Jessica Jones (2015–…): Season 3, Episode 7 - A.K.A The Double Half-Wappinger - full transcript

[theme music playing]

[Jessica] How many superheroes
does it take to lock up a psycho killer?

More than two, apparently.

They can't be here for Sallinger.

Not unless someone at the station
tipped them off.

[reporter 1] Mr. Sallinger! Over here!

[reporters] Mr. Sallinger!

[reporter 2] Weren't you caught

with the victims' body parts
at the train yard?

- Let me be stunningly clear. My client...
- Are you kidding me?

- [reporter 3] Why hire defense?
- [reporter 1] Why was he arrested?

The police were wildly misinformed.

Our job just got harder.

I told her that he slaughters people
and babysits their body parts.

Hence, Mr. Sallinger is walking
out of this building a free man.

She's cashing in.

She needs the exposure
to put the shine back on her firm.

What was he doing at the crime scene?

Thank you for highlighting
yet another misconception...

- She's a convincing liar.
- ...was not arrested at the train yard...

Any move we make on him
is gonna be on the news.

That's her goal.

When he was unjustly arrested...

The police were just doing their jobs.

The misinformation... came
from the female vigilante Jessica Jones.

[reporter 3] How did she
come by this information?

[Sallinger] She broke into my home,
she assaulted me,

and now she's trying to pin these horrors
on me, and I don't know why.

Perhaps I'm an easy target.
A single, white male. And she's this...

- You should go.
- ...feminist vindicator.

I'm sure this is a misunderstanding...

But there wasn't
just one female vigilante.

- There are two of them.
- Get out of here.

[Sallinger] Maybe taking back
the night or something.

- [reporter 1] Other vigilante?
- Can you describe her?

- [reporter 3] Who was the second person?
- Well, um... she hides behind a mask.

She and Jessica Jones did this to me.

[reporter 3] Sir, are you gonna be
pressing charges?

I've worked hard
for every advantage that I have gotten.

These powered people,
they feel entitled and they feel superior.

They refer to themselves as heroes.


But Jessica Jones did not save me,

and she certainly didn't save
the victims at that train yard.

[reporter 2] Ms. Jones!

- Why did you attack Mr. Sallinger?
- [reporter 3] Who is your masked partner?

The police arrested an innocent man,

they kept him overnight
in a state of fear and intimidation.

[reporters clamoring]

[Jessica] This is what happens
when you give a shit.

The world flings it back at you.

Why the hell didn't you mention
the second super?

The police wouldn't have believed me.

I might have if you'd have
mentioned it to me,

your defense attorney.

You said you wanted to put this case
in the public eye.

I just made headlines.

By accusing Jessica of terrorizing you
and calling her a feminist vindicator.

- I thought it would play to the base.
- Oh, it's base all right.

- And slanderous.
- No. It's only slander if it's untrue.

Don't forget, you're not the only one here
with a law degree.

Oh, yeah? How many murder charges
have you had thrown out of court?

The only time that I have ever failed
is when a client has undermined me.

I don't like to fail.

I take issue with unfounded arrogance.

So start proving you're as good
as you say you are.

You need me more than I need you.

[engine starts]

- Any calls from Kith Lyonne?
- No, but...

He dismembered seven human beings.


Sure. If it gets eyeballs
on your failing law firm, why not?

You asshole.

The press conference
was intended to balance

the one-sided conversation
about Sallinger.

He's a butcher. Conversation over.

I didn't know that
he would call you out like that.

Do you think I'm lying?

Do you think that I just randomly decided
that he's a murderer?

Do you think I invented
that he tried to kill me?

Twice, Jeri. He came close both times.

Now, I don't know
if we're friends or colleagues,

or if we're just sharing a foxhole...

- but do not make us adversaries.
- This isn't about you, Jessica.

You called this place a failing firm
like it's meaningless.

Well, it is meaningful to me.
And you know that.

What I know is that when you
cozy up to maniacs, you get hurt.

People around you get hurt.

Well, even maniacs deserve
due process, don't they?

Or does that only apply
when I'm representing you?


You know, I'm trying
to meet you halfway here, Jeri.

There's still a way this ends
with me respecting you.

Honestly, you respecting me
is not my highest priority right now.

So let's just
stay out of each other's way,

and neither of us will get hurt.

Well, looks like you finally found
someone to put you out of your misery.

He just might enjoy it a bit too much.



- [cell phone ringing]
- [sighs]

I don't have time for you
to snap at me right now.

I was a dick yesterday.

You were trying to pick a fight. Why?

[sighing] 'Cause I'm an idiot.

- Can we talk? In person?
- I'm in the middle of something.

Are you okay?

I'm late. You wanna talk,
you know where I'll be.

- Okay. I'll...
- [call disconnects]




- [lines ringing]
- Hold please. Hold please.

Well, you don't have a choice.
Alias Investigations.

Sallinger's press conference
is getting a lot of attention.


They refer to themselves as heroes.

[Gillian] Hold please.
Alias Investigations.

But Jessica Jones didn't save me,

and she certainly didn't save
the victims at that train yard.

All he's missing
is some foam at the mouth.

Why did you attack Mr. Sallinger?

Who is your masked partner?

Yeah, I'm glad that that's preserved
for Internet eternity.

I hate that you have to take
all this heat on your own.

I'm starting to see
the benefits of wearing a mask.

It's probably a little late to rebrand.

[Gillian] Hold please. They keep asking
about this other vigilante girl.

Sallinger's a liar.

Complete fiction. Ms. Jones doesn't
like people enough to take on a partner.

- Alias Investigations.
- Where's Erik?

He took Brianna out of town.

At least while Sallinger
is still roaming free.

Wow. He really isn't into helping.

He has an unstable sister to protect.
It's better they stay away.

It's another interview request.
Rather stick a pin in your eye?

Never gonna happen.

Ugh. I've had to pee for the last hour.
Let it go to voice mail.

Okay, so shadowing Sallinger
24/7 isn't viable. New plan?

Or we just stare at this wall.


I screwed up. When I first started
trying to do shit that matters.

- I was wrong about Brandt.
- Ancient history. I'm over it.

You screwed up, too.

Well, everyone screws up
their first time out.


Sallinger's brother died
in a tractor accident.

Maybe little Greggy
was just getting started.

- Maybe he made a mistake.
- [Jessica] Call Wappinger Falls.

I want the accident report
on Donny Sallinger's death.

- Barky, barky.
- What are you doing?

You got an overnight bag in your car?

[Trish] Yeah, but someone should
keep an eye on Sallinger,

at least from a distance.

I thought you wanted to start
taking some of the heat, mix it up.

Wappinger Falls
will not e-mail or fax records.

All files must be examined
within the station walls.

And that's a quote
from a prissy, bureaucratic hick

clinging to her own little fiefdom.

- Road trip.
- Exciting.

- Here.
- What's this for?

Gas station pumps. Full of E. coli.


Whatever, I'll just take it.
It doesn't hurt to have it.

- [knocking on door]
- [Zaya] Excuse me, Jeri?

Do you remember our client Reid Pearson?

Doing a six-year stint for date rape
after we got him off on the first offense.

I actually took another look at his file
down at the 15th Precinct.

He claims a masked woman attacked
and framed him. The cops didn't buy it.

Mmm. Now Sallinger is waving
the masked woman flag.

Maybe they are taking back the night.

- Outside the law is still outside the law.
- Mmm.

Go to Rikers and interview Reid.
See if the descriptions match. Yeah?


Um, I thought you might want to know
you accidentally texted me this.

That's embarrassing.

Believe me, I once missent a text
about genital warts to the DA, so...

Not mine. I don't have...

Thank you for bringing
this to my attention.

Be back by 1:00.

Sallinger's gonna be coming
to sign some paperwork.

- [door closes]
- [exhales]

[Jessica] Why do serial killers
always come from small bucolic towns?

I'm not sure that's a hard and fast rule.

I'll go get the file.

[Trish] Great. Love being your chauffeur.

Jessica. Be nice.

I am nice.

[blows raspberry]

Hello. How may I help you?

Yeah, I'm a private investigator,
Jessica Jones.

Um, 18 years ago, a resident of yours
was killed in a tractor accident.

Donny Sallinger.

I was hired by the tractor company
that settled with the Sallingers,

so I'd like to take a look at that report.

I can confirm Donny
rolled over his dad's tractor.

He was crushed underneath.

That must have been
a terrible shock for his family.

It sure was.

And... Gregory Sallinger,
Donny's brother, was he there?

Greg was on a school trip.

I was the deputy they sent
to bring him home.

Did the police investigate
the possibility of foul play?

It was a tractor turnover.

Is there a reason why you
don't want to show me that file?

Is there a reason why you're pretending
to work for the tractor company?

I did a search when your office called.

Ms. Jones! Did you attack him in his home?

It's on the Internet, so it must be true.

Look, lady, or whatever you are...

Whatever I am?

Your little Greg...

he killed seven people.

Not the boy I knew.

- Donny was his first.
- He wasn't.

But Donny's dad lost his mind to grief
after Donny died.

He took it out on Greg.

I couldn't protect the boy back then.
I can now.

How about protecting
the rest of us from him?

He's just one human man.
You're something else.

You're not gonna show me
that report, are you?

Not without a court order.

Do you mind?

Long drive.

[car alarm blaring]

[Trish] God damn it! No!

- [Trish] Oh, my God! Help!
- [Velasco] I don't like the sound of that.

Somebody help! Oh, God!

- Oh, my God!
- [Velasco] Are you okay?

[Trish] Oh, my God! I'm not!

- [Velasco] Ma'am, are you all right?
- I'm not all right!

I accidentally dropped the keys,
and now I can't even find them.

- And the alarm is, like, "Beep!"
- Have look in the back. It's all right!

- Oh, God! It's so loud! So loud!
- You're fine. Okay. You'll be all right!

Oh, my ears! Oh!

In the front?

Yeah. I am psychologically shutting down!

[car alarm continues]

Oh, God. This is very triggering for me.

[Velasco] It's gonna be okay.

- Hey, Char, have you seen Zaya?
- The new client meeting.

Nasty shiner.

[Sallinger] They're the real threat.
Jessica Jones and her cohorts.

- Blaming me for their unchecked violence.
- Who's the client?

- [telephone ringing]
- [Char] Hogarth & Associates.

[Sallinger] People regard
these superheroes as if they're gods,

but really... they're just casualties
of biochemical mishaps.

They're not real.

[Hogarth] Regardless,
Jessica won't stop pursuing you.

But she despises being in the public eye,
so we have that working for us.

As for the masked woman,
she has attacked before.

We have a client in prison
who can confirm that.

[Hogarth] So that's an advantage for us.

But if you have anything damaging
in your history, Jessica will uncover it.

Now is the time to disclose it.

You admire her, don't you?

You carry on like a true fan.


I have found her extremely effective,
formidable... unwavering.

- Underestimating her would be a mistake.
- [Sallinger] As would overestimating her.

She doesn't understand
the value of hard work.

Not like we do.
We have earned our respect.

You, from a trailer park to
a Manhattan law firm with your name on it.


And you, Harvard Law.

Magna cum laude, no less.
Must be that Virginia work ethic...

Sorry I'm late.

Mr. Sallinger, we haven't met.
Malcolm Ducasse.

[Hogarth] Mr. Ducasse is our
in-house investigator and security expert.

You didn't tell me he was part
of the team. I like to be prepared.

I'm an open book.
What do you want to know?

He has trained
under Jessica Jones as well.

And your allegiance?

To me and mine.

Now, does your job often result
in a periorbital hematoma?

No. But I'm not afraid of a fight
for the right cause.

We'll see.

Now that you're officially a client of
Hogarth & Associates, let us get to work.

Let me... Let me show you out.


- "No"?
- Just no.

I believe the phrase
that you're looking for is,

"I have absolutely no say whatsoever
in which cases you do or do not take."

And what happened to your face?

Come on, Zaya.
You're gonna help him keep killing.

I'm doing my job, Malcolm.
You should try it sometime.

- I was doing a job for Jessica.
- Oh, Jesus. Jessica?

You're the one who always says
trouble follows that woman.

- Case in point, your face.
- The job gets complicated sometimes.

That's it. You tell me what
your problem is right now, or we're done.

My problem is that my woman
is in business with a psycho killer.

Alleged. I've used that word enough,

you should've comprehended
its meaning by now.

Look... he already knows
too much about both of you.

Okay. He did look up
my grade school records.

But it is not our job
to assess guilt or innocence.

Look into the masked woman.
See if there are any more reports.

I already called over to the 15th,
but I will follow up now.

- Great.
- I'll do background on Sallinger.

- Malcolm...
- It is my job to assess and manage risk.

Sallinger will bring
a lot of exposure to your firm.

- I just wanna make sure it stays positive.
- Start digging.

And let me know
if he's about to do something stupid.

- Like kill someone?
- Way to be objective.

- I prefer vigilant.
- Okay. Do we have a problem here?

Not at all.

If you have an issue,
you need to keep it to yourself.

I need you both at the top of your game.

[cell phone vibrating]

Hello? Kith?

[woman] Congratulations! You are eligible
for a free upgrade to your operating...

The only crimes in this town

are teen vandalism,
noise complaints and petty theft.

Sallinger didn't leave much of a mark.

No, he did. We just haven't found it yet.

But, apparently,
tractor rollovers are totally a thing.


Another fifth of bourbon won't help you
turn Donny's death into a murder.

- It's a process.
- Neither will this wilted salad.

You know, you don't
have to eat that shit anymore.

You're powered now.
Your body can process a Cheeto or two.

Yeah, I'm not a fan
of anything that orange.

God. What if we're wrong?

God knows what Sallinger's doing
right now. Or who he's targeting.

Well, this is how we stop him.
By turning over every stone.

Well, all I've done
is play the vapid dumb blond.

- [Jessica] Which was helpful.
- [scoffs]

At a certain point, if 90% of your life
is playing the cover, then...

you are the cover.

Well, you could be out and proud
and have everyone hate you. It's way fun.

You remember when it finally came out

that I was an abject drug addict,
four-time rehab failure?

- Unfortunately.
- [chuckles]

Actually, it was good.
I could finally breathe.

You sobbed for three days straight
and ended up in a catatonic depression.

But it was worth it
for the freedom that I felt after that.

I could finally be me,

even if everybody looked at me
like I was damaged goods.

I can't imagine what it feels like
to have people look at you with hope...


Neither can I.

Well, they will.

When we finally nail
this depraved whack job.

So Donny wasn't his first kill,
then who was?

All yours.

[Zaya] Hey.

- You look tired.
- Hmm.

Consistent with how I feel.

I found something.

Have a seat.

Police records show that five felons
claim that a masked female vigilante

assaulted, tricked or framed them.

One of them being Reid Pearson.
But all five are guilty as sin.

Well, good. That shores up our argument.

Except that three of the five happen to be
our current or former clients.

That can't be a coincidence.


She's... She's targeting us. God damn it!

Yeah, I reamed a bike messenger
on my way over here.

Well, some things
merit losing your shit over.

Somehow, this woman
has access to my client files.

I'll check with Malcolm

and see if he can figure out
if there were security breaches...

No, you... you found this,
I need you to follow it through.

Okay, uh, I can review security tapes.

But I think that Malcolm's
better equipped...

Malcolm's plate is full.

And I'm gonna be leaning on you
until you say when.

Don't know the meaning of the word.



[Trish] Jess?

Hey, Jess, wake up.

- Mmm, five more minutes.
- I... I think I found a lead.

Just read it.

Nathan Silva
was on the high school wrestling team...

With Sallinger?

They were friends right up until
senior year when Nathan went missing.

[elevator dings]

Where's Jessica?

- Good Lord. Are you trying to kill me?
- She didn't come home last night.

- She's away on business.
- Sallinger business?

- Do I even know you?
- I'm Malcolm Ducasse.

The old me.

I need everything that she has
on Gregory Sallinger.


Look, I'm helping her.
She'll be relieved. Trust me.

Mr. Ducasse, if you...

When you were in my position,
if a man, albeit a handsome man,

accosted you in the hallway,

didn't apologize
for your near cardiac arrest

and then forced his way
into your place of work,

would you hand over anything to him,
much less a very sensitive investigation,

just because he said,
"Jessica will be relieved"?

That's not exactly
a notarized release form.


Their son has been missing for 15 years.

I'm about to rip that wound right open.

They'll want to know.

[cell phone vibrating]


I'll take it. I'll see if it's important.
You'll be fine.

Hey, Gill. It's Trish.

[Malcolm] Trish, where's Jess?
I'm taking on the Sallinger case.

You must be very proud.

No, I'm not with Hogarth on this one.

But she still signs your paychecks?

His expression says yes.

Look, Hogarth will do whatever it takes
to keep her firm afloat,

but putting a serial killer back
on the streets, that's where I get off.

I'd hope so.
But Jessica and I are on this.

We're close.

Meanwhile, Sallinger is free
to stalk and kill.

He knows the cops are onto him.
He'll probably lay low for a while.

That arrogant prick? I am not taking
that chance. I'm gonna keep eyes on him.

And I would like access
to Jessica's background on him.

But I'm in this regardless,
and I don't need your permission.

[Gillian] I do. If he's gonna see files.

You'll keep us updated.
Yeah, check in every hour?


His expression says,

"You're treating me like a child,
and it hurts my feelings."

It does not.

- Show him the files, Gillian.
- I'll need Jessica's okay.

I have her proxy.

[Jessica] The only thing worse than people
looking at you like you're a monster

is when they look at you
like you're their savior.

They, uh... Him and Nathan were like this.

- Did they ever have a falling-out?
- Only once.

When Nathan started
getting some, uh, recruiting offers.

Greg was envious.
But wrestling came easy to Nathan.

He was gifted. So Greg got over it.


They were always making up
their own moves, you know?

The Half-Wappinger,
the Double Half-Wappinger.

- Manuel.
- Eh?

Is that it? We're trying to catch a movie.

Uh, excuse me.

[both arguing in Spanish]

[arguing continues]

Did Greg take this photo?

Uh, uh-huh. He sent it the Christmas
after Nathan...

uh, went away.

- This was taken right out back?
- [Manuel] Yes.

- When was that gazebo built?
- No. No. No more.

- We're done, Ms. Jones.
- [Manuel] It's okay, Ana.

It was built the...
the day Nathan disappeared.

The whole team came to help.

I thought Nathan just...
skipped out on the... on the work.

- [crying]
- [Ana speaking Spanish]

You people come here and dig up pain.
Police, FBI, private investigators.

It hurts worse when you don't know
what really happened to your family.

It doesn't matter. He's never coming back.

Not if you don't look.


[cell phone vibrating]




[drops phone]



Did Greg help build that gazebo?

He stayed the whole day.

He was worried about Nathan, too.
He was a good boy.

- [knock on door]
- [Velasco] Hello?

[Ana] Ronnie. Thank God.

Ana asked me stop by.
Everything all right?

Ms. Jones is here to help us.

Is that what she's doing?

Did she tell you
she's one of those superpowered people?

Is that a crime in this town?

It's time for you to move on.

No, she can find him.
No, she can help. She can find him.

Hey... Hey! Where are you going?

[Manuel] Wait a minute. What is she doing?

Keep them in the house.

- What is she doing?
- No, no! Stay in the house.

Stay back, Manuel. Back in the house.
Back in the house. Stay there.

[Ana] This is our home.

- You can't let her do this. Please!
- [Velasco] I'm trying to keep you safe.

What do you think you're doing?

Jessica Jones, I need you to step away.
This is private property.

- Put your hands up!
- Stay back.

Up, now!

[Jessica] I'm not stopping.

[Velasco] Listen to me! Put your hands up!

Put your hands up!

Don't shoot! You're on camera.

Put that down!

[Trish] Not a chance.

Stop what you're doing!

What did you find?

[wailing] Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

- He was... here?
- [sobbing] Oh... Oh, no!

[crying] Oh, no! No, my God!


Oh, my God! No.

[Manuel sobbing]

It's his first kill.
There's gotta be DNA all over it.

[Costa] If it's there, we'll find it.
But I've gotta run this up the ladder.

How soon can you get
the body to your crime lab?

I've gotta make a case
that Sallinger is an NYPD collar.

- Okay. Let me know.
- Thanks, Jones.


He's filing for jurisdiction
over the body.

All these years,
and their son was under their feet.

We'll stay on Sallinger
until the police drag him in.

[Velasco] Hey.

I'd like my files back.

Bobby McBurty stole the snowblower.
His statement didn't add up.

I know.

But sometimes you gotta let things slide.


thank you.

You have a nice day now.

Are you still a hero
if nobody thinks you are?

Like I give a shit
what other people think.

[engine starts]

[Zaya sighs]

Want to drink. Want to sleep.


Oh, my God.


What the hell?

[indistinct conversations]

[scoffs] What am I doing?

[chuckling softly]

[line ringing]

- [woman] New York Bulletin.
- Hi. Yeah, I'm, uh, I'm calling in a tip.

[Sallinger] All right, guys,
let's gather up here, take a knee.

Sophia, let's see you demo this for us.

Nice and slow, right?
No need to hurry. Not live here.

Focused on precision,
accuracy, each move. Right?

[kids grunting]

[Sallinger] How we looking over here?
All right, now, look.

When we're on the bottom,
we gotta... Wider than that. Right?

Okay, go ahead.

Okay, wider, guys. Wider, right?
Bend your elbows.

Go ahead and grip strong.

Grip that strong, right? Hey, when you...
When you clear him, post.

Left ear on the back, right?
Just try to get a hold of that.

God damn it! What are you doing here?

You want to get involved,
expect to have your phone tracked.

It's insane that that deranged murderer
is teaching little kids.

- [Sallinger] Get your head up. Head up.
- Insane. Sickening.

- [Sallinger] Get your head up, right?
- Rage inducing.

We're clearing this hand.
Clear that hand. Clear. All right?

There you go.
And don't look down. Look ahead.

But we found what we needed upstate.

- We got him.
- [chuckles softly]

All right.
Been waiting to hear some good news.

- When are they bringing him in?
- Not soon enough.

We just keep eyes on him until then.


Don't you have a job?

There is what I have to do
to maintain a life

and what I want to do,
and I need both to stay sane.

[Sallinger] Get a drink.
Go ahead and get a drink.

Go ahead, guys. Now clear that arm.

Oh, shit.

So you hone your skills on 12-year-olds.

Well, they work hard. They have integrity.
Two foreign concepts to you.

These kids have had
enough lessons from you.

Call it a day.

Cheat them of their training?
There's not a chance.

Coach, the...
the other kid took my partner.

You don't need a partner to improve.
It's all right.

Practice your top stance, okay?

- [boy] Okay.
- Go ahead.

You want to assault me again? In public?

Not if you get the hell away
from these kids.

Or what? You'll beat me to a pulp?

Relying on an unfair advantage, again?

Or maybe you actually think...
that you can fight a fair fight.

The rules are simple.

You don't want to do that.

You can't control yourself.

You have no discipline. Just brute force.

You want me to kick your ass.

You think I'll lose my shit
in front of these cameras.

It is in your nature.

And people want to know the truth.
Especially yours.

Maybe people like to see
someone fight back

against a psychopath that destroys lives.

School me.

You want to make sure I'm playing fair.

Holy shit.

[camera shutter clicking]

[whistle blows]

All right, guys, take a breather.

Everybody over here.

Have a seat.


You get disqualified for kicking,
scratching, biting, hitting, swearing,

when you slam
your opponent's body to the mat

or you twist any body part
beyond its normal range of motion.

Other than that, it's pretty simple.

First person to pin
their opponent to the mat wins.

Got it.

I won't ask you to go easy on me,
'cause I know you won't.


[Sallinger chuckles]


You also get disqualified for passivity
if you don't do anything.

I'm just waiting on you
to show me some moves.

Oh, okay.

[all gasp]

[Sallinger grunts]

[both panting]

Come on. You can't hold back forever.
It's not you.

Count it out!

- [boy] One, two, three...
- Is this the hold you used to kill Nathan?

...four, five.


[cheers and applause]

All that practice, and you still suck ass.

[kids cheering]

[breathing heavily]

All they see is a cheater.

Now who's lying to themselves?

[grunts, groaning]

No body slams. I guess I lose.

They'll see who you are. They'll all see.

Let them.

Class dismissed.

[all cheering]

[upbeat music playing]