Just Add Magic (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 15 - Just Add RJ - full transcript

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Previously on
"Just Add Magic"...

I'm turning the attic
into my office.

I'm going to
run for mayor.

Wow, Mom, that's huge.

auditions will be held
for Murder Masquerade.

I was walking in the garden
when I murdered Lord Cumberland,

and-- Wait.
Murdered, that--
that's not right.

This is a mistake.
I never should have

If I can't be an actor,
I'd still like to be
a part of it.

Maybe you can
help build sets.

- Oh...
- The book.
It's gone.

- And the spices.
- Do you think
someone stole it?

- This is bad.
- I know that guy.

RJ White bought
the winning ticket

in the Saffron Falls

That's the kook
I met at Mama P's

who tried to convince me
that Grandma was under
a magic spell.

I bet he cheated.

I guarantee you
he cheated.




In summation,
your role here is to
support the production.

- I can't wait.
- I don't like to
work with actors,

- but Miss Balfour insisted.
- You won't regret it.

Oh, I already do.
Building flats is
hard work.

Just because you made
a popsicle stick house
in first grade

does not mean
you can do this.

- But I actually
know how to build--
- I don't want to hear it.

Backstage is not for


And then he said,
"Backstage is not
for theatrics."

- Kelly: Ouch.
- I know.

And then he said
he hates actors

because they don't know
how to do anything.

Well, did you tell him
you fixed

all the cabinets
in your house?


You should tell him.

I was going to,

but let's just say
he doesn't have
a warm personality.


What did you find out
about RJ?

Whoa. How about a
"Hi, Jake, nice to see you."

All: Hi, Jake,
nice to see you.

Thank you for
doing this for us.

Yeah, we would have
investigated him ourselves,

but he knows
what we look like.

You were right.

Being a sleuth
is kind of awesome.

I know.
It's so fun.

Especially when
disguises are involved.

- Does he have the book?
- He does.

That's why he's
always carrying around
that old backpack.

That is not a good look
for a grown man.

First he went
clothes shopping.

Dude has terrible taste.

He bought six pairs
of cargo shorts.

And then he went
shoe shopping.

- With the book?
- Oh, yeah.

And he bought three pairs
of tennis shoes.

He was also rude to
the sales assistant

because they didn't have
the right kind of shoelaces.

And then,
before I came over,

he went
grocery shopping.

Wait. He went to
the grocery store?

You could have
started with that.

- Did you see what he bought?
- Is he cooking a spell?

What was wrong with
the shoelaces?

Whoa. Okay, uh...

he bought eggs,
but not the cage-free kind,

which I thought
was a bad choice,
but who am I to judge.

He also bought a bow,
and a small box.

You know,
the kind you would
put a cupcake in.

What happened next was
really disturbing.

He bought
generic cake mix.

- No.
- Eww.

That was my reaction, too.

So I decided to
talk to him.

You made contact?
Jake, I told you never to--

I was smooth.

I said I liked his shoes,
especially the shoelaces.

- Darby: Smart.
Butter him up.
- Jake: Exactly.

It worked, too.
And then I asked him

which cake mix
he thought was better.

And then he told me
a secret.

When he makes cupcakes,

he uses water
instead of milk.


He's cooking a spell,
I know it.

Another spell
to win the lottery?

No, I-- I think he's gonna
spell someone else.

He's gonna give someone
a magical cupcake.

Well, we have to
stop him.

Who knows what he's
trying to do with it.

You're right.
We may not have the book,

but we're still
its protectors.

We can't just let him
spell an innocent person.

So we cook
non-magical cupcakes,

and switch out the boxes
when he's not looking.

That'll be easy.

Come on,
it's done all the time
in heist movies.

What kind of
cake mix was it?

That'll be $11.75.

You're welcome.




Hi, girls.
This is my daughter Kelly.

Kelly, I'd like you
to meet Jill.

She's considering
running my campaign.

And these are her friends
Hannah and Darby.

- Hi. Nice to meet you.
- Hi.

Don't you think Mrs. Q.
will make a great mayor?

- Hannah.
- Sorry. But do you?

I think she has
a brilliant platform.

I always say real change
has to begin locally.

Jill usually only works
at the federal level,

but she's thinking about
making an exception.

Wow. Do you know
the president?

Oh, well, not on
a first name basis.

Or last,
but we've met.

You'll get to hear all of
Jill's stories tomorrow.

She's gonna be
spending the day
with our family.

Yes. Before signing on

I want to
get to know you more.

You know what
they always say.

Follow the money?
I saw that in a movie.

I was gonna say no candidate
is better than their family.

I won't really
know your mom

'til I get to know
all the Quinns.

- Let me show you around.
- Okay.

Are you cooking
with cake mix?

When I made boxed
mac and cheese,

I heard about it
for days.

Okay, well,
I can't be perfect
all the time, Mom.

- Just until the election.
- [chuckling]

Okay. Now,
the only question is,

where was RJ
taking this?

[bell rings]

Hey, guy from
the grocery store.

What a coincidence.
You live around here?

Uh, yeah,
that's my place.

How did that cake
turn out?

Did your mom notice
the difference?

She loved it.

Who knew that using
water instead of milk

can make a cake
that much better?

Told you.
Don't be afraid
to break rules.

Good tip.

Hey, let me get you
a breakfast Jakerito.
On the house.

Uh, no,
you don't need to.

Once you get a taste,
you're gonna want more.

- Um--
- And you're gonna want
my famous salsa.

Uh, thanks.

We did it.

- That was so--
- Stressful?

I was gonna say

Powdered sugar?
Who puts powdered sugar
on a cupcake?

I'm guessing
the same person

who makes it with water
instead of milk.

Look, there's a note.

"Dear Alyssa,
congratulations on
your engagement.

"Best wishes, RJ."

Who's Alyssa?

I think we just intercepted a
very sweet engagement cupcake.

Or we just saved Alyssa,
whoever she is,

from being spelled.

How does powdered sugar
even work on a cupcake?

it's completely messy.


Oh, right.

I wish we knew
what spices he used.

We need to use
Miss Silvers'

spice detecting spell
on this later.

I have to go.

Theater practice.

Oren's making us
build flats.


It'll be fine.

I have to go
get dressed.

Jill's gonna be here
any minute.

And I'm supposed to meet
Caitlyn at the mall later.

The cool girl from
your history class?

That's great
you're hanging out.

Oh, I mean,
it's not a big deal.

It's just lunch
and shopping.

Maybe a movie.

I still have some time,

so I will go and
try to figure out
who Alyssa is,

and why RJ
tried spelling her.

Are you sure
you don't mind?

Are you kidding?
You know I love research.

- Bye.
- See ya.


So, I climbed the tree,
and refused to get down

until the bulldozers
backed off.

It worked.
It was my first victory.

And the best part,
she was seven. [laughs]

I climbed
a tree once.

And then I fell.


And that's how you
got the attention

of your district

That's such
an inspiring story.

Kelly, can I talk to you
for a second.


Uh, more waffles,
anyone? Jill?

That's such an
inspiring story.

What's going on
with you?

What are you
talking about?

You just insulted Jill.

I-- I insulted her?

Yeah. [mocking]
So that's how you
got the attention

of your district
representative. Mm.

That's not how
I said it,

and I definitely
didn't say mm.

See, you're
doing it again.

it's really important

we make a good impression
on Jill.

I don't know what's
gotten into you.

Nice. And once you
put the pictures up,

it's gonna look great.

Maybe you should
put the pictures up.


I'm giving you a chance
after you were thrown out
of the play,

and you just want to
stand here and insult
my work?

But I was saying
good job.

Tone down the sarcasm.

Girl: And everybody
knows that

Bartleby hasn't
spoken a word

since his trip
to the Orient.

Oh, well,
this is terrible.

Hey, I'm still
learning my lines.

Oh, I wasn't
talking to you.

You don't have to be
so mean.

Aren't you supposed to
meet your friend for lunch?

Uh, yeah,
I'll meet her later.

This is more important.

- You sure?
- Yeah.

But I still want lunch.

Just wait 'til you see
the new hand dryer

I had installed
in the bathroom.

It has a special
UV filter

that sanitizes.

Sounds like something
I should put on my wish list.

Sounds expensive.

You know, I read somewhere
that money well spent

is money earned.

No, I read that.

You told me
it was nonsense.

That doesn't sound like me.

Well, I'm glad Mama P's
fixing up the place.

Yeah, me too,
but it's not like her.

That woman
does not like to spend
if she doesn't have to.

She's always
up to something,
isn't she?

Listen to this.

"The Franklin's
of Saffron Bluffs

"are proud to announce
the engagement

"of their son Nick to his
long-time girlfriend

"Alyssa Escovel."

This must be our Alyssa.

Oh, how nice.

Nick and Alyssa are
finally engaged.

- She waited long enough.
- Wait. You know them?

Sure. She owns
the new yoga studio.

Oh, Yoga Legends Studio.
Yeah, I've been dying to
try that place.

Oh, and you know Nick.
He comes in here all the time.

Macchiato and
biscotti to go.

Oh, yeah,
double cup guy.

I'd better call Kelly.

This is just for
my own reference.

Um, but it helps me get
a sense of you guys as
a family, so--

Now, Terri, why don't you
tell us a little bit

about what made you
run for mayor.

Sure. Uh, it all started
when Buddy here

narrowly escaped
being hit by a car.

I became an advocate
for speed bumps,
and that--

I-- I'm sorry.
Can we stop for a second?

would you mind sitting up
a little straighter?


[cell phone buzzing]

Be right back.


Hannah: Okay,
here's what I have so far.

Alyssa Escovel
just got engaged

to a successful lawyer
from Saffron Bluffs, and--

Why are you making
that face?

What face?
I'm just listening to
what you're saying.

What else
did you find out?

I'm doing my best.
Calm down.

- Huh?
- You were criticizing me.

What's going on today?
My mom said that
I was being sarcastic,

but I swear I wasn't.

- Uh-oh.
- Oh, no.

[cell phone buzzing]

[sighs] You guys
aren't going to believe--

Eww. Why are you
making that face?

Well, why are you
making that face?

You're both
making faces.

I think you two
were spelled.

What? I haven't eaten
anything today

except for that
bag of cheese puffs
and that burrito.

And that grapefruit.

Okay, so I guess
I've eaten a lot.

What? You don't have to judge me, Kelly.

- I was smiling.
- You were?

- What am I gonna do?
- I don't know but
stop yelling at me.

I don't understand,
you're not spelled.

RJ's cupcake.

I'm the only one
that didn't touch it,
but you both did.

You can get spelled
from touching something?

That's big magic.

if your skin can absorb
lotion and medicine,

why not magic?

It was probably
the powdered sugar.

It cast some sort of
unlikability spell.

You think Darby and I
are unlikable?

Oh, yeah.
Big time.

So RJ wanted to make
Alyssa unlikable
for some reason?

I will try and figure out
what's going on,

but in the meantime,
you two just try and
be extra nice.

- Duh!
- I am trying.

Oh, boy.


I can't believe we built
two flats today.

Great job, Oren.

- What?
- I said great job, Oren.

Do you really think
you can do better than me?

No, no. I don't think
I can do better than you.

Maybe this is
more your speed.

And are you all very involved
in the community?


Last month, we had
a canned food drive
at school,

and it was really fun.

We made a real

We spent the whole day
stacking bent cans.

Kelly, you loved doing
the food drive.

I'm so sorry.
I think she's just
camera shy.

What are you doing?

What am I doing?



So, you're writing an article
on luck for the school paper,

and you want to
talk about RJ White?

You know him,

Yeah, I knew him
in high school.

We dated briefly.

- You guys dated?
- Yeah, I still don't
know why.

What do you mean?

RJ was kind of
under the radar,
you know?

And then one day
he became quarterback
of the football team,

and suddenly
he was cool.

And that's when
you dated him?

I know, it's shallow,
but that's high school.

The whole thing lasted
only six months.

Pretty soon
he was kicked off
the football team,

and faded back into
the woodwork.

He spent
the rest of high school
in detention, I think.

That doesn't seem
very lucky to me.

You know, it's funny that
you're asking about him.

He showed up
a couple weeks ago

totally out of
the blue.

Then, when he won
the lottery,

he asked me to
go away to Europe.

And what
did you say?

I told him I was
engaged to Nick.

He did not take that
very well.

Wait. Who told you
I know him?

this has been so helpful.
Thank you so much.

RJ tried to make
Alyssa unlikable

so Nick would
break up with her.

- That's cruel.
- And confusing.

He stole our book
to get his girlfriend back?

mystery solved.

And, if you hurry,
you still have time
to make that movie.


Caitlyn didn't
actually invite me.

She said that
she would text,

Well, maybe it hasn't
come through yet.

Nice try.

The truth is,
I'm not exactly making

a ton of friends
at Fox Canyon.

It's really hard
being the new girl.

Give it time.

Remember when I started at
Rockbury in third grade?

It took a long time before
anyone would talk to me.

Yeah, I remember.
You were really weird.

Okay, I'm trying to
make you feel better here.

I'm joking.

It'll get better.

I promise.


Jill: Terri, look.

I love everything
about your platform.

I think you're
a good candidate.


But the angle
I was going to use was,

"Terri Quinn.

"Let her run your town
the way she runs her home."

I really wanted to
focus on your family.

And-- And they are
really great.

But Kelly, you know,
I'm just not sure

voters will relate
to her.

She's acting
so weird today.

She's usually
such a good girl.

Perhaps the thought of
being in the public eye

is bringing out
a bad side.

I've seen it happen

It was unfair of me

to bring my family
into politics.

In fact--
Oh, I don't know.

Maybe running for mayor
isn't such a good idea.

Sleep on it.
We'll talk tomorrow.



Okay. I can't hold
my tongue any longer.

That jack you built
is the wrong size.

For a flat of
these dimensions,

you're gonna need a jack
at least three feet deeper,

and braceable
with sandbags.

when Lily Montgomery
slams the door in scene 3,

the whole thing
is gonna come
tumbling down.

I know you don't like me
because I'm an actor,
but guess what?

I've been building stuff

a lot longer than
I've been acting.

And I'm really good at it.

Give me that.


Oh, you're right.
I forgot about
the door slamming.

Actors aren't useless.

I know the script
inside out.

And you know what?

I don't care if
you don't like me.

I'm just here to build
a beautiful set.

And I can't do that if
your crew doesn't know
what they're doing.

I guess I owe you
an apology.

I don't need an apology.

Just don't make me
sweep floors anymore.

That I'm not good at.

Well, I wish you'd
told me sooner.

We could have used
someone with your skill.

What if I said
you're doing a good job?

Then I would say
thank you.

Come help me with this.


Jill, wait.

don't listen to my mom.

She really wants
to be mayor.

An election is hard on
the whole family.

Maybe your mom
needs to wait

'til you're past
your teenage years.

That's crazy.
So I'm not perfect,

but big deal.

Every family knows
what teenagers are like.

We can pose for
some fake photograph,

and pretend like we're
a picture perfect family,

but we're not.

And that shouldn't
keep my mom
from doing her job.

Because she's
really good.

I don't care if
you don't like me,

but give my mom
another chance.

Look at it this way.

If she can handle
a moody teenager,

she can handle anything.


I never thought about it
like that.

You make some
valid points.

And you're giving me
an idea.

What if we play up
the millennial angle?

We can even give her
a hashtag.

Wait for it.

Hashtag Quinning.

- Get it?
- I love it.

So you'll do it?


And see?
If you just smile more,

you're delightful.

You can tell I'm smiling?

Why wouldn't I?

[bell jingles]

Hi, girls.

I'd love to sit around
and chat, but I'm late.

Where are you going?

I'm meeting
a landscaper.

I'm thinking of putting
a little patio out back.

Still on her
spending spree?

Whatever Mama P wants,
Mama P gets.

What are you guys
doing here?

We need Elysian sugar to make
the spice detecting spell.

Yeah, we need to find out
what RJ put in that cupcake

to give us
the worst day ever.

Oh, come on,
it wasn't that bad.

It was that bad.

Let's go get
the sugar.

But if the spell
broke already,

why do you need to know
what spice he used?

This spell was

We've never been spelled
just by touching food.

RJ clearly knows
a thing or two about magic.

I be he used
carnesian something.


Your spell broke when
you stopped caring if
Oren liked you.

And your spell broke
when you stopped trying
to please Jill.

Good old emotional

But we didn't have any
carnesian in the doll house.

We used them all up
already, remember?


Darby: Whoa.

Brown is definitely

That means he has
access to spices.

And knows
how to use them.

Do you think that's
how he went from
a nobody in high school

to a super star
almost over night?

He had magic.

And then
he didn't have it.

Alyssa said that he faded
into the background again.

I-- I don't

I thought the only people
who had the book before us
were the OCs.

Clearly, there were
others in between.

Guys, I can't believe
I'm about to say this,

I think RJ
was a protector.

[bell jingles]