Kamikaze (2021–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Før og efter - full transcript

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Kamikaze is a fictional story
about loss, grief and rediscovery.

If you are dealing with
mental health issues

or experiencing
suicidal feelings,

speak to someone you trust
or contact a helpline.

Three days after dad's
message I got out of bed.

When the police returned.

It's French cookies.

Tuile. My mum used
to buy them in Paris.

Regarding identifying
marks. It might be scars.

Birthmarks or tattoos.

Tom and I

agreed to get a brother-sister
tattoo together.

We'd get exactly the same.

But we couldn't agree
what it should be.

What did you agree
on in the end?

We didn't get one.

It would be a great help if you
could give us some other objects

which can confirm
potential DNA traces.

It's still on summer time.

- Julie, today is...
- Two weeks ago...

In two hours and seven
minutes to be precise.

I would like you to tell me what you
have done today since you got up.

Until now, in your own words.

Are you in high
school? Last year?

- Yes.
- What's that like?

I love it.

What else have you done?

I am just waiting.

- What are you waiting for?
- Everything.

My family.

Perhaps they are in the jungle
having survived the crash.

There is no wi-fi or phone
coverage, so you can't reach them.

That's why.

I understand what you mean.

It's natural to keep
hope alive, Julie, but...

Your fantasy seems more real than
the reality you live in right now.

I think you are here because
you think I can help you.


I am here because others
have told me it would help.

But nothing helps.

It may appear that way, but
you still chose to come.

Have you ever lost your
family in a plane crash?

No, I haven't.

Then how do you know
what is going to help?

I specialise in and work closely
with people who are grieving

and people who've
suffered a loss.

Even though we don't have
the same starting point

I might have an idea of in
which direction you should go.

Hello? Julie?



I was just wondering about
the New Year performance.

I would love for you
to be part of it.

- We're rehearsing at the school.
- No, thanks.

We could go riding together.

It's great getting out in the
fresh air with the big animals.

And it's beautiful galloping
across the frozen landscape.

Might the horse fall on the
frozen ground and break its neck?

No, not at all.

They run well in all terrain.
It's completely safe, Julie.

- Then I don't want to go.
- You shouldn't be alone.

I am not alone.

Hey, Krzysztof.

Please, don't film me.

Everything is okay?

What are you doing
for Christmas?

Going home. I'm
leaving next week.

- What is home?
- Poland.

- Yes, but where?
- Czestochowa.

- Czestochowa.
- North of Kraków.

So do you have friends
and family and everything?

Not everything.


- Do you have a girlfriend?
- I hope so.

But not sure.

- See you. Merry Christmas.
- Hold on a second, sweetie.


How did it all end?
What have you decided?

I am spending Christmas at my
aunts. My dad's sister in Småland.

- So you are going to Sweden?
- Yes. That's right.

Julie. Can we...

- Merry Christmas.
- Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas.

Did you get any sleep?


How much sleep do you get?

I want to play Ludo.

As much as possible.

How much is that?

No, you threw six.
You can go again.

Last night I slept six hours.

That's great, Julie.

Yes! You're going home.

That is the road back to a
reasonably normal existence.

I don't want a reasonably
normal existence.

I want a normal existence.

Otherwise it's not an existence.

Where are you
spending Christmas?

At Constance's.


I bake my own rye bread.
Have I told you that before?


I enjoy baking. And rye bread is
more challenging than white rolls.

It's not child's play.

It's not a bread mix. I have made
it from scratch. Using sourdough...

Would you like one
for the holidays?

A new year.
Something new begins.

Whether you want it or not.

You're back.

Any plans for New Years?

You went to Czestochowa?
I can't pronounce it.

Czestochowa, yes.

So what happened?

She... broke up.

I'm sorry to hear that.

Let's get drunk.

Happy fucking New Year.

Happy fucking New Year.

Throw, throw...

When your body has felt
happy for a brief moment

waking up to reality
can be infuriating.

- Julie, I'm so sorry about yesterday.
- About what?

The sex.

I feel really bad.

You are my boss and I feel...
I'm just so stupid. I'm sorry.

It doesn't mean a thing,
Krzysztof. It's not a problem.

Anything can happen this
time of the year in Denmark.

- Have you heard of "julefrokost"?
- No.

A lot of bosses have
sex with their employees

this time of the
year in Denmark.

It's really normal and it
doesn't mean a thing, really.

It's standard and it goes with the
amount of alcohol which is very Danish.

Yeah, doesn't matter.

They have found the crash site
and everything is destroyed.

They are not counting
on finding...

Corpses or body parts.


They have established the official
death toll and casualty figures.

That means we can now
issue a death certificate.

That means

that we can process the
company and the house.

I don't mind being your executor,
so tell me if you have any wishes.

I don't have any wishes,
Niels. You just go ahead.

The Rwandan government has
arranged a memorial service

for all the relatives
at the crash site.

That is on 24th January.

I am happy to accompany you.

I don't want to go.

Do what you want.

Wasn't that what you wrote, dad?

Carkit, messages.

Would you like to listen
to or record a message?

Listen to.

You have two unread messages.
Would you like to...


Reading latest message from dad.

Message received at
4:02 PM on 23rd October.

"The plane is crashing. Love
you. Do what you want. Dad."

- Repeat, answer or delete?
- Repeat.

"The plane is crashing. Love
you. Do what you want. Dad."

Repeat, answer or delete?


"The plane is crashing. Love
you. Do what you want. Dad."


"The plane is crashing. Love
you. Do what you want. Dad."


"The plane is crashing. Love
you. Do what you want. Dad."

This is Julie Victoria
Holm-Forsbech's will.

I am stating my full name to
avoid any possible legal pitfalls

as my dad would call it.

With my dad's money some of
his colleagues and experts

establish a foundation for
those who are suicidal.

You'll be eligible for at grant
if you are really unhappy.

You must be on the verge
of doing what I did.

Or rather what I am about to do.

Krzysztof gets dad's Jaguar.

He loves that car
and deserves it.

He is a fantastic craftsman.

Conscientious and honest.

May flights of angels
sing thee to thy rest.

That's really cool.


I have thought about it and
would like to participate.

It's there a minor
role towards the end?

An epilogue or something. I
would be happy to take that on.

Sure, of course.

- You trimmed your beard.
- Yes.

Did you notice? Well spotted.

You are conscious of your
surroundings. That is a good sign.

Extremely well done
after only three months.

I must admit I have
been worried about you.

I have been wondering
if you're suicidal.

I have considered it because

it's difficult to see the
point of this life, but...

I have realised
that I love life.

Very much.

- Can I give you a hug?
- Sure.

One last thing.

I want to keep my
funeral simple.

A small memorial service.

No girlfriends singing hymns or
reading poems they have written.

My ashes should be dispersed where
mum, dad and Tom's plane crashed.

And the rest is silence.




It's me. Julie. Do
you have a moment?


It's the premiere of one of the
world's most tiresome plays.

Are you ready?

There is a minor change.
Shouldn't you just wash our hands?


I would like to surprise
everyone at the end.

With a finale where I, the soldier
who has served Hamlet's family

die alongside him by
hanging myself on stage.

You have to help me with that.
Please tie this end to the beam.

When I look at you you
throw me the rope, okay?

Right now the play
feels a bit empty.

And traditional.


will make it memorable.

Sorry, but I don't want
to be involved in this.

Come on, Valdemar.

It's unfair to take advantage
of Valdemar's crush on me.

And the old Julie would
never have done it.

But the end justifies the means.

That is true for many things.

Long live Hamlet.

But not with Valdemar.

He can't tie a knot.

You are so cute.

You are very
curious, aren't you?

Do you like it when
I rub your tummy?

Who is that over there?

You are just too cute.

You are so cute.

Julie, sweetie.

Look. Look what I brought.
It's a present for you.

- Hi.
- Who do we have here?

This is... What do you
want to call him, Julie?

I bought a Bichon Havanese
for Julie because...

It's so cute. You are
just the sweetest.

- Is it a male?
- Yes, it's a male.

- You can hold him.
- Is that okay?

I can fit you in my hand. Hi.

- Isn't he sweet?
- Are you panting a bit?

He is a bit warm. But he
does have a lot of fur.

Hi, there. Maybe I should
have a little chat with Julie.

Sure, of course. Let me...

- Bye.
- Bye.

What an ordeal.

Julie, I...

This is not really
working. I mean...

We have a department for
young people that has space.

Don't panic

and think you'll be locked up and
pumped full of drugs in a padded cell.

That is not what I want.


we have to look out for you.

You have experienced two
major traumas in a row.

In that light I believe the
best solution, for you as well

is to be somewhere you know
you will land on your feet.

Land on my feet?

I have to pee.


I'll be right back.

There is always a
before and an after.

There was a before where I
thought of time as something

that would bring me closer to
whatever I was looking forward to.

Now... After...

I only think of time as
something that creates distance

between myself and all the
things I will never get back...


- Are you going on vacation?
- No, I'm just going.

But... when are you coming back?

I don't know, but
you can keep the car.

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