Jessica Jones (2015–…): Season 3, Episode 8 - A.K.A Camera Friendly - full transcript

When Sallinger posts a video teasing his next crime, Jessica responds with her own media play. Jeri demands that Malcolm identify the masked woman.


I transferred a call to your cell.

You can do that?

answer the goddamn phone.

It's Detective Costa.

Yeah, thanks for the heads-up.

Are you there? Hello?

Tell me you got evidence
off that Wappinger Falls body.

Otherwise, I'm going back to sleep.

We have evidence.

The local ME found hair
on the corpse's hand.

But I can't examine it,

because I can't get the damn body
out of Wappinger Falls.

Why the hell not?

Because your super-vigilante friend
made it into the Bulletin

and the precinct is going nuts.

My captain wants her for questioning.

He's pulling cops off of other cases
to find her.


But that's got nothing
to do with the body transfer.

It has everything to do with you.

The super vigilante who found the body,
who everybody's calling my super gal pal,

it's costing me clout,

and I need clout to get jurisdiction
over the goddamn body.

Okay, I get it.

I'm sorry. I'm, uh...

I'm having some issues of my own.

What? Do you have a terminal disease
or something?

What? No.

It happens.

Look, just convince this woman to come in,
answer some questions, or, better yet,

to just... stop.

Do you still have eyes on Sallinger?

Couple unis are watching his place.

But they're gonna get pulled, too,
if your friend keeps this up.

I told you, I don't know her.

- But I'll see what I can do.
- Thank you.


- What?
- Where's Trish?

She can't talk now.
She's in the middle of a new promo.

Gillian! Call Trish until she answers.

I'm on
my state law-mandated break.

When I wear this merino wool wrap,
I feel ready to take on the world.

Not yet, you're not.

Now, some of you
might remember this pin,

as the one I wore
on season three of It's Patsy.

Mmm. If you order now,
you get one free.

Get one for yourself
or for that special Patsy friend...

Some people are born
to be out front.

They love the attention:
the good, the bad, the ugly.

The red light means we're shooting.

Luckily, I don't give a shit
what people think about me.

What are you doing here?

- I need to talk to Trish.
- Well, it will have to wait.

This can't wait.

- What is it?
- You recognize this pose?


- Oh, no!
- I know.

Her costume is a disaster.

Once again,
you've hit the nail on the head.

It should have a theme,
something relatable.

Like cats. The Internet is gaga over cats.

- She should never have done this.
- Agreed.

Not without her publicist, me, of course.

You both could use my help.
Garner a little public support.

Perfect gift.

Get one for yourself and one
for that special Patsy fan in your life.

- Shh!
- I can hardly believe it myself,

but it looks like this pin is selling out
super fast, so you better get on it.

By 7:00 p.m.
tonight, a life will end because of you.

You think "super" means "superior."
It doesn't and you're not.

Hey, turn that off.

I'm going to prove it.
Your hero charade will end where it began.

What's the surprise
you have in store for us?

Right. But first,
I think we should take a quick break.

I thought Sallinger
was under police surveillance.

He must have gotten past them.
Or he shot the video earlier.

- Maybe he's toying with you?
- That's not his style.

By 7:00 p.m. tonight,
a life will end because of you.

You think "super" means "superior."

- It doesn't...
- Okay. So all of his past victims

have been men, which means...

one of these two guys is his target?

Your hero charade
will end where it began.

What? Erased?
I didn't even touch anything.

It's an InstaYap video.

You get two views and then it's gone.
Everybody knows that.

I didn't.

Well, that's 'cause I handle
your social media profile so efficiently.

Why did I have to humiliate him?

I just had to gloat.

No, this is who he is.

And because we are who we are,
we'll stop him.

No. No, no, no. No. Jessica will stop him.
You have a promotion to do.

All right.
Let's get back on the air, guys!

My baby girl knows the show must go on.

- Ready, Freddy, and raring to go.
- Great.

And three, two...

Welcome back.
Now, I have a surprise for you today.

A very special guest host
in honor of Mother's Day.

Mother's Day is six months away.

Giving us plenty of time to shop
for that perfect Mother's Day gift, Grace.

Now, would you all please make welcome,
my guiding light,

the wind beneath my wings, Dorothy Walker!

My mom. Come on up, Mom!
Come on! Yeah, come on.

Oh, my God.
Patsy, you're so sweet.


Now, this woman
has taught me everything I know.

Have fun, you two!


Uh, well, Grace, are you ready to see
where Trish got all her charm?

Couldn't be more ready.

- Where to?
- Sallinger's, to confirm he's gone.

I'll head to Hudson Street Market,

see if I can find out
when he shot that video.

It was this morning.
Breakfasts were on the table.

- I'll drop you along the way.
- Go as Trish, all right? Not Beanie Girl.

"Beanie Girl"?

That front-page photo caused a shitstorm.
The NYPD wants you for questioning.

The paparazzi just found me, so...

If the cops just find you,
I'm gonna lose a partner.

And I just got used to having one.

I'll stick to the shadows.

And the name Beanie Girl
will never be spoken again.

I can't agree to that.

Honey, please, no work.
Be present for our child.

Here she is, all the way
from an orphanage in Burundi.

Hey, darling.

Now, remember,
the first three weeks

will be a little bewildering for her.

The cultural change is enormous.

But patience and time can help her
adjust to her new life.

- Please, just put your phone away?
- I'm so sorry. I'm sorry.

I have to take this.

- Please, excuse us.
- Of course.

Honey, is this what it's gonna be like?

No. No.

I promise.


Stay away from Sallinger.

The asshole just sent me a video boasting
that he's gonna kill someone at 7:00 p.m.

Bullshit. He's home,
parked in front of his TV.

I just checked with surveillance
20 minutes ago.

No. He got past them.
He's out stalking his next victim.

- Send me the video.
- I can't. The video's erased.

Don't... Don't ask.

Look, uh... Russell and I
are in the middle of some family shit.

- I'm sorry. Divorce sucks.
- Nobody's getting divorced.

Good. We have less
than eight hours to find him.

I'm going to Sallinger's
with or without you.

With you makes us both look better.

- She asked to see me?
- Go on in.

Did you see this?

Look at this.
Breaking and entering, burglary.

Where the hell was our security team?

I guess, uh, somewhere
other than monitoring that camera,

assuming they even knew about it.
I certainly didn't.

If you're about to lecture me
about spying on my employees, don't.

I have a right to know
what is going in my firm.

This is the woman that's teamed
with Jessica Jones. It was on the news.

That doesn't mean
that they're a team per se...

They think I am weak.

- They think I'll take this.
- Trust me, no one thinks that.

- Who actually found the footage?
- I found it.

I want this woman unmasked.

I don't care how you do it.
Just get it done.


Are you sure you wanna go
head to head with supers?

- You know Jessica.
- Jessica hasn't done shit for this firm.

And now she's... she's befriending
these... these thieves, these vigilantes.

- She's trying to undermine me.
- She could be in on this.

- You don't know her. She wouldn't...
- Don't defend her or her kind.

Let me be clear.
This firm is my legacy and your future.

I am taking this very personally,
and so should you.

Find this woman.

I want her outed on every single
media platform in the city.

- Excuse me...
- Sit anywhere.

Uh, no, I'm... I'm not here to eat.

- Do you always work the morning shift?
- Just today. Filling in.

Okay, good, good.
It happened this morning. Um...

Well, I... I was grabbing coffee to go,

and I saw, sitting at this table,
two guys and a dark-haired woman.


And, uh, well...

Well, I made eye contact
with one of the guys.

And I was gonna get his number,
but I totally chickened out, so...

I was wondering if...
if you could help me find them.

Are you goofing on me?

- What? No.
- You totally are.

- This is hilarious.
- What is hilarious?

You're Patsy,
teen investigative journalist.

I saw that episode
where you did this same thing

to find out who stole your teacher's dog.

Is there some hidden cameras or something?

No, I just...
I really need to find that guy.

- Okay, you waited on him, right?
- Sure, a few hours ago. Good tippers.

Okay, great. So if you could just give me
the name on their credit card receipt...

Okay, this has got to be
some sort of Candid Camera thing,

- or this is just too pathetic.
- I need a name.

Jesus, Patsy. They paid cash.

Child star psycho.


Walk away, Jones.

We've had eyes on this asshole
all morning.

- He's watching Animal Planet.
- Nope.

You are playing right into his hands.

I promise you he is not upstairs.

- You are getting way too high-profile.
- Tell me about it.

Jones, you're gonna
open us up to a lawsuit.

I'm telling you, he's here. Trust me.

God damn it.

Whoa. Hold on.
This is a private residence.

Detective Costa, NYPD.
What are you doing here?

Relax, man. I'm Joby. I'm working here.

When did Sallinger leave?

This morning. Early.

- Probably went out the back fire escape.
- Shit.

How exactly are you working here?

Uh, answered a job posting last night.

Two hundred bucks to come
and watch TV at this dude's home.

It's a sweet gig.

- Hey. I need get back to work, so...
- Wait in the hallway.

- I have more questions for you.
- Sallinger's gonna do it.

Why? As far as he knows,
he's in the clear. Why would he risk it?

He might have heard about my trip
to his hometown and that body I dug up.

"Might have"?

I might have rubbed it in his face.
Literally. He knows he's done.

So all this shit is his final "screw you"?

I'll put a BOLO on him,
try to trace his phone.

It's probably a burner.

Yeah. Let's go.

No, I'm gonna stay here
and wait for another video.

What are you doing?

I'm gonna force him to communicate.

You should go.

Hey, asshole.

I must have threatened
your fragile sense of masculinity.

Do I make you feel insecure?

All these degrees and certificates
are supposed to make you feel superior.


Aw, look at that.
"Most improved."

But you know that's bullshit.


It's all bullshit.
And you're full of it.

Tell me why I protected you.

Thank you. And I didn't ask you to.

- If Hogarth finds out I edited that...
- We will make sure she doesn't.

Seeing you on the security footage,
like, talking to her...

She's not the villain
Hogarth's making her out to be.

- Are you serious?
- Yeah, actually.

Jesus. You know, I knew you were
into some dark shit, but this is...

You know her.

Let's not do this right here.

Malcolm, I know what secrets do to people.
My dad and all his of lies...

Your dad was in the CIA.
It was the job. This is mine.

Eventually, you become the job.
You start disappearing.


I'm still here.

Are you?

Look, Zaya, this woman is trying
to stop a killer, unlike Hogarth...

And me. Unlike Hogarth and me.

There is a reason that we have laws
and law enforcement,

judges, juries, courts, lawyers...

Which you of all people know
don't always work...

...which are imperfect,

but I trust them a hell of a lot more
than some chick in a mask.

Of course, I don't know
the chick personally. You do.

Yeah, I do.
And what she's doing is important.

More important than us?

It's not an either/or proposition.

It is to me.

Can you pull up a satellite view
of Hudson Street Market?

Hello to you, too.

Can you can the sass and just do the job?

Those two guys
probably knew each other.

Gotta be something in walking distance.

Well, it turns out that vandalism
is both fun and effective.

- It's him?
- "Him" who? What are we watching?

Breaking things
is for the stupid and the crude.

But it's all you can do,
because you're a fraud.

That's just rude.

By seven o'clock tonight,
everyone will know it.

We're running out of time.
It's already past 1:00.

I'm gonna record it.

Mirror this with your laptop.

Breaking things
is for the stupid and the crude.

He's still in Manhattan.
Cobblestone streets.

I don't see the two guys
from Hudson Market.

By seven o'clock tonight,
everyone will know it.

- Done.
- Pause it.

The two guys aren't there.
But she is. She was in the first video.

Black jacket, black hair.
He's changing his MO to a proxy for you.

Glad I haven't
Single White Female'd you yet.

We need to warn her.

Shit. We need Dorothy.

- Just a little zhuzh.
- No.

You have to sell yourself,
and this is part of it.

- What's the time?
- Three-fifteen.

Suit yourself.

I've narrowed the location

from the second video
to a couple streets in Tribeca.

My "hero charade will end where it began,"
which was nowhere near Tribeca.

Well, there are no cobblestone streets
near your childhood home,

the Jersey Turnpike

or the old IGH building.

They're ready for you.

Okay, now, remember...

just because she asks you a question
does not mean you have to answer it.

Except it's an interview.

You just make it sound
like you're answering it.

Right, like,
"That's an interesting question."

And then you set your own narrative.

You want the audience to trust you,
believe you? Be camera friendly.

The operative word here is "friendly."

So I'm screwed?

- No, not at all!
- No, just be yourself.

- Camera's gonna love you.
- Just be the nicer version of that.

I think she's gonna be fine.

Can you say a few words
so we can get our sound levels?


I need a drink. Bourbon, neat.

- I've heard that about you.
- Well, people talk too much.


You are my first literal
female-empowerment interview.

Oh, that's, uh, great.

I bet you get some of your strength...

...from your adoptive mother.

She negotiated the hell out of me.
Said the only way it's happening is live.

- And we rarely do live.
- Well, she's a beast.

Must be nice to have someone
fight for you like that.

Can we just get started already?
There's a serial killer out there.


We're going live in five, four...

Come on, Jess. Friendly.

I'm here with Jessica Jones,
a private investigator and superhero.

I'm not a superhero.

But you have squared off
against some superpowered people.

Kilgrave and that female serial murderer
last year.

And now you're after
another alleged killer.

But this one doesn't have superpowers.

Bad is bad.

The police handle bad every day.

- Why are you involved?
- Because I found him.

Most people go their entire lives
without coming across people like this.

And yet you've managed
to do it repeatedly.

Well, Thembi, like any good citizen,

I am hoping to help the police
in their investigation.

Maybe because I give a shit.

We're live. Please watch your language.

Look, I am here because there's
a serial killer out there hunting a woman.

The same killer
who chopped up seven victims.

And you know this how?

Because it's what I do.
And this woman is in danger.

If this is you, or you know who this is,
contact the NYPD...

Do you have any idea why
this alleged serial killer contacted you?

Because he's a creep and an asshole,
and his name is Gregory Sallinger.

To be clear,
we here at the station

are not accusing Mr. Sallinger
of being a serial killer.

I am.

He was cleared of all charges by the NYPD.
Didn't he accuse you of harassment?

If harassment means calling him out
as the sick psycho that he is, yeah.

Do you think this woman would be in danger

if you hadn't provoked
whoever the actual killer may be?

Are you asking if I'm responsible?

Don't bite, Jess. Let it go.

Is that why you teamed up
with this masked woman,

who's wanted for questioning?

Aren't you breaking the law

by aiding and abetting
a violent, unhinged vigilante?

I'm not unhinged.

Why don't you try pulling
your head out of your ass

and focusing on the truth for once?

And remember, if you need help,
call Alias Investigations,

because everyone needs
a hero on their side.

Well, that went well.

Are you kidding? They're gonna be playing
that clip all day long on every platform.

If you wanted to get the word out,
you nailed it.

I am so proud of you both.

You know, it scares the crap out of me,

but I can't deny
you are making this city safer.

Of course, heroism won't pay the bills,
so we need to monetize it.

I am thinking action figures,
video games... maybe a reality show.

We only have a few hours
to live up to this hero shit.

I will start drawing up
new costume ideas for you.

Mom, stop.


What is it with you
and the shitstorms, Jones?

Every brunette in the city
is pouring into the station.

My captain is pissed.

- He pulled my BOLO.
- So, no one's looking for Sallinger?

We got a call earlier.

He was seen, uh, shouting
at his cell phone at a florist in Tribeca.


- Floratech?
- On it.

I'll be here processing
all the women you've terrified.

Well, maybe one of them
is actually Sallinger's victim.

We won't know till 7:00.

Be careful, Jones.

- You seen this woman?
- No.

Do you recognize this woman?

- No, I haven't seen her before.
- Okay, thanks.

- No. Move.
- Seen this... Okay, thanks. Dick.

- What about that guy?
- No, sorry.

- I got nothing.
- Me neither.

We are running out of time. Shit.

No. We can't let this asshole win.

Excuse me, uh, can you
just take a look at this photo please?

Have you seen this woman?

- No, I haven't.
- I don't think so.


- God damn it.
- Come on.

- I hate giving a shit.
- I'm beginning to see why.

GT Agrochemical.

My family crashed
into their delivery truck.

Which began your "hero charade."
Maybe that woman worked there.

This has to be where he was leading us.

Get out!

- We don't keep any money here.
- We're not here to rob you.

- Know who this is?
- What's going on?

- Why are you wearing a mask?
- Do you know who this is?

Ow! I'm not sure.

Is that Mona Lee?

- Take us to her now.
- All right. All right.

- Which way?
- She's somewhere over there.

Come on, let's go.

- Where is she?
- You! Stop right there!

Release Pavel and get on the ground now.

Hold up!
We're just here to help.

Security cameras say different.

Get on the ground now.
We're taking you into custody.

We don't have time for this.

We're trying to goddamn help!

Wait, it's her.

Weren't you on TV today?

- We're here for Mona Lee.
- The killer's after Mona?

Let him go.

We got this.

- Please don't hurt me.
- We're here to protect you.

- From whom?
- Is this you?

Then there's a goddamn serial killer
after you and we're gonna save you,

whether you like it or not.

Hold on, sir.
Can you tell me where you've been?

Are you here to arrest me
for going out for a cup of coffee?

If so, I can call my lawyer,
then we can call a press conference,

and we can show everyone
what police harassment looks like.

Should we do that?


Great. Then, I'm going to retire
to my apartment for the evening,

and if either of you come near my door,
I'll have both your badges.

Good night.


Sallinger's not here. He never was.

Do you think he was messing with me?

- Best scenario is yes.
- No, he's not done.

Well, he's home now.
He got back an hour ago.

What? Then arrest him.

The only thing he's done
is sneak past my men.

- He did something.
- Yeah. He dicked us around.

Look, the, uh... the Wappinger Falls body
is finally back in our lab.

Well, it better have some
goddamn biometric bullshit

or other evidence on it.

I worry about you, Jones.

Do you have anything in your life
besides the job?

Yeah, a great bartender.

I think it takes more.
I'm trying for more.

We'll see.

Uh, I'll let you know as soon
as the arrest warrant comes in.

Till then, keep your head down.

Till the rest of my life.
This publicity shit blows.

Ah, you gotta be kidding me.

- Comment on accusations?
- Shit. Shit.

Jessica, do you still stand by
your accusation of Mr. Sallinger

despite no evidence
he even threatened Ms. Lee?

- Yes.
- Obsessed with Sallinger?

If wrong, how will you
make reparations with Mr. Sallinger?

Are you afraid of any
possible lawsuits from Gregory Sallinger?

You need to get out of my way.

Ms. Jones, do you feel any responsibility
for terrifying the women of this city?

Don't answer that. Let's go.

No more questions.

Don't answer that. Let's go.

- Hiding your identity?
- Official team now?

- No more questions.
- Jeri.

I still haven't been able
to get a hold of Sallinger.

- We need a statement.
- Obviously, he's laying low right now.


These vigilantes
are controlling the narrative.


Sid Franken from the Bulletin
is on the phone.

Wants a comment from Mr. Sallinger.

Tell him to get in line.

Char... wait.

I'll take it.

Sid? Jeryn Hogarth here.

Mr. Sallinger is unavailable.
But I can tell you this...

Jessica Jones, a former client of mine,

is associating with the masked woman
who assaulted my client.

No one, powered or otherwise,
should be above the law.

Hence, Hogarth & Associates
is making it our business to stop them.

Sid, I'm not... I'm not gonna comment
on Peter Lyonne's suicide statement.

This firm has never, nor will it ever...

favor, harbor or support the illegal
activities of powered vigilantes.

If Jessica Jones
knows who this woman is...

let her be warned, I'm comin' for her.

You can quote me on that.

A war on superheroes?

You bet your ass.

You're an idiot, you know?


You could've been caught.



Guess we're an official team now.

With a publicist and everything.

I'll let Mom down easy.

She actually helped today.

Don't tell her.


Everything Sallinger does has a purpose.

He wanted to make you look bad.

Or he wanted to draw out
the masked vigilante.

He still doesn't know who she is.

But he knows who my sister is.

Be careful.

You, too.

Breaking things
is for the stupid and the crude.

But it's all you can do,
because you're a fraud.

By seven o'clock tonight,
everyone will know it.


Saw you on the news.

Yeah. I am out to prove that
there is such a thing as bad publicity.

Well, at least you got Trish
by your side now.

I've known for a while.

And I was worried at first.
I mean, Trish with superpowers?

But now that you guys
are a team...

Now you're terrified?

No. No, I think you'll keep
each other in check.

It's good you're not doing it alone.

- I've done it my whole life.
- So have I.

Till recently, and I...
might be about to do it again.

- I don't do romantic advice.
- I wouldn't take it from you, anyway.

But that's not why I'm here.

Hogarth has asked me to unmask Trish.

Are you gonna do that?


You saved that girl today.

What? You don't think she was his target?
Then who?

Sallinger said this thing about...
my "hero charade ending where it began."

Well, I wouldn't call it a charade.

I mean, you got your powers
in that accident.

Which also killed my family.

Trish is the only family I have left.

Oh, God.


Oh, no.

- Jess, talk to me.
- Shit.




Mom! Oh, God! Oh, God!

Help! Help me!

No! Get... Mom! No!

I can't... I can't get this...

No! Ah!

Hi, this is Dorothy Walker.

- Please leave a message.
- Oh! No, no, no! Mom!

- I...
- Dorothy?

Dorothy, pick up the phone
if you're there.

- Jess. Jess.
- Dorothy, I think you're in danger.

Jess! Jess!

He killed her. She's dead.

- Oh, my God.
- Trish...

- He killed her. He killed her!
- I'm on my way.

Call the cops.

I'm leaving right now.
I'm gonna be right there.


It doesn't matter.

He has to pay.

Yes, and he will. Okay?

Just stay there.
Don't do anything. Please.

Trish, are you there? Shit.

There's been a murder.

Are you all right?

Watch out!

Trish, stop!