Kamikaze (2021–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Festen er aflyst - full transcript

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Kamikaze is a fictional story
about loss, grief and rediscovery.

If you are dealing with
mental health issues

or experiencing
suicidal feelings,

speak to someone you trust
or contact a helpline.

This is the end.

The end of it all.


There is a before and
after in everything.

My name is Julie Holm-Forsberg.

That is so good. Look at this.

I was born at Gentofte
Hospital on 23rd April, 2002.

That is really good.

I have 159,000 followers. I am
known for makeup and fashion.

You can't click, like or
leave comments anymore.

This is the last photo I took
before I received the message.

Of course it is.

- There is a taxi.
- I'll be there in a second.

These past eight months I have
not been able to remember anything

about the following minutes
and seconds of my life.

But I have gone through what
happened just before again and again.

And the hours before I found out,
when everything was still good...

No, not good...


- Can you hear me?
- Mum, wait.

- Can you hear me now?
- Yes.

- Much better.
- Okay. Listen up.


- Mum?
- Can you hear it?

- There.
- I can't hear anything.

It's a very special frog. It
only lives here in Rwanda.

- Okay.
- It's really too bad, because...

There it was again.

- Crazy. What time is it there?
- We're an hour ahead.

Honey, we're traveling
onwards into the jungle today.

We'll be out of reach for a
few days. There won't be wi-fi.

Mum called at 9:27 AM.

Hi, Tom. You cave dweller.

- Shouldn't you get out in the sun?
- No, forget it.

My friends arrived at 9:33 AM.



- Great seeing you.
- Likewise.


- Welcome.
- Thanks.

- Do you have visitors?
- It's Constance, Micke and Sofia.

- You are not having a party, right?
- Of course not. Can I speak to dad?

- Hi, honey.
- Hi, dad.

- Nice to see you.
- Hi, Thomas.

- Thank you so much for...
- Don't say anything. I haven't asked.

- It's tonight.
- Yes. He'll say yes.

- Can you hear me?
- Yes, but you disappeared.

It's great seeing you.

- I was wondering about something.
- What?

We'd like to hang out
here tonight and maybe...

Mum doesn't want that. She is worried
about the artworks and the rugs.

I know, but dad, I am
18 now. I am grown up.

When you and Tom move you can
have all the parties you want.

- Honestly.
- In your own flats.

It's the one week
where I am alone.

The girls and Micke and
I just want to hang out.

Come on. Please.


Don't forget to lock
the door to the office.

- Of course.
- And watch out for mum's stuff.


I promise.

I miss you.

I said goodbye to
dad at 9:41 AM.

I love you, dad. Have
a good trip. Thanks.

She is hungry.

Latch on.

Let's bathe you.

Tom, you are blocking the
camera. I can't see Julie.

So lovely.

Where is mummy? Hi, darling.



Exciting. I am going
to grab this bad boy!

You take the vodka.

- Take one.
- And one of these as well.

- We need a gin.
- Is it okay with Thomas?

Thank you, Thomas!

I want to sort out
the guest list.

Are there any limitations
about the number of guests?

- Nope.
- When are your parents back?

I don't want to find we only have
two hours on Sunday to clean up.

- They are not back till Monday.
- Amazing.

Who is that lurking
in the garden?

That is Krzysztof. He
is fixing our pool.

He is exactly my type.

Hello! It's the fifth of June.

My name is Julie Holm Forsberg.

I come from Dnmark and yesterday I
crashed this airplane into the desert.

I decided to document my
time here in the desert

to explain my friends in
Denmark how I ended here.

So, hello, everyone back home.

I just want to let you know
that I did this on purpose.

Premeditated, as
my dad would say.

I crashed the plane on purpose with
the intention of killing myself.

It's just too bad that it
didn't go according to plan.

And typical.

What went wrong?

Why didn't the plane explode
when I hit the ground?

If the plane had crashed at
high speed at a low drop angle

it would have been the
classic plane crash.

A plane, its engines on fire,
careening through the forest.

It uproots trees
and their branches.

In a crash like that my body
would have been blown to pieces.

If it happens in a jungle

my body would soon be
devoured by wild animals.

Low speed and a
significant drop angle.

In this scenario
the engine explodes

and the plane would hurl
towards earth like a torch.

I would burn to death before I
was able to escape the plane.

If the plane crashed into the sea I
would probably be eaten by starfish.

Only my bones would remain.

I was supposed to
go out with a bang.

But I am still
alive. Unfortunately.

It is said that a person can survive
three minutes without oxygen,

three days without water and
three weeks without food.

I have no food,
but I found these.

And I found this.

Which looks like it
might be a charger.

If that works my phone will
last longer than I will.

At 2:15 PM we went
to see Krzysztof.

The pool is going to be there.
And the hot tub over there.

Yeah, do you need me?

I just wanted to ask you if the
jacuzzi could be ready tonight.

No, sorry, not a chance.
Next month maybe.

Can you please invite him?

We're having a party tonight
and we want to invite you.

Thank you but no, I can't.

That's really a shame because we're
going to make some fantastic cocktails.

You like Sex on the beach?

- Micke, come on now.
- Nice to meet you.

At 2:30 PM we went into town.

At 3:05 PM we had lunch.

- Time to pay?
- Yes!

At 3:55 PM I paid the bill.

- Yes.
- Great.

- That's paid then.
- And there you go.

- See you.
- "See you."

He is so cute.

- It's crazy, right?
- Insane!

- He is beautiful.
- Micke, do you know him?

- Do you?
- No, but...

We could invite
him to the party.

- Do it now.
- No.

I want to go home and
sort out the drinks.

- Sure.
- I'll invite him on Facebook.

I have a question
for you, Jules.

- What if he doesn't have Facebook?
- He does.

He looked at me!

No, I'll go back and invite him.

Hi. Did you forget something?

Yes, I did.

I forgot to invite you
to my party tonight.

Did you?

- If you want to come.
- Yes, sure, 100%.

My family is traveling so
I have the house to myself.

- It's going to be a big party.
- Okay. Great.

I am Julie.

At 4:02 PM I received a
text message from my dad.

- There is a taxi.
- I'll be right there.


- Hi.
- Hi. Sorry. There won't be a party.

Something has come
up with Julie.

- Okay.
- I am sorry.

Have a nice evening.

Depending on the
speed of the plane

you either have minutes
or seconds to act.

Some people become
paralysed with fear.

Some panic.

Some feel serene.

You can think about
your entire life.

Or you can send one
last text message.


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