Just Add Magic (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 13 - Just Add Rose - full transcript

Kelly, Hannah and Darbie are racing to solve the final mystery within the pages of the book before Chuck manages to trap one of them inside the book for all time. Along the way, they learn ...

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Previously on
"Just Add Magic"...

Hannah: That's Rose,
the girl we saw before.

If Rose had the book,

then she must have been
a protector.

Like us.

Help me.

How can we help you, Rose?

Maybe she wants to
get out of the book.

But this is just a drawing.

Kelly: Unless it isn't,
and it actually is--


Scott: I'm meeting a guy
who says he thinks he knows
what happened to Grandma.

He told me
he thought Grandma was
under a magic spell.

Look at this.

- Is that--
- Chuck.

- Hannah: Look at the date.
- Kelly: 1868.

Chuck is not
from the '60s.

Not the 1960s.

You've been hurt.
But you can be fixed.

[glass breaking]

Gina: Chuck was clearly
looking for something.

He took very
specific spices.

Kelly: I found this
in Chuck's trailer.

Hannah: It looks like
a shopping list of spices.

Kelly: It looks like he's
trying to create

a recipe or something.

I can't believe
that's Chuck.

He must have
taken over Jake

to get out of
Lavender Heights.

He gave us so much
free food.

What if he's been
spelling us?


Oh, no. Chuck.

Good luck
saving your friend.

We just saved Jake.

Not that friend.

- Here you go.
- Thanks.

I'm fine.
Just a little dizzy.

Maybe it was from
all the smoke.

Nice try.
Chuck gave me something.

But what's his plan,
and why me?

Why me?
He took over my body,

and I've been nothing
but nice to the guy.

We've all been
nice to him.

Hold on.
We still don't know that

Chuck spelled Hannah
for sure.

How do you explain my
sudden dizziness, then?

And I'm cold.

You always think you're
coming down with something.

Last week,
you were convinced
you had scurvy

from your lack of
vitamin C.

According to Google,
I had all the symptoms.

The book must have
a recipe to help us.

You want to do
the honors?

Look. Rose.

Looks like a
Victorian era portrait.

It's not a portrait,
this is her.

She's trying to
tell us something.

Darbie: Whoa.

Beyond creepy.

What is it?
Did you find something?

Everything's fine,


I'm having trouble
hearing you.


- You don't suppose--
- It couldn't be.

It is.

Hannah's going
into the book.


You need to cook
a counter spell quickly.

How? We don't even know
what spell she's under.

Or why.

He put Rose in the book,
and now Hannah.

We're way past the why.

Bet he tried to do it
to one of us back in '65.

What reason would he have for
trapping someone in the book?

There's one person
who knows the answers.

- Rose.
- Great.

Our fate lies in the hands of
a 200 year old girl

stuck in the pages
of a magic book.

We need to talk to her.

Maybe if she can tell us
how she got into the book,

we can figure out
a counter spell to
help save Hannah.

I wish I knew
what Chuck is up to.

There must be
some larger reason why
he's doing all this.

We don't even know
who Chuck is.

Maybe it's time
we find out.


Hannah needs to lie down.
She doesn't look too good.

And her hearing
keeps going in and out.

Nobody's home at my house.
We can take her there.

Okay, we'll go dig up
what we can on Chuck Peizer.

Maybe we can figure out
why he's doing this.

I'll stay here
with Jake.

He's also been through a lot
the last couple days.

Should we tell Hannah?

how crazy she gets
when she has a cough,

I don't think she'll handle
becoming a drawing in a book
very well.

Uh, at least she
doesn't have to go
to her new school.

Sorry. I crack jokes
when I'm nervous.

I had no idea you were

so passionate about
historic preservation.

Well, you've been
talking about it non-stop.

I guess you
inspired me.

I had no idea you two
were even friends.

- I wouldn't go that fa--
- I've known Gina all my life.

We're old enough to need
historic preservation

I'm just glad you
want to help out.

You know,
I tried to get Kelly
to volunteer,

but she's not

You know,
Saffron Falls has
such a rich history,

and we need to
honor that.

You know,
I'm thinking of
raising money

to open a
heritage museum.

It would cover
the original settlers

who came here for
the gold rush--

Sounds interesting.
What do you know about
the Peizer family?

Oh, uh, well,
yes, um,

the Peizers were among
the original settlers

of Saffron Falls.

They were a wealthy family
from New York, I believe.

And when they died,
they left their house and
the land to the city.

The lived in
West Peizer Park?

Oh, the park used to be
part of the Peizer estate.

Did you know that
they had all sorts of
unique plants and trees

that are still there?

- Really?
- Mm-hm.

the family will
stipulated that

the land couldn't be
developed on.

it would have been
a strip mall by now.

Wait right here.

Now we know why
Chuck's trailer was
in West Peizer Park.

He was going home.

Why don't you
start with these.

Um, what do you
want us to do?

Just organize
according to subject,

and then further organize
according to year.

This could take a while.

We have
all the free coffee
you can drink.

And there's
a vending machine
around the corner.

Thanks again.

I don't even know
where to start.

How about with
the free coffee?

no sugar for me.

I got it.
Just rest.

I feel fine,
Mama P.

I can't believe I lost
four days of my life.

So you don't
remember anything?

No. One minute I was
in Lavender Heights
on a delivery,

I turned around
and saw Chuck,

and he was
giving me one of his
creepy little smiles.

He is a creepy kid.

Next thing I know,
I'm in the back room,

and smoke is everywhere.

You don't remember
any of our conversations?

No. Why? Should I?

No, not really.

I hope I didn't miss much
while I was away.

Oh, it was just
the same old same old.

Except for
a very nice lunch
at Le Grande Falls.

Wait, what?
Le Grand Falls?

I've been dying
to go there.

I know,
that's why I took you.

Well, Chuck.

But technically,
it was your body,

so I guess you ate
the lobster, not him.

I had the lobster?

And soufflé for dessert.

Wow. Thanks.

I guess.

What was the occasion?

There wasn't one.

I just wanted to do
something nice.

It happens every
once in a while,
you know.


Go home.

Okay, I guess I am
a little tired.


Man: [on TV]
Today's contestants
are Annie Osborn...

How's it looking?

The more of the drawing
that appears,

the more of Hannah
goes into the book,

so it looks like
her eyesight's next.

At least she won't
see it coming.

Still nervous.

We need to talk to Rose,
and soon.

What's going on?

you need to lie down.

No. I need to know
what spell I'm under.

You're keeping
something from me.

Chuck is putting you
in the book.

What did you say?

Chuck is putting you
into the book.

No, I heard you,
I just--

I can't believe it.
How is this even possible?

What are we gonna do?
We have to do something.

Calm down.
We're not gonna
let that happen.

We're trying to
contact Rose

so we can figure out
how she got into the book.

But so far,
nothing's been coming up.

Well, remember when we
couldn't talk to Grandma,

so we used the
Mind Pairing Peppermints?

We can't do
that one again.

One of us knocked over the
livionian peppermint oil.

But that was to read
someone's mind now.

We need to see
Rose's memories.

Curl Your Hair
Curly Fries.

Pretty Popular

Get Out of
the Dill Pickle.

What about this?

Memory 'Mallows.

You know I love

Calls for livonian sugar,
elysian vanilla,
and grunde gelatin.

"If you wish to find memories
deep in the brain,

"Take a trip
down memory lane.

"Access others' memories
if you dare,

"Know that some of them
aren't meant to be shared."

Hope Rose
doesn't mind sharing.

- Let's get to work.
- No.

Let's get to work.


Hannah, you should
let us do this.

All right.

I'm tired.

And it's getting
hard to see.

It's funny how
I was so worried about
going to a new school,

but going into a book

really puts that
in perspective.

I promise you
we'll figure this out.

I know you will.

Okay, Rose,

time to show us how you
got into the book.

I don't know about this,

You mustn't worry
so much, Rose.

I know what I'm doing.

Maybe the magic
isn't ours to keep.

The book chose us
for a reason.

It's our destiny.

We must insure it
remains in our possession
for all time.

I'm scared.

There's no need.


Trust me.



Chuck wanted to
keep the book forever.

So he cooked an
immortality spell.

And he gave Rose
the first bite

so that she'd take
the downside.

Chuck must have
sacrificed her

in order to become

So why is he
trapping Hannah
in the book?

I'm not sure.
Maybe he needed to

sacrifice somebody else

in order to keep the
immortality spell going.

We need to find a way
to stop this, Kelly.

We will.

I've lived here
my whole life,

and never appreciated the
history of Saffron Falls.

It's all
very educational,

but I don't see
anything here

that's gonna
help us with Chuck.

Gina, there's something
I need to say.

What'd I do now?

I'm sorry I used my morbium
to break up our trio.

It was selfish.

I've spend 50 years
trying to rationalize it,

but it was just wrong.

Yes, it was.

But I don't blame you.

The older I get,
the more I realize

life isn't
black and white.

I just...

wish I'd thought of
another way.

I don't believe in
holding onto the past.

That having been said,

we'd better get
back to the past.

Oh, I think
I have something.

It's from 1868.

"Peizer Girl
Goes Missing."

Gina: "Rose Peizer,

"the daughter of
real estate tycoon
Joseph Peizer,

"disappeared from
the family estate
yesterday afternoon."

Rose Peizer.

"None of the house staff
recall anything untoward
or suspicious."

"According to
her brother Charles,

"Rose was happily
playing outside,

"and when he went to
retrieve her,

"she was gone."

Well, now we know
who Rose is.

Chuck's sister.

[whispering] The drawing
seems to have stopped.

There's no need
to whisper.

Her hearing is shot.

Why did it stop?

Don't know.

But I'm just glad
it did.

At least she's

I need the mulberry.

- Stop.
- [gasps]

I need the mulberry.

You mustn't.

Charles has put you
under a spell

from which
you cannot escape
if you eat that.

But... I have to.

You cannot.
Resist at all cost.

Listen to me.

I do not have much time.

I'm weak.

What happened?

When Charles returned,

I cast a spell that
erased his memory.

By taking his mind,

I sacrificed my body.

That's why we've only
seen you in dreams.


And my time
is running out.

But you must know,

many, many years ago,

Charles was a protector
just like you.

There were two of them.

But there's always
three protectors.

After Charles,
the protectors became a trio

so this terrible tragedy
would never happen again.

I've done all I can.

It's up to you now.

You must not
let him succeed.

[heavy breathing]

Mulberry tree.

Hannah, lie down.

- Mulberry tree.
- Hannah, Hannah,
it's just--

- Hannah, it's just a dream.
- No, I need the mulberry tree.

it's just a dream.

- It's okay.
- Okay, okay.

It's okay, it's okay,
it's all right.

That was not good.

What was she saying,
mulberry tree?

That sounds familiar.

Come on.

Here it is.

The list of ingredients
we found in Chuck's trailer.

Lapsis watercress,
tengu cocoa nibs,

livonian licorice
werepoes mulberries.

These must be
the list of ingredients

that Chuck used
to spell Hannah.

But why is Hannah
dreaming about mulberries?

Maybe the magic
makes her crave it.

Darbie, what if
the spell's not complete?

That's why the drawing
stopped in the book.

The spell won't finish
until Chuck gives her
the werepoes mulberry.

Right, werepoes affects
physical things,

her drawing's
in the book,

but she can't
physically go into it

until she eats
the mulberry.

So as long as we
keep Hannah from it,
she's okay.

She's gone.

Where'd she go?

She could be anywhere.

She took the cookbook.

We have to talk to
the OCs.

Hi, Hannah.

Right on schedule.

Let's get started.

Rose is Chuck's sister?

And he put her
in the book.

Nice family.

Did Hannah say
anything else when
she was dreaming?

No, she just kept repeating
mulberry tree.

Maybe she
went to find one.

Have you ever heard of
werepoes mulberry?

Yes, they must be prepared
and eaten immediately
after they're picked,

they lose their power.

That's why Chuck hasn't
already given her one.

Where do we find
this mulberry tree?

I'm not sure,
I've never seen one.

I bet I know.

West Peizer Park.

That's where you said
he grew up, right?

Terri said the family
wouldn't let the land
be developed.

And there are still
a lot of unique plants there

from when the Peizer's
owned the land.

Of course they're unique,
they're magical.

That's where Chuck's
been getting his spices.

I bet that's why
he picked that spot
for his trailer.

We better
get to the park.

Almost there,

Hang tight.

You're never gonna
get away with this.

You're free to go.

Thought so.

Kelly: Chuck!

It's too late.
Go away.

- Let Hannah go.
- I can't do that.

Come on,
we can take him,
he's scrawny.

Kelly: Oh, another
barrier spell.

I've been waiting
a long time for this.

I'm not leaving
anything to chance.

Why are you doing this?
Why Hannah?

It wasn't on purpose.

Hannah just ate
the wrong Jakerito.

I actually think
all three of you
are groovy.

I've changed my mind on
bringing that word back.

You need to
put a protector
in the book

so that you can
stay immortal.

Isn't that right,

I always knew
you were bad,

but to sacrifice
your own sister?

You know about Rose?

Bet she had no idea
her brother was a monster.

You have no idea
what you're talking about.

- You weren't there.
- You're right, I wasn't.

But you were.
And I'm sure you
remember it well.

Get outta here!


I'm scared.

There's no need.


Trust me.


Where'd you go?

No, no, no, no, no!

This wasn't
supposed to happen.



What have I done?

Get out of my mind!

I don't believe it.
It was a mistake.

You didn't mean to
sacrifice Rose, did you?

I didn't know
what would happen.

Then why put Hannah
in the book?

He's not just putting her
in the book,

he's swapping her out
for Rose.

Isn't that right?

I can only
complete the switch
with another protector.

I can't believe
I spent 50 years
feeling guilty

about what we did to you
by accident.

I made a promise to Rose.

We won't let you
destroy our friend

because of your mistake.

There's nothing you can do
to stop me.

No counter spell
you can cook this time.

You're right.
But I don't need to cook.

When I was under
the Fix It spell,

I looked into your eyes,

and saw that there's
good in you.

What are you doing?



That looks great,

Well done.

It's too thick.
Let me redo it.

The pie will taste the same
regardless of the thickness.


I've never had
mulberry pie.

Don't worry.
There's never been a pie
you haven't enjoyed.


One final step.

Carving our initials
into the crust.



I don't want to
remember this.

You loved your
little sister.

Just like we love Hannah.

She was just
a little girl.

She loved her
big brother.

Isn't that right?

This is all my fault.

No, it's not your fault.
You didn't know.

She trusted me.

She trusted me.


I can see.

I can hear.

You did it.

You saved me.

- I told you we would.
- Easy peasy.

Okay, you guys are
the best friends ever.

Seriously, we are.

I think you just broke
Chuck's immortality spell.

I just gave him back
his humanity.

You were right.

There was good in Chuck.

He just buried it
for 150 years.

Hold on.

If Chuck's
immortality spell
is broken,

that means that
it also broke for...



It can't be.

Where are we?

What are you wearing?

I have a lot to explain.

Thank you.

My vision's back,

Because it looks like
they just disappeared.

But how?
That's impossible.

Nothing's impossible
with magic, girls.

There's still a lot
we all have to learn.


Where'd this
come from?

Rose Peizer Park?

Okay, two minutes ago,
this was West Peizer Park.

"Dedicated to
Rose Peizer,

"born 1857,
died 1939."

When the spell broke,
they went back to the 1800s

to live out
their lives.

She lived to be 82.
Not bad.

So, none of this

Oh, it happened.

We're the only ones
who know the truth.

Who wants a Jakerito?

- Mm.
- I don't know.

It's me, Darbie.

I know,
it's just gonna
take a while.

Okay, I'm over it.


Good job, girls.

I'm really
proud of you.

I'm proud of all of us.

Chuck has been
a big part of our lives
for too long.

I am looking forward
to moving on.

Now we can finally have
our summer of fun.

For another
couple of weeks.

Doesn't school start

Hey, two weeks
is two weeks.

We don't have time
to waste.

- Hannah, do you have your--
- Summer of fun list?

I just
emailed it to you.


[indistinct chatter]