Jessica Jones (2015–…): Season 3, Episode 9 - A.K.A I Did Something Today - full transcript

After a shocking blow, Jessica's forced to choose between protecting Trish and destroying Sallinger. Jeri seizes a chance to get back in Kith's life.


Trish, look at me. Trish!

I need to get you out of here.

Is he dead?

No, he's unconscious.

But he's losing a lot of blood.

The NYPD is on its way.
You just blew through two cops out there.

They didn't see my face.

But he did.

If you kill him, then you're the bad guy.

Down here, 6D.

- Holy shit. Let's go.
- No.

Move! Move!

Jesus. Look at him.

- What's his status?
- He's got a pulse.

Get a medic up here.


It's real...

isn't it?

She's gone, Jess.

She's dead.

We're gonna get through this.

I was strong
way before I gave a shit.

But you gave a shit
long before you were even strong.

But we figured it out.

My mom would've been proud of that.

But your mom was always proud.

You are who you are because of Dorothy.

I've gotta give her that.

Trish, we gotta make some decisions.

I know.

When Sallinger wakes up, he'll ID you.
If he hasn't already.

You'll face assault charges,

and the attack on Sallinger
will be viewed as...

Attempted murder.

They'll put you away.

Or worse.
That's what they do to people like us.

I'm getting you out of the city.

Not until we bring him down.

We can't do that if you're a wanted felon.

Let's just see what we're up against.

- Costa.
- Jones.

I'm sorry.

Your friend Malcolm Ducasse called it in.
He said... Trish found her?

- Is she okay?
- No.

I want you to bring her in.


'Cause if your mother was a target,
your sister could be next,

and we can protect her.

I have her at a safe location.

Okay, good. Sallinger was careful.

So far, the scene is clean.

Jones, it was personal.

An attack on Mrs. Walker
is an attack on you.

I know.

Do you know someone hit him back?

Just got out of surgery.

Sallinger nearly died.

- Good.
- He said it was that masked vigilante.

She clawed half his face off
with her bare hands.

Then she went easy on him.

Jones, he's going down.

The hairs we found on Silva's body
are on their way to the lab.

He's done, unless... she gets in our way.

- What else did Sallinger say?
- That he fears for his life.

We've got cops on him
until we can bring her in.

If I found her...

she would need guarantees.

Immunity, whatever.

I can't promise that.

Not with the way, uh...
things are playing out now.

- How's it playing out?
- Turn on WJBP News.

You may recognize this woman
from her appearance outside...

- I'll be in touch.
- ...of the GT Agrochemical building.

We now have evidence
that this unidentified criminal

is responsible for a rash of attacks
on the people of our city.

Gregory Sallinger nearly lost his life

at the hands
of this monstrous powered creature.


In light
of the NYPD's failure to act,

we have decided
to stop this violent offender ourselves.

Hogarth & Associates is prepared
to offer a $250,000 reward

for the successful identification
of this vigilante plaguing our streets.

I will unmask her.

And in doing so, I will lead the charge

to take back our city
from those who consider themselves...

The whole city will be looking for me.

I'll get you out.


I gotta go check on something.

- Did Sallinger ID me?
- That's what I need to find out.

Well, I can't just sit here
and do nothing.

You have to. Please.
Just until I get some answers.

Just, please, don't go anywhere.


are you sure this is the way?

Yes, Sallinger raises our profile,
maybe brings in some new clients, but...

You're questioning my motivation.

I'm saying that Sallinger
is the real threat to the city.

He just killed again.

What happened to Dorothy Walker
is sickening.

But there is a system in place
to deal with that.

And what it can't and won't do

is unmask a woman guilty of theft,
assault and, now, attempted murder.

Your assignment has not changed, Malcolm.

Find her.

And if I have to pay that reward
because my own investigator failed,

we'll have a problem.

Where are you?

I need your help.

I'm just so sorry about your mother.

Trish needs your help.

She lost it, Jess.

She found her mother dead, Malcolm.

Drenched in blood,
stabbed over and over, and tortured.

What would you have done?

There's a key to Trish's apartment
in my top desk drawer.

I need you to bring her some clothes
and her passport.

Tell me where she is.

Dude, your patient is due
upstairs in plastic surgery.

Uh, Admitting told me
to get him settled in 823 South.

Take it up with
the charge nurse. I'll get him back up.

Nobody tells me anything.

Hey. Who's on charge right now?

My little portrait
really captured her rage, didn't it?

It was supposed to be you.
I was trying to capture your true nature.

You don't want to see my true nature.

I've already had a peek.

What... do you want?

To stay out of prison.
And for you to help me with that.

Maybe I'll finish what she started.

You want me to be afraid.

But it's you
that's scared out of your mind.

Of you?

Try again, asshole.

No, you're scared of losing her.

You've failed so many people
that she's all you have left.

So you're going to destroy
any evidence on Nathan Silva's body

- that can be traced back to me.
- No.

That picture is triggered for release
the second I'm arrested.

You know where she'll end up.

Nobody knows what happens
to prisoners on the Raft...

because nobody ever hears from them again.

And how do I know that you
would hold up your end of the bargain?

You'll trust that I'll hold up my end,
because you have no choice.

If anything happens to her,

I swear to God, I will destroy you.

I need research on the NYPD crime lab
in Jamaica, Queens.

The schematics, photos,
security protocols.

- The phone's ringing.
- This is a box. These are my things.

A person of empathy might understand
the intent of its pairing.

The press keeps calling,
asking about your crazed vigilante pal

who apparently shreds people's faces
with her bare hands.

I quit.

This really isn't a good time.

A person of empathy would get that.

I'm so sorry about Dorothy.

She was a force.

She's got no comment, asshole!

Well, that's a first.

Let's see what we can find
on the crime lab in Jamaica.

Your timing blows.

I got Brianna back to Georgia,
back on her meds.

And then I made the mistake
of turning on the news.

- I am so...
- Don't. I...

I can't handle
any more condolences right now.

Alias Investigations.
No, she doesn't have a comment.

Can we talk?

How about you let the woman bury
her mother first, shithead?

I wish...

a lot of things.

But if I'd agreed
to put him away for kidnapping...

I want to help.

What do you need?

To hide Trish.

Done. She can stay at my pad.



It's tough for a celebrity,
with cell phones, Internet and her show.

Which is syndicated in 160 countries.

Mmm-hmm. What's the alternative?

To do the last goddamn thing
I ever wanted to do.

In order to take down Sallinger?

In order to save Trish.

Is that a... either-or?


I can't let him get away with it,
but I won't let her pay the price.

Well, what would she say?

She'd sacrifice everything.

It's heroic.

I'm not.

I won't let her do it.

Then we do the last thing on earth
that you wanna do.

Not "we."

Unless you know
how to break into a police crime lab.


What? Are you a master thief, too?

No, but... I can ask a... favor.

You got any aspirin?

- There's someone here to...
- Not now.

It's Laurent Lyonne.

He's at my desk, actually.
You've been on back-to-back calls.

Send him in.

You can go in.


How are you? How... How's it going?

Uh, you know... it gets better.


- And your mom? She...
- She doesn't know I'm here.

I saw what you did.
That you're trying to change.

- Your press conference...
- it's everywhere.

Are you good?

- I'm sorry. I...
- At your job.

Yes. Very.

I have a dead sister and a dead dad.

And now my mom
is about to lose everything.

She's too proud to come to you.

Well, the only thing she did wrong
was marry an embezzler.

Who... was also a very disturbed man.

"Embezzler" is accurate.

And the foundation
he stole from is pissed.

The donors filed suit.

Well, the facts will prove
that Kith was not involved.

I'm... I'm sure that they'll settle.

All but one.

Demetri Patseras.

He's a... was a friend of my parents,
before something happened.

I was maybe 15,
so they didn't tell me shit,

but my mom's lawyer said
that Demetri won't back off.

Well, then she needs a new lawyer.

Don't hurt her.


Don't hurt her more.


Officer Carl Nussbaumer.

He comes here every night
at the start of his beat.

He's served 20 decorated years
on the force...

and he's also a murderer.

I found three uncleared homicides
on his watch.

All drug dealers,
all chalked up to street crime.

It's his idea of justice?

It's his idea of a payday.
He stole their product and their cash.

Some of which he used to pay me
ten grand in blackmail money.

Thanks, Tony.
See you tomorrow.

He doesn't know your face.
Let's keep it that way.

Officer Nussbaumer.

We have something we need to discuss.

Sorry, ma'am. My shift doesn't
officially start until I've had my coffee.

I work for someone you know.

Or rather someone that knows you.

And would you believe that he spent
that entire 10K all in one place?

You're that powered chick from the news.

You gonna use
your super strength on me?

You gonna make me?

Muscle for a blackmailer.

It's not exactly the hero
a kid wants on his lunch box.

Me and your boss are square.

I don't want your money,
something else.

I don't owe you anything.

Access to the crime lab
in Jamaica, Queens.

A clear path of entry,
in and out, with no trace.

Yeah, sure.

Sure, I'll just march you
right in the front door.

You will. Unless you wanna land in prison,

rubbing dicks
with every perp you ever arrested.

All right, look, lady. I got powers, too.

It's called a badge.

And it allows me
to beat the shit out of you

- just for that mouth right...
- You paid up, but we are not square,

- you piece of sh...
- Who the...

We need him.

You're gonna march me in there tonight,
or I will deliver you to IA myself.

My shift ends at 2:00 a.m.

Be at the lab's loading dock at 2:45.

Stupid, showing your face to me.

What the hell was that?

He's still at it. I can feel it.
It's worse than before.

I could have stopped him.

But, instead, I took his money
and I pissed it away on a card game.

Come on.


Jessica thought you
might need some clothes.

- Nice digs.
- Yeah.

I guess the best places to hide out
are the places no one else wants to go.

Hey, I'm...

I'm so sorry.

I know you probably blame yourself.
It's not your fault, Trish.

I know.

Sallinger did this.

Despite everything on my side,

the good, the right, they still win.

God damn it!

- I'll go over there and see...
- No, no, no, don't. Don't.

I'm supposed to be hiding out.

You know, they don't always.
Win. They don't always win.

They do enough
that I can't do this anymore.


Was there something else?


I hope it helps.

Really beautiful work, everyone.
See you next week.

- Nice solo.
- Really? It felt flat.

- No, you were awesome.
- Want to grab a drink?


- Have a good one.
- See ya.

- No.
- You haven't returned my calls.

- I don't want to talk to you.
- Well, you need to talk to me.

You need a lawyer who will go
up against Demetri Patseras.

I'm leaving.

I love you.

I never stopped.

And when I saw you again, so unhappy
and unable to find a way out, I...

I did what I did for you.

Twenty-five years later,
and you're still a selfish manipulator.

Every decision, every tiny duplicitous act

is always about Jeri Hogarth
and no one else.

That's not love.
I don't want to hear any more.

Tough shit!

- You want honesty?
- Ugh!

Our senior year, during finals,
I met Wendy in the stacks, okay?

I went down on her in the library bathroom
that same night.

We slept together for three months
before you found out.

It was the challenge, the thrill of...
of having you both.

I found you too soon. I...

I wasn't ready to have a soul mate.

I didn't even know if I believed in that.

I do now.

I followed you over the years.
I... I scoured social media.

I knew where you lived.
I-I... I knew where you worked.

Because I knew that one day
I would be ready.

And when I was,
I had my investigator dig into Peter.

I just thought it was a stroke of luck...

...when I found out
he was a fraud and a cheat.

I regret my part in his death,
but I would do it again,

because I goddamn love you!

The truth is overrated.

You're in trouble. You need my help.

Laurent came to me.

He... He asked me to help you.
He's scared, Kith.

There's a few stray hairs
on the third floor of this building.

They're all that was found
on Nathan Silva's rotting corpse.

They belong to Sallinger,
and they would... put him away for good.


I'd say you're doing
the right thing, but...

the right thing
is new territory for me, so...

I did do the right thing once.

After I got it, my power,

I came home from college...

and the first person I saw was my dad.

The guy I worshiped my whole life.

And I nearly puked
from the darkness coming off of him.

I mean, he was my dad.

Took me fishing,
headed up his fantasy football league.

Brianna had moved out by then.

She got depressed.
She failed out of school and...

Mom complained
that she never came home anymore.

I started thinking... "Why?"

Thinking about how my dad
used to stay up late at night,

helping Brie with her homework.

Locked in her room.

Father-daughter time.

And it'd been going on for years.

Then I cornered him,
forced him to admit it.

And the day they took him away...

my mother... overdosed on pills.

And Brianna... she blamed me.

Said it wasn't my truth to tell.

So that was the first and last time
I used my power for... so-called good.

Just logged out
of the system.

So how long could it take?
Forty minutes?

It's 3:00 in the morning,
and I have a husband to get home to.

Me, too. But there's
a lot of people waiting on answers.

Come on. It's personal.

Okay. Only 'cause it's you, Eddy.

I need to get them out of there, now.

Okay, let me look. Uh...

Got it. Head to the western stairwell.
Take that to the basement.

What's in the basement?

The sewer main.


You're breathing on me, Eddy.

I'm not breathing... at all.

Jesus. What the hell did you eat today?

What? I...

Oh, Christ.

Ugh. I'm gonna be sick.

- Call maintenance.
- At this hour?

Gotta clear out.
We've got a situation here. Obviously.

It's just shit.

Shit's the least toxic thing
in these pipes.

You can't stay in the building.
Biohazard protocol.

You gonna stand in that shit puddle
until the hazmat guys get here?


Has it changed?

My aura or whatever?

You're still you.

Excuse me.


It's done.

Then so are we.

Let's get on with it.


Jess, where have you b...

What the hell is he doing here?

I wanted to look you in the eye
and explain... make things right.

You want me to absolve you...

for the fact that my mother died
because you're a goddamn coward!

Jesus. Trish...

I can take a hit when it's... righteous.

You don't deserve my forgiveness.

I know.

You have no idea
what he did for you tonight.

All right, what did he do?

He helped me with the Sallinger situation.

What does that mean?

Jess, tell me.

Sallinger wanted me
to destroy the evidence

that proved he killed Nathan Silva.


- No. No. No, no, no.
- It was the only way to protect you.

I told you I didn't care,
that I would go to jail.

All that matters is nailing Sallinger.

Then you and I
have very different priorities.

You... Then tell him the deal is off.

Tell him that you changed your mind
and that the deal is off.

It's already done.

He tortured and killed her.

And he will never pay for it.
But he has to pay for somebody's death.


You have just obliterated my only win

in a long, agonizing list of losses.

I had to make a decision.

Destroy him or save you.

I choose you every day.

What now?

You let the cops see you
in your normal routine.

You go to work, sell more sweaters.

Don't forget my forthcoming line
of loungewear.

And funeral arrangements
will need to be made.

Oh, God.

That we can do together.

I'll go to the morgue and ID her.



I wanna see her.

I'll take care of the room.

There's blood on my hands.

The kind that won't wash off.

Come on in. Just be careful.

I did something today.

I set a murderer free.

please, don't touch anything.

I just want to see her.

As she was.

I'll give you a minute.

Trish needed a hero.

She got me.

I have something for you.

A name?

Something else, actually.

The security footage of the masked woman
in the file room was doctored...

by me.

And this is the missing footage

in which you'll see me
when I caught her breaking in.

And you...

Let her go.

You've been working both sides.

Well, not anymore.

- I quit.
- You're fired.


at least we're finally on the same page.

Malcolm, we've... we've been
on the same page for some time now.

We've been building a future together...

you and me...

and Zaya.


Zaya has nothing to do with this.

Why should I believe that?

Why should I believe
anything that you say?

You question my motives.
You vilify me and my life's work.

You stole from me.

You lied to me!

I know what I've done...

and I know what you've done.

So I would...
I would think really long and hard

before you ride out of here
on your high horse.


You know, I really thought about it...

doing what you asked... for Zaya's sake.

I thought about unmasking a woman

who, for all of her flaws,
is at least trying to be a hero.

While you protected a man...

No, while we protected a man
who carves people up for sport.

And if that's what you want from me,
if that's what Zaya wants from me...

I'm out.

You know who she is.


It's Costa.

I didn't want to do this on the phone.

So just say it.

The hair we found
on Nathan Silva's body is gone.

What do you mean "gone"?

Accident at the lab. Screwed by a...

electric fan.

So what's our next move?

There isn't one.

I've been placed on leave,
effective tomorrow.

That's bullshit.

Bodies were piling up, a serial killer
kept slipping through the cracks.

The department needed a fall guy.

So the one guy that's
actually doing something,

they take off the case.

The press accused us of colluding
with powered vigilantes.

I fit the bill.

I'll tell them it was all me.

- But...
- I acted alone.

You didn't.

I've taken your side
when maybe I shouldn't have

because maybe we're friends.

I don't have a lot of friends.

Except ones who wear masks.

It's okay.

I'm glad she maimed that asshole.
I'm glad she's still out there.

She tried to do what I couldn't.

Maybe I need the break anyway.

Don't... don't take this on, okay?

The department is right. This is on me.

Take care.

Our financials...

and everything you need to know
about the foundation.

I'll have our forensic accountants
go through it, and...

I'll circle back with recommendations.

- Is there anything else?
- I don't want to talk about us

or any of it.

You feel remorse, guilt, for once,
and I will use it to my benefit.

Do you understand?

Jesus Christ.

Are you ready?

It's her.


You mind?

We have the legal right
to search the premises.

- For what?
- It's in the warrant.

I'm Detective Imada.
That's Detective Defford.

Ma'am, have you been drinking?

I have a good excuse.

Maybe you'll be sober
by the time we get to the station.

- Am I under arrest?
- Just want to ask a few questions.

Well, ask them here, Detective Imada.

From what division?


Do you have a lead on the Walker murder?

Tell us about your recent run-in
with Officer Carl Nussbaumer.

A conversation, not a run-in.

His body cam captured you approaching him,
then he turned it off. Why?

Wait. Nussbaumer is the homicide?

That's Officer Nussbaumer.
Twenty-year decorated vet.

Beaten to death. We think it was personal.

I could have stopped him.

- ...not square...
- Who the...

Can you account for
your whereabouts last night, Ms. Jones?