Just Add Magic (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 3 - Just Add Chuck - full transcript

The girls have their first interaction with Chuck, but it quickly becomes clear that he is suffering from some sort of amnesia. He doesn't remember anything about the Pluot Festival in 1965...

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Previously on
"Just Add Magic"...

This is one mystery
we didn't solve.

What'd you do?
What spell am I under?

Kelly: We cooked a
Settle The Beef spell

to see if Chuck was
in Saffron Falls.

The spell didn't
attract Chuck.

However, it did attract
all other beefs against
Grandma Becky.

All: Mama P?

This morning,
I wake up in Paris,

next thing I know
I'm on a flight
back to this dump.

I'm outta here.



Both: Chuck?




Is that my name?


So you don't remember


Like I said,
it's all a blank.

That must be

Oh, don't listen
to him, Kelly.

You tell me
what you're up to or
I'll send you back.

- Grandma!
- There's the Becky
I remember.

Back? Back where?
I'm sorry, ma'am,

I think there's been
a misunderstanding.

[scoffs] Oh, you know
you're not fooling anyone

with this amnesia trick.

What if he really doesn't
remember anything, Becky?

You haven't aged a day.

How is that possible?

Excuse me,
but... what?

Lapsis. Elysian.

Do those words
mean anything to you?

Are those even words?

I'm sorry, I have no idea
what you're saying.

Then what do you know?

Honestly, all I remember is
getting off a Ferris wheel

at the Pluot Festival.

I don't know who I am,
where I live,

and what is a pluot?

Where have you
been living?

What have you done
for money?

I don't have any scratch.

I've been sleeping
in the playground at
the park every night.

Oh, that's horrible.

Yeah, we need to
get you some food.

And, no offense,
clean clothes.

You're a little stinky.

Oh, stop it, girls.

You can't trust
anything he says.

You can't trust me?

Why should I trust you?

You know my name,
but you won't tell me
who I am.

You're looking at me
like I'm a lost dog.

And you look like
I just ran over your cat.

And you just look like
you want to slug me.

It's okay, Chuck,
um, we've all had
a really long day.

Can you please just
excuse us for a minute?

Grandma, you can't keep
yelling at him like that.

I mean,
however bad he was
in 1965,

he doesn't
seem to remember
any of it now.

It's sad that he
doesn't remember his
family or friends.

Or his favorite flavor
of ice cream.

We can't have an
amnesiac boy from 1965

running around town.

Yeah, Saffron Falls
most famous missing person
is back?

And he hasn't aged
in 50 years, explain that.

Well, I have a spare room.

I can take him in until
we figure something out.

I think he prefers
the park.

Oh, no.

Well, he ran
because he's scared.

I don't blame him.

Oh, Kelly,
don't be so naive.

Chuck might not remember
everything right now,

but his memories
can come back.

And that makes him
a ticking time bomb.

I still don't understand
why the OCs were so on edge.

- OCs?
- Original Cooks.

Grandma Quinn,
Miss Silvers,
Mama P.

I like abreves.

Did you see how mad
Grandma was?

I've never seen her
like that.

I didn't even know
your grandma could get mad.

I don't ever want to be on
the receiving end of that.

What I don't understand is
how this happened to Chuck
in the first place.

Good question.

Hey, Kell, is this really
our mystery to solve?

- [sighs]
- Your grandma,
Miss Silvers,

and Mama P said to
let them handle Chuck.

Yeah, I'm liking OCs.

Look, we made the
curse breaking cake
that brought Chuck back.

That makes him
our responsibility, too.

[sighs] Okay.

But we can't help him if
he's just gonna run away.

Well, if we
want to help him,

we're gonna have to
get him to trust us.



The fastest way to
get Chuck to trust us

is with magic,
so let's just cook

so we can get back to
our summer of fun.


Kelly: Okay,
Trust Me Tabouli.

We have just enough
elysian mint.

Let's just
go over the riddle
one more time.

"To give your trust,
to build a rapport,

"take care that your friend
needs it more."

Chuck might not be
our friend,

but he definitely needs
more trust.



It's an Arabian veggie meal
called Tabouli.

It's a peace offering.

I'm sorry.
I don't mean to be a drag.

I haven't had
a homemade meal in...

I don't remember.

Do you like it?

Well, it's the thought
that counts.

Thank you.

You love salad.

- I do?
- Yes, you do.

Trust us.

You know,
you're right.

I do like salad.

We're sorry about the
misunderstanding last night.

You have to trust us
when we say that we

really do just
want to help you.

I believe you.
So, who am I?

Um, Chuck Hankins.
You hit your head
and went missing.

And you're staying
with Gina Silvers.

Okay. Why?

Because you're her nephew
from Lavender Heights.

All right.

You believe us?

Why wouldn't I?

No reason at all.

So last night,
which one was Aunt Gina?

The one that
kept staring at you funny.


And she's my mom's sister
or my dad's?

Uh, your mom's.

How long am I
staying with her?

Um... all summer.

Do my folks know
I hit my head?

You ask a lot of

You should really
just trust us.


Man, it's a weird town.

What do you mean?

Look around.

Is it me or
is everybody in this town
dressed like a square?

Oh, it's definitely you.

Trust us.


Hi, Jake.

Whatever you're making
smells amazing.

I'll be out of your way
in a second.

Take your time.

It's cool.
I'm done.

Jake, you've barely said
two words to me

since I got back to town.

Go. Away.

Oh, let me
get this straight.

You won't talk to me,
but you'll use my oven.

I thought you'd be
back in Paris by now.

But I'm sorry,
I won't use it again.

Well, that's not
what I meant.

You didn't think I knew
you were using the kitchen?

I was just using it
until someone else
took over.

Didn't you get
my letters?

Yeah, I just didn't
read 'em.

Well, if you had,
you'd know you had
my blessing

to cook here.

I believe the phrase
you're looking for is
"thank you."

I promise you,
it's not.

I'd watch your attitude,

You know, Mama P's
is still Mama P's.

You're absolutely right.

Don't worry,
I won't be back.

Miss Perez.

[bell jingles]

[door closes]

I really appreciate
you taking the time
to help me out,

but you're sure
these threads

don't make me look
like a weirdo?

No way.
This is the style now.

Yeah, a lot has changed
in the last 50--

- Days.
- Huh.

Go figure.

So, are we done here?

Uh, not quite yet.


Are you gonna do that
to my hair?

Only if you want me to.

Do I?

[cell phone rings]

Oh. Excuse me.

Where are you going?

Uh, it's just a call.
I'll be right back.

You know,
you would look great
with bangs.

Would I, or are you just
trying to get me to
book an appointment?

you would look nice
with bangs, Kell.

Stop touching it.

It's so flat.

Hi, Jake,
this is our friend.

- How's it goin'?
- Hey.

- Chuck.
- Chuck?

Uh, I mean,
good to meet you, dude.

You look very--


And surprisingly
in style.

- We took him shopping.
- Yeah.

These gals are
a blast.

I got them to thank
for my boss rags.

Boss rags.

He may look modern,
but you still have
some work to do.

So squares are geeks,
and geeks are totes cool?

Yes, but no matter what
Hannah tells you,

totes is no longer
a thing.

- If you say so.
- I do.

And if an adult
starts using
any of these words,

stop using them

Well, that all sounds

Unless it doesn't.

People usually
just say cool.

But you should
keep using groovy,

because it's
an awesome word,

and we should totally
bring it back.


Man, that conk to my noggin
did a real number on me.

Can't believe
I've forgotten how to gab.

Just practice and it'll
start to feel normal.

Anything else
we need to remind
Chuck about Kell?

- [sniffing]
- What are you doing?

Jake said he
made these today,

but I don't think
they're fresh.

Mine's out of this world.

I mean, delish?

And what's going on
with Hannah today?

She runs away
whenever she gets a call.

So what?

Hey, are you
feeling okay?


Hey, Dad,
what are you doing here?

Uh, we're just
on our way to get lunch.

Hey, Kelly.

Who are you?

This is Amy.
Amy, this is Kelly,
and my daughter Darbie.

It's very nice
to meet you.

Both of you.

Amy and I were
cubicle buddies
at my old job.

She's catching me up
on all the gossip

I've missed
since I left.

Oh, does Mr. Baldoff
still rock a ponytail?

No, he chopped it off
and replaced it with
a mustache.

Even trade.

Oh, Dad, this is
our friend Chuck.

Hey. What's up?
I'm Darbie's bestie,

and I'm super psyched
to get your digits
and Snapchat you.


Shouldn't you be
getting to your lunch,
Mr. O'Brien?

Uh, yeah,
I guess we should.

It's nice to meet you,

There's something
I don't trust
about that woman.

- What?
- I mean,

what kind of buddies
gossip at lunch?

Which part is odd,
the lunch or the gossip?

I wonder if Amy
is her real name.

Kell, what's going on
with you?

You're acting
kind of paranoid.

Is that what they're
saying about me?

You're suspicious
of everything,

ever since we gained
a certain someone's trust.

Oh, snicker doodles,


Welcome to Jake's
Food Bike, how--

Can I help you?

One bottle of water.

All I have is 100.
You can keep the change.

You really think you could
buy back my friendship with
100 bucks?


Oh, Jake,
I understand
you might be

a little upset
I froze the town.

Don't you get it?

When you froze the town,
you froze me.

And left me that way.

I knew the girls
would figure out a way
to break the curse.

I'm just sorry
I didn't get a chance
to say goodbye to you.

Maybe you could have
if you hadn't been so busy
stealing my food bike.

Didn't Kelly tell you
I left if for you in
Lavender Heights?

Where it was stolen.


I see what this is about.

I'll buy you a new bike.

Please don't.

Then what do you want?

Tell me and I'll
give it to you.

I want you to
go back to Paris.

Nobody wants you here.

So why don't you
just leave.

You're right.

There's nothing here for me
in this waste of a town.

I'll be there.

Have a great day.

- Kelly's under a spell.
- What?

We made Chuck
more trusting,

but somehow it's made
Kelly suspicious of,
like, everything.

I haven't noticed

What's going on?
Why are you guys
over here without me?

Are you two
plotting behind my back?

Okay, now I see it.

Kell, we think you're
under a spell.

Oh, you would say that.

We need to figure out
how to break it.

But we can't do that
while watching Chuck.

Kelly's under a spell,

so you want me to
baby sit a ghost from 1965?

He's not a ghost,
he was just trapped in time.

Because that makes it
so much better.

It's just until
Miss Silvers finishes
her lessons for the day.


[cell phone buzzing]

Why did I just get
a text from Darbie
that says,

"Hey, BFF.
Texting is how we talk."

- "YOLO."
- Yeah, that's Chuck.

Darbie's teaching him
how to use a cell phone.

Right. Look,
you all clearly have a lot
on your plate today,

but I've got food
to sell.

But, Jake--


This stupid fridge has been
going out on me all day.

Because they're
out to get you.

Who's out to get me?

You know.
[whispers] Them.

Looks like it's
me and the ghost.

"To give your trust,
to build a rapport,

"take care that your friend
needs it more."

That's it.
To give your trust.

The spell didn't make
Chuck more trusting,

it literally gave Chuck
Kelly's ability to trust.

You are
pretty trusting, Kell.

You always fall for my
April Fools jokes,

like, always.

And now you don't
trust anybody.

Why should I?
Everyone's lying to me,
like Hannah.

Excuse me?

You've been
on your phone all day.

I'm always on my phone.
So are you, big deal.

Yeah, but every time
you get a phone call,

you walk away.

So what?

If you don't have
anything to hide,

then let me see
your phone.

- No!
- Kelly, stop!

It's a spell.
You never do this.

Give it back!
Give it back right now!

- It's private!
- "Miss Parker Kent,

"this email confirms your
orientation next week at

"Fox Canyon Magnet."

You're going to
a new school?

Wait, what?

It's a magnet school
on the other side of town.

My parents are
making me go.

Why didn't you tell us?

Because I didn't want to
make you upset.

'Cause that would
make me upset.

Now we're all upset.

That's why you're
pushing so hard for
our summer of fun.

It's 'cause it's
our last summer together.

No, it's not.

Yes, it is.

You're gonna go
to Fox Canyon,

and meet new friends
that you'll like
better than us,

and then forget us
by second period.

Kelly, you know that
none of this will ever hap--

[door opens]

Oh. Thank goodness
you girls are all right.

Why wouldn't we be?

I've been looking
everywhere for Chuck.

And when I couldn't
find him,

I was afraid
something terrible
had happened.

Actually, we have to
talk about Chuck.


Away from prying eyes.

Kelly's getting worse.

Cast one little spell
that freezes the town,

and suddenly you're
the bad guy.


I need you to look after
Madam P's a little longer.

I have to
take care of something
before I can leave.

There's no need
to be rude.

Let me get this straight.

You spent the whole day
with Chuck.

Oh, come on, Kelly,
we've been over this.

He's dangerous.
Trust me.


Excuse me?

No, I don't trust you.

I don't like the way
you're talking to me.

Well, I don't like
the lack of explanations.


It's complicated.

A lot happened
50 years ago.

Chuck's been gone
half a century,

but you said
you kept trying to
bring him back.

We did.
We tried for years.

If you really wanted
to bring him back,

why didn't you just use
your morbium?

And-- and for that matter,
what did you use it on?

Darbie: Kelly,
we need you in the kitchen.

Eyes on you, Grandma.


Hey, Kelly.
We made some baklava
for my Dad,

but it doesn't
taste right.

I think we used
too much honey.

No, Darbie,
it's too much cinnamon.

Can you settle it
for us?

I know what you're doing.

It's the old
"get Kelly to eat
baklava" trick.

Magic baklava?

That's just silly talk
is what that is.

How many times do I
have to tell you

I'm not under a spell?

It's perfectly
normal baklava.

Here, I'll eat a piece
to prove it.

Wait. You really think
I'll fall for that?

You'll eat the normal piece,
and I'll eat the magic piece.

Nice try.

But you knew I'd be
too smart for that,

so you gave yourself
the spell piece

knowing that I'd
reach for it.

Except you both know
that I'd figure that out.

But you didn't
count on me knowing

I'd know you knew
what I know.

And that's proof
I'm not spelled.

Oh. Also, Hannah,
you're right.

Too much cinnamon.
This is gross.

So is this.
What is this?

Tamarind juice.

With merwaldian sugar.

Wait, what?

We knew you'd be
too paranoid
to eat any magic,

so we tricked you into
drinking some instead.

Take Back Tamarind Juice.

It should counter
the Trust Me Tabouli

by taking back your trust.

Unless you still think
dogs are undercover spies

tracking our every move.

Of course not.

Or that we're
all holograms

in someone else's

It made sense
a minute ago.

Or that our friendship
won't survive

me going to
a new school.

No, no,
I don't think that.

I'm sorry.

It was the magic
making me think that
everyone was lying.

It was horrible.

Oh, no. Grandma.

we need to talk.

Grandma, I'm so sorry
I doubted you.

Kelly was under a spell
that made her suspicious,
Grandma Q.

But we countered it.

Well, that explains
your behavior.

I didn't mean
anything I said.

None of it.

Can you please forgive me?

[sighs] Oh, girls.

I know this
Chuck situation is...


I'm just trying to
keep everybody safe.

I know, and we promise
we'll be more careful
around Chuck.

I trust you.

Thank you.

And to answer your question
from before,

I would have used
my morbium to save Chuck,

but he stole my seed
when he stole Ida's.

But if Chuck stole it,
then why did--

Wait. Chuck has
two morbium seeds?


No wonder you're
so worried about him.

I told you.
He's dangerous.

[sighs] Guys,
I'm so sorry for
how I acted today.

It was the magic.
We understand.

Wait, now that I have
my trust back,

does that mean that
Chuck won't trust us anymore?

Chuck's been texting me
emojis from Jake's phone.

I think we're good.

About everything
I said earlier,

um, you know I was just
under a spell, right?

It doesn't matter
where you go to school,

we'll always be friends.

I know.

I'm just glad
we un-spelled you

before you said anything
you'd really regret
to your grandma.

I'd call this a good day.

Well, yeah, except
Grandma just told us

that Chuck stole
her morbium seed.

- So?
- Well, when she was under
the Settle The Beef spell,

Miss Silvers said that
she never forgave Grandma

for how she used
her morbium.

Guys, I think Grandma
lied to us.


[air hissing]

Nice work, Chuck.

Good job.

Make a fist.

That's a fist bump.

It's like a handshake,
but cooler.


Hey, uh, how did you know
how to fix this thing?



You okay?

Yeah. Yeah.
Sorry, I just--

Got a little dizzy
for a second.