Jessica Jones (2015–…): Season 3, Episode 6 - A.K.A Sorry Face - full transcript

Mom would have loved this.

Not the corpses...

or my near-death encounter
with a shitwad psycho...

but finding said shitwad,

exposing him...

...that's the stuff of heroes.

That's what Mom wanted.

Maybe I want it, too.


Address for Gregory Sallinger.

The killer who you followed here.

How'd you get onto Sallinger
in the first place?

Working a case.

Who are the clients? Was there
a specific lead or piece of evidence?

It's privileged.

That's not good enough.

Finding a serial killer,
that's not good enough?

Part of my job is to build a case
against this guy.

I gotta walk the jury through
the investigation, the chain of evidence.

Well, all the evidence I've got
is in that tank.

- But you'll search his place?
- Second I get a warrant.

Check behind the bureau.

You might find something
that helps you put those pieces together.

You single-handedly found a serial killer.

Not bad for a day's work.

I'll come down when you're ready
for my official statement.

Till then, I'll be drunk.

Let's get into Sallinger's apartment
before the cops get a warrant.

- There's got to be a lead.
- The cops are gonna handle it.

The cops only know what we gave them.

They didn't even know
there was a serial killer for years.

There's heroic shit that we do,
which we've done.

And there's heroic shit that they do,
which they're doing

with resources that we don't have.

And we have resources
that they don't have.

Why pull out now?

Because this piece of shit
tried to kill me, twice.

If he gets off
on some technicality, then...

he's gonna try again, and I'm gonna have
to do something that I don't wanna do.

Oh, damn it.

Mom and that stupid show.


Got caught up, period.
Cover for me, question mark.

- You should just go.
- Not while he's still out there.

Next time, it could be you in that tank.

"Next time"? So...

- we're still doing this?
- I think you're missing the point.

I get the point.
This is dangerous. I could die.

Okay, you get the point.

Or you could save me, like I saved you,
because we have each other's backs now.

I think you're having
too much fun with this.

And, right now, I really just wanna shower
those dead body parts out of my head.

You're spoiling my shot.

I normally do this
in a private home setting,

which you don't have.

But no one will distract me here.

Distracting you from... from what?

- From your photo shoot.
- Is that what this is?

Looks more like a kill-type situation.

That's incidental.

What I create and capture on film
is the point.

Look, I know I blackmailed you.
That pisses you off.

- You don't want me spilling your secret...
- It's too late for that.

They found my scraps,
so I've had to move on.

I am here to witness the moment
you realize your true worth.

My... my worth?


You are crippled by good looks and charm,

and they afford you a pride
in your underfed mind.

You've teamed with an arrogant alcoholic
who embodies fortune over ability.

She has not earned her powers.

- She's cheated.
- Yeah.

Cheaters suck.

And because she has cheated,
you two were able to do me harm.

Do you see... that this is unfair?

Yes. Fortune over ability.


You don't see it.

Not yet.

Before we begin,
there's something I need to know.

How exactly did you find out about me?


Where are you?
Hogarth called an emergency meeting.

I can't make it.

Babe, it's all hands on deck.
We rely on you.

I'm nobody's goddamn errand boy.

Is this you bailing when shit gets real?

I'm not bailing.

I'll come in when I can,
but right now, I gotta run.

Talk later.

Love y...

Peter Lyonne was a troubled man.
Unstable, angry, despairing.

He needed to blame someone, he...

He blamed me.

If I could force the fallout of this
onto me alone, I would.

But, inevitably,
it will spill over onto you as well.


trust me when I say
that this will not define us.

Not one more client
will leave us today. Not one.

You know why?

Because we are the best goddamn lawyers

they will ever have the privilege
of working with.

We know our shit. We know their shit.
And we do not lose.

I want every client contacted, reassured,
bullied, cajoled, whatever it takes.

Do what you do best. Fight.

Go do it.


Any word from Rand?

They're giving me the runaround.

But I'm going there now
to beat down some doors.

There is not a door
strong enough to keep you out.

Careers are made on days like this.

Hey. What happened to you? Where's Berry?

She called her goddamn pimp,
who sucker punched me.

Jesus. So she's back on the street?

I've just spent my entire night searching
street corners and hooker hotels.

I'm just back here to check her priors,
regular haunts, and I got leads, so...

Malcolm, I was just standing knee-deep
in body parts of Sallinger's kills.

- What? You got him?
- Not yet. So she can't be out there alone.

I'm on it.

She works the street corner
of 40th and 10th.

- Copy.
- Maybe she's with Erik.


- He traded up.
- He's got me in a commercial...

You touch him, and I'll rip your face off.

That's exactly the level
of discourse I expected.

What do you want?

I want to know how you found me.

Tell me where you are, and I'll come
explain every mistake you've made.

If you can find me, find me.

If not, you can pick up his pieces.

A superhero is after me.

It'd be flattering
if it weren't such hubris.

Time to capture some truth.

Let's start with you being honest
about who you are.

I told you we'd handle it.

I heard you.

Yet here you are.
You have control issues, Jones.

Look, I just... I can't let him get away.

We've got an APB out.
His phone is being tracked.

His neighbors are being canvassed.
The feds are gonna get involved as well.

Costa, I need to know what you've got.

You agreed to let us
carry the ball on this.

That was before.

I changed my mind. I...

What do you have?

Nothing yet. Tell me about the photos
behind the bureau.

- You found it?
- It was full of bleak landscape photos.

But the guy has an eye.

- He cleaned it out.
- What was in it?

Photos of his eight victims.


Seven. You mean seven, not eight.

The coroner counted seven bodies
in that train yard.

We've already ID'd all of them.

Detective Costa? We got press.


- Goddamn Internet.
- Hey...

I have copies of the photos
that were in that album.

I'll trade you for that list
of victims' names.

The photos will be inadmissible.

But you have seven bodies.
There are eight victims.

If I know which photo isn't on the list,
I can find the eighth victim.

Back off,
or I will run you in for obstruction.

The names?

Finding the eighth victim
won't necessarily help you find Erik.

I know that, but it's something.
It's more than we had.

Thank you for calling me.

Let's go.

I heard Erik yell
that he's in a commercial something.

Commercial warehouse? Retail building?
Production house?

Well, it'd have to be abandoned
for Sallinger to do his thing.

- That narrows it down, but not by much.
- Don't worry. We'll save him.

All right, you drive,
I'll find the eighth man.

Hey... Hey, where you going?

Get the hell out of here. Get out of here.

What the hell, Malcolm?
What are you doing?

Where's my money?


I take a lot of shit,
but not from you, asshole.


All right! All right! Take her.
She's not worth the aggrava...

- Stop! I'll go with you!
- Get off me!

Stop! Okay! Okay, I said I'd go with you!

Are you crazy?
Why did you do that? Why...

A serial killer
just kidnapped your brother.


Erik might already be dead.
Guess who's next?

What? What does that mean? What do I do?

Jeryn Hogarth?

I searched your name
after watching Dad's performance.

Laurent. I'm...

I'm sorry that we're meeting this way.
Kith talks about...

You should go.

I just wanted to check on your mom.

She doesn't want to see you.

She won't tell me what part
you played in this, but you seem awful.

I'll take that, because you're in pain.

But I am not the person
that your father made me out to be.

Well... he was a liar, apparently.

And a cheat, a thief...

So, sure, you're off the hook.

- At least take the bagels.
- Just...

God, I'm sorry. Are you hurt?

- My wrist.
- Here, let me help you.

I can... I can do it.

I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. I just...

- Are you hurt?
- Just tell your mother that I was here.

Found the eighth man.

It's the only photo
that isn't listed on the victim IDs.

He looks sad. Or maybe sorry.

Either way, we have a face.
Now we just need a name.

Then we'll nail that asshole.

Would you stop saying that?

Saying what?

"We'll save him. We'll nail that asshole."

You should be scared
and worried and pessimistic.

Sounds like you got that covered.

Because I know what the stakes are.

So do I.

What the hell?

It's always Jessica.

Mother, what are you doing here?

I covered for you
at your production meeting,

and I wanted to know why.

Now I do.

Actually, you don't.

So fill me in.

If I'm gonna do your job for you,
I deserve that.

Look, Mom...

So come on in.

Mom, it's complicated
and actually kinda private.

I think you should tell her.

Please don't tell me you're a couple.


There are much better lesbians out there.

Mom, I'm not... We're... No.

Trish has powers.

- What on earth are you talking about?
- She's kidding. Ignore her.

You remember that nightmare experiment
that put Trish in a coma?

Well, turns out... it worked.

I skipped a body wrap
at the Peninsula for this?

She can run up walls.
She can fight. She can kick.

Jess, just stop.

Have you finally
just gone off the deep end?

She can jump off the side of a building
and land on her feet.

- I cannot.
- Sure, you can. I've seen you.

Okay, just stop. You're scaring me now.
You'll give me nightmares.


That's enough.

Baby, what is she talking about?

What did you do?

I'll give you two a minute.

What the hell?

You're here.

I live here.

- Why aren't you out finding Berry?
- I found her.

- Well, where is she?
- She's on her way.

Are you shitting me?

She has to choose to come back
for herself, or she will just leave again.

- Now, why did you break my door?
- I need an ID on this guy.

I assumed you had
facial recognition software,

being that you're so well-funded
these days.

So you broke my door?

Look, Erik's life is in danger.
Do you have the software or not?

As it happens. Send me the photo.

You're still paying for that door.
This will take a few.

Why didn't you tell me?

I thought you'd react
the way you're reacting.

What? Hurt?



I mean, I also know how you feel
about powered people.

You've always resented Jessica.

My problem with Jessica isn't her powers.

It's that's she's rude,
violent and ungrateful.

Well, there's that.

I'm sorry about the secrecy.

It's a precaution.

Against what?

You sell polyblends
to the obese and homebound.

I save lives, Mother.

In fact, someone's in danger right now...

Yeah, y... you!

What you're doing is dangerous.

You don't know what I'm capable of.

I know you're capable of dying.

I was there...


Mom, Jess and I are a team now.

We're gonna have each other's backs.
We'll be perfectly safe.


And what happens to me
when you're hurt, or worse?

What happens to the people at work
who all depend on you?

You never gave me a choice in the matter!

You never gave me a choice!

You think you're afraid?

Try being a little kid whose
mother's mood swings end up in bruises.

Or the teen who's pimped out by the person
who is supposed to protect her.

Now I can protect
other little girls from that.

I can protect a lot of people
from a lot of bad things.

I am this way
because you made me this way.


I had you back for a minute, didn't I?

I was... so happy.

The love of my life...

was in my world again.


I'd always worried I'd...

done too much damage.

Turns out I did.

Mom... no...

I'm okay, Mom.

I'm grateful you're back in my life, too.


How long is this gonna take?

Well, it's only searching
through the whole damn Internet.

Something's wrong with you.

I'm not sure you're one to judge.

Erik is.

He got a read on you
when we dropped off his sister.

Erik? He's got powers, too?

He sees evil in people, or... something.

Bet he's great at parties.

What happened to you?

I grew up.

Caspar Marx.

Marx is a chef. Well known, actually.
Also alive.

Holy shit.

Get contacts, addresses. Text me.

Where's my brother?

We haven't found him yet.

Bad people, they make him sick.
He can't take it.

I know.

Don't worry. We're gonna save him.

I took advantage of people. I regret that.

I don't think you do.


I missed so many chances to help people.

I was selfish.


I'm not seeing it.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no...

I need an honest assessment
of your falsity.

All I'm seeing now are vanity and lies.

Well, that's bad.

This photograph is to be your apology...

for casting others in shadow while you
soaked up sunlight you didn't deserve.

Is that your sorry face?

It's just... the pain.

The pain helps us focus.
My father and brother taught me that.

Brother? There's more of you?

There's only one of me.

What's his name?

Keep me talking, right?

I'll veer off course,
you'll buy yourself some time.

Underfed mind.

God. You're just like Donny.

Donny... wanted to be a photographer, too.

And my father...

he thought he was a genius.

I guess that he wasn't.

I was the artist.

I even won a contest once.

Dad and Donny...

they said the judges
had chosen the winner at random.

They laughed at how proud I was.

Well, Donny sounds like a real asshole.

He really was.

And worse, he was unintelligent.

I thought when Donny died...

that I would become the favorite.

Yeah, well, odds were in your favor there.

But Dad just said
he wished it had been me.

I doubt he meant that literally.

He stabbed me in the chest
at the funeral luncheon.

You're about to die.

You were given every advantage.

Allowed to make mistake after mistake.

And just like Donny,
you never worked hard...

or made any effort to improve.

It was handed to you.

No longer.

These photographs are shit.

You still think you can lie.

The dishonesty and the fraud
in every word...

What's the matter with you?


Happens sometimes
when the serial killer holding me captive

forgets to bring me lunch.

I don't think so.

It's me.

- You're allergic to me.
- That's crazy.

Is it?

Why do I do this to you?

Why? Hmm?

Because I feel your sick, evil...

the void, the hole of black shit.

You're barely human.

You're a cheater.


I hoped Dorothy would talk you out of it.

- It was a long shot.
- It was shitty.

I forgot what it feels like...

being the wreckage that you left behind.

I wouldn't wish that on anybody,
but I still choose this.

Then, you choose it.

There it is.

Uh, hey, Patsy.

- What?
- Exactly. I'll be right back.

Caspar Marx?

We're closed. I'm busy.

No, you're not.

- Where'd you get that? Who are you?
- Jessica Jones, private investigator.

Tell me everything you know
about Gregory Sallinger.

I keep my private life private.

Sallinger kidnapped a friend of mine.

Then, your friend is into some kinky shit.

This isn't rope play.

Sallinger is a serial killer.
People are dead.

I knew it.

I mean, I didn't know it,
but it all makes...

Oh, God. Uh, I need a minute to process...

Tell me everything you know
about Sallinger,

or I'll move on to your fingers.

All right.

Oh, my God. Okay. Um...

Gregory was a regular.
Intense but smart, nice.


Except the time that his steak was
a little overcooked. That was ugly.

- But I've seen worse.
- So it was a date?

He wanted to photograph me.
It was flattering.

He came by the restaurant after hours.
He brought this... portable photo lab.

He took pictures and then what?
Why are you making this face?

I poured wine, made an amuse-bouche.

Even when he had me in a choke hold,

I thought,
"Okay, we're skipping right to it."

Then I woke up in the kitchen
taped to a chair...

And that didn't raise any red flags?

It was sexy at first.
Abduction scenario, control stuff...

But then he just snapped away,

and the whole time, he complained
about that damn medium-well steak.

He said I was a fraud, that I had
a Michelin star for cooking crap.

I tried to get past the mind games
by kissing him.


He freaked out
like he'd never been kissed by anyone.

He bolted out of there.

The sous chef had to untie me
in the morning.

It was humiliating.

- It saved your life.
- Jesus.

And then what? Did he ever come back here?

Here? No. This was at my old place,
which closed.

It's a shitty location.

A commercial kitchen? Abandoned?

Write down the address.

I made you cry blood.

Does that happen a lot?


And you say it's because I lack empathy,
because I'm evil.


Evil is the wrong word.

I am asserting fairness
in an unfair world.

I'm vengeful...

without pity, appropriately cruel.

Those are the things
you're sensing, not evil.

You cheaters...

you all think you're so superior...

but it's just an unfair advantage,
like lifts in your shoes.

All I am is a man
with my feet on the ground

and a brain in my head.

And yet, I can bring pain to power
just by getting close.

I have the only superpower
that is not a fraud,

because it was evolved
through sheer human pain.

And that is extraordinary.

Because it's real.

Say it.

It's real.

Say I'm real.

Say it!

Shit. Erik, can you hear me?

Are you okay?


Are you okay? Can you hear me?

He's coming.

He needs a hospital.

No, no, no, no, no. No people.


You get him to Alias.
I'll take care of Sallinger.


The cops won't need them.
They've got the bodies.

We'll get rid of 'em.

Asshole never did get my good side.

We work our entire careers...

hoping for a clear-cut piece of shit
like Sallinger...

so when we look at the ledger,
we know we got at least one right.

It's not gonna stick.

Those bodies are clean. No DNA, no prints.

That is not possible.

No physical evidence at his place.

We're holding him
on trespassing right now.

You have me. I'm a witness.
I followed him into that death-hole.

You had eyes on him the whole time?

See his face?
Didn't lose him in that train yard?

- Costa, come on!
- He said you were harassing him,

he hid in the restaurant
to get away from you.

That is bullshit!

I know it's bullshit.

- What really went down in that kitchen?
- I did everything right.

I called you. I brought you in.

It wasn't just you and Sallinger
on the scene. That was obvious.

I am giving you my word, he's the killer.

I know.

The jury's gonna see a stand-up guy,

a volunteer for the community center,
with no priors.

You're a super with a record.

The DA took one look at this case
and passed.

So unless you got another witness...

- How long can you keep him for?
- Overnight.

Don't let him out a second sooner.

This is not a good time to make a change,
not in the middle of your merger.

Of course. You're always our top priority.

I know you know.

Great, we'll be in touch.

Saxon is staying.

Cam, I would hate to see you go,

but Saxon has been demanding
more of our time lately.

Yeah. Of course, Saxon is staying.

Great. I will set up a meeting
so we can go over the merger. Bye.

- Volnar?
- We're in business.


- What's up, Char?
- Tell me she's got Rand on the phone.

It's Jessica Jones.

Call back.

Steven, you're rather premature to gloat.

Gloating isn't my style.
Hi. Steven Benowitz.

Yup, that Benowitz.

Zaya Okonjo.

- Okonjo? I've heard good things.
- That's because I have the best mentor.

Excuse me.

How's your health?
A wrist brace isn't a good sign.

Never better.

You're looking dapper.

Gay, you mean? Yes, very.

Out and proud. Congratulations.

My wife was actually relieved.

And I'm dating someone now.
Thanks for the push.

I'm very pleased for you, but I...
assume that isn't why you're here.

Sadly, no.

I felt I should deliver these personally.

Client transfer papers.

You're poaching one of my clients.

Actually, we're poaching
two-thirds of your business.

Rand. You're...

stealing Rand Enterprises.

I didn't steal Rand.

Oh, yeah, but, uh, Linda,
she sure as hell did, and you let her.

I backed my partner's play.
That's what partners do.

She convinced them they needed
a bigger firm. Then with this scandal...

Danny Rand would never agree to this.

Mr. Rand has been
on some sort of sabbatical.

The board made the decision yesterday.

Jeri, you looked at me
and told me to come out.

I hated you for it.

But you were right.

So now I'm looking at you and saying
slow down, enjoy your life.

Steven, this is my life,
and you're not welcome in it.

Am I alive?

You're alive.

Where's the psycho?

In jail. Jessica brought him in.

She saved my life.

So did you.

I thought you were more of a mood ring
than a telepath.

I know your voice.

You saved me at the bookie's, too.

So, out of gratitude,
you'll never tell a soul, right?

I'm glad that I didn't know before.

I would have told that maniac anything
to get him the hell away from me.

Well, that doesn't fill me
with confidence.



nothing but.

And silence.

Thank you.

I don't hear that very often.

It's the downside to fighting crime
in a ski mask.

It's a scarf.

Erik! Erik? Shithead!
Where are you, Erik?

Oh, you shithead!

Oh, you scared the hell out of me. God.

Oh, yeah, you're still stuck with me.



- What did he do to you?
- Hey.

- You want the gory details?
- Christ, no.

- Okay, he did nothing.
- Mmm-hmm. Liar.

He wouldn't give me lunch.
My blood sugar was in the toilet.


Hey, you can't just go in there.

Hypothetically, if I have a client
who's dabbled in blackmailing,

but now he could help
put away a bigger bad guy,

could my client get immunity
for his testimony?

You are not my investigator or my client.
I am done giving out free legal advice.

I found a serial killer.
Those bodies in the train yard.

That was you?

Problem is the cops can't pin it
on the killer. He's too careful.

But my blackmailer could help
get him locked up for kidnapping.

Well, that's a much lesser sentence
than mass murder.

Well, I can't get him on mass murder.

I can get him on assault or kidnapping
or reckless endangerment,

but that's if my client testifies,
if he gets immunity.

Decent lawyer could probably get
your client down to a year.

Even for putting away a serial killer?

He's a blackmailer, Jessica.

- Jail time for a year, huh?
- Yeah, hypothetically.

You're welcome.

Sorry. She practically mowed me down.

Find out everything you can
on those train yard bodies.

On the what?

- Look it up.
- Okay.

You didn't get enough
of a workout with Gor?

I just want to feel something else.

Why? What's wrong with you?

You know, you're the second person
to ask me that.

And you don't have an answer?

I don't know.

That's the answer.


I've done some things, and...

you know, it's not who I want to be.

Who do you want to be?

Someone who's effective...

who... who takes care of people...


A man.

You beat the shit out of Gor.
That's manly.

That's not how I define it.

- Hey. Whoa, wait.
- This is how I define it.

- No... What are you doing?
- Just reminding you you're a man.

- No, I don't want you to do that.
- I think...

I think you do.


It's just a business arrangement.
I had the same thing with Gor.

I am not like Gor.

No, you're more... brutal.

- Hey.
- Hey.

How is he?

Better than he was.

Yeah, bar was pretty low.

What's the good news?


The killer's DNA isn't on the body.
There's no hard evidence.

- Sallinger's gonna walk.
- What?

Where's my sister?
We're getting out of here.

No, he's not getting out
until the morning, and I have a plan.

We're gonna get him on kidnapping.

For taking Erik.

You make a deal
in exchange for your testimony.

You'll serve maybe a year
for your... prior infractions.

Like getting Capone on tax evasion.

I can't do it.

How many years for kidnapping?


I can't.

Wait. What do you mean, you can't?

It would kill me.

I'm sure it would suck, but...

I barely survived a day with Sallinger.

We're talking about a year
with hundreds of Sallingers?

I mean...
But they would put you in solitary.

- You'd parole out in a few months.
- No, I can't.

You won't.


If it was me, I'd do it in a heartbeat.

Yeah, because you chose this.
I chose this.

But he didn't.

Don't ever lecture me
on knowing what the stakes are again.


We start at the beginning.

I'm sorry.

Yeah, well, I would've been sorry
if we found you in pieces.



It was something...

seeing you bust in like that.

I get it now. Why you do it.

And why is that?

Because it's... it's who you are.

And not doing it would be a lie.

You mind... moving closer?

You're like aspirin to me.

Worst come-on line ever.

It's the whole hero vibe.

It helps.

Sallinger's just getting started.

He talked about you.

You and Trish and me.

All the cheaters.

He said he would bring pain to power.

We might have...

unleashed him.