Jugar Con Fuego (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - El Terror De Camila - full transcript

Camila and Peter get into an armed confrontation; Fabrizio is reunited with an old friend; Gildardo's obsession with Andrea grows.

Why are you home at this time of the day?

Somebody told me this morning

that they heard two people having sex
in the warehouse.

You smell like coffee.

That dress isn't right
for a woman your age.

I'm sorry. I didn't see you coming.

Take me away from here.

-What's this? Are we committing a robbery?
-A kidnapping.

-And my kidnapper's name is?

You're Don Jorge's daughter.

Andrea isn't having breakfast
with us again?

She was at Martín's kayak store yesterday.

Andrea is entitled to her own privacy.

Not with my money.

Why did you get Gildardo involved
in something so personal?

Because he's the only one
I can trust in this family!

I'm sorry about this, Gildardo,
but you're not part of this family.

Tonight, we'll let coffee,

a drink that's so important to you...

Tell me something. Are you planning on
living off your parents forever?

My father won't decide my destiny.

I'm not following in his footsteps.
That's settled.

I told him that a thousand times.

What do you think about Fabrizio?

I want to shoot him twice
every time I see him.


Diego! Where's your mom?

And your husband?

I'll find out what that jerk is up to.




What were you doing?

I was in the pool.

The wine made me feel hot.

So I went into the pool.

But I just came from the pool.

You know what, honey?

Swimming made me hungry.


Hungry for what?

-You, of course.
-Well, that...

I'm really up for it.

We will have to go to Diego's bedroom
because he's in our bed.

What do you think?

This beauty arrived from Germany
last month.

A gravimetric separator.

It's the IMSA 6, right?

Oh, very well.

It's good to know that this investment
wasn't a total sacrifice.

Well, Dad. You are doing an amazing job.

Your grandpa started it.

I just expanded it.

Now, it's your turn.

Well, it could be,

but we have to make sure
it is the right time of year.

Good morning, godfather.

-Good morning.

-How was the coffee plantation?
-It's good.

-Sir, good morning.

Juan Andrés had to ask
for another car yesterday,

because you were late with the jeep.

That can't happen.

Of course, sir.

I'm sorry. Mr. Quiróz asked me

to take a coffee sample to his hotel.
That's why...

-It's not the first time, godfather.
-No excuses.

-I want the schedule to be followed.
-Dad. Shall we go?

Let's go.

If it happens again, if you are late
again, I'll take it off your paycheck.

Yes, sir.

Go unload the truck.
You will be helping the loaders today.

That's not my job, sir.

Your job is whatever I tell you.

Do you have a problem with that?

No problem, sir.

-We are ready.

Jorge, can we begin?

-Whenever you say so, Don Andrés.

Come on.

Welcome, dear brethren.

Let's begin.

"Lord, your strength pleases the King.

He becomes happy if you make Him triumph.

You've accomplished
His most precious desires.

You haven't denied what He asked of you.

And the Lord said,

'Your threshing will continue
until the grape harvest,

and the grape harvest
will continue until the planting,

and you will eat all the food you want

and live in safety in your land.'"

In the name of the Father, the Son,

and the Holy Spirit.


It reminds me of your mother.

Ladies and gentlemen, to harvesting!

-To harvesting!


-To harvesting!



Go easy on my ribs.

-Quit whining.


Friend. Hey.

Friend. Poncho.

Dude, look at me.

Wake up, Poncho.

Poncho! Look at me, my friend.

Look at me.

Fuck, Poncho.

What have they done to you?

They hit me bad, man.

Yes, damn it.


They are looking for you, man. Go away.


Run away, now. Go!

Go, already.

Let's go!

He went that way!

Where is he?

Where is he?

-Where did he go?
-I don't know.

-Where is that fucker?
-I don't know.

I don't know, man!

Come on, let's go.

You're actually pulling off that scar.

You look tough.

-Shut up, dude.
-You're going to hook up a lot.

Dude, look.

-You're in Colombia.
-Oh, god.

I can't believe it, my friend.
In Mexico, everybody believes

that paradise is in the north.
No, it's in the south.

Just wait. Sit down.

What do you think of this?

-The first day of harvest.
-Tell me.


-All right, Andrea!

All right, Andrea!

That was incredible!

-Yes, Andrea.
-Andrea is crazy!


Taking this girl for a ride

-when she's so valuable.
-Don't exaggerate so much!

-Did you like it?

-Thank you very much.
-No problem.

-Great flight.
-I hope you enjoyed it.

The harvest is looking great this year.

-Good, right?

Really good.

-Thank god for that.
-How are you?

-I'm okay.
-And Martina?

Martina is fine.

It's tough for her
around this time of the year.

She can't forget her mother's death.

Five years have passed.

You know her. She's pretty emotional.

I understand.

And your husband?

Having a chat with your boss.

You smell really good.

It's because of the lotion
sold by a Mexican who is really hot.

-But he's kind of vain.
-Is he?

Do you know him?

I don't think so.

But I did tell you
his products are good, right?

There's only one problem.

They are addictive.

And how is it going with the lotion guy?

The Mexican? It's going well.
He's a good salesman.

Didn't I tell you?


I have him talking to our suppliers
and the tourists.

I think we're going to end this month

with a 20 percent increase in sales.


-let's have a toast.

To good businesses

-and good friendship.

-Your wife? I haven't seen her in a while.
-She was right here.

-Should I look for her?

-Excuse me.

How nice to see you.

-Excuse me.




Are you afraid?

You should be.

Oh, Maricarmen, I went and came back.

They spent a lot of money,
but I don't know what for.

-My heart aches a bit.

You are a woman with a lot of privileges.

I know it. For real.

I have a lot of privileges
and I'm thankful for that,

-but I feel abandoned.

Don't be so shameless, Andrea.

Your dad has worked really hard.

Everybody says he bought
the ranch of Uriel's widow

-and the one owned by the Robledos.
-Yes, that's because

someone told him to buy those lands
and that they would be more valuable,

so he would be able to sell them.
There's always a reason.

Well, but what happened to you?

-You two were really close.

-Yes, but he changed a lot.

I don't know how my mom can stand him.

Now, he only thinks about money
and he's unbearable.

Well, you also changed a little.

Ever since you came back from abroad.

I love it when you dance.


And when you sweat,

you look like you're shinning.

I also love how you smell.

Peter, keep your hands on the wheel.

-Do you remember that night?

Around here.

That really short red dress,

and that delicious river.

Why haven't we done that again?

Maybe because we are married.

And because we have a delicious bed.

Why don't we do it right now?

Peter? Now?

That's how it is.

This second time will be even better.

You almost killed me there, on the rocks.

Be careful, Peter!

-What happened to your bike?
-Nothing, old man.

Same old thing, gasoline.

-What a shame.
-Let's take a walk along the river.

-Get out!


You are loaded, right?

Take a look at his daughter.

Or is she one of those paid girls?


No, please.

What a beauty!

-Don't hurt me.
-I'll give you whatever you want,

but don't touch my wife.


Look at this guy!

This old man has still got it.

-He's got tons of money.
-Don't hurt me.

-No, don't touch me!

-Don't touch her!


-Get away from her!
-I want to try

-some of this.

-All right...
-On your knees.

On your knees!

We were just fooling around.

Only I can touch my wife.

What do you think about this paradise?

It's way too beautiful to be true, right?

Don't even start.

This is true.

It's real. Completely real.

There are lots of beautiful women.

It's a totally incredible place.

No debts.

No assholes chasing us.

Especially that.

And we have a job that might give us
a lot of money.

Everything is really good, my friend.

But there's one problem.

Which one?

I won't say its name,
but I'll stare at it.

Fuck off!

It's always the same.
You only think about women,

and I don't want to know
how it might turn out.

Look, that's how life is,

and I plan to experience it
to the fullest.

Take it easy.

Easy, honey.

-My body is still shaking.

-I swear.
-Give it to me.

Oh, love.

You are mine.

I know I'm no longer that young man
from 20 years ago.

But I want you to know

that I desire you with more passion

than I ever did.

Prepare yourself.


Are you asleep?

Where's Andrea?

Andrea is already a grown woman.

-And she has her own plans.

A woman. I wish that was true.

All right. Let's not start our morning
with a discussion.

You look well today.

-Yes. I feel better.

Then I'll be counting on you
to go greet the people from the crops.

Excuse me, Mrs. Martina.
You have a call from the music school.

Hello? What happened, Mateo?

Oh, don't say that!

No. Don't move him.
I'll be there in a minute.

-Okay, then.
-What happened?

Tiago passed out during his class.

That's what happens
when you hire alcoholics.

I hate it when you speak
about Tiago like that.

He's such a great person.

-But he drinks all the time.

Come in.

Why don't you come to the harvesting first
and then solve that problem?

Nobody is going to die
if I don't greet them today.

Besides, this is an emergency.
Gildardo can go with you, right?

Women can't keep their word.

One disappears and the other one
never shows up.

But you still have me, Godfather.

Sit down.

My dreams are over.

Andrea, don't be so dramatic.

You've always had tons of plans
in your mind.

That was before, when I was a kid.

Now it's time to grow up and be an adult.

Well, it happens to all of us.

But I don't want to. I don't want to obey

nor follow my dad's orders.

Like Gildardo does.

But, Andrea, will there be a problem
with photography if you stay?

None. It will remain a hobby.

But to me, it isn't a hobby. I want
to make a living out of photography,

that's what I'm hoping for.

The valley's coffee is pretty great,
but those from the mountains are the best.

And that one is the hardest to collect.

You have to do it manually
and in a very delicate way.

Like how you treat
the woman you love, right?


Come over here.

We've prepared a tasting

of our best coffee beans for you.

Those punks

got what they deserved.

I understand, but there's a problem.

You had a gun,

you shot him and then left?

Listen, Commander. It was in self-defense.

One of them also had a gun.

What would you have done?

While seeing your wife in danger.

Would you have let them abuse her?

My husband was only defending me.

I understand that.

But you also have to understand that,
as a part of the procedure,

I have to ask him

for the gun permit.

"Permit"? Do I look like a gangster?

Any man has the right to defend himself.

Isn't that right, Camila?

Excuse me.

How can we solve this?

What do you want?

Hey, what's up with that voice?

You didn't sleep well last night?

No, not really.

Should I be jealous?

Listen, Fabrizio,

this isn't a good moment to talk.

Okay. I just want to see you.

When can we meet?

I'll call you.

Hold on.

Six o'clock at our usual place.


What happened? Where is he?


This can't be.

I can't believe
Tiago drank too much again.

Let's see.

Let's hope it isn't serious.

But, you will have a free day today.

Yes. But I want you all to be
on time tomorrow.


Tiago, wake up.

What's going on?

That's what I should ask you.


Very good, keep doing your thing.

-Who's next in line?

Look at that, it's my arrogant friend.

Stay in line and wait until I pay you.

What can I do for you?

That's the line to get a gig, right?

You mean a job? There are no jobs here.

I was told this is the only place
where I can find one for me.

To get a job here,

you need to know the right people.

Here and everywhere else.

But today is your lucky day.

You found the right person.

Look, here in the coffee plantations,

there are no jobs left.

But I can help you.

If there's something in it for me.

No, thank you very much.

Easy, woman. Nobody has to know.

We will talk tonight.

I know where you live.

Excuse me, please.

Oh, Andrea, no. Not here.

Be thankful you have a friend
who's great with this.

Soon, I'll be
an unsatisfied depressed person

just like my mom,

-putting up with a tyrant...
-Good morning!

-just like my dad.
-Hi, Maricarmen.

-Hi, Andrea.

How did you find me?

Your dad told me to pick you up.

Do you know the harvest begins today?

Why don't you leave instead?

Your dad sent him! Shut up.

Do you want me to help you with the bag
or will Maricarmen take it?

At least be useful.


Here. Take the car.
We'll see each other later, okay?

Take care of these people.

Okay. I'll go as soon as they go.


What are you doing here?

I finished the tour
for the tourists early.

Look. What a shiny color.
Have you seen it?

I'm almost done here.

Lady, do you need help?

I was already helping her.

-We were already going to the store.

I'm sorry.

Even in paradise,
there's room for a buzzkill.

Even in paradise, there's room
for two entrepreneur guys

who will try a new exfoliant formula
with these.

-There's a new formula?
-Of course.

All right! Very good.

-Mrs. Martina,

you are the only person who believed in me

and gave me a chance.

I swear I've tried.

Yes, I know you tried.

But how long are you going
to keep this up, Tiago?

I swear I won't drink again.

I swear on the Virgin Mary you gave me

when I came here empty-handed.

I really swear.

Okay. Think about the way
you are swearing.

You have to do it for that Virgin Mary,

but, most of all, for yourself.

I promise.

I promise I won't let you down again.
No more.

No more.

Please pour me a beer
because I'm hard as a rock.

Thank you, honey.

I'm sorry, Dolores. This isn't a brothel.

I know, Hilario. I'm sorry.

I'm desperate.

Don't let yourself be crushed
like a cockroach.

You need to get respect.

Go see what Don Pedro wants.

Finally, you are here, my daughter.

Hi, Dad.

What's this about spending the night
like hippies?

Dad, my friends are leaving and we wanted
to enjoy our last day together.

Great! I'm really happy
the party has ended.

-I want to show you your new office.

-Oh, my daughter.

Oh, a miracle. My two women together.

Hi, darling.

How are you?

-Hi, Jorge.
-Did you eat already?

-Yes, Mom. And you?
-Did you?

I didn't have enough time.

Did you fire that drunkard, Tiago?

Don't call Tiago that.

That guy only causes trouble.

The only thing he's doing is taking
you away from your responsibilities.

Well, you should know he's very talented.
Without him, we would have no orchestra.

-Talent for...
-What happened?

-Your dad's stubbornness.
-Oh, I see.

-Tell me how was your trip.
-It went well, Mom.

My friends were happy.

-What's up, man? How are you doing?
-What's up?

-What have you got?

I only have imported goods.

-Is it good?
-Show me the money.

You know I always buy.

-All right.
-See you.

That's the overseer, right?

Yes, that's him.



-Don't be so whiny. Why are you like that?
-I'm not.

You weren't like this before.

I promised Mrs. Martina,

-Who is Mrs. Martina?
-Mrs. Martina?

Please, don't bother me. I promised her.

He is that lady's loyal servant.

Don't be such a baby. She won't notice.

-Have a few sips.

-Really. You are nobody when sober.
-Go ahead. Drink.

-Just two sips...
-Bottoms up! Go ahead.

Come on! Drink!

Hey, leave him alone, dude!

Did you have your fun already?

Let him go!

Are you okay?

Who invited you?

-I don't need an invitation.
-Stop, man. Let him be.

-Do you know who I am?

I am your boss.

And I'm very generous.

I am a good boss.

Very good. But only to those who behave.

Have a drink.

Come on.

Because tequila, in this country,
is for pushovers.

Thanks for clearing that up.

As far as I know,
we aren't at the coffee plantation.

And these are not working hours, are they?

-That's true.

The puppy is showing its teeth.
Is it going to bite?



Thank you.


Be safe.


I bet they will fuck him on the way.

Let's go.

Good evening.

Good evening.

Mrs. Diana!

Mrs. Jimena.

The usual.

You just got yourself a new enemy.

And a dangerous one. That guy is a rat--

-Poncho, stop it with your fear.
-It's not fear.

"It's not fear"?

That guy needed help.

He should have defended himself.

If he could, he would have done it.

Why do you have to meddle?

You're always getting into trouble
and dragging me into it.




I only need practice. You'll see.

If we come regularly for a week,
I'll beat you.

I'm really excited to see that.


I'm going home.

-Bye. Sleep well.
-I'll give you a ride.

-Do you want a ride?
-No, I'll walk.

-Are you sure?




Come in.

I miss you, princess.

I really miss you too.

How are you? Is everything okay?

Are you still messing around
with those things?

I'm just cleaning them.

I'm almost done.

It's late. Aren't you tired?

A little bit. But I'll go to sleep soon.

How are you?

Are you and Dad okay?


Because, judging from your eyes,

you are a little bit sad.

I'm fine. Really.

I missed you.

I missed you too.

You have a bad habit
of never closing any doors.

What are you doing here?

I'm here to collect what you owe me.

Subtitle translation by
Gastón García Holtzman