Just Add Magic (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 1 - Just Add Halloween - full transcript

Kelly, Hannah and Darbie are on the hunt for a special ingredient in order to determine Chuck's whereabouts. The ingredient only blooms once a year - on Halloween. The Girls have to find a way to go back to last year's Halloween and get it without running into their past selves.

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Last season on
"Just Add Magic"...

- What is it?
- It's a cookbook.

My grandma's.

Grandma and I never made
any of these recipes.

These are totally magical.

Kelly: Grandma isn't sick.
She's under a magic spell.

I know that the cure
is in the cookbook.

The magic has
a mind of its own.

There's never not been
a downside.


You are dealing with
powerful forces
you cannot control.

I gave the book to
your grandmother and
her friends.

I hope you will be
wiser than they.

This is my curse.

When I play
outside my house,
no one can hear me.

I haven't been able to
leave Saffron Falls
for over 40 years.

together we can help
your grandmother.

Mama P never had
any intention of helping
Grandma Quinn.

It was always about
breaking her own curse.

So long, suckers!


He's frozen.

Everybody's frozen.

I think it wants us to
create our own recipe.

I believe in our cake.
I believe in us.

That cake unfroze the town,
brought Kelly's grandma back,

and broke
Miss Silvers' curse.

What if all curses
are broken.

We spent years
trying to bring him back.

Are you talking about
Chuck Hankins?

I'm telling you,
he took a bite,

and then just disappeared
into thin air.

Grandma Quinn:
If Chuck's back,

nobody's safe.

Kelly, you haven't
touched your cake.

There was a lot of...
cake at the pluot festival.

It's delicious.

Well, you can thank
your dad.

He's the one
who picked it up from
the grocery store.

I got it from
the fancy section.

- [chuckles]
- Another piece, Mom?

Mom, answer me.
Are-- are you--

I'm fine, Scott.

You didn't answer me.
I thought you were--

I was taking
a sip of water.

I'm sorry, it's just--
I'm still so shocked.

How do we know
you're back for good?

I am. Trust me.

Can we have cake
every day now?

Mm, I don't know
about that,

but how about
a game of Monopoly?

I'm the shoe.

Oh, you're gonna have to
play without me.

Why? Are you
feeling sick?

Everything's fine.

In fact,
it's just perfect.

I just want to
get some sleep.

So, thank you
for the party.

I'll whup all of you
in Monopoly,

and I get to be
the shoe.



What are we gonna do
about Chuck?

Don't worry about it.
We'll figure it out tomorrow.

But you said
if Chuck's back,
then no one's safe.

I just overreacted.

Let's just get
some sleep tonight.

[crickets chirping]





Gina: Hold on.

You're sure it was him?
You didn't see his face.

It was him, Gina.

It doesn't seem possible.
He's been gone 50 years.

I'd agree with you,

but I never thought I'd see
an entire town

freeze before my eyes,

You shouldn't have
gone out there alone,

If Chuck is dangerous, then
you could have gotten hurt.

Don't worry about me.

If he's out there,
then we need to find him.

Yes, and fast.

I had a feeling
you were gonna say that.

Wow. I haven't seen that
in a long time.

May I?

It's so strange
holding it again
after all these years.

[pages rustling]

It's like old times.

"Miso-Person's Soup."

"The person you seek
will appear in the broth
crystal clear.

"You will know where they are,
be it far or near."

Okay. That's cool.
It's like a crystal ball.

Yes. Way cool.

Werpoes, lapsis, tofu.
I think we have all of
the ingredients.

Except one.

What's a grunde fingerroot?

Grunde? I've never
heard of that before.

The grunde family
are vision spices.

That will allow us to
see Chuck in the broth.

So where do we get it?

It grows in my garden.

Honestly, I've never had
a reason to use it.

Well, you do now.
Let's go get it.

It's not that easy.

The root
can only be harvested
one day a year.

- What? When?
- Halloween.

It's only May.

We can't wait 'til Fall.

Who knows what damage
Chuck could do by then.

It's okay.
We can find another way
to locate Chuck.


[door opens]

What took so long?

Darbie walks slow.

What's the big news?

I found a spell.

I was flipping through
the book,

and it landed on this.

"Pick-A-Date Dates."

First of all,
I don't eat dates.

You can make
an exception.

This will allow us to
go back in time.

Pick a date.
We can go back
to Halloween,

and get the grunde fingerroot
from Miss Silvers' garden.

And then we can come back and
make the Miso-Person's Soup,

and find Chuck.

Best spell ever.

But if we're going
back in time,

I say we go see

How will that help us get
the grunde fingerroot?

Maybe they had Halloween
in dinosaur times?

[chuckles] Well,
maybe they did,

but Miss Silvers
wasn't around
in dinosaur times.

Let's just go back
to last year.

Last year?

Oh, that was
a bad Halloween.

Yeah, I didn't like
my costume.

And somebody pushed me
into the jelly bean display
at Mama P's,

which was totally

I know, and Hannah
went home sick,

but at least we know
what to expect.

This whole thing
just feels dangerous.

Not as dangerous as
having Chuck running around.

I really don't think
we should do this.

Well, what about
your grandma?

What did she say?

I, um--
I didn't tell her.

She just got back to normal
and has enough stress

worrying about Chuck.

[sighs] Okay,
you're right.

It's up to us.

I agree.

But I still think
seeing dinosaurs
would be cooler.

Okay, I-- I think
we have everything,

but there isn't
a riddle.

But the riddle's
my favorite part.

Wait, what's this?

It's just a bunch of notes
scribbled in German.

[reading in German]

Here, I'll run it through
my translator app.

I think this is
the riddle, guys.

"Back in time you go,
date any you pick.

"Half to go,
half to come back.

"One way ticket this is.

"Nine more chances you have."


That doesn't rhyme.

It's the free version.


Okay, remember,
the important thing is

we eat half to get there
and half to get back.

So do not lose it,

Maybe you should
hold onto it for me,

just in case.


Okay, here we go.

Take us to
last Halloween.

Did it work?

I don't think so.
Everything looks the same.

But we followed
the recipe.



I thought you'd be
a little scared.

Sorry, Dad.
You were very

Hopefully not too scary.
I don't want to upset
the trick-or-treaters.

I wouldn't worry.

I'm off to the store
to buy more candy.

You always buy
too much, Dad,

especially last year.

I mean, this year.

I know, but this way
there'll be plenty left over.

- For me.
- [chuckling]

So now what?

We better get to
Miss Silvers'.

Let me grab a sweater, though.
I'm dressed for summer.

Kelly: We don't need
a map, Darbie.

Well, we don't have time
to waste on houses

that pass out
generic candy.

Hey, why isn't my house
on the map?

I love your parents,

but carrot packs
are not candy.

That was close.

We almost ran into
our past selves.

How could we not
think of this?

That would seriously
scar me for life.

I have an idea.
Come on.

- ♪♪
- [howling]

[maniacal laughing]


I really think
I should have been
the bear.

You know
I love bears.

But Darbie,
you wanted to be
the knight.

I didn't see
the bear.

Guys, we did our best.
It's Halloween night,

all the good costumes
were gone.

Let's just focus.

Fine, but next year,
I get to be the bear.

I love bears.

Okay, I'll get
the grunde root

while you guys keep
Miss Silvers busy.

Are you guys actually
at Silvers' house?

She's a witch.

Well, not exactly.

I wouldn't eat anything
she gives you.

What do you think
you're doing?

TP-ing Silvers'.
It's a tradition.

Well, not this year.

Leave her alone.

Or we'll tell her
what you were going to do.

Who knows what
that crazy witch
will do to you.

Poor Miss Silvers.

Everyone thinks
she's scary.

Well, so did we
last year.

I mean, I still think
she's kind of scary.

But she means well.

Come on,
let's go.



What do you want?

Trick or treat.

I know what
you're up to.

You're going to
TP my house.

No. We're just walking
around the neighborhood
for Halloween.

Trick or treat.

One sec.


Ooh, mini
peanut butter cups.


Well, here,
take more.

I guess I could have
some more.

It's okay, I don't get
many visitors.

I really like
your costumes.

The bear is really cute.

Thank you.

Have fun tonight.

Did you get it?

No. Someone took it.

It just doesn't make
any sense.

Maybe Miss Silvers
harvested it
for some reason.

No, I think she would
have told us that

when we
talked about the spell
in her kitchen.

Where are you going?

I'm not traveling
all the way to Halloween

and not getting candy.

Her garden is filled
with secret spices,

it just seems strange
that the one we want

just happens to be
the only one that
someone stole.

that's the last time
I go to that house.

Look what they gave out.

- Toothpaste?
- Oh, yeah.

That's my dentist's house.

Can I have it?
I love cool mint.

So I guess we should
go home now, huh?

I mean present home,
not past Halloween home.

We can't.
We came here for the
grunde fingerroot,

and we're gonna
find it.


There's only one person
that I can think of

that knows magic,

and would steal something
from Miss Silvers.

All: Mama P.


This year,
I'm gonna win.

All I have to do is
guess how many are in there,

and I'll be eating
jelly beans

for breakfast,
lunch and dinner.

This is so itchy.

I wish Little Red
Riding Hood wore
a sweatshirt.

Yeah, and my stomach
is killing me.

I hope I'm not
coming down with

Here. Maybe you need to
eat something.

How's a peanut butter cup
going to help my stomach?

How won't it?


[indistinct chatter]

Look at Mama P.

Remember how everyone
loved her?

I could see through
her act now.

She's so phony.

I bet those free samples
she's handing out are magical.

To get people to
buy things in her shop.

they look good.

No, Darbie.

Guys, it's Jake.

Uh, hi.
Welcome to Mama P's,
and happy Halloween.

Would you care for
a mini burrito?
I made them myself.

It's Jake's first time
cooking at the shop.

Thank you, Mama P.

And thanks for
the opportunity.

Thank you.

Just remember me when
you're a famous chef.

Mm, I could eat your

for breakfast,
lunch and dinner.

- Jake what-os?
- She means...

they're amazing.


I like the sound of that.

Sorry, guys.
This past-present stuff
is confusing.

It's about to get
more confusing.


Come on.

[sighs] This is
creeping me out.

I know,
look how young we looked.

It was six months ago.

Yeah, but pre-magic Darbie
was much more innocent.

The bumblebee costume
wasn't as bad as I thought.

Okay, we need to get into
the spice cabinet,

get the grunde root,
and get out of here.

How are we gonna
get into the cabinet?

I mean,
this place is packed.


All: Charlotte.

That's all we need.


That's all we need.


- Hi, Hannah.
- Happy birthday,


Nice costume,

Why aren't you at your big
birthday party, Charlotte?

It hasn't started yet.

The haunted house people
are still setting up.

You have
haunted house people?


Ugh, she's so

She's not that bad,

You're just upset
'cause she's captain of
the basketball team

and you're not.

I don't want to be

But if I was, I would
treat people better.

- She's mean.
- Yeah.

Especially when you miss
a three-pointer.

And a lay up.

And pass to
the wrong team.

There's no way
we're gonna to be able
to get in the pantry

without being seen.

Actually, there is.

Remember all the commotion

after I got pushed into
the jelly bean display?

they went everywhere.

When Mama P goes
to clean it up,
we could slip in.

It's gonna happen
any moment now.

Some stupid knight
is gonna push me into the--


You know what
you have to do.

How weird.

Actually, not really.

Nice costume.
I'm Dar-bee.

I'm Dar-lene.

You had a chance to go
trick-or-treating yet?

A little bit.
Make sure you avoid
the house on Elmwood

with the big
inflatable witch.

They give out

And you may want to do
your algebra homework.

There could be
a surprise quiz next week


- [clattering]
- [gasping]

[indistinct chatter]

Come on, come on, hurry.

There's a lot of
spices in here.

Oh. I got it.

I can't believe
some jerk pushed me,

and didn't even

Let's just get back to

Oh, my stomach hurts.

Are you okay?

Yeah, I'll be fine.

I just need some rest.

I should go home.

What were you doing
back there?

Uh... looking for
the bathroom.

It's right there.

Under the sign.

Open your bags.

That's not necessary.

We were really
just lost.


All right.

But that area is for
employees only.

Keep out.


That was close.

Where'd you put
the grunde root?

In the Jack-O-Lantern
bag right--

- Oh, no.
- You put it in my bag?

I mean, not my bag,
but past me's bag?

Come on.

- Darbie!
- Sorry, guys.

I wasn't thinking.
I had to do something

It's okay.
We can deal with this.
Hannah went home sick,

so all we need to do
is go see her--

you, and switch
the bags back.

Actually, I...
didn't go home.

I kind of went to
Charlotte's birthday party.

- You lied?
- Well, not completely.

I didn't feel great.

Look, she invited me,
and I didn't want to
tell you guys.

Why would you go to
Charlotte's party?

I liked her back then.
I thought you guys were
too hard on her,

but after I went,
I realized you were
right all along.

She is mean.

I can't believe this.

That's why you
didn't want to come back
to this Halloween.

I'm so sorry.

I never should have
lied to you guys.

Well, we can't
deal with this now.

We have to go to
Charlotte's party.


♪ Wait for
an invitation to arrive ♪

♪ It's a dead man's party ♪

♪ Who could ask for more? ♪

Look at this party.

It really wasn't
that fun.

Is that
a chocolate fountain?

♪ Leave your body
and soul at the door ♪

Not fun, huh?

I know it looks like
I was having a good time,

but I felt really guilty.

Let's just find
your Halloween bag.

Where is it?

Oh, that's right,
I totally forgot.

I misplaced my bag.

You what?

Well, I didn't remember
until now.

It wasn't important
at the time.

- Where'd you put it?
- I don't know.

retrace your steps.

Let's see, um,
I played a few games,

made a Sundae,
entered the dance contest,

- then I--
- Sounds like you
were miserable.

I also went into
the haunted house,

but it was too scary,
so I ran out.

You know how much
I hate scary things.

that criminal has it.

Kelly, you can't just
accuse him of st--

No. He's a criminal.

♪ Walking down the street ♪


♪ I was hit by something ♪

♪ Last night in my sleep ♪

He went in the
haunted house.

I am not going in there.

I still have nightmares
about it.

We don't have a choice.
Let's go.

♪ Come and leave
your body at the door ♪

♪ Leave your body
and soul at the door ♪


Darbie: Whoa.

Check out the
zombie birthday cake.

I think these spiders
are real.

- Stop!
- Ow! Hannah.

None of it's real.

Except for the spiders.

And I'm pretty sure
that's a real coffin
over there.

- Okay, I can't do this.
- Hannah, relax.

Look. A piano.

You love pianos.

Not when it's being played by
a dead mummy with no hands.


there's the criminal.

What?! No,
don't leave me.

What are you doing?

That's my friend's
Halloween bag.

No, it's not.

- Prove it.
- Charlotte: Hey!

What's going on?

He stole my friend's
Halloween bag.

No, I didn't.

Look, it has my
initials inside.

And my inhaler.

- He proved it.
- Oops. Sorry.

Um, great costume.

Wait. Who are you?

I know everybody
at my party.

We were invited by
the DJ.

Get out.

Or I'll get security.


- We got kicked out.
- Come on.


I think I know
where my bag is.

Okay. Hurry.

It's only fake.
It's only fake.

It's only fake.

[crickets chirping]

[door closes]

You, uh, texting
your mom again?

It's Kelly.
She's checking in on me.

I told her
I didn't feel well.


Why didn't you
invite them?

I mean,
almost everyone else from
the basketball team is here.

Why would I?

I mean, Kelly's jealous
that I'm captain,

and Darbie--

Well, no offense,
but I just don't get her.

Well, no offense,
but Kelly should be captain,

and Darbie,
she's awesome.

Look, I'm sorry,
but they're lame.

You can be friends with
whoever you want, though.

You're right. I can.

I can't believe
I blew my friends off
for this party.

Talk about lame.





It's only fake.
It's only fake.

- I got it.
- Yes.

Turns out, I left it
in the haunted house.

You're the best.

I am?

Thanks for
sticking up for us.

Oh. You saw that.

Hey, I'm sorry
I ditched you.

You guys are the best.

Maybe on the way back
we can trick-or-treat
a little more?

- [giggling]
- Yeah.

Yeah, totally.

I don't know about you,
but I can't wait
for this night to end.

Promise me next time
we go back to see
the dinosaurs.

Deal. After that
haunted house,

dinosaurs don't seem
that scary.

Okay, and half
to get back.

Did it work?

looks the same.

leftover Halloween candy
from last year.

Yes, it's leftover.

Because it's summer.

- You okay?
- Yeah, fine, just
too much sugar.

- You want a piece?
- No, thanks.

Maybe just one.

We did it.

Now we can find Chuck.

Wherever he is...

he can't hide.

[glass breaking]

[bell jingles]