Kamikaze (2021–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Flight Mode - full transcript

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Kamikaze is a fictional story
about loss, grief and rediscovery.

If you are dealing with
mental health issues

or experiencing
suicidal feelings,

speak to someone you trust
or contact a helpline.

I've been flying nonstop for
two weeks and I'm still alive.

I did not crash.

And I did not give up.

The world's longest flight is from
Singapore to Newark, New Jersey.

It's about 19 hours.

But more flights bring more
opportunities. Of crashing.

Most crashes happen within the
same nine minutes of the flight.

The first three
minutes after take-off.

And the last 6 minutes of the
landing before the plane stops.

My family's plane
crashed mid-air.

I don't know how
my trip will end...

- Beautiful.
- Yes.

I'm going to visit my grandson
who moved to Canada two years ago.

And what about you?
Where are you going?

I'm just flying, watching
the earth from above.

Do you remember to write or
call home once in a while?

You know how parents worry.

I call my dad at his office.
He's a very busy lawyer.

But when I call he always
answers his phone right away.

Hi, darling.

And then he just wants
to chit chat about...

So, where are you?

What I'm doing and how I
am and stuff like that.

- Okay.
- Just to get a little break.

It feels so weird...

I'm happy to hear that.

It feels weird when
you're not at home.

It's wonderful.

Do you believe in God?

Which one are we talking about?

Just the concept of God. Do
you feel he is there... or she?

I've never needed a God.


Dear God...

Although I don't know
how dear you are.

I need your help.

You and I need to make a deal.

You have never helped me, but I've
also never needed your help before.

This is your chance.

I'd prefer that you
make the plane crash.

Just take my life.

You are able to do
something like that, right?

A plane crash with only one fatality
would look good on your resume.

Even yours.

Do you need help, ma'am?

- What?
- You were crying.

Am I?

Were you having a bad dream?

Do you suffer from aviophobia?

- From what?
- Fear of crashing. Come with me.

Thank you so much.

I miss... summer.

Summer. Well, soon
it's spring time.

What do you think happens
to us when we die?

I'm Catholic so I believe in the Father
Almighty, creator of heaven and earth.

And I hope I'm going to
heaven when the day comes.

Right here, between
heaven and earth.

Here I'm neither dead nor alive.

Sorry, I just need to
lift your tray, thank you.

Sorry, ma'am? Excuse me?

I need you to prepare
for landing, please.

Thank you. Are you finished
with this? I'll take that.

If you could put your tray away
that would be great. Thanks.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome
to London Heathrow airport.

Please remain seated

until the fastened seatbelt
sign has been turned off.

You may now make
or receive calls

as well as use data services on
your handheld electronic devices.

When it's safe to
leave your seat

take care when opening
the overhead lockers.

Items may have moved and can
fall out and cause injuries.

Before leaving the aircraft

please make sure you have all
of your personal belongings.

Remember that smoking
is not permitted

until you have reached
the designated area.

If your journey ends
here at Heathrow,

please follow the yellow signs through
arrivals upon leaving the aircraft.

Thank you.

Hi. Excuse me?

I have a ticket with this plane to
Paris in one hour and twenty minutes.

- Could I be allowed to stay on board?
- I'm afraid not.

I checked in online. And
I only carry hand luggage.

Look, I'm very sorry, madam, but
it's not possible for our airline

to go against international
security guide lines.

Okay? Madam, I
need you to leave.

Madam, I need you to
leave the plane now.

If I have to call security you won't
be getting that next flight at all.

It's the third day, and I...

I have just a little less
than two water bottles left.

But I've decided not to drink it
as that'll just prolong the agony.

I guess...

So that's the plan now.

Like this.

A disproportionate number of
plane crashes happen in Africa.

This is due to unstable societies,
old planes and poor maintenance.

And challenging
weather conditions.

Welcome to Camembe Air. We
hope you enjoy your flight.

You knew that very well, dad.

Even so you brought mum and Tom
onto a rattling domestic flight.

Your seat to upright position.

In the unlikely case of an emergency,
oxygen masks will automatically...

The text you sent when you
realised the plane was crashing...

What were you thinking?

I'm sorry. Can I hold your hand?

Now I know that you knew
you didn't stand a chance.

Yet amidst the panic you were
prescient enough to think of me.

Think about my reaction. Think
about how my life would be.

It's devastating knowing that.




And Tom.

See you soon.

We apologise for the bad turbulence.
We are now flying into calmer weather.

When you look at the statistics

it's absolutely ridiculous
to be afraid of flying.

You'd have to fly
every day for 29 years

before it would be more likely
to end up in a fatal plane crash.

Right now I don't know whether to
believe in statistics or in God.

Dear God...

Eat shit!

This is an announcement for passengers
to Singapore. We start boarding.

Miss Julie Holm Fosberg,
please go to gate 24 A

where your flight is
boarding to Singapore.

Gates are closing soon.



Last call for Julie Holm
Fosberg, gates are closing.

Sorry, ma'am, but you don't
happen to be Julie Holm Forsberg?

Julie Victoria
Holm-Forsberg is cancelled.


Out of service.

And alone.


Get out!

Listen, get out from there.


Come. Can I please see
your boarding pass, ma'am?

I had a boarding pass yesterday
but I missed the flight.

I can just... I can show you...

I had to spend the night because
I'm waiting... for another plane.

- How long have you been here?
- Not long.

I tell you, you have been seen around
the premises for three days now.

Either you are homeless
or you have mental issues.

Either way, you are not allowed to be
here and I am here to kick you out.

- Are you kidding?
- Come.

Mister, I have a boarding
pass on my phone. Please?

Come on.

- I'm serious, please?
- Come on.

- Please?
- Come on.

- I have a boarding pass in my phone.
- Come on.

Go out.



Fright. Flight. Freeze.

The three F's.

We have patterns of reaction.

They lie deep within
us. Primeval instincts.

They are activated when
we feel threatened.

The threat may also be due to
stress or sudden misfortune.

Those are the three
things that hit us.

Those are our three
choices. We fight,

run away...

Or we freeze. You know. Stop.

Now I've been frozen
for three days.

How long does it take to
get through the third F?

Why didn't Psycho Bo tell
me about the fourth F?

If monkeys panic because
the forest is on fire...

They fornicate.

There's also the post-war
generation. It's big.

People have a lot
of sex during war.

No one is able to explain why.

It's the nature of things.

Or God's.




Freeze... Fuck.


ARRIVES 05.15 +1 DAY


- Hello.
- Good evening, madam.

I would like to book a nice
big room. A suite, if you have?

As far away from ground
level as possible.

Of course. Can I see your
passport and credit card please?


- Can I ask you something?
- Yes, of course.

It's very important for me.

I need the phone number for
your national hero Seo-Jun Nam.

Can you get that for me?

- Seo-Jun Nam?
- Yes.

Olympic champion?


Sorry, madam. I don't know him.

Yes, but maybe you know someone
who know someone who knows him.

Sorry, madam. No.

Look, I've been travelling
for a very long time.

It would be very nice if
you could get me his number.

I can pay you.

Come on, it's just
a phone number.

I can pay you a lot.

I'll see what I can do.

Do what you want.

If, if, if...

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