Katy Keene (2020–…): Season 1, Episode 9 - Chapter Nine: Wishin' and a Hopin' - full transcript

Katy struggles with find her place with her new position and loses her confidence and turns to Gloria who gives her good advice. Alex wants to put together The Pussycats again, but what his...

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Growing up, my mom
always gave me a penny

to throw into the Bethesda
Fountain in Central Park

to make a wish... and it
was always the same...

to be a great fashion designer.

And to be a great designer,

you have to work for one first.

And now, that's finally happening.

The place was perfect:

an abandoned atelier on
the 8th floor of Lacy's.

The designer, Guy LaMontagne,

- also perfect.
- Thank you.

But was I a perfect
enough version of myself

to live up to my lifelong dream?

Morning, Katy. Gloria wants to see you.

She's surprising you
with champagne, so...

act surprised.

Royal engagements, couturiers,

Katy's a perfect example of what happens

when you follow my advice.

Look at her now,

off to apprentice for Guy LaMontagne.

To Katy.

Katy, so devastated you're leaving.

What are we gonna do without...

all of this?

Amanda, it's an unpaid internship,

so I will still be working right
here beside you, part time.

Run along, girls.

Not you, Katy.

I wanted to remind you
that in your new venture,

you won't have me,
your benevolent mentor,

around to clean up
your spirited mess-ups.

I know in the past I've...
gone a little rogue,

but don't worry, I'm going
to do exactly what Guy says.

Wise. But don't get your hopes up.

He's notorious for his
revolving door of apprentices.

I'll do my best to keep him happy.

Good. The people he fires

tend to vanish from the fashion world.

You can't vanish before you even appear!

Well, I can guarantee
that won't happen to me.



I'm Katy Keene. I'm the new apprentice.

- Good morning, Katy.
- Hi.

- Good luck on your first day.
- Guy?

I know what you're gonna
say, I just need more time...

No, no, you're out of time.
We're contractually obligated

to show five executed garments.

If you can't deliver,
they'll never believe

you can handle an entire collection.

This fabric is all wrong.
Bring me the charmeuse.

I've got it.

Do we have softer lights?

It's like an interrogation room in here.

I can't work like this.

Is there anything I can do?

Yeah, I'm trying to focus,

and all I can see are hearts.

Which, as everybody knows,

Alessandro Michele
loves to use at Gucci.

So, are you trying to
remind me of my nemesis?


Go home and change.

Yeah, let's try working this

- into a wide-legged trouser.
- Okay.

Day one was a disaster.

Anyone would be thrilled to have
their own atelier, but not Guy!

He's too busy being
distracted by my outfit.

I never thought that he'd be such a...

- Control freak?
- Yes!

Hate to say it, but it
takes one to know one.

N... I am not a control freak.

Darling, you are. Face it.

You just dress your anxiety
up in hearts and smiles.

Guy has his all bottled
up under those turtlenecks.

No, trust me, he's
not bottling it all up,

he's letting it all out.

You know, I had a sense
that he had this in him

when he was a jerk to Gloria.

But then he gave me my shoe
back, and this apprenticeship,

and suddenly he became Prince Charming.

Yes, we all know how Prince Charming

likes his girls, don't we?

Asleep in glass boxes.

Yeah, well, I am toning it down for him.

Starting with my outfit.

You know, when I met Guy
at that 30 Under 30 shoot,

he did have a bit of a meltdown.

You didn't tell me that.

His apprentice was
supposed to drop a dress off

to J-Lo for the Oscars.

Guy had asked him to make
sure everything was perfect,

but apparently the zipper broke.

She ended up wearing Gucci.

Guy had a rage stroke.

Wait, what happened to his apprentice?

I saw him working at
a Jimmy Jazz in Harlem.

Oh, my God, it's just like Gloria said.

If I don't impress
him, Pepper, it's over.

My love, I've seen you do this before.

Do the same with Guy.

Make yourself indispensable.

Pepper, your phone's blowing up.

Oh, I know. Some un-verified random

started a hashtag about me.


Who's Hannah Melvey?

I don't know, but we have to retaliate!

No, Pepper, you know my
stance on social media.

Ignore it and it will all blow over.

Oh! Does this say "indispensable?"

I don't know her.

Send tweet.

- Pepper...
- Yes!

- Okay.
- Lovely.

Good morning, Guy.

Is it darker in here?

Did the rooster not crow?

I switched out all of the light bulbs.

You said that they were too harsh.

- Tea?
- What is this?


I read in a 2015 Porter article

that you loved white hydrangeas.

To look at, not to smell. I'm allergic.

Are we on HGTV?

Why are those in a rainbow?

I figured after yesterday's
hunt for the charmeuse

that this would be...

more efficient.

Do you ever just stop and think

that maybe my ten-plus
years as a designer

outranks your one-day
assault on this operation?

I have a system,

and you have disrupted it a
day before my preview.

Just wait, and do what I ask you to do.

That so hard?

Hi. I'm Katy Keene, the new apprentice.

- Can I help you with something?
- Me? No. I'm the CFO.

Unless you want to
balance our debts, ask Guy.

My brother's tough.

Be tougher.


Guy, if you need anything
done, I'm here to help.

I'd like to make up for this morning.

I'd like a full afternoon tea.

Make sure Gal and I have
clean cups and saucers.

Already brewing.


there anything design related?

I am a hard worker.
I can sew in my sleep.

Let me be of actual use to you.

Fine. I need someone with nimble fingers

to sew on a lace appliqué
using an overcast stitch.

- Can you handle that?
- Yes! I can.

One hundred percent.

Won't let you down.

Don't stop on my account.


It needs to be exactly
one-eighth of an inch


- Try again.
- Mmm.

They're too visible. Try again.

They're uneven.

Too far apart.



Hmm, stop.

Never mind.

I'll do it myself.


there's a woman's lounge and bathroom

on every floor of this establishment.

Why must you choose
here to exhibit emotion?

I'm sorry.

Oh, Katy, your fingers.

What happened?

Guy asked me to sew an overcast stitch,

and I tried to get it right,
like, a hundred times,

and I couldn't do it!

Remember what happened

when Sleeping Beauty pricked
her finger on the spindle?

She forgot herself

and slept for twenty years.

You look like you pricked
your finger about a hundred times.

I know what you're getting at, Gloria,

but I'm not losing myself.

It's just...

The pressure is a lot, and
maybe I'm not ready...

Whatever you do, don't
let Guy see you like this.

In a way, it's what he wants...

to know he can break you.

Now, wipe those tears
and get back up there

before you give him another
excuse to torture you.

- Thank you.
- Yeah.

Gal, we need to push the preview.

We can't. We need that fifth look

or we don't get funding
to start production.

Every time I go to sketch that
fifth dress, I-I become paralyzed.

You have plenty of perfect
designs that you've thrown away.

Sleep on it.

Tomorrow you'll feel ready
to finish the last look.

- Synced and corrected by Firefly -

I'm going rogue.

I'm making one of
Guy's discarded designs.

Oh, I think it's fantastic.

What's the worst that can
happen? He doesn't use it?

Or he blacklists me from
the fashion industry,

ruining my career

and crushing any morsel

of self confidence I have left.

He doesn't get to have that much power.

You're way too talented

to feel this insecure. I don't like it.

Designing for myself

and for you, Jorge, Josie,

I never doubted myself.

Or my skills, not like this.

Maybe I'm not meant to be
a professional designer.

Maybe this is all just
some really cool hobby.

Get a grip, woman!

You're having a bad
week at a brand new job.

Since when does Katy Keene
doubt herself this much?

I barely recognize you.

Come on, let me help.

Give me some fabric to cut or something.

Pepper, you don't have to.

Oh, I want to. I need the distraction.

If I refresh my Twitter
mentions one more time,

I'll self-immolate.


- Two yards.
- Two yards.

What am I looking at?

It's one of your designs.

No, I know what it is. I mean,

why is it here, when I threw it out?

I thought that if you saw it executed,

you would see how well it
complements your collection.

You stole my drawing and my fabric,

and you made it yourself?

I... was just trying to help.

Guy, I love this design,

and I know that Gloria will, too.

You're... you're being
too hard on yourself.

When we first met,

your tenacity was impressive.

But now, your blatant disregard

of anyone's opinion but
your own is a liability.

Oh, thank God!

You finished a fifth look.

I took all those CBD
gummies for nothing.

- No, Gal, that is not...
- I don't want to hear it.

I just want to see it at
the preview this afternoon.

- I can... I can go tell her...
- No, we have to show it now.

Let's see what Gloria Grandbilt
makes of your little project.

And I want you to be there

so you can hear her for yourself.

I'm impressed.

It's an evolution, a step up,
from your work at Karloff.

I can already think of
fifty clients I can call

and sell each of these looks to.

All, except one.

This one doesn't do it for me.



Well, I agree with Gloria.

It lacks... sophistication.

And I wish I understood why you chose

to color block in only one design.

It's very jarring.

Yes. It's already trashed.

Oh, good!

I'll still need to see one more garment

before Mrs. Lacy can
give you the green light,

but I can tell you're
on the right track.

Now, this dress...

it's a revelation, a nod
to Balenciaga himself.


Going somewhere?

I know you're firing me, Guy.

It's already humiliating
enough as it is.


Gloria loved your collection.

And if this is the
last time I talk to you,

I just wanted to tell you,
thank you for taking me on.

I learned a lot,

and I'm really sorry for
going behind your back.

No one's firing you, Katy Keene.

Your overcast stitch on this is...


You learned something.
You perfected a technique.

That's reason enough to stay, no?

You know, nine times out of ten,
they'll reject what you make.

But it's always worth finishing it.

Perhaps I should take my own advice.


Set down that box.


In this business...

it's not about talent...

arm up...

it's about resilience.

The ones who make it...

are the ones who don't quit...

the ones who stay the course.

Fabric always drapes better on a model.

The thing about a fairy tale is

that once it begins, you
don't want it to end.

But what if, suddenly, you're
the one who's locked in a tower?

Josie McCoy moved to New York

to get signed and record an album.

She told me that, more than anything,

she wanted to find
her people, to belong.

Well, upon arrival, she
met the perfect guy,

made the best friends
a girl could ask for...

if I do say so myself...

and even got an EP deal.

It was only a matter of time

before the magic would
start to wear off.

Okay, Josie.

I'm ready for you.

Okay, so, how does this
stuff usually start?

If I'm being honest,

this is my first doc.

Alex wants us to document the process

of finding your new band.

So, why don't you start

by telling me a little bit about
the history of the Pussycats.

Maybe I should just
lie down on this couch

because that would be a
full-on therapy session.

And why resurrect the band now?

Because when Mr. Cabot says
get your band back together,

you get your band back together.

I'm sensing some mixed feelings.

I don't know, just like...

part of me feels like

rebooting the band means going backwards

to who I was in high school.

Having a band

sometimes brought out the worst in me.

I was spending more time
navigating band politics

than focusing on what really mattered...

you know, music.

But I'm more mature now,

so, it'll be different...

because... I'm different.

So, how are you feeling
about the auditions today?

Nervous as hell.

But, I don't know, it'll
be fun having you along

to document the process.


let's go find our new
bandmates, shall we?

I know how to package
and sell a band. And, uh...

Josie! I'd like you to meet
Priscilla and Corinne,

your two new Pussycats.

Uh, I thought...

I thought we were holding auditions?

No need. They're...

lovely singers...

with the help of a little auto-tune...

and look how great they
look in their cat ears!

They both model regularly

for our fashion label, Caboture...

If you'll just excuse me
for a moment, Mr. Cabot.

- Can I talk to you?
- Hmm?

Are you kidding me?

Caboture models in cat ears?

My dad knows what he's doing.

He discovered Toni Braxton
before the label shuttered.


Just give them a chance, all right?

They might be good.

It's the three of them together

that really made it work.

That's what you all are gonna do.
I'm telling you, it's gonna be big!

I'll leave you all to start practicing,

and we'll meet Friday morning

for our first recording session.

Thanks, girls.

You know, I can see it already.

The Supremes for the next generation!

These are the three faces

that could relaunch Cabot Records.

This is so exciting.

It's going to happen.

So, ladies, um...

what instruments do you play?

Not only can they not sing,

they can't even play an instrument,

like, not even the triangle!

We'll get them lessons, all right?

Alex, this is the Pussycats,

not the Pussycat Dolls!

Let it be on the record that I will not

be dancing on top of a car

in a short skirt with models.

They are not musicians.

My dad is a great businessman.

He built an empire

on knowing what America
wants to consume.


I think we can stand to trust him.

Okay, fair, but what if instead,

I find two actual artists

and bring them to the
recording session on Friday.

Maybe then he'll see that he is wrong.

Look, I really don't
think that's a good idea.

Once my dad's mind's
made up, it's made up.

Yeah, well, that's one thing
he and I have in common.

I will be holding auditions tomorrow,

whether you decide to help or not.

And I gotta say, Alex,
for being a big man,

you sure do turn into a little boy

when it comes to your dad.

Now, if you will excuse me,

I have to go find some real musicians.


Alex, you came.

Of course.

I thought about it, and you were right.

We should do this your way.
So, let's see what they've got.

Thank you! Thank you, that was great!

We... We got it!

♪ Oops, did I speak my mind again ♪

♪ I'm sorry, next time I'll be louder ♪

♪ Oops, did I not play or pretend ♪

♪ You wanted sweet, I gave you sour ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ They said, girl ♪

♪ Don't talk back ♪

- Are you, uh,
- ♪ Just stay quiet ♪

- catching any of this?
- ♪ Good with that ♪

Not a word.

♪ Just open my mouth and say ♪

♪ The world revolves around you ♪

♪ You picture me naked ♪

♪ Oops... ♪ I'm sorry, I can't do this.


Ginger, seriously?

Do you actually want
to be part of the group,

or have you forgotten

that you could barely
share a stage with me

in "Kiss of the Spider Woman?"

Okay, full disclosure, I just wanted

to get that screen time,
girl, on the off chance

that this documentary turns into
the next Truth or Dare

or Paris Is Burning.

♪ Girl, don't talk back ♪

♪ Just be quiet ♪

♪ You're good at that... ♪

So, how are you feeling

after the first round of auditions?


You know, everyone is talented

in their own way.

Just not... Pussycat material.

♪ They say, girl ♪

♪ Don't talk back, just be quiet ♪

♪ You're good at that ♪

♪ I guess all the girls in
the world were meant to be ♪

♪ All the girls in the world
were meant to be ♪

♪ All the girls in the world
were meant to be ♪

♪ Bad ♪

♪ They say, girl ♪

♪ Don't get mad ♪

♪ Just keep smiling ♪

♪ You're good at that ♪

No, please don't stop.

That was amazing.

Why didn't you do that on stage?

Because it's easier for me to sing

when I'm at home alone,
in front of a mirror.

I don't know why I came here.

Because you're talented,

and people need to
see you do your thing.

- What's your name?
- Cricket.


between you and me, Cricket,

I have had my fair share of...

nervous hyperventilating
before performances.

You, hands down,

are the best singer
that I've heard today.

Maybe ever.

You can't keep that talent to yourself.

Is this something that you want?

More than anything. Mmm.

I need it.

Well, then, welcome to the Pussycats.

Oh, my God.

Thank you. Thank you.

Alex, you should have
heard her in the bathroom.

Okay, she was incredible.

She's perfect for the Pussycats.

She... Raj! Raj, back me up.

Chills. We've got the footage.
You can see for yourself.

She can't perform on stage!

Well, we'll work with her. She
just... build her confidence.

Josie, we don't have time.

We're already going
behind my dad's back.

We need to show him something ASAP.

Alex, I get that, but this girl,

she has it.

And sometimes, as a
woman in this industry,

it is so hard to walk into a room

and feel like your voice
matters enough to be heard.

If you wanna have my back, have my back.

Okay, we'll give her a shot.

But that only solves half our problem.

Unless you saw something in
Hillbilly Eilish that I didn't,

we're still short one Pussycat.

Mmm, you know, there
was one other person

that we auditioned.

So, Trula,

I saw your protest videos online.

They're amazing.

That one where you're drumming,
um, in front of Oldman Sachs...

what inspired you?

The drumbeat represents

our collective heartbeat.

And companies like Oldman Sachs

have forgotten our common humanity.

So, how would you feel about being

on a label owned by Cabot Entertainment?

Well, a girl does have to pay her rent.

But I may still wear
a ski mask on stage.


Remind me, Raj,

why, again, did you
want to interview me?

It's an excuse to spend time with you.

All right, well,

in that case,

Yes, I am an honorary Pussycat,

on account of my having

practically discovered the Josie McCoy.

But, of course, I can't
take all the credit.

I must humbly admit

that when I saw her
first NYC performance,

a charming rendition
of "Cut to the Feeling",

I knew that it was my calling to...

to nurture her incredible talent.

- Sorry, Pepper, we-we...
- Sorry. Sorry, um...

Pepper, we kind of need
to wrap this up quickly.

Yeah, uh, sincerest apologies, love.

I am in the middle of
a social media squabble.

Some... Some harpy

named Hannah Melvey, if
that is even her real name,

is making outrageous accusations.

She's... She's saying that I did not

introduce Shawn Mendes
to Camila Cabello.

And I know it's unbecoming to brag,

but I did give the world that adorable,

though sometimes quite
obnoxious, couple.

Now she's saying I don't
know Dame Kristen Stewart.

Hey, I will not stand idly by

while this Hannah Melvey
person besmirches my reputation.

Alex! Get your...

sculpted buns over here, will you?

I'm just going to...


- Okay...
- Ah.

- Uh, what are you...
- Can you just undo those...

top buttons and flash the pearly whites.

Try not to look so tortured.






♪ I'm working harder than you play ♪

♪ I'm gonna live my life by my rules ♪

- ♪ Yeah, yeah ♪
- ♪ Yeah, yeah ♪

♪ And if you've got something to say ♪

♪ Go ahead and walk a mile in my shoes ♪

- ♪ Yeah, yeah ♪
- ♪ Yeah, yeah ♪

♪ So, what do you want me to do ♪

♪ Just hold my mouth and say that ♪

♪ The world revolves around you ♪

♪ Nah, I don't need you to make it ♪

♪ I'm working harder than you play ♪

♪ I'm gonna live my life by my rules ♪

♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah

♪ They say, girl, don't talk back ♪

♪ Don't talk back ♪

♪ Just be quiet ♪

♪ You're good at that ♪

♪ Come on! ♪

♪ All the girls in the world
were meant to be ♪

♪ All the girls in the world
were meant to be ♪

♪ All the girls in the world
were meant to be bad ♪

♪ Bad! ♪

Oh, that felt... that felt really great!

So, Alex, moment of truth,

how are you feeling
about the Pussycat swap?

It's a pretty ballsy move.

Sure, uh, but my dad always taught me

that if you want to succeed in business,

you have to take risks.

Yeah, the three of us click.

It's like we were born
to make music together.

What fresh hell is this?

What happened to Priscilla and Corinne?

Who are these people?

They're the new Pussycats, Dad.

And Believe me, Mr. Cabot,
when you hear us play,

it'll blow you away.


Why do you think it's
okay to waste my time?

Call my girls, get
'em back in the band...

They're not going anywhere.

Fine, you can go it alone,

without me and my son's help.

Josie, he's not messing around.

Yeah, neither am I.

I don't want your
money. I don't need it.

I'd rather start over
and stay true to myself,

than to compromise the
integrity of my band.

Topple that patriarchy!

What she said.

Get that camera out of my face!


Josie's an artist, she has a vision,

and she knows what she
wants to do with this thing.


You know, I know how to
package and sell a band.

And that motley crew your
girlfriend put together?

They would be dead on arrival.

Then why do you care?

You run an empire, Dad.

Why is Josie so important to you?

It's not Josie that's
important, it's you.

All I want is for you to succeed.

Then get out of my way and let me.

I tried that once, remember?

All it got you was ninety
days in a rehab facility.

Get your head on straight
and find a new project.

Josie isn't it.


she is.

Josie's an artist,

and she knows what she's doing.

Fine, keep chasing
tail and a pipe dream.

Don't come crawling back to
me when it all falls apart.

Trust me, I won't.

It'll be a lot easier to lift myself up

without your heel on my back.

I'm serious, Alex.

I gave you your trust
fund, your apartment,

and I can take it all away.

So, how do you feel about
going out on your own

with the new Pussycats?


I mean, Mr. Cabot was
right about one thing:

a band is good for me.

Just not his version.

My version of the Pussycats
will reflect who I've become.

And I'm not on my own.

I've got two badass women in my corner.

Will you miss working with Alex?

Of course.

But I would never ask him
to choose me over his family.

You don't have to ask.

Alex, what are you doing here?

Where else would I be?

I'm your manager.

If you'll still have me, that is.

What about your dad?

I'm not gonna let him
run my life anymore.

And I'm not gonna make excuses for him.

If he wants to cut me off... he can.

'Cause you're worth it, Josie.

Are you sure?


But we're on our own.

And we might have to
start from the very bottom.

Well, at least we will be
at the bottom together.


I love you.

I love you, too.



Your documentary got its happy ending.

Now, get the hell up on out of here.

When we were fourteen,

Jorge described his perfect man to me.

Kind, handsome and, of course, hot.

FDNY hot.

It was as if Jorge rubbed a magic lamp

and his wish came true.

But just like the Genie warned Aladdin,

once you get what you wish
for, you always want more.

Thanks for being a gentleman
and walking me home tonight, B.

But, tonight I'm...

I'm not looking for gentle.

Very tempting,

but I have to be at the station,

- like, five minutes ago.
- Boo.

I'll make it up to you
tomorrow afternoon.

I have plans tomorrow...

with Buzz.

The lawyer ex?

Yeah, we're trying to be friends.

It's okay with you, right?

Yeah, yeah, of course.

As long as that's what it is.


That's all she wrote, baby.

Talk to you mañana?

- Bye.
- Bye.

English breakfast, baby.

And some dry-ass cookies.

Thank you.

I'm glad we could do this. Be friends.

- Me, too.
- I've been looking through

every assault report
from the neighborhood

and keeping my ear to the
ground for similar cases.

I want to catch those guys.

Trust me, Buzz, I mean,
there's nothing I want more.

But the win that really matters...

was that rally.

Bringing all those people together,

it was like our own little rebellion.

There was nothing little about it.

I admire you.

When you told me that you did drag,

I thought it was cool,

but Ginger is next level,

like a superhero.

Oh, you sound surprised.

You already knew I had buns of steel.

Seriously, though, what's it like?

You ready?

As I'll ever be.


The transformation's almost complete!

Wait, are you serious?

That was four hours. What else is there?

Well, I was gonna make you tuck, but...

It's so much more than just
the face, the hair, the body.

Drag's also about an
internal transformation.

You need a name.


Who's your bish?

Favorite Diva.

- Oh, Kelly Clarkson.
- Try again.

Uh, I don't know. Elle Woods?

Okay, I can work with
this. I can work with this.

Okay, uh... Miss Demean Her.

No. Uh... Class Action Beauty...


Yes, ma'am!

Order in the court!

Now, get up there and show
me them angles, Queen!

Uh-huh, elegantly.


Oh, don't forget the... Yes, the hand!

Oh, those Betty Davis eyes.

So, what do you think?

I think that we spent an
entire year in this bedroom,

and I never really got to see you...

till now.

So, how was your hang-out with Buzz?

Good! Fun!

I gave him a drag make-over.

A drag-over.

Oh, he looked so fish and so cute!

I mean, he really came out of his shell.

I mean, this is the same guy

who was afraid to come out at work.

Proud of him.

Is this not the most adorable
thing you've ever seen?

You seem to think that he is.

Do I have some competition here?

That's hilarious! No, no.

The... That ship has
sailed a long time ago.

Okay, good, 'cause I want
you docked in my port.

Mmm. We are anchored.

I can't stop thinking about Buzz.

Am I crazy?

Only in the best possible way.

Seriously, Pep, I mean,

Bernardo is literally
the man I've been wishing

and hoping for my whole life.

I finally have him, and I can't
stop fantasizing about my ex.

My love, you're treating
liking two people

as if it were some big moral
quandary, but it really isn't.

Take me, for example...

I've made it perfectly
clear to both Raj and Didi

that I'm seeing both of them.

Like an open relationship?

Well, I'm not in a relationship
with either of them, so, no.

It's just... honesty.

But an open relationship
could be a lovely option

if both of you would
like to see other people.

You just have to figure
out what the rules are.

- Rules?
- Yes.

Some couples are only allowed

to see another person once.

Some aren't allowed to spend a night.

Some prefer not to know.
Some get off on knowing.

- You could be a throuple!
- A wha-ple?

Which is a traditional
relationship with a plus one.

Pep, you know me.

I mean, I'm passionate and
intense enough as it is.

I can barely navigate my feelings
for one person, let alone two.

What about a threesome?

Mmm? A one-off might get
it out of your system?

Maybe just take both
of them out for a drink.

- Break the ice a little.
- Hmm.

Ugh, that witch.

What is happening?

Ugh, it's just my archnemesis

threatening to post a picture
of me with a tragic unibrow.

Should I cut a bitch?

Sadly, I think we're past that.

I'm going to have to deal
with this as an adult.

- Face to face.
- _


This is so fun!

- So fun.
- Yeah.

- I loved your...
- So, fighting fires...


I'm sorry, you go.

No, I-I was gonna say

that I loved your drag make-over.

- Oh, thank you.
- Yeah.

I'm no Ginger Lopez.

Ah. Don't be so modest.

You're a glamazon.

Uh, so who wants another drink?

All I can taste is tequila.

- Yeah!
- Please!


I'm so glad we did this!

- Me, too.
- Yeah?

I know how important this is to you.

Jorge, I'm... I'm sorry I
got jealous the other night.

It's okay.

I kinda don't mind it.


- It shows that you care.
- I do.

And bringing us here, all
together, I think it's helped.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

It's good to get to
know him a little bit.

And for the record, he's cute in drag,

but he's even cuter tonight.

So, what did I miss?

Double vodka soda, please. Actually...

Make it a triple, will ya?

Nice haircut.

- Hannah Melvey. Really?
- Mmm.

You always were abysmal
at picking fake names,

but this one really takes the cake.


You left me at La Mamounia

with a $30,000 hotel bill.

I had to spend three
days in a Moroccan jail.

- Our cover was blown.
- Mmm.

It was your turn to
take the fall, and I...

I knew that you could call
your mum to bail you out,

and I couldn't, so...

You also knew that I
don't speak to my mom.

Not since she showed
up drunk to our wedding.

You broke my heart, Pep.

If you look at it in a different light,

you'll realize I did this for you.

You don't want this life.

I'm trying to protect you.

Wow, you are so good
at twisting reality.

But unfortunately for
you, I'm a good study.

You can talk tough, but I know you.

You're sweet and kind, Taylor.

I go by Hannah now.

The old Taylor's dead.

I know your little tricks,

your fake names, and even your real age.

And I'm gonna ruin you.

Lucky for me, my wife taught me well.

Ex-wife. All you have
to do is sign the papers.

All you have to do is make me.

Some fairy tales don't
have a happy ending.

Some do.

But for me, Josie, Jorge, and Pepper,

the enchantment would
eventually wear off,

and we would be faced with
the ultimate cautionary tale.

Be careful what you wish for

because it just might come true.

- Synced and corrected by Firefly -