Just Add Magic (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 14 - Just Add Fluffy - full transcript

When the magical cookbook goes missing from Kelly's backpack, the girls cook a tracking spell to find it again but are worried it might have left them forever.

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Guys. Look.

Turned to ash.

All the spices
are ruined.

How is this possible?

I don't know.

But we're in
big trouble.


Okay, that's it for today.

Just a reminder that tomorrow
auditions will be held

for "Murder Masquerade."

Sign up sheets are
outside my office,

and I will see you tomorrow.

- You gonna try out?
- I don't know.
Maybe a small part.

You're amazing.
You should go for
the lead.

[British accent]
Well, I do have
a good English accent.

Uh, want to grab
a smoothie?

- Sure, I'd, oh--
- [cell phone chimes]

Sorry, Piper,
I've gotta run.

Maybe tomorrow.


[cell phone chimes]

[bell jingles]

I think the afternoon
coffee rush

is finally over.

I never realized
how snippy people get

when they need their
afternoon caffeine fix.

It's worse in
the morning.

Hey, we're running low
on napkins.

Can you get some
from the stock room?

Aye, aye, captain.

[cell phone buzzing]

I think I'm gonna
take my break first,
if that's okay.

[bell jingles]

Right on time.
Hey, guys.

What a day.

Mr. Morris assigned me
so much homework.

Oh, my gosh.
I'm auditioning
for the play.

- No way.
- No way!

- Yeah.
- That's so exciting.

what are you doing?

Cleaning out the garage.

I need to make room
for my files

now that I'm
working from home.

You left your job to
work out of the garage?

I left my job
so I could be home
for you and Buddy

while your mom
runs for mayor.

I'm going to be
first gentleman
of Saffron Falls.

How cool is that?

Almost as cool as being
the first daughter
of Saffron Falls.

Ah. [chuckles]

Have fun in the garage.

Oh, I'm all done
in there.

Next up: the attic.

The attic?

Yeah, I'm turning it
into my office.

I-- I forgot something


Nice job, Nate.

Not bad, Chloe.

You can do better,

- Well done, Jeremy.
- [school bell rings]

Uh, Mr. Morris.
I-- I don't understand.

A C?

The lowest grade
I've ever received was a B,

and that was in
a nightmare.

Well, I'm sorry,

but I found that
your paper was lacking
insight and depth.

Oh. Well,
I've always excelled
at my essay writing.

In fact, my old teacher
criticized me for doing
too much research.

this isn't Rockbury.

We expect more.

I-- I can't get a C.

Is there anything I can do
to improve it,

an extra assignment,


Tell you what.

Write a paper on how
the gold rush affected
Saffron Falls.

There's an exhibit at
the historical society.

Great. Thank you.

You can have it on my desk
first thing Monday morning?

Of course.

This will mean
spending your weekend
at a museum.

You say that like
it's a bad thing.

I'm actually
a platinum member there.

All right, then.
I'll look forward to
receiving it.

You better get to work.

I will.

A word.

What's up, boss?

First of all,
don't call me boss.

You got it, chief.

You're doing
a great job.

Orders are being expedited,
coffee's being refilled.

- I'm impressed.
- Thanks. I'm-- I'm
really enjoying it.

Yeah, here's the thing,

You're working here
to make enough money

to pay for a school trip
to Washington. Right?

Yeah, I-- I felt weird
asking my parents for it

now that my dad's working
freelance from home.

Yeah, that's great.

But you're never
gonna get there

on the hourly wage
Mama P is paying.

I mean,
it's all about tips.

Yeah, I mean, I--
I'm doing pretty good.

Look. This guy
gave me 20 percent.

Yeah, on a $7 check.
That's $1.40.

That's not even enough
to take a bus across town,

let alone
to Washington.

So, what do I do?

[bell jingles]


it's all about anticipating
the customer's needs.

Take Mr. Fisher
over there.

He always orders
a coffee.

With a little
non-fat milk.

And two packages
of sweetener.

Now, I could wait for him
to come over and order,


Afternoon, Mr. Fisher.

Here's your coffee.

You're the best,

Keep the change.

Oh, thank you.

That was amazing.

Next up:
move tables.

That woman has been
reading her magazine

for the past
hour and a half.

The only thing
she's ordered was
a bowl of soup.

I know,
but what can I do?

Watch and learn.

Let me know if there's
anything else I can get you.

Well done.

That's why
you're the boss.

Chief. Captain.

- What should I call you?
- How about Jake?

Well, that's not
as much fun,
but okay, Jake.


[bell jingles]

Grandma Becky,
I love your store.

Oh, it's not mine,
Darby, I just run it,

but thanks.
I'm having fun.

I have major news.
I'm auditioning for
a play.

That's terrific, Darby.
What play?

"Murder Masquerade."

It's a mystery set in
an English manor in
the 1940's.

I'm trying out for
the role of the inspector.

She's always wanted
to be a detective.

[British accent]
I was strolling
in the garden

when I saw Lord Cumberland
and Miss Abernathy

sitting on a bench
holding hands.

Six hours later
in the light of the moon,

Lord Cumberland
was found murdered.


I don't believe in

- Oh, bravo.
- Thank you,
you're too kind.

So impressive.
And you're totally
off book.

Well, I really
want to nail this.

Which is why we're here.

We came by
to see if you have
any props or anything

Darby can use
for her audition.

Oh, of course.

You can borrow anything
off this rack.

Shall we, ladies?

How long are you gonna be
talking wtih that accent?

It's called
method acting, my dear.




maybe not.


I love this store.

I think I'll take
the hat.

It was made for you.

That box would look cool
as set dressing.

How much?

Uh, it's a
beautiful piece.

And it's only $450.

Maybe I'll
stick to the hat.


It was nice of your grandma
to lend me this hat.

Just don't lose it.

I can't.
It's bobby pinned
to my head.

- [giggling]
- Uh-- Oh--

Dad, what are you
doing with that?

Getting rid of it.

What? No,
you can't do that.

- Why not?
- Because...

our dolls are
still inside.

It's okay, guys.
I removed the dolls.

Go ahead, Dad.

Yeah. We can just find
another place to play.

Little help with
the door, Kell?


- Well, that was scary.
- I forgot to tell you guys.

I already took
everything out.

Looks like we're
gonna have to find

another place
to hide the book.

Maybe we can keep it
at your house, Hannah.

Yeah, totally.

- It's gone.
- Darby: What?

- Maybe it fell out.
- No, I don't think so.

Everything's still in here
except for the book.

And the spices.

Do you think
someone stole it?

This is bad.

What are we gonna do?

Are you sure?

Who would steal
the cookbook?

Someone who knows
it's magical.

Nobody knows
except you three, me,
Becky, Mama P and Jake.

Nobody that we know of.

We already saw
what happened

when Chuck had
access to magic.

This could be
really dangerous.

We need to cook a spell
to find the book.

But we need the book
to do that.

We were hoping
you could help us.


When I was your age,

I created a recipe
that might work.

"Track Fluffy."

- [giggling]
- Catchy.

I had a cat who
kept running off,

so I created something
to find him.

Let me guess.
His name was Fluffy?

No, Lester.

- Yes, Fluffy.
- [giggling]

The recipe is for
Fluffer Nutter cookies.

I've never
heard of those.

The title
may not be great,

the cookies are,
you will love them.

Marshmallow and
peanut butter?

Yeah, this is
gonna be good.

Well, not to be
the negative one,

what's the downside?

When I used it,
I found Fluffy,

but I lost track of
other stuff,
like my homework.

Eh. It's no biggie.
I'm used to losing things

Well, it wasn't
always things.

I lost track of time,

or lost track of
what I was saying.

- It's not a perfect spell.
- We don't have a choice.

We can't just let someone
run around town with our book.

Especially if they
know how to use it.

Be on the alert for signs.

The book may not
just appear,

but there will be signs
pointing you in
the right direction.

Now, let yourself out.
I have a piano lesson
to teach.

Actually, my dad is
home all the time now.

We can't cook there.

You think it would be okay
if we borrow your kitchen?

I guess.
As long as you clean up.


These look good.

I wish they
weren't magical

so I could have
more than one.



I'm not getting
anything. You?

Just some peanut butter
sticking to the roof of
my mouth.

Maybe if we close our eyes,
we'll get a flash.

it didn't work.

Well, Miss Silvers said
to stay on the look out
for signs.

Grocery store,
grocery store.
Grocery store?

So? Miss Silvers
needs to buy food.

No, this wasn't
on here before.

I noticed it
when we were cooking,

and all it said was
"butter, milk and coffee."

Look at this.

"Grocery Store
in A minor."

The grocery store
must be a sign.

Oh, it's a sign,
all right.

A very, very
cool sign.

Come on.

How do we know
who has our book?

We can't just
go up to people
and ask them.

Just look for
someone suspicious,
I guess.

That guy looks shady.

So does that guy.

Whoa. Guys, look,
another sign.

Someone stole the book?

Oh, we prefer
temporarily relocated it.

Well, it wasn't me,
in case you're wondering.

We know, Mama P.
The spell brought us here.

Maybe one of
your customers has it.

If you're going to
accuse anyone,

start with
mister chef salad
by the window.

He's been
taking up a table
for two hours.

Do you know his name?

- Gus. I'm joking.
- [sighs]

I'm sure you'll
find the book,
I have faith in you.

Afternoon, Mama P.
Here you go.

Thanks, Dan.

Whoo. Sure is a hot
Delish Dogs day out there.

What did he just say?

It's a hot day out.

I'm pretty sure he said
a hot delish dogs day out.

Delish Dogs is
a hot dog cart on Eighth.

I go there with Dad
all the time.

The turkey chili cheese dogs
are close to perfection.

Well, it looks like
we're one step behind

whoever took the book.

Off to Delish Dogs we go.

Kelly, where are you going?
Your shift's about to start.

Oh, right. Sorry.

Get your apron,
I need your help.

A bunch of girls
decided to have

a birthday celebration
at table nine.

They left a mess.

- Sorry, guys.
- It's okay.

Darby and I will
keep looking for it.

- Let's go.
- Uh, actually,

I have my audition
this afternoon.

But I won't take long.

Don't worry.
I check out
the hot dog cart

on my way to
the museum.


I am no longer
Darby O'Brien.

[British accent]
I am chief inspector
Victoria Langham.

People may underestimate
my abilities

because of my
short stature,

but that would be
a grave mistake.


- You're gonna do great.
- Thanks.

Okay, Darby.
Whenever you're ready.

[British accent]
I was strolling
in the garden

when I saw
Lord Abernathy and--

It's actually
Lord Cumberland.

Right. Sorry.
Just nervous.

Take your time.
Start again.

[British accent]
I was strolling
in the garden

when I saw
Lord Cumberland and--

and Mr.-- Mr.--

I don't know
what's happening.

I swear I know these
backwards and forwards.

Just take a look
at your script.

Just relax.

I was walking
in the garden

when I murdered
Lord Cumberland and--

- [laughter]
- Wait. Murdered,

that-- that's
not right.

Um, did I say
strolling or walking?

Darby, stop.

Oh, no. I forgot
the accent, didn't I?

And the lines,
I'm afraid.

We have more people
to audition.

Would you like to take
a few minutes outside,

and collect yourself?

No, I don't think so.

This was a mistake.
I never should have

Can I help you?

I actually
don't think you can.

But as long as
I'm here,

I guess I'll have
a veggie dog.

You want cheese on that?
Maybe some chili?

Um, no thanks,
just ketchup.

- Thank you.
- Thanks.

"Timber Books"?

A book store?


Hm. Not bad.

Excuse me.
What is this?

Turkey sandwich,
mustard, hold the mayo,

and a side cup
of fruit.

I ordered a
vegetarian sandwich
with chips.

Oh, uh, I'm--
I'm so sorry.

I-- I must have taken
your order down wrong.

Let me redo it.
It'll only take
a few minutes.

Have this to
tide you over.

On the house.

Table four's unhappy.

They didn't like
the chili?

They didn't order
the chili.

They ordered a ham
and cheese croissant.

- Are you sure?
- Yeah, I'm sure.

I will give this to them
on the house.

What's with you today?

You've been making mistakes
all over the place.

You gave table two
table six's food,

table eight got an omelet
instead of oatmeal,

and don't even
get me started on
what you gave table 12.

I don't know.
I'm usually really good
at remembering orders.

I told you to
always write it down.

That's the thing,
I am.

On the house.

Wh-- No tip.
What did I forget
to give them?

Their food.

I'm sorry for
whatever I did.

On the house.

By the way,
you know on the house
means on Kelly. Right?

So you froze, Darby,
it happens.

But I knew my lines.

I was up all night
practicing them.

It was the spell.

Don't worry, Darby,
there will be other plays.

I don't know why
we're always one step
behind the book,

but we need to
figure it out.

Clearly, we're suffering
the downside of a spell.

Not Hannah.

How come you're not
losing track of anything?

Probably because
I always keep
a list on hand.

See? In my
note section.

Things that I have to do,
things that matter,

and things I'm
grateful for.

Wow, must be hard
being you.

Look at the top
of your list.

- "Go to museum."
- Oh, no.

- I totally--
- Lost track of time?

Come on, let's go to
the book store.

If we can't find
the book there,

then we'll
look for a sign.

That's our book.


it was our book.

That was weird.
The drawing just

And it didn't
give us a clue.

The spell just broke.

You're right.

I suddenly remember
my lines.

You didn't freeze.

The spell caused you
to forget your lines.

Yeah, and I lost track of
everyone's orders.

The museum just closed.

I can't believe
I blew a chance to
improve my grade.

Why did it break when
we haven't found the book?

Come on.
Let's go.

It doesn't make sense.
We-- We can't find the book,

and now the spell
is broken.

Well, who stole it?
Obviously, we're close.

Maybe it wasn't stolen
after all.

Well, it didn't just
fall out of Kelly's bag.

That's not what I meant.

Maybe the book just...
left you.

No way.

The book decides
who the protectors are,

and for how long.

You said a few girls had a
birthday party at Mama P's,

and that three girls
came out of the book store.

Which is when the symbol
on the sign disappeared.

They must have had
the book.

But why would the book
leave us now?

I mean, we haven't even
had it for that long.

It's not up to us
to know why.

Well, we haven't been using it
for the past couple months,

maybe it figured
it should move on.

But there were
so many recipes
I wanted to try.

Like Itchy Ice Cream.

We still have
a lot to learn
about magic.

Oh, I've been
dreading this moment.

We could have helped
so many more people,

and done
so much more good
with the book.

Did the book leave us
because we didn't do
a good job?

Don't be sad, girls.

There is life
after magic.

Look at me.

I'm sorry about
my audition.

Oh, you were nervous.

Actually, I wasn't,
but that isn't important.

Can I do it for you now?

Oh, I'm sorry, Darby,

but I already
cast the role.

Oh, uh, well,
can I audition for
another part?

I'm afraid all of the parts
have been assigned.

But maybe next time.

Look, I really love
the theater.

If I can't be an actor,
I'd still like to be
a part of it.

I'm willing to do
whatever is needed.

I really love
the attitude.

Maybe you can
help build sets.


Another free muffin?

Relax, they actually
ordered that one.

And look.
Got a 20 percent tip.

There you go.

Now I only owe Mama P
another $22.50

for all the food
I gave away.

[school bell rings]



Hi, Mr. Morris.

Where's your paper?

That. Right.

See, the thing is,
by the time that I
got to the museum,

it was already closed
for the day.

You asked for
a chance, Hannah.
I gave it to you.

I promise you this class is
very important to me.

Uh, this is so unlike me.
I keep lists and everything.

Well, if it's
that important to you,

you're gonna have to start
working a lot harder.

I'm not impressed.

I understand.

I hope so.

[door closes]

Hi, Dad.

Hi, Kell.
Everything okay?

You look down.

No, I'm fine.

You kidding?

It's 5:00 and
dinner's in the oven.

I cleaned up the attic and
now I'm watching the news.

I love working from home.

That's great.
It smells good.

Oh, hey, look.
I know that guy.

Well, thanks, Ron.
This local man had
a good day.

RJ White bought
the winning ticket

in the Saffron Falls

and then later,
he spent some of that
at the race track

where he unbelievably
won the trifecta.

I don't know,
I guess it's just
my lucky day.

That's the kook I met
at Mama P's

who tried to convince me
Grandma was under
a magic spell.

- Are you sure?
- Of course.

...maybe go shopping
for some new shoes.

I don't believe he won
both of those in one day.

I bet he cheated.

I guarantee you
he cheated.