Katy Keene (2020–…): Season 1, Episode 8 - Chapter Eight: It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) - full transcript

With everyone reeling from what happened to Jorge, Jorge must now explain to his dad about Ginger. Katy is vying for an important apprenticeship, but in order to earn it she is given an ...

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[KATY] I grew up an only child.

My mom was my only family.

So, naturally, all I ever
wanted was a sibling.

When I met Jorge in the third grade,

I finally got the
brother I always wanted.

And he got a sister,
which was a blessing

considering he was the
youngest of six boys.

We were family, and when a crisis hits,

a family comes together, no matter what.


Which brother's the cop? Miguel?

No, uh, Miguel is the chauffeur.
Mateo is the cop.

How many men were there?

Three, maybe four.

Once I got back on my feet,
I started fighting them off.

They ran off pretty fast after that.

What did the cops say?

Without any witnesses, it would be

close to impossible to find
out the guys who did this.

I know the boys at that
precinct, I'll give 'em a call.


I went to Molly's Crisis to
ask if anyone saw anything.

Whoever did this could have
followed you from the club.

Thanks, KO.

Of course. We're family.

Uh, if you need anything at
all, you know where to find me.

- [WHISPERS] Would you...
- Okay!

KO? Hey...

You don't have to leave.

I think Jorge has enough people
hovering over him right now.

Was it a mistake calling you?

[CHUCKLES] I don't really
know what the rules are.

Jorge is family.

I wanted to be here.

We were family once, too, you know.

At the very least,

do you think we could try
the whole friend thing?

Start with lunch, take it from there?


- Sounds really nice.
- Great.

[LUIS] I can't believe the
hospital released you like this.

What? Stay overnight
and pay for the bed?

On my insurance? No, I chose to leave.

Look, everybody, I'm okay. Really.

If you hadn't been there,

God knows what would have happened...

Okay, okay, hold on, Ma,

don't give Bernardo all the credit.

I got a couple good swings
in there with my high heels.

Why were you in heels?

He didn't have time to change

from the "Kiss of the Spider Woman".

From now on, you put
on your normal clothes

before you come home. Okay, Jorge?

No, I won't.

- Dad...


- I've been out in public...

dressed as a woman, hundreds of times.



I'm a drag performer.

I dress up as a woman for my job.

Do you believe this?!

Wait, you knew?

Dad, it's not a big deal.

It's not a big deal?

Your brother could have been killed

because he thinks he
looks cute in a dress!

Okay, it's been a really long night

and I think that we
should let Jorge rest.


[JOSIE SINGING] ♪ There goes the dream ♪

♪ Now it's us against real life... ♪




Thank you.

So, how's Jorge?

He's okay, given the circumstances.

Well, if he wants to take a beat

on "Kiss of the Spider
Woman", I'll cover the costs.

Thank you. But, I haven't brought it up,

I didn't want to push it.

I thought I'd be busy

rehearsing for the Apollo, anyway.

Hey, Josie, um...

That's not gonna happen.

Not right now.

But why?

I mean, the booker seemed
more than interested.

Unfortunately, my dad
didn't approve of the gig.

Since when does he have a say
over when and where I sing?

It's all in the contract you signed.

And once he hears the whole
EP, I know he'll be excited.

He hasn't even listened to it yet?

He knows I'm back in AA, and he promised

he'll set some time aside
to listen to your songs.

If I can't release the EP
and I can't play gigs,

do I even have a career?

Once I get him on board,
this will all be worth it.

But until then, my hands are tied.

Hello, Pepper, dear! Are you decent?

I brought your favorite doorman.


Ms. Freesia, you two are out of control.


Happy birthday, Pepper, make a wish.


And just a little something
to warm up the place.

- Thank you. Thank you.

Oh! Come to think of
it, I think I forgot

Pepper's other gift, down in the car.

Would you be a dear... ?

Absolutely! Be right back.

So, birthday girl,

what's the con this year?

We could run a Double
Gilroy down at Per Se.

Or we could take a collection
again for the Arts Fund,

buy ourselves some new duds.

You know what? To tell
you the truth, Ms. Freesia,

I'm not sure I'm in the mood this year.

I was thinking about
what you said, and...

maybe it is time to drop
the nickel and dime cons.

Oh, no, no, I must have been
loopy from my last acu-facial.

Besides, it's a tradition.

I know. You know my friend, Chad,

who wanted to invest in this place.

Well, his sentence just
got reduced to time served,

and as of today, he's a free man

and his bank accounts are unfrozen.

Okay, so now, what's the play?

No more scams.

This is my chance to go legit.

I've got this one, Ms.
Freesia, don't you worry.

[JOSIE] Thank you, guys,
so much for helping me.

Alex's hands may be
tied, but mine aren't.

If Daddy Cabot won't send
my EP out, I'll do it myself.

These are going to every radio
station, every streaming service...

I've already told my friends
at Apple Music to expect a copy.

- Thank you, Pepper.
- Josie,

if you're really going rogue,

then maybe you should pull a Normani

and drop a music video.

It's not that easy, Jorge...

Ooh! I do know the best director.

Oh, you mean Raj? That
guy you're hooking up with?

No, no, he's just a friend,
but he is so talented.

- And KO's roommate.
- Mm-hmm.


Well, I'm just sayin'
you took your sweet time

with KO last night. What's
going on between you two?

Nothing. I just want
to be friends with him.

Real friends.

No, no, no, you can't be
friends with your ex, Katy,

- it never works.
- That's not true!

You guys have never been
friends with your exes?

Archie and I keep in touch, but
he's all the way in Riverdale.

I haven't talked to Buzz since
we broke up on Valentine's Day.

Yeah, well, I never
think it's worth the work

unless there are benefits involved.

Well, that is not happening.
We are just going to lunch.

That is it.

You guys, I miss him.

Applying to Parsons, getting
this apprenticeship with Guy,

these are all things I
want to share with him.

And seeing him at the
apartment with everybody,

it reminded me he's
a member of my family.


I've already lost enough of them.

So, Katy, does this apprenticeship

mean you are quitting Lacy's?

No, I can't, it's unpaid.

But that's okay, because
after the Patricia fiasco,

I could really use a mentor.

Ooh, Guy is the best!

You're going to learn so much from him.

Come to think of it,

maybe I will swing by the Atelier

and get myself a little something.

- Yes!
- Mmm! For your birthday?

- When's the party?

No, no, this is no year to celebrate,

given what happened to you.

Please, sis, I'm nobody's victim, okay?

And I could use a happy
excuse for a drink.

Not to mention that Ginger
does an epic lip sync

to Marilyn's "Happy Birthday".

Hm. I thought Ginger had her hands full

with "Kiss of the Spider Woman".

[MARIE] All right, what do
you want to do, Jorge?

We can cancel the show if you want.

That's just what they want.

Marie, they want to snatch our wigs

and scare us back into the closet.

Can I get back to you about it?

Nobody'd blame you if
you took a week off.

If you're not up for it,

Deveraux offered to take your slot.

I'll bet she did.



Hey, uh... yeah.

It's me.


I could use your help with something.




That is ridiculous.

I've never seen you eat
a salad in your life.

It's just...

I have this photo shoot tomorrow.

A photo shoot?

Are you modeling?

I know, it's weird, right?

But how?

Well, [SIGHS]

it's for Caboture.

It was kinda Xandra's idea.

We started seeing each other

and it feels kinda serious.


it's not that crazy.

I kinda thought you two had a vibe.

Is it weird for us to talk about this?

We don't have to talk about it.

No, we're friends.

And friends talk about their love lives.

I'm really happy for you, KO.

- Well, thanks.
- Yeah.

What about you?

Is, uh, the princess wearing Katy Keene

for her big, royal wedding?

Yeah, that didn't work out.

Another big designer's doing it.

But the upside,

I'm gonna be his apprentice.

I start today. [LAUGHS]

That's amazing!



I'm proud of you, Katy.

Just think of how many
people you beat out.



Are you all here for a go-see?

Oh, honey, no. Guy LaMontagne's

interviewing for a new apprentice.

What are you here for?

A makeover?


Hello! Hi, Guy.


Thank you so much for
this opportunity! Wow!

Sure thing. First question...

How did you learn to sew?

That's like asking me
how I learned to walk.

My mom sewed, so I sewed.

So, are you hiring more
than one apprentice?

Because I thought that
when you told me...

You're not thrown by a
little competition, are you?

No. No! I know that I don't have

the most impressive resume

but I'm hoping to hear
back from Parsons soon,

and with Gloria's recommendation

I think I have a really good shot.

Also, no one will work
harder for you than I will...

- You seem rattled.
- I'm sorry.

It has nothing to do with
you or the other girls.

Let's just, please, continue.

Katy, if something's the matter,
you can talk to me about it.

Let's be honest, I've seen
you vomit into a purse.

[SIGHS] I was kinda hoping
you forgot about that.

- Hm-mm.
- Ugh!

Okay, fine. It's not
that big of a deal, but...

I just found out an hour ago that my...

- ex is dating someone new.
- Mm.

But if it was anyone other than Xandra,

I mean, how can I support this?

She almost ruined Josie's
deal with Mr. Cabot,

she almost stole you from Lacy's...

I'm putting this together...

Xandra Cabot is sleeping with your ex.

Okay, I'm officially talking
about my ex's sex life

in a job interview

with half of the fashion
institute in your waiting room.

Let's get back to being professional.

Please ask me about sewing again.

Do you foresee a problem prioritizing

this job over whatever
drama you may hypothetically

be experiencing week after week?

No, I pride myself in keeping

my personal life and work life separate.



As I live and breathe...

Buzz Brown.

Jorge, I'm glad you called.

Are you okay?

I'll live.

Thank God for Bernardo.

I've been reading about
the recent string of attacks

over the last couple of weeks, but...

until you called, it
almost didn't seem real.

- Well...
- I mean,

it's not like I'm not aware how
much hate there is out there.

Why do you think I'm not out of work?

Girl, however you want
to move through the world,

that's your business.

But for the record,

[SCOFFS] being myself,

dating somebody who wants to
be seen in public with me...

totally worth getting beat up for.

I want to help.

I can give legal advice to you.

To anyone who's been
assaulted or even harassed.

Help people press charges... pro bono.

That'd be real nice.

Thanks, Buzz.

You know, it just sucks,

anything I do as a lawyer is reactive.

I wish there was something
that we could do

that was proactive, you know?

Make the powers-that-be
notice us so that

something like this

doesn't happen in the first place.

Of course, we'd love to have your name

as one of our inaugural
angels, Anderson.

I have to jet, though,
I have another angel

who's just flown up my elevator shaft.

Okay, bye-bye.

Chad, darling, my favorite party animal.

[KISSES] You look gorgeous!

Where was your prison, the Maldives?

- Baltimore.
- Ah.

And I'm sober now.

That. Is. Wonderful.

I've had to take a long,
hard look at my life,

and what I can offer of value.

And you realized that what
you can offer is capital.

Art, Pepper.

And that is what the
Pepper Plant is all about.

What do you think?


The space looks great.

Location's good, too.

But where are all the
artists you talked about?

I'll have to meet them.

Get a sense of who they are.

Well, the paint on the walls
is literally still drying,

but lucky for you, I'm hosting
a little party tomorrow

to celebrate my birthday,

and all of the Plant's
most talented artists

will be there. Why don't you come?

- I'll be there.
- Fantastic.

And I will be sure to have
non-alcoholic beer. [LAUGHS]

Pepper, girl! Katy filled
me in on your party,

and I'm so glad you came to your senses.

It's your birthday!

Stop worrying about me, okay?

I'm actually feeling much better and,

in fact,

I think a very special,
very fierce guest

may come out to play tonight.


Girl... uh, I gotta go.

Yeah. Bye.

I'm sorry I walked out before.

Is that...

Yeah, Dad.

It's mine.


Jorge, I've always known

that you weren't the
same as your brothers.

Well, yeah, I was super gay, I know.

[LUIS] That's not what I mean.

You were more sensitive
than your brothers.

So, Dad, now I'm too sensitive?

It's a good thing.

When I was tired and stressed
from a long day at the bodega,

your brothers barely noticed.

I had to act strong,
even if I didn't feel it,

because you would know,
and it would upset you.

Dad, I didn't know...

I can't be strong now.

I can't hide it. I'm scared for you.

Papi, you don't have
to be scared for me.

You were attacked because
you were dressed as a woman.

So, now it's my fault that
I was physically assaulted?

You can't help being gay, I know that.

But you can help the way you dress.

That's a choice.

No entiendes, Papi.
It's so much more than...

I am begging you, Jorge,
please don't do this anymore.

I don't know what I'd do if I lost you.


I need you to get a dress back
from a former client of mine.

I loaned her the dress
when she was courting me

for a business partnership,
and now she won't return it.

Xandra Cabot.


I told you that she was
dating my ex in confidence.

You know that this is
a third rail for me.

Yes, and after the saga of
Patricia's wedding dress,

I need to know you can execute
in your professional life

no matter what is going
on in your personal life.

I would get going if I were you.

Thank you, so much for
helping me make a music video.

Even without a budget.

Some of the best art comes
from financial restraints.

My cousin owns a trucking
company in Queens.

Their parking lot looks
out on the East River...

ton of production value.

We'll run and gun it.


♪ Anything you want you
know I got it, I got it ♪

♪ Hundred dollar bills keep
spillin' out of my wallet ♪

♪ We bought it ♪

♪ Like MJ, like N'SYNC... ♪

Oh, my God.

good. All right, cool.

He's a natural, isn't he?


When I heard we needed new models

for our house label,

I thought they have to see my bodyguard.


I know you two are dating.

KO told me.

get up on your right...

- He did?
- Yes.

And I think that it is great.


Because he seems happy and...

you seem like you care about him.

Look, Xandra, I am here
on behalf of Guy LaMontagne

and he would love if he could have
back the dress that he loaned you.

That man has some nerve!

First he leaves me
high and dry for Lacy's,

and now he has the audacity
to ask me to return a gift?

Xandra, I really need...

- What's going on over here?
- KO, hi!

There's a lot going on over here.

Me and Xandra were just chatting

about some fashion business.

And you are in your underwear.

And we're all friends! [CHUCKLES]

Is everything okay with her?

Yes, everything is okay,
everything is more than okay.

In fact, I almost
forgot to ask you guys...

Do you want to come to a party?

Well, Didi, we've brought together

some explosive elements tonight,

and I suppose it wouldn't
be a birthday bash

without some sparkle, so...

Try to keep Xandra away from Josie

because I've promised them both
the role of the Spider Woman.

And Raj can't mingle with Alexander

because Alex doesn't
know about Josie's video.

Are you getting all this?

Great. [CHUCKLE]

- He is.
- He's cute.

- He's all right.
- You think he's all right?


- [PEPPER] Hello!
- [JORGE] Pepper, girl!

- There she is.
- Grace with that walk.

Honey, I love this dress!


- [RAJ] Josie...
- Oh!

- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.

We're getting a lot of
views on the music video.

What music video?

Oh, I was just helping Raj

with a student... film of his.

- Hello, Raj.
- Xandra.

Haven't seen you in awhile.

Usually I just hear you
and KO through the...

through the wall.

- I'm just gonna go find him.
- Hmm.

My brother told me about your situation.

I can't tell you how many times

my step-father has denigrated me.

Just know that his opinion

isn't necessarily a
reflection of your talent.

Wait a minute...

He hasn't even listened to my EP, yet.

Oh, he has.

Yeah, weeks ago.

He didn't like it.

I, personally, think it's great.


- ♪ Ah-ah-ah ♪
- Right? Exactly.

♪ Ah-ah-ah ♪

♪ I need your love ♪

♪ I need your love ♪

KO, the photoshoot's over,
you can have a dessert.

Oh, I know, I'm just trying to cut back

on high-fructose corn syrup.

Come on, KO, as long as I've known you,

you've always been in
tip-top Hemsworth shape.

I guess I'm just not
used to being objectified.

Oh, trust me, I objectified you
plenty when we were together.

- Oh.
- Mm-hmm.

And you still look great, by the way.

I saw you working that camera.

Okay, now you're making fun of me.

No, you looked hot.


Ladies and gents...

I propose a toast.

One of my favorite artists once said,

when life gets scary,

you don't hide.

You reach out.

And looking around the room tonight,

I can't find anyone more dedicated

to bringing people together,
than our friend Pepper.

She's risking it all to
build a place for artists.

A safe haven.

For all of us.

No matter our stripes.

To Pepper,

for bringing us all together

and letting us be a
part of her incredible

Bohemian family.



[MS. FREESIA] Amen, sister!

I couldn't have said it better myself.


Excuse me.

Who is that?

- Hello.
- Hello!

What are you doing here?

[LAUGHS] Good for you, Pepper.

You're doing the
birthday scam, after all.

No, no, no, that's not what this is.

Darling, I know a con when I see one.

You know what? You're right.

But I'm just in the
middle of it right now, so,

why don't you go home and
we'll debrief tomorrow.

What, and miss all the fun?

Not on your life.



So, I tell the poacher,
you take one step

towards that elephant

and you'll find yourself missing a gun,

and I don't mean the
one in your holster.


Pepper, how have we never
heard about your aunt before?

Well, she's not actually my aunt.

I might as well be.

I've known Pepper since
she was a little girl.

Oh, yes... dish!


Pepper's father lived in my building

but he was always away on business.

And most days, I'd find
little Pepper, all by herself,

doing her homework in
the lobby of the Georgia.

And one day,

I invited her up for tea.

And from there on, we
became fast friends.

More like family, isn't
that right, Pepper?

Wait, you told me that
you grew up in London,

didn't you go to school there?

I did, I did.

Up to a certain age.

And then, of course, you know,
Daddy was traveling so much,

so I moved back here, and
then I would summer there.

All those hours on the
plane and the jetlag,

I think I did my best
to forget about it,

you know, to tell you the truth.

Did Pepper tell you about
the musical she produced?

- No.
- And I heard

that you two were just marvelous,

and I am so sorry that I missed it!

But I'll be the first
one there to cheer you on

on opening night on Broadway.

That would be a dream!

It'll happen. And when it does,

you'll be one step closer to an EGOT.

- Pepper?
- Hmm?

Didn't you tell Alex
and Josie about our deal?

- Mm!
- Excuse me?

I was told that I would
get to play the Spider Woman

if the show ever made it to Broadway.

Uh... Pepper, is she for real right now?

- No, no, no, darling...
- That role's Josie's!

You said you're gonna
replace her with Xandra

- if it gets to Broadway?!
- Well...

What kind of con are you running here?

- [XANDRA] Oh, no!

What the hell?!

You did that on purpose, didn't you?

No, I didn't!

I can't believe this.

Guy loaned you that dress,

and now you disrespect him like this?!

This will ruin my chance
at this apprenticeship!

Xandra, she's got a point.
You've got a million dresses,

- and this is Katy's one dream.
- Wow.

Well, it's good to know

that you're more concerned
with your ex's dreams

than your girlfriend's feelings.

You guys have been
dating for ten minutes.

We were together for ten years.

And we supported each other's dreams.

You're trying to change
everything about him

to suit yourself! Underwear modeling?!

Really? Salads?

He hates salads!

Have you considered that
you may no longer know

what KO likes or doesn't like?

I do know one thing...

If you fought for him half as hard

as you're fighting me right
now, you'd still have him.

Find your own way home tonight.


Look, I'm...

I'm sorry for what I
just said back there.

It's just...

I still feel something for KO.

We were together so long.

And seeing him happy

with somebody else, it's...

It's hard to comprehend.

That's how I felt
seeing Alex with Josie.

Maybe I've taken things too far with KO,

but I don't want him to
be a different person.

I just think he's capable of more.

That is why we broke up, we...

needed to stretch and grow.

And you are right...

He absolutely deserves
somebody who will fight for him.

I accept your apology.

Alex, we've got a problem.

What's wrong?

A couple of things, actually.

And I wasn't gonna say anything tonight

because I didn't want to
ruin Pepper's birthday party,

but I just found out that your sister

took down my music video.

Hold up, what are you talking about?

After our talk, I took
matters into my own hands.

I made a video to support my single

and I put it online.

And now it's been taken down
for copyright infringement.

Because your evil sister
heard me talking to Raj...

Xandra didn't take down your video.

I did.

I asked you one thing.

- To take a beat.
- No.

- You said your hands were tied.

And mine aren't. I did this for us.

You know, I know that
your dad heard my EP.

And he didn't like it.

And I know that you were
just trying to protect me,

but I don't need protecting.

Look, when he heard the EP,

my dad was gonna cut you loose,
but I convinced him not to

because I know I can bring him around.

You only get one shot
at a public roll-out.

And posting low-budget videos online...

Well, lots of artists have done both.

But most never became what
we're trying to make you...

A huge star.

I guess I hear that.

You make up with the wicked
witch of the East Side?

Sort of.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but...

I think that she might
actually be good for KO.

Wait, what?

My ex has basically leveled up,

and I've let my
unresolved feelings for him

screw up my chance with Guy.

But way more important, are you okay?

We haven't talked
much since your attack.

Yeah, [STAMMERS] I'm okay.

I'm just... [SIGHS]

[EXHALES] Girl, I'm...

I'm angry.

Angry that I can never walk
down the streets of my own city

without looking over my shoulder.

I'm angry that there's nothing
I can do to find those...


Damn, girl...

Things with my dad are so bad right now.

And the truth is,

I'm not scared of
being attacked. [LAUGHS]

But what gets me, is that I...

I could lose the support of my family.

Family isn't just your blood.

It's who you choose.


I choose you.

- We have each other.

Okay? We're family.

I love you, Katy Keene.

I love you, too.

[JORGE] You're right,

I do have another family.

And families celebrate.


[PEPPER] Chad...

I'm so sorry tonight
didn't go as planned.

I really hope you'll consider
investing in The Plant.

What do you mean, I'm in.

I already signed my check over
to your partner, Ms. Freesia.

You know, I really wasn't sure
about this whole thing, but...

she sold me on your vision.

I look forward to
working with both of you.


My partner.

Ms. Freesia.




What's that?

Guy's dress.

Xandra had it dry cleaned.

It's wine free.

Oh, my God! Thank you!

You didn't have to bring
it over here yourself.

I know, but I wanted to
talk to you about last night.


Oh, my God, I am so sorry

about all the drama. I am
not proud of my behavior,

and I let my work frustrations
get the better of me.


it's also a lot harder
than I thought it would be

seeing you with somebody else.

It's okay, Katy.

But I have been thinking, and...

I should have stood up
for Xandra last night.

I'm just so used to
being Team Katy, and...

I guess old habits die hard.

I do want to be friends with you.

I hope you get that apprenticeship.

Thank you.


[JOSIE] So, you said you had good news?

I spoke to my dad again.

I couldn't change his mind on the EP.

Sorry, how is this good?

I got him to take a look
at your whole body of work.

He came across some old videos

of you and your high school band,

and he got pretty excited.

But now he has a whole
new vision for you.

As a lead of a group.

Like Diana Ross started
with the Supremes.

Or Beyoncé with Destiny's Child.

What... what was your high
school band called again?

The Pussycats.

Xandra Cabot's dress.

Wow, did you pry it off her dead body?

Actually, my ex convinced
her to give it back.

Turns out sometimes

your personal life can
help your professional life.

I'm impressed.

Guy, here is the thing...

I freely admit that my life is messy.

but I never ever let my feelings

get in the way of fashion.

Except for that one time,

but come on, he was a prince.

Okay then, Katy Keene...

You got the gig.


[GUY] You're my new apprentice.

I look forward to keeping things...

professional with you.

We're meeting at the exact
point where he was attacked.

No, no, no, thank you, Rebecca.

I'm so glad someone from the Hail

will be there tomorrow.
The public needs to know.

Okay, I'll speak to you soon. Thanks.


Another one. [CHUCKLING]
You really shouldn't have.

Come on, it's tradition.

You know,

I'm still trying to figure out

the exact day of the
month you were born.

I'm not gonna give up.

'Cause you deserve to know

when your real birthday is, Pepper.


You're the sweetest.

I don't know what I'd
do without you, Dad.

By the by, you haven't seen Ms. Freesia

around the Georgia, have
you? She owes me a call.

Funny you ask. She
walked out this morning

with two bags and her cat.

Left me a forwarding address in Zermatt.



It's Ginger, Dad.

We... we talked about this.

Yeah, we did.

Um, and...

I don't want to give up my passion

just because something bad happened.

You know, I'm... I'm
gonna keep doing my drag.

"Kiss of the Spider Woman", all of it.

You're putting yourself in danger.

Look, if something happens to you

it happens to all of us! Tu familia!

- Papi...
- No!

This is selfish.

It's not selfish, Dad.

This is me.

I'll be home soon.

♪ I know water that's
thicker than blood ♪

- ♪ That's deeper than love ♪

♪ With my friends ♪

♪ People come and some people go, and ♪

♪ Some people ride
till the end, yeah... ♪

[KATY] Hi. I'm sorry. Sorry.

♪ We run together,
they're my family... ♪

- Hi!
- Hey!

I cannot believe you got
this many people to come out!

This is awesome!

I was kinda hoping for
more, but it's good...

Oh, no, girl, I saw my
Plunkin's manager in the crowd.

You did pretty good.

Plus everyone in the
city will read about it

- in the Daily Hail.
- I love that!

Hey, say something to the people.

- Yes!
- Go!

- Speech!
- Speech! Speech! Speech!

- Hold my bag?
- Of course.




♪ We're still young, still
got our mindless ways ♪

♪ And our timeless
phase, kickin' songs... ♪

Thank you so much for coming out today!

I just want to say, for anybody
out there who's living in fear,

today's the day we refuse

to hide ourselves!


Today's the day the city sees us

as we really are!


♪ Family... ♪

I love you. Mmm!

- [BUZZ] Hey, Ginger...
- Oh!

Buzz! I can't believe
you came! I didn't...

I didn't think you'd want to
be seen at something like this.

I did it. I finally came out at work.


- Hey!
- What's up? Yeah.

[STAMMERING] This is, uh, Buzz.

- Hey, Buzz.
- Bernardo.

- How are you?
- Bernardo.

[KATY] Thanks to Jorge,

I learned the family you
choose is just as important

as the one you were born with.

And I didn't just have him.

I had Pepper, Josie,

and I was happy to have
KO back in my life.

Maybe we were better as friends,

and this is how it was
always meant to be.

Still, you can't blame
a girl for wondering.