Jugar Con Fuego (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Fabrizio el Insaciable - full transcript

-Sir, good morning.

If it happens again, if you are late
again, I'll take it off your paycheck.

Be careful, Peter!

-What happened to your bike?
-Same old thing, gasoline.

What a shame.

Please pour me a beer
because I'm hard as a rock.

I'm sorry, Dolores. This isn't a brothel.

What a beauty!

Don't hurt me.

Only I can touch my wife.

Did you have your fun already?

Did you have your fun already?

Who invited you?

You have a bad habit
of never closing any doors.

I'm here to collect what you owe me.


Fabrizio, where the hell are you, kid?

What are you doing here?

When you take something
that doesn't belong to you,

do you know what that's called?


I didn't steal. I just borrowed it.

You broke into my room,

you went through my stuff
and took all of my savings.

Who told you I was here?

"Look and you will find."
That's what they say, isn't it?

Give me what you owe me.

You didn't need it in prison.

Cut the ironic bullshit. I want my money.

I'm a son of a bitch.

Bitch or not,

I'm the only mother you have.

I don't have it right now.
But you'll have it back.

In the meantime, I want you to please

stay away from me.

Here's your coffee.

Thank you.

It's made with love.

And the fritters.

It's the most delicious coffee
I've ever tasted in my life.

Dolores, what brought you here
to Colombia?


My son stole something from me.

And you haven't found him?

I found my son,
but not what he stole from me,

and I'm not leaving without it.

Hilario, I'm very thankful
for all the help you are offering me

and for giving me a place to stay.

But, I need to find a job
where I could get paid.

This performance is really cute.

Do you know about music?

Not as much as you, but I like it a lot.

To me, music is evidence

that God exists.

Only a beautiful person
would care about kids this much.

You're not only beautiful
on the inside, Mrs. Martina.

I'm sorry. I didn't mean
to make you feel awkward.

No, that's okay.

Have a nice day.

You too. Thank you.


It's so good to see you.

-How are you?
-You're missing us?

-You're always in my heart.
-That's nice.

You know you can come back at any time.

-Thank you so much, Don Peter.
-Excuse me.

Look. They are turning out nicely.

Yes. It's nice.

But we are having trouble with the bit.

What a problem. Don Peter,

-have you thought about--
-Wait a minute.

Well done. What?

What I told you before,

about hiring my friend.

Well, Camila needs to interview her.

Let her know, so she will be ready

if she's interested in the position.

I really appreciate it, Don Peter.

Could you do me a favor and tell
Mrs. Camila that Dolores will call?

Okay. I'll let her know.

-Look. Do you want coffee?
-Yes, thank you.

Because I need some help with the bit.

Okay, then. Let's make this quick.

Do you have any experience working
in family households?

Well, yes.

But it's from a long time ago.

Then, I worked in...

the business area.

And you're not from around here?
You're Mexican?

My son found a job around here
and I've decided...

to follow him and take care of him.

Your son is a grown-up man.

That's good. House helpers
with little kids are a problem.

Okay, then. You're hired.
You're starting tomorrow.

One thing. Remember,
wear your uniform at all times,

hair up, no make-up.

Come with me.
Luz will fill you in on the kitchen.


Right this way.

Lucky bastard.

That's good.

Your friend is already calling?

Yes, but I won't answer

so she doesn't get used to me
being available all the time.

Hey. The music is good, right?

Congratulations. You're great.

Those kids are awesome, right?

Yes. Thank you so much, but...

it's all because of Mrs. Martina.


Now, I know why
you won't talk to Camila, shithead.


You're already in trouble with one.
Stop screwing up your life, my friend.

I was just asking a question.

Tiago, talk to us about her.
What's Martina like?

The most beautiful woman I've ever met.

The most beautiful woman.

She's wonderful.

She's so unique, totally like no other.

Come on.

I've never said anything similar
about a woman.

I swear I'm not making things up.

She helped me quit drinking.
I've quit drinking!

So, you're in love!

-You're in love, man!

I wouldn't even think about it.

Wouldn't you?

I would, my friend.

She's a very elegant woman.

She's so sexy and refined.

I'd give her three kids, to say the least.

-There you go.
-My friends,

there's a saying in Brazil
that goes like this,

"If you play with fire, you get burned."

Listen to my friend.

-"If you play with fire, you get burned."
-Shut up already.

Those who play with fire

get their hands burned.

Be careful.

And don't forget
about the mark on your finger.

Which mark?

He's got a birthmark on his finger.

-A birthmark.

And a fortune-teller said the mark means
he can have every woman he wants.

As long as he doesn't fall in love,
because when he does...

Show it to him.

Is it that one?

It's just a regular birthmark.

It's a cheap superstition. It's nothing.

But you do respect it, buddy.

Forget about Mrs. Martina.

What? Are you jealous or what?

No, Fabrizio. No.

Don't go tempting Don Jorge.

Don Jorge might be a gentleman,

but you can see he has an inner demon.


That demon is going
to chase you down to hell.

Be careful.

I'll tell you what.

That man irritates me.

He won't make eye contact,
and he belittles everyone.

He deserves to be hoodwinked
because he mistreats his wife.

That's not how you treat a lady.

So, Andrea, what's the plan?

Your office is waiting with open arms.

Why don't we talk about the crops
in another place?

In a quieter one?

Where's a place quieter than here?

I've spent a lot of money
on your education

and I need to know

what you're bringing to the company.

Certificate of origin, customer service
or marketing, what can you contribute?

I'll tell you all about the new trends
in another moment.

Good morning.

-Gildardo, come.
-Mrs. Martina.

Take a seat. Have breakfast with us.

No, Godfather. What a shame.
It's a family gathering.

Take a seat. You are part of the family.


I was just talking to Andrea
about what she learned abroad.

She was about to speak about it.

Andrea, I would love it if you
could tell me about it, too.

While you update her about
the financial status of the business.


You know you can count on me
for anything you need.

Andrea, we can start whenever you want.

Set it up as you like.

What's important is I need her
at the office as soon as possible.

Look at what I got you.

They are so cool. Thank you.

Were you able to rest?

It took me a while to fall asleep,
but, yes, a bit.

Hey, I know you don't like me
meddling in your business,

but what Tiago told you yesterday
was right. Listen to him.

Poncho, those who suffer from fear
won't live.

You're playing with fire.
You're risking your neck.

I like to enjoy life.

Let's go. I don't want them nagging at me
because I'm late.

-Let's go.
-I have a headache.

Who is it?

May I come in?

You're already inside.

What's wrong with you?

You've been mistreating me
and belittling me since you got here.


-Give me a smile.
-No, Andrea.

Give me my camera back.

You know I don't like pictures.

Give me the camera. Now.

-Come and get it.
-Give me the camera.

Why don't we talk first?

There were things left unsaid
when you left for Miami.

There was nothing left unsaid on my part.
Everything was final and over.

That's not true. I waited for you here.

Do you want me to tell your dad the truth?

You wouldn't.

Andrea, I'm on your side.

We had a plan, honey.

-I missed you.
-Let me go.

-You smell nice.


Leave and don't you ever touch me again!


I'll win your heart back.

Be careful with your flip-flops, darling.

Do not lose them.


I used to be like them.

Did I frighten you? I'm sorry.

I was just like them.

I feel so jealous.

I would've loved to have someone like you
in that moment of my life.

My childhood was...

somewhat difficult.

Well, helping people is not really

so praiseworthy.

But, it makes you feel good, I guess.

-Excuse me for a moment.

-Where are you?

I've left you some messages this morning.

I've been working non-stop.
You know how this is.

I'm running back and forth.

-Are you thinking of me?
-What do you think?

Hey, can I call you back in a bit?


I'll call you in a bit.

A big hug.

-Good morning, ma'am.
-That's been there all night.

What should I do about it?

-I'm just starting and--

Enough. Don't do it again.

So? Shall we go for a swim?

I'm just watching over them.

They don't need to be watched.

How do you think they survived until now?


That's how they are!

I'm coming to get you!



What's happening here?

Apart from being a coffee expert,

you are also a children's entertainer?

No, the thing is...

I've never stopped being a child.

Kids, all right.
We need to close the school.

I'll take care of them. Don't worry.

-Are you sure?
-Yes. I'll take care of them.

Here's your shirt.

Thank you.

Kids, time to go.


How are you?

Mrs. Camila, may I help you?

Actually, you may not.

I'm looking for the lotion guy.

Fabrizio. That's his name, right?


He agreed to take an order to my house
and it never arrived.

Should I file a complaint?

-Don't worry.

You shouldn't, ma'am.

I personally apologize
because you're one of our best customers.

I'm so ashamed, Mrs. Camila.
But, honestly,

you are not the only customer
who complained.

No. It isn't a big deal.

No, that guy has been so sweet
here at the store.

Look, I will personally make sure

Fabrizio gets in touch with you
as soon as he gets here.

Okay, then.

-Don't worry.
-Thank you.

Where's your friend?

May I come in, teacher?

Yes, sure.

The kids are already on their way home.

All wet.

I thought you already left.

If I say this is the most precious thing
I have, would you believe me?

You don't know how much I owe
to these words.

For you.


-Is he good? I don't know him.
-He's Brazilian.

He's an engineer, a very calculating man.

A libertarian.

I learned from him
that life is only worth it

if you live it passionately,

if you take chances.

I think...

you would like it as much as I do.


Read it on your own.

And then let me know.


Thank you.

I do not want your body.

I do not want your soul.

I will leave your being untouched.

I will leave your character unviolated.

I only want a piece of such pleasure.

The piece that does not belong to you.

-What's wrong?

Wait a second.

What's wrong?

I feel dizzy. It's like
I'm going to pass out.

Should I call the doctor?


No, I don't know.

I think I'm going to get a migraine.

What are you reading?

A book of poetry I borrowed from Camila.

So, Camila is reading poetry.

-You didn't tell me where your owner went.
-My what?

Your owner.

Mr. Peter is working.

My son is with his cousins

and the help is enjoying their day off.

What a generous and trusting man.

All right.

Peter is...

the most special man in these lands.



Where's your loyal servant?


Do you have another one?

I'm letting him fly,

do heavier work.

I've let him take care
of the French investors.

And your daughter? Where is Andrea?

That girl needs to be tamed.

She's very smart
and good at business, though.

As soon as she takes the reins
of this company, everyone will notice.

Thank you for your threat.

To Andrea.

This is all yours. You're staying, right?


What a beautiful party,
Don Andrés, as usual.

Camila, excuse me.

-You are beautiful.
-Thank you.

-With all due respect.
-Thank you so much.

Such a beautiful woman, isn't she?

-Excuse me. I'll keep greeting.
-Go ahead.

-So nice to see you, Andrea.

-How are you?
-Fine. And you?

How was Miami?

-Do you want to go back?
-Of course.

-Have you seen my mom?
-I have. Oh, there she is.

-Hi, Mom.
-My princess.

-Where have you been?
-How are you?

I was greeting everyone.

I think we can tell
your grandfather to start.

-I'll go to my table.
-Yes. Let's go.

Thank you so much for being here

and for joining us in remembering

our wonderful Mercedes
ever since she left us.

We were strolling around these lands
one afternoon and she told me,

"We're going to build
our ranch right here."

The first thing I saw

was how the green color

of her wonderful eyes

started to bring the plants to life,

as well as the leaves

and all the coffee beans.


I'd like you to make a toast with me.

To Mercedes, a wonderful woman.
Cheers, friends!




-Be careful.
-I'm sorry.

Don't you guys forget.

Check your cell phone.


Good afternoon, Don Gildardo.

I thought you were at the family meeting.

French people never get tired.

I don't feel like attending.

I'll have lunch here.

I'm sorry, Mr. Gildardo,

but that's Don Jorge's seat.

Right away, Mr. Gildardo.


That man is perfect for you.
He is on par with your standards.


The cocky one?

"Cocky"? Remember, you were the one

who jumped into his car
without asking first.

No, wait a minute. Everyone around here
is eager for me to be the boss.

Then, I'll boss around
without going into details.

Let me watch and learn.

Andrea, what are you doing?

-Watch me.

-A glass of wine?
-No, thank you.

A glass of wine

will not be enough to pay
for what you did to me.

Don't worry. I'll get even.

You need to be kind to Andrea
if you like your job.

Of course, Mrs. Camila.

There's surely a lot I can learn from her.

Andrea, isn't he the perfect guy?

Yes. He's very polite.

-What did you do?
-I'll tell you later.

What did you say to him?

Let's go.

Okay, then. Gentlemen,

see you tomorrow.

-We know.
-We know

who the boss in my house is.

-Let me go!
-Calm down.

It's me.

I'm here only to tell you

that this doesn't make any sense.

Your husband doesn't make you happy.

Leave me alone.

Give me a chance. Only once.

You're completely out of your mind,
do you know that?

A woman like you deserves to feel desired.

-You don't understand.

-I'm sorry.
-You won't regret it.

I'm sorry.

It was unforeseeable, Camila.

Unforeseeable events happen.
It's not the end of the world.

My friend got drunk and he needs me.

I don't know. I think you're lying.

I don't lie.

Fabrizio, do you think I'm a fool?

I could never.
Why would you even think that?

You better.

Okay, bye.

What the hell is wrong with you?

Are you completely
out of your mind or what?

Do you want to kill me?

What's wrong with you?

I'm still waiting here.

You want me to tell you
there's another woman, right?

Is that what you want? Bad news for you.

There isn't.

Listen. I'll tell you something.

Back in Mexico,

you can play the soap opera hunk
every single day.

But here, in this little piece of land,

I call the shots.


Let's have coffee.

Let's talk

like two grown-ups

without trying to kill each other, okay?

I don't like liars.

So, be very careful, Fabrizio.

I was about to call,
but I didn't want to bother you.


What happened yesterday...

I know I shouldn't, but--

Martina, there's nothing
you have to be sorry about.

You just want happiness.

I need to talk to you.

Me too.

I need to see you.



No, because Jorge's home.

Well, you can hit me up whenever you want.

I'll be waiting.

Okay, thank you.


Now, she is unstoppable.

You like being in deep shit, Fabrizio.

No, it's not shit.

It's just a little bit of danger.

-It gives my life joy.
-Do you realize Mrs. Martina

and Mrs. Camila are friends?


That's the best part. The combination.

Son of a...

Look who's there.

Do you like her too, man?

Spare us one.

I wouldn't touch her.

-I finally found you.
-She's so annoying.

-How are you?

Do you know each other?

-I'll introduce you.

Ms. Andrea, this is Poncho.

-My best friend.
-It's a pleasure.

Be careful. She's our boss.

If there's something she doesn't like,
you get fired.

-Very careful.

I'm behaving.

-I know.
-Shall we go to the river?

You two go.

-I'm having a beer.
-He's probably scared.

No. I'm having a beer.

He can't swim. He's afraid of the water.

Don't deny it. I get this, of course.

I get this.

Am I afraid of the water or you?

-What do you think?

Hold this for me, my friend.

You're going, right?

Of course. See you later.

-Let's go.
-Wait a minute.

I need to be responsible

and I can't let you ride like that.

Wear this.

All right. How do I look?

Does it suit me?

Yes. You look goofy.

Of course.

Let's go.



Hey, it's so rude of you
to go into my room

without knocking first.
What's wrong with you?

This can't happen again.

No, of course. I understand.

I'm sorry.

Of course. I'm sorry.




Do you want more, Mrs. Martina?


No, dear Luisa. I'm okay. Thanks.

Why is your mind wandering away?

Did you take the right dosage or more?

Whether I did or I didn't,

there's no way to please you, Jorge.

Where's Andrea?

She's at the lake
near the road to Barragán.

There's some kind of party there.


Could you prepare a meal for Andrea?

She will probably
be hungry when she gets here.

Yes, ma'am. Excuse me.

I should dump you here, shouldn't I?

Why is that?
Because I left you on the road?

Do you like danger?

What can I say?

Be ready because the rapids are near.
So, come on.



Come on! Row!

I'm going to win!





Subtitle translation by Braian Castaño