Katy Keene (2020–…): Season 1, Episode 12 - Chapter Twelve: Chain of Fools - full transcript

With the Pepper Plant opening, Pepper is excited to finally show it to off to Katy, Josie and Jorge. Thinking Pepper is in trouble, Josie tells Katy and Jorge what is going and on and they ...

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[PEPPER] I want to open
a modern-day version

of Andy Warhol's Factory,
the Pepper Plant.

- How much are we talkin'?
- Eight million dollars.

I thought you might
break out your black book.


I need to return all of these.

Call me next time you see her.

[PEPPER] I know that your investment

in Spider Woman didn't pan out...

[DIDI] You have twice as much money

as you need to produce the show.

but I do have another
business opportunity for you,

the Pepper Plant.

Today I get one step
closer to my dreams.

[KATY] In a city like New York,

everyone has a story to tell
about where we came from

and who we want to be.

But there are different
versions of a story.

There's the polished,
romantic version...


Then there's the deeper, grittier,

more confusing version we
might not want to share.



We carefully choose
what details to provide,

and omit those we'd just as soon forget.

As for my origin story,

there was so much about my past
that my mom kept from me...

who my dad was and where she met him.

I can't imagine keeping
a love story hidden away,

especially when it
could feel this amazing.

Good morning.

Good morning.


What's that? That looks good.

It's a new design.

Guess you could say I'm
feeling inspired lately.

What could it be?

Okay, I have to go change

for that job downstairs
that actually pays me,

and you have breakfast with Anna Wintour

to talk about Fashion Week.

Well, I'd rather stay here with you.

You don't fool me.

This is everything you've
been working so hard for.

You're ready for it.

Thanks to you,

I met the deadline with time to spare.

Good. Then you can go
to that opening night

at the Pepper Plant with me tomorrow.

Fine, but I'm only talking to you.


I'm so excited for you
to see it finished, Dad.

And I wasn't worried, exactly,

but I did have to push the opening up,

and I didn't have any of
my marketing or press done.

But then it came to me. A hashtag.

"What is the Pepper Plant?"

Oh! Um, a hashtag...

I know, Pep. I got the Twitter.

Before you know it, I'll
be raking in enough cash

to move us both into this

gorgeous relic of a building ourselves.

Speaking of... Do you
know that small studio

- on the tenth floor?
- Mm.

It turns out, all those
years of penny-pinching

finally paid off.
I saved up enough money

for a down payment!

Hashtag Doorman Dad delivers!

Look at us, we're on top of the world!

Yeah, and I'm gonna get on
at right here. [CHUCKLES]

Oh, thank you so much

for pulling this
all-nighter with the Cats.

We are gonna kill tomorrow.

[SINGSONGY] We are gonna shmurder it!

Hey, look, I didn't want to get
into it in front of the girls,

but we gotta talk about Pepper.

I invested in Spider Woman

because I thought it was gonna
be a breakout role for you.

Now I find out she's been
embezzling my money

- into the Pepper Plant.
- Well...

Which I also invested in.

My lawyers are saying I've
got to go to the police.

We don't even know if Pepper
actually embezzled anything.

And you heard it from
that Hannah Melvey person.

Like, who is she?

Josie, all my money's
invested in the Plant.

If she screws me over,
then I'm out on the street,

and my dad's proven right,

that I can't cut it on my own.

Maybe I should just call him
before things get any worse.

- I don't know.
- Are you serious right now?

Well, he might know what to do.

Alex, crawling back to your
dad is a terrible idea!

And who knows what
he would do to Pepper.

And honestly, I think that
she is going through something.

Look, you don't know her, Josie.

I hear you, okay?

I... but Katy and Jorge
have known Pepper for years.

And I trust them.

So, whether or not she
actually did anything wrong,

I think she is in some serious trouble.

So, before you call the
cops or go to your dad,

just let me talk to her, please?

All right.

Thank you.

- Let's go.
- All right.

[INTO PHONE] No, God no! Not kegs!

What do I sound like, a frat boy?

I want the champagne, and
I'll just eat the cost.

Yeah, my associate, Raj,

will just meet you outside
to collect the delivery.

All right.

You're late, Pussycat.

Hmm, yes, well, since when do we have

official start times for
the roommate meetings?

Since you practically live at the studio

and Katy practically
lives at Guy's atelier.

I am just helping Guy finish his line

for Fashion Week...

while also trying not to kiss him.

Katy, I'm sorry, I'd love to hear more

about your epic love
story, but I got bad news.

I know we're all barely scraping by,

but my parents have been
undercharging us for years

and subsidizing our rent.

I know, I just found out!

We have to start paying market value.

Oh, my God.

They've been doing what?

[JORGE] They're way behind
on their mortgage payments,

the bank is threatening to foreclose,

and I can't be the reason why.

Well, Jorge, it was
their decision, my love.

- It's not your fault.
- I cannot be responsible

in any way for them losing the building.

And I also don't want to keep
feeling like I owe them anything.

Not when it comes with expectations

about how I'm gonna live my life.

Hey. We will make it work.

Whatever you need, we will
get through this together.

Yes, absolutely.

But, like, how much
are we talking, exactly?

Girl, I know you on the
couch, okay? Not that much.

I'm gonna try to pay them
back as much as I can.

A bitch needs cash, and fast!

I can't even take on more Ginger gigs

because Molly's has decided
to get into the Go-go Boy game.

[SCOFFS] Which means less
stage time for drag queens.

Well you know, my love, all my money

is tied up in the Pepper Plant,

otherwise I would write
you a check right now.

Pepper, girl, you're the only
girl who doesn't live here.

Ugh! You guys are so lucky!

I wish I could sell my eggs!

You could sell something even better.

[AMANDA] I'm confused why Katy thinks

that slinging cigarettes at a bodega

qualifies as retail experience,

but I don't have time to care.

So, you're hired. Trial basis.

Any questions?

Yeah, actually, I do.

Who do I speak to about
picking up my first check?

We can discuss that in two weeks

when you're done with your trial period.

But I wouldn't expect much.

With these commission-based jobs,

it usually takes a while
to get your numbers up.

Say what?! I mean, I
need real cash yesterday.

This is Lacy's!

If you need cash that desperately,

why don't you try the
Penn Station Hooters?

Otherwise, I don't know
where else to send you.

Well, I just got an idea.

♪ Honey's been tricklin', tricklin' ♪

♪ Had my couple, so look at me ♪

♪ Likin' the buzzin' that's kickin' me ♪

♪ Now why these
celebrities trippin', Z? ♪

That's more like it.

♪ Trickin', tricklin' ♪

♪ Honey keeps tricklin', tricklin' ♪

♪ Likin' the buzzin' that's kickin' me ♪

♪ Now, why these
celebrities trippin', Z? ♪

♪ Keep a couple bad habits ♪

♪ Money... ♪

Thank you, sexy.

♪ Doin' tricks, [INDISTINCT] her body ♪

♪ I still treat her like she have it ♪



It's locked for a reason.

Oh! Hey, Ika, sorry.

I was looking for my sketchbook.

I had it this morning, so I figured
it must be around here somewhere.

Is there a key for that thing somewhere?

The closet is off-limits
to anyone but Guy.

Oh, I did not know that.

What's he hiding in there?

Rumor is, it's where he hides
the bodies of his critics.

Just one, Vogue editor, 2015.

Katy, could you stick around?
I need to pick your brain

about who to seat Mrs.
Lacy next to at my show.

I was actually about to leave
once I find my sketchbook.

Oh, the one from this morning?



Katy came by early to help
me with the showstopper.

There it is.

- Gal must have picked it up.
- [KATY] Oh.

Can I get your eyes on a sleeve?

Yeah. Hang around, would you?


[JOSIE] Thanks for meeting me here, Pep.

[PEPPER] What's on your mind?

Okay, um... there's no
easy way to say this so...

Some woman named Hannah
Melvey came by to see Alex,

and she said that she's your wife,

and that you are a scam artist.

That you cooked the books for
Kiss of the Spider Woman,

and now Alex wants you to
return both of his investments,

for the musical and
for the Pepper Plant.

[LAUGHS] Josie, darling,

I mean, the idea of my
pulling that kind of cash

out of the hat today, or even tomorrow,

is just absurd.

That's not how investments work.

The money is here, there, everywhere.

Alex knows that.

Okay, well then,

who is this Hannah Melvey person,

and how does she know
these things about you?

Are you married?

Not anymore.

I did know her,

back when she had a different name.

She meant a lot to me, actually.

But then I discovered
that she conned me.

Just like she's conning Alex.

She's a liar.

I want to believe you, Pepper.

But between this and the money
that you owe the Palace Hotel...

Josie, look, I can have my
CFO show Alex the ledger.

Just do me a favor, would you?

Don't tell Katy or Jorge.

'Cause if they look at me

the way you're looking at me right now,

I think I'll go mad.

Pepper, Pepper... If you are in trouble,

just tell me, and I promise

I will do everything
that I can to help you.

The best thing you can do
to help right now, my love,

is make sure you and your Pussycats

are ready for opening night! 'Kay?

Pepper, Alex wants his money back,

or he's calling the cops.

It's going to be one
for the history books!

Just you wait.

Ladies, I know we've been overwhelmed

with Hurricane Meta Gala,

but why do I see Birkins

and Cartier necklaces

and the 1001 Sunsets diamond purse

just lying around like
they're suntanning on a beach?

I want all of these items
returned to their proper homes

by the end of the day.


Don't touch that

with your greasy little fingers.

I saw you scarfing down
that pizza at lunch.

All of these items
require glove handling

and their own carriers.

I will handle that,

but first I need to help
a friend find a dress

for the grand opening
of her Pepper Plant.

Is she going to pay for it this time?

That's the third time this month.

You know we don't lend
dresses to nobodies.

Yes! Don't worry, she's
good for it. Pep...


- Hello!
- Mm, hi.

[PEPPER] I appreciate it so much, love.

Thank you. I'm just
slammed with errands,

and why don't we just
cut to your favorite pick.

- Great! Okay.
- Oh!

I'm thinking that this is the one.

It is very Jane Birkin.

Oh, it's great, thank you!
I'll take it! [LAUGHS]

- Great!

I don't think I've ever seen
you this stressed. Are you okay?

[SIGHS] It's just the opening tonight.

It's everything I've worked for.

I just really want it to go well.

It is going to be exactly

what you have always wanted
it to be... legendary!

- Thank you.

- _
- Oh, I'm sorry, it's Guy. I gotta go.

Yes, go-go-go! I will try this on

and then sneak out as quiet as a Mouse.

- Here. Thank you.
- Yeah. Mm!





Listen, why buy one scent

and walk around smelling
like every other

Chanel Number Whatever,
when you can mix and match

and be your own number one!

I love it! And you're adorable, too.

Are you single? 'Cause
I got three daughters.

But do you have any sons?

[CHUCKLES] I'll give you
my ex-husband's number.

You're just his type. [CHUCKLES]

- Ciao. Thanks.
- Ciao! [CHUCKLES]


Pepper, girl, care for a spritz?

Lancôme, not...

... not Aperol...

This is the first time
I've ever seen Guy calm

during Fashion Week.
Thanks to you, Katy.

Just happy to help.

Katy, my brother tells me everything.


He hasn't been this happy

since Karloff told him he had potential.

I just want you to know, Gal,

that I would never
let our relationship...

whatever this is... get
in the way of my work.

Don't worry, Katy.

The most beautiful things in life

are often tangled.

Hey! I went to our favorite store

and found those candles
that Pepper wanted.

Amazing. Thanks for helping out.

Well, the least I could do

for the guy who directed
my debut music video.

Hey, Raj, I actually wanted
to talk to you about something.

Have you noticed
anything off about Pepper?

To be honest, we haven't spent
much time together lately.

It's been all Pepper
Plant, all the time.

- Why? What's up?
- I don't know.

She ever try to borrow money from you?

Sorry, never mind. It's... [LAUGHS]

You are a grad student, why would she?

No, hold on. She tried to get
me to reconnect to my family

so she could get access
to my inheritance money.

She came clean, apologized.

But it was definitely weird.


This is gonna sound strange,

but do you know where
Pepper's been living?

[AMANDA] Girls, there's an emergency.

The 1,001 Sunsets diamond purse,

borrowed... and returned...
by Serena Williams

after the Meta Gala, was not delivered

to the handbag department
this afternoon.

That is a $200,000 purse!

Where the hell is it?!


Any Chanel?

Preferably not with two "N's".











Francois, please tell me that you took

the Sunsets diamond clutch

for your display. It's missing.

Wasn't me. I'm not even allowed to touch

objets in that price range.

- Wait...

Can't you stay, Katy?

This window gets awfully lonely

without my bubbly sidekick.

I'm not in a very bubbly mood.

Oh, dear. Tell me everything.

I was working on a
design in my sketchbook,

and I know that Guy saw it.
He even complimented it.

And the next thing I know,
I see Guy's latest dress,

and it looks a lot like mine.

I mean, it's almost identical.

You are working for him, aren't you?

Well, yes, but it's
still my personal design.

Maybe you should talk to
him, see what he thinks.

That's the tricky part.

If I accuse Guy of stealing,
I could lose my apprenticeship.

Then you have to decide
what means more to you...

this opportunity with
Guy, or your design.


Where did you get all this?

Business has been good.

Look, I know you and Mami are behind

on the mortgage payments.

You don't need to worry about that.

Of course I do!

Come on, I grew up in this building.

I had my first kiss here...
Bobby Bettinelli,

was the first kid in middle
school to grow a mustache.

Papi, I want to help!

And I don't want to always
feel like I owe you anything.

Mijo, that's not how family works.

No one is keeping track.

I have taken care of you
every day for your entire life.

I came to you, man to man, so please,

put away this machismo.

You just do what you do best.

Take care of your family.




Okay, I'm gonna need a detailed list

of every single person
who has entered this store

in the last 24 hours.

Wait a minute. Katy,
your friend, Pepper.

She was here, she took it.

Oh, Amanda, you also thought

that Jennifer Aniston walked out

with a pair of cashmere gloves.

- Ugh!
- Besides,

Pepper has shopped at Lacy's for years.

Okay, I don't know what people
are like below 14th Street,

but I can spot a fake a mile away.

Her dye job, that time she
returned clothes for cash...

What are you talking about?

After the Night of a Hundred Hearts,

she made a return for twenty grand,

and it wasn't even charged to her card.

- How well do you know her?
- Very well!

She's my best friend.

And where does all her money come from?

Not that it is any of your business,

but her family, the live in Hong Kong.

Well, since you're BFFs,

I imagine you've been to her apartment.

Where does she live, Katy?

I looked up her address,

and she's listed at the Palace Hotel.

Not only is she not staying there,

she's no longer welcome.

Amanda, stop! Pepper
didn't take the purse.

Okay, good.

Or I'm calling the police.

Now, if you'll excuse me,
Mrs. Lacy would like to see me.

Probably to fire us over
this colossal screwup.

[ON PHONE] It's Pepper.
You know what to do.

- Hey, Pep.

Call me back, I really
need to talk to you.

Hi Alex, it's Pepper.

Look, don't Hulk out of your shirt.

I've got your money.

Thanks for seeing me, Dad.

I know you're busy.

I'm always busy.

So, how's the real world?

You make a dime yet?


I'm in a little bit of trouble, Dad.

I made a bad investment and...

I need your help.

Hey, Pep, it's me again.

Where are you? I need to
talk to you, it's urgent.



Straight to voicemail.
She's ignoring my calls.

Pepper's ghosting you?

No, Jorge, this is worse.

Okay, I think that Pepper
has been lying to us,

about where her money comes from,

- about where she's living...
- Hold on...

Google's gonna solve
this problem right now.

Okay, let me just look this up.

I think that Pepper might be in trouble.

Why, what is it?

So, Alex found out that she was

skimming from Jorge's Kiss
of the Spider Woman

production, like 90% of the investments.

What did you just say?

And she's also married.

[SCOFFS] You're just
telling us this now?

Well, she made me
promise not to tell you.

And the last time I tried
to talk to you about Pepper,

you all ganged up on me. And I thought,

maybe Pepper does weird things,

and Katy and Jorge just accept it.

I don't know. I was just...

I was trying to be a good friend.

[JORGE] You are a good friend.

But tell us what's going on.

So, during the Polar Vortex,

I found out that Pepper had gotten
kicked out of the Palace Hotel.

[KATY] Yeah, Amanda had mentioned that.

So, where has she been living?

That's a good question.
And I was worried,

so I went to talk to Raj about it,

and he said that she's been
squatting at the Pepper Plant.

When we were doing Spider
Woman, Pepper said that

there wasn't enough money
to pay me or you, Jos.

That it was an investment in my future.

All the while, she's been
funneling money into her Plant?

[SCOFFS] Wow, Pep!

No, we have to talk to
her and let her explain.

Pepper knew that Gloria entrusted me

to take care of her domain.

She couldn't have taken that clutch.

She's not a thief!

She's our friend. She's our family.


You're gonna want to get a look at this.


[KATY] Rosemary Woodhouse?

I think we've all been conned.

Oh, my God.

Yeah, Jorge, I'm sure whatever Ginger

decides to wear tonight

will be absolutely perfect.

What's going on?

Sit your British ass down.



So, a lot of stuff being
said about you, Pepper.

And I tried to look you
up to prove them all wrong,

but all I found was this.

[LAUGHS] Well, that was a
drunk and disorderly at a bar.

- It was the World Cup.
- Who's Rosemary?

It was my fake ID
when I lived in London.

It made it onto my mugshot, that's all.

Is that it?

Because I do have a lot to do before

the Pepper Plant opens
in a couple of hours.

You said that the Cabots barely
invested enough in my play

to get us costumes,

yet you put all this
money into the Plant?

You said you didn't have
enough money to pay me!

The crew! Francois!

That's money that my
parents could use right now!

I don't know what lies
Josie's been telling you,

- but it's sad.
- Excuse me?!

And on one of the most important days

of my life, no less!
I hope you're happy!

You never told us you were married.

Well, we all had lives
before we met, didn't we?


And you know all about
ours, yet we know nothing

about yours, or your
current life, actually.

How you're not living at the Palace?

Again, Josie, I don't know what you...

Stop blaming Josie. Stop!

- Katy!
- She's right.

You've got a lot of
explaining to do, Pep.

How do you afford your clothes, huh?

Your business?

I'm an entrepreneur.

Everything I've done, I've
done for the Pepper Plant.

For you, actually.

You'll see tonight, everything
has been an investment

in each of your futures.

Did you steal the Sunsets
diamond purse from Lacy's?

Don't lie.

Well, I... I borrowed it.

I mean, for the opening.

Well, you did say I could.

No, I didn't.

Okay, I need you to
give it back to me now.

- Well, it's at the Plant.
- Okay, great!

Let's go get it right now.

Well, I don't have it
at this moment, exactly.

But I-I can get it back.

A friend is holding onto it for a beat.

It's just a quick phone call away, so...

Pepper, oh, my God! Do you know

how much trouble I'm gonna be in?!

Well, I would never let that happen.

Besides, Lacy's has insurance.

You would never get in trouble.

Wow! Pepper, I have a real job.

And you clearly don't need
one because who knows where

your money comes from, but I do!

I don't know why you're doing this.

Do you hate me that much?

Of course not. I'm worried about you.

You clearly owe people money,

people who are threatening
to call the cops

if you don't pay them back today!

We're just trying to help!

Well, it doesn't feel like help!

It feels like people who
I thought were my friends

ganging up on me.

Katy, I will get your purse back.

Josie, if you could call
Alex and let him know

that I will be in touch
regarding his money.

Now, I look forward to
seeing you all later tonight

with shiny, happy faces.



Pepper, stop. Don't walk away from me.

Tell me the truth,

or I swear I will never,
ever talk to you again.

What do you want me to say, Katy?

I've told you everything.

No, you haven't.

Pepper, you know everything about me.

About my past, and about my mom,

and about how I don't
know who my dad is.

I don't know anything about you.

Are your parents even in Hong Kong?

They could be.

The truth is...

I don't know who my parents are.

I was adopted.

My father isn't rich.

He's a doorman at the Georgia...

where he's worked his entire life.

I don't know who my birth father is.

We have that in common,
actually. [SMALL LAUGH]

Only I didn't know that
because you never told me.

The only way a person like me

can make it in this world...

is to become somebody.

So, I became the person

that you wanted to be friends with.

The person who could get you
into the "A"-list parties

and introduce you to
people like Guy LaMontagne.

And don't you dare pretend

that wasn't part of my allure.

Pepper, you do not get
to turn this around on me.

Why did you steal the
purse? To pay off Alex?


But just... it was temporary.

I will get it back, I promise.

Pepper, we all have a sad story.

Okay? And I am sorry
about yours, really, I am.

But you know that Josie
is working two jobs

80 hours a week, frying donuts.

And Jorge is literally hustling,

he's go-go dancing to
help out his family.

And I have worked overtime

every single day since my mom died,

just trying to survive
in this city on my own.

We are absolutely killing ourselves!

And you're stealing from us?!

Whatever I have borrowed,
from you and Josie

and Jorge and Alex,

I will pay back, tenfold.

You have to believe me, Katy.

I would never do anything to hurt you.

I love you.

That is not love.

If you love someone, you
don't steal from them.

[CRYING] You don't lie to them.




[JOSIE] Katy?

Katy, where are you going?

I am so stupid and naive,

and I have let more than one person

in my life take advantage of me.

Katy, girl, what are you talking about?

Guy, and the fact that
he stole my design.

And everyone keeps saying
that that's how fashion works,

but it doesn't feel right.

And I have to stop it.

I have to talk to Guy.



Guy, we need to talk.

I know, I heard Dries Van Noten

is using gold and black
in his collection, too.

No, it's about your new dress.

You saw what I was sketching in bed.

You stole my design.

Uh, believe it or not, Katy,

you're not the first to
come up with a feather dress.

Don't, Guy. You know that
this is about more than that.

Actually, I don't know that I do.

This is how fashion works.
You're my apprentice.

You help me design.

Help you, yes.

But we're blurring a lot of lines here,

and our relationship aside,

I need to know that I can
trust you with my ideas.

[GUY] Okay.

Relationship aside.

Do you know how many of
my ideas became Karloff's?

Long before I could
call myself a designer.

I was flattered when he'd use them.

I'd thank him for
making my ideas better.

I made your dresses, more than once.

And I made them better.

- Sometimes you made them worse.

Katy, I remember what
it's like to be you.

I used to think every
idea I had was precious,

because it might be my last.

But it wasn't.

You're a real designer, Katy.

You're gonna have a million ideas.

Nothing is precious.

I know how talented you are.

If I get inspired or I use your designs,

it means you're part of my team.

I thought that's what you wanted.

Is it what you want?


I'm not hiding anything from you, Katy.

I was inspired by your design.

But that's all it is.

You trust me, right?

Good. I'm gonna run to
the deli and get soup.

Soup makes everything better.



I don't know if you remember
me from the other night,

but I saw you dancin', and...

Of course I remember you,
Mr. Benjamin Franklin.

What can I get for you?

How about a private dance?


For the right price.

How 'bout you meet me
in the dressing room?




[EXHALES] Thank you, St. Gloria.


Lauren Liu?

Marta Suarez.




Okay, if I don't get that purse back,

I lose everyone that matters to me.

Dickie, I'm desperate.

Listen, lady, that's not my problem.

Find another one to buy.

I can't afford the retail price.

Maybe there's something
else I can buy off you?

What is that? Gucci?


[INTO PHONE] Hello, do you have
the Sunsets diamond purse?

Oh, fantastic! How much does it go for?

And do you offer a payment plan?

- [INTO PHONE] Hello?



♪ Up, up, up ♪

♪ Let me drop down, down, down ♪

- ♪ Let me tell... ♪

[LUIS] Jorge, you back here?


I can... I can explain.

What the hell?! What is this?

It's my dad, get out of here.

Is this how you got the
money that you gave me?

Look, I don't normally
do private dances, okay.

But I'm not ashamed.

I'm just trying to make money
for my family. I'm busting my ass.

It breaks my heart that you feel like

you gotta do this to pay off my debt.

Stop, I'm fine.

You don't have to worry

about our money situation anymore.

Okay? That's what I came to tell you.

Our back mortgage payments are settled.

- By who?
- Your friend.

The blonde, Pepper Smith.

She wired money into our account today.

She's an angel, Jorge.

But it only buys us time.

We're still losing the building.

What? Why?

The city's forcing the
whole block to sell.

How much time do we have?

[JOSIE] Three months?!

We need to find a new
place to live! Fast!

How? This is literally the
last affordable apartment

- in Manhattan.
- [JORGE] But, guys,

I haven't even told you
the craziest part yet.

Pepper paid off my parents'
overdue mortgage payments!

- What?
- Yes!

It still isn't enough
to save it, though.

Ohh, my...

Instead of paying Alex back,
she gave the money to you.

She chose friendship over her Plant.

She's trying to do the right thing.

She still hasn't given back the purse.

And this doesn't change the fact

that she's been lying to us.

Okay, as the new one in the group,

I have to say something.

Pepper lied, yes.

But that girl has always
been there for you guys.

Whenever you need her,
she's here by your side.

Lying and stealing aside,

Pepper is a good friend.

So what are we supposed to
do, Josie? Just forgive her?

Absolutely not. No.

That's gonna take some time.

But we can be there for her.

The same way she'd be there for us.


♪ You think the world
was made for you... ♪

Alex. So sorry we've been
playing phone tag all day.

Cut the crap, Pepper.

Well, did you bring the cops or the FBI?

I did make sure my outfit
went very well with handcuffs.

No, no, no, no.

That would be letting
you off way too easy.

See, my father and I decided
to work something out with you,

but on our terms.

For the cash you took
from me and my sister

to make all this happen...

We own this place now.

We own you.

Don't worry, it'll be our little secret.

♪ Set you free ♪

♪ You better believe ♪

♪ Gonna set you free ♪

♪ I knew... ♪

You came! [LAUGHS]

We couldn't miss this.

Girl, this place is fire!

Well, may I take you on a little tour?







Pepper, I don't know what to say.

Just say you'll use it.

To make your own designs

and open up your own shop one day,

just like you've always dreamed.

You really did all of
this for us, didn't you?

Can you ever forgive me?


Hey! You're in a good mood.

Well, look at this place.

I know Pepper's a little
crazy, but this works!

Yeah, but, um, Pepper didn't pay you.

And you didn't call the cops.

So, I don't understand. What changed?

I became a majority stockholder.

With the Pepper Plant as a Cabot asset,

it's a no-brainer.

Yeah, and you're drinking.

And what do you mean
that it's a Cabot asset?

Are you working for your dad again?

Alex, what is... What is wrong with you?

Face it, Josie, you can't do nothing

in this town without money.

Now we got our safety net back,

and we don't need to be scared anymore.

Yeah, but at what cost, Alex?

[CRICKET] Whoa, this setup!


- Josie, you good?
- [JOSIE] Yeah.

As soon as we start playing, I will be.

I don't know if I can trust you.

You can, you can.

I-I know I have to earn
it back, but I will.

Starting now.

Katy, this is my father, Gary.

He's here supporting me, even though

I've hidden him away for years,
and I'm ashamed I have,

'cause he's the best man in the world.

[LAUGHS] Gary! Oh, my
God, it's such a pleasure!

Oh, Katy, come here,
kid. You kidding me?

- I've heard so much about you.

So, when do I get to
meet Jorge and Josie?

[PEPPER] Well, shall we?


[KO] I knew you were always sewing,

but it's really something
seeing all of your designs here.

Soon, I'm gonna say
I knew you back when.

Hey. What's going on?

Nothing. [LAUGHS]
Nothing. It doesn't matter.

Look around, Katy. Everyone gets to see

what an incredible designer you are.

You know, you're working
for... what's-his-name now.

Well, what's-his-name

is using one of my
designs in his collection.

He didn't ask. He saw my sketch,
and he stole it from me.

Turns out he's done that to
his other apprentices, too.

Suddenly I wish I'd punched him harder.

People keep telling me that
that's how fashion works, but...

seeing all these pieces with
my name stitched in them,

and I don't think I
can let him have them,

even if that means getting fired.

You gotta tell him. I'd do it for you,

but you don't need me
fighting your battles.

Oh, crap, Amanda's here.

Hold on.

♪ We-hell, I see him every
night in tight blue jeans ♪


Look, about the Sunsets diamond purse...

Don't worry about it, Katy.

You're not gonna be held responsible.

I spoke to HR, and
it's all been handled.

What do you mean, handled?

Just be grateful you're
not on the hook, okay?

♪ Oop! She bop, she bop ♪

♪ Do I wanna go out
with a lion's roar... ♪

Besides, it's not gonna matter

now that Lacy's is being sold off.


- I didn't tell you?
- No.

That's why Mrs. Lacy wanted to see me,

to tell me that the buyer
is shuttering the store.

♪ They say I better
stop or I'll go blind ♪

- No, stop.
- Hey, I thought we were okay.

No, we're not.

♪ She bop, he bop-a-we bop ♪

♪ I bop, you bop-a-they bop ♪

♪ Be bop, be bop-a-lu bop ♪

♪ I hope he will understand... ♪


You haven't just been stealing from me,

you have been stealing
from your apprentices

- for years!
- Whoa!

♪ You bop-a-they bop ♪

You have to let me explain.



♪ Oh-oh-oh she bop ♪

Pepper Smith?


You're under arrest.