Jugar Con Fuego (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Episode #1.6 - full transcript

I'm sure it's a woman.

You are not leaving.

-Here you are, my little girl.
-Where have you been?

I've been missing you.

I want to tell you everything,
every little detail.

You can't imagine the magical night I had.

I've had a rough day.

I'm not the one you need.

You wanted to pick up your boss's wife

to feel more manly or what?

Doña Martina drove straight to his house.

As soon as he saw her, he got closer.

He started touching her.

Touching her softly.

Then he kissed her,
he held her in his arms.

I broke her heart, man.

She's torn. You should have seen her.

The craziest thing is,
nothing really happened between us.

It was only a kiss. One kiss.

Why did you fool me?
Why did you abandon me?

I'll win your heart again.


This needs to work out.

Fabrizio Ramírez has to die.

Don't worry. I promise it will happen.


Let's see if everything is clear.

My godfather wants you
to switch identities with Fabrizio

so Mrs. Martina thinks he left.

Because you don't have
any friends, family, money...

Nothing. You have nothing.

So, if you disappear...

nobody will ask questions.

What's going on, Gildardo?

I thought we were friends.



we are friends.

That's why I'm asking for your help.

That's a shitty job.

That's a disgusting job.

That's a crime, Gildardo.

-Easy, there's no problem.
-What's up with that?

I promise nobody will find out.

Fabrizio is a good guy.

-He's a good--
-He messed with the wrong people.

Fabrizio is a hard-working man.

-He will get what he deserves.
-I won't do that!

You will do it. Sit down!
You have to do it!

Listen to me, foreigner.

You are going to do what I say,
whenever I say so.

Don't think of other things.

What if I don't want to?


What if I don't want to?

Looking through my photos?

They are really good.

Each face is full of life.

What about this one?

This looks like the beginning
of a long-lasting love story.

Do you think Poncho and your friend
are meant for each other?

All right!

Okay. Just go. It's late.

Yes, ma'am.

Hi, this is Fabrizio. I can't answer 
right now. Please leave your message.

So, baby, what's the plan?

Because we're clearly moving
to a place in the world...

where you can showcase your talent, right?

I have a job offer...

from a very interesting studio.

Do you want to go?

Where is it?


Why not?

I would even go to hell
if you asked me to.

Good morning, Godfather.

How are you?

-Is everything okay?
-Tell me.

The Thiago thing is happening.

We had some trouble, but he understood
it was better if he did it.

I want no mistakes here.

Trust me, Godfather. No mistakes.

-We will be ready.
-I'll let you know, then.

Mrs. Martina.

Godfather, I'll be at the office
in case you need something.


Are you feeling okay?

Do you want to lie down for a while?


The pills make me dizzy.

You never listen. You have to rest.

Is something wrong?

-You are acting weird.
-No, I'm not.

It's all in your head.

I'm here to love you and take care of you.

What's more, we should find out
if those pills are affecting you.

Are you planning on staying here
all day long?


And with you there looking at me...

That's what you want?

I want to freeze this moment forever.

I would love to stay here.

-All day long?
-I can't.

You can.

I can't. I don't want to
get in more trouble with your dad.

Forget about my dad and, please,
let's stop talking about him.

I would love to,

but you know what this is like.

If your dad finds out about our plans,

he will make our life impossible.

Stay. Please, stay.

I can't. I have a very busy day ahead.

I'll see you later.

-What's this?
-Why didn't you answer your phone?

Sorry. I was really tired
when I went home, so I turned it off.

-I just turned it on a few minutes ago.

I can't be late for work.

-I'm really late.
-Listen, Fabrizio, I'm no fool.

You don't answer my calls,

you are in a hurry when we meet.

-I'm under a lot of pressure at the shop.
-No. You have many excuses.

And you know what?

I can see the signs from miles away.

I want to know what happened.

Camila. You know what it's like. This...


So, tell me what it's like.

Stories have a beginning and an end.
They end.

And you gave me an expiration date.

I have to go. I'm sorry.

You still don't understand
how things work here.

In these lands, you breathe...

if I feel like it.

Is that clear?

Are you threatening me?

-I'll call you.
-No. I'll call you.

And make sure to pick the phone up

as soon as it rings.

Oh, where did I leave it?

Do it.


What's up, friend?

Get your shit together.
You're always late.

I know.

Things between Camila and I
are going south.

It's going to end really bad.

I have to leave.

I'm leaving with Andrea.

Just like that?

So, things are serious with Andrea.

What am I going to do with all this
if you leave?

Keep it all.

We don't even have to split things.
Just keep everything.

How can you say that, friend?


in the end, you will see
that I'm doing you a favor.

I have no other option but to leave.

I told you!

You checked
this order is complete, right?

Yes, it's complete.

-Hi, Mom.
-Hi, honey. How are you?

-I'm organizing your grandpa's birthday.

You don't celebrate 80 years every day.

I completely forgot about it. It can't be.

What do you mean?

Yes, Mom. I don't know where my head is.

Do you really have to take
all those pills?

They make you feel bad.

You can't please Don Jorge all the time.

I always see you sad.

And I can't accept that Don Jorge keeps
you trapped in here,

telling you what to do,
and you never confront him.

Honey. What do you want me to say?
I mean...

This family, this house,

and this life...

it was all exactly what we had planned.

Are you sure?

You can't keep on being like this.
It's been years since you left the house.

Why don't you help me
with your grandpa's party?

It's more than I can handle.

There was something I wanted to do
with these, but we can use them.

We can look for old family photos,

and instead of making a photo album,
we display them outdoors.

We'll use that to throw a surprise party.
What do you think?

It's a great idea.

I'll give you a task, then.

You look for the photos
and I'll deal with the rest. Okay?

Okay. That's a really easy task.

You are so good.

Well, we will have to continue

-organizing this at another time.

I'm right here, Don Jorge.

I'll wait for you in my office.


I thought you were dealing
with costs, orders,

and the administrative system
along with Gildardo. What happened?

We didn't agree on that.

That's what I said.

What's up with you, Andrea?
When will you understand?

You are the one who doesn't understand.

I told you I don't want to work
in the coffee business or here.

So what? My daughter is lazy?

She only thinks about wandering
and fooling around with her camera

instead of doing hard work

-like normal people?
-Dad, it's not like that.

While I'm here, I'll help you with crops.
I don't want managerial positions.

You wouldn't last
one day at the coffee plantation.

And get your shit together,

or else I'll cancel your credit cards.

Do you think I can't live
without your money?

Who will hire you if not me?

Maybe you will be surprised
one of these days.


I know you have a dream of becoming
a great photographer.

But those are only dreams.

And I won't allow my only daughter
to throw her life away.

You will go to the coffee plantation
right away.

Gildardo is there. Make good use of him.

I'm sorry, Luisa.

-What's up?

it was Gildardo who told your dad
how you are spending your money.

And he's been coming to your room

to check your stuff and your computer.

It's a shame I can't do anything.
I'm worried.

Don't worry. Be calm.

That man is obsessed with you.

He's really weird.
Please be very careful, Ms. Andrea.

Yes, Luisa. Don't worry.

Be careful with that guy.


What? Camila?

I can't stand this woman. I can't.

Wait a second.

Sit down, please.

Are you spying on my credit card spending?

How can you think that?

-My dad can't use computers.

I swear, I only followed his orders.

I know that.

You only know how to obey.

But don't mess with me.

Why are you behaving like this?

You seem nervous.

I'm only trying to help you.

I don't need your help.

Your dad asked me to update you
with the administration of the company.

Since he knows

we are together and have good chemistry,

-that you and I have--
-Cut the bullshit.

You're living in a fantasy world,

it doesn't mean it will come true.

Perseverance goes a long way.


we had a plan.

It was a mistake.

I'll never forget that night.
You were in love with me.

I don't remember any night,
nor do I remember being in love with you.

Don't say that.

If that hadn't happened,

we would have surely been
a very happy family.

-You've gone crazy.
-No, I haven't.

The only mistake you made
was losing our baby.

What would your dad think

if he knew you lost his heir?

His male heir.

My father-in-law would have loved to see
his grandson running all over his lands.


Hello, Grandpa."

Are you threatening me?

You owe me.

I'm not threatening you.

Why did you cheat on me?
Why did you leave me?

Because you were smothering me.
And I wasn't in love with you.

Andrea, I love you.

Now you have to tell your dad
that we will be happy together.

I want you...

You are sick!

Tell my dad whatever you like.
I'm not afraid of you.


What happened?

Don't be nosy, get to work!

What's wrong, Gildardo?

What do you want now?

You make me hungry, but you never feed me.

I'm waiting for the boss's orders.

What are we waiting for, man?

Maybe Don Jorge likes to have

his stuff sorted out to feel like a bull.

Don't you dare mock the boss,
you son of a bitch!

Don't even think about it.

I love him.

We will do it when he's ready.

We are ready.

I'm not only ready to serve...

but also to collect.

See you later, then.

Wasn't Gildardo coming for lunch?

I don't know.

Why does he always have to be here?

Because he works with me.
Because he's my godson.

Is there a problem with that?

Gildardo isn't part of the family.

What's your problem with Gildardo?

He always thinks he's entitled to things
and I don't like that.

-I'm glad he's not here today.
-No, my daughter,

what bothers you
is that he's your teacher.

But the young lady who studied
in the United States

needs to be a little humbler.



-I hope you treated him with respect.

I'm sorry I'm late.

There was a problem with the roaster.

Come on in.

Sit down. Luisa, please,
can you serve him a plate?

Thank you, Luisa.

We were just talking about you.

How is the new student going?

Excellent, Godfather.

I think it's time to tell them,
right, Andrea?

Tell us what?

Andrea and I are in a relationship.

-Gildardo, don't do that.
-Why not, love?

-We have nothing to hide.
-Don't make that face, Andrea.

These are normal things at your age.

What happened to her?

She's got her temper.

She's impulsive.

You don't have to tell me.

Oh, Gildardo,

will you be able to handle her?

She's your daughter.

And she doesn't look happy.

Honey, happiness is overrated.

What do you mean by that?

Young people nowadays have
other things in mind, other priorities.

How does this affect me?
How do I feel now?

Today. Now.

They don't realize that what matters
is commitment.


Excuse me.


So, here we have the Premium,

which is awesome.

These two...

-You've tried these before, right?
-Yes, of course.

Here's your bill.

-Thank you.

-What's up?
-I can't take it. I can't take it anymore.

I don't want us to keep hiding.
Let's run away now.


What happened, love?

I'm drowning here.

Okay. Easy.

We all have our bad days.

Did you change your mind?

Of course not.

I've never been so sure about something.

Then let's leave
after my grandpa's party.

As you wish. Hide!


You have to go.

The overseer will start asking questions.


I love you.

And I love you.

You went too far with Andrea.

What do you mean?

Can't you see Andrea hates Gildardo?

Of course she doesn't.

They have known each other
since childhood. They like each other.

Gildardo liked Andrea,
but it was a one-sided thing.

Otherwise, how can you explain
why she always had other boyfriends?

Women are fickle beings.

Their nature is unfaithful.

They love to mess with other men.

To feel more than what they really are.

That's what you think about us women?

No wonder you can't ever
take us seriously.

Jorge, isn't it possible

that what Gildardo wants from Andrea

reminds you of what you wanted
from me some years ago?

Because, if you pay attention,

you two are very alike.

Andrea is a spoiled child.

And I'm giving her a few days
to come to her senses.

Oh, my God! You have a peculiar way

of solving other people's problems.

Especially mine and Andrea's.

-You also want to smother her?
-Where are you going?

-Let me go!
-You aren't leaving without my permission.

Do you want me to get a cage
so you can keep me here behind bars?

I won't allow you to do the same thing
to Andrea.

Calm down!

-I'm calm. Let me go!
-Calm down.

Let me go!

I want to divorce you.

You are out of your mind.
I'm calling the doctor.

I'm completely sane!

You may want to forget
about this stupid divorce thing.

I would kill you first.

That would be the last thing on your list.

Look at the beauties I got you.

Where did you get them?

Stop asking questions
and give me the money we agreed upon.

Are you sure we're not having problems?

There's no way to link them to us.
They came from far away.

Besides, nobody is going to find Fabrizio.

It's better to be sure
than to face the police.

The thing is you're afraid of the boss.
Admit it.

What did you say?

Hey, calm down and relax for a second.

Wait for my call.

Don't worry. I'll be waiting for your call

and things will be ready to go.

Son of a bitch.

I think I'll be late tomorrow.


Can you believe
my idiot employers loaned me?

-What do you mean, "loaned you"?

their neighbors are throwing a party
and they need help.


Is that Miller guy is really rich?

Even more than you think.

He's from a very rich family in Texas.
They are in the oil business.

I was told they are trigger happy.

They seemed so refined. Well, he did.

Don Miller is a great person,
as long as you don't mess with his things.

Monita, take two beers to table four
in the corner.

I'll pay. You will wait for me, right?

As long as you don't get tangled up
talking to Monita like the other day.

Oh, gossip does spread fast.

-No, I like to know what I care about.
-You do?


-Okay, I'll be back and we'll go.
-All right.

That seat is taken.

Not only are you pretty,

but you're also very smart.

-Don't touch me!

That nose is so pretty.

Tell me something.

Why are you with that asshole?
If you want,

I'll show you what it means
to be with a real man tonight.

-I told you not to touch me.
-But, honey--

Is something wrong?

Everything is okay.

Let's go.

Come on!

I loved the composition
and everything else.

-Thank you.
-And all of them.

-It is really...
-Thank you.

Thanks to the both of you.

No. All of this is thanks to you, Dad.

Including your granddaughter
being an artist.

Who gave me my first camera?

-Who did?

Don Andrés.

It's a great honor for me and my family

to be here on your birthday.

-Thank you very much. How are you?
-Congratulations to you and your family.

-How are you doing? It's a pleasure.
-Hi, how are you?

I've always liked women.


why are you going so fast
by yourself, honey?

What are you doing here?

Did you think about what I told you
the other night?

Or should I repeat it?

I have to work.

Easy, honey. You don't have to go yet.

Let me go.

Easy, honey.

I know you'll have a great time.

Because you'll be with a real man.

Not with that asshole
you spend your time with.


I miss you.

And I know you feel the same too, right?

And if you knew what I'm wearing
under this dress--

Camila, please.

Oh, well, stop it. It's not like
you are the center of the party.

Of course I'm not.

I'm sure I'm not.

Who did you replace me with?

I'm sorry.

I really didn't mean it.

-What's up with him?

-I didn't see you. I'm really sorry.
-I'll help you, ma'am.

Easy, I'll help her.

-I'm fine.
-I'll take you to the restroom, ma'am.

I'll help you clean up.

-Camila, what's going on?
-Everything is fine. It was an accident.

All right.

-I'll go with you.

-She's drunk.

Congratulations on the exhibition.

What you did last time
was the stupidest thing you've ever done.

You and I will never be together.

Andrea, your fans are asking for you.

Do you like her?

Of course you don't.

You're not worth it.

Why would she notice a punk like you?

Fabrizio, I've always been here

and I'll still be here when you're gone.


Damn it!


Are you okay, love?


Honey, there's no point in
getting that upset over a dress.

Even if it's your favorite one.

I'll buy you another one.

Whichever you like.

Can you hear me?

Don't worry, Peter.

I'm okay.

Okay. I'll wait for you.

That woman is a ticking time bomb.

If I were you,
I would be a little more careful.

Martina, I'm really sorry.

I really am.

Can you believe what a great actress
Martina turned out to be?

I loved her with all my heart.

What a pity, Godfather.

Is everything ready? Every detail?

Yes, sir. We are waiting for your command.

You know you are already a part
of this family, right?

And family always comes first.

Trust me, Godfather.

Do it, then.

Subtitle translation by
Gastón García Holtzman