Katy Keene (2020–…): Season 1, Episode 11 - Chapter Eleven: Who Can I Turn To? - full transcript

With the pressure of the Meta Gala, Katy is being pulled between her new roles. Pushing through everything, Katy takes a designing risk for the Meta Gala that she hopes pays off and top ...

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[KATY] The Meta Gala is
fashion's biggest night.

My mom and I used to park
ourselves across the street

and gawk at the gorgeous gowns.

It was our Oscars, Super Bowl,
Thanksgiving Day Parade,

all wrapped into one.

Back then, I had no idea

how much work went into
each of those dresses.

The boning, the underpinnings,
the detailing.

It took an entire team of
people to put it all together.

My mom always told me that one day,

I'd get to attend the
Meta Gala as a designer.

That I'd be the one
walking the red carpet

and showcasing my work.

But for now, I was just
happy to be this close.

The theme is "Behind the Mask",

and this feels like the opposite.

It's not so different from
the sketch you approved,

which Casey Wilson loved.

I didn't think you'd make a train

longer than Rihanna's Guo Pei number.

This is your first Meta Gala
gown at your own label.

- It has to be good.
- Katy?


What do you think?

I think that a shorter train

will give Casey more mobility

without sacrificing the
integrity of the design.

One less foot, and she will

practically float down the red carpet.

Good point.

Let's lose a foot.

[KATY] I am living the dream!

Watching Guy LaMontagne work, it's...

- A major turn-on.
- Yes. No!

It's... [SIGHS] It's inspiring me.

Well, I hope it inspired
you to pay the rent.

Oh, my God, I completely forgot.

Between Guy and running
Personal Shopping with Amanda

during peak Meta Gala season,

I completely lost track
of time. I'm sorry.

I haven't.

It's been twelve days since Jorge

put on that sweatshirt.

This is all I have left of Bernardo.

- Aww.
- It smells like him.

Babe, it just smells.

Katy... [SIGHS] what
helped you get over KO?

I don't think I'll ever
truly be over him.

Well, at least you still
have his underwear ads.


Oh, my gosh.

Amanda keeps sending
me old Meta Gala looks.

As if I don't have every
single dress ever worn

committed to my memory.

What happened to quitting Lacy's?

Well, Gloria happened.

When she found out that Mrs. Lacy

put me and Amanda in charge,
she asked me to stay.

She wants me to take care of her domain.

Oh, my God!

- Katy...
- Yeah.

It's from Parson's.

How long has that been there?

I don't know, Jorge's
in charge of the mail.

It's a lot of catalogs.
I get overwhelmed.

I always thought my mom
would be here for this.

Oh... I'm so lucky
to have you guys here.


here we go.



Maybe it's better that my
mom's not here to see this.


Oh, Katy.

It's totally okay.

You know, wasn't meant to be.

My love, it's okay not
to be okay, you know.

Yeah, I know that.

What do I have to be upset about?

I am helping Guy LaMontagne

design a dress for the Meta Gala.

I'm fine. Really.


Ohh. What is that faraway
look in your eyes, Katy?

It's the week of the Meta Gala.

Snap to it!

Sorry, but...

I just... I don't ever
remember Gloria's office

being this messy when she was here.

[AMANDA] We are dressing
twenty A-listers for the Meta Gala,

and you have been MIA
with Guy LaMontagne.

Who is designing a line for Lacy's.

His Meta Gala dress takes priority.

Don't do that. Do not do that.

Don't bat your fake eyelashes at me.

You and I both know that I
deserve to be Head Shopper.

Amanda, why must you make

every single thing a competition?

Mrs. Lacy put both of us in charge.

Exactly. So pull your weight!

- Okay.

- _
- If you abandon me one more time...

Guy asked me to help
with Casey Wilson's dress.

I'm sorry, but...



"What Would Gloria Grandbilt Do?"

- Yeah.
- No, thanks.

Gloria sent it over that
time she had food poisoning

from a bad batch of caviar.

So it has everything you need to know,

and I will come back and
I will help you. I promise.

[HANNAH] This is where you're
taking your meetings now?

It's appalling how much
you've lowered your standards.

Imagine how low they had
to be when I married you.

What do you want, Hannah? I'm busy.

Megan Ellison isn't coming.

I canceled on your behalf.
When Didi defected,

she took your little
black book with her.

Okay, let's just put
everything out on the table,

- shall we?
- Mm.

I did you dirty in Morocco.
Our marriage failed.

You've already got
your money back from me.

You've stolen my assistant.

Do you really have to
ruin my entire life?

Yes! I want you to feel
as much pain as I felt

when you let me rot in prison.

- You were there for three days!
- Semantics!

I'm hurting you where it
hurts you the most, Pepper:

your bank account.

You are right about one thing.

New York does need more
spaces for creative types.

But you're stuck in the past.

This pre-Giuliani, squatter-chic vibe

you're going for? No,
New York has changed.

People want a more... polished place.

Like the Hannah House.

[LAUGHS] The Hannah House?

Mm-hmm. Has a nice ring, no?

It's an upscale workspace,
social club, and hotel

for rich creative types.

But it's a costly venture.

Good thing I'm poaching
all your investors.

Ciao for now.

[PEPPER] You haven't been contacted

by a Hannah Melvey?

Hannah who?

I don't answer calls
from people I don't know.


Okay, I know that your investment

in Spider Woman didn't pan out,

but I do have another, even better,

business opportunity for you.

The Pepper Plant.

I thought you already had funding.

I did... I mean, I do. I do.

I've just had to accelerate the launch,

thanks to a competitor.

But you know, less time
means more capital.

I don't know, Pep. It's not always good

to mix friends with money.

What if I told you that
Josie and the Pussycats

could be the Plant's house band.

Okay, it would be the perfect place

for us to work out our new material.

You know, like the Beatles in Hamburg?

Yeah, that's great for the band,

but look, I'm less sure
about it as an investment.

Nobody knows about the Pepper Plant.

You leave that bit to me, Alex.

- [MATEO] I'm looking for my brother.

- [JORGE] Ugh!
- What's up, bro?

I was patrolling the neighborhood,

figured I'd swing by.

What, did Dad tell you to spy on me?

No, man, but he does ask about you.

Why don't you come to dinner?

It's killing Ma not
having everyone together.

I'm not ready to face Dad, bro.

I'm not defending him, but
you gotta try and see this

from his perspective. You
had been attacked that night.

Okay? Our pops is terrified for you.

and we haven't caught
the guys who did it.

Stop making excuses for him.

I'm just saying that, you know,

you've been with the
drag thing for years,

he's only been with it for a few weeks.

You might need to give Pops
a little time to process.

Process? Stop making me feel like

I'm something people gotta get used to.

- I'm sorry.
- Mm.

We love you, Jorge. All of us do.


I know.

Don't give up on him yet.


- All right.


When I heard the theme
was Behind the Mask,

I knew I wanted to show the world

the real Casey Wilson,
not just the actress.

I'm not sure the real me loves a corset.

Sorry, Guy, but I look like
I'm about to throw cake

at a bunch of French peasants.

Well, the corset is subversive,
that's the point.

This is alarming.

Also, I'm finding breathing a challenge.

Guy, I'm so sorry, and you know,

I love everything that you make...

you know, except for this.

I'm just getting totally
lost in this dress

and whatever is going on up here.

Is it too late to just... start over?

Whip something else up from scratch?

We could make a few small adjustments,

maybe trade out the
corset for a lace bodice?

My brother once got a dress
ready for Annie Hathaway

thirty minutes before the Oscars.

He's a pro. He'll come
back with something new.

Won't you, Guy?

Maybe we lose the corset

and... add a dramatic cape.

I am just spitballing. Ignore me.



This is the part I hate the most.

Which part?


How am I supposed to
start over on a dress

and complete an entire
line by Fashion Week?

By accepting help.

Casey looks amazing in lace appliqué.

I could look up photos
of her wedding dress?

I appreciate your help, Katy.

But at a certain point,

the work can only be
done by the designer.

[KATY] And not the girl who
didn't even get into Parsons.


Well, I'm needed downstairs,

but I'm just a phone
call away if you need me.

[GUY] Mm-hmm.

What's wrong?

You seem distracted.

It's about Pepper.

I want to help her

and I want to help the Pussycats

but... I don't know,
there's something about her

that just doesn't sit well.

Yeah, I get it.

She can be a bit...


But I am telling you,

no one has more hustle
than Pepper Smith.

And she's good people.

I believe you, but...

now that I'm cut off from my dad...

I just need to rein in my spending.

If I invest in this...

the rest of my savings'll
be tied to the Pepper Plant.

I'll talk to her.

Make sure it's really worth pursuing.


And she knows not to lie to me.

[CHUCKLES] Oh, and she's gotta guarantee

that you're the house band.


'Cause an investment in Josie McCoy...

well, that's the surest thing I got.


[FRANCOIS] Kiss of the Spider Woman
was great, but niche.

We need to do something bigger.

What about Ginger as Evita?

Here for it!

I think you need to
start auditioning again.

I've been circling casting calls.

That's just because you don't
like me performing in drag.

That's not fair.

I saw your show seventeen times!

To give me notes.

If I criticize you,

it's because I know
what you're capable of.

Life is hard and messy,

and at any moment the
bottom could fall out.


is everything okay?

As a matter of fact, no.

Your father and you not talking,

it's taking its toll,
and I'm tired of it.

Then tell it to your husband,

because this queen is in
no mood for a guilt trip.

Jorge. Take it from me...

there are too many battles out there

to waste time fighting with family.

It's time to mend fences.

[GROANS] Fine.

But he better hop his ass
over to my side of the fence.

What a marvelous idea to
bring Katy some sustenance.

That girl is a heart-shaped
Energizer Bunny

with dangerously low blood sugar.

[LAUGHS] Well, I figured
she could use a pick-me-up

after the Parsons rejection.

Ah, yes. Ooh! Any news on Alex?

I talked to him, and
he said that he would

invest in the Plant if you can guarantee

that the Pussycats
will be the house band.

- Done.
- Oh, but Pepper,

I have to say, after the whole...

Palace Hotel debacle...

Not my fault.

... and the way you
went behind our backs

and promised Xandra a role in
Kiss of the Spider Woman,

Alex is...

in a vulnerable place.

If anyone understands what it's like

to be cut off by their parents, it's me.

Alex will get every penny of
his investment back. Ten-fold.

You have my word.

Okay, well, then... [POPS LIPS]

you have Alex's money.

Oh! Oh, my God, thank you so much!

Things have been insane
preparing for the Meta Gala.

Casey Wilson hates corsets, and Amanda

is extra demanding, if
that's even possible,

and I literally haven't eaten all day.

Katy, do you need an ashwagandha?

No. No time. Bye!

[JOSIE] Is this it?

Is the Meta Gala gonna break Katy?

I don't know, but maybe it
can help break us.

We have a bit of a publicity problem.

The world needs to know
about the Pussycats,

and the Pepper Plant,
and what better venue

to showcase our work than the Meta Gala?

Fuchsia crepe?

I am obsessed with this!

Katy, focus. We are looking for a dress

for Tavi Gevinson, not for you.

[KO] Sorry to interrupt.

Think you could squeeze me in?

- Wow!
- Xandra said it looked sharp.

But... [LAUGHS] I told her
it wasn't really my thing.

[CHUCKLES] I'll find
something a little more you.

What's the occasion, anyway?

I got invited to the Meta Gala.

It turns out the whole
underwear model thing

comes with some perks.

Give the bruiser a trophy...
he just won your break-up.

Amanda, will you go find
that black Armani, please?

Oh. Here. Try this.

So... the Meta Gala. That's...

- Wow!
- If you told me a year ago

that I'd be walking a red carpet...

I'm happy for you, KO.

So, did you hear back from Parsons yet?

I didn't get in.


So this is where you've been

while I've been trying to call you?

Guy, I'm so sorry,
I turned my phone on silent

while we were fitting a client.

Katy, look, if you
have better things to do

than help me with the
Meta Gala, say the word.

'Cause there's a hundred other people

who would kill to take your place.

Take it down a notch, man.
She said she was sorry.

I do not need you to fight my battles.

This is my boss, so please,
pay a little respect.

Not if he doesn't respect you.

I think she can speak for herself.

Sometimes she talks so much,
I can barely hear myself think.

Irreverent sense of
humor. Just ignore it.

Don't talk about her like that.

KO, cut it out. Seriously.

Wait, Katy. This is KO?

The one you didn't want to marry?


Makes sense.

You're way too young to settle.


Guy, I know that things
got really out of hand

yesterday with KO, but it's almost noon.

Casey Wilson is on her way
for a follow-up fitting,

and nobody knows what
to work on without you.

[INTO PHONE] Hey, dumbass.

This is your sister.
Where the hell are you?

- Tell me you've heard from him.

No, not yet.

But he seemed like he was spiraling

when he got into it with KO.

Your ex may have punched him,

but the worst thing a person
can bruise on Guy is his ego.

This is about his career
and the Meta Gala.

When he's in a creative pickle,
he usually goes on a pub crawl.

White Horse Tavern all
the way to Coogan's.

It's annoying, but the last one birthed

Karloff's 2018 collection.

Wait, what do I tell Casey?

Are you a good liar?

Tell her anything but the truth.

[CASEY] Did you have a face transplant

with a Disney princess?

Is that a real human face?

This is my face.

Where's Guy?

Guy... is... in the... atelier.

- Mm-hmm. He's just...
- Oh.

really in that zone, and...

he's coming up with something
very special for you.

I know when I'm being
given the runaround.

I'm usually the one giving it,

because I just wanna stay home and
watch the Real Housewives.

But the Gala is tomorrow,

and Christian Siriano
just slid into my DMs.

So... should we call it?

No! No.

Look, I know...

that you have been to
the Meta Gala seven times,

and that fashion is
very important to you.

But only if it's a
true expression of you.

So, Guy, he sent me here

to get to know you a little better.

- [KATY] Okay.
- _

Hm. When and where were you happiest?

Right now.

I mean, not right
now, this is miserable,

but generally, yeah.

I mean, if... if you really wanna know,

I just... I spent so much of my life

just acting like everything was perfect.

Ya know, I was the perfect
friend and the perfect mom

and the perfect career woman, and...

I don't know, I just... I
didn't want anyone to know

if I was ever struggling.

And I just... I tried so hard
to hide those parts of myself

that I thought were broken.

It was exhausting. So
one day I just stopped.

I just stopped trying to pretend

like I was superhuman,
'cause I'm not. And...

[SIGHS] honestly, to lay it all bare,

it felt fantastic.

You are amazing.

Listen, this has been a delight,

but I'm running late to meet
Andrew Rannells for brunch,

and he is such a drag
when he's hangry...

he's honestly abusive.

You tell Guy he has 24 hours
to make me a new dress.

Guy will not let you down.

He is making you
something really beautiful.

I think you might be the most
earnest person I've ever met.

Never change.



Pussycats just laid down
our first new track...

[LAUGHING] and it is a banger.

Yeow! Go on!


What are you up to?

I have no idea.

I'm just following orders. Pep?

Let's just say Katy isn't the only one

making something for the Meta Gala.

It's for my plan.

- Should I be scared?
- Yes!

Your mum's a lawyer, right?

You don't mind if I give her a ring

and ask for some legal counsel?

- For the plan?
- The less you know, the better.

[KATY] Yeah, he's about 6'4",

probably wearing a turtleneck

and waxing poetic about Halston?

No? Okay, thanks anyway.

You guys, I've called
every single Irish pub

in Manhattan, and
there's no sign of Guy.

The Meta Gala is tomorrow,

and we have no dress for Casey Wilson.

Little did she know I lied,
and I told her that Guy

could turn around a
new look in 24 hours.

I mean, he's upset that
his dress got rejected,

and I really get that,
but he can't give up now.

[EXHALES] What do I do?

- Make it yourself.
- Di-va! [SNAPS]

Well, I tried that once with Guy,

and it blew up in my face.

Plus, I don't think I have
what it takes anymore.

I mean, this is the Meta Gala.

I'm just a Parsons reject.

- Uh-uh.
- [JOSIE] Okay, you know what?

Enough with the self-loathing, Katy.

Just ask yourself: what would...

Gloria Grandbilt do?

I was gonna say Coco
Chanel, but that works.

Gloria would take the bull by the horns.

I gotta go.

I'm not gonna ask.


We are going to take the spirit

of what we already made with Guy,

but expose the imperfections.

The seams, the frayed
edges... the broken parts.

And not a redesign,

a... deconstruction.

- [FRANCOIS] Don't worry, Katy,

I know exactly what you mean.

You want a peek under
the curtain of a dress.

Warts and all.

Jorge called.

Said you might need some moral support.

And somebody with sculpting skills.

You do realize that when we're through,

it's going to be a different dress.

Are you sure about this?

Not even a little bit.

Nice weather we're having.

Nice? Then call me Queen Elsa,

porque yo soy frozen. [SCOFFS]

That's because you wear
crop tops year-round.

[LUIS] So,

how's, um, Bernardo?

Wouldn't know. The big, strong fireman

rejected your runt of a son,

but you saw that coming, right?

I'm really sorry.

What else are you sorry about?

About how I reacted to the, uh,

the cross-dressing thing.

It's not cross-dressing. It's drag.

Okay. Okay, I'm sorry
I get the words wrong.

I'm trying to fix things
between us, hijo.

Jorge, I'm okay with you doing drag.

All that I'm asking is
that you don't walk home

dressed as a woman,
okay? For your own safety.

Pops, I don't have
to live by your rules.

As long as you live
in my building, you do.

That's how it is? It's like that?

'Cause if that's the case,
the girls and I will take

our hard-earned rent money
and we'll go elsewhere.

Well, go ahead. Try and
find something at this price.

Good luck out there.

Good luck out there?

That's exactly what you said to me

when I was 14 years old
and you kicked me out.

That was a long time ago.

Really? Because for me,

sometimes it feels
like it was yesterday.

Do you know how hard it was

to come out to you
guys in the first place?

And then how painful it was

when your reaction was
just to kick me out.

I was just a kid.

I needed my parents.

And I crawled back home

because I wanted my family back,

and you just acted
like it never happened.

You didn't even apologize! Still!



Jorge, a suspect was just arrested

for beating up a drag
queen, and his description

matches one of the
guys that attacked you.

You gotta come to the station

tomorrow first thing to I.D. him.

- I'm coming with you.
- No.

I'm fine on my own.

I know it's unorthodox.

But it is still Guy's original
design, and we just...

we took a few liberties
based on what Casey wanted.

It was Katy's vision.

The hidden underbelly of a dress.

Very on theme.

I get the significance.

And Katy, I think it's...


But it only fixes half our problem.

Guy needs to walk Casey
down the red carpet,

and he's still nowhere to be found.

It's the Meta Gala.
He can't just miss it.

You don't know my brother.


Another day, another homophobe, eh?

I'm sorry that wasn't our guy, Jorge.

Twelve o'clock.

[GASPS] No, no, no, no!

Why did I put on his sweatshirt again?

You look good.


- Bernardo.
- Hey, Jorge. Was it him?


How are you?

Well, our attacker's
still on the streets,

so, you know, been better.

Yeah. I've been better too.

Can we go somewhere and talk?

[OFFICER] All right, sit down, sir.

[GUY] What Zara does to
designers is criminal!

- [OFFICER] Sir, sit down.
- [GUY] Put them in handcuffs!

Ohh! I cannot feel my legs.

It has been a week.

And you have done all
of the heavy lifting

so I could deal with
this whole Guy mess.


Hey, Jorge.

[JORGE] Katy, girl,
you will not believe who's here

at the 35th precinct,
day-drunk in a turtleneck!

Jorge, you are a lifesaver. Thank you!

- [KATY] I gotta go.

I'm sorry, but just
call me if you need me.

Aaah! Slow your roll!

I cannot have you going to the Meta Gala

looking like young Cosette.



I don't know what to say.

Well, just call me your fairy godmother.

- Bye!
- Oh.

- Thank you!
- You're welcome.

How's Buzz?

I went to the park to surprise you,

but you were jogging with him.


I'm so sorry, Jorge.

We hung out a few times, that's it.

Whatever. It's... it's fine.

- Why do you always do that?
- What?

Pretend like you're not hurt.

I think I'm just so scared
of being abandoned again,

that I...

either cling too tight,

or self-sabotage.

I won't abandon you, Jorge.

I want to start fresh.

I can't.

I can't keep finding ways
of hiding from my feelings.

I have a lot to work through.


I think I need to do it alone.



if you ever change your mind...

you know where to find me.



Guy! Oh, thank God.

Coffee, egg-and-cheese
sandwich. Hangover cure-all.

And if we leave right now,
we'll have just enough time

to get you in your tux and
on that red carpet. Let's go!

I'm not going to the Meta Gala, Katy.

I didn't make Casey Wilson her dress.

That's okay, because I...

cobbled something together
for Casey using your dress.

I do not need you to rescue me, Katy.

Really? Because you are
sitting in the police station

on the day of the Meta Gala.

And I definitely don't need
a lecture from my apprentice.

This apprentice saved your ass!

Guy, I would do anything
to have what you have.

I have dreamt of showing
my work at the Meta Gala

since I could thread a needle.

But now, I'll never make it there

because I can't even get into Parsons.

"Dear Katy Keene, we
regret to inform you

that you are not good enough".

Tell me what it's like
to be so successful

that you can just shrug your shoulders

and you can skip the Meta Gala.

That kind of privilege,
that must be really nice.



You know what? Do whatever.

I, for one, I refuse to drag you

to a gala kicking and screaming.

You have got two legs, so
you can get yourself there.



[CASEY] I never knew
I could love a dress

more than my own children.

I'm literally never taking this off.

I've gotta tell Guy.

Where is Guy? Is he mad at me?

No, he is not mad, he's
just getting cleaned up.

Wanna take a look?


Enjoy. Stay hydrated.

- What is this Pepper Plant?
- That's a good question.

- Hmm.

No idea who that is.

Look out for the Hannah
House coming soon to Nolita.

Nolita? [LAUGHS]

That's quite the soundbite.

Quite the role reversal.

Suddenly, I'm the star player

and you're passing out the Gatorade.

How on earth did you snag an invite?

One of your contacts, Nina Garcia.

She sponsors the event.

I was calling on behalf of Busy Philips,

who was calling on behalf
of Michelle Williams.

Well, I am equal parts impressed...

and exhausted. What
are we doing, Hannah?

I don't know about you, but
I'm getting sweet revenge.

We need to bury the hatchet eventually,

or at least go get a
drink and chat about it.

I guess we could have a drink.

You look dashing, by the way.

As dashing as the first day I met you.

Casey, they're asking for you.

We can't stall any longer,
it's now or never.

Wait, I can't walk without Guy.

It's as much his moment as it is mine.

My brother would want you to
have this, with or without him.

Okay, fine. Let's...
let's break with tradition

and just upset the fashion gods.

Who's gonna help me with my train?

You're up, Katy Keene.

Are they gonna like it?

Yes. They are going to love it.

I cannot wait for everyone to see you.

The real you.

Thank you.

[KATY] Okay.

[CASEY] Guy!

- What the hell? Your eye!
- Consider it on theme.

- Shall we?
- Okay.

It's a beautiful dress.

[MAN] What a lovely gown!


[KO] Katy.

[GASPS] You're here!

Oh! The tux fits. It looks amazing!

Yeah, it's perfect.
Like everything you do.


Hey, uh, I was an idiot.

I'm sorry that I punched Guy.

Looks like I gave him a
pretty good shiner, too.

You're forgiven.

But do not ever let that happen again.

I won't.

- Did you... ?
- No.

That is a Guy LaMontagne original.

Come on...

that dress has Katy
Keene written all over it.

Your mom would be so proud of you.

- [KATY LAUGHS] Oh, hi.
- Hi!

Um, you ready?


[MAN, OVER RADIO] There's water
everywhere. Bring a mop.

[REPORTER] Xandra, we've heard rumors

that you're working on an
album with a girl group.

Is that true?

Actually, I am excited
to officially announce...



♪ The beat of my own drum ♪

♪ Come take the master class ♪

♪ When they say no, no, no ♪

♪ I tell 'em yes, I can ♪

♪ I follow my own rules ♪

♪ I wrote the master plan ♪

♪ I'm feeling royal now ♪

♪ Go ahead and kiss my hand... ♪

It's okay, let's just go inside.

Those bitches.

♪ ... Kiss my hand ♪

♪ My hand ♪

♪ Go ahead and kiss my hand ♪

♪ If you're lookin' for the boss, I am ♪

♪ Go ahead and kiss my hand ♪

♪ My hand ♪


- Go!

Guy, a lot of people
are saying your dress

was one of the stand-outs.
How do you feel?

I feel...

grateful and humbled

and like I don't deserve all the credit.

You know, making a dress
like the one Casey wore today,

it takes a village.

Weeks of intense labor and love.

And I couldn't do it without my sister

or my team of seamstresses.


there is one person I
do want to single out...

and that's my apprentice, Katy Keene.

She's the unsung hero of this dress.

And, uh, if you don't
know her name by now,

trust me,

you will one day.


[WOMAN] What can you tell me

about the exclusive line you...

- ♪ You're lookin' good ♪
- _

♪ You're on fire... ♪

Aw, drowning our sorrows?

[SIGHS] More like admitting defeat.


Well, you finally bested me.


You win.

Mm! Indulge me, though.

How much did you actually
raise for your Harpy House?

A modest 300K. But who's counting?

Ooh! I'm thinking...

- St. Lucia.
- Hmm?

Oh, it's where I'm going to holiday

with my half of the "modest" 300K.

And we are still married.

Per usual, you're one step behind.

My lawyers have ensured

that you will never see
a dime of my money.

And my lawyer, the Sierra McCoy,

has dug up enough dirt
on your corrupt lawyers

to disbar them for life.

When they go down, so do you.

The money isn't worth

the damage that we'll do to each other

if we stay married.

Just for the record,

it was real...

what we had.

We don't need to keep
hurting each other.

Well, it wasn't all bad.

- The nights in Morocco...
- Mm.

the bottle of Dom we stole

from the now-Duchess of Sussex.


We had fun.

But I will never forgive you.

[PEPPER] Well...

Take care of yourself, my darling.


Mom? What are you...

[GASPS] You called my mother?

It was the only way to ensure

that you would stop
tormenting me for good.

Taylor, you are not
supposed to be drinking

on your medication.

I'm taking you back
to the country house.


Casey's dress was fierce as hell.

Not bad for a gutter
girl like yourself, Katy.

Seriously, you killed it.

- Thank you, Amanda.

Mm. Why have we always
been so competitive?

We want different things.

You are destined to be
the next Gloria Grandbilt.

Well, minus the shoulder pads.

Can we actually be friends?

No. Gross. Don't get carried away.

Okay, I'm gonna go to the
after-parties with the girls.

My way of thanking them
for their hard work.

- You wanna come?
- No.

I think I'll stay here and clean up.

Okay, nerd.

Suit yourself.

lookin' for the boss, I am ♪

- ♪ Kiss my hand ♪

Alexander Cabot?

Who wants to know?

Hannah. Hannah Melvey.

I don't have much time.

I'm on my way out of town,
and my psycho mother

thinks I came in here because I
find the album Blue soothing.

I do. But it's not why I'm here.

You mind getting to the point?

There's something you need
to know about Pepper Smith.

[LUISA] Mateo told me
it wasn't the same guy.

I wish it was.

[SIGHS] Me too, Mami.

There isn't a day that goes
by that I don't think about

that year that we kicked you out.

I'm your mother, and...

I should have protected you.

I should have told you then
what I can tell you now:

whoever you love, however you dress,

you are my son, and I
accept you completely.


I just wish Dad felt the same way.

He has his own ways of protecting you.

He didn't even care if I
moved out of the building.

That's not true.

We had to raise the
rent on the other units,

but your father couldn't bear the idea

of you and your friends leaving,

so we've covered your share
for the last couple of years.

He wants to keep you close.

But the truth is,

business at the bodega has been slow,

and we've been struggling
with the mortgage.

We can pay more rent. We...
We'll pay whatever we owe you.

No. Your father and I

have made a lot of sacrifices

so that you kids could
follow your dreams.


Then how about you help me run lines

for the Hedwig audition you circled?

I would love nothing more.

- Whoo! [ALL LAUGH]

I cannot believe that
we pulled that off.

Your friend Pepper is legit.

The Pussycats are a trending topic?

This feeling... this...

is something that Xandra
can never take away from us.

- Mm-hmm!


- Josie.
- Hmm?

- We need to talk.
- What is it?

Pepper's been lying to all of us.

Can I help?

What are you doing here?

It's your big night.

You should be out there celebrating.

I tried, but then I realized

the only person I want
to be celebrating with

is... you.

You did rescue me tonight, Katy.

I'm so sorry you had to. I...

put you in a terrible position.

Yeah. You did. Look, I get it.

I have a fear of rejection, too.

And we all cope with
things in different ways.

I put on a happy face,

and... you don't.

And that's fine.

But the next time you break,

I cannot be the one
who picks up the pieces.

There won't be a next time.

I promise.

You know, I didn't get
into Parsons, either.


Truth is...

it is not the end-all, be-all.

Yeah, that's easy for you to say.


What is it gonna take...

for you to stop doubting yourself, Katy?

You're incredibly talented.

You're smart, you're...

passionate, you're fearless.

You have this way...

of looking at a person...

and bringing out the best in them.

And that is not something
anyone can teach you.

You have an amazing career ahead of you.

And, um...

And I just hope I have a front row seat.

♪ I don't like you ♪

♪ But I love you ♪

♪ Seems that I'm always ♪

♪ Thinkin' of you ♪

♪ Oh whoa whoa, you treat me badly ♪

♪ I love you madly ♪

♪ You really got a hold on me ♪

♪ Really got a hold on me ♪

♪ You really got a hold on me ♪

♪ You really got a hold on me ♪

♪ I love you ♪

♪ And all I want you to do ♪

♪ Is just hold me, hold me ♪

♪ Hold me ♪