Kamikaze (2021–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Happy White Day! - full transcript

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Kamikaze is a fictional story
about loss, grief and rediscovery.

If you are dealing with
mental health issues

or experiencing
suicidal feelings,

speak to someone you trust
or contact a helpline.

No more Julie.

Julie's petrified.
Frozen. She's dead.

Solfried on the other
hand. The Norwegian girl...

She's living life to the fullest.
And now she's in fucking Seoul!

Solfried is carefree. She
is bold and always perky.

She loves life, and
especially big drinks,

big cocks and big sports stars.

She doesn't sweat
the little things.

There are many things
she considers trivial.

Solfried is about the big picture.
Great wins, great experiences.

Great views.

Hello, my name is Solfried

and I've come here all
the way from Norway

to do this interview with you.

I've been following the winter
world championships intensively

and it's been extraordinary to see
your performances all the way through

and possibly

even go to bed

with you.

All the best, Solfried.


It's day 4.

I am not sleeping well.

I don't know if
I've slept at all.

I see things.

Hear things.

I think.

Krzysztof Where are you?



Was it you that kept me awake?

Was it?

Look! It's us.

Do you want to be my friend?

- A Baby Doll, please.
- A Baby Doll is coming up.

What do you think about
this? Yes, this is you...

Seo-Jun Nam Room 3132?

You're late. Sex or interview.


It's snowing.

Thank you.

So tell me about yourself.

Hi, my name is Nam Seo-Jun.
Seo-Jun Nam. I'm a ski jumper.

No. You have to say that you
are the world's best ski jumper.

Hi, my name is Seo-Jun Nam.

I am the world's
best ski jumper.

- Very good.
- Have we met?

No, we had sex so we didn't
have a chance to meet properly

but I'm happy to finally
introduce myself.

My name is Solfried. I am a
sports journalist from Norway.

I know Norway

because I'm the world's
best ski jumper.


Seo-Jun, what are you doing?

I don't know.

I see that you're
a very bad boy.

Solfried and Seo-Jun
are perfect humans.

They have perfect sex in a
perfect and amazing world

consisting of many
medals and few words.

That's good.


- You like it?
- Yes, it's very good.

You going to come?

- Did you come?
- Yes.

You can fake anything
in this world.

Thank you so much!

Very good!

How you look.



So why ski jumping?

My parents.

But you love it, right?

I like it, yes.
But not love. No.

Why not?

I love sex more with you.

What about you? Tell me
something about you. Please.

- Okay.
- Okay?

I can tell you a story about something
that happened once where I come from.

I come from a small and simple
village in the mountains

just next to a very big mountain
where we all go ski every winter.


And it was a very
nice, calm, safe place.

But then one day

we heard a loud noise from
the mountain, a crack.

And we found out that a rock was
loose and that it could fall...

Oh, no.

Yes. It was very scary.

Time passed,

and on a very dark night
a thunderstorm came

and we all saw that big rock

tumble down the mountain.

We had no time to get away.

So... many people died?

Yes. There were piles
and piles of dead people.

Very sad.

I'm sorry.


That's life.

Big things happen.

There is a limit as to how hard a
body can splinter against the ground.

No matter from what
height it falls.

Because regardless of the speed

gravity and air resistance will at
some point cancel each other out.


Krzysztof Done. Going
home. Take care.


- Hi.
- Yeah. Did you see the photo?

Yeah, you can't leave.

Do you hear this? What
should I do with this guy?

Why didn't Constance keep him?

He doesn't get along
with her old dog.

I leave on Monday, so... you have
to find a new place for him, okay?

- No.
- What?

- No, you can't leave.
- Why?

- Because I decide when you leave.
- You decide?

I'm your boss and there's more
work that needs to be done.

Not in my contract.

I'll write you a new contract.

Krzysztof, you want
more work, don't you?

Yes, I do. But there is nothing
more for me to do in the house.

There's plenty. I'll write you a new
contract and send it today, okay?

- Okay, fine.
- Good.

Where are you, Julie?

Where have you been?
You've been gone all day?

White Day. Like Valentine's Day.

Boys give their
love white present.

Happy White Day.

Thank you.

- Open, open.
- Thank you so much.

Socks. Wow, sexy.

Do you want to be my boyfriend?


This is the best
White Day in my life.


Hi, dad.

All is well.

No, that's because
I'm staying with...

My girlfriend.

Solfried from Norway.
I met her here.

Yes, it is big news.

Yes, I think so.

My father and mother want to...

- They want us to come for dinner.
- Yes.

So they can meet Solfried,
your new girlfriend.

- Okay?
- Yes.

- Yes, yes.
- I would love to.

Okay... Who's a good dog?

Who's a good boy?

You scared me.


Who is this guy?

No one.

Let's go back to bed.

- I don't understand.
- No, you don't.

Who was it?

I was just looking at photos on
my phone. What's the problem?

I just assumed...

I was looking through my
library by myself, okay?

Your photo what?

Fuck, Seo-Jun, don't ask questions if
you don't understand half the answers.

What's the fucking point?

I'm sorry.


That's okay.

You want to watch a movie?

No. I think I need to sleep.

- I watch TV, okay?
- Okay.

This is me.

I was very young and
my mother and father.

I think my parents
will be home soon.

Can you help me?

You can... take
these. Thank you.

That's my father. Look at him.

He checked the door,

and then other side... okay.

Always, always...
have to lock the door.

He always do it, okay?

It's cute.

Always check again,
again, again.

Are you okay?

I'm sorry.

- Why?
- My name is not Solfried.


I'm not a journalist.

I'm no one, I'm just a
lost soul from Denmark.

Soul... Denmark?


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