Just Add Magic (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 2 - Just Add Summer - full transcript

Using the special ingredient the girls gathered from last Halloween, they cook up a Miso Soup to determine Chuck's location. However, when that fails to work, Kelly instead cooks a "Settle ...

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Previously on
"Just Add Magic"...

Everybody's frozen.

So long,
Saffron Falls!

I believe in our cake.
I believe in us.

Hannah: That cake
unfroze the town,

brought Kelly's grandma

and broke
Miss Silvers' curse.

What if all curses
are broken?


It doesn't seem possible.
He's been gone 50 years.

If he's out there,
then we need to find him.

"Miso-Person's Soup."

We're gonna need a
grunde fingerroot.

The root
can only be harvested
one day a year.


Take us to
last Halloween.

We need to get into
the spice cabinet,

get the grunde root and get out of here.

I got it.

Now we can find Chuck.

Wherever he is...

he can't hide.

My grunde fingerroot.


How did you get it?

It can only be harvested
on Halloween.

Pick-a-date dates.

How did you know?

We used it once.

Bought that in
17th century China.

- Ooh.
- Uh--

Well, the next time we do
the pick-a-date spell,

we're going back to see
the dinosaurs.

There is no next time.

This is a spell
you can only do once.


Didn't you read
the riddle?

[speaking German]

Nine more chances.

What are you talking about?

In German,
neinmeans no.

You're never gonna let me
live this one down, are you?


Well, it's just as well.

I don't like
the thought of you

traveling through
time and space.

If we are making the
Miso-Person's spell,

we have
some work to do.


Darbie: Whoa.

I've never seen tiny trees
in a pantry before.

Nicayenne, pegu,
cesper, culingot.

Mama P didn't tell us about
these spice families.

Mama P withheld

I'm shocked.

I've always liked to work
with the earth spices.

Mother Nature's gift.

We're gonna need
night blooming chives.



"The person you seek

"will appear in the broth
crystal clear.

"You will know
where they are,
be it far or near."

this spell will tell us

if our cake broke
Chuck's curse.

I can't believe we
traveled back in time
to get this,

and that's all
we're using?


Kelly: Show us if Chuck
is in Saffron Falls.

"If the face appears not,
their image not caught,

"peace of mind
you have bought."

I don't see anything.

Just little chunks
of tofu.

Chuck isn't here,

His curse didn't break.

He's never coming back.

Chuck is out there.



Oh, last day of school.

Or the first day
of summer.

Long hikes.

No homework for
three months.

Swimming, picnics.

No homework for
three months.

- The beach.
- No homework for
three months.

that's all I got.


I want this to be
the most fun, carefree,

memorable summer
we have ever had.

Me, too.
Sleep in late,
laze around all day.

- Absolutely nothing to do.
- I made a list.

That doesn't sound

Memories don't
just happen.

You've got to
work at them.

We are going to be busy.

Archery classes,
bike riding--

Can we combine
the two?


There's one thing
that I don't want to do
this summer,

and that's magic.

- I'm down with that.
- Yes.

Guess we won't be
needing this anymore.


This was one mystery
we didn't solve.

And I'm okay
with that.

Me, too.

But if Grandma was
so sure she saw him--

Kelly, we just agreed.

- This summer...
- All: No magic.

You're right.

So, where should we
hide the book?

Genius idea,

I just thought to myself,
where's the last place

that Buddy would ever
stick his nose?

It's been a long time
since we've played at
Brighton Manor.

You're on vacation, too,
old friend.

Added security
against Buddy.

He's scared of clowns.

Are we ready to start
our summer of fun?

Both: Let's do it.


First ice cream
of summer.

First shopping spree
of summer.

First lazing under
a tree of summer.

First, "Hi, Jake"
of summer.

All: Hi, Jake.

Hey, girls.

what do you think of

the new Jake's
deluxe food bike?

Uh, pretty new.

Pretty deluxe.

Pretty sad you never found
your food bike.

What did you expect?

Mama P ditched it

at the Lavender Heights
bus station.

I know.

But I turned adversity
into opportunity.

I upgraded my bike.
I can carry more food,

serve more customers,
and make more money.

Once I get the fridge
to work.

Well, let us know
if we can help.

You got 150 bucks?

Sorry, we can't help.

Mama P should be
paying for this.

Do you even know
where she is?

New York.
Puerto Rico.

The Bahamas?

Wherever she is,
I hope she's miserable.


[speaking French]


Another fabulous day
in Paris.

That Tour Eiffel
is something.

I can take a break.

Jacques, a break?

My assistant
Jake in America
never took breaks.

Under Madame Rochet

I would get
20 minute breaks
every hour.

Because she had
no customers.

[chuckles] Oh, if I can
teach you anything, Jacques,

it's that hard work
and perseverance
always pay off.

I'm living proof.

Madame Rochet,
back again?

Give me back
my patisserie.

[laughs] Oh,
you're so amusing.

Like an amuse-bouche.

You signed it over
to me, remember?

Mon dieu.I don't understand.

One moment, I am eating
one of your croissant,

and the next I'm
signing over my cafe.

C'est la vie.

Take one.
On the house.


Mama P miserable?

She probably isn't.
Which is good for me

'cause I get to
use her kitchen
while she's gone.

We're going to need
six Jakeritos.

We're having
a sleepover.

First "Earls of Wembly"
binge watching marathon
of summer,

here we come.

We're staying up
all night.

[fire crackling]

You are the protectors
of the book.

It is in danger.

You must protect the book.


Oh, I just had
the weirdest dream.

Me, too.
The traveler appeared
and said the--

The book is in danger.

Okay, that's creepy.

How could we all have
the same dream?

I don't want to know.

We need to check
the book.

It's safe.

The traveler didn't tell us
what we're supposed to do.

Maybe if we go back to sleep,
we can finish the dream.

If we're sharing dreams,
I'm never sleeping again.

It wasn't just a dream.

She was talking to us.


Kelly, I asked you to
keep this door locked.

Grandma, we're safe.

the Miso-Person spell
showed no sign of chuck.

Well, maybe we
cooked it wrong.

Maybe he has a way of
evading the spell.

I know what I saw.

There was a break in
at Stan's Mini Mart.

Stan told me
the only things
that were stolen

were a bottle of
orange soda,

and Little Judy
oatmeal cream cakes.

That is
snacking perfection.

Chuck used to
live on those.

That's not exactly
solid evidence that
he's here.

If he is,
what do you think he wants?


And I'm the one
he'll be angriest with.

I'm the one that gave him
the caramel apple.

But you didn't make Chuck
disappear on purpose.

Of course not.

We made the
Can't Recall Caramel

to erase his memory
of the magic.

mission accomplished.

We had no idea
it would erase him.

Up so early?
I thought you girls
would be sleeping in.

Me, too.

Thanks for taking Buddy
to his game, Becky.

- I really appreciate it.
- Any time.

Yeah. I hope we finally
win a game.

Go get 'em, Sharks.

That was last year.
Now we're the Orcas.

Let's go.

Please don't worry,

gonna be okay.

I wish I could
believe that.

[door closes]

Don't forget,
no plans tomorrow night.

We're having
family dinner.

- I didn't forget.
- Me, neither.

I mean, I assume that
we're also invited.

Of course.

We've been having
a lot of family dinners

Dad's just so excited
that Grandma's back.

He wants us to
spend time together.

All the time.

Grandma has a good point.

I mean, maybe the
Miso-Person's spell
didn't work.

Could be.
I mean, these spells
aren't exactly science.

I think we know
what we have to do.

You owe me a pizza.

I bet our no magic summer
wouldn't last 24 hours.

It's just this one spell,

and then we'll
put the book away for real.

You still owe me
a pizza.

Extra pineapple,

The Miso-Person's
was a vision spell.

But let's think
outside the box.

If Chuck's really as angry
as Grandma said he is,

then that's
a strong emotion.

So we should use
an emotional spell
to rout him out.

If he's here.


"Settle the Beef Sandwich"

Settle the beef?

Beef is another word
for having a problem
with someone.

"To resolve a grudge
that will not budge,

"air the beef
to turn a new leaf."

Well, Chuck definitely has
a big grudge with Grandma.

This could work.

Wait, there's something
under here.

"Beware if good will
you can't restore,

"a different problem
you can't ignore

"will come knocking
at your door."

So, if Chuck
does show up,

we have to make sure
he and Grandma settle
their differences.

- Or else...
- Yep.

We're gonna need
two pounds of chuck beef.

It seriously says
chuck beef?


Onions, carnetian
red peppercorns--

that's for the emotions--

night blooming rosemary--
that's for the attraction--

We're in luck.
We have both of
those ingredients.

And some steak sauce.

That's just for taste.



[timer dings]

what a nice surprise.

This is exactly
what I needed.

You've been
so stressed, Grandma,

I just--
I want you to be happy.

I am.

I'm very grateful that
I'm back to normal again,

and I'm happy to be
back in my own home.

I think I might

Maybe a new bed in
the extra room for me?

You read my mind.

And maybe a TV?

Don't push it.


Oh, this sandwich
is delicious.

About that,
that's actually
a recipe--

There is one thing
that is bothering me,

I want you to
give magic a rest.

But I can handle it.

I know that.

But it's dangerous.

And I don't want you
to get reliant on it.


Now, what were you saying
about this recipe?

Um, nothing,
I'm just glad you like it.


- Becky Quinn.
- Hi, Willy.

Becky, I hope
you don't mind me
bringing this up.

But why didn't you
invite me to your wedding?

I'm sorry, what?

I was the one who
introduced you to Jim Quinn.

And to tell you
the truth,

it kind of hurt
when you didn't invite me.

I didn't invite anybody,
Willy, we eloped.

Well, it's probably time
to let this one go.

Sorry I bothered you.

That was odd.


[indistinct chatter]


I'd like to
make a toast.

To my wonderful family.

And to my mother.

I'm so grateful
she's back.

I don't understand
what happened--

Sweetie, you said
all this last week.

I know, it's just--
I'm so happy.

What Dad's trying to say,
Grandma, is he loves you.

I know.

We all do.

Although, I didn't love
how you bought Kelly
her first ice cream.

- Excuse me.
- Mom, please.

I'm just saying that
that's something
I wanted to do.

You know, you don't get
that many firsts with
your child.

- Terry.
- It's okay, Scott.

Um, you're right, Terry.
I should have realized.

I'm sorry.

Well, at least
I got to take Buddy.

Mint chocolate chip
in a waffle cone.

Hey, Grandma Becky,

can you not
cheer for me so much at
the basketball games?

- What?
- It's a little

especially when
I'm on the bench.

Sorry, Darbie.
Won't happen again.

No biggie.

I got a biggie.

You washed my lucky jersey.
That's why we lost again.

Maybe she doesn't know
which one it is.


Isn't it great?

Looks like
the spell's working.

I thought it would only
attract a big beef.

It's attracting all beefs.

Including you.

It caught me
by surprise, too.

Having a fun time,
Grandma Q.?

What a fun night.

If you call
everyone you love
unloading on you fun,

then... yes.

What'd you do?
What spell am I under?

I cooked you a
Settle the Beef spell.

Why didn't you tell me?

I was going to,
but then you asked me
not to cook magic--

And this is exactly why.

I'm tired of seeing you
so worried.

You've been so on edge,
I thought if I could prove
once and for all

that Chuck isn't here,

we could just go back to
enjoying our lives again.

Oh, Kelly.


I'm sorry.

I know I've been
difficult lately.


Miss Silvers?

Let me guess.
You have a beef with me.

You could say that.

I will never forgive you
for what you did to me, Becky.

Your morbium seed
could have saved me
decades of suffering.

Which I didn't cause.

Of course you did.

I don't regret
what I did, Gina.

just apologize and then
the spell will break.

What spell?

I didn't do
anything wrong,

and I'm not going to

You've always been
selfish, Becky.

You two need to make amends
or the spell will get worse.

I'm sorry, Kelly.
Some wounds just cut
too deep.

This beef isn't
going to settle.

What do we do now?

Well, the riddle,
it warned that

if we don't settle
all the beefs,

a different problem
will show up.

At least
it can't be Chuck.

Because he's not here.

I don't want to
find out what it is.

We need to cook
a counter spell.

Thanks for
opening up for us.


So, what did
the riddle say?

"If your good will
you can't restore,

"a different problem
you can't ignore

"will come knocking
at your door."

There's no good will
being restored there.

I better go
lock the door.

Just to be safe.

I-- I know it's here

I made an extra.

I gotta do better.

Okay, the book said
we need some calming
merwaldian chamomile

for the counter spell.

Third shelf,
fourth bottle
from the right.


You guys left me in here
all night.

How you guys doin'?

All right, then.

[doorknob rattling]

This wouldn't have

if you could have
just made up.

Both: Blame her.

All: Mama P?

Oh, no, not you.

- Nope.
- Ah--

Well, our bigger problem
just showed up at the door.

Nice to see you, too,

Why would you
come back here?

That's what
I'd like to know.

This morning,
I wake up in Paris,

next thing I know,
I'm on a flight back
to this dump.

It's a spell.


And from the
10 hours worth
of grudges

I wrote on the plane
against you, Becky,

I guess it has
something to do with
airing complaints.

We cooked a
Settle the Beef spell

to see if Chuck
was in Saffron Falls.

Wait. Chuck?

Why would he be here?

Because after you
froze the town,

we made
a curse-breaking cake
that broke all the curses.

I didn't think of that.

You didn't think of anyone
but yourself.

Classic Ida.

Luckily, the spell
didn't attract Chuck.

However, it did attract
all other beefs

against Grandma Becky.

Sorry, Grandma,
I didn't realize

so many people had
beefs against you.

Well, you live
long enough.


Don't laugh.
The entire town

has a beef with you,
Mama P.

Ask me if I care.

Except for you, Jake.

I do regret
what I did to you.

Ask me if I care.

I'm outta here.

I'm outta here, too.

You can't run away and
forget what we did to Chuck

all those years ago.

It was an accident.

But the damage is done.

Chuck's gone forever,
and we did that.

Good riddance.

And to you, too.

Listen to yourselves.

You used to be

Best friends.

Hard to imagine.

Why are you
still fighting?

Especially now that
you have everything
you've ever wanted.

Mama P,
you live in Paris.

Miss Silvers,
you can play piano
in public again,

and Grandma Becky,
you're back with
your family.

I don't understand.

It's complicated.

Look at you.

You're all still cursed
but not by magic.

Until you can
forgive each other,

you're never
gonna be happy.

We thought the
problem at your door

you can't ignore
was Mama P,
but it's not.

It's the three of you
and your own unhappiness,

and... that's really sad.


Can unhappiness
knock at the door?


Both: Chuck?