.

Are you with Mossad?

Of course not. Uh...

I'm going to the police.

I'll come by after work.
We'll talk.

I think...

it's best that... I mean, we
should talk about what to do...

we should talk before
we do anything, okay?

I don't know...

I'm not sure about it.

It'll only take a
few minutes, okay?


Okay, bye.

Who was that?
The head of Mossad?

That was just... Efrat's cousin,
he works at...

the Foreign Ministry.

They don't know anything so I'm

going over to talk
to him tonight.

"Emma Lipmann to Ben Rafael:
13 Ben‐Attar St. Apt. 5"

Eitan, Lipmann sent
him an address.

13 Ben‐Attar St., apt.
5, Tel Aviv.

Run "Observatory" on Lipmann and

Rafael's phones.
‐It's the Chief.

I want to know if
they have common

acquaintances, if they
call the same numbers,

if they order pizza from the
same place. Everything.

Yes, Udi. ‐I just
made some calls, it's

official. It wasn't
a Mossad operation.

So I'll continue the
investigation. ‐Yes.

We have to find out
what's going on.

Any news?

Still checking out the five.
Nothing solid yet.

There's a briefing with the
Prime Minister in an hour.

Udi, I'm busy. ‐The
Security Service is in

charge of this investigation.
I need you there.

It's not Mossad.
‐What next?

Eitan, we located Sean Tilson.

He boarded a flight to Mumbai
27 days ago.

He left for Israel this morning.
He'll be landing in two hours.

Look what I found on YouTube.

Excuse me.

Sean Tilson?

You have a call
from your father.



Heard the latest?
‐About what?

Your picture is all
over the world.

‐Our friend is missing.

Our "friend."
‐So you're calling the plane?

Listen, you're exposing me.
‐You listen. The

police are waiting for
you at the airport.

We're about to land.
‐They're going

to arrest you. Don't
let that happen.

Your route is ready.
Begin journey.

What's up?

You're asking me?


Things are starting
to settle down.

Have the newspapers
stopped calling?


sort of.

Are you coming home?



I have to stay late. I have
to talk to the lab in the US.

Does it have to be today?
Come home,

you need some peace and quiet.

I'll try to keep it brief.

All right?

Bye, honey.
‐Come home soon. I'm waiting.

At the next corner turn left.

Are you in the car?


I had to go to the store...
I didn't feel like walking.

Oh, okay.
I'll see you at home, sweetie.

Bye, honey.

Did you get that?

I have to take this.

What's up?

Did you speak to him?

I need you to get hold of him.
I'm waiting.

Okay, I'm here.
I'm waiting for an answer. Bye.

What's with you?
‐I had to take the call.

What's up with all the calls?

Yuval, what's the matter?

‐Yuval, talk to me.

What is this, Yuval?

Is this for real?

"115 messages"

"What a wedding present!!!!"
"Where are you?!?!?"

Our wedding is ruined.

It's all right, sweetheart.
Everything's under control.

Are you nuts?
Can you picture the ceremony?

Instead of thinking
about us everyone will

be talking about this.
Even the rabbi.

To hell with them. Who cares
what they think? ‐I care!

I wanted a perfect wedding,
not a joke!

Do you want to call it off?

Postpone it? ‐Don't
be ridiculous.

Then don't let this ruin it.
‐Oh, God...

Let's forget about it
until tomorrow. ‐No...

What is this? ‐Let's forget
about it until tomorrow.

We'll go, we'll drink, we'll
get married, we'll dance...

we'll deal with this
tomorrow, together.

‐Let's get through the wedding

and everything'll be fine.

I promise.

I promise.



Let's go. Everyone's waiting.
Come on.

Someone gave us the evil eye.

I can't believe her! I'm gonna
kill that stupid Revital!

I told her to give me baby pink
and she gave me candy pink.

I have to stop off at home.

Are you serious? Look at the
time. ‐Just 15 minutes, babe.

Nati... ‐I'm not getting
married in this lipstick.

"Time until landing:
25 minutes"



Off you go.

Please enter your password.

I'll be right back, bro.





Do you think I'm crazy?


Thanks for taking care of me.
I love you.

Let's get married.
‐Let's do it.

Can I come in?

Are we alone?

What have you got me into?

Emma, wait, I haven't
got you into

anything. I have nothing
to do with this.

You lied to me.

You said your name was Hagai...
‐I had

no way of knowing
this would happen.

You've got some nerve, I'll give
you that. ‐I'm sorry, really,

but promise you won't say a word
about what happened.

I'm so scared.

Don't open it.

Emma Lipmann?

It's the police.

Emma Lipmann?
Can you please come with us?

Are you alone?

Asia Brinditch?

You're under arrest.
Come with us.

What's the matter?

What's the matter?

Let's go.


Natalie Alfasia,
you're under arrest.

This must be a mistake.

You happen to be
talking to a lawyer.

‐We have a warrant
for her arrest.

I want to see it.
‐Stop it, listen...

Yuval... ‐I'm asking you...

Just a minute, please...

Wait... Nati, I'm coming
to the police station with you.

I'll take care of this...